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    Hi Kids

    I'm back. Who knows for how long. I am using Gordon's brother's computer again. It didn't work yesterday,
    but he did something to it in the middle of night to get it going again. The fellow in Simi Valley who is fixing ours
    said it would be ready Saturday or sooner, but something seems to have gone awry.

    Duckie, gorgeous quilt. I suppose it has some name from pioneer days: Feeding the chickens or picking
    corn in the rain. Gordon read a whole series of cozy mysteries that had quilts on the cover. Read a couple
    of them myself.

    Ok, the machine is not working so hot. Maybe we'll have another one later, tomorrow,
    next week....

    Hugs Rock
  2. Mikie

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    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I'm running late but slept in after a good night's sleep. Feeling better today so think I can keep my appt. with the dermatologist tomorrow. I'm still in my jammies at noon. I need to find something for lunch. I'm tired of eating the bean soup.

    Sun, yes, it's possible that Joe did reinfect me with his cold germs when I picked him up. My friend, Claudia, whom I haven't seen in several weeks, also has it so it's going around. I'll just be happy if it doesn't get any worse or morph into something else. Evidently, all these gadgets which use Wi-Fi can be hacked. The TV news has been warning us about them, even baby monitors. Yikes! My Wi-Fi is encripted and I don't use public Wi-Fi which is the easiest way to get hacked. Enjoy Savannah while you can. Ask her to meet you when you pass over. She'll wait for you on the other side.

    Duckie, that's a really pretty quilt. It reminds me of the color wheel. The flu shots are a crap shoot. They guess which strains will infect people but, as you say, they didn't guess right this year. Enjoy your sewing.

    Rock, hope you can get a computer which works for you. How frustrating! And I know computer related frustration.

    Spring, hope you can come back.

    OK, Kids, off to read a PM and respond. Hope y'all are having a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  3. springwater

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    It's 45 F. Very cold. Stayed indoors today.

    Dmc - I don't know how you make those designs. Looks like a lot of hard work.

    Granni - nice to hear about the upcoming performances. I'm sad to hear your choir director passed. I remember you talking about her. I'm sure your DH looks forward to his Men's breakfasts.

    Barry - I hope you are feeling a tad better. I'm glad Sylvie and Lenny have each other. I've seen silver leafed plants but now is not the time to attempt to have them in my garden, alas. Just can't manage. But I envisage my future garden. When I will be able to have all the plants and flowers I want. Patches of colour, and secret corners where a little exciting something smelling sweet is hidden and one comes upon unexpectedly. Before, when the kids were younger and we had lots of people staying in the compound, my DHs girl cousins, then unmarried, used to visit, and call my garden, a secret garden. Because among the expected flowers, there would be a pot of flowering chives somewhere and then a rosemary bush, and a corner full of African daisies side by side with a big patch of bright nasturtiums. A real hotch potch, just the way I like it.

    Julie - good to hear the cold is a little better. Good to know Den has taken a few days off. We all need to take care of our bodies. These bodies which we need and put to such hard use. The older I get the more I appreciate my body and how it has served me and continues to do so. When one is young, one takes ones body and everything around for granted.

    About the cam ..hard to imagine those fluffy helpless little things lying there, will one day become fierce regal birds which can strike terror into hearts by just the look in their eagle eyes. I think it is such a privilege to be able to look at an eagles nest and watch life unfold through an eagles eye. I could never imagine such a thing!

    Sun - oh I'm feeling teary..just saw your convo with Mikie about Savannah. God bless her sweet lil soul. I hope she is comfortable till when she has to transit.. I remember all my pets I ever had..so so many..I pray for them sometimes. I ask they be wrapped in the light of God's love and live happily where no pain nor suffering exists and all the fields they desire to romp in and bury their bones after chewing.

    One of our dogs is making huge holes in the garden, digging frenziedly. He loves collecting outside stuff and bringing them in, amassing a little nest pile. We hv a carpenters a little way down the lane and doggie seems to take great joy in stealing bits of planks and wood. Today he was lying on his bed on his side, legs stetched out, and was using just his mouth to chew a branch he had brought in.

