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    IMG_0256.JPG Hello everyone

    Hmmm promises to be a grey day. Yesterday was actually hot in the afternoon. Just got back from grocery shopping. Veggies, meat, milk. Definitely warmer. 60s?

    Mikie - oh Lordy, I am sad to hear about the lady. My father was very lucky he had family around. So was my brother. At least they had someone taking care of them, helping them recover after a bout. God bless you. Mikie, you must I repeat must smudge after being with someone like that. Because you would be a little vulnerable with the long illness. Jus sit and absorb white light and surround yourself. Alcoholics are a magnet for dark energies or earth bounds and they look for energy to feed off!

    sun - I contemplated getting a little pool to grow lotus in because I saw such beautiful brick patterns. But thought of mosquitoes and decided no. But our nurseries have them. Beautiful beautiful colors some of them. I don't like dealing with breaking in puppies. Our puppy which is now grown is still not broke in. He just destroyed three slippers the other day. Three pairs. And a liquid starch bottle for washed clothes. It was called Revive. But there will be no reviving that particular bottle. It's no use saying I don't want puppies. I said it and said it and someone or other brought them in. Mostly DH and DD. And of course all the ones were born here accidentally. Dogs we took in or we thought were barren but turned out not to be so. One stray was so small, we miscalculated her age and left neutering, and she conceived.

    Julie - how much you looked after dear departed Dens father. I remember it. All those medical paraphernalia! I'm glad the weather is getting warmer there. I think both you and Den could do with a nice spell of sunshiny weather and no interruptions own time. You deserve it. Grow flowers. Enjoy grands. Cook, play.

    dMc - don't get tempted to buy too much! I know it's so hard to resist when you have a consuming passion and are surrounded by samples of them. Happens to me in a bookstore. And a dress material store. Lately I've been stopping myself buying spices condiments I do not need. I could use them but I don't have the time to cook lengthy meals.

    Rock - I was laughing at your description of Florida. I know you are teasing dear Mikie. I don't think everyone gets affected the same way by Red Tide, and certainly crocs don't come mosey ing around Mikies premises. I would give a lot to see the sun set over the sea and look at all the rich foliage there. Anyways I'm sure should a croc venture into Mikies, she will give it a tap on its head, throw it a scrap and send it to a safe place with the wildlife people.

    I had to buy tomatoes. Lots of them today, coz they're cheap just now in winter.. cheap being a relative word. Last time I made a cilantro chutney because I got them at a cheap price. I ma de too much and the recipe was crap..wrong amounts given..too much peppercorns so I salvaged a bit by adding stuff and threw out rest. Made sure I marked the page and jotted down corrections. I think it was the one ingredient amount messed up effort.

    What a strange contraption is that boot jack. !

    Granni - I hope the performances went good. Good luck with DHs tests.

    Judy v - so nice to see you. I would miss a vineyard too. How beautiful was your description. I'm sorry for what happened. They say things happen for a reason. I hope you will maybe find somewhere you love as much. Fortunate is the one who loves where they live. (I am not in that group but I appreciate certain things, proximity to shops, being a bit far away from the madding crowd, plenty of space.)

    Barry - so good to see you drop in. I have granite on my counters speckled ones..but I love them. And stainless steel sink. Ambivalent about those but they're easy to clean. That's my priority these days. I found a half eaten avocado dropped on the grass in the garden yesterday. Must hv missed seeing that. They were so so delicious. I was upset one went to waste. We just had like three. But I guess a lucky crow got to eat it.

    Last evening helped DD get dressed for a friends sisters wedding. She and others performed a dance. It's a junior school friend. But he too studied in newyork and used to visit DD in Mass.. during their undergrad there. Came back and working. Three other of her friends again, school friends and brides brother also performed. They had been rehearsing after work for couple of days. My DS mixed the songs.

    God bless
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Spring: once again, you posted a beautiful picture..so peaceful looking....wish I could find tomatoes at a cheap price..another reason for me to grow my own..

