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    I gathered it's a wee bit too cold to be sitting outside. Hence we have shifted indoors until the weather permits. Hot drinks, cakes..pls help yourselves. Other sumptuous stuff is being prepared.

    I will be back.
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  2. Mikie

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    Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again and setting such a tempting table. The kitty curled up in the sunshine and the doggie in front of the fire are luring me in. SV let me sleep in til 6:00 this morning. I got up and my cable/internet was out. I called Comcast and found out that there was a problem in this area. It finally came on and here I am. I tried earlier to use the weather app on my phone but it couldn't update. When the internet came on, I found out it was only 38 degrees out but feels like 34 with the wind. That is really cold for us down here in the jungle. I had planned to make the Senate Soup yesterday but didn't feel well so just slept. I feel as though my cold is back. Joe called and he said his is back and he's on his cough syrup again. I need to call Barb to tell her I'll go over when I'm sure I'm not sick. I will make the Senate Soup today.

    Not much else to tell. I hope everydobby has a nice day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Can't stay long - have a meeting to attend. Got up to a temp of 3 with a wind chill of -8 this morning. My car was not happy about starting.

    Back later...
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    Well, it's eve now. Dinner done. Watched something on tv. The cold finally bit. Glad of a warm bed and supper. Hmm. That word is out of date, I think.

    Mikie - never heard of senate soup. But it must be yum. My friend last time took me to a restaurant where they served authentic Tibetan cuisine. She ate something called the thenthuk. It's a stew where you fry onions with garlic ginger and, green chilies, pepper, veg of your choice etc and bring water to a boil and then you throw in thin dough strips and cook those stirring all the time. The dough gives a thickish gravy. Very filling and warm. Of course meat eaters can fry meat of their choice before putting the water in. Some cilantro leaves at the end gives it a nice flavor.

    Rock - my SIL keeps coming down to Nepal to look in on her mum, my MIL. She comes at least once a year but this time she came twice. Once alone to attend her brothers wedding (her family could not get leave from work) and this time with family to attend monastery opening of her cousin brother.

    Sun - the family does dinners etc but there's tensions too. My aunt who gave the dinner called me aside to a room and again related how my MIL let loose a volley of vitriol about money property matters when she was returning with her in a car. It lasted the whole trip back from a wedding we all attended. I just thought its what my MIL was used to doing to me, but now Im not there. So poor aunt got it. One uncle and aunt we don't socialize with unless it's really unavoidable. She and uncle are cuckoo with their hatred towards us. MIL is cuckoo too.

    I've watched Newheart. I remember it was so so funny, wholesomely so. Everybody loves Raymond too was so entertaining. Loved both the women in that comedy.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Well, it's official; I have a cold. This is worse than the one I had before Thanksgiving. I have no idea why I'm getting sick with viruses. I usually don't. This is a Kosher cold with sneezing, coughing fits and a headache. I texted Barb to tell her I'd come over to see her when I know I'm no longer sick. I need to go get my mail but it will have to wait. I have enough room for more garbage and recyclables in both cans so that can wait another day too. This is soooo inconvenient. I don't mind having to sleep and rest all snuggled up. It's what I do best. What I do mind is being out of commission. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Spring, Senate Soup is a navy bean soup with ham. It's the favorite dish in the US Senate dining room. The recipe is online but I had never heard of it. It's in my new Southern Living magazine. It can be made with or without a mashed potato. I'll add it to mine. Supposed to make it thicker and smoother. Think I'm just gonna add the rest of the potatoes and carrots from my pot roast. Cooks Illustrated tested all the all-in-one cookers and recommend one I've never heard of. It costs more than twice what I paid for the Instant Pot. They thought the Instant Pot worked OK except when they used it as a slow cooker or crockpot. That's what I'll do today to make my soup. I hope it works OK for me. That Tibetan dish sounds really good. After I cook things I know in my new cooker, I'll try to branch out into more exotic things. Cooks Illustrated is working on a cookbook for the new cookers. I trust their recipes and tests on appliances.

