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    Hi, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. I figured we could all use a nice inside spot full of plants with all this cold weather everywhere. It would be a great place to sit and read with a cup of tea. We always took the kids to the Denver Botanical Garden when it was cold and snowing outside. I stopped at Publix and got SV some food and I got my Brussel sprouts. I am hungry for some good healthy food.

    I went to Lowe's and got some orange Geraniums for our flower pots out front. I got some purple flowers for the big pots which sit in the middle of our little low Ixora hedges by the stairs. I love the combination of the purple and orange blooms. That little low hedge blooms all year. Barb's DSIL asked me whether anyone would care if he trimmed back the Plumaria trees growing in front of the bldg. They have leaned out toward the sun and the so called landscapers cannot cut the grass under them. I gave him the tools, a pair of gloves and told him to trim to his heart's content. Yea! He even offered to buy tools but I have them. Sooo much nicer when neighbors get along.

    In the spirit of getting along, I'm asking that we refrain from posting about what is happening in politics. I know we feel the need to vent to those closest to us when we are outraged but we may not all have the same views. I know one view we all share and that is our love for one another and our Porch. Let's keep this space stress free if we can.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, what a beautiful room...and many plants are so healthy for us, cleaning the air, etc. Yep, a warmer spot would be great, right about now.

    How nice of Barb's DSIL to offer to do the pruning. The flowers you picked out sound perfect...purple is my favorite color.

    Just cooking a ribeye for my brunch...well, I guess it's closer to lunch time. Checked on my dad and he is doing fine. Apparently, the culture they did last week was negative. I asked the nurse to get his candy to him...I'm sure he will be okay till I get there on Monday...rescheduled my chiro appt. for then, so will do the town runs then.

    My steak is done, so I'd better eat while it's nice and hot.

    Take care, everyone!
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    Nice greenhouse picture! I used to dream about turning one room into a brick floor with lots of plants and light...well, that never happened either.

    Mikie: an orange geranium? I've never seen one around here. Lucky you. I also love purple and orange together.
    Yes, that's a picture taken by a neighbor last week. We had a spectacular sunset and I'm glad she was able to capture it. I also would LOVE to see the northern lights. I should add it to my bucket list along with Iceland which I understand is a land of volcanoes, and northern lights. So many many places which I will never get to see aside from videos or books.

    Star: LOVE your creative writing!!!!! I'm saying it again....write a story and publish it on Amazon. You really have a talent.

    Duck: I looked up Sea Symphany. Found one but I had to sit and read the words to understand it while the choir was singing and turned it off after the soprano came on....I guess I'll have to try it again. There was a female soloist and everyone posting about it complained about HER. Honestly I wouldn't know if someone was bad or not. Is that the part you would have to sing?

    Rock: I LOVE snickerdoodles! Used to make them all the time. Last week a friend was over and we went out for lunch in the village. Afterwards I had to stop at the bakery and buy the bearclaws so bought two large snickerdoodles for us to have with coffee when we got back to my house....yummy.

    Julie: glad to read your dad is OK. How's David? Everyone in so. cal is talking about this FLU...wanting to know if it's the throw up kind or a cold. I think there's two going around.

    I just got back from a walk...had to force myself but glad I did. I walked down a different street...lots of midcentury homes, some getting remodeled with high peaked roofs and windows, trimmed with redwood. One house had a lot of grey/blue cactus in front and I stopped to admire them. Looked down and counted 12 small realistic dinosaurs marching along among the cactus....that brought a smile. Another house had 14 orange trees planted in their small front yard....LOADED with fruit. So close together it looked like a forest. Wonder what they do with all the fruit?

    I'm having computer troubles. My ipad won't connect so I'm on the regular computer. I'm going to Lowes and I'll stop at Starbucks to check out the connection. Not sure if it's this extender.....I'm so helpless when these happen.
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    Hi, Kids,

    DD just texted and she's had the flu. Said she is sick of TV. I love TV and I'm sick of it.

