PORCH #1036 IS NOW CLOSED (2/2/18)

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    Hi, Kids,

    Thought y'all might enjoy sitting out in the balmy weather here in FL, especially all y'all who have had such cold weather and been feeling sick. Unfortunately, it isn't a cure. If it were, I'd step outside my front door and sit on the balcony. It's only been three days since we started a new Porch before this one. Glad to see our Porchies here but several have been MIA and I hope everydooby is OK.

    I decided I absolutely had to eat something half-way healthy to eat. I steamed some fresh green beans and put some pieces of bacon in with them. Yummmm! Not a complete meal but it's better than some things I could be eating. My appetite is all messed up and I don't feel up to cooking even if it weren't. I don't get the Instant Pot out for something like this. I used the little steamer pot which is part of my pots 'n pans stainless set. It's in the dishwasher now. Love the way the new DW gets stainless soooo clean 'n shiny. Guess I'm distracted by shiny objects.

    OK, gonna get going again. Nothing much happening in the hood. Grace texted me and I can tell she's disappointed that I'm not up and running around. The irrigation guy hasn't fixed our sprinkler pipe and I called mgmt. to ask them to see that he does it. The ground is saturated. I hope it's not rotting the roots of the little ixora hedge. This is about the biggest excitement in my life right now. DOF sent me a dirty text to cheer me up. I am blessed with friends.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'll slip in here a minute...thanks for the new porch, Mikie. I wish I could give a good report about how I'm feeling, but the truth is....I still feel like crap.

    I seem to be going in slo-motion, even though I'm not doing that much. Had to lie down...set my alarm for 15 minutes...must have fallen asleep in that amount of time. I just don't want to stay in bed...makes me feel even worse.

    Sorry to just complain...just wanted to check in. Amy is bringing Keira to her dad this evening, but I don't think I have the energy to drive over and even have supper with them. Hanging in there, though....
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    Hi, Julie,

    Thanks for stopping in. This crud just takes the wind out of one's sail. Do whatever helps you feel better and try not to let it get to you that you're not up to doing things. Take as good a care of yourself as you would Den or one of the kids. I'm soooo tired that it's difficult to even think! Whine, whine, whine!

    Just sent up a little prayer for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everyone!

    Mikie - you beat me to the punch. I had a new porch all planned. I'll save it for another time. Yours is just as nice...I love dappled sunlight like that.

    Julie - Too bad you are still not feeling well. Lots of rest and fluids.

    I've had SOOO much drama lately! You've of course, heard about the upgrade. Well, it seems we also got a bad bag of cat food, and it has made all 4 cats sick. I'm really worried about my Worf cat...he's throwing up what looks like bile. I reported the lot number to Purina and they are going to investigate.

    My other drama will take more time to explain...I ordered a new phone from Google. Yes, I'm spoiling myself, cuz it's expensive. I also ordered the new headphones that go with the phone. Well, that made the value of the package over $1K, so someone had to physically sign for the delivery. FedEx screwed up and didn't deliver it Friday night when I was home to receive it. DH (who has, for whatever reason, decided to not answer the door anymore) ignored them on Saturday (I was at my DM's). I was at work Tuesday (FedEx home deliveries are Tuesday - Saturday). I spent the considerable time on the phone with FedEx and on support chat with Google trying to get a resolution. FedEx refused to let me pick the package up at the hub (literally around. the. corner! from my work) saying that Google had to authorize it. Google said the package was in FedEx's control and they could do nothing about it. SOOOO, I begged my boss and he reluctantly let me work from home on Wednesday so that I could sign for it. THEY NEVER CAME!! About 2 in the afternoon, I realized that the status didn't say it was out for delivery, so I called FedEx again. They did a trace and determined that the driver left it at the hub!!! They finally authorized me come to the hub and get it (fortunately, I only live 4 miles from it). Well, in the midst of waiting for this package, there was ALL kinds of crazy at work and I didn't get to open the package until 5:30 in the evening. I turn my beautiful new device on and........a huge, terrible bright pink line appears from the top of the screen to the bottom. I can't believe my luck!!! The stupid thing is defective! And then I had to spend 15 minutes convincing a Google support tech that it was... So, now I have it packaged up and ready to send back to Google, and I have to wait for a replacement. The good thing is that with it being JUST the phone, when it comes back it shouldn't require a signature. WHAT A DISASTER. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Hugs to Rock, Sun, Spring, Granni, Star, and everyone else!
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    Hey, Kids

    Mikie, thank you for you know what. That porch looks familiar. Maybe I saw it when I was
    looking for a post to porch. I mean vice versa. Green beans w/ bacon sounds good. Almost
    anything is good with bacon. A P.B. sandwich for example. In the middle of last night I had
    some Campbell's Bean w/ bacon soup (Ha Ha! Just try and find the bacon) and broccoli and
    chicken broth. Highly recommended by the Institute of Something or other.

