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    Oh, I felt choked up reading Kevin's post. I really hope he , Faith, Beety and -- are doing ok.

    Mikie - tks for reminding about super moon. I went monastery hopping. They say the full moon makes prayer energy 20 times more powerful than usual. I am fascinated by European royalty too. And I have a strange affinity for Andes region Peru and native Americans.

    Workman coming to fix some stuff so will be back later.

    Rock - good news about Gordon's sister. Yay!

    DMV - oh okay. You really work hard. Hope the bugs are removed. Computer bugs are no less annoying than insect ones.
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    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell today. Last evening, I felt sick like I did when I was a kid and got really sick. I went to bed and slept it off. Not sure whether sitting out, even in beautiful weather, is helpful. It felt good to get a bit of sun on my legs. Thank God for distractions like sleep, TV, reading and SV. He was wild yesterday. He dug his old catnip mouse out of the little basket where I keep his toys. I put new catnip in it for him. He chewed it, licked it and batted it around. He would leap in the air around it. It was soooo cute. I wonder whether he fantasizes about being in the wild jungles of Africa, toying with his prey. Just now, he got up on one side of the sofa and took a high arching leap to the other side over the computer in my lap. I think this cooler weather makes him frisky.

    Spring, I don't know about prayer but I find the full moon give me more NRG. Yesterday's full moon did appear much brighter and bigger. TV showed it reflected on the Gulf waters, something they call, Moon Glint. I was flying at night once when there was a full moon. Every time we flew over even the smallest pond, it appeared that a huge flashlight was shining on the water. Took me a while to figure out what it was. Hope the workman got everything fixed.

    Rock, it's hard to learn that Gene Kelly was rude to Esther Williams. It's not a surprise to learn that Sinatra was rude. He became a monster later in life. For a long time, I couldn't get past it to enjoy listening to his singing; however, I do like hearing him now. I think it just brings back a nostalgic time when I was having fun. Will any of us ever long for the days of 2017? I don't know what goes into the making of a bully but it's painful to see them. I've always loved those Esther Williams films with all the beautiful costumes and swimming. I don't think I ever saw that one. Singing and dancing ain't everything. Hope your computer straightens up and flies right!

    I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydooby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Well, we'll see if this machine is up to snuff this morning.

    Mikie, wouldn't it be nice if all of us felt half as peppy and healthy as SV. Kinda like the Glen
    Campbell story. Started out poor as a church mouse. Wound up in the lap of luxury, i.e. your
    lap. I'm glad you felt better when you woke up this morning.

    Oh, that reminds me. I have an appointment this morning. And one tomorrow too. One is
    the Chiro and one is the MD. A monthly pummeling from the first and a routine check up from
    the second.

    Heard from a cousin yesterday. My Minn brother sent an e mail to several folks. When I
    responded I did so to "all". And now one of the "alls" wrote to me. He and wife moved from Minnesota to
    Wisconsin about a decade ago. They had lived on a farm, but their crop was fish. They had
    several pools. Sold the fish to the state government which restocked streams and lakes.
    Now they're in their 60s and retired. I spent the summer of 1960 living with my aunt and
    uncle and their 4 sons, one of whom was the fish farmer. In other words, we go way back like
    Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine.

    Hope everydobby has the best day possible. And remember, as you go through life, always
    give 110% (like an athlete), unless, of course, you are donating blood.

    Ha det bra
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    Good morning! I had a bit of a setback yesterday...just so exhausted...wondering if I will ever get over this crud. Today I am feeling better, not great, but like I will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sure hoping by the time the weather warms up and we would be able to go see our Tennessee Treasures, I will even feel up to going. Just whining....and wanted to let everyone know I'm thinking of you.
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    Woo hoo!! No major issues today! I am still very busy at work, catching up on all the stuff that got pushed 'to the back burner' during the upgrade.

    I also almost definitely have another sinus infection. I hate going on antibiotics again, but it's causing me difficulty breathing at night, so I can't sleep well. That doesn't help fight off the crud at all. Guess I'm going to have to call the doctor. My DH sent me a text this morning complaining that she has a third cold in a row. Poor kid. DS just said he's not feeling well either.