    Julie, Mimmm, steak! I thawed some of the pot roast I made in the pot and froze it but the Brussel sprouts were all I wanted. I hope you feel better. Am glad your Dad is OK.

    Sun, I found the orange Geraniums last year and got them because the Ixora blooms are orange. They must be hybrids. I used to always get red but the orange is unique. I am so thankful we have movies and DVDs so that I can experience things I'll likely never see. Well, I'm glad I'll never see a black hole up close like the ones on that NOVA program. Of course, they are not visible but are still scary. The Glenn Miller Band is having a concert where my DOF and I used to go. I wish he were here and we could go. I've felt so lousy that I hate to try to plan on anything these days. Glad you enjoyed your 'Sniggerdoodles.'

    I'm gonna go check HSN. DD gave me a gift card. I'd like to get the Amazon Show but it was on special when they last had it. I could wait until it comes back again. I also need some Adrienne Arpel skin cream so could use part of it for that. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    Hope y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    My last post ended abruptly when the machine had some sort of conniption. Came back to
    fix it a few hours later. Couldn't sign in successfully. Guess our machine didn't get fixed as
    well as I had hoped. Gordon said the guy who fixed it had been in the computer business. But
    what does that mean? He repaired them; sold them; delivered them? Well, anyway it was nice
    of him to try. It's still better than it was.

    Nice picture, Mikie. Is that a tree house? A solarium in your condo? A restaurant in the park?
    A green house for orchids? I never heard of Ixora plants till I came here. I've looked 'em up a
    couple times, but never can remember. Here's a pic of somebody else's ixora hedge. Also some
    spouts in Brussels.

    Julie, hope you enjoyed your steak. Reminds me that I have a White Castle Burger in the
    freezer to eat. Gordon went to Walmart yesterday and is at Costco now. Did you see in the
    news that Walmart is closing some Sam's Clubs? I've never been in one. I suppose there
    are some around here, but I've never even driven past one. I get e mails from MN about
    how cold it is. Brings back memories, but it doesn't bring me back to the frigid Midwest.

    Time out. Gordon is back.... OK, back again. I had to do manual labor. Lugged 60 rolls
    of TP and a dozen rolls of PT. Enough for an army Barracks. Those packages are bigger
    than some coffee tables.

    Barry, glad to hear you and Richard and your menagerie are all doing well. Do you ever
    see a bear in winter? I don't suppose they hibernate in Calif. Or do they? Thanks for
    your comments re: visiting relatives.

    Sun, the only thing you have to know regarding a singer's merits is if you like same.
    You can see all kinds of conflicting comments on singers on you tube. Someone will
    post so and so is marvelous, and somebody else has a totally different opinion. Doesn't
    matter if it's pop singers or opera divas.

    We used to see the Northern Lights in Minnesota when I was a kid. They looked like
    pale green & yellow curtains flickering in the breeze.

    But once we saw a spectacular display. It was in the Spring when I was in college. My
    roommate and I climbed up on the bleachers to watch while lying on our backs. It
    was like looking up at an enormous circus tent. Flashes of light zoomed to the top of the
    tent. The colors were a faint yellow and green; mostly white. Never saw such a display
    again. Never heard of anybody else who saw it either. (No, we hadn't been drinking.)
    Or smoking pot. "Pot" didn't come along until the next decade.

    Hugs to Duckie, Star, Spring, Granii, GB

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  6. Granniluvsu

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    Geez, another NEW PORCH already !!! I just got on the other one but probably towards the end of it. It is pretty cold and windy out there today and will be so for most of the next week I think. At least so far it is not raining it did that yesterday. Igt is sunny but cold and windy which makes it feel colder than the temp. It was a little below freezing this morning and felt like 20's and will be colder I think tonight. Went shopping to two stores today with DH. I was like ROCK lugging TP and PT into the house along with other things. They are not heavy just bulky.MIKIE - I bit the bullet this morning and order something similar to yours, a COSORI 8 qt 8 in one cooker. I remembered what you said about you should have gotten the larger one.