    Just got back from the chiro-wracker. He was doing that thing where your head is grabbed
    with both hands and then yanked. It looks just like what they do on the crime shows to break
    a neck. I asked him how many necks he had broken over the years. He laughed and said, "None
    so far, but I did have a patient who wanted it done, and I had to refuse. She was very old and
    very thin and looked very fragile. She was very upset with me, but I just couldn't take the risk.

    Duckie, that's the trouble with the modern world. No, that's not right. That's just one of
    the troubles with the modern world. Wonderful things that don't work and incompetent, rude
    and uncooperative service people. Uffda! Oh wait, that was two things. Even worse.

    Julie, sorry to hear you are under the weather as folks used to say in the days of my yute.
    I hope a few days of rest will fix you up. I think the first chapter of "A Tale Of Two Cities" is
    titled Recalled to Life. Just rest until you feel ready to be recalled.

    Hugs Barry, Granni, Sun, GB
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    Update: New bag of cat food went down a treat with the boys. Almost an hour since Worf ate; no problems. I'm very relieved!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in cause I wanted to look on Zillow at the market price of places in the hood. The guy downstairs called all upset because my condo was appraised $18,000 less than what he is asking for his place. Mine isn't listed for sale and I have no control over what Zillow decides to post on their website. They have all kinds of mistakes on their listings. There have been a lot of private sales to family members in the hood so the comps are unusually low right now. Market value is what you can get for your property. I doubt he will ever find someone willing to pay for a place which has been done by a DIYer with taste which isn't keeping with what most people want. Today, people want stone countertops in the kitchen and baths and stainless appliances. Neutral colors appeal to the broadest number of buyers. He has a cheap old white fridge. Nothing wrong with white appliances but, if he wanted to sell, he'd be better off replacing his appliances with new stainless ones. The colors of the tile in the kitchen are not what appeal to most people. The floors aren't good either. He's a whiner (worse than I) and I guess he's looking for someone to blame for his condo's not selling.

    Duckie, I'm glad there are no more problems with the kitties' food. Sorry for the snafu with the phone. I'm still waiting to hear from Apple to get my new battery. I need to call them again. I don't think civilization will die out from the bomb or illness. We'll all succumb from frustration from waiting for something. Hope you get it straightened out.

    Rock, there is a print out there with a Florida front porch like this. I've seen it framed and hanging on walls everywhere I go. I'm guessing it might be popular in CA too. This Porch is very much like something you would see in Key West. Only thing missing is one or two Key West chickens. They are everywhere. It got warm enough that the A/C came on for a bit this afternoon. I like it just a wee bit cooler. Like Goldilocks, I like it just right.

    OK, gonna get going. SV is pounding on the sliding door. He's a pain sometimes.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Here's a kawinkydink for you. I got a library book written by Robert J Wagner, TV and
    movie star, now 87 years old. He's been on the show NCIS several times in the last decade or
    so as the father of Tony DiNozzo.

    Anyhoo, I got a library book about the women in his life. His wives, (3), fellow actors, girl friends, etc. The day after I got the book Wagner was in the news. The cops are revisiting the
    death of his first wife Natalie Wood. That was almost 40 years ago. Hard to think there would
    be any new evidence.

    Just watched a forensic show. They often solve old cases but it's because there is either new
    evidence or a new scientific development.

    Duckie, glad to hear Worf is doing better. Our cat gets Meow Mix. She seems fine. Couple years ago got her a different brand thinking she would appreciate the variety. Nope. She wanted the old stuff. So I mixed 'em. Then she ate it. She also likes chicken broth. If I give
    her people food she will sometimes eat it and other times ignore it. Awful fussy for a feral cat. Good luck with the defective phone and the defective Fed Ex and Google.

    Mikie, isn't that clever of SV to pound on the door. You're lucky he's not a primate. He'd use a
    tool like a stone or a flower pot. AACCKK! BTW Gordon saw a documentary the other night
    about the ocean floor. Recently discovered is a fish that uses a tool. It picks up molluscs with
    its mouth and caries them to a flat stone; then flings them on the stone till the shell breaks.

    Never heard of Zillow before. It looks like the name of a pillow manufacturer. Hurry, Folks!
    Now on sale. Get your pillow from Zillow. The last place you'll need to look.

    I think some of Gordon's relatives are coming today. I'll just stay upstairs and read.

