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    Hi, Kids,

    Won't be here too long. This old computer will heat up something fierce and I'll have to shut it down. I have bought several flash drives I haven't used but can't find them. My neighbor's wife and DGD arrive today so want to give them a bit of time before I hit him up for a favor. I got an extended warranty for the FPOC but don't remember where it is. If I can't get it to work, I need to get it fixed under the warranty.

    Rock, that is some mother of a sewing machine. Looks like it's from the Industrial Revolution. Hope all your renovations go smoothly.

    Judy, yes these computers are trash. Don't know whether I mentioned to make a bootable disc or flash drive for yours so, if it crashes like mine, you can boot it up. Right now, I'm dead in the water.

    Duckie, I love that quilt. Is it really B&W or is that a B&W pic? In any case, it's beautiful. It's unbelievable how many you get done. I'd be lucky to finish one in my lifetime.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes. The good thing about computers is that one can get them fixed or go buy a new one. Wish I had never bought that one. I walked down to the dumpster/mailbox and could barely breathe by the time I climbed the stairs. Is it hot there? It'll be near 90 this week--too hot for this time of year.

    Barry, where are you? We miss you. I'm missing all the fun until I get a reliable computer but I'd love to read a post from you. Hope you, Richard and the critters are well.

    As usual, I need to skedaddle.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Well, I've done my chores for the day. I fed the cat, got the laundry ready for Gordon, did
    the bed making and picked 8 tomatoes. Reminds me; the late American opera soprano
    Beverly Sills once appeared on TV wearing a red gown that looked like a giant tomato. Well, she got rather heavy in her later years. She was the most popular American 0pera singer of
    her time. Even appeared in costume as Queen Elizabeth I on the cover of Time.

    Wasn't that interesting. If you want to read some interest info and see some great pics of
    quilts, go here: https://blog.etsy.com/en/facts-and-fancies-quilts/
    There is a blue and white quilt that reminds me of the pictures with the hidden image. Mikie,
    you could make a quilt. Just do a small one; for a baby.

    That reminds me of the joke about Mama tomato who told her toddler: Move along; catch up.

    Did you skedaddle in your saddle? Sounds like a Cole Porter song.

    AACCKK! Computer is acting up. Well, I'll go read and let the ornery thing rest. The
    goldurn thing is gonna rest in pieces pretty soon if it doesn't shape up.

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    Rock: You've been a real whirl wind of activity today! Speaking of laundry, my almost 10 DGD told me the other day that her friend does her own laundry....she whispered that it didn't smell good and still looked dirty. My DD still does ALL the laundry at their house including my 15 year old DGS. I told my DGD that if her jeans didn't look dirty then don't toss it into the wash...just fold up and DON'T TELL MOM. My DD is obsessive about it and is overly worked.

    Duck: Striking quilt! BTW, I love black and white. How big is it and where will it end up? How many do you have finished just sitting for a home? I may have mentioned I have a big stash of old quilts, but unfortunately old quilts are not in fashion anymore.......so what do I do with over 20 of them now? Even I don't use one on my bed.

    Judy: That's great you caught the mistake/theft in your checking. Smart going.

    Mikie: I hope your neighbor will be able to help you with your computer. If something happens to my regular PC I would have to find a repairman or wait until my DS could come look at it.

    I pushed myself out for a walk this late morning. I have some of the nicest neighbors! Met ones just unloading from a camping trip in their RV and their two little dogs that came bounding out. She mentioned one had been a stray they found. Then met another neighbor out with his two little fluffy white poodles who wanted to greet me. He was a retired fireman who had found these two strays at different times on the street. Said he was hoping to get them used to other people so he could use them as "comfort" dogs for firemen who had come under bad situations and were trying to cope.

    Still really achy all over....darn *&^%$#@ FM! Have I mentioned I HATE this body I got stuck with. Must have gotten into the wrong line.

    Barry: I see you posted while I was here. I'm so empathetic about your mouth troubles. I CRINGE when I hear things like that. Yes, crowns are massively expensive, cheaper with any dentist if you pay cash though. Some relatives of my SIL have a free dental program in Los Angeles for the homeless. I think he only does fillings and extractions though. His regular practice has graduated to him only doing reconstructive dental work. One time around them he had set up the TV to view the pics.from his computer...the before and after. Truthfully I could have done without that.
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    Good evening! Been absorbed in...you guessed it, another quilt. But I did get some laundry done as well, so I'm not a total slug.

