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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    I'll be back. In the meantime, y'all make yourselves at home and swing your cares away. Nothing much going on around here. They removed the big tree outside Joe's condo and it looks so bare without it. I'm hoping to have the NRG to do a little yard work today. It's sposda be in the 70's later today. In the 50's right now.

    Granni, I got my DSIL's old iPhone 6 when he upgraded to the new iPhone X. Apple has been under a lot of heat for the batteries in these old phones so they are offering to install new ones at a very reduced price. I doubt there is any reason that people couldn't replace their own batteries themselves but I think Apple likes to be anal about everything they do. I love the phone but don't like dealing with Apple. The store is 20 miles south of me. Evidently, techs at Best Buy can replace the batteries but they don't offer the discount. What amazes me is people who camp outside the stores overnight to be first in line to get the new phones and other Apple products. Those new phones are $1,000. Yikes! I'm glad you got the heat working. It's awful to be cold.

    Love, Mikie

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    We ended up with a total of 3" of snow. It is a lovely 8 degrees this morning with a wind chill of -4. That porch swing with the green grass and green trees looks quite inviting compared with this.

    The morning got off to an interesting start. Well, actually, it 'started' last night when I began getting error messages from some repeating jobs. By the time it got resolved, I had over 800 messages, because there were 5 jobs that run every 3-5 minutes, and they failed continuously for over 14 hours. Ok, enough geek speak. It's fixed now, anyway.

    I finished the main part of the quilt top for my DH. Although I finished the borders before, I want to replace one of the fabrics because it's not the best quality fabric (should have realized that when I bought it). I have to go get some to replace it, though.

    Hope everyone is having a warm day!
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    Had a bit of snow and a lot of ice so far and it is pretty cold and getting colder. Supposed to have practice with our small group this afternoon for our Broadway program Saturday. We have ice everywhere and DH doesn't want me to take the car and the gal that was thinking about picking me up may not go due to her cold getting worse she said. Also there is ice just getting to the curb where she would pick me up. I sent an email to the director and she may not be to happy or want to change dates for our practice. The show is on Saturday evening. At least we have heat.

    Gotta run for now but notices our new Porch had started up again. Thanks MIKIE .

    DUCKIE - Sorry for the mess you had but glad you got it resolved, finally, Then on to your quilts. How nice. We want pictures of your creation.

    Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
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  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Am sitting here feeling miserable. My head aches, my lymph nodes are swollen and aching and I'm totally exhausted. My Sjogren's is in a flare so that is why I'm even more exhausted than usual. Whine, whine, whine! I'm watching Victoria, a good show on PBS Masterpiece Theater. The Second Season just started. I have plants waiting to be planted but not today. We had the sidewalks, balcony and stairs pressure washed. I'm so glad it's done. Mgr. put the notice in our doors late yesterday and I didn't see them. Barb's daughter texted me this morning to ask if I wanted her to bring the furniture in. She took theirs in but was offering to take mine in. Mighty nice! I thanked her but went out and brought mine in. I also brought in the door mat from in front of one neighbor's who was evidently not home.

    Now, I have to wash my kitchen window and the glass in my storm door. We'll get this place back in shape one of these days. I don't expect things will seem back to normal from the storm until next summer. Everything just looks dry and dirty, not just here in the hood but everywhere. We always have the pressure wash guy come before the Snowbirds return but this year, he was busy from the storm. That's the story with all the service providers in the cleanup/construction business.

    I got a long text from Nancy in MI. She is cleaning the snow off the edge of her roof and her deck as it accumulates. Said there were two deer playing out in her side yard when she got up. It really is beautiful up there but I don't know that I could do it on my own. Heck, I'm having a hard time taking care of things on my own here. Claudia is still coughing and having to deal with her Mom in the nursing facility for people with dementia. She does it all on her own too. I'm lucky to have such strong friends here in the hood and all my beloved online family here on the Porch. Don't know what I'd do without all y'all. Well, Nancy is no longer in the hood but I still think of her as being here.

    Looks as though there is going to be a new series on PBS, The Child In Time. Looks like it is about a kidnapped infant. They do such a good job on their series. I love the nature shows and NOVA too.

    I found a six quart Instant Pot on Amazon for $100. I went ahead and ordered it for DD in CO. I had a $20 credit so it ended up being close to what I paid for mine. It's just DD and DSIL so a six quart pot will be adequate. I still think the eight quart is better but I'm not sure it will matter for her. My six quart is adequate for my needs but, as I mentioned before, if I were doing it over, I'd get an eight quart for myself. I use mine for more things than I think DD will. She's so busy that I know she will use it. She's still using the old stove top pressure cooker I gave her years ago. The handle is broken and she uses an oven mitt to hold it by the big screw where the handle used to be. I sent her a text to tell her to expect it. It won't get there til mid-Feb to the first week in Mar. Guess they are on back order. They are wildly popular. Nancy tells me that Wal*Mart has them for a good price but I wanted to use my credit at Amazon.

