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    Mikie - so sorry if I made you think I felt uncomfortable. I'm a geek. I love all technology. I actually own 2 iPads, as well as 2 Android tablets. I have a MacBook, a Windows computer and a laptop running Linux. None of the differences really matter much to me. :D Well, except I gotta say I don't like Windows 10 at all....

    Rock - I lived in Bavaria as a kid. We used to get 3' of snow. You could only see the tips of the German Shepherd's ears and tail when she ran through it. There was also a really big hill (big enough that people could - and did - ski on it) behind the house we lived in. It was FANTASTIC to sled down. It was not so much fun to climb back up.

    Granni - You made me think of a funny family story. When my 2 older brothers and I were all still quite young and my father was in Vietnam, we had a nice snowfall. Although we were "stair-steps," my oldest brother (only 2 years older than me) was the only one who was really big enough to go out and play in the snow, so my DM dressed him up warmly. He went out and played, and of course, got soaking wet and cold. But he wasn't done playing. He came in, got changed into fresh dry clothes and went back out again, getting cold and wet again. He came back in to get more dry clothes, but my DM said he couldn't go back out. He sat down and cried and said, "But Daddy could fix it warm outside!" Ah, the faith of children in their parents when they are that young!!

    DS made a pork pot roast in the Instant Pot this evening. Very tasty!

    Back to my quilting.
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    Mikie - what was the approximate time in your area you had that fall or lie down feeling? Is your doctor able to explain the hot flash and that sudden onrush of exhaustion? I've had those exact things before, I guess a combination.of conventional medicine and alternative therapy helped me.

    As for phones and computers the kids get mighty excited about the newest models but my brain cannot negotiate all the functions. It becomes a liability. And of course I'm not using anything except surfing and telephoning.

    Dmc - colourful childhood you had. What fun sledding down. I think of castles immediately when someone said Bavaria.

    Julie - I think boyfriend would mean one. I mean one at one time space. I hope she isn't having physical or emotional relationships with two of them at the same time. I can't even imagine a.baby growing up in that scenario. Or a young child. It just makes the hair rise to think if it.

    Granni - I hope your weather gets warmer soon. What a headache about the heater.

    Sun - your neighbourhood sounds very pretty. Those lovely houses. With their own kind of garden.
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    Hi guys...feeling kinda blah. Sort of a day of mourning, it seems like...for me and Amy both. But we will get over this...just need a little time. More to the story, but not my place to make it public.

    Yes, there are social workers supposedly taking care of everyone...I don't know if they are just not too bright and don't see what's right under their noses, or choose to look the other way.

    No, Grandma is not more responsible than the daughter/new mom. Grandma has had her own dealings with drugs and multiple men. But just happened to be in the right place at the right time when her daughter had to sign her kids over to someone...their dad was already in prison on meth charges and his family is all in various stages of "recovery"...sort of came down to "the lesser of two or more evils."

    Yes, I did mean (at least) two boyfriends at the same time...but alternating being in jail, so apparently not both in her bed at the exact same time. And various people in and out of the apartment at all hours of the day and night...(not sure if they are there to see her or her mom, or just need a place to crash) with her mom and her other two children living under the same roof...the more drama, excitement and attention it draws, the better. And somehow, a newborn baby is supposed to fit in this mix?!

    I'll stop before I get going again..
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    Good grief, I should be back in bed or going to church this morning. DH decided he wasn't going due to the cold and all so we are home. So much for church and singing. The new time has us getting up even earlier than usual on Sundays. However, I am up and awoke a little before 7. If I was to try and get ready I would really have had to hustle to do everything needed to be ready. Don't look to great either since I need to wash my hair and it has been to chilly in the huse to do so. May do it tonight. We will see. We also have a lunch group tomorrow we suspect we will have to cancel due to the heater guy. Not sure when he is coming. It should be morning but don't know when exactly.

    Need to go make breakfast and get ready for the day whatever that is. It is supposed to get worse the next few days with weather. Maybe some ice and precip. Will have to wait and see and hope our heater is finally fixed by then.

