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    09-13-47-098459c7d39aa5e2c587b1c717eb72f3.jpg 08-54-13-ded6a42a4dd29ae54f1c23ec4405fe44.jpg

    Wishing all a happy new year. Let 2018 bring peace, joy, rest, healing, love into all our beloved Porchies lives. And to all members\creators\staff of ProHealth. Thank you for being there. May God Bless You All.
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    Hey all

    Today is cold and crisp with a watery sun. As befits a January morning. Two of the dogs are wrestling all over me. They jaw wrestle and then sneeze into each other.

    It's quiet because the kiddies went out last night. Each to their respective friends parties. We stayed in. Best place now for these oldish bones. DH brought pizza. Margarita. And we watched TV. I did. DH fell asleep fast.

    Day before I met my friend and had lunch with her before attending a funeral of a neighbour. Old man. I'm amazed at the number of little restaurants and eateries that hv come up these days. It's a good sign that people are recovering from the spate of bad stuff that happened. The tourists haven't yet returned..anyway, it's not the season. My friend bumped into some friends so while she chatted, I went and looked at some costume jewellery, and bought DD an earring in Heavy Indian style, dangling ones and a modern one, a little ball and a straight vertical line hanging. And two little stud types for niece. One was lines in shape of a swallow in flight, and the other a tiny paste diamond centre with curved brass coloured rays to make it look like a little sun. Niece doesn't wear heavy or flashy jewellery. My DD is.more adventurous that way.

    Where tourists are concerned, we hv the hardy back packers who don't.mind climbing mountains in snow. This time the govt has banned single climbers from trying to climb peaks. They hv to go.in a group. Too many accidents. Eight this year. I never figured out the craving to climb snowy peaks and icy glaciers, brave cavernous dark crevasses. Have come to conclusion it's because those people already have everything they need in life. Mundane things like food, clothes and a house. Or they were snow leopards, ibex or yeti in their previous lives. And their former DNA is exerting it's influence now. Or maybe some of them seek an adventurous way to die.

    Lakshmi Mittals son said as much in a magazine interview. He is heir of one of worlds richest man. Steel magnate. Said they do adventure trips because they already hv everything money can buy. You can't buy yourself to the top of Mt. Everest. Or to cross the Atlantic ocean in a hot air balloon. Elements of nature cannot be bought. Thank goodness.

    I sent 2017 off by making and gorging on mushroom dumplings for.lunch. complete with onion soup and freshly made salsa. And a really great tasting avocado.

    I saw New York and North East in grip.of a cold wave. Brrrr. I suppose even California and mid west is cold now. As for Julie's area..it makes me go cold all over just to think minus 15. But we don't hv central heating here. I did not use any form of heating this year. We hv one a\c, that's it. I make sure I drink my tea immediately.. Otherwise it gets cold. Cold tea is one of my pet hates. However, I would love to be in Iowa during summer. I hardly get much done here then because I don't go out.

    Mikie - I'm happy Joe is back. Nice to hv someone from old times nearby. I haven't really made friends in the neighbourhood. But we do exchange pleasantries. Anyway, they all are of one clan who are each fighting with each other, over property, what else. So it doesn't make for good neighbours. The kind of things they do to each other. Barb is going to be back? I wish she wouldn't. My DD was telling.me I need a chunk of meat to roast when I told her I want to make pot roast. The butcher always cuts up our meat to make it easier for me to cook.

    Rock - I found some extremely quaint kinds of libraries and bookshops on the internet. Are you looking forward to meeting your relatives? The tiny motel room suite we occupied in New York in 2012 was $200.00 a night. Right on the street in Manhattan and near a renovated Railway station converted into a garden. It was haunted to boot. Something touched my foot in the middle of the night and the next night something was creaking. My DD got up from her extra bed and came and snuggled between DH and me..I pretended to be asleep. We were too busy the next day so neither of us have talked about it.

    Barry - I hope your TMJ resolves on its own. I had it many years ago. My jaw would creak whenever I closed it..I worried about it but it went. So many of my symptoms including depression resolved in their own, I am hopeful it happens to others too. I do not care for hospitals. The smell, the waiting around, the atmosphere, I would rather be elsewhere. A queue in a supermarket would be preferable.

    Sun - those Victorian homes..they look interesting. How sturdy are they? Will they withstand a big earthquake, or likely to? I love the ones built on.little heights.

    Julie - yay! Den completed the project in time. Congrats. What an asset he is to the community. I pray for your DF. For his recovery.

    Granni - I'm sorry you and DH got ill. I hope you did make it to your DDs. Luckily, New Year 1st Jan.. is just a man made date. You can celebrate the new year on any other day. And celebrate the start of the year from that date.

    Linda - so good to hear from you. What a year you hv had. Congrats on DDs wedding and the new arrivals. Thank you for looking in and keeping us posted.

    Dmc, Star, Judy et all..thinking of you all. All MIAs, thinking of you too.