    Duckie, glad you got all the problems worked out. Better you than me. I hope it warms up there.

    Granni, I'm glad you got your heater fixed. TX is really getting hit with this cold front. Stay warm, my friend.

    Rock, hope everything is OK. We miss you.

    Diane, if you are reading the Porch, please email me to let us know you are OK. We miss you too.

    Star, haven't heard from you for a while. I know you're busy but drop in if you can.

    Judy, hope you can stop in too. How's your FPOC laptop? Mine does better but still acts up and freezes up. Oy!

    Sun, are you still painting up a storm?

    Julie, hope you're staying warm and you and Den are feeling well.

    I know I'm missing someone but my pea brain is tired too. Apologies to anyone not acknowledged.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Sun is shining but it's partly cloudy. It looks just like a Colorado sky. DSIL who is the pilot said he was amazed at how much our sky down here often looks just like home. Hope everydobby is feeling well and staying warm.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. springwater

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    Mikie - that swing, it looks like a nice place to put up ones feet and snooze after reading your favorite book.

    I wish we had pressure cleaners. Our house could do with one and how. But I'm not stressing about it; sufficient unto the phase, it's challenges.

    I was laughing because I have an ancient pressure cooker and it's handle has fallen off it, and I hold it with a big pot holder. Lol! Just like your DD.

    Dmc - 800 messages would drive me crazy. But I guess you are used to it in your line of work. Looks like quilting is a stress busting activity for you. Like watching TV, or reading is for some. For me, it's a daunting undertaking.

    Granni - I guess Texans feel like I did a few days back. With the unseasonably cold spell. I just hope no one else is facing heating problems.

    I just fed our doggies boiled eggs on toast. While I had mine. It is their treat. Normally we just throw scraps and give them their full fledged meal at lunch which is whatever we eat.

    The youngest is getting to be a handful. He has yet to learn boundaries. He loves someone his size to roughhouse with so, he picks me. And it's normally when I've settled down to use the computer. Nips at my arm and puts his long strong paw on my arm. I've had to scold him a few times. He has gotten tall and strong enough it hurts sometimes. The other dogs are little, yet gentle. This one's Street genes run deep. He is not above gobbling his food and then forcibly stealing the others. I stand over them till they're done.

    God Bless
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  6. rockgor

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    Hello, Kids

    Got a Christmas card yesterday from my MN brother. Pictures of the 8 grandkids,
    ages 4-10. They all have blonde hair and blue eyes, and they all look healthy and happy.

    Gordon made more sniggerdoodles yesterday. I feel it is my duty to eat a substantial amount.
    I finished my John Sanford book. Now that John is a best selling author of dozens of books, he
    has left Minnesota and moved to New Mexico. I wonder why he did that. He won't find the
    Northern Lights or knee deep snowfalls or temps below zero there. What could he have been

    Spring, I suspect that you are exaggerating when you say you need plaster of Paris to fill
    in your facial crevices. But if it's really a serious problem you might look into buying the
    Black and Decker facial sander. Not only will it smooth out damaged skin, it also doubles
    as a handy defense weapon around the house. Weighs eleven pounds. One thump to an
    intruders head will have him lying smooth as an area rug on your floor or patio.

    Mikie, another soothing pic. What's that on the swing? An afghan maybe? Looks kinda
    like a worn out Christmas tree. I hope your various ailments are short lived. The Insta-
    pot people should send you a check in payment for all the advertising you are doing for them
    It's nice, also rare, to find people are actually delighted with something they bought these

    Granni, why don't you come visit and bring your singing group? It's warmer here, and no
    ice unless you visit the ski slopes. We've never done that although we once spent a week
    at a cabin in the Big Bear Lake area, but that was during the summer. Lots of skiers there
    in the winter.

    Duckie, 800 messages at one time is frightening to contemplate. I've been trying to delete an
    ad off and on since yesterday afternoon. I think our computer is easily buffaloed. Have you
    read any books by Monica Ferris? She writes cozy mysteries. Gordon took a bag of books to
    donate to the library's book sale yesterday. There were two by Monica. I read a couple
    myself. They all involve quilts or some sort of needlework, I think.

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  7. dmcduck

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    migraine, migraine, go away (don't) come again another day

    Our temperamental climate control is being...well, temperamental again. Yesterday it was 66 in the office. This morning it is 59. A couple of us have turned on our space heaters. My thermometer now says 63, but that's probably due to same said space heater. Meanwhile, it's 7 degrees outside with a wind chill of -2, and we're having a surprise snowfall. Just a dusting so far...