    JULIE - Sorry to hear that Amy's friend's mom is also not very responsibly. What a terrible environment for that newborn. Hope you enjoyed your dinner our last night. We also did so and It was cheating comfort food but very good - Eggplant parmesan but I asked for feta cheese instead of mozzarella cheese since it is a goat cheese. Didn't know that but am learning new things daily it seems on this diet business. Even had a little bread as well as spaghetti. Yummy. I ate most of it and so did DH who ate more than I but they give you so much at this place. Brought a little bit home. Guessing DH will steal most of the leftovers.

    Well, everydobby I need to get a hot cup of tea and I guess muy breakfast shake. Hope to get back later before I lose the whole NEWEST PORCH volume.

    Great to hear from DUCKIE, ROCK, SPRING, BARRY, and MIKIE. Hope I didn't miss anyone. DIANE, still missing you sweetie.

    Hope MIKIE is feeling better by now. That is crazy how fast that feeling comes upon you. Has anyone ever addressed these symptoms. It seems like I have little NRG plus the pain but it just seems like it is there most of the time.. I try to keep busy a lot so I don't just moan and groan and do nothing. DH is more of groaner but he pushes himself to on certain things he know has to be done,

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I got up early and went back to sleep on the sofa. Joe called and woke me up. We are both early risers. His son is there so he probably won't be calling after he gets up. Windows installed updates early this morning so the FPOC is slooooooow. I had to restart it multiple times to get it to load websites. It keeps freezing up making me do CTL+ALT+DEL and then cancelling it to get the page unfrozen. Sometimes, it won't unfreeze and I have to close everything out and start over. Once it gets going, it will likely be OK but I shouldn't have to deal with all this nonsense. HSN had iPads on sale yesterday but I can't justify getting one when I already have a tablet. I can't take another disappointment after the Surface and this FPOC.

    It's only in the low 40's at 8:30 and will only get into the 60's today. It will stay cool until next Tue. when it hits 77 degrees. I need to get into the shower but won't do it until it's a tad warmer today. Think I'll go to Lowe's and/or Home Depot to see whether I can find another set of flower boxes like the one I have and the one which is missing. It's probably time to replace them anyway. Nothing lasts long down here.

    Duckie, gotta say I do like Windows 10. Windows upgraded my old work horse computer from Windows 7 and it was a big improvement. I hate Windows 8 which is what is on the Surface. I don't think it's the software which is the problem on this FPOC. I think it's just a slow processor. I have four computers around here too but don't use two of them anymore. Don't know how many old smartphones I have lying around. When I clean them out, I'll probably donate them. I like doing my pork roasts in those bags one puts in the oven. I put a bit of flour in the bag and shake it. It mixes with the grease and makes a beautiful brown crust on the outside of the roast. Mmmmm!

    Julie, what a mess. It's sickening to think of these people living like this and bringing more children into the dysfunction. These poor little kids have two strikes against them when they are born. It's awfully difficult to overcome such obstacles so early on. I don't even know what the answer is. I hate to think of having children removed from their homes but it would appear there is ample reason to do it in a case like this. This is how these problems go from one generation to the next. With addiction so rampant, this scenario is probably played out throughout the country. I worry for the future of us all. Again, I don't know what the answer is but I'm praying.

    Spring, damnit, the cursor keeps jumping around and I lost my entire post to you. I'm gonna post this and do edit and add. I'll be back. Good grief! When I tried to post, I got an error message that the 'URL was too large for this server.' Say What! Don't know what that was about. Yes, technology is wonderful except when it isn't. I think it's great that the kids know how to use all this stuff. I don't know what I'm missing by not knowing what is possible. I do like the features on the iPhone my DSIL gave me. They are practical and I love being able to FaceTime with the kids. I have some apps too which are very practical. I'm just a bit annoyed at Apple support. We'll see if they email me with a time to come to the store for the new battery and how that goes. What are your temps like? Oh, now I have text code jumping into my post. I better copy this and add it to my original post. I don't have hot flashes but that fall down feeling can come on at any time, usually when I'm very run down like I am now. It's common in those of us with CFIDS/ME.