    God bless
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    Good New Year's Day, Dear Porchies,

    The super moon is still out but it's partly cloudy here right now and I can't see it. It's casting an eerie glow in the clouds. I went out on the lanai last night and it was beautiful, looking all big and bright. The full moon next month is also supposed to be a super moon and I think there will be an eclipse. I hope these are good omens for a better year for this weary old world. I've prayed that we all have a healthy, happy and prosperous year for us, our families, our friends and loved ones.

    Some cops were ambushed in Highlands Ranch yesterday. It's a suburb of Denver and my ex lives there. DD and DSIL live not too far from there. They've called it domestic violence and an ambush so I'm not exactly sure. The shooter barricaded himself in a room and opened fire. He was killed. I don't know why people choose violence and drugs but I think we better figure it out. The cost in human misery, lives and money will bankrupt us. Strict Law & Order legislation and the death penalty are not effective to curb it. We need to dig a little deeper than that to get at what makes people feel so hopeless that they choose to turn to violence or drugs.

    It's only 61 this morning and will not get to 70 degrees today. A good day to go out to work in the yard a bit. I have to bring in some of the furniture on the balcony, especially the chairs and little table in front of Barb's place. She has her own andl likely will want to put them outside. The balcony is supposed to be pressure washed this week or next and we will have to take everything off of it. It's even colder a bit farther north of us. Volcano Bay, a resort in Orlando, has closed due to the cold. The winds aloft are north and south so I'm hoping the Red Tide won't be such a problem. I did get up with allergies.

    Spring, thank you for opening the new Porch with such a beautiful image. I share your kind good wishes for all our Porchies. Thank you. It's sweet of you to remember the PH employees who help us keep this wonderful resource. They work hard for us all. That reminds me, I need to order some supps. I'm laughing, picturing your dogs wrestling and sneezing on each other. When Tweety and SV used to wrestle, he would always lie down and fight from that position. She would back up and sit on his face. He would scream and the fight would be back on. Barb has been so friendly when we talk that I'm not worried about her coming back. Her DD and DSIL are pains in the neck, though. They will be complaining about things still not being back to normal after the storm and while we wait to get new landscapers in here.
    You are so sweet, always thinking about others. It's so nice of you to buy earrings for the girls. I am wearing a pair of simple gold hoops my Mom bought for me. They go perfectly with most everything. I can even sleep in them without problems. They are 18K gold so don't make me allergic. Joe has owned his condo since the hood was built but only moved here full time after his wife died five years ago and he sold his home in NY. DOF and I have been close for the 20 years I've lived here. I'll miss him. I don't think Joe is going anywhere and we can help each other out when we need to. I got another pot roast yesterday at Publix. I hope your family enjoys yours if you get one.

    I'm off to read the virtual paper. It's suppose to rain this evening and the winds will pick up as this cold front moves in. We may get rain for the next few days but it won't amount to much. I don't know whether I'll catch the parade today. I always enjoy it. It's amazing what they do with flowers and plant material. Again, Happy New Year, Everydobby!

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting us up again, Springwater. Nice pic. Brick has lots of appeal. Maybe because it reminds people of a comforting fireplace. It's also real as opposed to synthetic and provides insulation. On the other hand, it may fall apart in a tornado or earthquake.

    I've never had a Margarita pizzza although I've had both pizzas and margaritas. The legend is that the Queen of Italy named Margarita liked this particular pizza. Sites on
    the net say this is like most legends. Contrary to the facts.

    No, I'm not especially looking forward to seeing my relatives. I really don't want them to see how bad I look; or how cluttered this old house is. And sister in law hasn't spoken to me for 3-4 decades. But brother is the nicest and most normal member of our family.
    Be good to see him again.

    Mikie, I 'spect your golden earrings are tres elegant. Ever see the movie Golden Earrings with Marlene Dietrich? There was also a song of the same name. Marlena was still giving concerts in her 60s and 70s. I used to have a video tape of one.

    I suppose the Rose Bowl parade will be on again. I think the TV stations could save
    money if they just reran some of the old programs. Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks broadcast for Station KTLA (The first TV station West of the Mississippi ) and were on
    the job for more than 3 decades.

    Hugs All

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    Hi, Rock,

    You're up early. I hope you are getting enough sleep and resting well. I feel a bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed than I have for a while. On the other hand, everything I try to do is leading to mishaps and swearing, not a good way to kick off the year. I spoke too soon about the winds and the Red Tide; I'm choking and blowing my nose. Had to take an allergy tablet. I walked my recyclables down so am getting a bit of an early start. The cookbook I ordered for the Instant Pot had a breakfast recipe for bacon and egg strata. I cooked the bacon and mixed it with stale bread crumbs. Then, I mixed eggs and milk and poured the mixture over the bread. It cooks in pressure mode for 15 minutes. It's kinda like a bread pudding or French toast with bacon and egg mixed in. If it's left to set, it holds together better. I put a bit of syrup on it and it was delicious. You can add shredded cheese if you like. I put just a bit of nutmeg in the mixture.

