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    Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Thought was time to open a new Porch. We can continue posting our loving thoughts about Diane, Kevin and her beloved kitties, Rosie, Faithy and Beety. As with most of you, I have been in shock and mourning at the loss of Diane, my friend who was such a kind hearted soul.

    A friend of Nancy's is losing her DDIL to cancer. She will be leaving three children, the youngest only three years old. It's close to the end and she is subsisting on pain meds and ice chips. It is so very sad. Claudia, my other good friend here in the hood, just lost her Mom's best friend, a woman who was like an aunt to her. Her own Mom is slipping further into dementia. Last night, we comforted one another on our three-way text. I hope everyone has people in their lives who can offer support and comfort. We are truly blessed here to have each other. This really is a loving family.

    Star, I saw your message to Kevin. I hope you are doing well. We have missed you here. Stop in when you can.

    OK, Kids, I am not going to stay long this morning. I'll be back later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, Mikie...and thank you for the new porch and the beautiful sunrise. So glad you have your texting buddies...yes, it seems we all have something affecting us or a loved one. I hope you are feeling like you're on the mend. Also hope they can find something to help your DSIL.

    I've been awake since before 5:00 am, but just now getting up at 6:00. Starting to feel enough better that I want to get all wild and crazy, but I know this is the time to really rest and pace myself. I figure I can at least sort papers and do things that don't require a lot of physical work.

    Glad I mailed my dad's candy to him...it took awhile for him to understand that's what I was saying. I hope if it didn't get there yesterday, it will today. One nice thing about our rural area...I just took the package and some money for postage up to our mailbox and left it. The mailman will have taken it to the post office, attached the correct postage and will leave my change in my box today. Since I'm not supposed to go to the nursing home for a few more days, I'll send another package yet this week.

    Dad was, of course, concerned that I wasn't feeling well, but when I told him that Den was also sick...oh, that took it up to a whole 'nother level, lol! Den is his buddy...partly because he takes such good care of Dad's little girl and partly because they have a lot of "Mr. Fix-it" in common.

    I hope Kevin has checked back in and has seen the tributes to our dear Diane. I remember a couple of years ago when she was wanting to get started on facebook. But it was just too much for her...there are no filters on facebook and people just say whatever they want, no matter how hurtful it might be. Diane called me and was so upset about something someone had said to her...I told her perhaps facebook wasn't the place for her to be and maybe she would be better to just stick to the porch. Such a sweet sensitive soul, but her anxiety often got the better of her. I hope she has found peace at last. And I hope Kevin and the kitties can continue on...what a hard thing to even think about.

    I have an update on Amy's friend and new baby...the friend has checked herself into a place called Hope House...she and the baby can stay there and she can receive counseling, treatment, whatever she needs. Jess has tried this before (pre-baby, etc.) but got fed up and walked out before she could achieve any results. So, her family and true friends are hoping for the best. She did announce on facebook that she would only be keeping in touch with a small amount of people...she did tell Amy personally where she was going, but Amy hasn't tried to contact her, just hears from her sisters, etc.

    I think Amy is going to try to go back to work today. She does have a lot of help at home from Clinton and Keira...they do a lot of the cooking, or at least have supper started when Amy gets home from work. The other night Keira was cooking on her own...at age ten, I think it's a good thing.

    Since Den and I are no longer being "held hostage" by this solar field, we'll try to get down to Lindsey's as soon as the weather lets up a bit. It needs to stay above freezing at night before we feel comfortable leaving the farm since we would only have the boiler running to heat the house. We will take the back seats out of our van so we can transport their cedar tabletop, the table frame, and assorted things I have been stockpiling. David and Josiah had planned to come up over a weekend, but they've had this viral stuff too.

    I'd better get off here and let the dog back in...she wasn't too crazy to go out in this 11 degree weather. She would prefer to go find a corner of the shop to use for her bathroom, but I discourage that :rolleyes:

    Hi to everyone and I hope today is a good day.
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting us up again, Mikie. Whenever I see a sun rise (or set) with those radiating
    lines it makes me think of trumpets blaring. Congratulations on remembering the names
    of Diane and Kevin's cats. The only cats I can remember are Flopsy, Mopsy and Garfield.

    I assume you are busy planning lavish dinner parties now that you have your new cooking
    pot. Is it true it can make everything except fudge, ice cream and dill pickles?

    Did you kids see the medical news from Bombay? A man was reportedly "sucked into" an MRI
    machine because he was carrying an oxygen cylinder. Makes no sense to me, and the news
    report isn't helpful either. A perfect example of the Gregorian chant: In media summa morta.
    In the midst of life we are in death.

    Duckie, thanks for the info on Sudafed, etc. Here's an easy mnemonic for remembering how
    to spell it. Herbert told his attorney he wanted to "SU DA FED" eral agency at once. All of
    my adult jobs involved reading lots of medical reports and records. I can tell you the most misspelled words in same: phlegm and diarrhea. "Phlegm" is easy 'cause it has "leg" in the middle. I have no such device of the latter term though.