    Had to go do laundry this morning..by the time I finished getting everything washed, dried, and folded, and then going to the market to pick up a few things, my body was telling me to get home and take a nap! Even though my legs and hips were becoming painful while walking, I continue to push myself because I know it's good for me...

    Sun: How lucky for you that your son sent you that roll on thingee..it sounds terrific to me and I wouldn't care if any one could smell the cannabis or not..these days, I smell it all the time no matter where I go..anyway, I"m so glad it is working for you.

    A big "hello" to everyone..

    Feeling sleepy so I will sign off..hope everyone has a restful night.

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    Thanks for opening, Springwater. Nifty photo. Looks like an English Cotswold cottage.
    Yes, the boot jack is somewhat unusual. Looks as though it is related to the car's accelerator and a sling shot.

    Was the avocado from your tree? I picked a half eaten tomato the other day. Poor thing was preyed upon by a mollusk. The durn things sometimes eat Gordon's orchid blooms. And there was one in kitty's kibble bowl a couple nights ago. Anyhoo I tossed the
    injured tomato back in the tomato patch. Some of seeds might become new plants
    this summer.

    Judy, hope you go some rest. I haven't detected the odor of marijuana for decades. I used to
    have a landlord who smoked it with his friends. One of them was always running down to Mexico and bringing back large quantities of the stuff.

    Mikie, as Amanda said in The Glass Menagerie, "You are a Christian Martyr". Very nice of you to try and help your neighbor. And yes, it was nice of the EMT to fix oatmeal. As it says it the
    12 step literature, "We do not come here to please another person. We come here because we want recovery." I used to sign papers for people who had been ordered to attend by a Judge who had good intentions but was way off base. Forcing people to go is pointless.

    I watched one of the NCIS shows tonight. There is a series with the headquarters in Wash. DC;
    another in LA; and one in New Orleans. The guy in charge in New Orleans is Scott Bakula. He
    looks an awful lot like Randolph Scott. Read Randolph Scott's biography some years ago. He said he liked Westerns. "And they never lost money."

    Bis spater, Kids
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    Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Ones,

    I won't stay long because I'm on my old computer and it gets so hot it shuts down. It is trying to update Windows 10 and that alone may cause it to overheat. Good grief. Now Firefox is asking me to download updates. Not now!

    Thank you all for your kind words but I did nothing anyone else wouldn't do when finding a neighbor all black and blue and passing out. I wasn't trying to get her to get help for her drinking. I was only trying to get her to accept medical help for her injuries and jaundice. Last I heard, the doc at the ER had ordered an MRI because of the head injuries. I never give up hope but this woman has never shown a desire to get help for her addiction and I know that, until she wants to get sober, it ain't gonna happen. I don't think she's actively suicidal but I do think she's passively killing herself. Or, it could be actively by drinking herself to her death. All we can do is extend kindness and whatever help she will accept.

    OK, just wanted to stop in. The computer is getting hot. Sorry I can't stay a bit. Sending love and gratitude to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone!

    Sorry I was absent yesterday. The shopping trip was fun. We went to lunch at a place that I've always wanted to go. It's called The Golden Lamb; it's a historical inn in downtown Lebanon, Oh. It's been in business since 1803, and many presidents have stayed there over the years, the latest of which was G.W. Bush. Then I had choir practice last night.

    The sinus infection symptoms continue to linger, low level. Just enough to be annoying, not enough to do much about.

    Mikie - you probably can create a boot disk from your old computer for your new computer. It's a pretty simple process. Here's a youtube video. I hope your neighbor finally accepts the help she needs.

    Rock - So nice that you have tomatoes basically year round....

    Julie - definitely sounds like you are on the mend. We have 1-2" of snow and ice predicted for overnight tonight. Not looking forward to tomorrow morning's commute.

    Oh - an update on the phone saga - the new device is on its way. The package left Schaumberg, IL last night and was in Indianapolis this morning. It's due to be delivered tomorrow, NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Let's just hope this one is not defective.