    Mikie - my DH grows catnip for our furry kids. Storm will just roll on it. The other cats just eat it. It is funny when they get wound up and start acting crazy. Ours run up and down the hall. They sound like they are much bigger than they are with the amount of noise they make!

    Rock - I think a lot of us have had that 'reply all' accident, sometimes with embarrassing results.

    Julie - keep taking it easy. Your immune system is at risk right now, and if you do to much you risk relapsing or coming down with something else.

    Would love to stay and chat more, but... Hugs to all!
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    Hi, Kids,

    I spoke too soon as I often have with this crud. After I got up, I started sneezing, coughing and getting the chills. Then the diarrhea hit. I've been unable to stay away from the john since then. I saw an old man on TV last night. He's been sick as long as I and he said he is just exhausted. I guess I'm not alone in my misery. I just hope the epidemic goes away and I get better. Barb's grandson was in the hospital with the flu. They gave him a flu shot. Evidently, even when someone is sick with the flu, the shot helps with the symptoms and duration. I hope he's OK. He's getting married this fall.

    I'm watching an episode of NOVA where they fly a plane around the world on solar power alone. It only carries the pilot and travels about 24 mph. It's not practical at this point but then, a lot of things aren't when first attempted. Every little step sends us forward in technology. The lightweight solar chips are probably themselves an innovation. I once heard Velcro was developed for space missions. Heck, to me it's a miracle that I can sit here distracting myself with TV.

    Rock, I can remember feeling like that when I was a child. Sooo much energy to run and jump. Wish I could have saved some of it to have now. Hope your docs help you with whatever you need. Fish farming sounds like a good life. I loved Mr. Peabody and his Way Back Machine. We thought we were being entertained but we were actually being educated.

    Duckie, my crud was headed to a sinus infection but I headed it off by snorting colloidal silver up my nose like a nasal spray. Colloidal silver is amazing stuff. It seems to fight off all manner of germs. I put some in my ear when it started hurting. Hope you feel better.

    Julie, I hope you feel better too. I never thought this crud would go on so long. Now, I'm in survival mode and just hoping to have a decent day. We are having the most beautiful weather of the year and here I sit. I'm not even up to going out on the balcony to sit with Grace. I know she gets lonely, she is a golf widow, but I'm not even up to making conversation.

    Hope everydooby is doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Ones,

    I have not been able to get on the computer that much today and in between going shopping in 2 stores with DH and then going crazy with messages between the docs office and CVS online meds . The Armour thyroid is so expensive and was trying to get something cheaper after they could not get my Naturethroid any more in my dosage or some of them anyway. I think maybe it may have gotten resolved. The docs office sent out a script for Np thyroid which is at least $20 or so cheaper for 90 days supply. I remember when A T used to be so cheap now it is quite expensive and that is with insurance. I cannot imagine the price without it. The A T for 90 days was about $96 with the insurance. The Np was $76.72 or something like that. I will see for sure. Called the local pharmacy and he couldn't tell me he said until he got the script from the doctor I told him the drug insurance I had. Can't believe he wasn't able to give me an approx number but who was I to argue.?? This back and forth has been bugging me. I worked on it and other drugs the other day too. GROAN !!! I feel sorry for poor really poor people who are sick and have little or no insurance.

    ROCK - Glad to hear that Gordon's sister's lymph node check came out well. That sounds like a fun movie to watch that Gordon got from the library..

    JULIE - Glad you are doing better but take it easy and don;t rush it.

    MIKIE - Hope you start feeling better too very soon. This sickness stuff is not good.

    Speaking of sickness. I don;t remember if I told you last year when DH had blood in his urine that only lasted a few times one day. Well the beginning of this week I think it was , it happened again. To make a long story short we are going to the urologist early Monday where DH had his prostate surgery many years ago. Except it is in a much different place and his practice is much bigger with lots more doctors. It is also farther to drive, but not a whole lot but on the freeway. Maybe we can stay on the feeder rood, not sure. Glad DH will drive. Hope he doesn't have to have anything major done but I feel much better him going to a urologist who knows his history.. Hoping it will not be anything serious. DH would be very happy to just forget about it till it happens again and maybe is much worse. He knows that we are right to go but he is afraid and does not love going to doctors and he just knows it is something serious. He is a half glass empty person. He doesn't think so but he is and it drives me nuts. I try to look on the positive side and he is the opposite. Glad it is monday and not way down on the road. I have enough worries to think about already. Also we are giving DH an 80th bday party for family with a big brunch. Even DGD and her boyfriend from CO are coming. It is also a celebration for our 56th anniversary, belated of course. DH did not want to have a party to begin with. I told him this is it and if we dont do it now. we won;t have it at all.

