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    Good morning, everyone!

    Rock - Yes, 200 emails seems intimidating, but it sounds worse than it is. I get many, many emails from our server monitoring system, and most of them are "white noise," as it were. That was most of the emails. As to "Muesday," that is me being silly. For those of us who still work, when there is a holiday on Monday, Tuesday feels like Monday, so it is "M" from Monday + "uesday" from Tuesday for a total of "Muesday". :p

    Apparently, while I was on vacation last week, the heat went out in our office. My coworkers came in one morning and found it was only 55 degrees in the office. I was glad I wasn't working that day.

    Mikie, Sun - Many years ago, I read a Ken Follett book called "A Dangerous Fortune" and it was excellent. I think I will look up "Pillars of the Earth."

    Well, gotta get to work. Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Duck: There is also a follow up written after Pillars of the Earth. A movie for TV was made of Pillars, about 6 years ago....not nearly as good as the book. My SIL loves Pillars and the sequels......I think he said there is now a third which takes place a few hundred years after pillars.

    My new favorite author is Amon Towles.....I've recommended highly "A Gentleman in Moscow" and I'm now listening to "Rules of Civility"......which I'm also enjoying. I heard that Gentleman has been bought and will be made into a movie.

    Rock: I did a search on Hilton Checkers.....apparently it was the old Mayflower Hotel.....a block from Pershing Square. Your DB and SIL will be able to see all the homeless wandering the streets where they're staying. $229 a night.

    Mikie: I've got my ways to help the homeless around here......so many of them even in the upscale little town I live in. I read recently about a young college student who used to give out sandwiches to them and then one day a guy said he and others would really like SOCKS, so she began gathering and giving them out. This movement has grown and turned into a business. Recently a large company donated over 150,000 pairs of socks. A young woman I knew years ago told me she carries bottles of water, sandwiches, can openers and some canned chili to hand out to people in the afternoons when she gets off work. So everyone, in their own way, can help.

    Years ago my DH volunteered for St. Vincent dePaul society.....they help the needy around here. I decided to make little individual packages for them to hand out......put in toothpaste, a brush, a razor and shaving cream, socks, soap, some healthy snacks.......most homeless are men. We're all used to seeing men but it bothers me GREATLY when I see women and their children. There are homeless people who sleep in the parks around here and go to the library to wash up. I knew of one man who lived in his car but was able to go to the senior center and use their computer where he took college classes!! I had heard of a young girl....who had lost her family and slept on the subway train at night then got off to go to HS and college. She apparently did this for 4 years with no one knowing about it.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I am eating so much better since getting the Instant Pot. I just heated up the pot roast, potatoes and carrots with a dab of broth poured over it. I'll freeze the extra meat. I saved some potato to put into the Senate Soup. I've been hungry for veggies and bought some broccoli and steamed it so I had some of that too. I'll make broccoli soup out of the leftovers. I cook the stems because they are delicious creamed in the soup. I may freeze the broccoli to make the soup later. I have to make the bean soup before the potato goes bad. I got so excited about cooking with the new pot that I'm a bit overwhelmed with ingredients for dishes. This weather is making me hungry for hot soup.

    I couldn't get warm this morning so turned on the heat at a low temp. It's OK now but the wind is cold. At least, the sun appeared. The guy who pressure washes wants to wait til after the 15th when it'll be a bit warmer. He doesn't want the water to distress the plants when it's so cold. I started cleaning out a closet but didn't get too far before I stopped to cook. Roomba cleaned the carpets and I just swept the crumbs off the tiles. Been watching some TV now that things are getting back to normal.

    Rock, Paris Hilton has announced that she is getting married. Like the Kardashians, she is famous for being famous. What a world we live in. Her aunts, her Mother's sisters, are two of the Housewives of Beverly Hills. Meyer lemons are soooo good. Some people down here have the trees and the lemons are the size of oranges and so sweet. Yes, curd does sound icky. As long as it tastes good...curd by any other name. When my therapist asked the question, I said, "Like what? And by the way, who are you?"

    Duckie, I like Muesday. Very handy word. It was only 55 outside and I about froze. Can't imagine its being only 55 inside. Yikes! I think you'll like Pillars of The Earth. I've enjoyed his writing for years. The sequels are A World Without End and A Column Of Fire. The Eye Of The Needle was good too but set in WWII.

    Sun, so good to hear of your helping the homeless. We served them in the nonprofit dental clinic where I was a fund developer. It is the kids who are heart breaking. We have a food bank here and they raise money through Publix. The food bank is so helpful for the needy and homeless. They provide personal care items which I think is so important. I give what I can when they are raising funds. DD has a lot of respect for how some of the homeless cope. They can be very resourceful. Many of them look out for one another too. If they have some good fortune, they share it with the others in their group. You're a good person but I knew that.