    YIKES, pur heater is no longer working DH said. So I need to get off.

    Back later.

  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Again, Kids,

    Y'all must have been posting at about the same time I was. Great minds...

    Rock, I saw the Northern Lights when I was a teenager in CO. It was a fluke that they were visible that far to the south and west. I feel very blessed to have seen them. It mesmerized me. I was on a date with my ex before we were married. We were parked eating our Twinburger burgers. What I'd give to go back and eat one now along with fries and a chocolate malt (but not with my ex). Yep, that hedge looks just like the one out back. The small one in the front is dwarf Ixoras and they keep it trimmed low. I'v always loved those old houses with attached conservatories. Thanks for spouting off.

    Granni, yes, the Porches are flying by. Hope your heat comes back on. I finally bit the bullet and turned mine on during the last cold spell. I buy those HUGE packages of TP and PT when I restock. I get the ones on sale at Target where they are not only cheap but they give you a $5 gift card for buying them. I break it down into units and refuse to spend more than 75 cents per roll of paper towels and 25 cents per roll of TP. I buy the Vicks infused Puff face tissues and get them on sale for $1 a box at Publix. I get the little cube boxes because I have the dispensers all over the house. I go through them like crazy when I'm sick or the Red Tide is making me so allergic. Stay warm.

    OK, this time I'm really outta here.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm back and sitting at Starbucks .....apparently it's not my Ipad so don't know what problems are occurring with my computer in the house. *&^%$#@

    Barry: I found the name of that bush.....grey horizon emu bush.....it's australian. I'll have to write it down for further reference. And I keep wanting to all the agave plants that I have by the wrong name. This brain is shortwired lately.

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  9. Granniluvsu

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    I'm back for a few minutes any way. DH ran to the ban, after he called the heater people. No wonder I was getting chilly again, not that it is anything new with me. Hope they can fix it tomorrow. I will go to the memorial with friends and DH may get to go to the funeral in the afternoon if the guy comes early enough.

    MIKIE - I also have those little boxes of tissues everywhere although when my nose was really going I used DH's hankies. I may have to ask you for some recipes that you have tried out from your Insta Pot. Did you buy the warranty?

    JULIE - You must be a lot more HOT blooded than I since you just turned your heater on, I guess besides your wood stove or whatever it is. Glad your dad is doing OK. Hope those candies put him in a good mood :)!!! Not sure if it is allergies or not but we had a lot of wind late yesterday and today which I know is causing some problems with some people. DH is complaining of his nose and thinks he is getting sick again..My nose is running some too so it might also be allergies. Hope so and hope it is short lived. Of course DH is not in the best of mood since the heater quit again. Good grief !! He is also a worrier !!!

    Hi to ROCK, SUN, SW, MIKIE, BARRY, DUCKIE and everydobby else I have forgotten about temporarily !

  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Again, Kids,

    Good grief! I just got off the phone with Apple. All I wanted to know is whether I have to have an appt. to get the new battery for the iPhone 6 under their discounted battery program. I was on the phone with the guy forever after waiting on hold forever. The store south of me will e-mail me to tell me when I can take it in. Guess they are really busy replacing the batteries. Their press release stated that anyone with an iPhone 6 can take it in for the battery swap. The guy on the phone acted as though they might not do it if they didn't think the battery was that bad. I love the phone but am not enamored with the service. Ilona got a Samsung because she can take the battery out if needed and replace it herself. This phone is a battery hog; I noticed this as soon as I got it. My old Android phone was better on the battery. Other DSIL also has the iPhone 6 and he thinks his is a battery hog too. I just hope it isn't this complicated at the Apple Store.

    Sun, I'm sorry something seems to be wrong with your Wi-Fi, causing problems with your iPad. It's always something. I won't try to install the new modem until next week. Everyone will be calling over the weekend. My poor brain is shorting out something horrible lately. I think it's tired just like everything else. It's affecting my vision too. Hang in there.

