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    Good morning everyone!

    It is a pleasant 72 degrees in the office this morning, and it's no longer sub-Sahara dry (up to 41% humidity). I think when the heat was out of control, it was just drying the air out horrendously.

    Rock - I did get all the squirrels in pens. Today is quieter. At least so far. Which is not to say that we don't have our crisis-du-jour.

    Mikie - I'm glad you're feeling better. I woke up this morning and discovered that I'd taken my CPAP off sometime during the night. I vaguely remember doing it and vaguely remember having a valid reason. But I'll be darned if I can remember what it was. Usually when that happens it's because I'm congested and I feel like I'm suffocating. I do have some kind of sinus thing going on, but I don't feel bad at all. As for the Outlander series, it didn't make me uncomfortable, it just got old after a while.

    Spring - we're having a veritable heat-wave for the moment. It got up to 57 degrees Fahrenheit (about 18 or 19 C?) and is hanging around in the low 50's until this evening when it will drop. The rain we currently have will then turn to snow.

    Hugs to everyone else. Hope you have a pleasant day!
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    Hi gang! Not sure how we are to get up to 51 degrees today...it is currently 21, with freezing rain and a dusting of new snow. Should be interesting to get myself across the driveway to feed the cats in the garage. I was going to do my "running around" tomorrow (45 minutes to the chiro, then another hour back to see my dad...stopping in the town where Den works to pick up his prescription before heading on...our small town pharmacy doesn't keep enough of his thyroid meds on hand all the time, so they "owe" him 40 pills from the last time I picked them up.) Anyway, I guess I'll let the weather dictate if I even leave home or not.

    I was up earlier, Mikie...the computer said you had posted 21 minutes earlier...my clock said almost 6:00 am. I had heard Den before he left for work so got up to tell him goodbye. Poured a cup of coffee and got on the computer, but quickly realized I wasn't feeling the best...took some decongestant and Tylenol and went back to bed till almost 10:00.

    Those years I took care of my parents, Lindsey and her family, then Den's dad...I did them gladly...but am grateful for this season's "down time". And the years before that..."early CFS", but not realizing what it was...raising teenagers, working fulltime, coming home from work to crash until the next morning to start it all over again...I don't know how some of us do it.

    Den's dad died two years ago this May 30...so what if it takes me that long to "recover"...or maybe even longer? Is it kind of like grief...everyone has their own timetable? I'll be 60 in June...sort of hoped to look at that as a "rebirth". Anyway, I am very fortunate that my husband is so patient and kind. He doesn't complain when the dishes aren't done, or he has to hunt in a basket for his clothes because I got them washed and dried, but not "filed".

    Awww, enough of that...just realizing, though, that I am very blessed. There may be more "rough seasons" in the future, but for now, I am just going to recharge and get ready, lol!

    Granni, are you okay? I'm worried that you and hubby had been sick, but still had to go through the stress of the deposition, etc.

    Duckie, glad your offices are getting more comfortable. Sounds like you have a busy job, with lots of variety. Don't remember if I mentioned your quilts...they are beautiful.

    Rock, do you think you will still get to harvest those last tomatoes? Hope you get your computer troubles taken care of...we do miss you when you can't be here.

    Spring, during our last cold spell I spent a lot of time just resting and reading under the covers...in bed or on the couch. I started something this winter that I had heard some of you mention before...reading several books at the same time. Den and I watched a movie the other night, called something like "The Climb"...a young man in London climbed Mt. Everest in order to prove his love for his childhood sweetheart. Based on a true story. Lots of beautiful scenery...

    Sun, glad your DD is feeling better. Some vacation, huh? That gluten free stuff is a market all on it's own, I think. Have to watch labels carefully...lots of "not good for you" ingredients. I'm sure you know that, but just thinking of that dad offering the daughter so many treats.

    Star, Diane, Barry...thinking of you guys. It's nearly 11:00 and I hope to get a few things done yet today.

    Oreo went out earlier, but is pretty much settled in on her couch now...some days she surprises me and wants to go out and lie on her little bench, even if it seems too cold to me. She is so obedient and polite...last night I put some scraps (trimmings off our meat from supper) in a bowl in her food bag (to save for today since she had already had her supper.) It sat there all night and she never bothered it once, although all she would have had to do was stick her head right in the bag...but she is a lady, after all ;)

    The wind is really picking up now. I'm so glad we are back in our own bedroom, but even more glad Den got the air leaks fixed. Take care, everyone! Spring is just around the corner.
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    Dear Ones,

    I finally sat down and not sure how long that I will be sitting down. It seems like there is always something happening and a lot of it not to good.