    Hugs, Gang
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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Opened the slider so SV could go in and out while it's quiet outside It's too noisy to leave it open once traffic gets going on the road which runs along the outside of our hood. The hurricane tore apart the trees and bushes which buffered the noise. I started having labored breathing so am guessing the Red Tide is still with us. The county has remained strangely quiet about it now that the Snowbirds have arrived. Or, it could be residual symptoms of this crud. In any case, I closed the door. He's had his treats, his fresh food and a lot of lovin' so he's good to go for a while.

    Rock, at the time of Natalie Wood's death, I had my suspicions. Seems there wasn't much investigation. I chalked it up to celebrities' getting deferential treatment. He married Jill St. John after she died. I don't think it's a matter of new evidence. I think they are taking another look at the old evidence. I'd hate to think RW had any part in her death. According to a newscast, the captain of the yacht now believes he did.

    SV and Tweety got the original Meow Mix when they lived outside and Jeff took care of them. Tweety still won't eat anything else. SV eats pretty much what I put in front of him. I combine the Meow Mix with Purina for inside cats but he also gets a bit of wet 'gourmet' cat food for lunch each day. If I give him too much, he just licks the gravy off of it so I only give him a little and he eats it all. That's interesting about the fish. I think critters are way smarter than we ever knew. It's funny when SV wants in. At first, he uses one paw to scratch on the glass with his claws. If I don't let him in, he sits up on his haunches and beats both paws vigorously on the glass, making a racket. I'm laughing at Miss Kitty. Even feral kitties can be mighty choosy. Even though Tweety came to Jeff's starving and wounded, she has always strutted around like a queen. Miss Kitty is so very lucky to have you.

    I think the realtors' listings are a better way to find out what real estate is selling for instead of Zillow. Also, our newspaper lists what property has sold for in the last week. Not that it matters. The guy downstairs has never let logic stop him from forming his ideas. He complained to Dennis and Grace that a guy laying tile in the unit next door was outside talking on his cell phone at the ungodly hour of 8:00 a.m. I heard the guy too when I went into my kitchen. Big deal! Those workers will be gone in a day or two. The guy downstairs needs to live out by himself somewhere. He complains nonstop about the people at the pool. Our bldg. is next to the pool; he knew that when he moved in. He leased his unit for two years before buying it so he knew what he was getting. Good grief!

    I three way texted with my pals last evening. Nancy is staying home because of the cold up in MI and hasn't gotten sick. Claudia took her Mom to the dentist and hurt her back transporting her because her Mom can no longer walk. She is the best daughter I've ever seen. I pray for her because I know what she goes through, taking care of a woman who no longer resembles the person who raised her. Of course, no one can really know what it's like unless they have been in that situation. I'm sure it's much harder than I can imagine. I hope I never put that burden on my kids.

    Alrighty then, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dmc - I was laughing when you revealed your beautiful anticipated device arrived and it had that pink line. Lol! I would've thrown a tantrum there n then.

    Mikie - what a beautiful porch in a beautiful setting. It's so clean. It's good SV knows how to voice his needs. By rapping on the walls or whatever. We hv a sweet one who doesn't make much fuss. The other dogs do. Like when he wants a pet or a treat. The newest rescue we took in just launches himself at us like a missile to greet us. And another does a dainty skip and twirl when he wants to be fed. The sweet one will just shuffle and look at us with melting eyes. I never feed only one of them treats unless the docile one and the Skippy one are alone. Then I might giv them a bone or a scrap of extra meat. Because sometimes there's not enough for all of them. Doggies and family. Lol! The oldest gets fed all of sons scraps because he stays with him

    Rock - I saw a documentary about sea critters..this diver when doing research work would hv to visit a certain area underwater and this little sea creature would watch him from his crevice. Then on subsequent visits the little one would always swim out to greet him and swim around him in a friendly way. The diver said he really thought the little fish thought of him as a friend. It didn't hv any eggs to protect or anything. I think the fish sensed the human didn't mean any harm and took a liking to him. Like dolphins like humans.
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    Good morning!! It felt good to sleep in this morning; I needed the extra sleep. I didn't get to sleep in last weekend.

    Today's chore is to straighten up the bunker. It's a mess again. I don't know how that happens!! Then I need to decide what project(s) I'm going to work on this weekend.

    Mikie - it is amazing how our animals learn to communicate with us. I feel badly that Worf was telling me about the bad cat food but I wasn't understanding him. But who expects that?!? My cats get dry food most of the time. They get dry treats every evening except Saturday, when they get a can. With 4 kitties eating one can of food, it isn't much each.