    Rock - the design is my own. Like I said, I just thought it would look really nice in black and white. The hole punch I used was a 9mm, specifically a Browning Hi-Power. Browning just announced they are stopping production of that model. Mine was manufactured in 1962, and was my father's service weapon in Vietnam. Still works great. By the way, I'm not sure you're aware...treadle machines like the one in that picture are worth MEGA $$$$ if they work.

    Mikie - my DH just announced that his laptop is on its last legs. It's at least 7 years old, though, so not a huge surprise. That's a good life for a laptop. Hope your neighbor can help you out. Have you heard of the latest super-popular kitchen gadget? It's the Air Fryer. I decided to get one. It's really pretty nifty. Makes good french fries, with only just a little bit of oil. I also made a steak in it and it was delicious. You can do an amazing variety of stuff in it.

    Sun - the black and white quilt is twin size (70x92). I have no plan for where it will end up. I'm just now getting to the point where I feel like my stuff is good enough to sell, as I've only been quilting seriously for a little over 3 years. I have done some commissions, though. I will have to decide what to do, though, or I will be overrun with quilts. As for the old quilts you have, check with your local quilt guilds. There's more interest in antique quilts than you'd think. It's just challenging to find the people who are interested in them.

    Well, I'm going to go. Need to do my roots (I'm a natural bottle blonde). Also have to fold a bunch of laundry. Then I'll see how much time I have to work on the quilt more. I hope I can finish the top tonight.

    Hugs to all!
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  5. Starlight74

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    It's been soooo long since I've written. Sorry about that.
    My fingers get frustrated typing on this itty bitty phone.
    I've just found a little microphone icon on my phone , so I'm giving dictation a shot.
    Unfortunately it's not great with punctuation so please bear with me.
    Funnily enough it translates the word "full stop" to a .
    But chooses to spell any other kind of punctuation and I am having to go back to correct.
    So really, am questioning if this exercise is in actual fact savi g my aching fingers and jelly brain,
    or providing a work out! For both. Grrr.
    A novelty perhaps?
    Maybe the most challenging thing is remembering this feature.
    As I find myself typing when I should in fact be speaking and vice versa.
    Good grief!

    Sorry I haven't been able to reply and write for so long.
    Im not able to keep up here at home, esp with Super Grand Ma/ Mum here. (Mother in law).
    Who incidentally managed to tidy the kitchen in no time, because she was bored. Treasures (in all their un-lovely teenage- ness , remind me of this often).

    Treasures are now back at school and their 6/7 week school holidays are finally over.
    Mother-in-law and partner have left too, to go back to Western Australia.
    They parked their caravan (I think you guys call them camping trailers?) In our back yard.
    During their time here, they left it vacant here for 10 days, while they went on a cruise.

    Also during that time,while they were on their cruise, we , (2 youngest Treasures and I) drove back to old town where we used to live.
    We stayed in our swags at the caravan park.its a gorgeous park, on the lake with swans, geese and ducks.and cheeky possums.
    Anyway, I kept my word and was Mum taxi for a few days , so they could catch up with friends they'd left behind because of the move...it was off the back of a nasty flare up, so prayed alot on this trip!
    That, in itself, was an amazing adventure ,(which I was reminded of, just recently, with my very first speeding fine, of almost $200! 4km's over.ugh! Gee I'd love to hv a car with cruise control, for the long distances). I find it so mentally exhausting always having to look at the speedo.
    All the driving was a huge achievement for me, but I often thought of you, Julie and all the driving adventures you hv.Im sure this would've been a walk in the park for you.

    Fortunately we escaped back to our current home before it got too hot.
    On the very hot days we can get as much as 10 deg (celsius), cooler, than where we moved from.
    Not great in the misery of Winter, but you can bet I am super grateful during the peak of the heat.
    Thats not to say we dont get scorchers here.we do.and it still wipes me out, but I think its worse when the weather fluctuates so much.body complains a lot!