    Lets see, where do I start????. The night before the deposition we were watching TV in bed and all of sudden came a loud crack of lightening and thunder I guess. DH thought that he heard glass shattering but I don't think so. So, I grabbed my robe and we searched all around to see if there was a fire , broken windows, leaks, etc. We saw nothing, thankfully however all the TV's and the computer was knocked out. To make a long story short however, we had a couple of holes in our new roof which has been fixed already to the tune of over $700 but it could have been a lot worse. The computer is fixed, as you can see. My tab got screwed up even when the computer was off. Has the hardest time getting my WIFI to take. As you can imagine neither of us got much sleep that night. The deposition was OK and I survived. Our lawyer thought I did OK but it was nerve wracking but the other lawyer was polite, etc. Luckily it was a nice day and DSIL brought DH and I down there to do my thing. We had lunch down there and they could walk all around to see where DH used to work, et al. Found out that the man I had is a sick man and has been before the accident, Hence he wants more money and his daughter is probably asking for it but they don't even know what they want. Just hope it doesn't go to trial. My lawyer doesn't think so. I will b SO glad when and if it is.

    We are now waiting for our heating man to come and check one of our two heaters. One came on the then went off. So not sure what is happening and hope they can fix it today and the weather is turning very COLD again for the weekend. It is also raining out right now.

    JULIE and anyone else who may have asked about me, thank you. I haven't had time to go back and check all the posts. I am so behind. I am afraid to go back now and lose what I have already written. Oreo sounds so cute and polite for a doggie. Glad Den found the leaks. Sorry it has been so very cold for you. I can't take our puny cold. A dear friend of mine who lives upstate NY has been telling of their awful cold like you. He husband has the beginnings of Alz and so she has to try and keep him busy and doesn't get stuff she needs to in the home. That weather is so bad with all their snow. Hard to get out to do stuff. I have to try and send her another email too. I sent her a short one yesterday but very short.

    MIKIE - Glad you seem to be doing better. Hope it continues.

    I also sent a Christmas Card to an old friend that we used to travel quite a bit with and go to dinner. The card came back and it was the correct address. I tried all the phones and none worked. Thank goodness I found them on FB again as we lost their email that was on our computer. He does limited FB and email but she doesn't. Not sure if it deletes if it is not used alot. I think it was the lady who probably something happened to, maybe some falls. Hope not a stroke. I have to call them now with the new number. They are ow in a retirement home. They are both close to 10 yrs older than us I believe. After the repairman leave I hope to try and call them. Hope I can speak to the gal. Men are not always that forthcoming, if you know what I mean. I was hoping no one passed away but I guess not which is good. I am guessing that they will put the house up sometimes in the future. I will try and get back and check the older posts I missed

    Gotta run for now. I am so behind on stuff and hope I can get back to the PORCH tomorrow. Sorry not to mention everyone individually today !! Hope the workman can get out heater working or should I say to stay on. It keeps going OFF. Our weather is going from iffy to very cold and wet later today, tonight and this weekend.

    P.S. We are also trying to get fully well from whatever we had. Still taking the Musinex bot DH and I. Hot coughing just stuff coming out the nose. Mostly clear but every now and then something yucky comes out.

    LOVE to Everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Oh, dear Granni...too much stress for you right now...nothing you can do differently, though, except just try to rest when you can and try not to worry too much...so much easier said, than done.

    Crazy, but a fact...when it rains is when the leaks show up. When it's cold and there's something wrong with the heaters, etc...that's when it becomes a problem. Hope that is all the excitement for you guys for now.

    I guess Den and his worker won't be going to Puerto Rico now...although I guess it was actually the Virgin Islands. Den's boss said some of the trips had been cancelled...no reason given. I joined a "Linemen working in Puerto Rico" facebook page, just to get an idea of what he might be doing. Saw where the government had seized a warehouse full of equipment needed for restoring electricity...not sure who had been "hiding/withholding" the supplies, but it has turned into a big mess.