    Rock - it is nice that you take such good care of Miss Kitty. Speaking of 'feral' cats, that one we took to the shelter a couple of months ago got returned. She started crying at my DM's door. A couple of times, she ran in to the house, thought better of it and ran back out. Until last night. When my DM realized that it was the same cat, she decided to keep her. But by then, "Luna" had already adopted my DM. And stolen her heart. DM: "Why am I doing this?" Me: "Because we're suckers?" Fortunately, it looks like my DM's cat Othello is going to at least strike up a truce with Luna. Luna for her part has been eating like a little pig.

    Spring - I just decided that if I didn't laugh about the phone I would cry. It's on its way back to Google now. I wonder what they'll think when they open the box and find that I wrapped it up in some left over quilt batting!!! I saw a nature show once where a guy was diving near Antartica and filming leopard seals. This one female leopard seal kept bringing him dead penguins and trying to feed them to him. He said he thought that she thought he was skinny and needed feeding up!

    Well, I suppose I will get busy with my work for today. Hugs to everybody!
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Saturday morning...I got up long enough to fix Den some waffles and sausage for breakfast...he's been waiting all week for them, lol! I didn't think my stomach could handle the sausage, so I just ate a waffle. I don't normally eat just carbs, without adding in some protein, but made an exception today. Going back to bed soon anyway...Den is going to town to pick up some things for his shop and will stop by to see his friend, Fred.

    Amy thinks I should go to the ER, but my symptoms aren't really emergent...just aggravating because they are hanging on so long. It feels like I'm not getting any air in my lungs, but I am able to take a deep breath if I concentrate on it. My biggest complaint right now is weakness and lack of energy. No fever, no aches or chills, not really much cough...just exhaustion. Keira's other grandma went two weeks without even getting dressed or doing any cooking, laundry, etc. Amy talked to her when she dropped Keira off last night (she meets Keira's dad there on his weekends with Keira, then he either stays at his mom and dad's or drives the three hours back to his house...well his wife, her son, and their baby son are sometimes along too.)

    Anyway, my point is that there are lots of people who have this stuff and it just drags along.

    Duckie, sorry about your phone fiasco...more waiting, but glad they can just deliver it now, whether anyone signs or not. Yes, I bet someone will get a chuckle when it gets unwrapped...

    Spring, sounds like you have quite an assortment of personalities with your doggies. Smart of the older dog to stick with your son.

    Rock, most of our cats are feral...only four that I can actually pet...only two of those who aren't afraid of the dog and will actually come to the house (sometimes they will slip in while the door is open, but go out easily enough if I put some Meow Mix out there for them.) Funny about the Meow Mix...one would think the 32 pound bag would be cheaper per ounce, but it's actually cheaper to get two 16 pound bags. WalMart has the "per ounce" price listed on many items...I haven't actually done the math, just taking their word for it. Plus it is easier to lift and pour 16 pounds into the cat food bin, lol!

    Mikie, I figured the snowbirds had already taken over down there...I suppose some wait till after the holidays and even until it gets really bad where they live. You're right...probably not good for the tourism industry to advertise any problems. And the snowbirds might not be there long enough to be too adversely affected?

    Granni, I meant to say Happy Birthday to your hubby...I forget when your celebration was to be. And happy belated anniversary to the two of you. Den wouldn't want any celebration, either...

    Sun, I'm guessing you are getting lots of things done. Did you say how your appt. with the lung doc went? I can't remember what I've read lately. I need to reschedule the spirometry test, but don't think it would be very accurate while I have this respiratory stuff. I don't want to seem worse than what I am on an ordinary day....anxious to get tested, though, and see what's going on.

    Guys, I am getting pooped out just sitting at the computer. Guess I will head on back to bed...I really haven't been overdoing anything, just barely keeping up with laundry, dishes, some very light cooking. Not like I've been hanging out clothes, mowing yard, mopping floors, moving heavy boxes or anything like that. I told Amy I would call my doctor if I'm still feeling this way the first of the week. I do have a chiro appt. on Monday, but will have to see if I'm up to driving the 45 minutes it takes to get there.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Rock, I think you said Gordon's sisters were coming? Hope that visit goes well. Hi to anyone I've missed...just stayed on this porch and didn't try to go back and forth. Den just called to see what kind of cat food to get (he pretends he doesn't think we need to feed the cats, but he talks to them and pets them when I'm not looking, lol). I told him Meow Mix, then saw an empty Kit and Kaboodle bag...geesh, I can't even remember what I feed my cats! Back to bed, for sure. Maybe I can sleep till I feel better....but this is my 15th day of this crud. Glad I went to the doctor at least once, even though he said he couldn't do anything for me.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    The only exciting thing going on here is watching the grass grow..the weather has been beautiful..very much like spring..the temperature has been in the 60s, which I love, and this will continue for several more days.
    Still don't have much energy but the crud symptoms seem to be on the way out..however, now I'm dealing with a UTI..it just keeps coming..