    I just downloaded the new book, Fire and Fury, from Amazon for my Kindle. I don't know how much credence I put into it or the author but it's all they are talking about on TV so I'll judge for myself. There may be a law suit to stop the publication so I better read fast. Amazon can electronically yank books even after they are on the Kindle. I'll turn the Wi-Fi off on the Kindle so they can't do it til I finish the book. Once before, a licensing agreement with an author fell through and one of my books got yanked and my account credited. The publisher speeded up release of this book just in case.

    I think I'll get into the shower when it's a bit warmer. I really need to wash my hair. On the other hand, if I wait til tomorrow, it would be OK for my Mon. appt. without having to wash it again. When it's this dry and cold out, my scalp stays clean. If I feel worse, I'll leave a message over the weekend cancelling the appt. I just hope and pray it isn't the flu. I think if it were, I d be sicker and running a temp. It's supposed to warm up next week and that should help.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm outta here. TTYL.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi guys...just popping in. Feeling pretty rough...not sure if it's a cold or flu, but I'm going to get myself situated so I can be "out of commission" Cancelled the spirometry test that was to be this afternoon...I need my energy to run to town and stock up on meds, pet food and groceries.
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    I'm also very interested in Fire and Fury but won't buy it. I'll just have to resign myself to getting it from fake news. Although my DB and one son sends me links.

    Mikie and Julie: I doubt very much that you two have colds, there's a virus going around much like a BAD cold. I heard of a friend yesterday about her stay in the hospital on saturday. She's had bad attacks of colitis or something worse, so after 3 days it came back she had 3 different viruses!!!! Eeegads.

    By the way, once your body gets worn down it willl continue to catch everything that goes around.

    My handyman didn't finish the fascia yesterday so will be back on monday as will my cleaning lady (been over a month now) and my gardener also comes Monday morning. I will have no place to hide!
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    It's been pretty cold here..we got just a tad bit of rain the last couple of days, but no snow..thank you Lord!

    A quick update..we got Vicki moved last Saturday to Martinez to stay at her sister and brother in law's home...at 71, the move just about killed me..the packing was left up to me..Vicki helped as much as she could, but because of her physical problems, she was limited as to what she could do.
    I made an announcement the day of the move.."if any of you are thinking of moving...LOSE MY NUMBER"!!

    When I arrived back in Pollock Pines later that afternoon, all I wanted to do was rest, rest, rest, but my DH wanted to unload the car..I told him leave things alone as I couldn't move another thing..plus, I didn't want to deal with where to put the stuff I brought back with me...most of the things are for donations, but of course, there are things to store for Vicki..as of now, everything is still in the car.

    Something else that happened this week..somehow my rent check was put through my checking account twice this week! Naturally, it wiped out my account..so I've been dealing with that..the bank is trying to find out why my rent was taken out of my account twice..hope it doesn't take too long to get that money back in there.

    And to add a little more drama to my life, I'm also dealing with a cold..the coughing is driving me nuts..hopefully, I'm nearing the end of it.

    I will catch up on the posts soon..I hope everyone is safe from the snow storms and are staying warm..

    Thank you for letting me whine, whine, whine!

    A BIG 'HELLO' to everyone..

    Take care..
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    Good afternoon Dear Ones,

    SPRING- Thanks so much for that lovely PORCH you sent us for the new volume. Love reading about your family, even if some of them are not what we always wanted or needed. Many of us have them too.

    Hooray at least it is trying to start to get a bit warmer. However, I am still COLD and trying to get over what I and we had but much better, no fever even though it was low grade. There is still gunk in my nose and throat occasionally and keep trying to blow it out every chance I get but it doesn't always want to cooperate. It will be a very busy weekend starting with getting up early to go to a special class they have at church for ministers of different kinds. We have to be there at 9:00. That will be till noonish I think. Then we get to rest some till Sunday with earlier get up so I can make getting there at 8:00 for an earlier practice fr the different group that is now singing at what used to be our mass. It will be interesting to see how it works out . At least the time of the Mass is good. Then after church we rush home to get some goodies ready to bring to the K of C Hall for the yearly "Homecoming they have for older folks. However we are now the older folks but we are still bringing stuff. Maybe this is good to be kept busy so I don't have time to worry and think about the deposition coming up on Monday afternoon in Houston.- Great. Please pray for all go to go well.

