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    It's still chilly for most of us so the porch is still indoors.

    Got up when it was still dark. But it was 6am. It was grey after that and cold so snuggled under covers and watched a bit of tv. My DD brought me a cuppa tea. Still the same ole same ole on tv. Bomb blasts. Govt proceeding hiccups. Saw the women's march in L A. Then the sun came up. Promises to be a nice sunny day.

    An actress accused James Franco of sexual misbehavior. Sad. I liked him. Just sad how deep rooted sexually violating women is ingrained in men so much so it's brushed off as normal human behavior. And excused. Scary for our young girls who are growing up around such men.

    Sun - that was kind of you to help out and worry about the young man. I hope he is shown the way out of the woods. I've been in frightened places during childhood with no one to turn to. It's a place ought not to exist for anyone.

    Mikie - how was that book? About getting phone calls from deceased people. ? The idea scared me. Strange. Because I'm no longer afraid of non physical things. I've encountered lots, from mere shadow people to black masses with red eyes with real harmful intent. But I know I and my God and the Beings of light are more powerful. They cannot stand white light.

    Wasn't it sweet of SV to bring a love offering to Jeff?

    Julie - I'm glad to hear Amy is detaching from her troubled friend. It's difficult but sometimes a must. People with kind hearts often get taken advantage of. Then it becomes toxic. And does no one any good. Sorry to hear about Den and the crud. Hope he recovers soon.

    Granni - hope your performance went well.

    I lost some paras and had to rewrite in a shorter version. Sorry.

    My DHs cousin dropped in yesterday afternoon. She had dropped her kids to a slime making session. I asked what that was. She said children make gooey stuff with some non toxic materials and just create and it's de stressing. Say what? First time I'm hearing. Her kids go to the British school meant for mostly expats. Kids of embassy staff and Brit organizations but they take in a certain quota of Nepalese.

    Seems to me like she needed to de stress herself. She lives in a joint family with MIL and two other Brothers of her husband and their wives and kids. And they all hate each other. The little kid of her youngest BIL slept in her room with his cousins against his dads wishes and his dad got so angry he smashed his kids cell phone and his model aeroplane..!! First what's a six year old doing with a personal cell phone. I don't know. Maybe games. And second what's a grown up being so nasty to his little son? Aargh! She does things like using incense in her room and crystals to cleanse negativity. But she said she used a bit of salt water too. Good for her. When moving out is not an option.

    I gave her a simple lunch, nasi goreng out of rice I had and lentils and she showed me how to cook mustard leaves in a pressure cooker. I was out shopping for groceries when she called DD. DD was in a rush to leave for some work so she couldn't stay.

    God bless
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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Spring, thanks for getting us up and going with such a pretty picture. It looks like an 'all season room' or what we used to call a sun room. It's like being outdoors without being outdoors. That's perfect for people like me with so many allergies. I love the neutral colors and the pattern in the drapes. In other words, it's my kind of room. You are my kind of friend and I appreciate your starting a new Porch.

    I haven't been back to the book for a few days. It's a pretty good read so far and I guess I'm afraid it won't have a satisfying end. What really rang true is that one of the deceased callers said the only emotion in Heaven is love. When we get there, all is forgiven so there is no need for any other emotion. Imagine a place so beautiful with no pain, no guilt, no anger and no anxiety--nothing but love. So, I'm thinking we might be able to create a bit of Heaven on Earth if we try to eliminate all emotions except love. Of course, fear can serve us well when we are in danger and need to act but we don't need generalized fear or anxiety. It's a waste, as are most of our emotions. Not easy to do. It has helped me not to get so angry at what I see happening in the world.

    My DGS and his little girl friend make slime. They gave a 'slime making kit' they had assembled to one of their friends for his birthday. I am so happy this little girl is in his life. I had a boy for a friend when I was his age. We would hand out flyers for the little neighborhood grocery on Saturdays. We took our earnings and rented a bicycle built for two. We would take a picnic lunch and head for the kids fishing pond. As we grew and went to junior high and high school, we started hanging out with our own groups of friends but maintained a fondness for one another. It wasn't romantic; it was a real friendship. He married a nice girl and had a family. We ran into each other years later and it was so sweet to see one another. Neither of us could stop smiling. I have women who are good friends but some of my closest friendships have been with men.

