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    OK, here's deuxième partie of my post. Thought a little French might class up my post.

    Duckie, I just lost my whole paragraph to you. FPOC computer!!! OK, what I was wondering is how one quilts those large quilts on the machine. My neighbor did hers by hand and used a large hoop. How large is your machine? Can it be moved? I guess you could say SV has IMAX cat TV in HD. He can sit at the sliding glass doors and watch the big birds by the pond out back. Some are larger than he in girth and many are several times his height. He just came in from the lanai. I think it's too cold for him to stay out long. He's become a wimp from living inside, like me. Good grief, he's standing up on his hind legs and trying to reach the door handle to let himself out. Good luck with that. I hope the program goes well on Sunday.

    Sun, so glad to hear your good report about your bladder. I always have to take a horse pill ABX when I have mine scoped too. It's good to see you here. I was wondering whether you were doing OK. You are such a good grandma and mom. How nice of you to help with DGD's tuition for preschool. Yes, it appears that Barb has done a turnabout. I'm soooo glad. She doesn't like Joe and is nasty every time his name comes up but, at least, she isn't being nasty to me. Joe was very kind to her when she was going through rehab with her fractured femur. I don't know what she has against him but he doesn't visit her. He stopped by once to be polite but isn't willing to take the nastiness she dishes out. I think she could still go back to being nasty with me but I hope she doesn't. It's such a relief to go out and enjoy talking to her. She still has problems with speech from her stroke but I understand her pretty well as does her DD. I feel bad for her and admire her for how tough she has been. She has more lives than a cat. It takes me forever to read books too. I fall asleep when I try to read. It usually takes me forever to read my Vanity Fair magazines but this last issue had nothing I wanted to read. The type is very small. I'm supposed to be able to read it on the Kindle but, every time I try to input my subscription number, it tells me it can't find it. GRR!!! Only problem I've ever had with the Kindle. Hope you feel better. My Mom used to say, "Death warmed over." I look like the wrath of God right now. I'm so run down that I'm pale and my eyes are so dark I almost like as though I'm sporting two shiners. Thank goodness for makeup!

    Spring, looove the painting. I could even love just the right-hand side of it. That is my favorite shade of country blue. It's the color of the wooden Windsor chairs around my butcher block table. I also love to see the terra cotta color in the painting with it. There is something about those two colors together which I love. They make me feel homey and comfortable. I have orangy terra cotta candles on the table. Thanks for your kind good wishes. I appreciate it. I also try to keep from getting sick but these colds are making the rounds and they don't want to go away. I just hope I escape the flu since I can't take the flu shot. You're right; the RT just keeps me in misery. I've decided I have to do some work outside so am biting the bullet and digging in, literally. I have to dig up some plants which are like spider ferns which are taking over and smothering the plumbago bushes. Things which would often be considered desirable for house plants or in the garden can become pesty weeds down here. They sell oyster plants in the nurseries and we pull them out to get rid of them. We are going to have to pay the gardeners to dig out a bunch of bird of paradise plants for the same reason. They come up from the roots and are almost impossible to dig out. I think the flower box hanger probably came loose and fell apart. In that case, it could have been put back together. I don't know that someone took it down but I have my suspicions. Since they are no longer sold, that end of the bldg. will just have to do without. We will too when the one on our end falls apart. I've been watching too much TV too while I've been down and out. I can record programs so watch them when I'm resting. Hope you stay well.

    OK, that's it from here. Phew! I'm spent like a lowly penny. Hope all y'all have a most wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi there ALL my Dear Porchies,

    Got back from shopping with DH and then had to wrap some meat to stuff in the freezer. Not having another smaller freezer is wrecking any type of figuring out what i have in there. I had a nice list but it feel behind the refrig/freezer, no space to try and get it. DH likes to buy in bulk and that can cause problems for the freezer, not room enough. We may end up getting a small chest one later on, depending on a few things to free up some $.

    Just found out there was some miscommunication about our show tomorrow night so we have to be at the directors earlier to go over a few things and warm up before leaving for the place where we are singing. What did we all do before CP's and communication on line? Somehow we did survive. I'll be glad when this program is over even though it is fun to do. Haven't even had much time to go over Sundays music for Mass.