    Well, I need to get back to work. Got my inbox down from 172 emails to only 13. Need to get it a little lower than that...like to keep it under 10 (competition with my boss...long story! :p)

    Here's a picture of The Golden Lamb.
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    Hi Folks

    Didn't wake up till 9 this morning. Fed kitty. Gordon will have to buy a large bag
    of kibble later. Last shopping trip the store only had little bags.

    Duckie, Wow! Since 1803! That's a while back. Looked it up. Tom Jefferson was President;
    Ohio became the 17th state. The Louisiana Purchase (15 million dollar price tag) set Lewis
    and Clark to preparing for their expedition and Ralph Waldo Emerson was born.

    Yes, it's really nice to have tomatoes year round. The funny thing is, we've had a tomato
    patch for 6-7 years. This is the first year we've had tomatoes in winter. Whaddy think?
    Would "Tomatoes In Winter" be a good book title?

    Mikie, I hope you didn't think I meant you were trying to push your neighbor into rehab.
    I wonder if some of those Judges who order people to go really know it probably won't work.
    It just gives the appearance that they are trying to be helpful.

    How long does that pesky Red Tide usually last? It seems like it's been plaguing you forever.
    Probably seems longer to you.

    I was reading the bio on line of Scott Bakula last night. He was once in a play titled Three
    Guys Naked From the Waist Down. I looked up the play. It has a cast of only three guys,
    but they are never naked. They all are comedians, but apparently none of them really have
    any talent at comedy. In the event this play is ever performed near you, you may want to
    put something else on your calendar. Sounds like "taking out the trash" would be a
    preferable event.

    OK, Kids. Drop by when you are up to it.

    Update. I looked up The Golden Lamb. As a result I now have two ads from same
    on my home page.
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    Hi guys! Only enough energy for a quick checkin...so nice to see all the posts. Spring, thanks for the new porch. Judy, so glad to see you visit more often.

    I am not worse, but have used up most of my energy this morning...barely doing anything compared to what I usually do. But trying to pace myself...I know I overdid it a bit yesterday.

    While I was gone, Den got all the cut wood inside, split and stacked. He had to get things out of the way to bring the Jeep back in, put it on the car lift and change something on the brakes. He also switched out the cheaper lug nuts on the wheels...he said they were "crap" and stripped out more and more every time he had to change a tire. He goes back to work tomorrow...has enjoyed (even while working at home) a four day weekend.

    I haven't gotten that much done today, but did get the pellet stove cleaned out. I do a more thorough job than Den, so he just lets me take care of it, lol! So, since I had let it go a few days, I'm covered in soot...gonna jump in the shower.

    I'll try to get back when I have more brain cells firing...take care, everyone!
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping by. Have to get rid of the spammers and scammers. Still can't write W&P because I'm on the old computer. I wish it didn't overheat because it's the only computer I've ever loved.

    Duckie, thanks so much for the tip. I'll check it out. Saw the directions online and it looks doable even from someone like me who is tech challenged. I appreciate it. Glad the new phone is on the way. I need to check with Apple again about getting my battery. I'm not impressed with them.

    Rock, I'm sorry, I never thought you were talking to me about my neighbor. Just mentioning it because we are all frustrated that there is nothing we can do about her addiction but, at least, we can help her with her injuries and the physical toll the drinking is taking on her body. They are still running tests but she had no broken bones in her face from the fall. That's something. If she dries out in the hospital, it may give her liver a respite. I hope so. That was a very sweet note you posted to Kevin. Don't know whether the Red Tide is still with us because the tree pollen is causing everydooby such bad allergies. Achooo!

    Julie, I'm glad you are pacing yourself. This crud takes forever. Even when I feel better, my NRG fades fast. I'm exhausted today just from yesterday's stress. Keep on doing only what you can until you are better. I hope it's soon.

    To everydooby, I'm so sorry I have been missing and not responding individually in former posts. Until I can get a boot disc made and my new computer rebooted and, hopefully, fixed, I'll be keeping it short. Even using a computer which heats up fast is better than the Surface notebook. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    We have lovely weather again today..sunshine and blue skies..a little on the cool side and will be getting colder later this week..