    Granni, I hope you get the heater fixed before it gets colder. I need to get into the shower too. I need to get my hair cut but am just not up to dealing with that. I haven't even opened the newspaper yet. I often have pain but it's not like it used to be. If I overdo it, the pain will come on as will the exhaustion and dry mouth. It's been worse after the horrible year and a half I've had. I keep trying to recouperate. I do have good days every now and then and try to take advantage of them without overdoing it. You know--the NRG rollercoaster we all ride. Hope you and DH can enjoy the morning together at home. It's about time for my second breakfast. Had the first one at 5:00, four hours ago. Stay warm.

    Gonna wind this up before the FPOC decides to do something else weird. I think it's possessed. I wonder whether there's a techie who does exorcisms. Hope y'all have a great end to the weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good Sunday morning! It's a new day and I am going to make the best of it. Gonna start with steaming my head, lol...

    Granni, this cold weather really makes things more difficult, doesn't it? To me, it is as much emotional and physical. I'm sorry your heater is on the blink...hope the guy can get the part and get it fixed soon.

    Mikie, computers...craziness...hope yours straightens up and hope you can get your new battery soon for your phone.

    I'd better get busy...stayed in bed until 10:00. Looked at the clock at 7:30 and thought I would get up pretty soon...fell back to sleep, lol!
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    Good morning everyone...wait...it's afternoon already! Stayed up later than I should have last night, but I got a good night's sleep. Went and did the usual weekly trip to my DM's house. DS shoveled the snow for her, for all the good it will do, as we have another 1-3" forecast for tomorrow. But she's hoping to get out and get her shopping done this afternoon.

    Speaking of the weather, more roller-coaster stuff on the way. Snow tomorrow, gradual warming through the week leading to rain and temps in the 50s next weekend, followed by more snow the following Monday.

    I plan to continue the 'hunker in the bunker' the rest of today. I hope to finish the quilt top for the quilt I said I'd make for DH last year. I did actually start it, but it wasn't going well, so I set it aside. It's going much better now. I have about 2/3 of the blocks finished, as well as most of the border.

    I'm going to jump off and make myself a late lunch. My DM gave me a beautiful head of lettuce that she grew in her hydroponics window, so I'm going to make a nice big salad with it.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Not much to tell. My head is stuffed up despite my taking cold meds. When I get up, I feel lightheaded and dizzy. Think I'll just laze in my jammies today. I'm not up to doing anything. It really didn't help working outside in that cold wind yesterday. We just have a breeze today so I'm hoping that tomorrow, it will be nice enough, and I'll feel well enough, to go shop for those flowerboxes and plant them. By then, the condo will be in need of cleaning. I'll never get ahead of this. Whine, whine, whine.

    Rock, hope you didn't OD on potato salad. Also hope your computer isn't acting up.

    Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Last night I had a terrible earache on one side and starting to get a sore throat on same side. So I did a search and followed this instruction on youtube. Went to bed with a very small heated ricesock that I could sleep on. Much better today. Try this instruction!!!!!


    Rock: What kind of potato salad does Gordon make? Red or white potatoes? Lots of mayo and mustard? I don't have it often but I do like it. Bought some the other day at Trader Joe's.....ewwww...it was definitely lacking some salt and more mayo.

    Julie: The welfare people should remove that baby! As to Amy, she really needs to distance herself from this "friend". And my dear friend, you need to stop running all this thru your mind and heart too. Pray for everyone involved.

    I did some WC painting yesterday....hope to get 4-6 more finished. I stopped at the gallery and lowered my prices.....I need to look for a few more galleries.

    Took myself down to the open air market this morning, bought starbucks and 3 Meyer lemons. It seems like in the past I had made a really good lemon curd with these lemons. And they can also be used for a Shaker Lemon Pie which I've also made. Not the usual lemon pie as you slice up the rinds VERY thing and you add to the pie. I know it sounds awful but very good. The Shakers didn't WASTE anything.