    Rock - I looked up Monica Ferris. Clever punny titles, she has. Haven't read anything by her, though.

    Mikie - I'm glad you were able to order an Instant Pot for your DD. They are super handy.

    Spring - Fortunately, I didn't get all 800+ messages in my inbox, "only" 200 of them. :confused: After a certain number of errors are generated, the tool stops sending emails about them, although the messages are still raised and still show up in the program. And the good thing is that I don't have to read all of them. I delete them in bulk. Booom!! :p

    Granni - can you send me some of your new heat??

    Hugs to Sun, Star, Julie, Barry, and everyone else. Hope your day is more comfortable than mine!
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  8. Mikie

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    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    It's in the 50's again this morning which is cold for us but likely a heat wave for some of our Porchies. I'm going to do the yard work today come hell or high water. It will only get to 60 degrees tomorrow. Of course, I can't get it all done in one day but I can get started. No one claims to have knowledge of the missing flower box so I'm letting it go. I can't find new ones like it. When the one breaks on our end, it be the end of the flower boxes.

    We have one of those large plastic bins in front between our hedge and the bldg. It's the same color as the bldg. and isn't that obvious. Grace and Dennis have complained about it ever since we put it in. Grace told me that there were some black snakes living under it. Dennis went to the big annual meeting and stood up and said it needed to be moved. The big board has nothing to do with our assn. That was pretty sneaky, trying to get the big board to force me to get it out of there. Grace said he said, "Mike's the only one who uses it." I guess he thinks working out there is my hobby. It's not for my benefit; it's for all of us in the bldg. I can barely work out there anymore so have decided to empty it and let Dennis move it to the dumpster. Grace feels awful about it because she was the one who mentioned to him that she saw the snakes under it. This is the downside to condo living. Yesterday, I told Grace to tell Dennis we could get rid of it if he would store everything in it in their condo. We laughed about that.

    Spring, I'm laughing about your Alpha Dog taking over. Every pack has to have one. Nancy is still fostering that Pit Bull. He's a sweet dog and gets along fine with her big cat. The neighbors have a very small dog that wears a bright, colorful coat when it goes out. Oscar, Nancy's foster dog, thinks the little bright colored dog is a toy he should chase. Oscar made his TV debut on a local station that features dogs for adoption. Nancy calls him a TV celebrity. Also laughing about you and my daughter and your pressure cookers. DD is so practical. If it still works, why get rid of it. I'd do the same thing but these pots are such an improvement, and they do so many other things, that they are worth replacing. I feel it's the least I can do in return for their putting me on their phone plan and giving me DSIL's old iPhone which he could have traded in on his new one. It probably would have been worth around $300 trade in for his new iPhone X. DD texted me her thanks and said she is sick with the flu. Now, both my DD's are sick with it. That egg on toast sounds good.

    Rock, if you keep eating all those Sniggerdoodles, you'll be sniggering in no time or, at least, snickering. Does Gordon roll the cookies in sugar or sugar and cinnamon before baking? DMIL rolled hers in both. They were soooo good. Her Mom, my ex's DGM, used to bake them without the sugar and cinnamon but she put little spice gum drops in them. Very different and very good. She would ride the bus to my house when the kids were little and bring a batch with her. I would fix lunch for us. I loved it when she visited. She had to change busses and had some time so went into the dime store. She would find the most amazing things there. She was a true old fashioned grandma in the best sense. She was Grandma Jake, a nickname she had all her life. When I was young, I had some makeup which was a face filler. Why, I don't know. I certainly didn't need it then. My ex called it my Bondo. That's the stuff they use for body work on cars to fill in the dents. A car which had been in a bad accident and had poor bodywork was called a Bondomobile. Today, they call those afghans throws. A throw can be anything you throw over yourself. An afghan by any other name...

    I hope all our Porchies are well. Seems almost everydobby is sick with one thing or another. Yesterday, my sinuses hurt soooo bad. I've been snorting colloidal silver to try to keep a bad infection from coming on. I sat out with Barb a while yesterday. She's so good natured and we laughed. I hope it lasts. Her kids painted one of the walls in the living room and put up new drapes. They took down the old valance and it looks so nice. I removed mine quite a while ago. Now that they removed the big tree outside of Joe's condo, he'll have to buy blinds because the afternoon sun will bore into his unit. His son was visiting and I know he liked that. I haven't met the boys but they seem like good kids. Ha ha! Our kids are in their 50's.

    OK, I see someone else has posted so I will post this and edit and add.

    Ah, I see it's Duckie. Yes, I'm so glad I found an Instant Pot for a decent price. Not as good as my Black Friday price but good enough. The $20 credit I had made it even better. Sorry the temp control is out of control. Don't know which is worse, freezing or boiling. Neither is desirable. Guess you'll have to dress in layers and strip down if needed. Maybe you could bring in hot chocolate or ice cream sodas, depending on the malfunction. Hope things get straightened out.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm outta here to read the real newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Very cold this morning...minus 1 degree (real temp)...no wind chill, according to the computer. Good news is that it's to get up to 23. And really great news is that our high on Friday predicted to be in the high 40's...