    My hairdresser is coming over to do my hair until she finds a place again. The place she was supposedly renting with another and the owner I guess all of a sudden wanted her to pay more PLUS 1/2 the insurance which is probably a lot considering the area where she was renting from. This should be interesting since she will do cutting and coloring. She has had a hard life and also has FM and other problems.

    MIKIE - I already got a glass cover with my Cosori cooker. My 8 qt or whatever it is looks so big and my DH calls it a monstrosity :)! I have to figure out where to store it or put it in garage which I hate to do and take it out when needed.. I have a GF Grill which I have on the counter. I may take it down and put the cooker up there if it fits in the space. It really looks even bigger with the pressure cooker top on it.

    JULIE - Hope you are not freezing to death in Iowa. It was bad enough here and is getting warmer. It may hit 50 today and warmer tomorrow. Ice is melting- YAY !!!

    Gotta go and get ready for my hair person. May be back later. I have been running on backwards it seems lately and having a hard time keeping up esp when DH has his plans and I have mine.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi guys...been thinking of everyone, even if I haven't been around much. Working on decluttering (endless job)...glad it has been much warmer today than lately. The weekend is to be nicer...rain, but that's okay as long as it's not freezing.

    I'm leaving in a few minutes to meet Amy and Keira for supper before Keira spends the weekend at her dad's. Den was going to join us, but he's getting/got the respiratory crud...I'm going to town a little early to get him some more Mucinex. Will try to get him to take it easy for a couple of days...hard to do when he sees so much he thinks he needs to do.

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care!
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    Hi everyone.....we're expecting RAIN. YEA! When my handyman was over this week, he tends to stop work early....kinda annoying since I have so much that needs to be done. He had taken down the roof gutters in one place where he put in new fascia and was going to wait on putting them back! I said....well you've got 30 min. Left until 3 PM so I think you might have enough time to put the little section back since we're expecting rain in a few days. So he got it done.....double yea. And I had bought a rain diverter to be attached to the gutter so we got that up also so I'm prepared.

    I went to an art group today....first time in at least 2 mos. Nice to visit with everyone, and see some new faces. Its a good thing to get out and about, especially when you only live with an old cat. She talks a lot more but I seem to need English spoken here.

    Then I stopped at the library to drop off and pick up. They asked me if I was going to attend the woman's march tomorrow????? Apparently a BIG one is scheduled for LA to impeach Trump. Didn't know anything about it, but I'm waaaaay past marching in anything, although I did march in drill team in HS....I dont think that counts though.
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    Good evening everyone! I spent the day in Vandalia, Ohio, which is just a little north of Dayton. We got to tour a facility that makes pharmaceuticals. Very interesting. The meeting was for the user group of the software we are upgrading next week. Lots of good discussions.

    Sun - My DH intends to sleep under the quilt. That's why he wanted it really long (he's very tall) but not very wide. We're both incurable bed hogs. We discovered very early in our marriage that the only way to achieve marital harmony in sleep was to use separate covers. Fortunately, we already had a king sized bed. Must be working, because we hit our silver anniversary this year.

    Spring - No hummigbirds in Ohio this time of year. But we still have cardinals, robins, chickadees, juncoes, sparrows, starlings, jays, woodpeckers, and the like. Still, I plan to hang hummingbird feeders in place of the seed feeders when the seasons change.

    Rock - The Sew-in's are really just socials where we may happen to get a little sewing or quilting done. We can also share ideas, tips and tricks, etc. All in all, as Barry would say, a jolly good time. :D

