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    Good Sunday morning...only 16 degrees at almost 9:30, but the computer says it is to get up to 40. But only in the 20's all week...29 on Friday...woo hoo! We did get a skiff of snow, but I guess the big forecast for snow got changed to tomorrow. Den took tomorrow and Tuesday off work (has a bunch of days he has to use up) but I doubt I'll be any more exciting than I have been...still weak today.

    Mikie, I see you've just popped on....I can think of very few things as frustrating as computers that don't perform. You shouldn't have to deal with all of that...unfortunately, I am of no help.

    Rock, sounds like you've had some interesting family dinners, etc. with Gordon's family. We have a friend who lives with his wife about four hours away, but they built a cabin near Gpa's other farm and got acquainted with him, then with us. This guy says his wife's family is the same way...at any kind of get-together, they all sit and talk among themselves and ignore him. That doesn't sound like any fun at all...he's a very talkative, friendly guy...never has met a stranger.

    My mom, and later, Den's dad used to have lots of bottles of oxygen sitting around. When my folks moved to our farm, they wanted to keep the same supplier. He used to deliver to their house, but our house was out of his territory. But I could meet him in a town (30 minutes away...where we do most of our shopping, etc.) and we would exchange empty for full bottles in a parking lot. Then I was very conscious on the trip back home of my "precious cargo", lol!

    Den's dad rented a "concentrator" with a special attachment (I forget the technical term) and we could refill a couple sizes of bottles ourselves. But if we used the really big ones (had them on hand in case electricity went out and we couldn't refill the smaller ones) we had to take them to the office and exchange. Gpa's supplier was so generous...they let him also have a portable concentrator (an older one that they didn't rent out) to keep at our house for when he visited, then at his other house after he moved in with us...so we didn't have to transport the bigger, more expensive one every time he went somewhere else for a couple of days. It was never handy, but we got along okay. When he died, that was one of the sounds we really missed...the concentrator running all the time. But we had ran his hoses through the ceiling instead of having them lying all over the floor...they just dropped down at certain points where he usually sat and he could attach the ends to his little bottles. Pretty slick...

    Sun, it would be nice if you could find an older, house trained dog. They are so much company...but can be a lot of work at times, too. I don't think I would want to train a puppy right now, either. The kids even rehomed their two dogs...just too rambunctious with the four little kids. They kicked the dogs outside to the kids fenced in play area, but then the kids couldn't go in there to the swingset, etc. I think they just had the wrong breed of dogs and not enough time or energy to properly train them.

    Judy, how sad about the lady who blew herself up. Gpa's respiratory doctor told him a few horror stories about people burning themselves badly...I think it was when I told on Gpa about trying to weld or use a torch (when he still lived at his house and would go out to the shop.) He would just try to hold his canula out of the way...could have still done a lot of damage...

    I guess I'd better get dressed and at least pretend I feel a little better. Hi to everyone...Star, I really miss hearing from you. I hope you are doing okay, but understand if you aren't up to posting.

    Take care, everyone...for us in the cold states...winter can't last forever.

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    Hi guys.....THINKING about a dog....yes an older one and it has to be on the smaller side (but not a yappy one) no ears that hang down because long ears cause lots of ear infections, not long hair or shaggy. MUST be good around cats too. Yes, I have a lot of things on my list, PLUS it has to speak to me, I'm sure you all know what I mean.

    I went to the open air market this morning just to get out of the house. It's hard living alone!!!!! It's been 3 1/2 years since DH passed. Bought a loaf of apricot pecan sour dough bread, 3 large avocados and tried all the hummus.....mmmmm. So bought 3 varieties. I could make them and save the $ but mine just are OK coming from the blender.

    Barry: I have a large clump of blooming narcissus and they smell really good when I get near. Aside from that just succulents everywhere and rocks. I used to have a large cut flower garden but my days of gardening are long gone. I did buy 3 of those gorgeous pink and green ornamental kale/cabbage but now need to think where I can put them.