    DOF called me yesterday and handed the phone off to his DDIL, Karen. She has been a God send, helping to decorate his room, helping him get settled in and arranging for everything he needs. I thanked her for all she's done. I told her that DOF is happy and that makes me happy. She took a nice pic of him and is sending out change-of-address cards to his friends. He has a lot of friends. She said it's easy because she loves him. I told her I love him too. There are still good people and good things in the world.

    DH's cousin sounds as though she is living in hell and so is everyone else in that house. What a missed opportunity for them to be a big loving family. They could be sharing and caring for one another. They are setting a horrible example for those kids.

    Sun, you are so kind hearted. Every homeless person has a sad story and it is heartbreaking. Our paper yesterday had a segment on an 'open house' to care for them. There were medical exams and barbers/hairdressers to help keep them from looking ragged. There are always people at those events who offer services to the homeless. Many of the nonprofits belong to coalitions to help coordinate care. I sat on the HIV/AIDS Coalition because the nonprofit I worked for offered dental care to those who were sick. They could go to the HIV/AIDS org. and find out how to get other services in one spot. God Bless You. Perhaps the church knows of a similar coalition for the homeless. If they have cards, you could hand them out.

    I was hoping to feel better today but got up with a headache, vomiting and diarrhea. AACCKK!!! Grace texted me that she had a bad headache yesterday. I hope she's not getting sick. Joe is still sick with this crud too. It's not bad enough to stay in bed all day but it is making us miserable and it won't go away. DD in TX is still sick with the flu. DD in CO texted and said she is about the same. They are expecting the MRI results from DSIL this week. I pray the docs can help him find out why he is in so much pain in his legs. DD in TX didn't receive a small gift I got her from Amazon so now, I have to chase it down. I hate this kind of stuff.

    I hope all our Dear Porchies are staying well. Be sure to carry hand sanitizer because the news is saying we can catch the flu when we go out and touch surfaces those with the flu have touched. Evidently, our cell phones, car keys and credit cards are loaded with germs.

    Andrea Mitchell is in Jerusalem. Evidently she's there with the press on VP Pence's visit. She looks so pretty. She's about my age and had a bad case of acne when she was young. Whoever is doing her hair, makeup and lighting has done a fabulous job. Wish she could send them my way. I have always loved her. She is an excellent journalist and always looks so put together and stylish. I haven't looked stylish in so long that I'm not sure I remember how to do it. Oh well, what I'm wearing is perfect for vomiting and diarrhea. :confused:

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Springwater. Another nice pic. It's cold here too. 43 F according to the weather site. Going up to 69. Will be 74 tomorrow. Have spent most of the night reading
    in bed under a blankee and a quilt.

    Never heard of nasi goreng. Reminds me of Nazi Hermann Goering, Hitler's right hand and head of the Luftwaffe. Anyhoo I discovered the dish is Indonesian fried rice. Gordon makes fried
    rice all the time. Fires up the wok, adds rice and whatever veggies or meat he has handy.
    Got some in the fridge right now.

    Sun, thanks for the info on the Handmaids tale. Sounds like one of the novels by Peter Tremayne. I think they are all set in the middle ages. Gordon has been working his way through them for months.

    That's so kind of you to help poor Steve. There ought to be some government agency that could help him: federal, county, city, etc. It doesn't do much good to give money to charity organizations. Most of them spend at least 90% of what they take in on the organization itself.
    A couple decades ago it was reported that the salary of the head of the Red Cross was
    $750,000 per.

    Mikie, once again you made me laugh. I'm so pleased that you are wearing the perfect outfit
    for today's activities. I remember when hand sanitizers were new. My secretary brought
    some to the office. A few days later almost every desk had a bottle of the stuff. Don't know what it costs now, but back then a bottle cost 8 bucks.

    Nice to know we both like the room pictured above. Ironically I was thinking if I lived there I
    change only one thing: those busy drapes. Too much texture.

    Gordon told me what he has planned for the day, but I can't remember. Well, I think maybe
    the dentist was on the list. I haven't been to the dentist for years. I only have half a dozen teeth, and they are all artificial so they don't decay. Too bad we aren't born with teeth like the shark. They just keep growing new one. It's like a conveyor belt.