    Granni, I hope you get your heat fixed. I got a cookbook for the Instant Pot and used it for the pot roast and that bacon and egg strata I made. You can pretty much use the recipes you have for steaming or the slow cooker. The manual with mine pretty much had the times required for pressure cooking and using the rice function. I heard there are a lot of recipes online too. I don't cook a lot for myself and I use my little grill for steaks. I won't be using the pot every day but will use it a lot over time. Pot roast is one of my favorite meals but I hadn't made it in ages because it never fell apart like it did when I had my old pressure cooker. This pot is so much easier to use and clean up. I hope you love your new one too. I'm anxious to bake a cake in it but I don't eat much cake. I hope you and DH aren't getting sick again. I'm feeling lousy. Good thing I'm taking it easy. Stay warm.

    Gonna go pee. Oh, TMI? Sorry. Hope everydobby has a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    I spent almost an hr with the Frontier tech guy today. He took control of my big computer and we went thru everything. Just couldn't get the ipad to get wifi. Then he changed a setting for receiving/sending Wifi for apple....that did the trick. He said he had heard a rumor that apple wanted some other security setting, whatever that means. Anyway, it's working! I'm so dependent on my ipad. It hurts my neck and back after 5 min. Of sitting at my regular computer. We bought a new chair...didnt help, lowered the keyboard, lowered the screen....I just have a congenital neck problem that's getting worse.

    I did a little watercolor painting yesterday on regular WC paper......it's like a wonderful change. Got a small one finished in about an hr. I had raised my prices at the gallery....she said they won't sell at that price. She was right...but if they don't sell, then so be it. I won't give away my work. She's now taking 40%. So my plan is to paint more like I just did so I can keep the cost down. Sell or not.....I still must paint.
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  12. sunflowergirl

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    I almost forgot to share what I experienced today. After I stopped at Starbucks I stopped at a pet adoption place...just to take a look at the dogs they had. Didn't see any that spoke to me though and one that wouldn't stop barking. I call it yapping. I told the lady who was walking around with me that she would never ever get adopted like that. So as I was about to leave an elderly man came in with a large dog on a leash and he was holding a folder. I whispered to the lady.....was that a surrender? Yes, apparently it was. OMG, the poor dog had it's tail between it's legs. I could tell the man was trying hard to stay in control. Can you imagine what he must have been feeling? I could have started to cry right there. I told the lady I HAD to leave. This is a no kill place so hopefully this dog will find a new home where he's loved and taken care of. I can't fault a person who surrenders their animal though. All kinds of reasons involved.
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  13. springwater

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    I think it's getting warmer. I am not inclined to cuddle under covers and just read. Just as well, since there's a ton of stuff to do.

    Mikie - I was wondering if I should post or not what I did. I didn't come online till now so just saw the new porch. Been here over a decade. And laughing at what's happening. First time for everything. I wonder why something beautiful like a Aurora Borealis (even the name is befitting) should happen only where few can see it. On the other hand we don't have to bear extreme cold temperatures like those countries so that's our advantage.

    That's a beautiful Hothouse. Imagine sitting there and reading or doing crossword puzzles.

    Sun - aww..that poor man. How heartbreaking. If I were there I would he liked to take that doggie in. I'm beginning to think it's easier to look after old dogs than pups. Our newest is a handful. One of the older dogs is showing the rascal all the nooks and corners up on tables, behind shelves where he can nosy around and that rascal is learning fast. Trouble is he chews stuff stored in those hidden away spaces. Then he emerges with a chewed up wire or bedroom slippers or something.

    We had taken in a Lab from an Indian family who moved to India. One of five dogs they had. They vetted us first, they loved their dogs, and even after we took him the teenage son came to visit to see how his pet was getting along. His pet had attached himself to our son and was bounding around. The boy left beaming. One less to worry about.