    We had dark granite counters put into the kitchen over 20 years ago and still love it. And I also antiqued all the kitchen cabinets myself....kinda like a white wash driftwood look. When this house is sold down the road I'm sure someone will put in all new cabinet fronts. And about 3 years ago I had off white/grey tile put down also....supposed to look like bamboo. Made a HUGE difference in the kitchen/entry.

    Yes I got an email from apple re: my computer account...said it was frozen. NO....I didn't click on where I was supposed to respond. Called Apple direct, and yes, it was phishing. My X SIL fell for that a few months ago, gave more than $200!

    I did a little watercolor painting yesterday....the paint was doing strange things on my yupo paper......so I'm thinking it's the binder for the pigment. So this morning I debated about driving to Pasadena to the art supply store.......super bowl sunday is a GREAT time to travel the freeways because they're usually empty. But I decided that would take about 2 hrs. Out of my day and there's more things around here that need to be done. So I went online and ordered a variety of paints.
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    Good evening everyone! I've been absorbed in a new quilt. Well, sort of new. It is one for which I had purchased the fabric but not actually started working on. Still, it is on my UFO (unfinished object) list.

    For those who asked, my kitties have been eating Purina One. For the time being, I switched to the Purina Naturals. Purina was extremely apologetic, but did not ask for the food back. They said they would open an investigation. The good news is that they have all stopped vomitting and have started eating normally again.

    A couple of my sewing friends and I are going to get together tomorrow and go shopping ( I hope to limit myself to a couple of things I need and not get anything new to work on!!). I hope the roads don't get too bad from the snow predicted tonight and that traffic isn't too messed up from Trump being in town. I have the day off because of all the extra time I put in on the upgrade project.

    Rock - My DM's cat Othello is named after the Shakespeare character. Luna is named after a character in the Harry Potter novels. The two of them have a truce so far. Luna has finally stopped pigging out on all the food she can find, but she may have been spoiled by previous human owners, because she wants to eat people food. My DM will have to break her of that habit.

    Barry, Judy, and all you other south and west-coast folks - Glad you are seeing signs of spring. For those of us further north and east, the famous rodent has predicted 6 more weeks of winter. That said, he's wrong more than 50% of the time, so you might as well flip a coin.

    Barry - My DM too is having intermittent trouble with her phone/internet. Now you see it, now you don't. The phone company was out on Thursday and declared nothing was wrong. It got wet again today, and it all quit again. I hope they can find it and fix it.

    Mikie - if you should happen to get on and see this - you have to create a boot disk using your computer. But it has to boot up to create it. Nice, huh??? I built my computer, so pretty much anything goes wrong with it, I can fix.

    I'm going to go finish my dinner now before Worf tries to finish it for me. Hugs to Sun, Spring, Julie, Granni, etc.
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    Hi Kids

    Here's the weather news. Today will be much like yesterday. Here's the tomato news. There
    were no ripe ones yesterday morning. But I watered the patch and by supper time there were
    half a dozen ready to be picked and eaten. Ourprevious landlord useta say, "If ya wanna have fruit, ya gotta water them trees."

    Gordon went to Smart and Final yesterday. I think that's kind-uv-a funny name for a grocery
    store. "Smart" suggest ladies' frocks to me and "Final" sounds like a place to buy coffins. BTW
    a coffin store did open up a few years ago. I think it was in Eagle Rock, a nearby suburb. Wasn't
    open too long. The owner was quoted as saying, "I don't really know what happened. My wife
    says too many people were thinking outside of the box."

    Duckie, you are an amazing person. I think anyone who can build a computer is a very
    calculating person. Congratulations. I don't remember a Luna in Harry Potter's world. I've
    read all the books, but haven't seen all the movies. Gordon's done both. Well, he's younger than I.

    Sun, never heard of pecan sourdough bread. Sounds good though. I used to buy sourdough
    all the time. Adds a little tang to a PB sammich. Been years since I had any. BTW the great tenor Mario Del Monaco, who recorded the opera Otello twice, died in 1982. He was buried in his Otello costume. Gordon sometimes adds kale to his stir fry. Can one eat ornamental kale
    as well as look at it? Glad to hear you're painting again.