    Mikie - I have 4 different machines. I have on old Singer featherweight, which I use for taking to the above mentioned sew-ins, mainly because it is small and light. Since it only does straight stitches, it has a limited functionality, but they've become super popular with the quilting community because of their portability. They sell for up to $600, depending on the condition!! My main machine is a large sewing/quilting machine made by Janome. I love it, but it isn't particularly portable due to it's size. I do have a huge - and I mean huge - wheeled suitcase that I can tote it in if I'm going to a longer event such as a retreat. I can (and have) quilted on it. I quilted a king-size quilt on it, but it's challenging. My third machine is a serger. If you've ever looked at the kind of seams you see on the inside of your standard store-bought t-shirt, those were made by a serger. They use 4 cones of thread, 2 for the top, and 2 for the bottom, and 2 needles. They trim the edge of the fabric as you sew, giving you beautiful, clean seams. I have this machine for sewing knits. Finally, I have the best machine of all... my long-arm. This machine is NOT portable. It sits in a 6' wide, 30" deep table. It can only do free-motion quilting (think of drawing pictures, patterns or designs on the fabric with thread). The beauty of the machine is that it has a much larger space through which you can maneuver a large quilt. My Janome has a "harp space" of about 11"x6"; my long arm has 12"x16". So, is that more than you ever wanted to know about sewing machines? :eek:

    Well, lest I bore you all to tears, I think I'll sign off, although here's a picture of my long arm, taken when I was remodeling the family room into the craft bunker.
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    Hi Kids

    News on the tomato front. I picked half a dozen ripe tomatoes yesterday.
    News on the handy man front. He didn't show up yesterday. But he's consistent. He didn't
    show up the day before either.

    News on the show biz books front. Am reading the biography of Chuck Walters who started
    out as a dancer, became a choreographer, and ended up directing dozens of MGM movies such
    as Good News, Easter Parade and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. You can see him dancing
    with Judy on Youtube. Watch at 1:48. You'll see Judy dancing on air.

    Duckie, your craft bunker looks very cozy. Are those real stones in the fireplace? We have
    a fireplace. I don't think it's been used in decades. So a sew in be something like a sewing
    bee, huh? I read a couple books where ladies got together and worked on a quilt while chatting.
    Men don't seem to have any similar activity.

    Sunflower, I never heard of a rain diverter although I guess one could say an umbrella might
    be called one. I'm glad to hear you were able to attend your art group. I didn't see anything in
    the news about an impeachment march yesterday. The impeachment process starts in the
    House of Representatives. The Senate conducts the trial. Doubt those folks care what we
    think in LA. My old cat seldom makes any noise. When I call her to din din she comes trotting
    and makes a few little chirps. That's about it. We had some pet rabbits when I was a kid. They
    made similar sounds.

    Hi Julie, good to hear from you. Hope Den is well on the path to recovery. If Uber weren't so
    new, I would suspect you might have been an Uber driver in a previous life. I'll have to check
    with Springwater on that.

    All for now. Going back to bed.
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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    I didn't sleep well again last night and came out and fell asleep on the sofa. I feel all fuzzy headed. It's all gray and cloudy out. It should warm up and I'm hoping to finish up the stairwell on our side. It's so miserable feeling crappy every day. Whine, whine, whine!

    Duckie, thanks for the tutorial on the machines you use. I used to make a lot of my girls' clothes when they were growing up, especially when I couldn't find what I wanted. I still have my old zig zag machine, the big new technology at the time in the 60's. I only use it now to mend seams and things like that. My cousin sews a lot and uses a serger. I told her that sounds like a sex toy. I guess the question I had was whether you program in the quilting stitch and just let the machine go automatically. If so, how does it do the whole thing if it's wide. Just having a hard time picturing the process. Hand quilting was difficult for me, getting the tiny stitches perfect on both sides. I did a pillow top from an antique quilt square and a tea pot cozy shaped like a chicken. DD still has it. Did they give out free samples of drugs at the tour? That would be a popular tour. Thanks for splainin'.

    Granni, sorry if I steered you wrong about the cooker. Mine is about the size of the bread machine. I imagine an 8 qt. would be a bit large. Still, when I did the ribs, there was only room to cook enough for two people. There isn't enough room to bake a very big cake in this one. I have some shelves along the half-wall between the entry and the kitchen and I keep mine on a shelf. Could you return it and get something else? I have very little space in my kitchen and almost no counter space. Hope your hairdresser finds a space to rent. I see a new cold front just came through your neck of the woods. Glad you got the heater fixed.