    I hv much to say, but even more I should be doing.
    I hv been extremely stupid.
    I decided the way the back room was organised was an itch I couldnt scratch, for long enough!
    So, last night, armed with tech gun/drill, I slowly dis membered it.
    Ah.what a mess! I hv created for myself sooo much work!
    And the body hurts and the brain is in hiding.
    Have given up on speak to talk or whatever it's called. So much editing involved, its hardly worth it.

    Like I said, I hv much to share, but much to do.
    I hv been reading along and sharing in all your ups and downs and praying for you all.
    I pray all the individual struggles and mountains will be dealt with and conquered.

    Oh and as for getting massively drunk, you can count me out. The last hangover I had was years ago, but what a doozy! Lasted at least 3 or 4 days.no thanks. ( cheeky emoji here).

    My love to all.
    Will try to get in again a bit later and do better, individually.

    A big welcome to Me2 !

    Take care all.
    Catch yas later
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    Hi Kids

    Duckie, what a kawinkydink. I just finished folding laundry myself. I go back to ancient
    times when folks hung stuff on the line. Very nice in the summer. Somewhat less in the
    winter. When I was a teen we had two babies in the house so I did lots of changing, hanging
    and folding diapers. I guess nowadays both diapers and I are passe. When I was young my uncle would say, whenever he wanted to keep me in line, "I used to change your diapers." I could say it to my younger siblings, but I don't.

    I don't know who manufactured the guns we used to have. When I moved to LA I bought a cheap ($100) pistol. With the revolver I had as a kid, I could hit a fluorescent light bulb at 50 feet. With the new gun, I couldn't hit much of anything smaller than a snowmobile. It shot
    both low and to my right. I don't know if the sewing machine worked or not. Gordon's mother stopped using it decades ago. We never tried. The old men were going to sell it for scrap

    Sun, your DD sounds like my mother; obsessive cleaner. And passive aggressive. Always keeping folks waiting in the car while she finished mopping the floor or wiping down something or other. Does your branch of the LA library have that free newspaper that always has an old actor on the cover? I forget the name of the paper. Anyhoo, they have ads for things like antique train sets and old furniture and lamps etc. I've seen ads for old clothes; don't
    remember any for quilts. Aha! Gordon just showed up. He couldn't remember the name
    of the paper either, but he said, "There one on the floor." And there was. "Not Born

    Got in the wrong line when the bodies were passed out, huh? Reminds me of an insult from
    the distance past. "I think he was standing behind the door when the brains were passed out."

    Barry, yes, that's right. Gordon no likee tomatoes. When he orders something that comes with
    tomatoes he says, "NO tomatoes, please." But you know what kind of people work in the fast food/restaurant business. He just sighs and passes the tomatoes to me.

    I'm sorry there's no clutter in the sun room above. Come visit us. We have oodles of it. And
    we threw out and donated a short ton of it after we moved in. And the siblings took stuff. And still it's layers deep in some rooms. I'm afraid the people from the show Hoarders will break
    in some night and film us.

    Glad to know Richard and Lenny are doing they part to keep you comfortable. You making
    any progress with the teeth situation? I hope you can get some gentle dental care w/o having
    a big bite taken outta your wallet.

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  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Everybody - thank you for the nice things about the videos. All the performers except DDs dancing partner are her junior school or higher secondary school classmates. And her inner circle of friends. They grew up together. And they are now a core group of friends she hangs out with. She is so lucky that she has found her core group of friends right from grade five when she joined that middle school. Two of her gang of five girlfriends are doing their masters in America now. They opted to work after doing undergrad.The other two were dancing with her.

    Granni - massively drunk. Lol! I can't imagine you being massively drunk. Neither Sun. I always think of you both as being role model ladies for younger gen and going to church regularly. Maybe because I've seen your photos too. The thought of being knocked out for a few hours is appealing but not the hangovers that come later. Believe me, I've seen those. My DF, DBs, DM, FIL. Oh most everyone. No wonder the closest I came to getting drunk was from a glass of beer at a staff picnic by a Riverside more than 3 decades ago.

    Star - so nice to see you and know you were held up from posting because of family visiting and not another patch of bad health. My kids would've loved having that caravan in our compound. They would've immediately moved in. My DS is sentimental about a Hulk comic collage he cut out and pasted some years ago over his cupboard doors. He won't let me throw that out even tho it is on its last legs. I was telling him I would leave it till he grew out of the superleague fascination he has and hopefully it would be soon. I heard him chuckling at that.