    Not much going on here, and I'm too worn out to stay and visit. We had to move back to the "winter bedroom" because the wind was blowing so hard we could feel more air leaks. Looks like more caulking and insulating will be needed.

    Hope everyone is doing okay...I'll be back when I feel up to chatting.
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My phone says it is 26 with a wind chill. May hit 39 they said. Wish I didn't have to drive in it but it is in our subdivision. It is HOT here in comparison to JULIE at minus 1. Sorry it looks like more caulking and insulating for Den . Sorry it has been so awfully cold for you guys. Didn't get any mail yesterday . Wonder if we will get it today. Our mailbox was frozen shut yesterday and the bank was closed today too.

    Need to go fix lunch so I can get ready for practice at 1 pm till we get it right, as our director said. We may be there for some time :)!!

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling bad and JULIE hope you feel better soon too. This cold weather I know has not been helpful to any of us that have had to deal with it.

    Thinking about everydobby. ROCK - Those snickerdoodles surely sound yummy esp with the cinn and sugar.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  11. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Just popping in to post a picture of DH's quilt top. He wanted it very tall and not very wide, so it's an unusual size at 72x120. He chose the design and the fabrics. There's still a lot of loose threads all over it. IMG_20180117_205921.jpg
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    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good Thursday morning! Looks like Mikie's getting to sleep in today. Hope she's feeling ok.

    I'm working from home this morning while my car gets an oil change. My mechanic is going to pick me up at lunch time and then I'll go on into work. For now it's fun to work in my jammies.

    According to NOAA, there is currently snow cover in all 50 states. This is a most unusual phenomenon!

    Can't stay long. I have a lot to do.

    Hugs to all!
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Only slept four hours last night but got up, had breakfast and went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Yesterday, I tackled the overgrowth down in front of the other end of our bldg. I still have a bit in the center and at our end to do but our end isn't as bad. I have to clean out that storage bin. I told Grace's husband that I'm cleaning it out and if he wants it outta there, he can find another neighbor to help him haul it down to the dumpster. He said he shouldn't have said anything and I should keep the bin because I'm the only one who does anything around here. I told him I'm not able to work around here like this anymore and would be emptying the bin. He said, "Well, if you insist." ARGG--typical PA behavior. I told him I wasn't insisting on anything. Then, he said, "Well, as long as you're not doing it for me." I told him I wasn't because I'm sick of this and just want the bin outta there. I'll be glad when it's gone. I wanted to say, "Hell yes I'm doing it because of you. I'm sick of hearing you complain."

    Grace helped me get the stuff I pulled out and trimmed down to the dumpster. She swept the sidewalk. Then, we sat up on the balcony with Barb. The courtyard across the street is having their fountain removed, some grass removed and, I guess, they are putting pavers in the little courtyard in the front. They have the nicest little courtyard and I can't wait to see it finished. Poor Barb, every few minutes, she was up and looking over there and asking again and again what they are doing. I've noticed she repeats herself a lot. It's sad for me to see but I think the stroke is to blame. I am glad she is being so nice. She offered me one of her little microwave oatmeal bowls. We talked about how it is getting too old to live alone anymore. She is lucky that she and her DD get along so well and that she has her own bedroom and little sitting room at their house. She eats her meals with them. DD tries to get her to eat more because she is so thin.

    DOF called yesterday morning. I'm so happy because he loves his new home at the assisted living facility. He had been there three days. That's long enough to get a feel for the place and have enough meals to know how good they are. He's very thin too but he eats really well. His DDIL stocked his little kitchenette with snacks but the meals have been so good that he hasn't needed to snack. Joe and I both have loving kids and we talk a lot about hoping we don't have to ever live with them or go to a facility. I think this is everyone's wish. I try to be thankful for being able to live unassisted and hope it continues til I drop. It's a challenge to take care of things with this level of exhaustion but I'm still managing somehow. It's gonna be so cold most of the day that I don't know whether I'll get anything done outside today or will wait til tomorrow.

    The tree guys were across the pond grinding out the two tree stumps left from the large trees which were removed. It looks so bare over there. I tease Joe that I can see the windows in his condo so I'll be watching with my binoculars. The machine which grinds up the stumps is really neat. It took almost no time. Evidently, the cost to remove all the damaged trees from the hood was $8,500. Yikes! We are going to have to have a special assessment in order to repave the three streets in here. We also need to redo the dumpster enclosure on our street.