    Barry, you're right: Spring has sprung. Except for the poor souls way up North. Anyhoo my
    Mother used to recite this little verse every Spring. "Spring has sprung. The boid is on the
    wing. How absoid. I've always hoid, the wing is on the Boid." One suspects the poet grew up in Brooklyn.

    No, I'm not pulling your leg w/ re: to the tomatoes. Or your plonker either. (I read that's
    more British slang.) I could mail you some tomatoes, but I don't suppose you'd really appreciate them after they made the trip. Why don't you and et. al. come visit. That way you can get the full experience.

    Julie, I saw that some of the places that sell oxygen bottles also sell concentrators. I didn't
    stop to read about them. Thought maybe they extracted oxygen from the air. We learned
    in 10th grade science that air is something like 70 some % nitrogen and 20 some % oxygen
    and then tiny percents of other stuff like carbon dioxide.

    Mikie, hope you are feeling more energetic today. Any news on the Red Tide? S. Florida
    sounds like paradise except for the Red Tide, the occasional hurricane , and some dangerous
    fauna now and then. Hope you and SV have a nice nap this afternoon. Good luck finding
    a new computer.

    Hugs, Folks
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    Rock:. Yes, we ARE enjoying wonderful spring weather!!!! But we desperately need rain in the entire state. A few weeks ago my handyman was here doing some repair around the gutters and roof and I insisted he put the gutter back because it was going to rain. Well, I think we only got a little night moisture/dew and that was it. My large rain barrels are full but with those I have to keep checking for signs of mosquitos. In the past I have floated a few drops of olive oil on the top. I had bought some "dunks" or whatever they're called, natural ways to kill them.....they still laid eggs and hatched and these things weren't cheap either.

    The remark about caskets reminded me of a funny story that happened where we used to live which was about a block away from a cemetery. The house across from us was a rental which I didn't pay much attention to until a neighbor called and asked if I noticed all the van type vehicles with out of state plates always at the house. She said one day she called and said she saw a gurney on the sidewalk with a covered body on it!!! Then I talked to a neighbor next door to this house and she told me the person driving one of the vehicles told her little kids to go into their house for a little bit as they were going to be moving some stuff. OK.....turned out these people were in the body moving business for the mortuary and apparently they were doing a pit stop. HA.....probably removing gold teeth! Anyway, they didn't stay long and were evicted for non payment of rent. Oh yes, the lady renter was telling me that they liked to go to the cemetery and roller blade there because the pavement was so much better than the streets.

    I watched/listened to the game yesterday.....only to see the commercials and half time, both of which I thought were just so so, except for a very funny M & M commercial with Danny Divito. I'm not a football fan but apparently this was a very good game from start to finish.

    My gardener was just here and transferred the big broken pot plants to a new one. Today I'm going to give everything a good shot of fertilizer. Then it's back to my lace pillows. They're going very slowly.
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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Since I'm still on my old faithful work horse computer, I won't be lingering. It's not the battery which gets so hot. I discovered it's something in the computer itself.

    Duckie, can I make a boot disc from this computer to boot up the other one. Both have Windows 10. Sorry to bother you with this. I'll look up how to make the boot disc. Just wondering whether it's possible. Thank you.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm outta here. Hope everydooby is doing well and had a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Good grief, I typed this post and didn't post it. Not long after, Grace texted me that the water in the leak was pouring out onto the sidewalk. We had a lake in front of the bldg. It wasn't an irrigation pipe; it was the water pipe. Our water bill will be HUGE next time. The plumbers fixed it and we are still waiting for the water to come back on. Mgr. told me that the irrigation guy told her last week that it might be the water pipe. She didn't tell me that. If she had, I'd have had the plumbers out then. What a mess.

    Even worse is that, when I knocked on the door of the woman with the drinking problem, she came to the door looking like someone had beaten her something horrible. She was black and blue all over her face and her eyes were almost swollen shut. She couldn't stand up and collapsed to the floor. I went to check for a pulse and she talked to me. I told her to stay down and I got Grace and she stayed with her while I called 911. Unfortunately, because she was coherent and not drunk, the EMT's couldn't force her to go to the hospital. One EMT fixed her some oatmeal but I doubt she ate it. Grace called her sister and she and a friend came over. I gave the friend a banana and some Smart Water. They EMTs said her eyes are yellow and she going into liver failure. She said she fell. She answered the EMT's questions but is just lethargic and refuses help. I don't think she will live long now. She just doesn't care.