    Next week . our chorale is are supposed to go practice 2 or possibly 3x for our choir directors memorial who just passed away recently. At DH's insistance and not knowing when we will get back from Houston from the deposition , and also a busy Tuesday I will not be singing for her memorial. I am sad about that but many others will be there. I will be there the next monday for practice for the Spring Concert. I will miss the first practice of the Spring Concert this monday which will be the same time as the memorial practice.

    MIKIE and JULIE - Sorry you are both not doing or feeling well. You are right JULIE to take some things off the table to try and take care of yourself, especially at this time of year with the weather so bad and and COLD and so many things going around..

    SUN -You are right about when the body gets run down you catch everything. going around. Sorry you will have no place to hide when everyone comes on MOnday. Sometimes it just works out that way, I know. I am guessing tha DH and my problem is also a virus. Our temps or mine is, I haven't taken DH's temp lately but last time it was below normal as mine has been. I read somewhere that many times people running a below normal temp (not as a normal thing) are harbouring a virus.

    DUCKIE - WOW you surely have it cold where you are. You are young sweetie and hope it doesn't bother you as much as the cold bothers me.

    Thinking of everydobby and I need to get off here and do a few more things.

    JUDY - Just saw your posting. Sorry for all your banking problems and hoping Vicki is doing much better and the move is helping her.

    Love to AWL, inc those not mentioned,
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just had my bean soup. It's mighty tasty. When I looked at the recipe, it didn't say to make a roux so I didn't but will if I make it again. The onions need to be sautéed. I just cooked it longer so they would get tender. I ended up putting the potato in it and it does make it better. I put some chopped parsley on top as the recipe recommended. It's a very healthy thing to eat and it makes the soup tastier too. I used chicken broth instead of plain water as the recipe called for. When I opened my magazine to make the soup, I realized it's called, Capitol Hill Soup. Good grief! It mentioned it's on the Senate webpage and my poor pea brain just combined the two.

    Cooks Illustrated didn't like the slow cooker mode for the Instant Pot. They said it didn't cook well or evenly. I ended up turning it up to high and it worked just fine. I know I'll use it in the slow cooker mode a lot so I'm glad it worked well. If any of y'all buy an Instant Pot, use the high setting in slow cooker mode. I don't think I'd buy a different brand. Some tested didn't have snug fitting seals and didn't hold the pressure. The Instant Pot has gotten good marks.

    DOF called yesterday to say a final good bye. We could have met but his family is there and they are in the final throes of moving so a phone call was just right. We already had lunch together. He said he loves me and I told him I love him. I'm glad because people often don't say it before it's too late. I feel better about his moving away but I'll really miss him. Claudia just texted and she has this cold too. She went to see her Mom in the nursing home and came back to her condo to go to bed. I told her I'd give her some soup but I'm too sick to take it over to her and she's too sick to come over to get it. Her Zumba teacher is sick too. It's going around.

    I couldn't get warm even though I have the heat on and it's 68 inside. I put a long sleeve tee shirt in the dryer before putting it on and it warmed me up. That and the soup did the trick. I'm going to curl up in my sick nest on the sofa. I have the TV on and my Kindle, my phone, my laptop and the remote are all at hand. I can deal with this in comfort as long as it doesn't get worse. My stomach was upset and I had diarrhea but that is better now.

    Julie, I hope you feel better. Too bad you have to go out but if you need food and medications...try to drink lotsa fluids and get a lot of rest. Stop back in when you're feeling better.

    Sun, even when I've been really run down, I seldom catch a lot of viruses. I wonder whether this means my immune system is getting more 'normal.' I thought all colds were viruses but not all viruses were colds. This certainly feels like a cold but a cold by any other name would feel as bad. o_O Hope you don't get this crud.

    Granni, sounds as though you are busy with the singing again. Prayers going up for Monday. I know you will be glad when all this is over.

    Judy, I'm so glad you got Vicki moved but it must really have been draining for all of you. I once had a checking acct. which offered overdraft protection just for an occasion like the one you mentioned. I hope they get it straightened out. I also hope you are feeling better. No one wants to be a charter member of 'The Cold Club.'