    I've just had my favorite.....:"last meal on earth"........a cold meatloaf sandwich with mayo, pickle relish and catsup. I'm a person of few needs! I know....most people would ask for steak or lobster, I ask for leftover meatloaf.
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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    I woke every two hours during the night. Arggg! I managed to get back to sleep each time but don't know the quality of that sleep. I don't feel too tired so, hopefully, I got some restful sleep. I have to get into the shower and shampoo my mop, as Granni calls it. I think it got down into the 40's last night. It's only 68 inside this morning. I don't feel cold so don't think I'll turn on the heat. Gonna talk to Grace to see if she knows what happened to that other flower box. I hope I can find replacements for them.

    Sun, thank you so very much for the link to the video. I have instinctively been massaging my lymph nodes but this really helps to know just how to do it. As I did my neck, I could feel the lymph fluid in my throat. Because of the Sjogren's, my lymph nodes don't drain like they outta. I also massage the ones in my chest to keep the fluid moving. If I don't they get sore. Last night, my mouth got soooo dry. I have the mouthwash that helps. This morning, the saliva is running, thank God. Glad you are painting. Why not post pics. We all enjoy seeing your paintings. I'm laughing at the 'last meal.' I don't know what I'd have. Maybe fried chicken, stuffing and Brussel sprouts. A big chocolate layer cake for dessert sounds just right. We had a Walgreen's drugstore downtown in the 50's when I was a kid. They had a lunch counter and served the best chocolate layer cake that I have ever tasted. Nothing since compares. Maybe Heaven is filled with the best food we have had. We could eat all day, never feel stuffed and never gain weight. Now that is my definition of Heaven.

    Hope all y'all had a good weekend and will have a good week. BTW, got an e-mail from Apple. They have reserved a battery for my phone but, due to high demand, it may take two weeks before they can install it. I'll get another email telling me when I can have it done. All Ilona has to do for her Samsung is buy a battery and install it herself. I've done this myself on my smart phones. It ain't brain surgery. I'll see how this whole process goes...

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, it started as a quiet day. I'm now chasing squirrels. Be back later.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Just wanted to let you know that the repairman came and as of now it still working :)!! It is so nice to have HEAT that we all take for granted.

    MIKIE - That sounds crazy so much work to install an Apple smartphone, is that right? I have an old 5 Samsung Galaxy phone and the battery was bulging so heard that was a sign to replace it. So I got on line and order one at one of the places where you can get them at a lower price . When it came in I installed it myself and you know how dumb I am on this techie stuff :)!! Are all apple phones like that. Is the one you got NEW. If DH gets the next newest SG then I will get his SG 7 which seems to be working fine. Do you have your new phone now or did you just order it and they are holding it? I don't remember what you said about your newest phone, and what the story was. I have been so bad at showing up on the Porch I don't have my story straight..

    I don't know where some of their kids get their money, college kids and others working in my family. A bunch of the friends and family flew out to Colorado last weekend to celebrate my granddaughter's 24th birthday. Actually her birthday is tomorrow and I guess with MLK's bday some could get a long weekend added to their plans. Most are going home today, I know my grandson,s the bday girls brothers flew to CO from San Marcos where they go to school. 'I'm sure their dad paid for that one. We never went anywhere growing up or hardly anywhere with very few parties per se. Now any reason for a party sounds good to them I guess. These kids and the other grandparents had parties all week somewhere. It must be nice. Oh well, I'm all for parties but somehow to me it seems like overkill on parties. Enough of my complaining. Not sure I would like the cold. Sure don't like it here either when it happens either.

    MIKIE - Sorry that you didn't get a good nights sleep and hope you can catch up and get a good one tonight. Sure glad we have the other heater for tonight. Hope your lymph nodes start to feel better for you . The massaging sounds interesting. I should check that out myself.