    Getting a sinus headache with all this wind. Gonna take some acetaminophen and spray my nose. I'd like to get back to cleaning but, while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Hope everydobby is keeping warm and feeling chipper.

    Love, Mikie

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    Dear Ones,

    Now that it is time to get off the computer I will say Hi to you awl. Thinking of everydobby. Almost time to start thinking of making dinner. I could just eat some more soup but don't want to make any from scratch since my split pea soup, which was very good by the way..

    MIKIE - I know what you mean about soup in this cold weather. I could live on it but it takes a lot of time to do make it from scratch the right way and I choose the quick way, whatever that is. Also not sure DH would go for soup ecery day or evening. My mom used to make lots of hot soups for my dad esp who had this blasted hi b/p and as you know canned soups have so much sodium in it. I n those days they didn't have low sodium soups or anything else. They are at least trying now. I need to try and get me an Insta Pat and a good price. Let me know if you hear of anything. Looks like your temp is higher than ours today. Lucky you !!!

    Changed the bed finally in our room which is such a chore so that is at least done and took a few more Christmas decorations upstairs. I have been going from chore to chore and not finished anything except the bed change.

    JULIE - Hope it warms up for you soon. It is still pretty cold here to but at least it made 46 right now. It was 29 or so this morning I think.. I just cannot get myself warm it seems and I don't have any fever, maybe under normal. We have been letting the faucets drip so they hopefully don't bust since here they don't have the heaviest of pipes and we have to wrap them to make sure they don't explode and cause a flood. Had that in a rent house years ago that we didn't live in but the people left , didn't turn off the water or tell us anything and we had a mess to clean up and alot of damage.

    Hugz to everydobby, thinking of you all, inc. SUN, SPRING, DUCKIE, ROCK, BARRY, and out many MIA like DIANE. Sure do miss her and others. Hope she is not in the middle of a big snow storm.

    Bye for now !!

    Granni :)

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  5. springwater

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    Heya all,

    Cold but sunny from Asia this morning.

    It's is good to hear of the good Samaritans ou there. Heartwarming, so much needed in these trying times.

    CNN had a programme where they reported on individuals making a difference to other peoples lives. They awarded prize money too to those causes. Our own country won twice. Both women. One an activist to stop women trafficking for prostitution and another for setting up a centre for kids of convicts in the jails here. You can imagine the kind of abuse these victims suffer.

    The activist who helped children, her house was destroyed in the big earthquake and an industrialist built her a new one. He is the same person who booked the movie Hall and a restaurant and invited his friend's, family.

    Mikie - I can tell you are enjoying your instapot. A lot. I too love gifting others things I love.

    Sun - just imagine what a person who lives in a car and is disciplined enough to get a degree would achieve if they had a normal upbringing and familial support?! Or is it the hardship that brings out the good in some? I think so.

    Rock - good to hear the visit is imminent. Hotel found and booked. Lemon bars. I must Google those. I love anything with lemon. Lemon tart. Etc.

    Dmc - getting rid of emails is a headache. I just hate having to go through the procedure. A necessary evil.

    Barry - I believe in people not religions. Religions suck. They really do. It's not necessary a person goes to a monastery, church, temple regularly are good people. The worst persons with evil in their hearts and will committ the most heinous crimes are to be found among such. I speak from.personal experience within my family. And we Buddhists are supposed to be a gentle nonviolent lot. What.....a.....joke!

    Yesterday we had a get together at DHs uncles place. My DHs sister from Switzerland with her family of DH, son, sons newish bride, teenage DD, and uncles married DD from his first wife who is now no more and her family. My BIL and his new wife. Around 17 of us. I offered to make some dishes because Aunt doesn't hv help at the miment, her unmarried DD is too busy with her job. So I made goat curry, mushroom gravy, cauliflower curry and a sweet dish called halwa.

    Uncle had got in a iron woodburning furnace from Tibet. We sat in the terrace around the fire. My DD and her girl cousin ran around setting up, while aunt and her DD directed them. I was telling DD that aunt might seem worn and tired but just the thought of entertaining gives her so much joy, she somehow squeezes out energy to do all that cooking. And cleaning.
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    Hello, Dear Friends

    I wish we really were on a real-life, 3-D porch. I would serve some of Gordon's lemon bars. They are davoon. He is a man of many talents. Yesterday he also cut my hair. I expected to find that the computer wasn't working. He said the fan gave out yesterday. I may have to go
    back to using his brother's machine.