    My 7 year old granddaughter, Alaina, has been home this week due to some kind of lung infection..bronchitis/pneumonia and has been on antibiotics..not sure why the doctor can't call it by name, but as long as he is treating her properly and getting her well, he can call it, or not, whatever he wants...she has been to see him twice this week...I was just so scared that it could have turned out to be this horrible flu that has taken the lives of so many children..16 children to date have died from the flu in CA...Vicki told me today that Alaina's fever broke and is acting her normal self..Kaitlyn seems to be doing fine and hasn't come down with anything..thank the Lord!

    Duck: how is your sinus infection? So sorry for all your problems with the phone..that stuff is soooo annoying and shouldn't be so darn difficult to fix/exchange! Glad to hear your kitty is doing well on the new food...Vicki's one kitty has allergies to most cat foods. She changed their food several times and finally found Natural Balance, Green Pea and Duck Formula, which seems to be working, but, man o man, it's a bit pricey..what are your kitties on?

    Mikie: Sending prayers up that your energy will return soon and you start to feel good again. Does the guy downstairs have a realtor he is working with? The realtor should tell him what he needs to do to fix up his place in order to have better luck in selling it. Hope you get that irrigation problem fixed soon..having worked on the irrigation in our vineyard, it's so important to get it fixed asap.. When the coyotes chewed the irrigation lines in half, it stopped water from continuing on down the line and rows and rows of grape vines weren't getting the much needed water, but in the area where the line was broken, it was a muddy mess, and obviously, we had to get the problem fixed quickly! Beautiful porch, Mikie..

    Julie: Please don't overdo it..as you know, rest is one of the most important things that you need to do..I know laying low is sooooo boring but it is necessary..not to mention, keeping good old homemade soup on hand. How is Den doing? Hopefully, he feeling much better. And please, don't ever think your are complaining about not feeling well..

    Rock: OMG..don't think I could handle having my neck cracked..! I would think it would be painful, is it? I thought that Velcro was the best thing since sliced bread when my kids were small..it made putting their shoes on a breeze, especially when they could start to do it themselves.

    Spring: Beautiful picture of the flowers..you have so many interesting things to say and I love reading your posts
    Sun: Have you finished your pillow tops? Can you post pictures of them when you have finished them? Stop in when you can..

    Granni: My DH has had prostate problems for years..and has had several operations to correct the problem. His prostate grows like a weed and he goes to his urologist a couple of times a years to make sure there is no other problem..he, too, will have blood in his urine from time to time and then it clears up and a little later, it will return...our son, at a very young age, had a very small amount of blood in his urine, too..the doctors ran all kinds of tests and could find no reason for it..as of today, he doesn't have any problems but blood will show up occasionally.

    Better go figure out what "creation" to fix for breakfast..not much in the mood for cooking or eating, but DH is getting hungry...Julie..can I send DH to your house for breakfast?..he loves waffles!! LOL

    A big "hello" to everyone..and I apologize if I've missed anyone!
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,
    Just wanted to pop in for a minute to say hi. Also not sure how much I will be on next week, so busy with going to DH to the docs and singing plus I just got an email message yesterday from our lawyer's office with all the transcripts from my deposition. I have to check it, change it or correct it and have it notorized and send it back in. What a pain. It has to be in by Friday so I need to get moving. Also not sure what will be happening with singing since we hay have to go have more tests done. The trial if not cancelled with by March sometime. It is on the other calendar so don't remember . Nothing like worries. I am surprised my b/p is not through the roof but trying not to show it so as to upset DH who is worried about it, I know and always thinks the worst.

    JULIE - Yes, please do take it easy or it will get worse on you. Both you and Den need to try and take it easy. It is very hard when you are still working. You have enough stuff on your plate too JULIE with supposedly staying at home. You are always running around doing something usually for someone else.

    JUDY - Thanks for the information about your DH and son and their bouts with hematuria. I know it can be nothing but needs to be watched . We have enough people we know who have not checked on warning signs that passed away before they possibly could have. He had an enlarged Prostate and the PSA was hi for some time but not real high. When it peaked the doc said time to take it out. I don't remember it has been so long ago it he removed the whole prostate or not. Hoping it may be just kidney stones moving around or something like that. Glad your son had no problems but it is scary and might need to be checked on now and again if it keeps on happening.

    SUN -Wow, would love to see your pillow tops too when done. I'm sure they are gorgeous and you are so talented with anything artistic..

    ROCK - Hope the cracking of your neck wasn't painful I need to have you bring my neck with you sometime.