    I like bricks too, especially used bricks. They are great for floors, walls and fireplaces. I'm glad you will get to see your kin but it's sad that your SIL doesn't speak to you--her loss!!! I hate to have people see me now. I've aged a lot and am soooo pale with dark circles under my eyes. Too much has happened lately. I've often felt embarrassed when people came in if the condo was a mess. Thank God I've been able to clean it up a bit. I didn't see that movie but I do loves me my earrings. I especially love these because my Mom gave them to me. Remember the song, "...Just want a little band of gold to show that you are mine." Or more recently, Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) by Beyoncé. I sold some old gold jewelry I no longer wanted and bought new tires for the Highlander with the money. Those big tires are expensive.

    Well, Dear Friend, I'm gonna go start bringing in the furniture from the balcony. I hope you and Gordon have a wonderful New Year. You deserve it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning to all my dear Porchies. This will be very short as I have to get dressed and ready to go to DD's a couple houses away for blackeyed peas and ribs.. Otherwise we probably wouldn't go. NO fevers but still feeling achy for me and DH has nasal symptoms.. We continue to take the Muscinex. It is always hard for me to tell if I have a fever or flu, etc. due to this FM. I feel that way most of the time. Just going over there for lunch and maybe watch a bit of football for awhile. Maybe it was a slight case of the flu since we both had the flu shots but I understand if others can't or don;t want to take it. It seems to have helped me since I used to get sick almost every year before taking them. We are all made up differently.

    Gee I can't believe how fast these volumes are going by and it seems like lately I have missed a bunch of the posts.

    We were both in bed before midnight but had the TV on so saw very little of the ball drop , etc. I didn't really care and DH kept saying before he was going to watch it but not sure how much he saw either.

    I really need to go and get dressed and put on some frozen pizza rolls for snacks at DD's before we go. I am still in my pj's and robe and haven't done a thing except drink my breakfast.

    SPRING - Thanks for starting us up again and that beautiful patio or porch with a fireplace yet. WOW, that is beautiful !!!

    ROCK, SUN, BARRY, MIKIE, JULIE, DIANE, et al - May you all have a wonderful and blessed 2018. Those in the cold states, including mine (brrr) stay warm and cozy. !!!!! BTW, it is only 30 now but to JULIE's temps that sounds like a heat wave. It was in the 20's early this a.m.

    MIKIE - Where did you get your cooker and for how much.? I have been checking them out but money is not in abundance at this time so am waiting. Looking for quick and good cooking. I know how great the real pressure cooker is but do not have one but my mom did. These newest ones look and sound great to me. I have gotten to hate cooking because of how I feel but this might make some of it easier. I gave up on DH cooking much except BBQing steaks and hamburgers.

    Gotta run dear ones !! Sorry if I missed any of you in my post it was not intentional. My brain is really running on slow today. Love you ALL!!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Granni,

    I'm glad you and DH are well enough to spend today with family. If I didn't have such a bad reaction to the flu shots, I'd get one every year. Doc says I'm better off taking my chances. That said, I hope I never get the full-blown flu. AACCKK!!! :confused:

    I would likely have never bought this Instant Pot had I not seen that chef on TV demonstrating one. It wasn't an infomercial. It was on a talk show. He made ribs, which everyone loved, in less than an hour. I loved my old pressure cooker but, when the handle broke, I decided to just get rid of it. This new one is soooo much easier to use and doesn't make the rattling and hissing sounds like the old ones. It stays sealed and cooks faster and more efficiently. The only thing to wash is the inner stainless pot and silicon ring.

    I paid $70 for mine on Amazon but I can't find one for less than $100 now. Some are $130. There are other brands and some cost less but the Instant Pot got the best reviews. If I had it to do over, I'd get the 8 qt. instead of the 6 qt. just because there is more room to cook in. I cooked my egg and bacon strata in a round cooking dish which fit inside of mine. You can make cakes in it but they would be small in diameter if made in the 6 qt. There would be more room for ribs if making them for a group. So far, I've done a pot roast, ribs and the strata and all were good, fast and easy. As you know, I haven't felt well in a couple of years but I am cooking for myself again because this is so easy.

    Enjoy the kids.

    Love, Mikie
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    Long time, no post. I had a full-blown FMS flare start right before Christmas (felt like someone beat me head to toe with a big stick!!), most likely because of all the naughty stuff I ate all the week before. Fortunately, it has resolved now. I've also been busy with the room-swap. We're horribly behind on it though...we'd hoped to be done by now. Oh, well. There isn't really a deadline.

    Barry - sorry to hear about your TMJ acting up. I have it as well. Mine was caused by having had braces, which changed my bite. I read somewhere that only 10% of people who get braces get TMJ, but more than 50% of TMJ cases are caused by braces. Don't know if it's true or not.