    Julie, I hope Den isn't getting sick. I hope you enjoy meeting up with Amy and Keira. Decluttering is an endless job and I've not gotten any done. Just been too exhausted and been trying to finish up outside. Stop back in when you can.

    Rock, those heroic little tomato plants just keep producing. You got your money's worth with them. I came up with a limerick for Gordon:

    There once was a baker so sweet,
    He rolled cookies in sugar with his feet.
    He said with a smile,
    "Come in, sit a while,
    And I'll bake you a wonderful treat."

    Sun, glad you got to go to your art group. Enjoying things like that are good for a soul. I enjoyed sitting out a bit yesterday with Grace and Barb. I got some sun, which I desperately need. Glad your man got the gutters put back up. Also glad you are getting some rain. I am still so horrified from looking at the homes in the mud slide area. The mud slide washed huge boulders down the hills. The force must have been awful. I felt so sad for the guy looking for his mother who was missing. Her body was later found. I talk to SV in Cat and English but, of course, he only answers in Cat. He does have a huge vocabulary, some of which I understand. Some of the noises he makes are quite odd and I think he's just showing off.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys! Enjoying our heat wave of 44 degrees. Rain expected yet today, and tomorrow...but no worries there...lots to do inside.

    Mikie, I'm sure you are so tired of being sick and tired. Hopefully when the red tide gets done, you will feel a huge difference. You still get a lot done, though. Sorry you had to deal with the Grace, Dennis, bin thing. Hope it opened their eyes a bit to see (and help a little) all you do around there. But I imagine most people only notice things which might affect them?

    Duckie, your hubby's quilt looks perfect. Den and I have both joint and separate covers on our bed. We both use the top sheet, but that's where the "togetherness" ends, lol! He has this red/yellow/black plaid blanket (must be over fifty years old, but still looks great) that he covers up with...and he adds another layer if needed. I only need the sheet and one other lighter weight fleece layer. If either of us gets too hot, we just take off our own extra layer.

    Rock, funny you should mention Uber driver...our young Amish neighbor is due tomorrow with their first baby...I'm "on call" to take her to the midwife, but she has other drivers lined up, too. Maybe you remembered that I mentioned that a couple weeks ago? Glad you and Gordon can make such good use of the libraries...I have lots of books I've bought at the dollar store, some hard backs, even. Need to get them to Goodwill, along with many other books I just don't have room for and pretty sure I won't read them again. I just can't get rid of any of the kid books, though. I think I have every book we ever bought for the girls...except the ones they have already taken to their own homes.

    Sun, glad you convinced the handyman to at least do what he could before the rains came. He must just have set hours to work, or maybe other projects he felt were more "emergent?" Love seeing the pics of your paintings.

    Granni, hope all the singing group schedules and practices get worked out okay. I know it's a lot of fun for you, but probably tiring at times. Hope also that the court case gets settled soon.

    Star...thinking of you, dear one. As it is the heat of summer for you now...isn't it neat that we can keep in touch with people all over the world...instantly?

    Spring, your love for your furbabies shows through every time you write about them...even the ornery ones, lol!

    Diane, Lynn, Judy, so many others I am forgetting. Hope things are going well, or as well as they can in whatever particular season it is in your lives.

    Had a good visit with Amy, Keira and Miley last night at supper. Miley has lost so many teeth (she's six and making a killing off the tooth fairy these days, lol) she looks like a little blond jack-o-lantern :p

    I took a meat bundle for them to put in their freezer...had asked Amy for ideas of what they like to cook. I like to do that once in awhile for both families...they say it really helps out a lot with their food budget, and our local grocery store has the best fresh meat counter. Also took a comforter set I had found on clearance...Amy and Clinton just upgraded to a king size mattress, but needed linens for it. This one is navy and grey colors...with stripes on one part and a sort of flower design on the other part. Amy wants blues and greys, so I told her to try it and if it wasn't just what she wanted, I could still use it on my guest bed. They are giving Keira their bedroom (the girls share right now) and Clinton is remodeling the attic area into a master bed/bath.