    Gonna go back to my book. Just thought I'd drop in to tell you the soup was good. Hope everydobby stays well or gets better.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Our computer crashed. As Gordon suspected, the fan was on its last legs. The fellow who recently "fixed"

    it said that was what he expected. Funny he didn't tell us. Anyhoo Gordon drove the computer to his
    house in Simi Valley. Used to live there myself. 40 miles North of LA. Gordon worked out some complicated
    plan with the guy. He's going to fix one computer and rebuild another; or something. Gordon told me yesterday
    but it was too complicated for my failing brain.

    Went to the chiro this morning. He has a tiny waiting room. Three chairs. There was a big poster announcing New Patients and listing their first names. So when I saw him I asked why he didn't have my name up there.
    (I've been there since Jan. a year ago.) Gordon said, "You're not a new patient." I said, "But the doctor has made a new man outta me." He has too. Or a least a refurbished one. Have had no trouble with my back all year.

    Just enlarged the font. Also threw the paragraphs into a chaotic state. Our
    computer had a key to fix this little problem. Can't find the key on this computer
    which is a laptop belonging to Gordon's brother.

    I'm surprised to hear folks saying they have the flu or colds. Most folks says
    they don't get those things anymore since coming down with what we have here.

    I've only had one cold in the last 33 years myself.

    Nice to see you Judy. Hugs Everydobby
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock.......glad to read you're a NEW man now a days! Lucky you. And no colds either???? Hey, that's really something. Sorry about your computer but nothing lasts forever.

    Judy: Boy, I don't blame you for NOT wanting to move anybody, anyplace, anytime, anymore. You've really gone thru a lot. I hope Vicky thrives at her sister and BILs home.

    Mikie: I read on the news today that hospitals in so. Calif are telling people don't come in except for: And they listed drastic symptoms. And hospitals are even refusing to accept ambulances too. I'm amazed at why and when people decide to go to urgent care or an ER......years ago people just suffered at home and nursed themselves. Lucky you that your immune system has seen you thru. I take oregano oil every night after I brush my teeth, keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps me healthy.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    I slept well but woke with diarrhea and a sore neck. I had viral meningitis in my 20's and, sometimes when I'm sick, it hurts. Old illnesses can stay with us in strange ways. I actually feel a tad better other than that. I'll shower when it's a bit warmer. It feels cold in the condo even though it's 68 degrees inside. It's only 48 degrees outside.

    My iPhone said it needed to do an update. I told it to go ahead and it took forever. Then, it wanted me to set up a password which I had already done. So, I set it up with the same one and turned the lock off so I didn't need to put it in every time I use it. Well, it's still asking for one. Also, it wanted my Apple ID and password so I put it in; it also had already been set up. It kept telling me the ID and password didn't match. So, I changed it and input the same password. It then told me I couldn't use my old password. Wait a minute--first it doesn't recognize my password but wouldn't let me reuse it because it was 'already used." Doh!! What a pain. Evidently, there is a software glitch which allows hacking and Apple said to update the apps. I tried to do that and the app store ID was still my DSIL's. So, I tried to change it to mine and it wouldn't do it without my entering my credit card. Now, I'm concerned that my phone may already be hacked so I didn't do it. I have to take it to the Apple store to get the new battery so I'll ask about that. Technology is wonderful til it drives us nuts.

    Rock, I'm sure you are suffering the same technological angst right now. I am glad that you are a new man. Guess computers aren't the only things which need to be rebuilt. Not sure I want to be a new woman but wouldn't mind a few upgrades to the old one. I usually don't get colds any more and, when I do, they usually don't last long. It's unusual that I had one before Thanksgiving and another one now. Joe and I don't actually see each other much but we talk on the phone. He's had the same two colds at the same time as I. He goes out every day so is exposed to more germs. I only go out when I have a doc appt. or to the store. I also lose paragraph breaks when I do things to my posts or edit them. Weird.