    Julie, I'm freezing just reading about your temps. I hope they come up and you can plug the air leaks. I'm such a wimp that our cool temps here are incapacitating me. I hope you feel better soon.

    Granni, sounds cold there too. This latest cold front is HUGE! Hope the practice goes well. You know the old joke about the guy on the street who asked another guy how to get to Carnegie Hall. The other guys says, "Practice, practice, practice."

    Duckie, nice quilt. Very colorful.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm gonna go read the virtual paper. There is nothing virtuous to read about.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Home again, home again with my teeth chattering. I just got home from Publix and I'm freezing. The wind is soooo cold and blowing hard. I wore a wool neck scarf tied high around my neck and chest. It almost feels as though the cold is back again. I got my green beans but will likely cook them tomorrow. My bacon is already cooked so all I have to do is steam them. They had SV's dry food on BOGO so I stocked up. The Fresh Pet is never on sale but he doesn't eat much of that. He was waiting patiently by the door when I came home and fed him his lunch.

    I always take a thermal cold reusable bag and a dry reusable bag or two. There is a bagger who is very friendly. I always talk to him when I'm shopping. He works all the time. I always have to rebag my things when I get to the car but I don't mind. He is challenged and gets very upset if he thinks his bagging isn't right.

    I didn't get a big bag of potting soil put away yesterday. When I talked to Grace, she said Dennis would do it. He talked to me and said whatever I do around here is fine with him. I'm soooo glad I was nice to him about the bin. I've never regretted it when I take the high road and act nice.

    I showered before I went shopping. I don't want to turn on the heat so I about froze. I put a towel on my head like a turban and let my hair get almost dry before I blew it out. I need a haircut but it's so far down the todo list that I may be putting it in a pony tail before I get it done. Publix had L'Oréal hair color on sale so I got two boxes. The had my color which is unusual.

    That's all the excitin' news I have today. Hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Awl,

    Now that I have a little time on the computer and did what I had to do now I have to go fix dinner. I don't feel like cooking anything.. I could eat but to lazy to fix but DH is starving I know. Went to the dentist today and just what I was afraid of. Awhile back something broke off in my mouth and wasn't sure if it was tooth and or filling and yet it was both. Unfortunately the tooth isn't that strong or sturdy and so he suggests I get it filed and built up and then a crown. I may have the first part done but not sure about the rest of it with the crown. Nothing hurts just stuff getting caught in my teeth. driving me nuts.

    The practice yesterday went pretty well but I should be looking at it nw esp on one piece- Memory and some of us keep getting screwed up in the same place.

    BARRY - How nice you found some edible shrooms on your daily walk. Nothing like that around here I fear. There are some mushrooms but I would be afraid to eat them. Probably not the good kind to eat.

    DUCKY - What a cute quilt top for DH. It is really striking and different.

    MIKIE - Sorry you didn't sleep that well last night. I know the feeling and it is very frustrating. Don't overdo working outside especially. It is supposed to warm up some tomorrow. We;ll see !! It was still pretty cold today with some scattered ice trying to melt. Have you made any thing different and interesting in your instapot. I need to get more recipes than the one that comes with the pot . There aren't that many in there and not that many I will probably use. I hate it also when there is a huge list of ingredients. It turns me off right away esp if needing a lot of chopping. Wondering if I should get rid of my crock pot since that Cosori pot also acts as slow cooker. I have so much stuff now I don;t really use. I need to start eliminating anda downsizing as they say.

    Tell me about the book you got at Amazon I think you said or wherever you got your pot and if you like it (the book).

    THINKING of you especially DIANE - Please let us know how you are doing and visit if you can. We really do miss you. It has been some time since you visited and hope you are doing OK.

    Have to run and go fix some spaghetti for dinner.

    Hugz to everydobby inc those not mentioned.
    Granni :)
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gents, Children of all ages

    Gordon just left for the library. I tried to put a book by Thomas Harris on hold, and got
    a message that I couldn't do it. "Your account has been restricted." In red letters, no less.
    This happened previously not too long ago. Their robot sent out a message that we had books
    on hold, but for some reason the message didn't reach our mail box. So their robot decided
    we were dead or something and declared us persona non grata. Oy Vey! Gordon will get
    it straightened out in addition to returning a canvas bag of books.

    The book I wanted was written by Thomas Harris. (He wrote the books about Hannibal
    Lecter, etc.) But when I searched for Thomas Harris I got pages of books by Tessa Harris
    and several other people with various names including one real Thomas Harris, but he
    was born in the 19th century so not really what I was looking for.

    I picked three tomatoes today. We have 3 tomato plants. One that I though was dead somehow
    came back to life. It has several green tomatoes ripening. Despite being a fan of Fanny Flagg
    I never did eat fried green tomatoes.