    Gotta run . DH is calling.

    Love Granni :)
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    Afternoon, Kids

    We are back from our visit to the MD. We both had a full physical; otherwise we couldn't
    get our Rx 's filled. (Not sure who made that rule. Probably the government.) Anyhoo
    everything seems to be more or less unchanged except for Gordon who didn't have any pulse.
    The gal doing the EKG called for help. Another tech came and told her she had the paper in the machine wrong. I don't see how all the other monitors were working. Seems like it should be
    an all or none situation to me. Eventually the missing pulse showed up.

    The doctor had big news. It seems Amazon and some billionaire and another company are
    going to make huge changes in the medical field. Drug prices should go way down. (I know;
    hard to believe.) Our Doc says it only costs pennies to make a pill. Would be nice if the
    makers would accept a reasonable price.

    Of course the pill people always talk about all the research and testing. "It costs millions to develop a new drug." But I've read the drug companies spend most of their money on advertising as well as espionage to find out what the other drug companies are doing.

    The EKG tech BTW was from Bulgaria. The doctor is from the Ukraine. Most of the staff are from other countries. We stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. Got a 10% senior discount.

    Granni, I'm planning to watch the DVD when I wake up from my nap. If it's like most musicals,
    especially the old ones, the musical numbers are the fun part. The in-between stuff is usually
    just fluff.

    Hope DH's problem is minor. The doctor wants me to get a prostate biopsy, but I'm not interested. One reason is that's it's painful. The doc said if he were going to have a biopsy, he would get an anesthetic. OK, he could get one. If I asked for one the doc would say, "No, we don't do that." Another reason is that I'm not really interested in going through chemo and/
    or radiation just to hang around and be sick.

    Mikie, yes, I can remember childhood feelings and experiences. I often listen to adults, however, who seem totally out of touch with their past. They also tend to be very rigid about how children should be raised, spoken to, etc. When I hear some politicians or preachers
    I feel like saying, "Oh, c'mon! You sound like some prig who never was young."

    I always thought Velcro was invented as a toy for kids who enjoyed the noise it made when
    one pulled it apart. Very similar to bubble wrap. Wikipedia, however, claims it was first
    made by a Swiss engineer in the 40s. Next the Swiss will be claiming they invented the pocket

    OK, time for my nap.
    Hugs, Rock
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    08-40-33-5a58280b24940dbecefac437f44efbeb.jpg Wow, Rock. That would be fantastic if medical treatment was gonna get cheap. Us medical expenses are talked of like being of mythical proportions when spoken about here. Costing not an arm or leg but all the organs as well!!!

    Here too, it's the same. So how will people be in good health. ?? No wonder this Ramdev Yogi who advocated yoga exercises breathing and postures for recovering and maintaining health has now become an empire worth millions of $. In a short span of years. His aide is a Nepali and all his herbal, Ayurvedic plant based products are made in his aides name because yogis aren't supposed to own industries.

    I'm trying hard to buy Nepalese products but he has opened up places in Nepal where they grow the plants needed for his products and uses Nepalese labour and materials so maybe it's not bad.

    He fought so hard against Coca Cola and giant multinationals and they in turn planted fake stuff containing bones in his vegetarian products. Got absolved of those charges and now he seems in a mission to wipe out allopathic and foreign products. He just exploded on the market sigh plant based beauty products and food products.

    Granni - I hope your DH is fine. My son passed blood in his urine for a long time some years back until I insisted he get the full check up. Nothing came up. And it stopped with just a few cosmetic medicinal treatment. Here we do prayer rituals and the.like. but it was worrying while it lasted. This was a few years back. Late teens.

    Julie - I hope this crud of yours clears up sooner than later. You and Mikie both. Did the onions help?