    Rock - that many rolls of TP! It means you all are regular. Our Ayurvedic doc told me regularity is key in maintaining good health.

    Granni - sometimes when there's not enough hot water, we he solar and an ancient heater, I just heat water on the stove top. We are adept at bathing out of two buckets of hot water. I guess the perennial water scarcity can be thanked for that.

    Julie - good to hear that your fathers report was good. I have never made steak in the house. The kids and DH order it when they're out. That poor old sink looks lonely outside. I hope some one let it in. I notice those kind of sinks are going out of fashion. Nowadays people prefer longer necked spouts which can turn any way around and the sinks are large ceramic type bowls mounted on granite slabs or square shaped but not fitted into counters.
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  14. Mikie

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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Checking in late this morning. I tried to stay in bed but of course that ornery SV kept nagging at me to get up so I did. Yesterday evening, I started feeling sick again. News had a Red Tide alert. I woke with my lymph nodes all swollen and painful. Lots of pain throughout my head. I think the RT has made me feel worse than the cold. So, I'm up, have had my breakfast, have taken my cold med and am try to feel well enough to go out and plant some flowers. There's not much to it. I don't actually plant the large olla pots. I just take the old container out and put the new one in. The flower boxes will have to have the contents emptied, new soil added and the plants put in individually. They are small so not much to do there either. I'm gonna take my time with the yard work.

    Sun, I'm glad you got the problem with the iPad solved. As much as I like this iPhone, I'm beginning to think Apple products can be problematic. Not looking forward to traveling about 20 miles south of me to the store to get the new battery. That is so sad about the man and his dog. I cannot go to shelters. I end up crying for all those animals. I had sworn that I would get no more pets when SV and Tweety entered into my life. I'm glad you will be painting more. It seems to be therapeutic for you.

    Spring, I am inclined to cuddle up under the covers and read but I always fall asleep when I do. When I have NRG, I try to take advantage and do things around here which need doing. With everything that has been going on the last year and a half, I seldom have much NRG at all. It sounds like a three ring circus with your doggies. How funny that one has turned the other to a life of crime. Hope it is warm enough for you. We are in for a few days of cooler temps but nothing too cold (I hope).

    Think I'm gonna curl up and perhaps sleep a bit more before going out to work. It's cloudy out but I don't think we are expecting rain. I have to look at the graphics on our local CBS station because the weather woman tries to sound upbeat and cheery. She makes her voice go up and down, speed up and slow down and generally sound perky. I can't understand a word she says. We had another weatherwoman who did the same thing. I know this sounds sexist but I never see weathermen try to come across as perky. We even have a newswoman who does this and it drives me crazy. What the men do is try to speak very fast and often stumble, saying the same word over and over until they get their thoughts gathered. I want to yell, "Spit it out!" That's my rant for the day. Hope this is the worst problem I will ever have.

    Hope all y'all have a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. dmcduck

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    Good morning everyone!

    The snow came and went. We didn't get much; maybe 1.5 inches. My DM said the same. It's hard to tell how much we got, though, because we had crazy wicked wind that blew it all over the place. I'm staying in the bunker today, I think, as it's only 12 degrees with a wind chill of 1. We're supposed to get more snow on Monday.

    Sun - No, I don't sing solos...don't have the voice for it anymore. I sing in the choir, plus, I'm an alto. :D It is sad to see animals at shelters, and sad to know there's reasons for people to have to surrender them. I hope someone can give the dog a new, loving home.

    Julie - a steak sounds really good. Last one I had got a little overcooked, because my DS got distracted while making dinner. o_O

    Mikie - I've never been that thrilled with the way the Apple eco-system works. This I say as I type on my MacBook...:oops: That said, I've also never been one of those people who think that just because I like a phone, everyone should.