    Sun, glad to hear that you got your package from Russia with love back. Is your cleaning
    lady's son a dancer? Some of the male dancers are amazing. They can kick as high as the gals. Bobby Burgess from the Lawrence Welk show could. I told Gordon I had been watching
    Bobby and Cissy King on Lawrence Welk. He said, "Oh yeah. Bobby was one of the original Mouseketeers. I said, "How do you know that"

    Hugs, Everydobby
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    Hi Rock...as usual, you are full of interesting tidbits. Sounds like you and Gordon have the same talent for remembering details...trivial or otherwise. Den's dad always watched Lawrence Welk reruns on Saturday night...sometimes we stayed in the living room and watched with him, sometimes we went to our own room and watched something different, sometimes he went to his bedroom (but we could still hear the TV, lol). Then there were a couple of British shows, also on our Public Television Station...I didn't always "get" the humor, but Gpa sure laughed a lot and that was music to my ears :)

    I saw the headlines about the man getting sucked into the MRI...really wonder if that truly happened. When Gpa had to have one, they just hooked him up to the room oxygen....I would think medical staff would be more knowledgeable and careful.

    Yep, when Mikie feels better, we can all invite ourselves to her place for an exotic meal from her Instant Pot. Granni can make something and bring it along...

    I just made a quadraple recipe of steel cut oats...I'll eat some for breakfast, then put the rest in the fridge to heat up later. Den usually just has cold cereal during the week, but will heat up something if it's already cooked and in the fridge.

    Take care, everyone!
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  5. dmcduck

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    Good morning everyone! Lots of 'fires' (virtual) yet this morning. So much that it has taken an hour for me to write this much!!

    Mikie - beautiful sunrise! I love it.

    Julie - I'll make something in mine as well! PARTY!

    Don't have time to post much. TTYL! Hugs to all!
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    Mikie - beautiful sunrise. Sorry to hear about the people with loved ones with serious ailments. It's brave souls who volunteer to come and work out difficult issues on this planet. Mikie - no. I didn't click any photos of son in formalwear. He was in a tearing hurry, as usual.

    Julie - glad to hear you got to send your DF his candy. I hope Amy's friend will be all right. Esp her baby.

    Rock - didn't see the news about the human sucking MRI machine. Will google.

    Dmc - virtual fires?

    I bought some fresh cilantro from the roadside sellers. And spinach and leeks. I made chutney from cilantros but the recipe was not accurate and it didn't turn out great. I've marked the page with corrections.

    Barry - we made split black lentils. Very very yum.

    I was happy to see Star on Diane's condolence thread.

    God bless
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    Yes, Duckie...you too! I forgot about your Instant Pot...anyone else have one? Hope those fires turn out to be simple to put out. I'm glad you are still able to work...I miss my working days, but can barely get myself through the day at home, it seems.

    Spring, fresh cilantro brings back memories of my "sisters" in Belize...oh, the wonderful smells that would come from their kitchens. I was so privileged to get to be their sous chef...whenever I wasn't running all over the country buying their supplies, that is. I'm sure your son looked very striking in his formal clothes, and I don't imagine he would have willingly stopped to pose for a picture, lol!

    Watched the whole dog video....so cute and funny! The dog who was in the cat tree, lol! How do people get those great pics?

    I ended up cleaning out the pellet stove...pretty involved when I take the time to remove the ballasts and clean them too. I try to do it once a week, but had been too sick. I vaguely remember hearing Den do it one day, but I'm not sure he is quite as thorough, lol! If the soot isn't cleaned out regularly (and good enough) the glass door gets a black build up and we can't see the fire.

    Anyway, after doing that plus a load of laundry, filling the woodstove, feeding the cats, unloading the dishwasher and running a get well card for Amy up to the mailbox...I ended up taking an hour nap. So, now it's going on noon and I am sort of "starting over." Everything I go to do, or even think about doing, wears me out. Patience is indeed a virtue...

    I'll just see what happens the rest of the day.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just sitting down for a bit. I've been picking up the clutter which accumulates when I'm sick and nesting on the sofa. I stripped the bed and am washing the sheets. I really need to take off the mattress and wash the bed skirt but that's not gonna happen today. Same with the cushion covers on the sofa. I love the sheets I bought right after the hurricane when I had cabin fever and had to get out and shop. I got a great deal on them but they are a microfiber. You can't tell they're not cotton from looking at the right side but the wrong side is kinda slick. The bottom sheet doesn't want to stay on. The top sheet tends to travel too. Oh well, they make me happy to look at. Such a pleasant print that matches the walls.