    MIKIE - Hope your NRG returns soon. I could use some more too for sure. Hope whatever is bugging you goes away soon so you can be up and atem and up to your usual speed, even if that to you is not that speedy. We understand :)!

    DUCKIE - Hope your sinus infection and pain goes away soon. That is no fun I know.

    SW - Hope you are doing well. I miss you all when I am not there. If I don't post I at least try and get on to read...Hope you are getting to rest some and not having to run around with all your many obligations even though some of it is probably fun.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Judy

    Good to hear from you. Watching grass grow doesn't sound too interesting. On the other end of the spectrum, folks in Minnesota would be thrilled to see grass. Winter there is 5-6 months, and Jan, Feb and March seem to last forever.

    In response to your question about having one's neck cracked, no, it doesn't hurt at all. If it hasn't been done for a long time, it makes me feel loose and limber. This guy is the best chiro I've had. He's also very polite and friendly and has a sense of humor. Actually we have a lot in common except I don't have magic hands. Ha-Ha!

    We gave our dog Zippy Natural Balance dog food, the Dick Van Patten brand, when he got old.
    A big bag cost $30 I think. Zippy was killed in our back yard by a coyote several years ago.
    I read the population of LA County is larger than most states. Yet in the midst of millions of people we have wild animals.

    Julie, waffles and sausage sounds delicious. Haven't had either for yonks. My son and I used
    to make waffles. Also pancakes in various shapes. And French toast. But that was a million
    years ago.

    Yes, Gordon's sisters and their DHs are coming. The one pair comes every few months. The
    other less frequently. I hope your current ills are soon over. Feeling short of air is a nasty
    symptom, and you can't have much fun when exhaustenizated. Come back again when
    you feel up to it.

    Oh, that reminds me of our former neighbor. Developed lung cancer after decades of heavy
    you know what. He kept right on smoking. He was hooked up to his oxygen tank. Had it on
    a small dolly. Just pulled it around. He'd light up. Folks would say, "Don't smoke, you
    idiot. You'll blow us all up". He'd just laugh. A couple of times he forgot his was towing the
    oxygen tank and walked too far. The tank would fall over with an alarming thump. He
    and his partner went out to their house in Palm Springs. He could breathe better there, but
    after a few months he died. I think he was in his 60s. He had a good time; was successful in
    show biz behind the scenes; a good life all in all.

    Duckie, "Luna" is an unusual name. Reminds me when we had callers years ago. A mom and
    her son about 5-6 dropped by. I was telling them about Sandy, the stray cat that was now living
    with us. The little boy asked, "How did you know his name?" An inquiring mind. Today
    that little boy is probably 30 years older.

    Othello is a good name for a cat. Although Othello is an English play, it's also an Italian opera
    titled Otello. I used to have it on records. Now I have it on CDs (with a different cast).
    The title role is a killer for the tenor. Has to sing over heavy orchestration. A good way
    to ruin a voice.

    Spring, Gordon and I love wild animal documentaries. Lately the makers have been trying
    to do exotic animals not previously reported on. One can only watch so many documentaries
    about the Serengeti Plains and the gnus and the lions. They are not news anymore.

    Perfect timing, I am done posting and Gordoni is a back.
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    I decided to check back in...I haven't gotten a nap in yet...weak and tired, but not necessarily sleepy.

    Judy, you certainly have your hands full, dear lady. Glad your granddaughter is feeling better...and the other one has avoided any crud. I just finished off the chicken-rice soup I made yesterday. Had to make it in stages cause I couldn't stay upright long enough to do it all at once. Cooked the chicken, cooked the rice, shredded some carrots and added all to a pan, along with frozen peas. Stuck that in the fridge until I could be up long enough to actually heat it all up together...we had it for supper last night, too.

    I'd be glad to cook waffles for your hubby...Rock, too. I got one of those waffle makers like hotels use...add the batter, shut the lid, give it a flip...when it's finished, flip it back and open the lid. I bought one for our little Susan in Tennessee...she and I had so much fun making waffles at the motel when I took her to Mayo Clinic. Mostly she had fun "poking fun" at me cause I couldn't figure out how it worked, lol! Then I had to show the next lady in line how to do it...so we laughed all during breakfast...

    I loved the velcro on the kids' shoes...yes, it helped them feel so independent. Oh, temperatures in the 60's sounds lovely...I would be outside in shorts and a t-shirt, lol! As it is, we are to get rain turning to snow tonight...we need moisture, of course...just hope it doesn't mess up the roads too much.