    Your garden is a garden of dreams. A garden sculpted out of your dreams that you dream. So beautiful. How much you love your garden. And how much it loves you back.

    Rock - hope you get the computer problems fixed. What a headache. I'm gathering Gordon's brother is still there.

    Mikie - I notice both me and DH don't eat too much in the evenings and put it down to getting older. Don't feel that hungry. But today I made the Tibetan soup and DH wolfed down two bowlfuls. I had my own one little bowlful, with veg in it. The doggies got a nice bowlful each.
    That terrible cold is going around here too. Maybe it's a global thing. I don't think they hv flu shots here yet. They make a concoction of cumin, turmeric and lime juice simmered in hot water. Supposed to be good for colds. A grandmother's remedy. Works too.

    God bless
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    Mikie: Funny you should say that about Savannah.....I just told her yesterday that I hope we meet in Heaven cause I love her so much. Put your left over bean soup in the freezer because in a few weeks it will be tasty again. As for me, got toooo much frozen so my goal this month is to eat my way thru the freezer.

    Duck: Very pretty. Is that a wall hanging?

    Rock: Darn, that the computer is taking so long to repair. We sure find quickly that what once was a luxury has now turned into a necessity.

    Yesterday was sooo dreary and it looked like rain. That kind of weather depresses me, I NEED sun to feel happy. My son on the other hand found years ago that too much sun depressed him so he moved to Portland where he loves the rainy weather.

    I rented Dunkirk last night. I didn't know it would be so disjointed and totally a war movie. Not much of a story but great for those who love those kind of movies.
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    Have been gone most of the day and need to go take a shower and look over my testimony stuff for tomorrow. Had a nice day today singing with the new choir and then going to the K of C lunch. We ate to much food and had a lot of fun chatting,

    Hope I will be in a good mood tomorrow after we get home in late afternoon tomorrow. It is a good thing that I have been so busy so I can;t get to nervous So trying not to now. Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and thinking of you all.

    DUCKIE - What a lovely design. That should be a gorgeous quilt.

    JULIE - Glad you are doing OK and not sick like you thought.

    Gotta run !!

    Granni :)
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    Good evening everyone!

    The temperature actually did make it above freezing today, but the snow didn't melt much. We're supposed to get a frozen mix right during commuting time tomorrow morning. I'm very glad my commute is short, although my DS starts back to school tomorrow, so I have to take a slight detour to drop him at the bus stop. As for the next 10 days, we are going to have roller-coaster weather, with a high near 60 on Thursday (goodbye to the rest of the snow then!!) followed by a high of only 30 next Saturday.

    Granni - Best wishes tomorrow. I hope all goes well and this gets resolved.

    Sun - yes, it's a wall hanging. I saw a picture of those interlocked rings on the internet, and beat my design software into submission and made the design. Then I picked some fabrics (mostly out of my stash, I'm proud to say) and made it. It's about 48" tall by 58" wide. Because of the odd shape (yes, it is a hexagon!!) it will have to hang on 2 cafe rods. I have to sew the second rod pocket on yet.

    I finished putting together another top yesterday. I love playing with odd layouts, so, yes, this one is a cross. The small squares are individually embroidered on my embroidery machine. There is a large boy (DS) behind it.
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    An Early Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Woke up about 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Said my prayers and lay there til 3:30 and finally got up to take an allergy/cold pill and some acetaminophen for my headache. I don't think I'm contagious now and feel well enough to go in and get my skin check at the dermatologist this morning. It's only about a mile down the road. It's next to Lowe's so think I'll stop in to check on the flowers. I need to get started on the yard and it's warming up here. My friend, Claudia, texted Nancy and me that she is still sick and not feeling well at all. I will take her some of Publix's deli chicken noodle soup if they have it.

    Yesterday, I sat out on the balcony with Barb for a bit. She is doing really well except for her memory and sometimes her speech. She can't remember people's names and the doc told her that is the part of the brain the stroke destroyed. She told me all the people in the hood who stopped to say hi to her but she had to describe where they live because she can't recall their names.