    As is par for the course when I'm sick/exhausted, everything goes wrong while I'm trying to clean and declutter. I decided to put the new filter in the fridge. It involves getting down on the hard tile floor so I hate doing it. Once it was installed, I pressed my glass to the dispenser to get some water and it gushed out all over and didn't shut off for a second or two. It was all over the front of the fridge, the stainless garbage can and the floor. SV was all excited and walking through it. He loves water. He has one webbed paw and I have to wonder whether he's some kind of mixed hybrid cat. He gets so excited when I feel well enough to clean. He streaks all around the condo. I'll catch a black blur out of the corner of my eye. He's been wild today.

    I'm glad to feel well enough to do a little work around here but all the symptoms of the crud are still with me. There is a really cold wind out and Barb is sitting out on the balcony in the sun, covered by blankets. She reminds me of my old cat and dog who would lie in the sun in the yard next to one another. I think when we get older, we just want to bask and enjoy what is left of our lives. She seems so much more at peace now and I'm so glad.

    Julie, I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope you pace yourself so you don't relapse. This stuff doesn't want to let go of us. I think my poor old bod is shot but it must look pretty good to germs. Glad Amy's friend has checked herself in. I hope that she takes advantage of this opportunity and gets off the drugs for her sake and her children's. When it was cold in CO, I would make hot cereal of different kinds for my ex and the kids. It's nice on a cold day to have a hot breakfast. If everyone came to my condo, we would be crowded but it would be great. I'd love it. Those who have pots could fix the great dishes they make and the rest could fix other things. What a feast we would have. Gordon could bring sniggerdoodles. Mmmmm! Stay warm and don't overdo it.

    Rock, Diane always talked so much about her fur babies that I remember their names. I think Beety's name is some kind of nick name derived from her breed. We would even tweet the sounds the cats were making. SV and her cats all have wonderful repertoires of unusual 'words.' I might be able to make fudge in the pot but not ice cream. Pickles would be a possibility but it's not large enough down in the well to fit many jars. I used to make bread and butter pickles in the fall. I can still remember how they smelled. Some years ago, an oxygen tank, inadvertently left in an MRI room, was sucked into the machine, killing someone. MRIs are super strong magnets. Good thing my navel ring is gold. I heard that some guy was posing as an FBI agent; he was a pseudo Fed. I'm too tired for any more puns but you teed that one up nicely for me. You're a pal.

    Duckie, nice to see you here. Stop back in when you can stay.

    Star, I hope you can stop in too.

    Spring, too bad you didn't get any pics of that handsome boy. Tell him his 'aunties' and 'uncles' on the Porch demand it. He's a celebrity and has to give the public what they want. Same for your beautiful DD. I hope I don't have to come back again even though I know this life is a blessing from God so I can grow in spirit. From our higher spiritual selves, these lives are probably but a speck in time. Our earthly suffering is probably forgotten and we bask in the love that is Heaven. These lives are such an opportunity spiritually and we do have some wonderful things here, including our families, friends, pets and nature. Thanks for posting the doggie pics. I'll check them out.

    The bottom sheet is almost done in the dryer so I had better get going. So glad we have all our loving Porch family around us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Taking a break...Den worked through lunch so came home an hour early. I manned the overhead shop door for him while he got in a couple loads of wood with the skidloader. He likes to get a supply inside, then can split it as needed. I keep telling him that "this year" we are going to get a little wood shed attached to the east wall of the shop. Doesn't need to be big, just enough to hold stacked firewood out of the weather...then we can just bring it right in the walk thru door, directly to the woodbox. Seems we sure are handling it a lot more than necessary...I've been saying this for several years...maybe this will be the year to get it done.

    Just a funny thing about our small town. I had enclosed $5 to mail my dad's package of candy. The mailman left a note in today's mail..."price was $5.15, please send 15 cents to Marcia's drawer." Poor Marcia...her drawer will not balance until I pay my bill.

    Oh Mikie...I'm so sorry about your water mess. But it made SV's day, lol! Yes, things like that always turn to crap for me too, when I don't feel good but am trying to still get things done. Glad you got your sheets washed. I managed to do a few loads today...didn't even feel guilty for using the dryer and not hanging them up. Gotta conserve energy somehow...my energy, that is.

    Glad Barb's visit is going well this time. And that she seems to be at peace.

    I'm being quiet while Den naps, then am just going to heat up leftovers for supper. Last night we had pulled beef sandwiches (I bought it already cooked and packaged and added barbecue sauce when I heated it up), baked beans, canned pears and I gave Den a piece of store bought lemon cake. Tonight I will heat up a cheeseburger for him (and put it on a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich) and repeat the baked beans and fruit. Not sure what I'm going to have...maybe a gluten free "hot pocket". I just haven't had an appetite, which is not really a bad thing. I did pick up some rainbow sherbet the other night and it tasted good.