    Well, I'm distracted and it's taken me an hour to type this, so I think I'll sign off now. Hugs to everyone.
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  16. lydia1

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    Good morning...so what if it's only 4 degrees outside :rolleyes:

    I had long replies typed to everyone...maybe even posted it once...thought better of what I was saying (about the mama and new baby)...tried to edit, but accidentally deleted the whole thing. So, I'll just say hi to everyone and that I am thinking of you.

    Short version about Amy's friend and her new baby...they get to go home today. Mama was discharged a week ago, but baby had to go to the NICCU because he was born addicted to meth and needed to go through withdrawal...he was on morphine until a day or two ago...they weaned him off gradually. None of the mom's other friends or family had time/gas money/whatever to go see them in the hospital, but Amy went on her day off.

    And...all these "friends and family" who had no time to make sure this gal got prenatal care (but could drive her two hours to see one of her boyfriends in jail)...all of a sudden it's "Oh, new baby! We can't wait till you get home...what can we do for you?! Oh, he's beautiful...and so healthy!"

    Back home to the same environment...living with her mom and her two other children (her mom has guardianship, but leaves the kids with her all the time), all kinds of people in and out at all hours of the day and night. Two boyfriends, but too bad they're both in jail (neither of them the baby's father, though.) No wonder Amy and I are a little worried about this little newborn...but they have social workers who are supposedly "on top of things". All we can do is pray that things go okay from now on...

    Gotta get busy...I've typed and deleted and retyped too many times already.
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's old movie week around here. Saw an old favorite from the 70s yesterday. I had a seen it
    a couple times. Was surprised when I saw it again. There was a lot I had forgotten. Am gonna watch another 70s film today. One of Alfred Hitchcock's last movies. It is no coincidence
    that Bruce Dern is in it. I'm reading his autobiography. Bruce considers his friend Jack Nicholson one of the greatest actors. Not my impression at all. Bruce says when he meets
    some people (who are not in show biz) they often say, "Oh yeah. You're the guy that killed
    John Wayne. (In the movie "The Cowboys", another 70s movie.

    Duckie, it's always easy to find your posts because the purple duck is easy to spot. I wonder
    if there would be a market for a mood duck. Yellow when one feels like getting in the tub, red when one is outraged, green when one wants a margarita, etc.

    One of the best things about Los Angeles is no snow. Although we did have snow on Carrol Street a decade or so ago. It was just one yard though. Another movie was being shot there. Below is a pic of one of the most elegant homes. It has all the characteristic of a Victorian home including 3 different types of siding and gold paint for the trim. It was empty back in the days when I used to take Zippy walking. Haven't been up there much in the last decade.
    (The green in this pic has too much yellow in it. Place looks better in person.)

    Julie, yes, the problem of irresponsible people having kids is always with it. Can't do
    much about it though. Philosophers, theologians, social workers and the government
    haven't really accomplished much. I certainly didn't when I was a social worker.

    I see the same sort of behavior in many of the forensic shows I watch. I don't want to
    "blame the victim", but going alone to a bad part of town after midnight to buy illegal
    drugs is not likely to end well.

    Well, are you glad there no need to be making special dinners and baking huge
    batches of this and that now? Celebrating Christmas can be great, but it takes energy.
    When we lugged the Christmas decorations upstairs to the storeroom my mother always
    said, "There. All put away for another year." And sometimes she added, "Thank goodness."

    Mikie, Gordon told me yesterday that the weatherman on Channel 5 got mad and
    stormed off the set. As for talking fast, the weather gal and the traffic gal are sisters.
    The one that does the traffic talks so fast I don't know how anyone can make sense of it.
    And when the entertainment guy comes on everybody on the set starts talking...at the
    same time. I think they get tired of the same old news and want to be part of show biz. I called up the station years ago. Asked 'em if the program had a director.

    "Well, of course it does. All our programs have directors." "Well, why does he let
    everybody talk at the same time?" Pause. "Thank you for calling."

    Spring, yes, it would be nice to have a house with an elegant sun room. Reminds me of
    a riddle from the days of my yute. Why did Mr Sun go back to school? Answer: So
    he could get even brighter.