    I turned off my phone last night because I fell asleep watching the Golden Globes and Nancy texted and woke me up. She is a night owl. I'm going to have to put the phone in airplane mode in the evenings. When I turned it on this morning, the touchscreen was frozen. Yikes! Couldn't even turn it off. Finally, I tweaked the off button to put it to sleep but not turn it off and, Voila!, it unfroze. I need to take it to the Apple Store for the new battery and thought I might have to go after my appt. just to get it to work. Again, technology is great when it works...

    Duckie, what an unusual quilt. Very artistic. I'm laughing because I'm seeing the back end of a cat in the photo. Reminds me of my kitty when I was in high school. Her name was Wee Suzette but we called her Suzie. My Mom had her long after I got married. She saved the day once when the hot water heater started to leak and she went into the bedroom and woke my Mom up. Your quilts are beautiful and very artistic.

    Spring, usually one bowl of soup does it for me but I had two bowls of the bean soup when I made it. Yesterday, I couldn't eat any more of it so made a ham sandwich for lunch. I didn't eat dinner because this cold is keeping me off my feedbag. I'm going to stop at Publix after my appt. and Lowe's to try to find some comfort food. I think I'll steam some rice and make some rice pudding. I might also make that bacon and egg strata that I made before. Barb said her DD has one of the pots and loves it. I have yet to hear of anyone who doesn't love her pot. Hope you're keeping warm.

    Sun, I hate putting things like the soup in the freezer because, once they go in there, I tend to forget about them but I will freeze the last of it. I still have boxes from the Omaha Steak gift from DD. We have had a lot of sun but cold temps. The temps will rise starting today and we are in for rain tomorrow and Wed. Thank God because it's been soooo dry here. Glad for the heads up on Dunkirk. I had thought about renting it and am glad I didn't. I want to see Darkest Hour and The Post. Hope the sun comes out for you and the quakes stay away.

    Barry, I also went to bed early with the new book on my Kindle. I'm about 40 percent through it. Some parts are boring. I've seen the author on TV all weekend. He's an odd looking chap. Bookstores can't keep the book in stock. As I mentioned, we also need some rain. It's dry season here but it usually rains a wee bit. It's rained less than a wee bit this winter. As I mentioned to Sun, I hope the quakes stay away. On the other hand, the small ones probably keep the big ones at bay.

    Granni, glad you had such a nice day. I am praying all goes well for you today. Stop back in to let us know how it went.

    Julie, hope you and Den are doing OK. Let us know how you are.

    Rock, I hope all your computer problems are fixed. Miss you, my friend.

    Star, I hope you and your family are OK. Stop in when you can.

    Judy, hope Vicki is doing well after her move.

    Diane, hope you, Kevin and the girls are OK.

    I know I missed someone but my poor old pea brain just isn't working so early in the morning.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everyone!

    The freezing rain/frozen mix has moved on. By the time I went to work, the major roads were just wet. The parking lot was icy at work, though. Apparently, my DD fell going to her car this morning and scraped up her hand. My DS had a 2-hour delay for his first day of classes.

    On the flip side, while it is cold outside, it is 82 degrees in the office today. But it's a dry heat...the humidity is only 16%. We've actually opened a window a few inches to try to cool it off.

    It's being 'one of those days' at work, with one little problem after another. I've not been able to concentrate on any one thing. And my entire morning is now gone!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Granni: I guess I missed where you're going for the accident stuff? I thought testimony had something to do with church. Where is my brain???? I hope it all goes good for you. I would be very nervous

    Barry: OK....so Lenny is laying down and you're leaning on him while reading your book? Right? It's drizzly here today, supposed to rain harder to night and tomorrow. Very common for dogs to search for the poop! I've had to leave a door slightly ajar with a string, where I keep the cat's litter boxes and food, otherwise Savannah is helping herself to everything. So that way Clair can come and go into her room as she pleases.

    Duck: That's a heck of a lot of work with all that machine embroidery and cutouts, etc. What will go on the sides of what your son is holding?

    I've had a brain taxing morning on my Etsy store. Had to cancel a big sale to Paris.....I had asked some questions from the Etsy people, did a lot of research and reading.....so from now on will only sell to the US. I've still got a package lost in Russia......feel like tearing my hair out. So, I'm heading for a nap since I was up almost all the night with bad neck pains and headache. I'll be back later.
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