    I think I forgot to tell you guys about my trip to the store Sunday evening...we were out of so many things and I just needed to make a grocery run. Den is on call till Friday, so he had to stay home. Anyway, I decided I could make the best use of my limited energy by just buzzing to Walmart where I could get groceries, meds, toiletries, etc. Spent over an hour, walking slowly, leaning on the grocery cart. So careful not to cough or sneeze on anyone or anything...or touch anything I didn't need to.

    Got to the checkout, waited several minutes in line and when I got close, the checkout asked me to "run and get an empty cart so he could put my things in it as I was unloading the one I was using." Say what!!!??? I had just enough energy to get myself and my things to the car and drive home...and he wanted me to trot myself to the other side of the store and get him an empty cart? The lady in line behind me was also flabbergasted...I told the young man I just didn't have any extra energy because I was getting over the crud. Oh man, that set him off...he jumped back away from his register and SHRIEKED, "Stay away from me!!!!".

    Geesh....anyway, he ended up just leaving my bags on the carousel until I had my cart empty, then I put the bags back into the same cart. I truly was trying to be careful and not infect anyone...I wouldn't even have been out if it wasn't necessary. There were so many people just "pleasure shopping"...casually looking at clothes, toys, etc...and some of them seemed to be in pretty bad shape. I am ready for spring...

    So, I hope everyone is doing fairly well. Thinking of you all.
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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    That first pic....owner spending $100 and doggie prefers to sleep outside the bed. Cracked me up.
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Spring, I didn't spend $100 on a bed for kitty, but over the years I have put out stuff for
    her to lie on: small towels, newspapers, plastic mats, cardboard boxes. Most of the time she
    ignores them all. Three days ago I put out my old pillow. Even after I put her on it, she
    continues to ignore it. For a while Gordon had a small cardboard box in the back yard that
    was 3/4 full of redwood chips. He uses them in his orchid pots. I saw the cat sleeping on
    them a few times.

    Made me wonder if the Japanese still use wooden pillows. Searched. Just read that presently
    the buckwheat pillow is the most popular in Japan.

    Gordon and his brother went to Orange County today; just south of us; where Disneyland is.
    One of Gordon's sisters had surgery for breast cancer. She lives East of LA. Don't know why
    she had to go down there.

    Julie & Spring, Gordon grows cilantro every year. He gives a lot of it to the Chinese and
    other Asians at the library, the garage, pharmacy. When the plants dry up and produce
    seeds they are called coriander.

    Spring, my favorite was dog on the cat tree too.

    Julie, are you going to put 15 cents in an envelope and label it "for Marcia's drawers"?

    Interruption: Gordon just stuck his head in to tell me, "I'm going downstairs to conquer."
    Which made laugh. "Conquer what?", I said. "Hunger!"

    Rainbow sherbet. Haven't had any of that for yonks. I think I was middle aged before I
    found out what we called sherbert in our town was really sherbet. Thus illustrating live
    and learn. Nowadays it's mostly a tiny bit of learn and a lot of forget.

    Mikie, "Pseudo Fed" is absolutely brilliant. Wish I had thought of it. Here's a URL for
    a pun site. Gives the name of an author and some insights into the psychology of pun lovers.


    Do you think SV would like to play in the tub with an inch or so of water? Maybe his
    webbed paw indicates a family tree that includes beavers or otters.

    Oh, you're right again. That sucking MRI machine made no sense, but a magnetic one
    does. Forgot all about that. I had an MRI once, but it was the open machine. I refused the
    other kind. My neighbor had an MRI with the original design. He said it was like being in
    a giant garbage can while people pounded on it with sticks for 20 minutes.

    Julie, my Dad loved Lawrence Welk too, but in his later years never heard much of the show.
    Always fell asleep. Some of those British Tv shows were great. I loved Monty Python and
    Are You Being Served which was set in a department store. Gordon got me several DVDs of
    that show.

    My mother loved Keeping Up Appearances which I found pretty lame. That's the one
    with the lady whose surname was Bucket. She kept telling people it was pronounced
    Bou-kay. The actress was Patricia Routledge, the original Mary Sunshine in the musical.

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's almost 4 AM here on the left coast. There was nothing worth watching on TV. Some nights
    there are oodles of good shows. Isn't that just the way life goes.

    I am reading an autobiography of Glen Campbell. I spent the year 1968 living in Las Vegas. It
    seems like Glen was on the radio constantly with one hit after another. Witchita Lineman,
    By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Gentle On My Mind, Galveston. Turns out his career and life
    were a lot more complicated than I had thought.

    Multiple marriages, divorces, alcoholism and drug addiction. And incredible success. Glen
    died last summer. Used to have several of his albums.

    Julie, that shrieking guy in Walmart sounds like that old TV program Candid Camera.
    I remember being "ready for Spring". It was fun walking home from school and knocking
    down huge ice cycles from various buildings. Making dams with slush to briefly contain
    the water running down the street. And how wonderful it was to see grass again and feel
    the sun's warmth. In college Professors with small classes would sometimes move the class outdoors
    where we could sit on the grass. Made learning more fun.