    Barry, good to hear from you. Nice to know that even with your low level of energy you
    and the K9s can still do some walking. I think you know more about plants and animals
    than anyone else I know. My mother loved to garden, but she fled from fierce animals such
    as worms. She was once terrified in our cellar by the presence of a yellow-spotted salamander.
    I was thrilled to find such an exotic creature. The cellar BTW was the kind in the Wizard of
    Oz. You had to go outside the house and open the slanted doors to get into it. The floor was
    dirt and the walls were made of rock.

    News Flash. Gordon is back from the library. The crisis has been terminated. I just tested
    the system by putting a book on hold.

    Mikie, I wonder what those black snakes under the bin are. I took a look. Not under the bin,
    but on the net. Florida has about 50 species of snakes. Only 6 are venomous. Seven are
    black. The only ones we had in SE Minn were garter snakes (I caught several of them) and
    an occasional rattler. Only saw one of those, and it was in a mason jar.

    Gordon says Yes, he rolls the sniggerdoodle dough in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon before
    baking. I told him you wanted to know. He said, "Tell Mikie my secret is I roll 'em with my
    feet." I guess that would be a little known chef's technique. My mother used to make an
    excellent ice box cookie. They were square.

    We had a semi disabled bagger at Von's for a while. He smiled a lot. I let him help me get
    the bags to the car and gave him a dollar. His smile got even broader. Now that I think of it,
    I haven't seen him for a few years.

    Dukie, great quilt! If you move the cursor rapidly up and down it's kinda like a kaleidoscope.
    I'll bet Dear Hubby is delighted.

    Granni, Gordon and I used to do lots of baking. He also made thumbprint cookies. We made
    Norwegian cookies. I made pies (both bake and no bake, especially for office parties). He
    made lots of Bundt cakes. We don't do too much anymore. Gordon has an orchid club
    meeting tonight. Not sure if he's taking refreshments or not.

    Speaking of Gordon he just walked in. He said, "You've been posting for the last 12 hours."
    That, of course, is a slight exaggeration. I see someone was posting while I was. Anyhoo I am turning the machine over to Gordon so

    Over and out, Kids

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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Well, we are a much firmer "go" for the upgrade next Sunday. It will be a long day for me. I'll be glad when it's over.

    Barry - good to see you again. So sorry you are having tooth issues. Unfortunately, they can cause other health problems, and should really be dealt with. When I went through my cancer treatment, the radiation treatments damaged both my teeth and my saliva glands - a double whammy. After that, I was in the dentist's office every other month getting something fixed. It got expensive and annoying, so I had all my teeth pulled and got full dentures. I hated that, but...

    Granni - I'm glad your rehearsal went well. We start back Monday. I'm looking forward to it. Sorry you are having dental woes as well. Have you heard anything back about the lawsuit?

    Rock - DH doesn't get to be super pleased yet. That's just the quilt top. I still have to put it together with the batting and backing (sandwich it) and quilt it. That will be a pretty big job. The challenge is having a space big enough to put the sandwich together. I have a sew-in on Sunday; they might have the room there. I also have another large quilt that I need to do as well.

    Speaking of sew-ins, I actually have 2 this weekend. One Saturday and one Sunday. It's fun to go socialize while I sew. Time to go figure out what I'm taking to work on!

    When I I moved down to the craft bunker, I put some privacy film on the window so people couldn't look in and see my expensive machines. I really liked it because it was pretty, but I didn't like the fact that I couldn't see out through it. I decided to take it down and put up the see-through mirror kind. I ordered some from Amazon today; it comes on Monday. Then I hung some bird feeders from the cantilever outside the window. The cats will now have "cat tv" during the day. I'll enjoy watching the birds as well. In the summer, I can change the feeders out for hummingbird feeders.

    Hope everyone is having a great evening!
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Sorry for the teeth problems.....eww.....I cringe when it comes to dental, since I'm dental phobic. About the mushrooms, good for you! Enjoy them. A few years ago my son in Portland sent me a christmas present.....a do it yourself oyster mushroom farm. As I recall you smeared on the mushroom spores onto a piece of wood, then didn't have to do anything after that. I watches as tiny mushrooms began appearing, very interesting but a small part developed mold so there was no way I was going to eat it. But interesting none the less.

    Duck: A very bright quilt. What is your DH going to do with it....hang it, or wrap up while watching TV?

    Granni: And you too with tooth problems?

    Rock: How many books do you and Gordon read a week? You two are voracious readers! I mostly listen to books on CD. It takes me weeks to finish a book I hold....since I only read a little before bed. I just have too much to do around here.

    Mikie: So glad to read that Barb is NICE to be around now. She's sure made a turnabout.