    And now I must convey my good wishes to all including Barry, Duckie, Julie, Granni,
    Star and GB.


    Oh yeah, the pic at the bottom is the new LA police headquarters. They tore down the old one
    that used to be seen at the beginning of the Dragnet TV show. The new one has lots of glass
    in it. I just found out about it in the thriller I'm reading. The tall building in the background
    is the City Hall. Parts of it are frequently rented out to film companies. I believe there are
    three building on Hollywood Blvd. that are famous because they've never appeared in a movie.

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    Good morning everyone!

    I didn't post yesterday because I was so absorbed in my quilt. It's going well, all things considered. It is a challenging pattern, and I've been working very hard to get my corners to line up. Still, I'm very pleased with how it looks so far and can't wait to see it finished. Unfortunately, I won't get to do much work on it tonight, because we start back to choir.

    Mikie - you asked earlier if I could program patterns into my long-arm. The answer is no. I would have to have paid 3x as much for one to get that functionality...they cost as much as a car (15-30K)!! I can program some small patterned stitches into my Janome sewing machine.

    Spring - once upon a long time ago when I was in the military, we did a program where we bussed in homeless veterans from all over the area (a large percentage of homeless are veterans, sadly) and gave them physicals, hair cuts, good food, etc. for the weekend.

    Here's a picture of one of the 2 blocks in the quilt. _20180121_152138.JPG
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm running a slight temp but it's not high enough to call the doc. I'm feeling a bit better but still have my headache. My stomach has settled down a bit too. I went down to get my Smart Water out of the car so I don't get dehydrated. Grace saw me out there so I walked over to talk to her a minute. An old friend came by and we chatted for a couple of minutes. I kept my distance and told her why.

    I looked up the tracking info on the lint remover brushes and I had sent them to her old address in GA. I doubt the USPO will forward them so will reorder with her current address. I wasn't paying attention because I thought I had removed her old address from the Amazon address book. Good grief! No more shopping when I'm sick. Wait! That will save me a bundle because it seems I'm always sick right now. The delivery of the Instant Pot for DD in CO has been moved up for tomorrow instead of the 31st. When y'all are shopping on Amazon, don't buy the first thing you see. They often have several sellers that ship through Amazon. Even if it ships free through Prime, it may not ship in two days. The shipping date can be weeks off. Usually, things ship much, much faster than that. I got my drapes that way for $24 instead of $50. If you're not in a hurry, it's worth it.

    Duckie, thanks for further info. The computerized quilting setup they bought that vet was very expensive. I've watched the machines on HSN embroider automatically and it's fascinating. I love the quilt in the pic. I feel I could tumble into it; it looks 3-D. Really nice choice of colors too.

    Rock, the drapes I have in my living room are similar except the pattern is larger and the background is white with teal lines. Other than that, they are identical. Doh! Geometric patterns like that are all the style. I read The Handmaid's Tale years ago. It was made into a movie back then. It's now an Emmy winning series but I don't get that channel. It's set in a dystopian culture where some women are used to provide children for the upper ruling class. It was a really good book and a pretty good movie. Evidently the series is excellent. One of the main actresses from Mad Men won an Emmy for her role. I looked up the old police bldg. I can't believe they would tear it down. I see pics of the new one with a reflection of the old one in the glass. Did they delay tearing down the old one? I'm confusicated.


    I emptied the dishwasher and am running a load of laundry. I'm gonna get Roomba to do the vacuuming. I don't know what I'd do without all these amazing appliances. I give thanks every time I use them. Hope everydobby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. Found a note from Gordon. He's at the dentist having a crown
    installed. I rediscovered an old author I like. Finished a new book by him and started another.

    Mikie, glad to hear you are a bit better. Hope you are soon a lot better. I'm so glad you used the word dystopian. It's the latest addition to my vocabulary. Just added it last week. I kinda doubt I'll ever used it in a conversation though.

    I don't know the details about the new buildings downtown. Used to go there every week for
    court appearances. Now almost never go there. Here's a pic of the LA police badge. Don't
    know if it's going to be updated or not.