    Rock, how crazy to smoke while on oxygen...but I understand. We had a birthday party for Den's dad at his favorite restaurant (where they knew him as the blueberry waffle guy.) The last time, Gpa was on oxygen and the waitress brought his free piece of birthday cake to him with a lit candle in it! It took a minute before I realized what was going on (I was filming with my phone and you can hear me yell for someone to get the cake away from Gpa.)

    Granni, I'm sure it is a worry, and will be, until all this mess is taken care of. They may even wait until the day of the trial to settle out of court...that makes it even more stressful. I'm so sorry you guys have to deal with this.

    I was just hanging out on facebook, etc. earlier when one of Den's cousins called...the one who hosts the "Saturday after Thanksgiving" dinner two hours away (only we didn't go this
    year cause the kids were all still here and Lindsey's boys were sick.) Anyway, she wanted to make sure we knew that her sister's husband had died on January 16. No, we hadn't heard, even though another sister and their mom live right in the town where Den works. Apparently the husband had insisted they go for a drive (they live in Illinois)...ended up four hours away at his sister's (in Iowa)...he went to take a nap there and they found him later...dead of a heart attack. I guess one never knows...

    Den got home from town earlier so I heated up a fish sandwich for him...that's when I finished up the soup. He had time for a little nap and we're now watching his woodworking shows...not much changes his Saturday routines, lol! But he does want to get a bunch of wood brought in before all the snow gets here. I hope I feel well enough to get out to see my dad and pick up a few more groceries. We're not desperate for any one thing, but I like to be stocked up at all times....part of "life on the farm, away from civilization", lol!

    Might try that nap now. I keep hoping I'll wake up feeling almost normal, but that may take a few more days. Hang in there, everyone...

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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Checking in...Haven't done much today except water the few plants I have on our back deck..

    Rock: I'm so sorry about Zippy..I believe when I first joined the board, you told us about the coyote attacking him..

    I would also be nervous about someone on oxygen and smoking...Several years ago, a lady who lived not too far from us was on oxygen and lit up a cig and blew herself and her apartment up...the explosion damaged a couple of other apartments in the building as well..thankfully, no one else was hurt...

    Julie: I would love to have one of those waffle makers..my favorite waffle is a strawberry waffle with whip cream..love, love, love that..!

    Wishing you the strength to be able to stay up a little longer and to be able to do a little cooking without having to do it a little bit at a time..I know it is exhausting to be up...you, too, have your hands full, but right now, everything has to be on the back burner until you get your strength back, which I hope is soon!

    Mikie: How are you doing today? Hopefully, this crud will be on it's way out and you will feel much better soon! Dealing with this crud, I'm beginning to think that my age has alot to do with the fact that it is hanging on and on..just can't kick illnesses like I use to in my younger days..bummmmer!!

    Take care and wishing everyone a good weekend!
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Heavens......I'm gone for a few days and cant keep up with the posts, nor can I remember everything I read.

    Mikie: Love the porch and the blue sea beyond! Is this the neighbor who put in awful tile, etc. in his condo and now wants a mint for it?

    Granni: I do hope your DH is ok. Waiting is so hard. And same way with the trial. 99% of the time it doesn't make it to trial, so just remember that.

    JB: Good that you checked in. Happy to read your DGD is ok. My DGD was sick only one day last week, but my DD got it on vacation in Hawaii the first week of jan. And was down for the count 3 days in their condo while everyone else left to have fun. So far I've escaped it though there seems to be people all around at the stores who are sneezing or coughing. I went to an art group yesterday and after about 45 min. One of the fellow artists left...said she wasn't feeling good. Great....I was standing near her.

    Rock: So two of Gordon's sisters are coming to visit and you don't like to be there because??? Refresh my memory. And when is your DB coming for the visit? Have you found a restaurant yet?

    Spring. What have you been up to?

    Julie: I don't blame you for not wanting to go to the doc. It does sound like you've recovered from it, just the leftover fatigue. Hope you start to feel better......DON'T PUSH YOURSELF.

    Duck: Lets see....the kitties got a bad bag of food and upchucked. Poor babies. Is the company having you send in the bag or a sample? Here's a thought.....take a look at some of it under a magnifying glass or a loop....perhaps there's some mold on it that your naked eye couldn't see. What is the brand?

    My cat, clair, has to eat expensive urinary formula cat food which I have to buy at the vet's office. It runs $45 a bag and lasts about 2 months, so that breaks down to $5 a week. She was my DHs cat, and even though we never bonded over those years he was alive, since it's only me here now......I'll do......in her opinion! LOL. I keep threatening her I'm going to get a dog.