    Mikie - sorry you're going to have to struggle with the RT for a while more.

    Granni - I'd also highly recommend the Instant Pot. Wait a couple/few weeks, though - the price will probably drop back down. I only paid about 75 or 80 for mine. Hope you and the DH feel better soon.

    Julie - I could complain about the cold here (-5 to 20) but I know it doesn't compare with what you have. Still very cold for here. My DS was tickled that we actually had a "white" Christmas (about 1" of snow).

    Rock - I hope your visit with your family goes well. I'd also recommend air b-n-b or VRBO. My DD and I did a VRBO in FL in 2016 and it was really nice.

    I bought myself a Christmas present... a new 58" TV for the craft bunker. It was hard to see the little 39" one while sitting at the far sewing machine. I got a really good deal on one from the Exchange (being a veteran, I can still shop there). Also, no sales tax. It came Saturday. It's really nice!

    Oh, and so much for my vacation. Ended up working half a day (from home, fortunately) on Thursday and about an hour on Friday.

    Well, gotta run. Have to take DS out to my DM's house to shovel some snow so she can get to her car. Poor kid. It's cold!!

    Hope everyone is having a good New Year's day!
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    Happy new year to everyone. I pray for good health and happiness. This has been an awful year for disasters around our country.

    Mikie: The whole problem with the world is GREED. Everyone wants what others have be it relationships, or toys or just plain wanting more $ so they can buy what they think will make them happy. Until they learn to be satisfied with what they have, things won't ever change.

    Rock: I feel for you with your DB and SIL coming, but you'll just have to do the best you can. When exactly is it? Did you look at the second air B&B I posted yesterday. This looked really nice and I think very close to you and everything in LA. Check it out if you haven't already and you might want to forward it to your DB if it's close enough. Give them a choice.

    Duck: Sorry all those goodies made you suffer, but thankfully all that junk has left your body. What a way to spend your time off from work.

    Granni: If you two got a flu shot then it's a reaction from it. Both times when I got a shot I got VERY sick. One of my friends has a close friend who got a flu shot years ago and less than 24 hrs. She was in the hospital. When she came out she had to be on oxygen 24/7. Wasn't until over a year later she found out it was a bad batch. And I heard that this year's flu shot only covers 10% of the viruses going around.

    Barry: How's your jaw?

    Spring: LOVE the picture you posted! Mmmmmmm.....your dinner of mushroom dumplings and onion soup sounds wonderful. I would definitely love to eat that. And I'm sure the girls loved the earrings.

    I'm going to hop into the shower and then take my walk. I've dug out a ton of antique linens, spread all over my table. I sorted yesterday until I just couldn't do it anymore. Got at least 50 plus pretty doilies, some match, others seem to have lost their "family" so need to decide what to do with them. I would also like to work a little in my garden today. I'm always happier when I'm outside. And I just heard the flock of green parrots fly by. They're a little late this morning, usually they're here 2 hrs. Earlier. Guess they're sleeping in. I would love to know where they roost at night. One christmas there had to have been over 100 in a neighbor's tree. OMG what a racket and what a mess but I do love them.

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    To quote Mikie - "home again, home again, hackity, hack." This time of year is hard for me. All the salt on the road gets kicked up into the ventilation system in the car and triggers my asthma. Blech, as Snoopy would say. But the snow is shoveled off my DM's driveway so that she can go to her doctor's office tomorrow morning. Fortunately, it wasn't deep, and it is the light, powdery snow that is easy to shovel. The only hard part is the cold air. We've made it up to double digits (10), but the wind chill is pretty fierce. I'm back in the bunker with the fire blazing.

    Sun - Since I had to work almost half a day on Thursday, I have no doubt my boss will give me a "do-over" and I'll get to take a half day some time later. :D
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    Hello everyone...and Happy New Year! Yep, we're still in the deep freeze, lol! I think we did get down to an actual temp of minus 20 degrees, but it's a balmy minus 1 right now around 2:00 pm. That's our predicted high, so we'd better enjoy it while we can, true?

    Spring, thanks for the beautiful porch...it does look very inviting. Glad your kiddos got to celebrate the New Year. We were content to just stay inside...Den working on a new jigsaw puzzle and me with a book.

    Mikie, wouldn't it be nice if there was a huge "sweeper" that could come and whisk that Red Tide back out to sea? So glad Joe got back safely and you guys all have each other and other friends to help out. Glad you like your Instant Pot. I haven't really looked too hard for one...our Wal Mart only has the 6 qt. and per your advice, I will eventually get the 8 qt.

    Granni, so sorry you and DH have been not feeling well. Nice that you have kids close by and can at least visit and celebrate a little bit. Hope you both feel much better very soon.

    Sun, those parrots are so pretty! I can imagine what a racket and mess they must make...maybe like when the blackbirds congregate in our yard at times?

    Rock, I hope it doesn't get too stressful to have your family visit. I would just enjoy the time with your brother, and try not to worry about his wife....easier said than done, though.