    Many of the teams down there working had been complaining of not having necessary supplies such as wire, different fittings, etc....it will take days, maybe weeks, to sort it all out and start putting it to use. Also, I read where a flagger had gotten shot and killed for not letting a driver go into a certain neighborhood where linemen were working. I do feel bad for the people, but certainly don't want my husband in harm's way, especially for going down to try to help.

    Anyway...just plugging along today. We are in a winter advisory until 6:00 pm. I'll have Den let me know how the roads are in the morning when he goes to work...that will tell me if I should get out or not. Glad I left a stash of sugar free candy with Dad's nurses last week, in case I couldn't get there sometime. Can't just hide them in one of Dad's dresser drawers because they don't want to draw mice...or leave them in his fridge because he would have it all eaten in one day, lol! I also took in 20# of clementines to put out on the counter so residents and staff could have them for an extra treat.

    Better get back to work. Glad Den got the solar field done and doesn't have to be out in this freezing rain...oh, Oreo and I made it over to feed the cats and managed to stay on our feet, lol!
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    Granni: What a shock with the roof and everything. But you and DH seem to have it under control. What else can we do anyway. I hope it doesn't go to court.....actually I doubt it will. A claimant's lawyer tries to push as much as he can but in the end neither side wants court. I'm sure your insurance NOW has all the medical reports on this guy and can see the whole picture. Anyway....best of luck with everything.

    Julie: I was thinking that about Oreo....what a sweetheart you got from the shelter, lucky you! My DDs dog, Savannah is that way, such a sweet, unpushy dog. She would even let the cat meander around her while she was eating.

    Good thing Den doesn't have to go to wherever. I think he needs you to take care of him, making sure he takes his meds, his rest, etc. You're a good wife and he has been blessed, well you have too.

    Mikie: I decided I would just return Outlander. This morning I dug thru CDs of books that I own and came across a favorite...."A Light from heaven" by Jan Karon. I believe Rock has found this authors series....wonderful if any of you haven't read them. This reader has the voice of Father Tim, the main character. This author started out meeting at churches and talking about her books. Thru word of mouth the popularity grew until a publishing company signed her up. Barry: You would love these books.....very cozy and relaxing reading.

    I've been having awful anxiety the last 10 days or so...and my tremors increased dramatically. Then it hit me that my lung doc. Bumped my inhaler to twice the dosage of steroids. Did a search....I'm sure that was the culprit, so I was able to go back to the lower dosage today. I see him again in a few weeks. I really HATE having to take any meds.....there's always a side effect.
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    Just popped in to spread some news. I just found out that the Dayton (Ohio) Philharmonic director was so impressed with our performance of the Sea Symphony that he has invited us to perform it with the DPO in March (3 performances). Very exciting to do it with a professional orchestra (ours is a semi-professional). And feels good that our "amateur" (a.k.a. unpaid) choir is so well respected.

    Also, I may get to sing parts of The Messiah with the Cincinnati May Festival Chorus (Cincinnati's premier chorus). Way cool!

    Granni - I'm so glad that nothing worse happened in that lightning strike! Also glad the deposition is over. I agree with Sun. Now your insurance co has the low-down on the guy's medical history, and they usually don't want to end up in court.

    Sun - Yes, breathing meds can and do cause anxiety, tremors, increased heart rate, and all kinds of crazy symptoms. I remember them well from when I had to take them. Did you know they're also used to treat pre-term labor?? That's why I took them!!

    Well, the forecast has officially changed to '2-4 inches of snow and .1 inch of ice.' As a result, Cincinnatians are en-mass panicking. It's what they do. :rolleyes:

    Have a great evening everyone!
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    Duck: Congratulations! By the way, did you ever get that link for youtube of your choir singing? And what part will you possibly be singing?

    My son lives in Portland and has experienced when ice covers the streets. Everything shuts down and nobody drives. Lots and lots of accidents.​
  8. dmcduck

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    Sun - it will be the same Vaughn Williams "The Sea Symphony" that we performed back in October.

    p.s. still trying to get a recording.
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    Hi Kids

    Nanie posted an interesting article on CFS about a new approach to research. I had a
    miraculous cure some decades back with some Chinese mushrooms. Alas it only lasted
    for one day.