    The sunroom would be the perfect place to read about Lawrence of Arabia, Cat on a Hot
    Tin Roof or The African Queen. And you could sing sun songs. I wonder if we ever had
    a game about sun songs on the Homebound Board: "I got the sun in the morning and
    the moon at night" etc.

    Mikie, all this talk about the IPod and IPad reminds me of a recent discovery on Youtube.
    Frank Ifield. He's a great yodeler. Born in England, grew up in Australia. According to
    Wikipedia he learned how to yodel by listening to our country western folks.

    Thanks for all your great posts over the many, many years. I'm going to write lyrics for
    a song. You lift me up so I can spout off.

    Star, you ever listen to Frank Ifield? Studies show that 92% of listeners report that
    listening to yodeling make them smile. Sometimes LOL.

    Granni, I hope you're as happy with your new cooking pot as Mikie is with hers. I could only use it if it has a timer. Otherwise I'd forget. Hope you get your heater fixed pronto.
    I remember wearing many layers back in MN. Nowadays with thermal clothes I imagine
    folks are a lot more comfortable. Little kids in snowsuits used to be almost immobile.
    I wonder if that's changed. Anybody know?

    OK, I'm gonna go lie down and read my new library book. Took about two months
    to get it. But I'd rather wait than pay $30 bucks. Oops! Change of plan. Gonna go
    help Gordon make potato salad which he is not fond of, but I'll cheerfully eat it all.


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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Rock, as usual, your post cheered me up and made me smile. I think I've said before, or meant to if I didn't...I do believe you have probably forgotten more stuff than a lot of people know in a lifetime. Your attention to detail, your memory of facts...amazing!

    Den's nineteen year old worker (who we affectionally call "the kid" and he calls us Grandpa and Grandma) says that about Den and his electrical knowledge all the time. Brigen is exceptional in his own right...for being so young...so hardworking (people calling him for odd jobs like pouring cement, hauling crops, helping in the fields, etc., etc. after his regular work hours.) He is saving money to buy part of his Grandpa's land so he can build his own house, barn, etc. Gives us hope for some of the younger generation, anyway.

    Oh, gotta go...I just got up from a nap and Den offered to take me out for supper...can't turn that down. Enjoy your potato salad...how sweet of Gordon to make it, even if it's "not his favorite".
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Heater update !!!

    It is still not working, the bad one. The came but did not have the part since then he didn't know what the problem was. He found out supposedly it was a valve and he did not have the part. SO, we have to wait until MOnday. We have a lunch group and not sure we can make that. DH has a dentist appt but I can be here to let the guy in. I am sitting in the den with freezing fingers.

    Went to the memorial service for the director of our county choral group who died of Cancer in Nov. of this past year. I could have sang with the group but did not do so , due to conflicts and just wearing me out and crappy weather.. Probably would have forced myself if DH hadn't'told me not to overdo it and get myself sicker. We have extra blankets and I slept in my robe also. I have church tomorrow and am supposed to sing with the group and DH brings me early and sits in the car and not sure he will this time due to cold outside. Not sure he would like to keep the motor running to keep the heat on while sitting still. The service was very nice.

    ROCK - I remember my kids in snow suits and esp the little ones came in so stiff and cold and could barely move around outside. Yes, I think things have gotten better. Not even sure if the have the one pc suits for the little ones any more.

    All I remember in NY when I was little was it was so cold and we came in and took off our mittens or gloves and put them on the radiators to dry. Then out to play again. We were all so silly in those days and didn't care if it was cold, at least fora while. I can;t stand it any more.

    JULIE - Sorry about Amy's friend and kids who are irresponsible and don't think of anything but fun when they do drugs and then have sex, etc. and then have little way to pay for those babies. Hope she appreciates Amy and the friend she has in her. Sad it looks like her mom has had to make most or all of the decisions and take care of her adult daughter and two others plus a new baby.bacd or not up to par.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling better and got a few things done. However, do not push it if you still feel puny or just plain bad.