    Barry, hope your jaw is feeling better. I had extreme problems with TMJ until I had braces...I guess I was one of the lucky few that braces helped.

    Duckie, I'm so sorry about the flare...when you and Sun started talking about the foods causing problems with pain, etc...it made me realize I've been doing the same...well, here's to a new year and better eating...

    Linda...wishing a better year for you, too. Although, new members to the family sounds pretty nice...good to be able to count some happy things, too.

    Diane, if you ever read, I hope you see that we mention you and hope you, Kevin and the kitties are doing well. Miss you, dear friend!

    One "good" thing about this cold weather, especially when the wind is blowing...it helps us to find the air leaks in the new house. Den has done a lot of caulking and foaming, and was even up during the night putting fiberglass insulation in some of the places he couldn't reach with the other stuff (after I went out to the garage about 50 yards away and got him a roll of the insulation that we had left over from another project.)

    Yesterday, we brought in loads of split wood, then moved the log splitter and some of the unsplit wood inside (to the shop on the far side of the building.) We should be set, if this cold weather continues for awhile. He had put an electric motor on the log splitter, so it's good to run inside....

    Other than that excitement, we have both just been resting. He's so emotionally and physically "spent" that he just needed some time to recuperate. He did go in on Saturday and work several hours to get organized for tomorrow...still some loose ends to finish up before they turn on the solar field for good. But they did make deadline and had it on for a few minutes to test.

    Keira is at her dad's (over three hours away) but he will have her back to his parents' house sometime tomorrow (the same town where my dad lives, about 1/2 hour away) so I will head over there sometime to visit my dad, get groceries, and pick up Keira to stay at our house until Wednesday. Then Wednesday evening, I'll take her partway to meet Amy as she comes back from the hospital where her friend is having her baby (she wants Amy to be the one to stay with her the first night.) It works out that we can meet about an hour and a half from my house...then it's another half hour on home for them. We hope to have time to have supper together so I can visit with Amy some...

    Den goes back to work tomorrow, and the kiddos back to school on Thursday...so back to the grind. My dad is supposedly doing okay...looked fine when I saw him last Thursday. They did a UA on Friday, so have to wait a few days for the results...but no real explanation why his WBC was 17,000 on Wednesday.

    So...good to see so many check in recently. I've just been so tired and feeling blah...I've rested a lot the past few days, so hope I can function better.

    I've got some vegetable beef soup heated up and waiting on me, so I'll close this long, rambling post. Take care, everyone!

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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...minus 10 degrees here, but supposed to keep going till our low of minus 19. The house does feel warmer, though, since Den got a lot of the little drafts taken care of.

    Oreo keeps wanting to go outside, but I have to make sure she doesn't stay out too long...if the metal plate in her shoulder gets too cold, it can cause a lot of pain. She only wants to go out and eat the frozen horse poop that the Amish neighbors' horses left as they were delivering Christmas goodies.

    Barry, sorry for all the mouth/tooth pain. Any consideration of getting dentures? Might not be something you would care to do...a personal decision for sure. Glad you were able to get logged back on the boards. We have our usernames, passwords, etc. written down somewhere...I would be lost if I ever had to remember them on my own.

    As for the political comments...I do notice them, but will refrain from commenting since we're not supposed to discuss on here. Maybe we can just "agree to disagree"?

    Hope everyone has had a good a day as possible...take care!

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It is cold here for us--47 degrees with winds gusting to 20 mph. I know that would be a heat wave for some of y'all. We aren't used to it. Living in the jungle makes a person a wimp. It's difficult to type with my arthritis kicking up. It will only get into the 60's all week and that's only for about an hour in the afternoons. I am going in to see my doc this morning but don't know whether I have an appt. I made one and wrote it down but forgot where. If I don't have one this morning, I'll find out when I do have one. I remember having made one for a skin check with the dermatologist but lost that too. I can call them. Because of the holiday, I couldn't call my PCP and the 2nd seems to have stuck in my pea brain. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

    Yesterday as I was walking down to the mailbox, a little squirrel was keening in the big oak tree. He sounded so sad. I stopped and talked to him to try to calm him down to no avail. Later, Claudia told me that one was doing that in a tree behind her bldg. because a cat was eyeing him like his dinner. I wonder whether the squirrels have their own version of a tree to tree emergency alert system to warn of cats. Once a few years ago, a squirrel was keening in the tree by the balcony. I walked out very close to him and calmed him down by talking gently. The next day, there was a small pine cone in the pot where I was always messing with a plant. The pot was hanging in the tree. The squirrels don't bury the cones; they eat them. The pine trees are on the other side of the bldg. It was clear to me that the pine cone was a gift from the little squirrel. He did seem to understand that I was comforting him. Critters are smarter than we know.