    Things are as usual here: quiet. Gordon went to Walmart. I think he's planning a trip to
    Costco tomorrow. He wants to get some cream of tarter. Walmart didn't have any. I
    asked why. He said one needs it for Sniggerdoodles. So I looked it up and the first thing
    the site said was its added to Sniggerdoodles to make them soft.

    Duckie, In my record collecting days I once bought a used disc of Vaughn Williams music.
    Back in the days when I could find treasures priced at 29 cents to a buck. The cover was
    strikingly colorful, but the music seemed pretty amorphous.

    I like "crisis du jour". Sounds like something a waiter might say. "Our specalty of the day
    is the crisis du jour with a side dish of sufficient unto the day is the trouble thereof. Prepared
    by Chef Matthew.
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    The picture I wanted to download is here. It was taking slowly though.

    Rather heavenly, isn't it? It looks like a place where angels would reside. (I'm sure they do).

    Sun - aargh..one anti depressant I used gave me a running heartbeat and palpitations. Immediately stopped. Anyways. That was then. Thank goodness. Must say, when my Prozac worked for me it worked a treat. !! No wonder it was called the sunshine drug.

    Luckily for me meditations rid me of that debilitating disability.

    I hope your doc can adjust your meds.

    It's so sweet to think of your son and his fondness for the cat. A man who loves his cat. There is nothing more attractive in a man than one who has his heart in the right place.

    There was this TV actor who plays in a detective series, who came on Ellen and recounted how a feral cat started visiting his newly rented digs. He started off tentatively feeding her and then some time later found she had taken over his house. I really warmed to him after that series. I'll look up the actors name later.

    Julie - I'm glad Den is not going to Puerto Rico. Just felt he has been working so very hard and he needs a break sort of. It's really good that he has recovered from the health stuff he suffered when his father was ill. Looking back, it looks like stress from all that was going on. And the psychic attack daggers coming his way from his sister.

    Reading under covers is all I would do if I were there in Iowa during winter!! I find the Amish ways charming but not when there's a medical emergency. When I was a kid, I remember spider web was the way to stem a cut. We didn't hv band aids then. When my DD was a few days old and started having non stop temperatures and running nose, sore throats, my DH and I used to take her to the doctor at midnight and MIL used to snigger saying it wasn't necessary. She got stung just below the eye by a hornet and then too, inlaws were scolding us for taking her to a doctor. Just a little one year old.

    Dmc - wow. That's some good news! Congratulations.Performing alongside a professional orchestra. I didn't know you sang too. Is there anything you don't do.?!!

    Mikie - I was laughing reading that you don't get turned on while reading those risque novels or watching those titillating scenes. Thank goodness for that. Isn't it? One less problem to deal with in life. Hahahahaha. I have got the giggles now. I got reminded of a person.I used to chat with who started to take anti deps and found his libido suffered. It was 30 year old man. So that was a nuisance. The doc told him, well, one less problem to deal with, eh? When he went to complain.

    Okay I just read Rocks last post. It has me in splits. Rock - Snickerdoodles seems to be a regular on Gordon's menu. Is he making some warm warm soups? I've been doing the meat, veggie, onions, ginger, garlic all thown into the pot and simmering them. Sort of an all in one meal. Somehow separate veggies, meat, lentils, tortillas lose their appeal in extreme cold. The meal gets cold so fast! I made myself jawla yesterday..threw in rice lentils, a little oil, ginger and pressure cooked the whole stuff with water. Easy peasy and warming. Healthy too. I boil spinach leaves and throw them into the mix.

    Granni - so pleased to hear the deposition went better than expected. I suppose this incident can be counted as one of the 'bumps' that people encounter in their life journey.

    That storm sounds scary! Our dogs would've been cowering. Stay well. Are you going to the gym. Exercise is a great way to get rid of tension and all the dirty energy that contaminates the system when one is stressed.
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    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    I see we've hit 30 posts but I hope we will leave this thread up for a few more so that everyone will have a chance to see Spring's beautiful pic of the Aurora. It is so magical to see. The only time I saw it, it was all green and silver moving like liquid mercury. I've never seen the red Aurora. Yesterday, I watched a NOVA program on black holes. Fascinating. As scary as they sound, the are likely the force which keeps the galaxies stable, including ours. These black holes are so vast and dense that my mind can't wrap itself around something so huge. We are but a speck in the Universe. Makes me think there are other planets with intelligent life. Einstein said that either we think everything is a miracle or that nothing is a miracle. Like everyone else, I take things for granted--the sun rises and sets, the seasons come and go but I sometimes sit and contemplate how these things really are miraculous. I remember one author writing that she was watching a cat walking outside. It was no different than a lot of cats she had seen. She said that if she had never seen a cat before, that cat would be so exotic and interesting. It made her appreciate seeing the cat in a whole new light. Sometimes, I find it elevating to see things with 'new eyes' and I appreciate the seemingly mundane with renewed gratitude.