    Mikie - sorry to hear it's still going on. Our aunt had it and hers lasted a month. A virulent virus. Cold. Cough. Aches. I think the world over viruses are getting stronger.

    It's been cold. Watery sun. I watched an episode of Mike and Molly. So funny. I prefer everybody loves Raymond but it's not airing now. The DH wanted to see a movie an Indian one only because it created so much controversy, an Indian radical group karni Sena going in rampage even setting fire to school bus with kids in it. Movie..Padmavaat. However it released and is a superhit. I did not want to see all these battles and what not so DD and DH went.

    Yesterday, I didn't have to make dinner DH had a business meeting and brought back some pizza before going to it and some biryani from the restaurant he went to. Glad of the respite from cooking but truth be told I like warm homecooked during cold weather.

    God bless
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    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Having trouble typing as my arthritis is acting up. Also, the wrist I hurt when I fell is very painful. It seems that every day I wake to different aches, pains, coughing, sneezing, etc. When I was worse, the arthritic pains went away. Does this mean I'm getting better? It feels as though I'm never gonna get better. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Joe just called so I had to save my post so I didn't lose it. I've been editing and adding. Joe is concerned because the woman who is drinking also smokes. He's afraid she will pass out and set fire to her place. She smokes on the lanai which is all concrete so, if that happens, it would likely not spread as fast as if it happens inside. That said, however, a woman who was on oxygen and smoked set her whole townhouse on fire when she was smoking on her lanai. The woman who drinks has evidently stopped paying her bills so she may not be covered by insurance. I'm concerned about her and our building and residents. The woman who burned down her townhouse was dragged to safety by a young guy passing by. The whole townhouse might not have burned down if the firemen could find the hydrant. Witnesses say they were running around in confused circles while the place burned. That's the townhouse where Jeff now lives with Tweety.

    Granni, I hope and pray DH's problem with blood in his urine turns out to be nothing to worry about. I also hope you get your thyroid Rx figured out and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Do you use GoodRx? It's coupons for meds which you can print out. You have to have the name of the med and the name of the pharmacy. You can figure out which pharmacy is cheapest when using the coupon. It's worth a try. It can be cheaper than ins. co-pays. Amazon is thinking of partnering up with several other companies to offer health insurance, including prescriptions. Amazon has such HUGE buying power. Insurance stocks dropped significantly after the announcement. It would be amazing if one conglomerate could insure everyone at low coss. The roadblocks are regulations covering health insurance. It's a maze they will have to figure out.

    Rock, I'm so glad Gordon's pulse showed up. You two are men of the world, visiting docs from Eastern Europe and eating at Taco Bell. TB is one of my favorite places but we don't have one close to me so I don't tend to eat there. The billionaire Amazon is working with is Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. He is known as The Oracle of Omaha because of his ability to pick successful businesses to invest in. He always looks like he is wearing a cheap suit and he drives an old station wagon from the 80's. He will be donating his fortune to worthy causes and has already given away a lot of money. I think he's given it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They are also giving away their fortune. God bless wealthy people who are the opposite of greedy and who care for others who are less fortunate. I could be wrong about Velcro. It could be that it was used extensively in the race to space and that spawned its use in many other things. Or, it could be an urban myth. I've found it very handy and always have a roll of it around. There are some new horse shoes which are made of a rubber-like substance. Something that looks like Velcro is glued to the tops of the horse's hooves. The softer shoe has things which come up and are stuck to the Velcro stuff glued on the top. They can be removed.

    Spring, OMG, that is the most beautiful display of flowers. Can't imagine how long it took to create. One of the things I always loved about going to Disneyland was the gorgeous flowers. I remember going to Lake Geneva in Switzerland and seeing the clock face in the park which was made of flowers. Blessed are they who plant flowers. People who recount their NDE's always mention the flowers in Heaven. Yes, most people who have had the crud are amazed at how long it lasts and how exhausting it is. I'm not only physically exhausted but also mentally exhausted. It's so bad that I have trouble focusing my vision. I also like Mike and Molly, along with The Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond and Mom. I love fast moving comedic writing. Keeps me distracted. I try not to anesthesize myself with TV too much so as to 'check out' of life. Still, when I'm sick and/or in pain, it helps me get through it. Prayer helps too. How's the weather there?