    I had my 3 month bladder check yesterday. Everything looks good the doc said so now I have another appt. in another 3 mos. I got an antibiotic shot before the doc started and then a pill for me to take at bedtime. I was totally WIRED last night!!! I got probably 2 hrs. Total cobbled together. I called the clinic today to ask WHAT it was, but still haven't received a call. So I look like death warmed over today.

    My DS was over today with my two little granddaughters. So much fun!!!! His oldest is 3 1/2 and has been asking to go back to preschool. Money is very very tight since he is still unemployed so I've offer to pay the fee for 2 full days a week. She's very bright, and even though he takes them to the park daily and there are little kids she plays with, she needs this. And my son really needs a breather from two of them. His youngest is a little over. Year. He's really got a lot of patience though.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon went to his orchid meeting last night. He took in a few plants to show including
    a spectacular orchid with four large yellow blooms. The President of the club was moving the
    plants around and knocked off the largest flower. Even so it won second place. He also won
    a plant in the raffle.

    The speaker for the evening told the group that fewer and fewer nurseries are developing new
    orchids. Apparently they don't think it's profitable any more to devote space and effort since
    it generally takes 7 years to go from a seed to a blooming plant. There are already lots of orchids on the market. More than any one nursery can carry.

    Sun, sorry to hear you look like death warmed over. I haven't heard that for ages. My mother
    used to say it. But she really didn't. I doubt that you do either.

    Can't tell you how many books we read 'cause we don't keep track. My best guess is I read 3
    a week. I rotate the books. An hour on a mystery; then switch to a show biz book; then pick
    up a book about animals or history. I try a lot of new authors and quit after 3-4 chapters if
    I no likee. When Gordon finds an author he likes he reads all their books. I don't know how
    many books Peter Tremain wrote, but Gordon been reading a book or two by him every week
    for many months. Since he does all the work to keep this ranch functioning he reads less
    than I do; maybe 2 a week plus selected parts of cook books.

    Glad you had a nice visit w/ DS and granddaughters. Hope you are feeling unwired today.

    Duckie, is a sew-in a group project? Do the members refer to themselves as the sew and sews?
    Do the members have a chart of their batting averages? What kind of birds do you have
    in your neighborhood? Gordon keeps a humming bird feeder filled during the winter. In
    the summer, of course, there are flowers blooming.

    Granni, just watched a program about game wardens in Texas. Among other tasks was
    rescuing three baby hawks whose nest had been blown down. The birds were taken to a
    rescue hospital. The two broken legs were treated. Eventually all 3 were released.

    The vastness of Texas is a problem. One of the wardens has a territory of 3 counties to
    patrol. All by himself. Uff-da! Well, I suppose a Texas lawman would more likely say, Consarn it!

    Mikie, you Ex must have had some good points considering that 1) you married him and
    2) he referred to make up as Bondo. I suppose he gets more credit if he coined it rather than
    just passed it on. One of Gordon's sisters gave him a bottle of wrinkle remover one time.
    She said it works but it dries into a fine power that people can see on your skin. Anyhoo
    we tried it around the eyes. It was just as she said. I wonder if Bondo comes in a gold can.

    All for now
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    I was going thru the posts again and was laughing at Rocks description.of the Afghan on the swinging chair as ragged Christmas tree. Somehow I feel Rock missed his real vocation as a talk show host like Ellen D.G. a laugh a minute..Rock - that is a strange looking lizard. Congratulations on Gordon winning yet another prize even though someone damaged a bloom. This love affair between Gordon and his orchids is a forever love story. None can tear asunder. I envy him. Buddhism frowns on passion for anything teaching nin attachment but how will we know ecstasy if we don't know passion?

    Barry - so nice to see you. There's not much to do its so cold out, so I've been watching more TV and news than usual. I just saw a terrible storm in Holland. We used to hear about mushroom deaths from time to time here, poisonous mushrooms. No more. I think the village people have learnt to identify the edible ones. So nice to hear winter is beginning to make her departure. I found a beautiful picture of a hallway.. I thought you would like it too. My heart immediately fell in love with it. 15-43-04-54cdf00df53b15be8edcb1f95b8fda75.jpg

    Dmc - that quilt is something else! You are a walking talking quilt factory. Loved hearing about the cat TV and humming birds. I wonder why a bird feeder full of bird seeds makes me feel like a home is a home. No logic there but there it is.

    Mikie - strange about the flower box. Was it a very heavy one? Could it have been stolen? I hope this run of ill health ends soon. I can understand the exhaustion. Boy, did I endure my share of that in times past. I guess it's why I try and keep from getting ill. Well, I don't hv to battle Red Tide and stuff like that. So it's easier for me. Well, I hv to battle some strange things here. Lol.

    Sun - a lovely gesture to sponsor your DGD s school part time. Valuable gift. Grandmother's are God's gift to families.