    Barry - happy you looked in. Was hoping the cold wasn't getting to you and making you feel more down. Even though I love my cold grey days its easy to see how too many of them together could cloud ones mind and bring on the blues. A warm ray of sunshine feels wonderful then. No wonder there are elaborate Thanksgiving ceremonies to the sun and rain and fire earth in India and here. Lenny must make a lovely fur collar cum muffler. Our pups used to do that. But never our grown dogs. Our stray adopted pooch is making his wild dog genes evident. He went after a large grey striped cat who frequents our garden, and with three bounds had climbed upto the top of a nine or ten foot brick wall which runs around the garden. He was hanging there precariously leaning on the barbed wire fence. I was open mouthed. None of our previous dogs ever achieved that feat.

    I've read up on auras and their meanings but go from my own experience when interpreting them. A nice white two inch aura seems to cover most people who are quite healthy and things going in pretty normal in their lives. A muddy green aura is what see when someone is really down and maybe being attacked by negative energies. A golden aura is fabulous..only see it when a somewhat pure soul is healing someone (Pranic healing for me) but I'm sure pure souled parsons, priests have that colour flying around them when giving sermons from a pulpit.

    For me dark indigo isn't very good.I remember you mentioning dark indigo in your aura before too. I wasn't sure about the meaning then. I've seen it around the back and shoulders of people who were being sent negative vibes, animals too. They would come down with an ailment if the colour persisted. But it's beautiful to see. As is a lovely powder blue colour. My friend once asked me to check her aura and I told her she had a beautiful light blue one. Unfortunately that denoted sadness according to her. She had just come from a healing session where she had been taking out the energy particles of sadness from a patient and it could've gotten stuck to her. But she herself was also having some problems so I privately thought that could've been her own sadness I was seeing. But she is A type personality who is good in everything and hates to admit any weakness. I know several such personalities.

    I've seen pink around a very giving person. Pink denotes love acvording to the books. That seems to be true for me. The person I saw it around was trying to help more people than he really could.

    Auras can be changed by thoughts, actions. I'm sure people who visit Lourdes, their auras definitely become brighter, cleaner whether they know it or not. In Pranic Healing the healers scan for diseased energy (mental/physical\ emotional in an organ or chakra and draw it out and replace it with healthy energy. But they will tell the patient that it's they who need to change any negative habits, actions, thoughts for the healing to be permanent.

    Rock - I love old toys. Once we unearthed a painted wooden horse on wheels from our attic in India. Don't know who it belonged to. My mum's dad was a disciplinarian who thought toys were a waste of money. She had to ask her help to buy dolls etc and smuggle them into the house. My grandpa was very loving but the only toy I remember receiving from him was a sturdy black umbrella for the monsoon season to take to school. He did give me my one beautiful dress with frills. And a puff sleeve. He died the year after that. But he was also the one who bought a two seater tricycle when I was four years old. The family's only one.

    When he died things went to hell in a hand basket financially and otherwise. My father was enamoured of the hippie culture and bought clothes in geometric print for me and Bell bottoms and straight shirts. He abhorred floral prints and frills. I loved them. I don't know why I didn't throw a tantrum then. Maybe that's why now if I do not like a garment nothing will make me wear it, no matter how expensive.

    Mikie - I hope your computer woes are sorted out. And you can come back soon.

    Dmc - yes. Another striking quilt. Do you hv someone coming in to help you clean and cook? How do you manage to do so much? I am clutching my head in amazement. I hv always admired supermoms, super wives. Maybe in my next life I will get your talents and energy if I'm good in this one.

    Judy - my attempts at stitching sound similar to your skirt fiasco! I did sew somecdolls dresses though. And then they were stolen by a friend's friend. We were classmates in grade v. They came over to play and she swiped them. I'm sorry to hear about your DH. I hope there is recovery. I believe there is always hope.

    Julie - keep warm. I've seen programmes about life in Alaska. Hard life. But interesting stories!

    For those who wished me speedy recovery, it's not me got the cold. It's the help. But thanks anyway.