    Amy and I didn't try to talk about her friend and the baby too much with the girls right there, but got to discuss a couple of things. Amy finally realizes that her "friend" isn't really...this gal lied to us both about so many things, and mostly just took advantage of our kindnesses. She knows it could actually be dangerous to go visit...who knows what kinds of people (and what kinds of drugs they have with them) are in and out of that apartment at any given time. This girl did post on facebook that someone had turned her in to DHS (probably her ex or his parents) but that she was sober when the social worker came (hopefully, she really is clean and sober, but who knows?)

    But, I think Amy is ready to cut ties with her...I told her I thought that would really be the best for her, especially emotionally and possibly physically...I can't even imagine how it would affect her if the apartment happened to be raided while she was there to see the baby. (that happened to one of this gal's boyfriends the day after the baby was born...he got arrested and the police ransacked the apartment...and this gal was still in the hospital with her baby.)

    Taking care of my sick hubby today...he has a ferocious cough and you can hear the congestion in his chest. Won't let me put sliced onions and oregano oil on his chest (don't know why not, lol) but I made some vanilla-chamomile tea and added organic turmeric, fresh grated ginger, cayenne pepper, honey and lemon juice....while it was steeping, I inhaled the vapors for a double benefit :) Have to go easy on the turmeric, though, since we both take blood pressure meds.

    He hasn't tried to get too busy...I heard him in the shop before I got up, but he's mostly just been working on a jigsaw puzzle (I have two extra backups for when this one is done) and is now resting in bed. We need firewood, but I can haul some little pieces over from the garage so he doesn't feel like he needs to split any that is in the shop. We were saving the wood he had already split, for emergencies...but I think this counts.

    Too many people getting so sick they have to go to the doctor or even the ER...hoping to avoid that. No sense getting exposed to more germs...Den did say he might have gotten exposed when he went in to get his thyroid labs redone last week. But the guys at his work have been dropping like flies...one of the younger boys went home early on Friday with headache, dizziness, etc. And a lot of the workers have had respiratory problems...head and chest congestion, etc. I hear Den getting "gunk" coughed up, so that is good.

    I'd better get off the computer. It just announced it did a virus scan and didn't find anything...I sure don't want to lose this post in the process of whatever is happening.

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  9. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Burger King. I was ravenous and had to make an emergency bacon cheeseburger run. I think I might have dropped had I not eaten. I got all the overgrown mess trimmed back and taken down to the dumpster. I dug out two volunteer elephant ear plants and got rid of them. They are pests. I still have the two small plumbago plants to put in. It's looking better around the bldg. Can't wait to get new mulch.

    Two neighbors across the street came over. I was sooo glad to see them. One is the guy whose wife died a couple of years ago with breast cancer. It was cancer which had come back and she wasn't sick this time long before she died. It about killed him and we were all worried about him but I think he's gonna be OK. They have removed all the grass and sidewalks in their little courtyard. They are putting in pavers and will re-sod afterward. The paver paths are much wider than the old sidewalks. Theirs is the best courtyard in the hood and we get to look over at it. Larry, came over too. He's the one who let Joe and me stay at his townhouse after the hurricane. While I was working in the stairwell, the smoke alarm went off in the guys unit downstairs. He burned something in the oven. I told him I thought I might have set it off because I'm so HOT! :rolleyes:

    Julie, so good to see you posting a nice W&P Post. I'm sorry Den is definitely sick. These colds just hang on and morph into new and different symptoms. Joe and I both have diarrhea. Our colds are on the same track. Good grief! I don't know whether it'll ever go away. I still have coughing jags but that could be the Red Tide. I'm exhausted but so glad I worked outside and got some exercise and fresh air (even it it's RT air). My lymph glands aren't draining like they should in my chest and I'm gonna have to massage them to get the lymph running again. It's like tree sap in the spring which is slow to run. I'm glad Amy is letting go of this woman. It truly isn't safe. People like her are like black holes, sucking everyone and everything into a dark place. Hope Den feels better and you stay well.

    Grace heard from Ilona and she has shingles. She has a horrible cough with it too. Her health and Frank's have really gone downhill in the last few years. I saw that happen with my clients. That's why I was working so hard to stay well. I need to get back to it but, for now, I'm going to try to just hold the line and get some things done around here.