    I rested all day yesterday instead of trying to jump back into action before my bod was healed. I feel better today but, like yesterday, I'm tired. I will go to Lowe's and maybe Home Depot today to look for flowers, potting soil and some shrubs. The mulching can wait a bit until I can get a couple of neighbors to help me. All I'll do today is shop and wait until tomorrow to prune and plant. It will be hot this afternoon but the temps will dip drastically for the next five days. The cooler weather will be perfect to work outside.

    Duckie, I'm glad you don't feel bad with this sinus crud. The colloidal silver I snorted seems to have put a stop to any budding infection. Did you notice a big improvement in the quality of your sleep when you got the CPAP machine? I always noticed I felt so much better after visiting clients who were on oxygen. The oxygen content is higher in the rooms where they were using it. I had a sleep study early on. It wasn't breathing problems which disturbed my sleep; I had low level seizure activity in my brain. It was enough to keep me from getting into the restful brain waves. Yes, gratuitous sex can get tedious. I've found myself thumbing through pages to get past it. My libido suffered when I started taking BP meds. I always had a great romantic life so don't feel as though I've missed anything. If the right guy came along, I'm sure the romance would be great again. Glad your squirrel herding is going well. Congrats on being invited to sing with the professional orchestra.

    Julie, it's wonderful to have a season to recouperate and it's vital for us. I use it as a time to rest, contemplate and be grateful. I'm glad Den won't be going to PR. The police have been having a sick-in over pay for overtime and crime is rampant. I always thought San Juan was a modern and safe city but DD said it isn't. She said there were lepers begging on the street downtown. It would be nice if he can also have a season to recover. Have you ever checked into mail order meds? I was a bit skeptical but it works great for me. Of course, for things I need right away, I have to go to the pharmacy. I also didn't know what it was when my CFIDS/ME was triggered by that mycoplasma infection. I recovered but was never the same. Before that, I'd clean my condo Saturday morning and do my grocery shopping. Saturday nights, I usually had a date. I was working full time. After the mycoplasma infection, I had to rest all day Saturday so I could go out that evening. I continued living like that until my FMS was triggered by the auto accident in 1999. By 2000, I could no longer get up and go to work. So, Dear One, take advantage of the down time to take care of yourself. It's important.

    Granni, glad the deposition went well. I know that has been a worry all this time. I hope and pray that guy settles without going to court. I hope you guys start feeling better. I got the colloidal silver while the mucus was clear. It has really helped. That stuff is amazing. I'm glad there was no damage from that big lightning strike but am sorry about the holes in the roof. Seems they just can't get it repaired. Good grief! The roof from hell! Those big storms can really be loud and scary. We have some whoppers down here in the summertime. Our mornings have been foggy and then the sun comes out and burns it off. Reminds me of CA. Yes, it's a pain when you have to reboot the Wi-Fi. I have to call Comcast and try to install the new modem again. I hope it works. They have boosted the Wi-Fi speed but I'm not getting the benefit until I install it. I noticed how cold it is there. Hope you stay warm and dry.

    Spring, thanks for posting that incredibly beautiful pic. I am fascinated by the Aurora and anything related to the Universe. When we think of God, we are tempted to picture Him as the 'Biblical' man with a white beard in a robe as portrayed in art. When I see shows on science, it makes me humble to think of God's intelligence in creating such wondrous things. We are amazed at what computers can do but they pale in comparison to what God can do. I need to meditate. I find myself anxious when I don't. Also when I've been so inert while I've been sick. As I mentioned above, my lowered libido doesn't bother me. My interest in romance has always been more driven by my partner than books and movies. I especially hate it when authors and filmmakers throw sex into the mix just to attract readers and film buffs. Or, maybe I'm just getting old. I've had my flings. Time to relax and enjoy other things. Hope you can stay warm.