    God bless
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  8. sunflowergirl

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    Rock: Wow...you were some shot with a gun! I'm impressed. Bet if you had the right gun now and practiced a little you could do it again. My son happened to mention last week that he and his girlfriend did a little exploring up in washington....near portland. Looking for some places to do target practice.

    He's got a new handgun and needs to learn it. I think this makes 3. He bought a handgun when he lived in L.A......recently he received a concealed weapon license....Portland is not the safest city anymore. That kinda scares me. And he doesn't live in the safest neighborhood either. Lots of homeless wandering the streets, people on drugs. He got robbed 1 week after he moved in. Luckily they must have gotten scared off because they dropped a pillowcase full of stuff...including his guns and amo. I told him he was very lucky! He could have been shot by them with his own gun. But they stole his computer.

    I'll have to do a search for that newspaper. I sold a couple on Craig's list about 4 years ago...but I won't do that anymore and don't want anyone coming to my house. With those two my DH and I met them in Pasadena by city hall....cash I told them. Ive given some away to some cousins, some to a local charity, but I would like to get some $ for them. What needs to happen is for a movie to be made......that becomes very popular, with the set decorated with lots of antiques and old quilts, then women will start to crave them.

    Star: GOOD TO SEE YOU! We missed you.

    Well thank you Spring......that was a very nice compliment. In my younger days I did overindulge.....hated that feeling of being on a rocking boat when I hit the bed. Learned my limit. I drink red wine every night, but just enough to take the edge off the FM.......therapeutic!

    I once was getting my hair cut at a local college and the guy happen to mention that he can see auras......really I said....asked what color was around me. I remember him saying very golden. I always had heard that blue was good. Years ago I was into all of that. Got a book on kuralin photography (not sure about that spelling) and I tried soooo hard to stare at my fingers to see if I saw something. Never did. It's my understanding that everything alive gives off energy, some people can see it, but I sure can't.

    I'm also blessed/cursed to feel people's energy or their moods or feelings. I think it's just becoming attuned to people's words, actions, posture, etc. Some people I come across I'm very nervous around. This has kept me from dangerous situations, etc. in the past.

    By the way, I had a dream years ago and I feel it was my guardian angel giving me instructions on making an investment on something........do angels do this?????? He showed up again about a year later, I told my DH who poo pooed what I had been told and we lost a lot of investment $. This was the same man. Maybe it was just a figment of my wild imagination.
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    Oh Lordy, Sun. No! It wasn't your imagination. It could have been your spirit guide. We all are supposed to hv one. Or two. Although I admit I hv never felt attuned to any such within me. Too much negativity within me. Sadness. Anger. Those act as barriers to receiving messages. Meditation can help us access our inner voice. Our minds need to be quiet to be able to hear. Were you in a somewhat calm space when your advisor turned up in your dreams? If it's the same person, twice, most definitely it was the guide assigned to you and you are very lucky that you could actually perceive him. Most people's energies are too dense for our spirit helpers to be able to cut through and make themselves heard or seen.

    Those times when your hairdresser saw your golden aura had you come back from visiting a church or something? Spiritual places, spiritual acts of compassion., all could turn an aura golden.

    It's called kirlian photography. They use it in colour therapy. Projecting the right colours into.people's chakras and organs to bring about healing. I saw a photograph of a person whose healing abilities were more pronounced than others. In our class in 2010. He had this violet colour all over. The other person who had her photograph taken had splotches of all colours, she told me she had her photo phoshopped and more positive colours put in because she was ashamed should a reader read her aura!! That was so funny. One girl had an app in her phone which could photograph auras. Mine was yellow and red. Terrible. In 2010 also very apt. I was going through bad bad stuff. Anger, confusion. Stress. Not sure my aura is attractive right now either. But definitely better than before. And it's getting better.

    God bless
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Dear Ones,

    I'm sooo exhausted that I can barely type on the glass without hitting the wrong 'key'. I'll have to come back later. I also have a doozy of a headache. Gonna take a shower and let the hot water run on my head.

    It's so good to see Barry and Star here. Also good to see our regulars. I miss not posting more. Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, we'll see how the machine is working today. Was really bad last night. Couldn't put
    books on hold at the library. Went to feed the cat about an hour ago. Turned on the back
    yard light which she knows mean "food". Sure enough. A black and white critter appeared.
    Yikes! It was a skunk! Good thing they are so phlegmatic they seldom spray. I nearly
    stepped on one at our previous residence. It just ignored me.