    Oh, I had a minor but bizarre accident last night. I walked out of the kitchen with a plate
    in one hand a cup of milk in the other. The cup of milk just slowly tipped and spilled. I
    couldn't get my hand to hang on to it properly. I hope that not an augury of things to

    Mikie, my mother never did any canning, but lots of ladies sure did. When they put those
    filled Mason jars in the window, the sun's light turned many of them into jewels. My great
    aunt Myrtle who lived on a farm did lots of canning. Often brought us a jar of tomatoes,
    berries, jam as well as cream, bacon, eggs. Made the best chocolate cake in the world. Well,
    in my world anyhoo.

    Hope y'all have a good day.
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  13. Mikie

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    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Just sitting here waiting to go outside to look at the moon. It may have set here by the time the eclipse is at its peak. I will watch it on TV if that happens. Weather man said the eclipse has started but I took my binoculars out and couldn't see that it had; however, the moon is beautiful. I was kinda hoping Barb would be up but she probably stays in her room so she doesn't wake her kids. She's an early riser. I see the light on at Joe's place. He's an early riser too. DOF called me yesterday but I had put the phone in airplane mode the night before and forgot to take it off. I have to do that at night when Nancy is texting because she's a night owl and her texts wake me up. Claudia's kids are visiting with her sweet little baby GS. She has the cutest pics of him. Nancy has cute pics of her DGS too. My DD was going to forward a video of my sweet little DGN but I think she forgot. She has one with him in his little walker. DD is afraid he won't develop his muscles because his parents hold him all the time. They dote on him. It makes DD want a baby again. Yikes!

    Kevin has posted on the thread about Diane. He is so devastated right now and the grief is so raw. I'm glad he feels like he can come here where he, Diane and 'The Girls' are so beloved. I only wish I could do more than pray for him and try to offer comfort and support. I hope he has family and friends there with him right now.

    Julie, remember when people at Wally World were friendly? The ones at my local store sure aren't. They act as though they hate working there. That checker was waaaay out of line. I worked at Publix with people coughing and sneezing all over everything instead of the crooks of their arms, like Elmo taught us to do on Sesame Street. When someone did that, I would ask the people in line to wait while I cleaned the counter and credit card machine with a germicidal wipe. My customers really appreciated that. At the same time, it was cleaning my hands which had touched the groceries of those who were ill. When there is an epidemic of crud, we all take our chances when we go out. We have to get groceries. I don't think I'm still contagious. When I was, I asked the bagger to get a wipe and clean things down. I told him and the cashier that I was sick. Do you ever get spiders in your wood pile? We had black widows in ours even though I sprayed it. I always wore a thick jacket and gloves when I made the trip to get wood for our fireplace. Hope you are feeling better and better each day.

    Rock, we had the same mailman for decades when I was growing up. He would stop by to collect the few cents I owed when I sent something. Boy, have times changed. It wasn't Mayberry; there were about 35,000 people living there but it seems as though we knew everyone else. I no longer even know everyone here in the hood but this is basically a friendly place. I'm laughing because Joe just called. We have a new member of the board. She just moved in here. She ran for the board and go in because there were the same number of candidates as openings. She thinks she was elected queen. She told Joe that there was a little patch of stucco missing along the base of the outside wall on his bldg. and that he needed to get it fixed. He didn't say anything to her but you can only imagine what he had to say about it to me. I can't repeat it here. SV always comes into the bathroom when I shower or bathe. When I'm in the tub, he stands up and tries to put his paw in the water. If I'm showering, he waits on the bath mat for me to finish. He loves to watch the toilet flush. I have to keep the lid down because I put bleach tablets in the tank and I don't want him to drink out of the toilet. Thank you so much for the link. I'm gonna go check it out.

    I was just compelled to look at the clock and it's 7:11. It's my Mom letting me know she's here. It's also the time the eclipse is at it's best. Unfortunately, the moon has set into the mist behind the townhouses across the street. Earlier, it was brilliant behind the palm tree in silhouette. Perhaps it's because of the full moon that I felt better yesterday and am feeling better this morning. I hope it means I'm on the mend. I need to go out to the store today. I have the local news on and hope it shows the eclipse. I'll be going to read the real newspaper. It hit the kitchen window with a bang that sounded like a loud crack. One of these days, the guy is gonna break the window. I think he may be trying to do just that. That's when the Christmas tips will stop.

    Almost forgot to mention--I ordered a knit top and pants from QVC the other day. I've been wanting to try some better pants and the Special Value had both pieces for what one would normally pay for just the pants. I got black because the other tops didn't look good in the colors they had. The sleeves are bell sleeves and I don't usually wear things like that but decided to give it a try. I can always return them. I also did't know which size to get but, if they are too big, I can exchange them. Something to look forward to.