    Barry, I'm so sorry for all your pain and the problems with your teeth. I'm glad you got logged back in. I would have vouched for you. It's good to see you posting. We also need rain and may get some this week. I pray for world peace too. For all the money we spend on war, we could feed those starving and provide medical care. All the religions preach peace and yet the world is always at war. Guess the best I can do is try to have peace in my home and heart.

    Duckie, I'm so sorry for your flare. I am going to try to eat a healthier diet this year. I need to get back to my fighting weight. Like you, I continue to love the Instant Pot. It's a breeze to use. TV's are a real bargain this time of year. Your timing couldn't be better. I have my TV on all the time. Too bad you've had to work but it's good that you can work from home. Feel better and don't overdo it swapping rooms.

    Sun, I agree that greed plays a big part in the world's woes. It can be greed for money or greed for power. Money isn't the root of all evil; it is the love of money which is. I continue to be amazed at all the antique fabrics and linens you have. I know you had a store. I don't understand why we don't have wild parrots and other exotic birds down here. A murder of crows was screaming bloody murder at me from a tree next to my car when I stopped at Lowe's. I can do without crows. Thanks for the link.

    Julie, I'm glad you and Den got the leaks closed up. Our utility offers a service where they come out and use an infrared device which shows escaping energy from a structure. I'm lucky to live where electricity is about the cheapest in the country. Nancy lives in MI where gas is cheap but electricity is expensive. I think she has a pellet stove too. Ninety percent of the country is below freezing this morning. BRRRR!! Have you looked for the Instant Port at Wal*Mart online? You can order and pick up at the store. Amazon has the best prices I've seen but not as good as what I got when I bought mine. Stay warm, Dear One. I'm glad you will get to see your Dad and spend some time with Keira. How is your Dad doing?

    I hope all our Dear Porchies are feeling well and keeping warm, even in CA and FL. I'm glad for the break; I've been whining about the heat and humidity for months.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Kids

    What time is it? That's right. It's Howdy Doody time. Anydobby know whatever happened
    to Clarabell the Clown? That's right. He morphed into Captain Kangaroo.

    A few minutes ago I was making an early morning snake, I mean snack. Peanut butter on
    crackers. Gordon was making coffee. I asked him if he thought I should post my recipe on the
    board. He said, "Oh, don't bother. It's already known world wide."

    Mikie, how nice to receive a gift from a squirrel. Gordon once found some sort of nut in an
    orchid pot when he was transplanting it. He figured a squirrel buried it there. Nice to know
    that you are happy with your Instapot. Funny Gordon hasn't bought one. He loves to buy
    kitchen stuff and cookbooks.

    Julie, I don't remember any weather as cold as you're having when I lived in S. MN.
    I do remember the excitement of listening to the news on the radio whenever there was
    a big snow storm to see if our school would be closed. Of course we kids didn't know
    that the "snow days" were just added on to the end of the school year. In fact, I only found
    that out a few years ago. I'm surprised Oreo wants to go outside. Our cocker spaniel
    hated having to go outside in the winter.

    I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle for yonks as Barry says. I think. I can't check. I
    have two windows open. One of them just froze up. @##%*$!!! Anyway in the days
    of my yute we would do one on a card table which would stay up till the puzzle was
    finished. Usually 2 or 3 days. One of my bridge playing friends used to buy jig saws
    at Thrift Shops. He said now and then a piece or two was missing, but it didn't really
    matter much.

    Barry, nice to hear from you. " I'm clinging to the wreckage...." sounds so sad.
    Reminds me of that quiz show. The $10,000 Pyramid. Later on it got up to $100,000.
    If the category were things a shipwrecked sailor might say, your remark would be a
    good clue. Along with, "OMG! I see a shark!"

    Duckie, I had no idea Cincinnatti could get so cold. (Have you thought of moving?
    Not necessarily to a warmer spot but to one that's easier to spell. Always takes me
    2 or 3 tries to get the double letters in the right place.) One of the great benefits of
    living in sunny LA is that we never have to hear the words "wind chill". On the
    other side of the coin we have traffic, crowds, crime, and people who don't speak the
    lingua franca. Actually there isn't any ligua franca.

    Sun, thanks for info regarding the B&B. I sent it to my brother. There were some
    similar places too. I have never seen any of them. They must be behind a front
    house or maybe the back of a remolded house.

    Have you read the book "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" by Mark Bittner. I
    read it several years ago. They were the small green ones with the red head: conures.
    Gordon says he sometimes hears parrots fly by, but hasn't seen them. There
    used to be a flock in North Hollywood that nested in tree outside the pet shop
    they had escaped from. They moved on after a few months.

    Just finished a great book for animal lovers. "The Good Good Pig" by Sy Mont-
    gomery. The pig was named Christoophe Hogwood after the British Symphony
    Conductor of the same name.

    Well, the computer crashed about an hour ago. I'm glad to see this post didn't vanish
    while I was gone. Guess I'll quit before the computer thinks up some new mischief.