    I hope all our Porchies are having a great weekend and staying well.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. dmcduck

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    Good afternoon. I'm back from being sew-cial! Although I only got one block done, I'm very pleased. The pattern I got called for black, white and grey. If you want to see what it looks like, search for "Labyrinth Walk" and you'll find lots of pictures. Needless to say, I changed it up for some brighter colors, and although lots of people have changed it for other colors, I've not seen pictures of it done in anything but subtle batiks as called for in the pattern. I'm using obvious prints. The block I finished looks really cool; the whole thing I think will look fantastic. In fact, the store where I bought the fabric made me promise to bring it back and show it when it's done.

    Julie - Yeah, the 'too hot, too cold' thing is another good reason to have separate covers, although that's only gotten to be a thing with me the last several years. Before that I was always a popsicle. Anymore, though, it's covers off, covers on all night long.

    Rock - funny you should mention guys and quilting. First, my DS goes with me. He's a member of our quilt guild. The pattern I was working on today was made by a guy. Maybe that's why it was in black, white and grey.

    Well, I should get back to work.
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Almost time to go for warmup, etc. before we leave for our jaunt where they have little parking spots. So two of the hubbies are going to drop us off in their vans and then come back to get us. when we are done. That is so nice of them. There are a couple of pieces that are trcky and I hope I don;t screw up and do my part instead of the melody ( like we are used to doing).

    MIKIE - You didn't really steer me wrong, Didn't you say you got a 6 qt? I just got the one size higher. I put it in a corner that I thought might work and it fits OK. Of course when I do ise it I will move it away from the wall more. I am wondering if you can are remove the pressure cooker top to put on the slow cooker clear top, Haven't read the who book yet. I need to buy a larger recipe book. Ii removed the GF grill that I hardly ever use amd put it down below and I might even give it away. Not sure yet. Sorry so many sickies in your hood.

    JULIE - So sorry that Den is sick. Take care of yourself too and try not to get to worn down so you cat ch it. You always try and do to much and that crazy weather is not helpful.

    Hi to everydobby, SUN, SW, DIANE, ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE and whoever else I missed.

    Gotta do some looking for stuff online to by on a bargain that I need but probably won;t be so cheap.

    Love you all,,
    Granni :)
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi io89s I(t's s0o c0ppdf yherte *({jk strty678gty0 ;l.

    Hi Kids
    It's so cold here I tried typing with my gloves on. As you see, no workee. The weather site
    says it's 60 degrees outside. Didn't feel warm at all to me, but it is very sunny. I turned on the
    electric heater.

    Mikie, what a wonderful verse. You must have been inspired by Erato, the muse of poetry
    (and a daughter of Zeus). Gordon just put down his book and walked by. He read your
    creation and got a big smile on his puss. "Isn't that sweet! Tell her thanks a bunch."

    My vast record collection used to include some Erato records. The Erato company was
    French; formed in the 1950s. Zee French, as we know, are notorious for their snooty
    attitude about all things not French. Funny they got the wrong Muse. The muse of
    music is Euterpe. And their very first recordings were made by American musicians in
    Boston. All history now. The company is no longer in business.

    Your bacon cheeseburger sounds davoon. Been yonks since I had one of them things.
    Hope your lymphs are soon back in running order.

    Granni, did you remember to sing the melody line? I trust the show went well. Are you
    one of those people like Gordon who doesn't like to read instructions? Whenever we get a
    new appliance he does the necessary assembly and set up while I read the instruction book.
    So far we haven't burned the house down.

    Duckie, I hope everyone at you sew-cial was sew-ber. Wouldn't want to have a quilt
    with a drunken tilt. Per your suggestion I looked up Labyrinth Walk. Site said it
    was based on the pattern of a floor in Naples. (See pic)

    Julie, I thought when you put Amish and Uber in the same sentence you were going to
    say he has a horse and buggy taxi service. I can see a crime show now. The detective
    leaps in the horse taxi and yells, "Follow that buggy."

    Yes, I hope Amy severs those ties. On the crime shows you see numerous cases
    where a bunch of young people are in trouble because they were in a group where
    2 or 3 were doing the dangerous and/or criminal acts. Imagine visiting when the
    cops swoop down and arrest everybody in the house. Hope everydobby has a
    no-cop weekend.