    Hope everydooby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Rock,

    We were posting at the same time. Can you see the moon there? Supposed to be a total eclipse on your coast. I have accidents like that all the time. I'll sit here on the sofa and let my coffee cup lean until it spills on me. Doh!!! I also drop things cause my hands don't seem to want to hang on. DD does the same thing. She said it really gets irritating the third time she drops the same thing. Guess Dropsy runs in the family. We must be descendants of Ally Oops.

    Y'all know how I struggle with being judgmental. Last evening, I decided to watch Family Feud. I know most of the people on there aren't members of Mensa but, last night, it was a battle of the morons. The family that won physically looked like clowns. I know people can't always control how they look but these people also dressed in colorful clownish attire. When they won the game by some miracle, they jumped around, shrieking and carrying on. The father and two sons were holding their arms up and they had sweat stains the size of dinner plates. I was grossed out on several levels. They gave terrible answers in the bonus round and didn't win the $20,000. I know I'm a horrible person for being so judgmental but I think it's a sickness and I'm trying to get better. I feel I have to talk about this assault on my senses so I can get beyond it. I should have turned the channel but, not unlike seeing a train wreck, I couldn't turn away. I know that if I'm going to watch shows like that, I'm not gonna get Masterpiece Theater. Thank you all for letting me talk about this. It's still sending shivers up my spine. If I told my kids about it, they would be laughing at me and sending me pics of clowns.

    OK, I'm outta here. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Not sure when I have ever watched Family Feud, it has been so man years. Yes, sometimes they and some of these game s shows have the craziest people on. I hardly ever watch much TV lately if I can get off by myself to watch something I want. DH has his same programs on, mostly business related or History and OLD movies he has seem millions of times. Hope you are feeling better.

    I was reading some of the earlier posts on this thread. Yes, one of Diane's kitties was Tabeet I think and they called her Beety. Not sure if that had anything to do with breed or not. I don't know to much about cat's and their breeds.

    Gotta run . DH is back.

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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Sounds like you've kicked that bug out! Don't overdo though. Did Amy have this bug? Is that why she went and had heart tests? What did they find? Maybe stress for her is hard to deal with at times.

    Mikie: Darn.....I missed the God show this morning. I can go online though and enjoy the spectacle. I've often dreamed of traveling the world....not to ever step foot in a large city though, but to see all the natural wonders the earth has. I would love to see Iceland and of course the amazon rain forest. And Vietnam looks really beautiful.

    Rock: Did I ever share about my time I met Glenn Campbell? A local radio station was having a contest to win a trip to fly to Vegas and have dinner at his show. All you had to do was call in and gargle a Glenn Campbell song. I practiced!!!! Got in and won. My DH and I were taken along with 4 other couples in a limo to the airport, flew up there and put in a suite at the hotel overnight. My DH and I sat in a booth, with one of the radio personalities.....did you ever hear of Lomand and Barkley? We sat with Roger Barkley and his lovely wife. Went backstage to Glenn's dressing room to meet and have pics. Taken. Then we flew back the next day. Lots of fun!

    My mom used to can all the time in the summer. Seems like all I did was help peel fruit that was falling off our trees. And then at the end of the day she would tap on each one with a spoon to listen if it got a good seal.

    By the way, I spill off and on also.

    I have an appt. with my lung doc today and I'm going to mention Diane. Last time I told him I didn't like taking prednisone, but he asked if I would just do him a favor and fill the prescription and keep in my med. cabinet IN CASE I got sick and had trouble breathing. He said prednisone is a really good drug to knock it out and clear the lungs.

    I've been busy doing a little gardening...pot gardening I call it. Bought a pony pack of red kale yesterday and a really good long narrow container to hold them. I don't have much all day sun at this time of the year so I've got it on a planter which does get a lot. And I'm still working my way thru the antique laces. I've made 4 pillow tops kinda patchwork style and bought some fabric at 60% off yesterday for the rest of them. So I hope to get them done today.
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    I'm up and at 'em, but not very fast and furious, lol! Feeling just better enough to get aggravated that I'm not getting over this crud faster. As long as I stop and rest I seem to be holding my own. Just went out in the cold air (to mail Marcia's 15 cents to her :p)...hadn't coughed at all this morning, but started in again after I was outside.

    Hi Sun...I see you've popped on just as I started typing. Amy had been having this respiratory stuff off and on for a few weeks...would rest on the weekends, then had to go back to work. When she started having chest pains along with everything else, that's when she got worried. They did an EKG, chest xray, labs...and found the bronchitis and early pneumonia. She just told me this morning that she finally started feeling better after she got on antibiotics...so I think she is on the mend. Stayed home Monday, but back at work yesterday...

    Yes, she's had a lot of stress the past few months, but I think she is doing better in that regard. And I think she took to heart my observations and comments about the girls' relationship (and she and Clinton's reactions to it)...I believe they have made some changes and everyone is doing much better. Amy always has been pretty good about listening to her mommy...eventually, lol! I'm not always the most tactful, but my girls both know I love them more than my own life...