    Duckie, is that a picture of a picture or a picture of the quilt? Anyhoo it looks trompe l'oeil.
    Like a street painting-chalk drawing. Yes, our country has a very bad record when it comes
    to treating our veterans. Goes way back to the Revolutionary War and the Whiskey

    BTW does you choir wear robes? If so, you could put trompe l'oeil wings on the back and
    call yourselves an angel choir.

    Picked 5 tomatoes this morning. Our narcissus plants came up months ago, but so far no
    blooms. Our carmelia bush has lots of buds and three dark pink flowers like the one below.


    upload_2018-1-22_10-12-3.jpeg upload_2018-1-22_10-31-37.jpeg
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    Rock - it's a picture of one of the blocks from my version of the Labyrinth Walk quilt, which quite obviously is trompe l'oeil. It's a bit fuzzy looking because I zoomed in and cropped it. We don't wear robes; we wear long black dresses. The guys wear tuxes.
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    Hi friends. The crud (flu? virus?) has found both me and Den. I think he picked it up from someone at work (unless it was at the hospital when he had labs redone.) He started in on Friday and I started feeling rough on Saturday.

    Den's main symptom seems to be coughing...I'm running a fever off and on, and body aches (even my toenails, etc., etc.) plus a cough. We both have pain in our chest when we cough, laugh, breathe too deeply. I still cooked and tried to take care of him until today...then I've been too weak to do much of anything. In bed most of the day...Oreo, bless her heart, has not left my side. She must realize Den is sick too, because she alternates between lying on the floor on his side of the bed and lying in her dog bed beside me.

    Den ran the dishwasher and is feeling well enough to putter in his shop this afternoon. I'm going back to bed...just wanted to check in.
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    Hi, Kids,
    Just thought I'd drop in for a minute before heading into the bedroom. SV is ready to go. I still have a cough but my stomach is better.

    Rock, didn't they show the badge at the beginning or end of Dragnet? I just want the facts, Ma'am. Or, in the office, I just want the fax. Does anyone fax anything anymore? I figured out that if you painted a sewing machine on the back of your choir robe, you could call yourself a Singer. Or, if you painted a certain gangster on the back, you could call yourself a Soprano. You could paint a certain SUV on the back and, if you forgot the words, you could call yourself a Hummer. OMG! These must be coming out of my fevered pea brain. The way things are going, you may be able to use dystopian in your conversations often (I hope not).

    Duckie, do you like Escher's drawings? They fascinate me. That what the new quilt reminds me of.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you are sick. I hope it doesn't last. Glad Oreo is such a sweet pup. I can't help but lover her just reading about her. SV has been sneezing and he sometimes sneezes several time in a row. I hope he's not getting sick. Get to feeling better.

    Between loads of laundry, I watched Victoria, the Masterpiece bio of Queen Victoria on PBS. It's really good. They must have spent a fortune in production. They show how they do certain things for the audience after the episodes. It was fascinating to see how people who can't play the piano are shown 'playing' realistically. It's amazing how much work goes into just producing the paperwork used in the show.
    Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring;. Good heavens......slime! And it sounds like things are out of control in that household. Interesting topiary. It looks pretty big.

    Mikie: I'm also loving Victoria. I recently sold 18....yes 18 antique collars, so I'm loving looking at all the various collars on this show. I also thought that was most interesting about how they played the piano, looking very realistic. And all along I kept thinking how convenient it was to get those actors who knew how to play the piano.

    Duck: Years ago when my DH volunteered for St. Vincent De Paul, they would once a month serve a hot meal to the less fortunate. I always volunteered to make a Giant pot of mashed potatoes for him to take in. And I have in the past volunteered to help out with another organization where they would hand out donated fresh produce, etc. The people would line up about an hr. Ahead of time, and we were assigned what tables to pass out foods. Sooooo much need out there. I've always felt my calling is to serve in some capacity like this. By the way, my SILs sister and BIL are involved in a well known homeless/shelter in Los Angeles for years. He's a dentist and she does the paperwork for the people who come in to have their teeth fixed. I think it's very admirable for both of them what they do.....every friday their day off from regular work. He entirely on his own set up this free of charge dental program. They also have gone 3-4 times to Kenya to do the same thing, bringing their team to help for 2 weeks.