    Julie - I hope you can come back soon.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Aah, I slept eight hours last night. Feels soooo good. I might kick this exhaustion yet. I've been through times like this before where one health issue overlaps another and it's nigh impossible to get well. I think if it were not for the evil Red Tide, I would be doing a lot better. My pal, Claudia, is still coughing a lot. She just can't shake her cold. I think the RT may be affecting her too. I coughed last night and am getting a twinge of costo chondritis (I think that's the correct spelling; I haven't had it in years). I had it every year in CO about this time when the thin, dirty air made me sick. I had to get a steroid shot between my ribs to get rid of it.

    I was so cold yesterday afternoon that I finally turned on the heat. My nose was ice cold. When that happens, it's really difficult for me to warm up. I bundled up and took a short nap. I've been putting my fuzzy robe on over my clothes to keep warm. The heat has been coming on all night to keep it at 70 degrees in here. I put the robe on the other side of the bed so SV can sleep on it at night. Grace came over for a few minutes the other day and SV came out and talked a blue streak to her. She was most impressed.

    Barry, I've missed your interesting and entertaining posts. Sooo glad to see you but I'm sorry you've not been well. Also sorry for the dental issues. I haven't had many dental issues lately but, years ago, I had to have all the molars crowned and a couple of root canals done. There's a fortune in my mouth. Even worse to read about is your burn. Yikes! Did you put honey on it to avoid an infection? Glad the big bin controversy was entertaining. Seinfeld had whole segments on Del Boca Vista when his parents moved from NY to FL. It's funny because it's true. Cats and dogs do better living together than old people in FL. Actually, I have a bunch of good friends here but these little kerfuffles occur from time to time. Yes, the black snakes are very good to have around because we have palm rats in the hood. Unfortunately, we no longer have bunnies and it may be due to the snakes. SV killed a bunny when he lived outside. He's so mellow that I can't imagine it. He took it to Jeff as a love offering and Jeff beat him with it to discourage his hunting. He said that's what they did on the farm. He and I had a discussion about it so that he understood that what SV did was the highest form of love a cat shows to his human. I told Grace that getting rid of the bin won't get rid of the snakes. There are more poisonous snakes where they live in WV than right here in the hood. Take good care of yourself, feel better and I hope the burn heals.

    Granni, so sorry you have dental issues too. The last problem I had was gum surgery a couple of years ago when I let my 'free' dentist on my insurance plan fill a tooth. I had to return to my old dentist and he had to do gum surgery to remove the filling, put in a new filling and stitch up the inflamed gum. My 'free' dentist cost me more than $1,400. If you use your pot as a slow cooker, you might want to see whether you can buy a glass cover for it. I got one for mine so I can see what's cookin' in there. I made that bean soup and it turned out well. I did have to turn it up to high for the slow cooker mode to work well. I haven't made anything new in the pot. I don't cook that much for myself but plan on doing more. I kept my old plastic plug in steamer for veggies and rice. Even though it takes longer for the rice, I prefer it. It's all clear and I can see it. I usually make rice pudding after I make rice and it can be tricky so being able to see it is better. I don't cook a lot but when I do, I love the pot for meat. I'm hungry for ribs and will be watching the Publix ads for ones on sale. I ran into a sweet man at Publix and we talked about fixing our ribs and which BBQ sauce we prefer. We both like Sweet Baby Ray's sauce and Publix has it on BOGO a lot. Hope you stay warm and the dental work isn't too painful, physically and financially.

    Rock, it's a sad day when a robot can declare you persona non grata at the library or anywhere else. What is the world coming to? I'm glad Gordon got it straightened out. He can bribe the librarians with his culinary gifts but what does one use to bribe a robot? That's an interesting technique he uses for rolling his sniggerdoodles. Probably imparts a unique taste to the cookies. Quite a feat! I guess he could call them digital cookies as the toes would certainly be involved in the rolling. Publix has a no-tip policy for the baggers. On the few occasions I bagged and walked customers out to their cars, they would often insist on tipping me and stuff it in the pocket of my apron. In that case, we were OK to accept the tip. I usually donated it to whatever charity Publix was collecting for at the time. Yes, my ex had some wonderful qualities; he told me dirty jokes until I cried laughing. It's all the more tragic that he turned to the dark side. He had so much potential. I finished reading Fire and Fury. Not much more there than I heard about on the news and I'm not believing every word I read. I started a new book about people's receiving phone calls from their loved ones who had died and gone to Heaven. I just got started so don't know whether or not I'll finish it. So far, so good. If I got a call, it might be from Satan. I'd scream, "Wrong number," and hang up. Then, I'd block the number from my phone. No telemarketers, no phishers and no evil! Congrats to Gordon for his orchids.

    I've written W&P here but it's so good to hear from everydobby. I'm gonna have to start another post to finish responding as there are limits to the length of posts.

    Love, Mikie

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