    How fun to be planting plants and basking in the sunshine...won't be long for us. Seems like February is still tolerable, but March takes forever to get gone. Hope your lung doctor appt. goes well. Love to hear about your talents regarding the lace and all the other neat things you have on hand. And meeting celebrities...wow!

    Good to see you, Granni. I usually only have the radio on (the computer) during the day, then we turn on the news around 5:30 pm (or whenever Den gets up from his after work nap). I like to watch Wheel of Fortune at 6:30 (while we eat supper, or sometimes I'm still cooking it.) Den goes out to the shop after supper, then showers and we watch something on Netflix until he goes to bed at 9:00 or so.

    He stays up a little later on the weekends, but we are pretty predictable, lol! Of course, in the summertime, that "schedule" flies out the door as we can spend a lot more time outside. Oh, and he has a jigsaw puzzle set up almost all the time during the winter. I think he's only on his third one this year, cause we forgot about them until after Christmas and it got really cold. I think sometime this year, they are going to start going in to work a half hour early, so he will leave the house around 5:30 am. Sure wish he could retire, but we would have to find other insurance for me...

    Hope your handyman got everything taken care of for you. Lots of little jobs on Den's list, but have to take time out to get over this crud...

    Mikie, I'm glad you keep up with so many friends...the ones still there and ones who have moved away. I'm sure your kids are happy that you have people close by to check on you and the other way around, too.

    I never think of you as judgemental...sometimes people are just weird and it's not wrong to point that out :D You seem to be able to get along with everyone that you come in contact with...now me, that's a different story, lol!

    Yep, Spring...that doggy sleeping on the floor beside the bed....kind of like kids who prefer the box the toy came in, over the toy itself.

    Rock, thanks for the reminder to pay Marcia...I had put the postage envelope on the bottom of a pile of mail already...I went immediately over and put it where I would see if first thing this morning.

    You described spring things perfectly...and to hear that first robin...music to our ears.

    Count me as one who also drops and spills things. My left hand still goes numb once in awhile, even though the far away chiro has helped quite a bit. If I'm not concentrating, I drop my comb, toothbrush, anything. And sometimes I miscalculate when I go to set something on a table or counter...completely miss the edge! Hope cataract surgery helps with some of that...

    I'd better try to get a few things done...it will be a little warmer today, but I'm not going to chance going outside again. I have a pot pie in the oven...my "go to comfort food" when I've been sick and getting my appetite back. I spend a little more and get the "better" ones, even though I know most of that stuff has too much sodium, preservatives, etc....gotta eat, though.

    Hi to everyone....hope today is a good enough day...

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'd have been here earlier but the cable and internet were out. I went to Publix and had a heckova time shopping. Nothing really looked good to me. I got some mac 'n cheese and I'm sure it's really bad for me. Same with the taquitos and burritos from the frozen aisle. Probably loaded with horrible chemicals. I did get a bag of fresh green beans that I'll eat tonight or tomorrow. I'm just not up to cooking right now. I decided to go out on the balcony to dry the second coat of nail polish on my toes. Grace and Dennis came home from the store and she and her little dog, Dusty, came up and sat with me. I gave him a little soft animal print blanket for his doggie bed and he sleeps on it every night. He gets in his little bed and uses his claws to rearrange it just to his liking. When it's cold, he snuggles up under it. I let him in and he went all over in my condo. SV was on top of the loveseat and didn't get down. It was so nice to sit out. It's 72 degrees out and the air smells soooo sweet.

    For a bit, SV and I went into the bedroom and I watched TV with my antenna. It's finally back on, along with the internet connection. Comcast is always out here working and, when they do, the connection goes out. Earlier, I had gone down and planted a plumbago in the stairwell atrium. I have another one but planting one just about did me in. The guy downstairs has his condo for sale and he wanted Dennis to help him get the mulch so it looks better. I told them to have at it but that I couldn't help them go get the mulch and couldn't help them spread it around. I doubt the unit will sell. He's asking at least $20,000 above comps in the hood. He can't afford to take any less than his asking price. He's put a lot of work into the place but the 'improvements' are just not what anyone would want. People who have gone through the place say they wouldn't want it.

    Granni, I think you are right about Tabeet. I may be mistaken about it's having something to do with the breed. I watch Family Feud when I've already seen The Big Bang Theory in my bedroom. I only have limited channels on the antenna. The PBS News Hour was on but I sometimes just have to shut out the news. Too stressful, especially in the evenings when I'm trying to wind down. Hah! Wind down from vegging on the sofa all day. Like with everyone else who has had this crud, I'm just sooo tired of feeling so crappy and having no NRG at all. Yesterday and today were better so hope springs eternal. I don't think I could ever be married again unless I had my own TV. I've always said a perfect marriage was his 'n hers computers and a towel marked, Theirs. Thanks again for remembering about Diane's kitty.