    And my eye doctor does the same thing for various countries.....doing hundreds of eye exams for two weeks and giving out donated eye glasses. I'm in awe of all of these people who help where they can.

    Julie: Hang in there......California is also very sick now......it's going around the country. I've been sneezing all day and feeling achy so I guess I've picked it up.

    I got a check from the PO today for the $ I spent on insurance for the lost package sent to Russia in Oct. I'm hanging onto it though, because it looks like the package after all that travel has made it back to the US and is in Los ASngeles.....hopefully I'll get it back this week and can resend to a friend of the purchaser who lives in So. Calif. I'm a little leary that the contents are still in one piece, as I'm sure it's been opened and resealed many times going thru so many customs. I'm hoping that my regular mail carrier will deliver it so I can ask him to watch as I open it up.
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    Mikie, you must be feeling better to launch that bevy of brilliant bon mots. If you painted a
    microphone on the back of your blouse, we could call you Mikie. (Well, we certainly couldn't
    call you phoney.) Yes, I think they did show the badge on Dragnet. The famous theme was
    written by Walter Schumman. I used to have some recordings of his group The Voices of
    Walter Schumman.

    I love the work of M C Escher. Many of them look like they are from the middle ages. I
    was surprised to read his biography and discover he lived in the 20th century. Was
    Dutch. We used to have a Board Member from the Netherlands a few years ago. Be nice
    if she came back.

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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for the various sites, Sun. The reason they're not real, Folks, is because topiary plants
    have been clipped and transformed into statute like images. The "Topiary Cat" is digital
    art rather than shrubs that have been shaped.

    A famous topiary garden can be seen in the pic at the bottom. You can see the garden on
    Youtube. Or you can visit and tour the place. It's called Levens Hall; dates back to the
    14th century. For 14 pounds you can tour the hall and the gardens. (According to a money
    site, 14 pounds is about $21.) The Bagot family owns the place. Doesn't sound like an English
    name to me. The Bagots moved to England after the Norman invasion, I read.

    A couple M.C. Escher prints also shown. And a cat that looks like my feral-semi tame cat and
    perhaps like Sir Vester.

    Hope ya'll have a good day.

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    Sun - thank you for the URL of Topiary cat. I'm astonished to learn he isn't real. But just as enamoured, all the same. Was he photoshopped into those places? Quite amazing images! The story of how he came into being brought a lump into my throat. A loving owners way of remembering him.

    That's wonderful to hear about your SILs Sis and her DH.. So encouraging to know about these good Samaritans in a world which seems geared to be in 'survival of the fittest' mode these days.

    Looked at Escher site. Interesting. I always envy artists. Their ability to create something beautiful.

    Dmc - I love the aqua colour print..in the design. Actually today I was wearing a thick material salwar kameez, it's a simply cut dress with Chinese collar and same fabric covered buttons on the neck line and long sleeves. A background of grey with tiny yellow stems and orange flowers covering it. A little similar to your quilt print. My DS who never notices these things usually, saw me from behind because we were carrying something upstairs. He told me ' I like what you're wearing.' Was I surprised.

    Everytime I read your post I read ' I was absorbed in my guilt'. The first time I wondered, "what guilt"?

    Rock - hahahahaha. Phoney. Mic - y. Our MILs house in town has a 50 year old tree with the exact same shade of camellias. It blooms so profuse unfortunately during March when the warm weather wilts blooms very quickly.

    First time I saw one was when I was nine, when we rented a house out in the country in my hometown. It was so so fresh and delicate and a very light blush pink colour with dark green shiny leaves. Probably what a cherubs cheek would be like. I remember gazing at it in wonder and taking in its beauty for a full five minutes.

    Julie - oh dear. So sorry about the crud! Hope you both recover real fast. Are you having lots of soups? I like having easy to cook stuff around when I'm not at my fittest.

    Dear, sweet Oreo. She must be feeling anxious. And doing her bit to comfort you.

    Mikie - I too loved the rustic colour of that room. It's a room to lounge around in and feel safe and at peace. Aren't those green and printed cushions pretty? Your room sounds pretty.

    My, those puns, they were flying like machine gun fire...tatatatata. What did you drink?! I was laughing.