    Springwater, I know nothing of auras, but there is a beautiful song from our Civil War titled
    Aura Lea. This is a song we should all be familiar with since we often take medicine Aura Lee.
    The melody is familiar; it was recorded by Elvis back in the 50s. With new lyrics Aura Lea
    became Love Me Tender.

    Sun, thanks for the compliment. I think anyone in good health can be a good shot with a
    well built gun. I wished I had mine with me a couple decades ago when two teenage Mexicans
    tried to rob me. I scuffled with one while the other one just stood there. I was wearing gym
    pants. Don't even remember if they had pockets, but I had no money on me anyway. I
    always say, "Don't do the crime if you're not smart enough to figure out how to do it.

    BTW, I have driven by the Pasadena City Hall about a million times. Is the inside worth stopping and visiting? I love old buildings if they are interesting/historical/picturesque, etc.

    Mikie, tried to post to you and Star yesterday, but the computer seized up. Now my back is
    more or less doing the same thing. I had to get my back brace out and start wearing it again.
    Shoot, I've been getting along without it for over a year. Maybe you can take a nap
    and wake up without that pesky headache.

    Cheerio, Chums
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! 2 degrees on the homefront...highs in the 30's Tuesday and Thursday, but 50's the other days with 55 forecast for Saturday! Wow...just don't know if it will be warm enough for us to leave the farm overnight by the 23rd or so. Sun, David or someone usually videos special things and puts them on facebook...would just be nice to be there in person once in awhile. But, I keep reminding myself that I'm not the one who moved 10 hours away, lol! Much better for David's mom, though, as she would never be able to make the trip up here by herself. I can do it...just wears me out more and more each time.

    Can't stay long...slept later than I would have liked and need to get back on the upstairs decluttering project. And I need to particulary move some things out of the way for the loft fence...we need to get a piece of carpet to put down too (it will go to the edge of the loft and has to be there before we put the trim on the boards that hold the loft up.) always something and helps if we do them in the right order :rolleyes:

    So good to see everyone...Star, I was so glad to see you pop in. Glad you survived the MIL visit. Must have been so fun for the youngest Treasures to go visit old friends and see places where you used to live. Wishing you well, dear friend.

    Thinking of everyone else...just overwhelmed to see so many new posts. Hope everyone has a decent day.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm on my beloved old laptop so can't stay long. It will get fired up and 'fire' is the operative word. I am enjoying all y'alls' posts. My allergies are really bad and that could be what is causing all my exhaustion. I had my shower and did my hair. I'm waiting to see when the guy downstairs and Grace's DG, Dennis, and I can go pick up our mulch. I'm not up to it today but any other day this week would work.

    They just showed the official portraits of President and Michelle Obama. OMG! Hers is, in my humble opinion, horrid. She is a beautiful woman and I don't recognize her in the portrait. It looks very amateurish to me. The President's portrait looks like him but he is painted looking like he's part of a bush. Not the typical presidential portrait. Not very dignified in the traditional sense. Both of their speeches seem a bit awkward, strange from two people who usually speak eloquently. I don't know whether they see the portraits before they are unveiled to the public. Perhaps they are as turned off by them as I.

    OK, the old girl is heating up so I had better sign off. I'll keep checking in. Sorry I can't respond to everyone individually but I'm computerally challenged right now.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!

    Mikie - I'm right there with you this morning. Wish I could have stayed in bed with this migraine. But I'm dutifully at work.

    Star - Good to see you again. Some adventure you've had!

    Rock - I'm still sad to hear that they're sending that machine for scrap. Even non-functional treadle machines are worth money to collectors. But like the antique quilts that Sun has, you have to find the people who want them.

    Granni - I can honestly say that I've never even been tipsy in my life. But then I joined a fire department and became an emergency medical technician before I could even drink, so I saw the effects of what happened to people who drank too much. In addition, having suffered from migraines since I was 13, I was certain I never wanted to experience a hangover!!

    Speaking of migraines, I'm going to take mine away and try to concentrate on work. Hugs to everybody!
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    This Establishment is now closed. Duckie has already opened Vol. 1039.