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  15. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    I'm back to work today. Well, actually, I overslept because I forgot to turn my alarm back on after the holidays. :oops:
    Fortunately, my boss wasn't :mad:. He just :D. Then on my way to work, I got caught in traffic because of a wreck. The front end of a small sedan was missing, and the back end of a pickup truck was smashed.

    I'm finally caught up on all my emails. Started at well over 200 in my inbox. I'm now down to 5.

    Rock - yes, it does get that cold in Cincinnati. I guess cuz I live here I don't have trouble spelling it. While Julie was posting her -10 degrees last night it was *only* -1 here. It got down to -10. Schools are closed, because the kiddos don't necessarily have the sense to keep their gloves and hats on and the wind chills are dangerously cold.

    Funny you mention a dog not liking to go out in the cold. We had a really old beagle who went out to do his business in some very cold weather one year, and got a drop of urine frozen on his...well, member. Oh, did he howl.

    Well, back to work. Have a good Muesday (yes, Muesday, for those of us who still work), everyone!
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Duckie

    I'll be sure to re-member that little anecdote. Brrrr!

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Good news! I did have an appt. this morning so no need to go back. Doc gave me a referral to see the gastero. I see him on the 26th. My doc and I both think three years is too soon to have another colonoscopy. I'll ask the gastero about it. I'm having some nausea and pain after I eat so will ask him about that.

    I hate to whine but it was really cold with a 20 mph chilling wind. Everyone down here is bundled up. I stopped at Target on the way home. It was nearly empty. I hope business picks up because I'd hate to see them leave. It didn't help that they were closed for three months after the hurricane due to a collapsed roof. I got SV a new little scratching box. I sprinkled a bit of catnip on it. He jumped on top of it, ate some nip and scratched vigorously on it. I told him what a good little kitty he is. Better he should scratch that than my furniture. He's now sleeping off his high.

    Rock, yes it really touched my heart when I saw the pine cone lying on top of the moss on the flower pot. Squirrels will bury nuts in pots but the squirrels don't bury these pine cones because they are more like paper than the larger hard cones. These are only good for eating on the spot. He gave up a tasty snack to return one kindness with another. He used to watch me mess with that pot from another branch. He knew I was connected to it. New research has shown that animals can feel empathy. Also, when I was trying to calm him, he seemed to know based on his facial expression. Some might think me mad but I believe we can connect with critters. I'll bet Gordon could whip up some dandy meals with the Instant Pot.

    Duckie, I'm laughing about the little dog's dilemma. We had girl dogs. When they went out, the pee would steam and immediately freeze. I shoveled a small area on the patio for them to go right outside the door. I had to go out and chip it off the cement. Same with the poop. Fortunately in CO, it never stayed frigid very long. I can't believe how cold it feels here. I don't think I'd ever make it in really cold country.

    I'm home and exhausted. I'd like to clean out some closets but don't have the NRG. I think a nap might help. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: You'll feel better once the tooth is out. By the way, try taking a little salt first thing in the morning then a water chaser. Dr. Lam who is known for being an expert on adrenal fatigue recommends this. Give it a try for the dizzies.

    And have you ever read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, set in the 1400s.....wonderful.

    I LIVE on ibuprofen! A friend has a 2 oz. container of MJ cream for pain......I'm really debating about buying some. I have soooo much pain everywhere, but big time in my shoulder and arm. Doc thinks it's a partially torn rotator cuff so I'm trying to be really careful about it.

    Rock: I've watched on YouTube about the parrots in San Francisco Telegraph hill.

    Julie: Hope you guys are OK with the cold. I know you said you're burning thru the pellets. I looked up the name of the town where my BIL used to live in minn. Embarrass, Minn. It always made the news for the cold. Apparently tomorrow -22 is expected and thursday it will be -24. Zowie. When we were in Chicago years ago, it had as windchill of really low, but I can't even fathom when it gets to minus.

    And how did the birth go today? And the condition of the baby????

    I went to Lowe's today with a sample of my peeling plaster from the outside of the house. Got an incredible match.....my handyman is coming over on thursday to do some work on the house. You know, a continual chore to keep it up. Yesterday I stopped at Goodwill and found a really nice large tropical looking container for my FR for only $4......so bought an aspidistra to reside in it. It looks very nice.
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Ones,

    It's a whopping 52 degrees out this morning but the wind isn't blowing like yesterday so it doesn't feel as cold. It'll get up to 62 for a high today. I can't even imagine being in minus degree weather. Brrrr! There was still a bit of my breakfast concoction left so I heated it in the microwave. It is one of the best things I've ever eaten. Target had an Instant Pot on the shelf for $100 but the box had been opened. That's a pretty good price. I keep checking Amazon and now the cheapest one is $120. I want to send one to DD in CO but $100 is my limit. By getting it on Amazon, the shipping will be free with Prime.