    DUCKIE - If you lack any squirrels to chase we have more than enough here with lots of trees too. I start back tonight to practice for our County Choral Society. Actually I missed the first one but that is when I had my deposition downtown and part of the practice was for our old choir director who passed away a few months ago and I wasn't going to be singing for the memorial anyway. I did go Sat to the Memorial and it was done beautifully, to the liking of a music lover and director, both chorale and church.. It will be interesting to see what we will be singing for the c=Spring concert, the last for our year, until we start again in mid August.

    SUN - Thanks for that info on the lymph draining. Like Mikie said, it is so nice that you are able to do your therapeutic painting. Anything you would like to post it please do. We all love to see them.

    ROCK - Hope you are doing well and that it is nice and warm for you in sunny Ca. Lately it has not been to sunny in TX either.

    Gotta run for now. Love to awl who I did not address personally.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi guys...quick check in. Made it to the chiro and ran some errands. Was gone for 4 hours and had left Oreo in the house, since it was only 4 degrees. I hardly ever drive or walk around stores with my coat on, but barely took it off today...seemed like even inside the stores was chilly.

    Brought groceries, etc. in, but still need to put everything away and clean out the pellet stove (turned it off to cool so I can vacuum the soot.) Got the wood furnace going strong again...mostly coals when I got back home. The boiler (for floor heat) runs when it needs to, but we try not to have it come on too much. Gonna start supper soon...probably meatloaf, baked beans and baked potatoes.

    Tomorrow is hair appt. in the morning...home on Wednesday, then a care plan meeting for my dad on Thursday. I really would rather just keep "hibernating" but probably good to get out once in awhile.

    Just wanted to say Hi and thinking of everyone!

    Here ya go, Duckie...some help ;)

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    JULIE - YOu hardly ever leave your oat on in the store. Of course you would leave it on at 4 degrees. Wow you must be very hot blooded and as you know I am just the opposite. I would never survive. Have to wait for the next blast to come in. If that bad I would never go out unless I HAD to.

    Cute squirrel chase picture !!! Meatloaf sounds good and DH would love to be there to eat. No wondee dear AMY is just like you trying to take care of everyone with problems. Hope she gets out of the situation quickly without any problems.

    Love you kiddo,
    Granni :)
  15. dmcduck

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    Survived all the squirrel attacks today. Also survived my (thankfully very short) commute home. We're up to 3" on the ground and it's still snowing. Fortunately, they clear the roads well around here.

    Julie - thanks for the picture. You made me laugh out loud.

    Granni - we start singing again next week. We're doing Mozart's Great Mass in C (not sure which of the 3 or 4 versions we're doing, as Mozart never actually finished it, and several other people took it upon themselves to finish it for him). I'm really glad your heat is back on. We'd be in a pickle if ours went out with as cold as it's been here.

    Looks like I have to go again, as a different beast is requesting my attention. This one is black and has green eyes and a very long tail. He's purring loudly.
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    I was trying to think what my 'last meal on earth' would be. I couldn't think of one. I like my food. Like it very well, in fact, but I don't think I have any one particular food I love way above others.

    But something with potato in it, I think. Potato cheese chilli, etc.

    It's warmer now but still cold inside the house. I have been a home potato, not daring to move out. And face chilly winds. I am so relieved for Granni with her heating restored.

    We've been getting in some knick knack furniture to replace old ones and I've been grouchy. I hate having people in the house. Really Scrooge cold cold weather makes me. Also if watches, cell phones or stuff are lying around, it's necessary to keep hovering around since they might get lifted. I hate being so suspicious but my former experiences hv made me so.

    I whipped up a chicken stew today for the family for dinner. Sometimes I start wondering what to make that's nice and warm.

    DHs cousin sis got me a cosmetic I ordered. She came back from Singapore where her DHs business is based. It's a make up foundation creme which she had gifted me, years ago and I liked it a lot. She called it plaster of Paris...filling in wrinkles temporarily. When I do go out to parties, I feel more dressed up with my face looking smoother.

    Was watching the news which said a couple kept their 11 children shackled to the bed and malnourished them in Perris California. They haven't said much more but how strange. They could evade neighbours knowing about the abuse! They dressed all 11 the same, that itself is a red flag!

    God bless
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