    Sun, your post is giving me wanderlust. I can't travel and enjoy seeing places on TV. I would love to see nature's wonders but I also enjoy seeing big cities. I've also had to watch the eclipse on TV because it set so early here. I've always been impressed by your talents but it never occurred to me that you could gargle a Glen Campbell song. What fun that you won and had such a good time. You could put a video or yourself on You Tube gargling songs. I'd watch it. I'm glad you have the prednisone just in case you need it. Trouble breathing can affect the heart. I no longer fill my Combivent asthma inhaler because it's outrageously expensive. Just saw one of those attorneys on TV saying to call and showing the inhaler. I had the sound off because Joe was on the phone so don't know what side effects it has caused. When I saw, 'pot gardening,' I had a whole different picture in mind. If I lived in CA or CO, I'd be growing a little for myself. I'll bet those flowers are very cheery.

    Julie, I can't take the cold wind either. It gets my cough going. That's why I didn't go out to sit with Barb yesterday. They left earlier than planned so I didn't get to tell her goodbye. I texted her. She can't see to text back but, at least, she knows I was thinking about her. Joe missed her too but called her. I didn't want to call her while she's riding in the car. I hate it when I'm driving and someone takes a call. I'm so relieved that Marcia got her 15 cents. Now, the USPS can stay open. Thank you for your kind words. My post was a bit tongue in cheek but I am judgmental; however I try not to be cruel. DD always says, "It's not my place to judge, but if it were..." It's not that I get along with everyone; it's that I'm too lazy to fight. Yes, my kids are very relieved that we all look after one another down here in the hood. I've always tried to live safely and take care of myself so they don't worry. The hurricane put them through hell until they knew we were all safe. I worry about them but, as you know, a mother never stops worrying. Hope you continue to feel better.

    Rock, I forgot to mention that, if Miss Kitty allowed you to pick her up and put her on the pillow, y'all must be getting to be good friends. SV wasn't used to being picked up when he came to live with me. It's taken time but he likes it now. You are a blessing in that little cat's life.

    Well, Kids, I'd better get going. I've been trying to read the book about how WWI started the beginning of the end of the European Dynasties. The author says the assassination of the Archduke and his wife are still affecting the world today. So many countries in Europe, especially in the Balkans, have changed hands, changed borders and been ruled by so many different royals and tyrants. It's impossible to remember it all but I now understand a bit of the complexity of the whole thing. I can only read so much before I fall asleep and I can retain almost none of it.

    Kevin is in my thoughts and prayers. My heart is heavy. I always keep everyone in my prayers here. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie

  19. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    It has been a crazy 2 days. I've barely had time to put my head up. Just when we think things are sorted out from the upgrade, something else weird happens. I'll be staying up late tonight to work with a contractor to try and sort the latest. (Spring - these are the 'virtual fires' to which I referred! ) Still, we've gotten some of the bugs squashed, so that's good.

    I missed all the 'moon' fun this morning. It was too hazy to see much of anything here.

    Tomorrow night is monthly Quilt Guild meeting. It's my turn to take pictures of the Show and Tell. That said, I've got a terrible sinus headache again, so I hope I'm not going to succumb to any nastiness, which I've so far been lucky enough to fight off.

    Rock -I have to be careful that I don't lose my grip on stuff. With my neuropathy, it's a real possibility.

    Sun - I can gargle all kinds of songs. Strange talent, I know. Also, my family used to call me 'the human tape recorder'. Still do, come to think of it. You'll have to post a pic or two of your lacy creations.

    Julie - I'm glad you're on the mend. Also glad Amy is doing better. I hope her friend and the baby do well, but I think Amy is right to distance herself. I know I've had to let go of some toxic friendships over the years, which is hard for me.

    I did read everyone's posts, but I'll be darned if I can remember much of what I read. Guess you'll all just have to take my word that I'm thinking of you all.
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon's sister called regarding her surgery. The 2 lymph nodes that were removed were tested. No cancer cells were found. So that's good news. I suppose they'll want to check
    again later.

    ACCKK! Computer froze up. Posted the above two lines several hours ago. OK, will try again.

    Gordon went to the library. Brought back several books and a DVD of an old movie.
    Produced by Arthur Freed (former song writer) and directed by Stanly Donen (former dancer).
    The Freed unit produced many of MGM's greatest musicals.

    The stars are Gene Kelly, Esther Williams and Frank Sinatra. Esther said in her autobiography
    than Kelly and Sinatra were terribly rude to her; making fun of her inability to sing or dance.
    The movie is "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." You can find some excerpts on You tube.
    Gene does a great Irish dance which you might expect from someone named Kelly.

    Duckie, I hope the uploading is all downhill from here on. If humanity had depended on me
    we'd probably still be using stone tools, horses and spinning wheels.

    Froze up again. Suhcks arooty. Guess I'll let the durn thing rest some more.

    Hugs, Gang
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