    Springwater, I looked up your weather. I read it was "Out of Order". Turns out it was that
    particular site that was out of order. Anyhoo I read it was 17 degrees C aka 62 F. Sounds very
    nice. Our weather is going to continue in the low 70s. We are thinking of throwing a garden
    party. Either that or doing the laundry. What is it with your relatives in Switzerland who visit
    Nepal. Are they obsessed with mountains? Are they taking Julie Andrews literally? "Climb
    every mountain?

    Little known fact: the Von Trapp family did not climb any mountains. They got on the train that ran behind their castle. My record collection contained a record of the real Von Trapps singing. Very nice.

    Granni, I haven't made an split pea soup for yonks. Yes, now is the time for soup. Every fall
    every woman's magazine is required by law to print on their cover: Ten (or 7 or 12) recipes
    for fall soups and stews. Hearty meals your family will love."

    My folks made wonderful soups. Four varieties: vegetable, chicken, potato or bean. I like
    the expression: going chore to chore. Reminds me of when I sold encyclopedias door to door.

    Mikie, broccoli in the soup sounds good. Gordon often brings home a head of broccoli or
    cauliflower. But I'm the one who eats them except now and then he adds a little broccoli to
    whatever rice dish he's cooking in the wok. A few days ago I didn't recognize what kind of
    meat he was using. It was cut into squares. Turned out it was tofu. By and large I'm a
    phooey on tofooey kinda guy.

    Oh yeah. Was watching a TV show a couple hours ago. Saw an ad for insurance company.
    Shows a guy sitting on a couch. A roomba scoots by. Don't know what this has to do with
    insurance. Maybe the unspoken message is if your roomba blows up, don't worry. We gotcha

    Thank you for, "And by the way, who are you."?" If I ever repeat that joke I'll add your

    Duckie, Kawinkadentally I recently read a Ken Follet book. Can't remember the name. I
    remember his Eye of the Needle was a best seller several decades ago. Right now I'm reading
    a John Gresham book. I'm pretty sure I read it many years ago, but it's worth rereading.
    Funny thing about books. When I was young there weren't too many female authors.
    Now I think they outnumber men. One of my favorites is Donna Leon, an American who
    has lived in Venice for decades. All her mysteries are set there.

    I'm surprised to read you were in a silly mood. I personally am never silly. Even when I
    was a kid, I wasn't silly. I was an accountant. (source: Ellen Degeneres.)

    OK, Kids. Happy Trails.
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  7. Mikie

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    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Hope all y'all are able to stay warm, especially those of you who live in the path of this arctic blast. I slept in a long sleeved tee shirt, leggings and socks last night. I have the heat set to 68 and it keeps coming on. It is only 38 degrees outside this morning. It is supposed to get to 58 degrees out this afternoon. Love my Weather Channel app on this phone. I was going to download a compass app but found it already has one. Our smart phones are the Swiss Army knives of electronics. How did we survive without them?

    I don't know whether it's the weather, the Red Tide or a virus but I have a stuffy nose, headache and am sneezing all the time. I'm gonna jump in the shower when it warms up a tad. Hot water on my head will feel good. Gonna wash my hair again on Sun. I have my skin check on Mon. She always looks at my scalp. I have to put a lot of product on my hair when I first do it. The next day, I can brush it and it falls into place. On Mon., it will be easier for her to dig through and less disruptive to my do.

    Granni, check Target for the Instant Pot. They had the one on the shelf for $100. That's about the best price I've seen. I got lucky during the Black Friday sale on mine. Again, though, if I had it to do over, I'd get the 8 qt. I haven't seen those except online. Amazon usually has the best prices and selection. Free shipping too. Sometimes, it's worth it to pay a bit more to get something now instead of having to wait for a good sale. I paid a lot more for my Roomba than they cost now but I've had several years of good service from it. It did help that I got it at BB&B and used my 20 percent off coupon. Still, today they cost much less and there are other brands from which to choose. I'm going to make the Senate Soup today. It's perfect weather for it. That, a green salad and some crusty bread will be a feast. I also went from chore to chore yesterday and felt scattered.

    Spring, sounds as though you had a good time at the family get together. Good food, family and laughter is a recipe for a good time. Wish I could do that with my family more often. It's not religion that I don't like; it's those who pervert religion for their own ends. I especially hate to see them making a big public showing of how religious they are while, at the same time, doing things which hurt others. This is particularly true of politicians. It's not what they say--it's what they do. It always amazes me that their followers cannot see through this sham. I know so many good people who do not brag about how religious they are. They don't make a big show of it but quietly go about their business helping others. Even small kindnesses are so important in people's lives. Sitting around a wood burning stove on a terrace sounds divine.