    My DD has a few guy pals like you did. The son of the burns specialist was one such friend of two she had in her A levels. They used to go trekking together. Go to the movies.And do study classes. The other one is now in France. He is working there after having graduated from US. They hung out a lot. She alternated free time between her girl gang of five and her guy pals. Those two friends are no longer in Nepal. The doctor got married recently and is doing further studies in China. But she has her other 2 guy friends from middle school. Both went to the US but came back to work here. One is running his fathers restaurant businesses. The other started a business, it didn't take off very well so he scrapped it and is working for a company.

    An incident happened recently. One guy friend and her were partners for a choreographed dance for a wedding of a relative..when they were walking back after practise, she saw a pitiful dog with horrible mange and skin and bones. So as taught in Pranic Healing, she visualized a white light surrounding the dog and asked the Angels for healing..since she couldn't do it in front of her group, three others, she moved away a bit, stood still and visualized. Her guy friend came up behind her and said...hey, are you farting?

    In another incident during A levels during a play in which DD and the boy in France were acting. They were waiting backstage with other actors their turn to come on, when a horrible smell wafted in. DD said, can anyone smell something putrid? And everyone covered their noses, and the guy said in a contrite voice, " it's me, I just farted. I'm nervous!"

    I've been having to eat mushroom dumplings all of today and last evening. I made four tiers of a big dumpling vessel,( steamer) for lunch yesterday and me and our help ate them for lunch with onion soup and salsa. Evening time, both kids had eaten something, and DH ate half a tier. So there was so much left. It doesn't keep well, so I had some for breakfast, sent some for DHs lunch in his pail. And made our help have it again for lunch with some fresh soup and salsa. I skipped lunch then when my stomach started growling I heated some and ate them. I ve peeped into the container and so glad to see only a few forlorn looking dumplings looking back at me, saying 'eat me, eat me'. I will but not just now. I don't want to see a mushroom dumplings for a month at least.

    God bless
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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Seems the 'Eternal Crud' is still with me. Woke up with stuffed up ears and sinuses. Last night, I had such an attack of stomach acid that I took my Zantac but had to swig some Pepto Bismo too. I have an appt. with the gastero on Fri. but, if this crud is still making me sick, I don't know that I'll keep it. I hope I'm able to.

    Nothing much going on here. Joe has been taking issues to our mgr. involving so many in the hood breaking the rules. Each one is small but, in toto, they affect quality of life here. We are allowed one dog or cat and it seems there are people out walking two dogs from three of the units here. Our community is too small to be overrun by dogs. As it is, Grace keeps finding poop in the front of her condo. She picks up after her dog. There is a camper in front of one rental unit. We don't allow motorcycles, campers or commercial vehicles. There are other small things which affect the way the hood looks. Glad he's taking this on.

    Rock, if Paul Ryan had a picture of a stereo on his back, he could claim to be the Speaker. I had a framed Escher print on my wall and never got tired of looking at it. I didn't see a pic of a kitty which looks like your Miss Kitty. I see a lot of cats which look like SV. Some are short haired and some long haired, like him. I never tire of looking at him or listening to him. He has the cutest little face and he has expressions which just tug at my heart. He's here next to me on the sofa and he's making all kinds of sounds. Some, I've never heard come out of him. His repertoire is amazing. Tweety is the same. As evil as she is, I miss her. I may go over to Jeff's to see them both. If you had a Sniggerdoodle painted on your back, we'd say you're one smart cookie!

    Spring, thanks for that Photoshopped pic of the kitty. Interesting. Good grief! Sounds like it was a Dumpling Bonanza at your house. I'm off and on my feedbag, depending on what the crud is doing to my stomach. I wish it would settle down. Your dress sounds lovely. Seems that the food and dress there takes the best from several cultures. How nice. Makes life a lot more interesting.

    Sun, I'm glad you are enjoying Victoria. I kinda figured it would be something you would like. I just ordered a book from Amazon about the dynasties which fell following WWI. Of course, the book starts with Archduke Ferdinand and his assassination. The hardcover is $30 but the special deal for the Kindle is 99 cents. I read a bit of it online and it looks to be well written. I get all kinds of perks by belonging to Amazon Prime. BTW, the Instant Pot for DD in CO should be delivered today. I'll breathe more easily when I know she has it. I told her to call me before she uses it so I can help her figure out the confusing instructions and buttons on it. Who designs these things? Do you ever sketch? I used to enjoy that in my art classes in school.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. I haven't made much progress on my book. I think the author is focusing more on how the phone calls from Heaven affect others in the small town. Hope everydobby has a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everyone!