    Sun, the flu can have some pretty severe symptoms and can even be life threatening for older folks and people with immune problems. I hope they aren't turning away people who are that sick. Even healthy people can feel awful when the flu strikes. There is antiviral medication which can shorten the flu and help with symptoms but it must be taken early. I don't know whether docs will order it on the phone without seeing the patients. I'd hate to sit next to someone that sick in a waiting room. I can't imagine being that sick and able to go see the doc. I hope and pray none of us gets the flu; colds are bad enough.

    I'm off to read the virtual paper. Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...Den is home for four days, so I probably won't be on here as much. We have some little projects to work on, and if the supply store does their 11% off again we'll need to go get a pallet of pellets for the pellet stove (50 forty pound bags.)

    I ended up not getting as sick as I feared...the longer I was up yesterday, the better I felt. Which is usually the reverse of how my days usually go. Still glad I cancelled the spirometer test...I don't think it would have gotten an accurate reading of my lung capacity.

    I did check on my dad...not sure if I mentioned he fell the other day, but they decided it was from a low blood sugar of 56...very low for him. The DON said they watched the security camera video...he had just been standing there by the nurses' station and suddenly fell backwards. He seemed to be okay yesterday...when I asked, he did remember falling. His roommate died a few weeks ago and they haven't moved anyone in with Dad yet...Dad told me this guy went on vacation with his folks so I didn't correct him.

    Judy...you are Super Woman! How exhausting, though...I'm glad you got Vicki moved...now you can rest (or as much as possible while also caring for your DH.)

    Mikie, I'm so glad you are enjoying your Instant Pot. I'm not in too big a hurry to get one, but will stick to the name brand when I do, for sure. I'll just wait until they go on sale again...sometimes food bloggers have links to special deals. Everything you've described that you've tried in yours sounds really good.

    Sun, I'm sure the hospitals are swamped...hope they do take the most serious cases, though. Yes, it amazes me how people will go to the ER for the seemingly minor things. It used to be that our insurance paid more for an ER visit than for an office call...not sure if that's the case anymore. It helps that we've had some walk-in clinics added in our area. Den has refused to go get his thyroid labs rechecked because he doesn't want to go to the hospital and be exposed...I know that's just an excuse on his part, but it does make sense. Good luck with all the people coming and going on Monday...

    Rock, these computers are either wonderful or nervewracking, aren't they? Yes, kind of odd that the fellow didn't give you a head's up about the fan when he looked at it. Glad you're happy with your chiro.

    Granni, lots of scheduling to get those music practices and performances in...glad the directors are willing to work with people the best they can. Hope all goes well for you on Mondsey...sure would be good to wrap that up, true?

    Spring, I do admire how you keep going to attend all the social functions. Too bad about your MIL feeling the need to "unload" on someone...glad it wasn't you. I don't like being sort of estranged from my baby brother, but I told him this year that I absolutely do not want to see his wife. She's the one who told me, in no uncertain terms, how terrible I was as a sister and as a person in general.

    I have seen her a couple of times since, and was nice and tried to have a conversation, but she just acted like I was the scum of the earth and it was "beneath her" to even be around me. I don't have to tolerate that...shouldn't have for all the years I did. I always had a feeling she didn't like me, and when she confirmed it in a very long message, I just had enough. I still keep in touch with their DIL (who she treats equally as bad) and with my brother (mostly about things involving our dad) but I figure enough is enough. I had my fill of that when Den's dad was living with us and I had to "make nice" with Den's sister...I am so happy to be done with all that nonsense.

    Duckie...hope you can stay warm. Your bunker sounds so warm, peaceful and relaxing.

    If anyone is wondering about the little baby of Amy's friend. He was born on Tuesday...seems to be doing okay. Amy stayed in the hospital with her friend the first night to help lift the baby and help take care of him (the friend had a very sore incision from the C-section.) Amy had to get back to work and some of the friend's family was supposed to be there the next two nights, but nobody showed up until two days later...I guess the friend managed, though. She kept the baby in her room with her, but nurses would take him to the nursery if she needed to rest, shower, etc.

    I won't say more publicly, but from what Amy and I have seen firsthand and heard first and second hand...the home environment is not where this newborn baby should be. But it is not our call...there are social workers and others who are supposed to be keeping track of the situation.