    Been watching the DOW..interesting..

    Mikie..I've been having problems this week with my ******* computer..cousin to yours! Was emailing my daughter, Lisa, and for no reason, lost half of it..go figure..I'm so sorry the stress from yesterday has worn you out..I totally understand though....and that blasted red tide..it seems like it has been around forever this time..!!

    Rock..Looks like this will be the last season for NCIS..I think they've been on TV for 15 years, is that correct?? I've always enjoyed that show..not too crazy about the knock offs..What is your secret to growing tomatoes? Going to give it a try this year.

    Julie..I, too, am glad that you are pacing yourself..heard that a person can get this flu more than once..YIKES! Poor Den sure has been busy with cutting the wood and stacking it..it's a tiring job for sure. Keep warm, rest, and continue to recover.

    Spring..our manager of our complex had a very sweet lab but she suddenly passed away a week ago..he is lost without her and misses her companionship..so, he has decided that he wants another dog, and he has started looking...he's looking for a dog no younger than a year old....my DH and I have been going round and round about getting another dog or kitty..As much as I love cats and dogs, I want a break from all animals..puppies are so sweet but lots and lots of work which I am not up to doing anymore. We have always had no less than 3 kitties, at least 1 dog, and birds..It seemed like "mom" was the one who took care of these sweet critters even after I got promise after promise from the kids to help take care of them..you know how that goes! I know it's annoying but I laughed and could picture your puppy chewing your slippers and destroying the bottle of Revive..Oh those darn little puppies!

    "Hello" to everyone..and hope to hear from those MIA
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just back from running errands. We went to the bank, the market, the library and the
    drug store. I seldom buy frozen dinners, but lasagna came to mind. Gordon hasn't made it
    for yonks. It's time consuming and the last time he made it he said it cost $20. And that was
    in the previous century.

    Anyhoo I bought one. Got ripped off twice. When you open the package you see that the dish
    is about half as big as the package. And when you eat it you're glad that it isn't bigger. The
    stoopud thing has about as much flavor as the box. I'd tell you the brand name, but Gordon threw the box in the trash bin and hauled it out to the curb already.

    Judy, glad you're having nice weather. So are we although Gordon thinks it's too hot. Yes, I
    read that NCIS is in its last season. But the show has been pretty lame the last few years
    anyhoo. W/ re: 2 tomatoes, I only know two tips. They need plenty of water. Also
    you need to decide if you want the determinate type (the tomatoes all grow about the
    same time). Perfect if you plan to can them. Ours are indeterminate which means they ripen
    all during the season. Tomatoes also like lots of heat so some people put a plastic sheet on
    the ground if they are starting with seeds. We grew some in pails a decade of so ago. They
    did just fine.

    Mikie, I still don't know what a boot disc is, but it seems to be an anagram for "Cobs Do It".
    Evidently referring to a male swan. Anyhoo I hope you get the boot disc or a new instrument
    (as Ernestine might say) post haste! Here's a pun I came across when I was looking for something else. Humpty Dumpty had a really rotten summer, but he had a great fall.

    Julie, good to hear that Den had a good 4 day holiday. I remember when it was so great to
    have a day off work. Now everyday is a holiday, but none of them are great. Be careful
    when you jump in the shower. If you're going to jump up and down put down a mat. We
    got a new mat recently. I don't know what it's made of, but it feels like fabric. Less slippery
    than the mats we had before.

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  11. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good evening all. Just popping in to report that DH has the flu (fever, chills, the whole nine yards), plus some kind of stomach nonsense. That has me worried as I woke up with stomach nonsense that refuses to go away. May miss out on the snow tomorrow morning if I'm not better. Well, no, I'll still have to take DS to the bus stop, unless he's on a delay or closed.

    I'll pop in when I feel better.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    I'm late stopping in. I slept from about 9:30 to 2:30 when I couldn't get back to sleep. I read and got up about 5:00. So, I've been asleep on the sofa. Still on the old computer cause I haven't made the boot disc yet. I was exhausted and jumpy yesterday. Hope I feel better today. I need to jump in the shower but I'll be careful before I take the leap.

    Judy, I'm so sorry you lost half your e-mail. Make a boot disc while you can before your FPOC crashes and you can't boot it up. I don't even know what is happening with the Red Tide but it feels as though it's still around. Our trees are making everyone sick with pollen so it's kinda hard to tell. Glad you have such nice weather. We're in for a week of low 80 degrees temps. It's nice and not too humid. I thought I was through with pets too and there came Jeff, asking me to take in the cats. I couldn't say no but did get him to take Tweety and leave me only with Sylvester. He is absolutely the last one. Good luck.

    Rock, back in the day, one had to insert a disc to boot up the computer. Now, they boot up automatically when you turn them on or, at least, that is the plan. My computer can't 'find' the boot file so it needs to be booted from an external disc. This probably isn't technically exact but then, I'm not exactly technical. I'm glad you got out but I'm sorry about the disappointing lasagna. I've bought Stouffer's frozen lasagna and it wasn't half bad but no frozen food tastes as good as homemade.

    Duckie, I'm so sorry to head about DH's having the flu and both of your having stomach distress. My stomach still hasn't recovered 100 percent from the crud I had. It was so much worse than just a cold that it makes me wonder whether it was 'flu lite.' My overactive immune system may have kept the symptoms down but the underactive side of my immune system may have been too weak to drive it out completely. In any case, I hope you are both OK. Don't take any chances. This flu is awful. Sending up a little prayer for you both.

    Gotta run. The computer is getting hot. Yikes!

    Love, Mikie
  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning...feels like Monday since Den has been home a few extra days. Only 10 degrees, one more to go before we reach today's high. We stumbled on one of the Alaska shows that are on Netflix...gives us some sort of satisfaction to watch people live in much colder climates than we do, lol! One couple went seal hunting...said it might take two days or two weeks. They were camping...in a TeePee...in minus 16 degree weather!!!!! They like to dip their frozen food in seal oil before they eat it...helps their bodies use the meat/fish more efficiently (apparently they don't thaw or cook some of the food first...)

    Duckie...oh no! No flu, no flu, no flu! We didn't have the stomach stuff at first, but I had/still have some sort of "upset" now, when I eat too much at once. Or eat certain things like dairy. Hope it doesn't turn into anything serious.

    Mikie, I miss your long posts...hope you can get that boot disc made soon. Read earlier about you and Grace helping your neighbor lady...I hope she sees her mistakes and decides to want to take care of herself. As many have said...it has to be her idea, though.

    Rock, sorry your frozen lasagna wasn't up to par. I also get the Stouffer's...not as good as homemade (which does take me forever and gets expensive) but comes in at a close second. About the shower...our new one is pretty big (6' X 6'...when the kids were here we put a little pool in the shower and let them play.) Den put something in the pool paint he used for the floor...gives good traction. I need to give Oreo a bath, but I know I will end up as wet as her...it's all fun and games till they give that giant "shake", lol!

    Judy, I sure understand about Mom taking care of the pets...from the kittens born under the bed to the dog who was terrified of storms and tried to eat the window trim to get inside...to the hampster who kept excaping from his little exercise wheel. Our Oreo is just right for an "old couple", lol! She's a cattahoula, and could stand to have more exercise, but is good about going with the flow on days when I don't have much energy...wish she was more friendly with cats, but...

    Spring, how fun to dance at a wedding....your weddings and festivals sound beautiful. The videos of the dances are so fun to watch. Sorry about your recipe not turning out. I've messed up many times...not because of a mistake in the recipe, though...rather, I just got ahead of myself and didn't read the directions.

    Sun, hope you get all your plants taken care of. I would love to see your yard/gardens in person. So much work for you, though. But you've been working at things that require less maintenance, true? I'm wondering if we will ever get this farm cleaned up...I don't expect the girls to keep it after we are gone, unless one of the grandkids wanted to live here. But they are all "city kids" and not only would they be "secluded", they would be away from family.

    Barry, hope as spring gets closer, you start feeling better. We got more snow overnight, and expect even more sometime tomorrow. I may not get out to the chiro on Friday, after all. Helps when the sun shines, but I'll be so glad when I can go outside comfortably without bundling up.

    Granni, hope you and hubby are doing okay. Keep singing along...

    Star, I miss your writing. Hope you are okay...

    Oh, I've got to get busy, but it feels like I am forgetting someone. I have some Valentines and Valentine crafts I want to mail to the kiddos...can do that Friday and still get there in time. I do send grocery gift cards once in awhile...easy to just add them to my grocery budget. We have one of the same stores as Amy, and one of the same ones as Lindsey. They always appreciate getting a little extra something in the mail.

    Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. I love mornings because I feel like they are a "clean slate" and I have lots of energy (well, more than the rest of the day, lol!)
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: All that talk about tomatoes makes me want to maybe maybe try a plant or two....maybe. I keep remembering the fight for them with the possum. Years ago I was at Home Depot and they were showing how they put in a tomato plant in an opened bag of potting soil. It was growing like crazy and producing so maybe I'll try that. I really don't have much room in sunny areas anymore, filled up with succulents that don't require water or care.

    Duck: Sorry that the flu has hit your household. Hope you guys shuck it off quickly. My DGS has been sick since sunday and my DD now is down and out.......the respiratory type.

    I looked up the restaurant and also about the ghost. These things have always fascinated me BUT don't like to think that there might be souls earthbound.

    Years ago we rented a really nice vacation home down by the beach. It had 3 levels, and I had the bottom bedroom. One day all the men had gone to the race track, leaving just my DD, my 3 month old DGD and myself. I told her I was going to take a nap. After about 30 min. I was going to give up on napping.....I kept hearing footsteps above my head walking back and forth where the grand piano sat. I thought my DD must be dancing, so I went upstairs and found the house was empty! She had taken DGD to the store. That kinda freaked me out. Fast forward a few weeks later. I was home and the owner of the house called to see how everything had gone. Great, EXCEPT for the noise. I asked if anyone had died in the house......yes, her DH. She laughed when I told her I thought my DD was dancing. She said he loved to dance and it was probably him. So casual about it!

    I'm still plugging along with my sewing project. I used to be so very fast, don't know what's happened to that speed.

    Yesterday a neighbor asked me to drive her to her doctor to get some stitches removed from her knee from some surgery she had. I told her I would just sit in the car and read a magazine.....don't want to be around sick people! The had to take my dyson pet vacuum (old) to the repair shop. Apparently it needed a new clutch which I guess makes the brush go around. It's still a great vacuum and really really sucks up the pet fur.

    Hi to everyone.....can't respond right now.....gotta get to the store and run some errands.
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon is off doing errands. I am now in charge of the ranch. I have already fed the
    livestock and evaluated the crops. Nothing is ripe yet.

    Julie, I never heard of a cattahoula. My first guess was it's a dancing feline from Hawaii.
    Turns out it is the state dog of Louisiana. Wouldn't have guessed that in several lifetimes.

    I wouldn't care to go camping at 16 degrees below. I went camping when I was a boy scout.
    We always went in the Spring when it was cold at night. It was only decades later that I found
    out we were camping in a State Park. Also looked back and wondered why the grown ups had
    picked such a miserable time of the year to sleep outdoors. I dunno. Maybe they went and
    slept in a nearby motel. Hope your tummy troubles are already better.

    Mikie, thanks for the explanation of boot disc. I suspect you would have made a super
    teacher. Never realized till now that "boot" has so many meanings. It's a noun, it's
    a verb, it's superword! BTW, what are you reading? I'm reading a couple books I got
    at the library yesterday for my inner child. Little Lulu and a Wimpy Kid book.

    Duckie, sorry to hear that both of you have flu. Hard to take care of each other when
    you are sick simultaneously. Since you haven't "popped in" I conclude that you are
    still feeling poorly. What does DH do when he up to par?

    Hugs and Salutations to Sun, Barry, Star, Granni, Linda, GB.

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good almost evening everydobby. At least I changed the bed today which really needed it. Other sheets are in the drier waiting to be folded. Did a bunch of little stuff like folding clothes from yesterday. It is cold and rainy. JULIE, I don't know how you stand that weather but if you live there you have to and I guess you get used to it.

    Yesterday we went and had a nice visit at one of the Sr, facilities and they loved our Broadway performance even though there wasn't alot of people that seemed to enjoy it and of the galssssssss who worked there as well as another resident were bopping to someof the music.

    DH wanted to go work out so we did - ugh !! I did the treadmill and he too and then he did a few weights and machines, We have not been to the gym at our club in so long. Then DH took me out for a burger and then came home and I made the bed with nice clean sheets. At least they are nice and clean even though not off the line. It was starting to really bug me as I used to change the sheets weekly but no more.

    Then DH got on the computer and fiddled around till I could get back on and do some investigating as well as calling for some more info about the CT urogram scan that DH will be having next week. DH is already moaning about it and having to go.. It is also the same week I will be getting ready for DD and DSIL to come stay with us and on Sunday we will have a nice big brunch for the family for DH;s 80th bday and our 56th anniversary (belated of course). I have to work on the depositions to night and decide if I am going to change anything at all. might now I am thinking I won;t be bothered. The lawyer said it looked OK to him. I also sent him some pics of the car which I thought he already had but didn't. We sent it to someone I think sometime ago but forgot who, maybe the insurance company.

    MIKIE - So sorry to hear about that neighbor or yours. Let us know how she fares. So nice you are all such helpful neighbors.

    JULIE - Glad that you and Den had a little break off from work, at least he did but did lots of work at home I am sure.

    SPRING - Thanks for the lovely porch. Sounds like you are a busy lady again.

    LOVE to everydobby. I need to go and fold clothes in the drier before I go fix a little dinner. leftovers tonight. I love them.

    Hi to ROCK,, JUDY, DUCKIE, BARRY, et al.

    Love every one of you.
    Granni :)!!!
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  17. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Howdy, all. Miraculously, both DH and I are much better. I still have a bit of a sinus headache, but the fever I had late last night broke, and I was actually able to eat. DH's fever also broke, and although he spent some "special" time in the bathroom this morning, he's also much improved. We both managed to do some work from home today. As luck would have it, we have chicken soup on the menu tonight!

    In another piece of good news, my new phone showed up today. The screen on it is absolutely stunning. And no pink line!!!

    Mikie - I hope you're able to make a boot disk soon.

    Julie - Like you, I'm looking forward to the return of spring. Our predicted 2-4" of snow ended up being only about an inch. And it won't stick around long; high of 50 predicted for Friday.

    Rock - DH likes to garden (during the spring and summer, obviously) and watch gardening videos the rest of the time. He used to be into rocketry, and before that astronomy. He also enjoys going shooting, and has a number of different pistols that he takes to the range. Truth be told, I like going to the range as well.

    I have to go now. Worf says so. Hugs to all.
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm on the Surface and am using it in tablet mode. It's slow going but has word suggestion like my phone. My stomach is still upset and Grace and another neighbor want me to go to lunch with them on Friday. Grace just doesn't understand that on a good day, I don't feel well. I'm better but still have little NRG and diarrhea so probably won't go. I want to go get the mulch next week so need to rest up. I have so much to do inside. Got my shower and went to Costco which left me exhausted. I got Kcups, batteries, parmesan cheese and cinnamon. I need vanilla extract but all they had was the real stuff. Thirty five dollars for eight ounces. Yikes. I got outta there for seventy seven dollars, the cheapest I've been able to shop there.

    Julie, your post reminds me that I have to get Valentines for the little boys at the end of our building. I hope it warms up for you and you feel better.

    Sun, spooky story. Nice of you to drive your neighbor to the doc.

    Rock, I'm reading a free Kindle book about WWII Germany. It's fiction. Can't remember the title. I'll have to look and report back. My little Rabbit convertible had a boot which covered the folded top when I drove around topless.

    Granny, good for you for working out. I actually made my bed today and was proud of myself.

    I'm gonna post and see who just posted while I was pecking away. Love, hugs to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Duckie, it was you. So glad you are both better. Everything I touched today turned to crap so I didn't want to mess around with computers. Glad the phone got there.

    Love, Mikie
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    And a great Good Morning to everyone! Not sure why I am up at 6:00 am...got up to tell Den goodbye and to thank him for working so hard to take care of me. I know I have worked very hard these past years...sometimes more than one or two jobs at a time, before I took on the role as caregiver to our parents. But to have to get up and be "presentable" and coherent, on someone else's schedule, seems to be out of my reach nowadays. I do think I'm still recovering from all the stressors that were piled on me at once, and I'm looking forward to a sort of "rebirth" when I turn 60 this summer...boy, that sounds like a weird, but exciting, number, lol!

    Duckie...I'm so glad both you and DH escaped the wrath of the flu! Chicken soup...just what the doctor ordered. Glad your new phone arrived and you are pleased with it.

    Sun, how nice of you to drive your neighbor to get her stitches out...wise of you to stay out of the doctor's office. I saw a nurse on facebook talking about people who come to the ER when they don't really need to...then walk out after having been exposed to the flu. And a whole softball team who came with their injured teammate...all those people exposed.

    Hmmm, the lady sure did seem nonchalant about her husband. I only remmeber two times that I saw "something." One day after we had lost our first baby, I was headed up the stairs in the old house...there was a little man sitting on the top step. He wasn't threatening, but I just felt like he didn't want me to walk past him...a little bit later, he was gone. Then one time in Belize...something had told me to go home a few days early (Den had already been there with me and left)...that night I got so sick, and I felt/saw spirits hovering around my bed...until I finally fell asleep. The next morning, one of my Belize sisters found me and helped me get packed...I was so sick, I barely made my flight. The day after I left, one of the village pastors was attacked on the path we had to take to the parking lot.

    Mikie, I still miss your long posts, but certainly understand. I wish you could feel like going out to eat with your friends, but you would be miserable if your stomach was still a mess. Almost every time I eat, it feels like I have a log just sitting in the bottom of my stomach...leftover virus symptom?

    Granni, sounds like next week will be a little hectic for you...glad your close by DD will most likely help with the celebration preparations. And your hubby's exam (CT)...is he worried about the contrast, or just the procedure in general. The worst part for me would be having to drink a lot beforehand...maybe he won't have to do all that. At any rate, it will be good to rule out possible problems. I can't even imagine getting Den to go through any tests like that. I hope your deposition is enough to help get settled out of court....glad your attorney thought it was okay.

    Rock, my dad was co-leader of my brothers' Boy Scout troop...they also did the winter "survivial" campouts...craziness, lol! Yep, they use Cattahoulas in Louisiana to round up the wild hogs. Oreo, true to her breed, tries to "herd" me whenever I try to go on a little jog with her. Maybe that's why she likes to chase cats, lol!

    Well, since I'm up so early...I might as well get busy. I've had one cup of coffee and will take my second cup around with me as I work. Getting some good piles of stuff to take to Goodwill, and throwing away several trashbags of "junk" too. I need to learn to not pile things...just take care of stuff as I see it. But, for so long, I had to let my work/hobbies sit on the back burner...no excuses now, though. And it's time to get tax stuff ready...yuck!

    I'm also "stockpiling" things to take to the kids. Not sure when we will get to go down, but Lindsey is singing at church on the 25th. I told Den I would like to be there...I can make the run with their cedar tabletop, etc...by myself, if necessary. Then we can go down a few weeks later (if the weather is warm enough up here.) I can leave enough food out for the cats, but will have to take Oreo to the vet to hang out and be spoiled.

    Anyway, "Hi" to everyone I've missed....I'm sort of rambling this morning. I'm sure I'll need a little nap this afternoon, but will try to get some things done before then. Take care!
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