    Choir was good last night. We are definitely doing the Sea Symphony again, this time with the Dayton Philharmonic.

    Mikie - I love, Love, LOVE Escher. I have a big, beautiful book of his works, and someday want to make a quilt out of one (or more) of his designs, like the one with the fishes and the birds. Or, I should say, one of the ones with the fishes and the birds, as he apparently did several. I have also greatly enjoyed both The Crown and Victoria. I could tell the actors weren't playing the piano, though. Takes a musician to spot that, I guess.

    Spring - Yep, I get wrapped up in guilt, too. Sometimes I feel guilty about spending so much time on my quilts. Especially when I have neglected something else I was supposed to do...

    Sun - I have always admired those medical professionals who donated time to the needy all around the world. I was honored to have served a medical mission in Guatemala during my time in the service. It was an interesting thing...they were short of physicians, and because I was a civilian Emergency Medical Technician, they "promoted" me to doctor for the duration of the mission, and I spent the time diagnosing and prescribing medications! I've tried to make designs from MC Escher designs on several occasions, but haven't managed it...yet. They are more challenging than you'd think. I hope you don't get terribly sick.

    Julie - Sorry both you and Den are unwell. I hope you both recover quickly.

    I suppose I ought to go do some work now...hugs to everyone!
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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning...I don't really even know what day it is...my computer says it's the 23rd. I think it's either Monday or Tuesday...Den is home, so I can ask him.

    Apparently, I've been hallucinating during my illness...seeing things like Wilbur (sis's new husband who has dementia) drive his van into the side of the house...through the big living room window. It made the patio roof fall down, and the walkway on the upper level inside collapse, and tipped over the pellet stove. But I didn't believe Den when he told me it didn't really happen...

    Yesterday, I was ready to just die and get it over with...the pain was so severe. I'm still hurting in isolated spots (as opposed to all over) but at least I'm ready to begin the climb back to "my normal." Den doesn't really cook, and I have only been able to be out of bed for 5-10 minutes at a time...but I always intend to have a stash of TV dinners on hand for just such an occasion, so he hasn't been going hungry. I've been drinking (tea, coffee, 7-Up) but have no appetite...may try some oatmeal next time I'm up.

    Den has taken the unusual (for him) role of nurse quite seriously...making sure I drink enough, get upright once in awhile (to try to prevent pneumonia), helping me shower (don't remember when that was...seems like days ago that I was able to even be up for that long.)

    I think I've reached my limit for sitting up right now, though, so will just say Hi to everyone...thinking of you all.
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  19. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Forgot to tell you all a funny-ish story about when I was leaving work yesterday. The owners of our company are very "green" in many ways...and have planted many trees and done much landscaping of the property. In particular, they like oak trees, so there are lots. When I went out the door, even though there wasn't much wind, acorns were coming down like hail!!
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck: HA HA......did the owners get pelted?????? Those acorns can be very dangerous, easy to go flying when you step on one. When I'm out for a walk there's several large oak trees and I have to tread carefully. I carry an old 2 iron.....weapon against dogs or to use as a cane.

    I may have mentioned there's a HUGE podocarpus tree in the neighbor's yard, branches basically hanging over where the berries drop into my pool. What a mess. Last week when my son was over he stood and watched them....plop plop plop plop. So then several times a day I have to get the long handled pool net and scoop them all out.

    Julie: Hang in there.....it will eventually pass. Hope you have some heating pads cause they really help with the body aches.

    Mikie: Did you know that Zantac has side effects which could be the cause of some of your misery?


    Trying to do some cleaning around here. Down on the floor with a spray bottle and rag to clean baseboards. I've been busy the last couple of days, working on my antique laces (bits and pieces of beautiful work) and creating some patchwork type pillows. Today I MUST vacuum up the threads on the kitchen floor. It's supposed to get up to 77 today which is nice since it's been high 30s at night.
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