    Anyway...I hear Den in the shop, running the woodsplitter. He had to run to town this morning to get a part...some kind of gear with teeth. We're hoping we have enough wood to last the winter, but if it stays this cold for very long, that's looking doubtful.

    He finished all he needed to do with the solar field, so decided to take a couple extra days off...I'd better see about some lunch, then he will take a little nap...then his "internal alarm clock" will alert him that it's time for his Saturday woodworking shows, lol! Such is the life, lol!

    Hi to everyone I've missed...thinking of all of you. I think the link below will go to the SW Florida eagle's nest live feed...very interesting.

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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie:. Thanks for that link. I'm going to check it every day. I found the lung test to be hard at one point. I had it done at the hospital....they have a "chamber" where you go in and they remove all the air and see how you do. But for the most part the testing was easy. This is where they determined I had COPD. I'm pretty sure it's lung problems you're having. I'm now on Breo and he's trying me this month at a higher dose....so far so good.

    Thanks for the info on the baby.

    Mikie: I think you and Joe are passing it back and forth!

    Rock: So when will the fixed computer be back? Hope it works good for you. I really depend on my ipad.

    I think I mentioned that I was given an Amazon tap. (Alexa) for christmas. It was a refurbished model.....well, I'm having troubles with it. It is plugged in all night and yet she's saying the battery is low. So I did a search on it and it's now plugged directly into the unit rather than it sitting on the charger. It's charging pretty good now so I need to let my SIL know this.....hopefully he got a warranty for it. Don't know what can happen with getting a new battery charger.

    I'm doing a little replanting of pots around here, always so much to do, but I guess that keeps me "young". HA.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I managed to shower, do my hair, dress and take the garbage to the dumpster. I picked up my mail while I was there. When I got back, Barb and her DD were coming home so I said hi to her from behind my storm door through the screen. She was so happy to talk to me and wanted me to come out and sit a ways away so she wouldn't catch my cold. I told her I would when it's a bit warmer out and I feel better. She is getting around without her cane and that makes me very happy. It also makes me happy that she seems at peace. She said she heard that Joe and I are together. I laughed and said people think that because we stayed at Larry's after the storm. Good grief! One friend even said she hoped we would get together. Too many Yentas around here making matches.

    Good thing I didn't go out to sit. I can't get warm and I hurt all over. If it's this bad tomorrow, I'm going to leave a message at the dermatologist's office and cancel the appt. I hate to do that without more notice but I'm sure they would rather I not go in and expose everyone there. On the other hand, when things like this are going around, it's hard not to catch them no matter what. I have plenty to eat and things to do for a couple of days so no need to go out if I don't have to.

    Julie, that is the eagle cam just out of town. I don't know whether that's Harriett or her mate feeding the eaglets. They both bring fish to the nest and feed the eaglets. Her old mate, Ozzie, was attacked by the new guy in town and eventually died of his injuries. He recovered after the initial attack but he went back to the nest to fight for his woman. This new mate is much, much younger and he didn't stand a chance. Personally I think Harriett is a bit of a trollop because she took up with the new guy while Ozzie was in rehab recovering from the initial attack. The good news is that they are producing eaglets every year at their same nest. People here want to give the new mate a name and I think they should. Maybe they could call him Doc after the neighbor who lived next to the original O&H. I'm sorry to hear that the baby isn't going home to a better situation. I'll pray for him, or is it a her? I can't remember. Stay warm. I hope Den doesn't get a splitting headache. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Sun, if Joe and I are giving our colds to one another, the virus must be going back and forth through the cell phone towers. I would think if one were to go into a chamber where all the air is removed, it would result in death. I'm pretty sure most people would display breathing problems under such circumstances. I only had to blow through a tube but they made me do it til I almost passed out. I hope you can get the Tap to work. So glad that gardening is keeping you young. Could it be you've found the tree of life? Mom and I took a sip of the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine and almost threw up. It's ground water with lots of sulphur in it. Gag! I'd pick old age over that water any time. Take care, my youthful friend.