    OK, Kids, gonna go read the virtual paper. My computer keeps telling me I need to restart it to fix something on the drive. I hate doing that because it takes three reboots, at least, to get it running like it should. FPOC! Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie

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    Morning, Kids

    Another great pic, Spring. Looks a lot like something one might see on a Rose Parade float.
    Where are Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks? I wonder why some financial institution
    doesn't hire Bob Eubanks. It could boast: Bob Eubanks banks with us and so should you!

    My brother in Oregon goes to some sort of alternative medicine guy. I can't remember what
    he calls him. A homeopath maybe. The basic idea seems to be that treatment is a remedy
    that is mixed up for the patient. The remedy will then cause increased symptoms or something
    that sounds bad but somehow brings about a cure. I think a regular doctor is called an allopath.
    My eyes kind of glaze over when he starts explaining.

    Granni, the old movie was fun. Frank Sinatra's voice was in great shape and he kept up with
    Gene Kelly's dancing. Easter Williams did a little singing and dancing too; very nice. I don't
    think her voice was dubbed. It sounded like her anyway, and neither IMDB or Wikipedia
    indicated it was not her own.

    Gordon went to Super King Market yesterday. It's an Asian store. Brought home some
    tangerines. 79 cents a pound. When he checked out he asked the cashier what they were
    giving away today. Turned out to be a bottle of ketchup or a bottle of coconut water. But
    we already have a big bottle of ketchup (which his mother always called "Merican sauce")
    he didn't want any coconut water. His sisters are coming to visit tomorrow.

    I hope everydobby is getting better. I don't have any new problems. Just the same old
    tedious ailments. Including no memory. Was something I wanted to post, but ....

    Oh well, Hugs

    Hi, Mikie, figured you'd be showing up about this time. Sorry your problems are
    still continuing. Yes, Gordon and I are men of the world. And so are all the other
    men extant. BTW, I've read a couple times that slightly more men than women are
    born, but men are more fragile and die off faster (both in the womb and in life).

    Velcro may have been invented in the 40s, but it certainly was not used much or
    talked about. Lots of things lurk for decades (or centuries) before actually appearing.
    See the drawings of Leonardo De Vinci. Or the Instapot. A painting of one was dis-
    covered on a wall in Pompeii by a German explorer in the 19th century. Shortly after
    that Professor Schliemann went on to discover the city of Troy.

    Auf Wiedersehen
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    I looked up what I got from a friend but then there's conflicting views of efficacy of onions in cold.

    Still I decided the only way go know for sure is to try it out. I now believe more than ever in what they call oldcwives tales and grandma's remedies.

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    Hi, Kids,

    All y'all were posting at the same time I was editing and adding and talking to Joe. He watches our bldg. and I watch his to make sure we are safe.

    Rock, that's amazing that a painting of an Instant Pot was found in a cave. I wonder how long they have been around before the recent Instant Pot Mania. I wonder how long one would have to set the pot for Wildebeest. What wine does one drink with it? Where do hunters and gatherers find Instant Pots? Velcro does have the sound of something which lurks...the strange case of the lurking Velcro. Mine lurks in the closet until I find another use for it. I think there must be different types of Velcro with varying strengths of adherence. It took a lot of effort, and a tool, to release the little 'straps' on the hourses' shoes. Some shoes for adults and kids have Velcro to make them easier to fasten than laces. I've always thought that men die earlier than women because the stand to urinate. All that sitting we women do adds up to a lot more rest. Now, they say sitting isn't good for us so that blows my theory apart.

    Spring, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Many of the Old Wives Tales are later proven to work by modern researchers. The Irish cure for most things is whiskey. I loves me my Jack Daniel's but I have to have 7Up with it. Well, I'm only part Irish. I haven't been drinking because I wasn't supposed to when I had the stones. I suppose it's OK now but I'm out of the habit of drinking. Barb is on blood thinners and isn't supposed to drink but she sneaks wine whenever she gets a chance and her daughter doesn't know about it. DD keeps her on the straight and narrow. I'll go check out the link right now. Thanks again for posting it. At this point, I'll try most anything.

    Love, Mikie
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