    Gott run dear ones. Haven;t done to much on the computer and should look at my music in case I get there tomorrow.

    Love you awl,,
    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,I posted this earlier but, for no known reason, my Wi-Fi went out. I had to reset it and feared I had lost the whole post. Fortunately, I had copied the whole thing and did a Ctl+V and it all appeared. Whew!

    I went out and sat with Barb for a bit today. We laughed and had a good time. There was a cold wind but I was busy planting the flower box at our end of the bldg. I hauled everything, including my step ladder, to the other end and the flower box there was missing. I asked one neighbor if she knew what happened but she didn't. Guess I'll have to buy another. The old one may have broken. I came inside and suddenly had the 'lie down or fall down' feeling. I lay down on the sofa and slept. I just felt really sick. When I got up, my mouth was dry as the desert and the arthritis in my hands was really hurting. When I'm feeling iffy, the Sjogren's and arthritis can come on in a NY minute. I'm not feeling great now but better.

    Duckie, hope I haven't made anyone think they should have the same phone as I. When I like something, I let people know about it. I also whine about things I don't like. I do think smart phones can be intimidating but they do so much that I think it's worth it to give them a try. My ex uses a flip phone and is perfectly happy with it and it serves his purposes. Same with Joe; he doesn't want anything else. Of course, he's the one who refuses to use computers and hates the idea of email. I think leaving voice messages on my phone is the most technological thing he does. DOF is going to get one of his kid's old smart phone to make it easier to text me. He's almost 92. Bless his heart. BTW, our newspaper had an article about a vet who lost his leg. He likes to make quilts for other vets and people in hospice. Someone donated what was described as the top of the line computerized long arm quilting system. It's so nice of people like him, and like you, who make and donate quilts.

    Julie, it has to be so frustrating to see how the new mom and her family make decisions. I wonder what causes people not to be able to see the connection between their decisions and actions and the consequences. It's almost as though they sleepwalk through life. When the girls were little, I let them make some decisions within reason so they could see what resulted. It wasn't big stuff but even little kids can learn from the decisions they make. I suppose if a whole family is dysfunctional, the kids aren't going to be able to live responsible lives. It just seems to go on from one generation to the next. I wish schools did a better job of teaching critical thinking. Like I've said, about all we can do is pray for them. It made me sad to think her family just wasn't around when she needed them. I hope the social workers are on their game. Are you feeling better?

    Rock, I think about all the wonderful, witty and funny posts you've made over the years. I consider myself fortunate to know you and have you for a friend. We differ when it comes to movies; I'm not a big fan of Westerns. I liked Roy Rogers when I was a kid. Unforgiven got rave reviews but I just couldn't see it. Hostiles is now being touted as a great Western. To me, a Great Western is a place to get a cheap motel room. A decade ago, you got a yard of snow? That's 36 inches! Good grief! You know how I loves me my yodeling. It always makes me smile and feel better. The new cookers do have internal timers. No need to get up and turn them off; they do that automatically and then keep the food warm until you are ready for it. Mine dings a few times to let me know it's done. I love gizmos and appliances which are well designed to make life easier. I'll be right over to help you eat the potato salad.

    Granni, I hope you can stay warm. I also hope they can fix the heater. It's been warmer lately in Denver than in Dallas. It only got to 65 here today. When I read your post, it made me remember the smell of my woolen mittens drying on the radiator. I loved playing outside in the snow. I'm glad you took DH's advice. Too much stress and overdoing it can really set us back.

    The Emergency Alert System broadcasted a ballistic missile alert in Hawaii, telling people to take shelter. Evidently, it was a false alarm. They are investigating what caused it. How scary. I just hope someone didn't hack into the system. Hacking could really cause serious problems. Think the electric grid or banking. Why can't everybody just play nice.

    Hope everydobby is having a nice weekend and feeling great.

    Love, Mikie
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