    Speaking of dogs, I keep checking at a local pet adoption place for one that speaks to me. This morning I stopped after a Starbucks and saw a large group of people gathered around the place outside. I asked what was going on....puppy adoption in another 2 hrs. Well, I'm not interested in a puppy so I left and came home, brought up the website and yes, 7 adorable fluffy puppies, so cute but lots of work. Too much for me to handle.
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Kids

    Today is Feb 4, not to be confused with the Fab 4. Just watched an amazing forensic case from
    Duluth, Minnesota. All the cops had to work with was some blood stained snow and the report
    of two witnesses who were 3 sheets to the wind i.e. drunk. Nevertheless they solved the murder.

    Sun, "Refresh my memory" is a phrase one usually hears from lawyers. I remember the first time I heard it. The head of the Claims Dept. and I were having lunch at the Brown Derby
    which was a few doors S. of our office. An attorney came over and said, "Hi Bert, can you refresh my memory?"

    The attorney looked like he had been cast for the part. He was very well known in the state as
    he defended a case that changed the law in California. He was a defense attorney, and the law was adverse to the defense. But the defense attorneys loved it because it meant the insurance companies needed them more than ever.

    BTW, Lucy, Ethel and Bill Holden were not at the Brown Derby when we were there.

    In answer to your question, unlike Gordon, his relatives don't talk much and what they say is
    never interesting. The first time I met them Gordon brought me to his family Thanksgiving
    Dinner. One of his sisters married a Mexican. So we had an old Chinese lady (Gordon's Mom)
    and an old Mexican lady and lots of Mexicans and lots of Chinese. Each group sat on their side
    of the room and talked only to each other. And not much talk.

    And it's no better when there are small groups. The women tend to whisper when they speak.
    I've been to wakes that are more cheerful. Hope you find a nice dog. I'd like one too, but I wouldn't be able to walk it like I used to.

    Judy, hope your granddaughter is better. Nothing more frightening for parents than a sick
    or injured child. It's so frustrating when we can't do anything.

    I was looking on the net to see how much those canisters of oxygen cost. couldn't find out. I
    think our neighbor told me it was around $60 a tank. He used to get several a week. I remember when the deliver people left a week's supply on his front porch. Roughly $500 worth. But he and his partner were at their Palm Spring home. So I took them in like little orphans. Left a note for whenever they came home. I felt a bit like I was storing explosives. I don't know how bomb makers stay calm. Maybe they don't.

    Julie, haven't seen one of those new waffle makers. Gordon and I haven't stayed at a motel since the early 90's when we went to Tombstone and New England and Hawaii. Now I'm
    too infirm to travel.

    Your chicken rice soup sounds great. I've never had home made chicken rice soup. It has
    to be better than the current Campbell's product.

    I can remember heavy snowfalls when I was young. Sometimes my relatives on their farms
    had to wait 2-3 days before the county roads and their driveways got plowed. I guess that's
    part of the reason those farm ladies did so much canning.

    Duckie, I think it was George Gordon (Lord Byron) who said something similar to your comment. "And if I laugh at any mortal thing, tis that I may not weep." Another alternative
    is to look up at the sky, spread your arms and yell, "Why?!"

    Mikie, you get any results from Apple? I suspect a lot of their promises are just a lot of applesauce. BTW my Mom used to make rhubarb applesauce. Very tasty in a bowl or a
    pie. I wonder if there's such a thing as apple wine. Or would that be the same as cider? I
    notice at the grocery stores they sell cider and apple juice, but they are the same product. I suppose you have to go to a liquor store to get real cider.

    Springwater, I see your weather is going to be around 70 F for the next week. Ours is going
    to be a little warmer. We are still getting tomatoes from the garden. I picked a big beautiful
    one yesterday only to find half it already eaten by a snail or slug. I don't know why we need
    both. A slug is just a snail sans shell. Here's a riddle one of my college roommates liked.

    What did the snail say when it got a ride on the back of a turtle?
    Answer: Whee!

    Granni, hope things are fine at your casa. Did you sing today?
    Barry, what's up at your chateau? Are you busy teaching the animals tricks?

    Hugs, Kids
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Not gonna stay long. The FPOC finally died. I got a message that it had to restart to repair the disc. It appeared to restart normally but got stuck and every time I tried to restart it, I got the error message: Inaccessible Boot Device. If anyone knows what this means, I'd appreciate a heads up. I think what it means is a trip to the Geek Squad. I don't know whether to junk it or pay to get it reset to factory stds. I hate the Surface notebook and the FPOC really is a piece of crap, a piece of crap which no longer even pretends to work. Computer, thy name is frustration!

    I'm on my original work horse Toshiba which I love but it gets overheated and I'm afraid it will catch fire. Perhaps I could get a new ion lithium battery and use it. Gotta decide what I'm gonna do.

    In the meantime, I hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend and hope you will forgive me for not staying long. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie