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    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    I'm on my old computer. I won't be here long and will let the beast sit so Windows 10 can continue to update. It tried yesterday and said something went wrong. I'll make the boot disc later. I slept pretty well but lay down and slept more after I got up. I feel a bit better but also a bit fuzzy headed.

    Julie, yes, I think the stomach problems are left over from the crud. My allergies are so bad that I can't tell whether the cold symptoms are gone. Swelling in my lymph nodes is better. Still have a headache. This stuff just takes forever to get over. Your description of the log lying heavy in your stomach is spot on. Occasionally as I'm finishing a meal, I get stomach cramps so definitely don't want to be in a restaurant when that happens. Yikes!

    Kids in TX have some kind of entity in their house. DD noticed it but said nothing. DSIL and then DGS saw it and told her. She says it doesn't seem threatening. DD and DSIL have had one for years in CO. I saw it when I visited. She hadn't told me but saw me notice it when I was there and asked if I had seen it. Some spirits are protective.

    I hope you can recoup from all the years of hard work and stress and have some time to do what you like. I've enjoyed time to read, do jewelry and paint and it's wonderful. I haven't felt up to doing anything much for several years now but hope springs eternal. I think it's hope which gets us all through the days. Well, that and our dear, dear Porchies here.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. lydia1

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    Hi Mikie...I agree...one needs some hope in order to keep going. Speaking of which...I hope your computer woes are soon a thing of the past.

    I just had a long conversation with Lindsey...took awhile cause the boys both wanted to talk. Lorraine was doing her schoolwork and Liora was in another room playing. Josiah heard me say that I might have to come by myself one trip (Lindsey uses speakerphone) and was very disappointed that Gpa Den might not make it. We're doing our best to both get there, but just can't risk our water pipes freezing...next year, we hope to have a better heating system in place.

    I asked Lindsey for a grocery list of things I can bring. The kids always get so excited to unload all the food I bring along...especially the fresh fruit and veggies. Some kids just want toys, but these guys have different priorities, lol! Maybe it's just more special when Gma and Gpa bring it...

    Better get back to work. Had some chicken breakfast sausages on a wrap...yum. I need protein first thing in the morning...just can't do the donuts, pancakes, etc...

    The sun is shining and it looks to be a very pretty day, even with all the snow on the ground and vehicles.
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    Good morning everyone!!

    Still getting the last few things set up on my phone and matching smart watch. (Yes, I'm a flaming geek!!! :p:p) The phone is truly VERY nice. Google's ability to move data from an old phone to a new one continues to improve and the setup process is considerably easier. Of course, I just HAD to have one more bit of fun with this. Apparently our Verizon account was 'confused' and wouldn't recognize that my phone was on the account. o_O I ended up calling customer service to get the situation straightened out and new phone activated.

    I'm back at work today...I'd say 90% better. Still a little bit of stomach stuff going on, but I was able to eat my (very, very tasty) chicken soup last night, and I have some more for lunch.

    Julie - our dog was a husky/collie mix. Collie's are also herders, and she loved to try to herd everything - cats, skunks, neighbors, etc. Needless to say, none of them appreciated it, and in at least one case, the result was decidedly less than pleasant. Want to guess which one?

    Mikie - I too still have that 'log' feeling after eating. I'm hoping it will go away soon.

    Time to keep catching up on all the stuff I missed yesterday. Hugs to Granni, Sun, Barry, Rock, Judy, Star, Spring, etc.
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  4. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Duckie...I'm so glad you are feeling better. Have to chuckle about your dog trying to herd things/people. Bet it was the neighbor who didn't appreciate it, lol! I think that's still better than one dog we had who always got in front and would suddenly stop...I tripped over her more times than I care to admit. :eek:

    I'm trying to get upstairs to work, but got sidetracked with tax stuff. I swear that next year I am going to be more organized...I am a little better this year, so I guess any improvement is good. The main problem is moving around so much (even in the same building, lol) and I lose track of papers, etc. We have a few things tax wise to finish up from Gpa's estate...after 2017, we should be all done with that. I'm so glad we have such a smart tax man and he keeps track of everything...sends a "worksheet" to fill out every year and that makes it so much easier.

    So...back to the grind. I read recently about how clutter can cause so much anxiety...I can definitely agree with that. I am looking forward to less anxiety in the near future :p
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  5. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Julie - no, the neighbors didn't appreciate it (nor did the cats), but it was the skunk that went horribly wrong!! :eek::eek::eek:
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  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just dropping in. Have gotten nothing done this morning. I talked to my neighbor's sister. She is totally overwhelmed but is trying to take over her sister's affairs. The neighbor is still in the hospital and seems to sleep all the time. I think they have her sedated. Another neighbor, who is a nurse, says they may be trying to avoid seizures. She has a niece who is also helping and has directed another neighbor/friend to have the condo cleaned. She just called and said the condo is all clean. Evidently, it was squalor. Sister is going to get the condo fees up to date. I called the mgmt. co. to give them an update. We are all praying. Doctors and nurses don't know whether there is permanent damage to my neighbor's brain from drinking and/or the fall. She freaked out when they tried to do an MRI. So, it's just a matter of waiting and doing tests at this point. I told the sister I could help if she needs it.

    My new Fire TV box came so I decided to activate it. It connected to the wi-fi so that's good. It had to update and then, nothing happened. I decided to go back to cable TV and just leave it. Voila! It's working. While twisting the TV, I found the cable/HDMI connection is loose and jiggling it caused the cable signal to stop working. I don't know whether it's a bad cable or whether the DHMI port in the TV is bad. The port in the one in the bedroom went out but there is another one. Wish I had the gift of geek or lived with someone who does. Everything I do is trial and error.

    Julie, thanks for the good wishes. I think my old computer's Windows 10 has finally finished updating so I'll try to make the disc or flash drive to boot up the new one. I don't feel well and don't know whether I'm up to messing with anything technological. I'll see. Worst case, I can get my neighbor to make one on his computer when he comes in a day or so or I can haul the new one to a geek. I'm so exhausted that I'm not gonna let it get to me. Dealing with the new Fire TV setup was enough. I hope you can both go to Tenn. to see the family. I made some homemade guacamole and ate it on a bean burrito. I know that sounds awful for an upset stomach but it doesn't matter what I eat; I get the 'log' anyway. Might as well eat something I want. I figure the raw onion in it is good for what ails me. Glad the sun is shining. It's pretty cloudy here.
    Duckie, I'm so glad you like the new phone. It took several days for my phone to activate through Verizon. The mgr. at the office here was totally disgusted. I still haven't called the Apple store about the battery. I need to make a list for all the things I need to deal with. I am so mentally exhausted that I don't want to deal with anything. I'm so glad you are better. I hope your 'log' goes away. What a strange symptom. At least we can figure it's connected to the crud since so many of us have it. I've heard the saying..."Trying to herd cats" but I've never herd of a dog trying to herd skunks. Yikes! What could possibly go wrong? Feel better and better.

    Old computer is heating up but it's working well. Wish it didn't get so hot. I'm wondering whether the fan isn't working well. I don't even hear it right now. After I make the disc, I may take it apart and look at the fan. Perhaps I could order one and install it. Back in the day, I used to take mine apart and add memory. I even installed a BIOS/ROM chip when I got a new keyboard. I was either brave or stupid. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck: So did you give your dog a tomato bath? I've heard that's good to remove the smell of a skunk. My SIL's dog got sprayed and the vet said to use it. Must have been a heck of a lot of fun since this was a LARGE afghan with all that fur hanging.

    I was talking to my DD this morning....day 5 for fever for my DGS and day 3 for her, along with the body aches. I asked if she had a chicken in the freezer so she could make chicken soup. She had called the nurse who said it's viral and if she brought him in he might get exposed to more germs so they just have to wait and see. He's got asthma so I worry about him.

    Julie: A little man sitting on the stairs?????? EEEEE GADS! I absolutely would have freaked out and want to move. Have you ever thought about taking Oreo with you on your trip south?

    Mikie: Same way with your DDs' homes. How can they live there???? When my mom was in hospice I sang hymns to her and read the Bible, talked about how she was going to Heaven and everyone she would see there. I really feel that souls get stuck here on earth because they don't want to go on.

    My poor dad died alone. He was at home recuperating from a heart attack and looks like he was going out to get the mail, had chest pain so lay down on the garage floor, folded his glasses and died that way. It was an awful time....I was 7 mos. PG and at home with bad contractions. Two days later an uncle had gone to LAX to pick up my aunts, said he would go get the car and be right back. My aunts waited and waited, then heard an ambulance. My uncle died in the ambulance along with a marine who had called for help.

    I'm running late, will return later.
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  8. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Was here earlier. Computer conked out so I turned it off. Went downstairs. Gordon is busy
    decluttering. At long last he has decided to get rid of his mother's old industrial sewing machine. Three guys are supposed to come get it today. I doubt that three is enough. The darn thing weighs as much as a refrigerator; maybe even more than a pro football player.

    He is also going through old boxes that his mother had stored throughout the house. She was a
    keeper. Probably due to growing up poor in China. The boxes contain lots of fabric. Sometimes entire bolts of cloth. And she generally didn't use the gifts her kids gave her. Just stored them. So the boxes contain scarfs, purses, sweaters, cash, costume jewelry she was given over the years.

    Of course other things have shown up: a tube of Rx skin cream for me. It expired 6 years ago.
    And a postcard from the ghost town drug store atPikes Peak. Mikie, I 'spect you've been there.
    Pic at bottom.

    Granni, glad to hear your Broadway music concert was a success. What shows provided
    the music? Hello Dolly; Oklahoma: The King and I? I admire your grit for going to a
    gym and exercising. I used to do that about a hundred years ago.

    Duckie, Has your husband seen the movie October Skies? Or read the book Rocket
    Boys? When the movie people bought the book they had to change the title. Otherwise,
    they said, no one would go to the movie except teen age boys. So they anagrammed
    the title to October Skies. The author was writing about his childhood. Grew up to
    become an engineer for NASA.

    Gotta go, the machine is being difficult.


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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. Hope the decluttering goes good. And the fabrics......lots of people would probably love to have it. Maybe the guys coming to pick up the machine. When I emptied my mom's mobil home after we had moved her to a retirement home, my two sons came over to "help". They ended up sitting and reading diaries of hers, things stored from WW2, Did very little cleaning!!!! It's a big job but someone has to do it.

    Got back from my walk, a little shorter than usual because I seem to be more tired than usual today. I went down some streets I hadn't been to in some time. Good to see lots of people are removing their lawns and putting in interesting plants and architectural "stuff". This one house either makes these large sculptures or buys them. You may have seen them.....large 6' bugs made out of car parts, tubing, grills, etc. all soldered together. They had a large scarecrow wearing overalls, but made out of pipes, etc. Really interesting. I stood there at least 5 min. Gawking at everything. This helps make my walk go faster!
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  10. confusedme2

    confusedme2 Member

    hi, i am new to this. anyway I was diagnosed as have RA in 2016 now they tell me blood work is positive for RA but no sympyoms except pain, so back to the tests. they say I have fibromyalgia. my little poodle loves to play fetch. he jumps up on my chest and it felt like he landed on a really bad bruise. is that what this is like????
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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi confusedme2........Sorry for the pain and being confused, aren't we all. If you go to the very top of this page, over to the left, you will see Fibromyalgia. Click on that then start reading. There are so many things connected with fibromyalgia, not just pain. Good luck with learning, and don't be overwhelmed.
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Not much to tell. Just trying to get through each day, hoping to feel better. Sore throat returned last evening but is gone today. My friend, Claudia, has the same returning symptoms. I think I'll call this, The Neverending Virus.

    Sun, whatever entities in my kids' homes don't stay visible long, just enough to know you saw something or someone. They aren't menacing. The one in kids' place in CO appears to me to be a tall thin man. It's more like he is just hanging around and interested in us. After being with my Mom when she died, I don't believe anyone dies alone. Our loved ones on the other side come to escort us to Heaven. I've also read about this so many times. Often, loved ones appear before death, either in dreams or as spirits during waking hours. Mom saw her older brother and her mom in dreams. Her brother was motioning her to come with him. I kinda figured her passing was imminent when she told me about it. When Barb had her heart attack and was 'dead', her DH motioned to her to come with him but she's too stubborn and stayed here. She was revived in the hospital with the paddles. I'm sure someone was there for your Dad.

    Rock, going through all that stuff is tedious but interesting at the same time. I keep hoping I'll feel up to getting rid of things so the kids don't have to. So far, it's going nowhere until I feel better. Actually, nothing is happening at this juncture. Of course, I've been to Colorado Spgs. but can't say I remember visiting the ghost town pharmacy. My ex and I did visit 'The North Pole' there when Santa came running out of his little house and started cursing the goats in the petting zoo. I have to say that there were very aggressive goats.

    Gotta shut down the computer; it's very hot. I'll be back.

    Love, Mikie
  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Snowing, as expected, so I called and rescheduled (yet again) my chiro appt. They are so nice, and so understanding...and my appt. was late enough in the morning that they can get someone else in who calls last minute.

    I did get the grandkids' Valentines mailed...sent a homemade one, and included little kits so they can do crafts and make their own to give to their other grandma, parents, etc. Drove up to the mailbox and the lane was already starting to drift in. I think the wind is going to be as big a factor as any snow...this is to be off and on through the weekend. Oh well...it is February.

    Den wisely reminded me last night that it wouldn't be too smart for me to have to go to Tennessee by myself, then shortly after that with him. My body will probably protest loudly. He did ask for time off and we are hoping to go in a couple of weeks, but may need to wait till a little later. He can always change his vacation time...

    Just heated up some chicken alfredo and some beef fajita filling...added some shredded cheese and dumped it in a bowl. Comfort food for breakfast on a cold winter's day...

    Speaking of death, spirits, etc...my mom was definitely reaching for someone during her last hours. Her eyes were closed and she didn't respond to anyone who spoke to or touched her...but there was something or someone that only she could see. It was very comforting.

    I sat up all night with Den's dad as he began to transition...his eyes were also closed and he didn't respond to me (except when I put his stuffed kitty, that looked like his Kirby, in his lap) but he went through the motions of eating a whole meal, complete with sandwich, grapes and a drink...and "talked to Den" about things/projects he wanted him to finish up. I also found that very comforting and peaceful, even though there was no actual interaction between me and Gpa. I called Den and sis early in the morning, but by then the doctor had ordered morphine for Gpa's apparent pain and Gpa just slept until he passed away later that night.

    I was very honored and felt it was so fitting for me to be the one with him during his last hours. Den had spent the two days prior with his dad and they had gotten lots of things talked and figured out. Gpa didn't really want sis there, and (unknown to us at the time) she was busy cultivating a new "relationship" the whole 21 days Gpa was in the hospital... but I thought she ought to be called at the end...so glad that part is over.

    The little man at the top of my stairs wasn't scary at all. I took it to be either the spirit of our son that we had just lost, or one of Den's relatives. But I never saw him again, and never felt any presence after that.

    I hope talking about any of this isn't upsetting to anyone. I just know that there is a whole other life waiting for us when we pass...I know we each have different beliefs, but I am not afraid of dying...to me, life in Heaven will be nothing like life here on earth...well, maybe it will be the "best parts" of this current life. Lots of dogs, cats and other furbabies, reuniting with loved ones, no sickness or pain, no clutter, lol! Not in any hurry to rush it, but still look forward to it, when the time comes.

    Okay, enough of that....I need to get busy. No reason life on earth can't be uncluttered, too...right? Back to work for me. I'm getting to the point where I can see what I'm keeping and am ready to find a good storage solution. In the meantime, Den is back to work on the house...slowly, because I don't think he's over the crud, either. But he's working on the logistics of the fence to keep grandkids from falling off the loft over the new part...I have things up there, and go up and down myself, but we don't allow any kids up there (have a gate across the doorway from the old part to the new part.) We seriously will probably be working on this crazy house/farm until the day we drop, lol!

    Hope everyone is doing fairly well...

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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Well, the depositions are in for me thank God and the lawyer's office has them. So now we wait to see if it goes to court or we get an offer first and or then hopefully an offer he takes the day of court in March. Meanwhile we have the party (Sunday Brunch for DH's belated 80th b-day this month and our 56th anniversary) which DH doesn't really want esp due to the cost, next week Sunday . If it were up to him he would never have a party but doesn't mind going to others parties that much. This is just for family. Even our DGD and her SO are coming at least for the day from Co. She is so busy and probably will stay with the other gma or her SO's grandmas. She also had things to do for a friends wedding she will be Maid of Honor at soon. Our eldest DD is coming Saturday which is fine for me. Think she will come and see her in laws who still live in HOuston on Friday. They are always in the thick of it with all kinds of people and she does some real estate too ( the MIL) so she has some money. So they are always flitting around to see gkids, etc. Not like us, homebodies trying to save $. I think there will be 21 at the brunch/party but since it is on Sunday almost everyone has to go home not to long after the brunch. One DD will stay overnight since DGS has no school the next day or work for her.

    What a busy week this will be. Then DH has a Cat scan for abdomen and pelvis with IV contrast and without on Thursday, the day before we start to get ready for guest,. I finally figured out that he is supposed to be NPO or at least nothing to eat 4 hrs prior to the ck in and then procedure.. Not sure I can keep him from drinking much before hand but he can get up and have a breakfast and his coffee, but really early. He will moan all the way :)!! Glad DD didn't plan on coming Thursday which is the day of the test but she has a mammogram and maybe bone density too that day.

    Thanks you all for letting me vent about all of this. Keep up the prayers please for DH and this court case. I may get massively drunk if and when this guys take a settlement and the court case is dismissed. I certainly will be very relieved to say the least.

    JULIE - Glad you are doing a little better but take it easy if you can.. When did you see that little man at the top of the stairs.? I understand that you no longer see him. That is fascinating. We have lots of stuff that we have to get rid of and DH is anxious to start decluttering, NOW. Lots of stuff in closets and drawers that need to be gone He is not sure how long we will be here where we are living now and is hoping for a at least 5 years. Gotta get started soon. Everytime the donation places email I try and get rid of some more stuff but there is plenty more to go for sure.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling better than you were. So sorry I have been missing so much on the post. Busy busy and not necessarily stuff that is fun and want to do.

    Duckie - Glad you are doing some better.

    Love also to SUN, SPRING, BARRY, and everydobby that I missed. Hope to get back to the Porch more regularly very soon.

    Granni :)
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  15. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon! Home from work on a Friday!! Looking forward to the weekend.

    I've spent the last couple of days cleaning up a data dump from a personnel program. It's a painful slog, not the least of which because it is 'person a did bad thing b.' I keep seeing grammar/spelling mistakes that cry out for me to correct them (I mustn't). I'm also trying my hardest not to read them because it really isn't my business. It is unfortunately at this point part of my job. We had a contractor who wanted to do the work, but even before I knew what the data was to be pulled, a part of me rebelled against that. Now that I know what the data is, I'm really glad I said no.

    Confusedme2 - I have FM as well. Feeling 'bruised' is a normal state for me. Only it still hurts several minutes later. I have a cat that is nearly 20#, and when he walks across my lap it is torture.

    Mikie - Any luck with the boot disk? It does sound like the fan is out on the old computer. If it is a laptop, it could be challenging to replace as peripherals are often soldered into place.

    Sun - No poltergeists here. We actually used vinegar on the dog. Far less messy than tomato juice, and works better. It's actually the acid that destroys the thiols (the smelly part of skunk spray). Which actually just made me wonder if lemon juice would work???

    Rock - I've never seen the movie nor read the book. Not to my taste. I think my DH may have either read the book, seen the movie or both.

    Time for dinner and Worf hugs. TTYL! Hugs to all!
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in for a few minutes. I didn't get to welcome Me2. I like that nickname if it's ok. I probably won't get my new computer fixed until the kids downstairs get here.

    Dear ConfusedMe2. A lot of us have nicknames and I'll call you Me2 if that's OK. If not, let me know. I want to welcome you to the Porch. We will be starting a new one soon so make sure you look for the latest one. Hope to hear from you soon.
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck: My cat, Abby, beat Worf......at her highest she weighed over 25 lbs. I say highest....that I know of, because I just couldn't lift her anymore. Her stomach drug on the ground! Everyone kept saying she was eating too much, but she just nibbled. I had to put her to sleep because she had a bad liver. I had gone to Hawaii for 10 days and apparently during that time she had stopped eating, then her body started turning in on her. The vet said it starts to consume her fat even though she was eating. She said once it started to do that it's impossible to stop that, can't remember the term she used. Really sad.....I loved her.....the sister of Clair.

    Vinegar or even lemon juice would have been much less $ than tomato juice.

    Granni: Have a good time with the family gathering. Your DH needs to lighten up and stop worrying all the time about $. My DH "squeaked", was always pinching penneys.....he never got to enjoy his labors over the years.

    Mikie: Have you decided to buy another computer? I really love my iPad for what it's worth.

    Julie: Is Lyndsey singing a solo? Ask David to tape it and send to you.

    I've been really tired, and achy the last couple of days. I've been loafing on a patio chair all day reading old art magazines. I'm feeling really bummed.......I've noticed I've developed a hoarseness for the last couple of months. Did some research and apparently it's quite common for those using Breo. It really bothers me a lot to even talk on the phone. But I NEED this steroid inhaler to breathe easier. Seems like everything has side effects.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    At last! My computer has been sulking. Seems like it was ages ago when I was here. I couldn't
    sign in on the home page or here. Great balls of frustration. I will open a new thread.

    This thread is Closed.