    I'm feel so depressed and frustrated. There is nothing any of us can do. We just have to stand by and watch her fail until she is so bad that it's too late. She's a good person. She begged me not to call 911 but I told her I had to. I told her we love her and couldn't just leave her like that. I have a miserable headache. I'm gonna run to the store to get a couple more bananas and look in on her and the sister.

    Again, hope everydooby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: There's nothing anybody can do for her to give her a reason to live. Eegads....liver failure and she did it to herself. You're a good person but don't beat yourself up over it. I have to say that's a wonderful caring EMT to make her something to eat.

    Sorry about that water pipe problem.....that's a bad manager!

    I took a short walk this morning. Some days I just have to push myself but I MUST do this to make my lungs work right.

    I'm giving the ornamental cabbage a good soaking in their pots before I plant them out. Found a place where both people walking by can enjoy them along with me.

    I keep forgetting to tell you all that my DS up in Portland bought me a pain rollon with some cannabis in it.....I was a little scared of using it though. Finally broke down a few nights ago for my painful shoulder and OMG....the pain was almost gone in about 10 min. I could move my arm all around with very little pain. Not crazy that I can smell some of the cannabis......honestly I'm afraid people will smell it on me so when I go out I make sure I use a spritz of perfume! LOL
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    Rock, here's how I remember the springtime poem...

    "Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,
    I wonder where the flowers is."

    Certainly not springtime in Iowa...18 degrees, but snowing like crazy. I decided to reschedule my chiro appt. to Friday instead of this morning...(45 minutes one direction) and go see my dad (30 minutes another direction.) We had a lot of snow in the forecast and I was afraid I might not get out again for a few days.

    Dad is doing fine, but was out of his sugar free candy, out of 7-Up and juice, thankfully someone had thrown his dead flowers away (but I picked up some new ones and restocked all his goodies.)

    I actually felt pretty "human" so just kept running errands and shopping until the snow started...then I beat it for home. The roads were starting to get slick...it was sticking in places, but I made it home okay. I see reports of lots of wrecks up on the interstates...all four lanes closed (north and south) on one of the highways, due to several vehicle pile ups. One would think it was the first snow of the season...

    Den and I met Amy, Keira and Miley in town last evening for supper...was good to see them and just the emotional boost I needed, I think. Den is home today and tomorrow and has been getting more wood inside and getting it split and stacked in the shop.

    So, I think I am on the mend...but gonna nap and take it easy the rest of the day. I was so happy to see the clementines on sale again, so I bought eight bags (24 pounds) and took to the nursing home. Residents and staff all love them, and they often say they knew I had been there because there was a new supply of clementines, lol!

    Will try to come back and visit later...by the time I got groceries unloaded and put away, I am feeling pretty tired. Hope everyone is doing fairly well...thinking of you all.
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    Gotta go fix early dinner as I have singing practice tonight. Went to the doc this morning and he didn't find anything yet to cause the hematuria but he will go in a week 1/2 or so for a CT scan. That should tell the tale. Of course, our insurance didn't pay for the tests to be done where we were today so we have to go to St. Lukes . Never have gone there but have heard they are very good. Should be cheaper though which is a good thing.

    Keep up the prayers for both me and DH and hope any problem he has is not major and can be fixed soon and quickly. It is the same surgeon that did his prostatectomy in 16 years ago I think he said in 2001. Also I think his PSA is very low which is good.

    Very busy and sing tomorrow morning. Need to do my depositions and wondering if i should change anything before sending it in. To much aggravation and worry. Nothing really needs to be changed but who knows with this screwy case..

    JULIE - Glad you are doing better but don't overdo please, lest you get sicker again.

    LOVE to everydobby. Gotta go and start dinner or thinking about it since we eat early. DH is starving as always and we ate breakfast early and a light lunch early too after we got home and went shopping with DD for a few things at Goodwill and our health food store having their big sale. Now I am really broke. Sorry not much time to chat with everyone separately.