    Barry, we were posting at the same time. So good to hear from you as always. I think I've just been too run down and now am catching those colds. The RT is still with us so I'm gonna have to get used to it. Thanks for you kind good wishes and I'm trying to enjoy the hits vicariously but it's not working too well. Still, I appreciate the thought. The Feds are trying to go after the states where MJ is legal. They need to chill out and take a few hits. Good grief! I'm laughing about Lenny draping himself around your neck. There's a good idea for a product. Neck pillows which look like cats and dogs. SV likes to lie on my pillow next to my head. Then, he decides to get up and steps on my hair and pulls it. He came to the storm door when I was talking to Barb and he greeted her. Sweet little guy.

    OK, I'm off to read a warm up some bean soup. I hope everydobby feels better than I.

    Love, Mikie

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  17. dmcduck

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    Good afternoon everyone!

    I went to visit my DESMIL (Dear Evil Step Mother-in-law, with the 'evil' being totally sarcastic, as she is a very wonderful woman). She told me at Christmas that she wanted to buy one of my quilts, so I took several down for her to look at. And she bought one. I took my DH with me so that he would visit with his dad...which I have been encouraging him to do more often.

    Granni - the biggest problem I have with the extreme cold is that breathing the cold air will trigger an asthma attack, so I have to make sure to wear a scarf over my face.

    Barry - I don't have a cold. Or the flu. Knock on wood. I also got my flu shot, for all the good that might be this year. Word is they missed the mark on their guess of what strains might surface this year.

    Rock - Once upon a time, I worked in the emergency room. I saw too many people who used the emergency room as their primary care...people who would let their kids suffer with things for 2 weeks and then bring them in at 2 in the morning...that kind of thing.

    Julie - glad you didn't get as sick as you thought. I hope Den enjoys his time off. I hope your wood supply holds out. My supply is short already. But at least I can go buy more easily.

    Mikie - I've had "Navy beans and ham" all my life, just not with the sautéed onions. Never heard of Senate Soup until now, but it sound good with the onions.

    Well, I'm going to get back to my sewing. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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    Barry: I checked the label for the grey plant....darn I can't find it so maybe the gardener blew it or tossed it in the trash. Anyway, it was a drought resistant plant from Australia.....small oval grey leaves. Im hoping it will fill in an area where I put it. I have a lot of kalanchoe (a pinky/grey/green variety), some dusty miller, green aloes, along with some other grey/green succulents.

    Wait a minute....isn't Lenny your dog? So your dog is hanging around your neck? How much does he weigh?

    I've been doggy sitting my DDs dog, Savannah......an old weimeraner. I bonded with her when she was just a puppy but she's really aged and moving very slow. Such a sweetheart, makes me sad knowing the end down the road. But having her here for the week reminds me I just can't have another dog, it's all I can do some mornings to take care of me.

    I've been in the "tying up all loose ends" mode for sometime. I'm going to clean out an area in my atrium area for two pieces of left over granite to lay on the bare dirt. I saved them forever thinking they would be great on both sides of a built in barbeque but it never happened. The back side of these two pieces are grey like cement so I think they will work good next to the sidewalk. Better than just leaving them on the side patio taking up room.

    Mikie: Don't forget you picked Joe up at the airport so he breathed on you.....all those NY germs he brought back home to share.

    I did get the tap charged up and am playing some Barbra Streisand duets. I'm going to check the battery soon and see how fast it uses up the juice. It charged really good with it going direct into the tap, so apparently the charging stand is a problem.

    My son sent me an interesting link about these new gadgets that talk to you. Apparently it is a microphone that records what is said in your house whether it's on or off. The police were able to convict a guy for killing his wife/girlfriend by using what had been recorded while he was killing her. I told my son my conversations with Clair couldn't be too interesting for google who records it all, but if someone broke in and murdered me great it would be taped! LOL

    When I had all those lung tests at the hospital, yes, I had to blow into the tube....as I recall you had to keep the little ball up in the tube for a certain amount of time. It's been over 3 years and it was about an hr long. My cousin's DH who had COPD really bad (eventually died from it a couple of years ago) DREADED when he had to get that "chamber" test done. My cousin said he would start anxiety attacks a day before!
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    This is the quilt my DESMIL bought:
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    Nice to see everyone popping in.