    Rock, I stole that part of the joke from Bob Sheiffer, the newsman on CBS TV. I know I misspelled his name but my pea brain isn't working. He told of going into a room and, when he got there, he couldn't remember why he went into the room. He said he told his wife he couldn't remember and she said, "Who are you?" I love that guy. Senior humor is so funny cause it's true. I like to sing the song, Eidelweiss, from The Sound of Music. I sing it to SV and change the words: Vester Lee, Vester Lee, every morning you greet me. Black and white, eyes so bright, you look happy to meet me. Vester, Lee, my Vester Lee...that is one of his nick names. He likes the sound of it and purrs when I call him that. He's a Southern boy so I decided he needed a middle name. After all this time, he has turned into the best little kitty. We are truly compatible.

    I make a roux for the broccoli soup with onions and celery cooked in butter. Then, I add some flour to it before adding the broth. I throw in the broccoli and cook it. Finally, I remove the broccoli and run it through the blender and return it to the soup. I add milk and let it simmer to add taste. I like to season it with curry. It adds a wonderful flavor. Maybe insurance covers you if your Roomba runs into someone and causes an injury. Mine doesn't hurt if it runs into me but I might hurt myself trying to get out of its way. Killer Roomba on the loose...oh, no!! That would make a good sci-fi story. A Roomba that turns evil and sucks things and people up like a black hole.

    OK, Kids, as is my usual habit, I'm off to read the paper. Too bad nothing newsworthy is happening--NOT! Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. rockgor

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    "The evil Roomba of Dooma." Coming now to a screen near you. Don't miss it if you can!"

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    I'm busy reading so I can hurry up and get off and get dressed before DH comes back from his Men's breakfast and then we will have to hurry to go do some food shopping, more soup for one thing s :)!! I think it may still be in the hi 20's so or low 30's this morning. I think it is supposed to be the last below freezing temp overnight. I sure do hope so and hope those poor people catching that bag storm going up the east coast aren't getting it to bad. We'll see, I am turning on the weather channel that gives national and not just local.. I have been wearing my thermal bottoms every day but I had better put them in the wash today.

    Wow, we had all better watch out for that evil Roomba :)!! That would be some story for sure :)!!

    MIKIE - That broccoli soup sounds delicious. I need to try and make it one of these days if I have the broccoli and the NRG. Sorry about your stuffy nose. Hope it is not starting what I have and had. However, my throat started scratchy too with some cough but that really never developed it seems to have settled in nose and head. Trying to get rid of all the crap in there with Mucinex. Got a bunch of it at Sams Club the other day,

    SPRING WATER - How nice to hear from you. Glad you had fun as well as helped with the food at your family gathering. Those dishes that you made sound so b=very good. I would love to try them all. I agree with you both about some people who say they are so religious and make a big show but then go out and do things that are hurtful. That is very sad and unfortunately apparent in most cultures and parts of the world.

    Need to go get dressed before DH gets home.

    Love to everydobby inc MIA's and those not mentioned ,
    Granni :)
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    I make a soup that is a cross between broccoli cheddar and potato leek. I throw in some corn as well. The first time I made it, my DS (age 2 at the time) called it Broccoli Corn Chowder (where he came up with chowder, I have NO idea). He insisted it was chowder. He ate 4 bowls of it. It's been a family fav ever since. It freezes great, too, so you can make a great big pot of it! I'll post the recipe if anyone's interested.
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    How can anyone go wrong with broccoli, cheddar, potato, corn in a soup....yummy yummy. I LOVE to make soups, but rarely follow any recipe. Just a lot of tasting involved as it's cooking. I used to dream about a little cafe where I just served two soups and a few sandwiches for lunch only, then I dreamed of a B&B, with quilts in all the rooms and a good soup for dinner. Remember that TV show which revolved around it.....darn I can't remember the name or the comedien who starred in it, Bob Newhart I think, but it appealed to me.

    My handyman was over today. Removed a fascia board and replaced it with a new one, plus did a few other things for me. Didn't finish so he's coming back on monday. Sooooo many things that need repairing, etc.

    Spring: Your family gathering sounds very, very nice. I think you are amazing at all the gatherings you are able to participate in. Reading about them leaves me drained.

    I went to the libary after he left (and a nap) and picked up some DVDs and an audiobook. I watched "Paris can wait" last night, it sounded good but just lots of eating, tasting wine, driving and touring of museums. I thought I was watching a travelogue. One meal had to have lasted at least 10 min. Onscreen.
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    Porch no. 1028 is closed. Pls don't post here.