    HUGZ to AWL,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just an update. The sister talked the woman into going to urgent care but they instead took her to the ER. I'd be shocked if they didn't admit her. I don't know whether it's too late or not. I'm not sure that even this will make her want to live and stop drinking and smoking. I went to the store and got something for the sister to eat. She was in shock. I think she's been in denial at just how bad her sister's problem is plus, you can't help someone who won't be helped. The sister read the EMTs' notes and I think that brought it home to her. If her liver fails, it will start a cascade and other organs will begin to fail if they haven't already.

    This has been such a sad day for me. It has made me want to get well again so I can get on top of things. Grace and I got nothing done today and that's OK because nothing is more important than this woman and getting the water leak fixed. I hate to think of what our water bill will be. The plumbers showed up at the same time as the first responders. Fortunately, the leak was obvious because Grace and I were busy with the woman.

    So, dear ones, thank you for letting me talk about this. I appreciate the support.

    Love, Mikie
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    Greetings, Old Friends

    Julie, I don't remember ever hearing that Spring verse. It's a good one. I used a similar rhyme
    scheme here.
    A look back at the 60's.

    There goes Richard,
    There goes Liz.
    The King and Queen of
    the movie biz.

    Gordon brought home some clementines the other day. They're not bad, but most fruit is
    practically tasteless these days. (I know. I've said that a thousand times.)

    Sun, never heard of that pain killer before. I wonder which works better. Smoking or rolling?
    Glad to hear you got some pain relief.

    Mikie, you're so well informed about so many things. I don't even know what a boot disc is. I
    do know what a boot jack is though. It's a V shaped tool, usually made of wood. You use it
    when you arrive home to your castle after riding to the hounds. Helps you get your boots off.
    Pic below. You put one foot on the end and stick the heel of the boot in the V.

    Gordon is off doing errands and delivering cilantro to friends. I'm going to lie down and
    read my current thriller.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    I'm enjoying this wonderful weather, but heard tonight on the news that we are in for more cold weather later this week..I can handle cold weather..just not snow and ice!

    Barry: good to see you..I was hoping that with this nice weather, you would feel much better..hang in there, as you've heard, spring is on it's way! Unfortunately, we no longer have our vineyard..we lost it in 2011, along with our home of 38 years..if we ever get into a position where we can get back into working the land, we will NEVER take on a partner again. People in the Wine Growers Assoc. that we belonged to would just laugh at me because I am not crazy about wine..I will drink it once in awhile, but that's it..however, I loved growing the grapes..being out in the vineyard, which was 80 acres, 40 planted, was like a piece of heaven..it was quiet except for the birds talking to each other..it was just a magical place..we miss it very much. How is Romeo doing after he got into a fight..is his wound healing as it should?

    Rock: I bought some Clementines today..we love them and they are just the right size for us..not too much, not too little..glad you are still getting tomatoes..I'm going to try and grow a couple of tomato plants this year..

    Julie: Glad to hear you are starting to feel better..still, don't over do it..also happy to hear your dad is doing well..I know he appreciates getting his "treats" refilled!! Does he still have the bird feeder outside his window? Can't believe how cold it is at your house...brrrrrr! Glad you and Den met the girls in town for supper..I'm sure it was the boost that you needed..

    Mikie: my heart just breaks hearing about the lady with the drinking problem..it's so sad..you and Grace are wonderful caring gals..there is a place in heaven for the two of you..we dealt with DH's father and his drinking which eventually killed him..same thing with my mother's sister..I also believe drinking led to my sister's heart attack and death...you WILL get better..and I'm so glad you come here to talk about this sad situation..you have always been so supportive to all of us, and I want you to know, me and everyone here, is very supportive of you..we are family..

    Granni: sending up prayers for you and your DH..let us know how things turn out with the doctors and tests...you amaze me with all that you do..wish I had a tiny bit of your energy! Let us know how your singing went..

    Better scoot..hope everyone has a good evening and a sunny day tomorrow...
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