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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Not to be dense......but why does everyone write "everydobby."
    I was watching the news this evening regarding the women's march. Apparently it hit over 600 thousand people in Los Angeles, yes there were men marching also. Good thing your brother and family weren't staying at that hotel they've picked......Pershing Square. These marches took place all over the US and parts of Europe. I think women are tired of being a "second class" citizen, and of course there are more and more women coming forward regarding sexual harassment. I for one had a boss who was AWFUL.......I was young and innocent and only 21 at the time. If he hadn't been transferred to another job out of the office, I probably would have quit. Oh yes.....I also avoided rape once.......and some very "sticky" situations. So even though I wouldn't be marching I'm with all those women in thought.

    I've always found labyrinths most interesting. Years ago my DD and I flew up to San Francisco for the weekend and I remember visiting a large old church at Nob Hill where they had a labyrinth on the floor indoors. I had never seen one and found it facinating to watch people walk it.


    Julie: Good to read that Amy has finally seen the light!!!!! Hurtful I'm sure but best for her. Hope Den is better.

    I haven't done much today. I was given an antibiotic pill and a shot on wednesday.....side effects hit me. And seem to also be fighting off a stomach bug. I was up at 3 a.m. On the computer when I heard a lot of cars. There were 5 cars outside with their lights all on....guys walking around too. At first I was going to call the police but then I figured it must be the young guy who lives across the street maybe with his friends gathering to pack up and maybe go skiing. Well, anyway, after about 15 min. They are drove away. So that meant it was hard for me to settle down again and try to sleep.

    Hi to everyone....hope you're having a good weekend.
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun

    I suspect people who use "everydobby" here picked it up from me. I caught it from
    John Lenon who used it in his first book, "In His Own Write". (1964)

    Our home page had lots of photos of the women's march this morning. Wasn't any text
    though. There was a group of women in red cloaks with white hoods. Not sure what
    group or idea they represented.

    Thanks for the Grace cathedral site. I've been on a maze similar to that one, but can't remember where.

    Just watched a forensic show. The story didn't end. The program stopped. After the commercials a new program started. Wait! Where's part II? Hate it when they do that.
    Sounds like your handyman is more reliable than ours. Either that or ours doesn't know
    how to make a phone call.

    Hugs Everydobby
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    It's Sunday noon and I'm so drowsy that I'm not gonna post 'cept to let y'all know I'm still alive. Hope everydobby else is too.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I did a search and figured this was what it was. There's a movie series out now....based on the book A Handmaids Tale, or something like that. I believe the story is about women being basically "vessels" to produce children with the right genes......didn't Hitler do that????? Anyway, here's the link. Strange world we're living in, wish I could flash back to the 50s but then someone would complain about that too.


    I stopped at CVS yesterday, they don't allow people to beg there anymore, but a very disheveled young man was just sitting there with his backpack. I was going to walk by but came back and asked him if he had eaten that day. So we got into a short conversation about.....did he have a family, etc. Apparently he was 20, his mom had died and his dad had a new life, I gathered with a girlfriend and probably didn't want him around. He was from about 15 miles from me. Said he had gone to Starbucks to ask for a job but they said no....told me he felt embasrrased .....I'm sure he knew how he looked. Very bad teeth also. I sent him in the direction of the local Catholic Church and St. Vincent DePaul.....don't know if they could help or not. I did give him a little $, but it's troubled me since then......where do these young people turn to or for that matter even older people who are finding themselves without a job or place to live. Wish I could wave a magic wand and change things.
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Thanks Barry. I feel if everyone would just reach out a hand to those who need help we would all be better off.

    Had to go to CVS just now. Steven is back there again so I spoke with him more. He's been homeless for 6 mos....he said not very long. I said that's VERY long time. I just don't know how I can help him though aside from giving him some $ for food. He's needing a place to clean up close to where he could get a job. Honestly, I had to get away before I was taking him home like a lost puppy. My heart just breaks for him.
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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    This Porch is now closed. Pls don't post.