    Sun, I see you've changed your avatar again. Beautiful pic. I always love it here when there is a gorgeous sky behind silhouetted palm trees. Thanks for the heads up on the author. Also for the one on cleaning the sinuses. I'll check it out on You Tube. A quack pulmonologist once prescribed a steroid inhaler to be used every day. He gave me a sample and I gave it to my PCP. There were at least five reasons that it was contraindicated for me, including heart palpitations I had had and my HBP. My COPD wasn't serious enough to warrant this med, especially considering the risks. Meds can cause anxiety for me and I am so careful with what I take. If my COPD were worse, of course I'd consider it. This doc made inappropriate comments and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Glad you found out what was causing your anxiety.

    Rock, I always liked what Dorothy Parker said, "What fresh hell is this?" Kinda like the crisis du jour. One thing I've noticed is that, despite our physical shortcomings, we always seem to rise to the occasion to keep our crises at bay. Perhaps we have been made stronger by our illnesses so that we can cope with the big stuff. I've always said it isn't the big stuff that gets to me. It's dealing with the everyday stuff. It's injuring myself every time I try to work around here when I'm not up to snuff. It's dropping things or running into things because my sense of space is whacko. And it's not like it only happens once. It keeps happening until I realize that my swearing is out of control and I decide to throw in the towel and stop trying. That's why things don't get done around here. I'm snickering at your 'Sniggerdoodles.' I think sniggering is a bit more wicked than snickering. In any case, yes, they do require cream of tarter. I've made other cookies which require it too. If Gordon finds it at Costco, he'll probably get a lifetime supply. Enjoy those cookies.
    Think I'll get into the tub for a soak and get ready to go to Lowe's. I've not been eating well so think I'll also stop at Publix to get some Brussel sprouts. I'll cook some bacon and brown the sprouts in the pan after I steam them. I've never added some chopped onions but think I may to see how that tastes. I'm gonna thaw some of the pot roast meat to have too. Mmmm! Getting hungry.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    On a brighter side, there was a clip on Vital Signs, they showed Dr. Rai of Nepal who travels to different locations to do cleft lip operations for free in remote areas. Dr. Rai is a burns specialist and his son my daughter's classmate during A levels. He too became a doctor specialising in burns.

    God bless
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    Good morning everyone!

    The freezing rain and snow aren't quite here yet, but aren't far off. My DS's college is closing at noon, so I have to pick him up early. Then I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, so I'm taking a half day "off" (I'll be dialing in from home later.)

    Spring - I love the picture of the Aurora. I'd like to see it someday. As to the things I don't do - I don't jump out of airplanes!! :p Yes, lots of people ask me that question. I jokingly say, "jack of all trades, master of none." There's an old folk song with the lines "The Lord will do his reaping, on the last day of time, if you ain't picked from all the seeds he's planted, he'll be leaving you behind." I guess I kind of live by that and try a little bit of many different things.

    Mikie - I noticed a HUGE difference when I started sleeping with the CPAP. My sleep apnea is classified as mild, but I used to have recurrent dreams, or really nightmares, where I was just screaming at everyone and crying, "I just want to get some sleep!" Since I've had the CPAP, I've never had that dream. And I feel better during the day and have more energy.

    Rock - I crack up laughing every time I read sniggerdoodles.

    Star - I'm trying to think up a response to your wonderful addition to the story!!

    Hugs to Sun, Granni, Barry and everyone else. Have a great day, and if you're in the path of this storm, stay safe!
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    Good morning, friends! I decided to stay home today...partly the way I feel (although I'm sure the chiro could help with this sinus stuff), partly I'm not sure if the roads are all that safe (and I'm a chicken) and partly because it's only 6 degrees and I don't want to leave Oreo out for too long (and she doesn't like to be inside when I'm not here.) So...there are all my excuses, lol! And I will call and have the nurses give my dad his candy "stash"...plus, I already took plenty of juice and 7-up to him last week. I know he's lonely, but many times he doesn't remember anyone was there anyway.

    Spring, what a beautiful picture...I would love to see it in person sometime.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I've removed references to political stuff. I hate to do that but it will only upset folks here so I ask y'all not to post about political topics and I'll do the same. I think we could use a new Porch.

    Love, Mikie