    I started feeling lousy yesterday afternoon/evening so went to bed early. I think it's a combination of the Red Tide and cold wind I was out in. My throat is sore and one eyeball hurts to move. That may be the Whatever Virus making a move on me. I'll be taking my AV again. No more doc appts. til Mon. when I get my skin check at the dermatologist. Then, I see the gastero on the 26th. Once I see the gyno and get my x-ray and scan, I should be good for a while. The FPOC is squirrely this morning so I'm being very careful and saving as I go.

    Barry, that's wonderful that you have helped the homeless. So many have mental problems and a lot of them are vets with PTSD. Yes, Global Warming/Climate Change threatens our state; we are losing about 1/3" of shoreline a year. I'm inland a bit but may have waterfront property if this keeps up. I wish we would legalize recreational MJ here. Eight states now have legalized it. Medical MJ is legal but you have to be almost dead to qualify. On the other hand, pill mill clinics hand out scrips for opioids like they are candy. It warms my heart to think of Lenny and Sylvie curled up together. Soooo sweet. Hope your tooth feels better.

    Sun, I was also thinking about Pillars Of The Earth when I read Barry's post. Ken Follet is a wonderful story teller regardless of the setting of his novels. I ran to Lowe's after picking Joe up from the airport. I had to get a new water filter for my fridge. Yes, there is always something needing done on homes. With me, it's a whole building that I have to worry about. Fortunately, we've been lucky enough to have the money to keep it up and we've been lucky with very little damage from storms (knocking on wood). We had to have the stucco redone on some of the corners of our bldg. because the developer used metal corners instead of plastic. The metal rusted through. I've been planning on working outside but not until the weather warms up a bit. In the meantime, I'll work on those closets. Glad you found that nice pot; it was a great score!

    It's still dark out but weatherman says it's misty all over the state. It's raining up the coast from us. He also says it will get breezy again. Supposed to reach 80 by Monday. Can't we just have a nice comfortable middle temp? Good grief! News says research shows those with Celiac Disease are infected with a virus. They are trying to find an antivirus treatment for it. That would be great for all those who suffer from it. Looks as though Barb and her kids are here. I'm glad they made it safely all the way from MS. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Was just visiting Youtube. Watched some episodes of Ellen where Sean Hayes was the guest.
    As indicated in an old song from the 30s, they make a "peach of a pear." Weather here will be
    in the 70s for the next several days; no rain.

    Sun, got a call from my MN brother. He found a hotel without my help. It's the Hilton Checkers. Never heard of it although, of course, we've all heard of Paris Hilton who was born
    in one or something. I've never figured out exactly what she did to become famous. I used to work at a hotel in a Hilton complex. The hotel, the shopping mall, and the office tower were all connected.

    There is a Chequers in England too. It's a castle about 600 years old. Now the residence
    of the Prime Minister. At one time Lady Jane Grey, briefly a Queen of England lived there.
    According to Wikipedia her bedroom remains as it was way back then. We had a poster
    here who was related to Jane Grey. As you would expect, I can't remember which one. I've
    been so agitated about my failing mental powers I went to see my old therapist. I told
    him my sad story. He said, "That's a shame. How long have you been like this?" I said,
    "Like what?"

    Barry, I remember when that TV show Rumple of the Bailey was on. Not my cup of tea.
    I got one of Mortimer's books. Didn't like that either. But there are numerous British
    writers that I greatly admire. Jerome K Jerome, A.A. Milne, P. G. Wodehouse, Maeve
    Binchy, Dick Francis, E. F. Benson, John Cleese, James Herriot, Gerald Durrell, etc.
    Hope you feel better. Maybe you can find some magic mushrooms like another
    British author wrote about.

    Sun, thanks for your help in searching for a place for my relatives to camp. I only
    heard of Embarress, Minnesota recently. Heard of another one at the same time. Can't
    remember that either. Might of been Climax. When I was a kid International Falls
    was said to be the coldest spot in the country. (No Alaska in those days.) Hope
    you can find something to make your arm feel better.

    Mikie, Gordon is going to make lemon bars; today I hope. Somebody gave him some
    lemons. I think they're the Meyer variety. Sweeter than most. Anyhoo the bars have
    more flavor than most bars because he puts lemon curd on top. Don't you think
    "curd" is an unpleasant word for something delicious? Maybe because it looks so much
    like "crud".

    Duckie, 200 e mails at a time. Yikes! Most of the e mails we get are spam. Reminds me
    of the office. Used to get lots of short letters from insurance adjusters asking for a status
    report. Of course they ignored the fact that one had been sent some weeks ago outlining
    necessary steps from them to take, etc. The problem was that most insurance companies
    don't hire enough staff to handle the claims. I would just send them a copy of the previous
    report. Only got a complaint once.

    Never heard of Museday before. Sounds like a day to celebrate Stan Musial, the great
    baseball player. Or one could celebrate one (or all) of the nine Greek Muses.

    Hugs, Kids

    upload_2018-1-3_3-58-53.jpeg upload_2018-1-3_4-0-35.jpeg
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