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    Mikie, I just woke up. Gordon is leaving for Simi Valley (40 miles North) to pick up a
    refurbished computer. He said to ask if you had seen the news on the Instapot, large size.
    It overheats. I don't know under what circumstances. Anyhoo a recall is being considered.

    Maybe it is only a few cases. He heard it on the TV news. Haven't heard about it myself.

    Granni, hope your birthday party for 3 is a good time. I guess it's appropriate to have
    a funeral the same day. Garrison Keillor said, "They say such nice things about folks
    at their funeral. I'm sorry I will miss mine by a few days."

  2. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    The old computer just finished updating Windows 10. I looked at the control panel and it still reads, Windows 7. I'd like to try making a boot drive but am also wondering whether it would be a boot drive for Windows 7 since I'd have to use the control panel to make the drive. Guess I'll just ask the guy downstairs to do it. If I find one of the flash drives I bought, I'll try it.

    Granni, soooo busy. I don't know how you do it. I'll keep you and DH in my prayers for his bladder and the trial.

    Rock, the recall isn't for the Instant Pot pressure cookers. It's a different product, thank God. Don't know what I'd do without mine.

    OK, gotta go again.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: Not much to tell. I cleaned out a few outdated things from the fridge and took the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster. I also got the mail. Fortunately, bottom line has not changed since the woman stopped paying her fees. Her sister is evidently still 'working on it.' If she doesn't make some kind of payment, I'm going to have mgmt. send a demand letter and threaten a lien on her condo. I have to think of everyone in our bldg. I just made and $800 premium payment for our D&O insurance to protect our little board against law suits.

    I also watered the new plants in the atria; they are all doing well (knocking on wood). Between walking down to the dumpster and watering the plants, I'm exhausted. Good news is that I'm not having trouble breathing. It's just exhaustion. Can barely remember when I've not been exhausted. Chronic Fatigue should be called, Chronic Extreme Bone-Tired Exhaustion. Or, The Walking Dead! Whine, whine, whine!

    My old computer is all up to date with Windows 10 except for the Control Panel. It probably is too but the labels haven't changed. Hope all y'all are having a good day. Nancy's DD came out of her hysterectomy well. She has hormone-dependent breast cancer so decided to get rid of the hormones.

    BTW, I found the recipe for the Lone Star's steak rub. Easy peasy. Should be good for ribs too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi gang...I apologize for not staying to chat. Nursing home called and they were sending a portable xray out for Dad and doing some more labs. He's just not bouncing back...so tired, no appetite and now they've noticed he's short of breath.

    I showered and am getting packed in case they call that they are sending him to the hospital...anxiety level is sky high. But I am "loaded for bear" and if anyone mistreats him in any way, I would even consider having him transferred to another hospital...no "I'm sure I can get it this time" repeat sticks, trying to get his IV in...no ripping off the EKG stickers "well, that's just what we have to do." Etc., etc., etc.

    So, I'll check in when I can. Not sure how long it will be before they let me know anything.

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  4. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: I sure hope your dad is OK and that you won't have to stay at the hospital. And he just got a BAD nurse who didn't know how to do the IV. I had one of those when I had the operation at the hospital.....she tried 3 times as my DD watched, turning green, so she left and another one came in and lickety split,no problem.

    I'm super tired and really need a nap. This "cold" is better except for the croupy hacking cough, and I never ran a fever, so I guess I escaped the bad part.
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  5. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Sun, I'm glad you didn't get clear down with your cold...so many variations of this crud. Hope the cough disappears soon.

    I called the nurse back and she had just gotten the faxed results of Dad's chest xray. Said it didn't show anything in the lungs...she was going to send a report to his dr and see what she wanted to do. I imagine they will just keep an eye on him and do something if he gets worse.

    Yes, lots of good nurses and aids at the hospital, but Dad had pulled his IV out twice...each time, one or more nurses just had to try (some of them more than once.) I finally had enough and requested they only have an EMT do his IVs. So if he ever goes back again, I will just have a standing request that only EMTs take care of that. And the nurse who ripped off his patches was a different one altogether...she actually chuckled and said, "yep, we tell the guy patients they are going to get a wax job, whether they want it or not." I did call and report her after Dad got discharged...no sense in inflicting pain "just becasue."

    I suppose my nerves are super charged right now...just don't want my daddy to be treated in a disrespectful way. Some medical people just don't understand the dementia and that he can't help himself sometimes.

    Anyway, Den is working on the house and I am trying to get the last of the boxes sorted...amazing what I am finding, lol! Hope everyone is doing okay...
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  6. Starlight74

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    Hi guys.
    Just a quick drop in...

    Julie, thinkin' of you a d praying for you and your Dad and rest of your tribe...
    Sounds like youre tweaked for 'fight or flight'.
    Im sorry this is happening and you hv to keep such a close eye on him, but sad fact remains that
    Alot of those working in health care shouldnt be...
    At least you are nearby to keep them in line.
    Many hv no advocat at all.

    Granni, sorry the trial is dragging out and Dh has health problems.

    Barry, the deer were brought over way back when and of course easily eƟcaped the too short fencing- or so I hear.
    Fellow deer, I think.

    Mikie, roo bars or bull bars are what Aussies refer to.umm.how to describe? The big metal barrier thats attached to the front of vehicle...ok googled it.
    Apparently its a moose bar in Canada and a Cattle bumper in the US. Or push bar.
    Make sense now?

    Rock, my Ds is pretty happy with the 3 babies.He said he had to put more clean befding in coz he felt it was slimy in their little covering.he's just matter of fact...he wont pick up dog poo and dry reaches at taking out the compost etc, but anything to do with creatures, well, he's more than fine.
    Apparently at school the other day all the kids were trying to get a possum out of the stadium.
    Ds said he'd finally had enough of watching them, that he decided to sort it out.
    He did.caught the possum easily and took it outside.( this is a great boost for his self esteem as some of the boys are now taking a little nottice of him, as a result).
    At his last scl, my Ds was always called to capture and release- whatever there was.
    He also was known for collecting lizards at break time etc.

    I better get moving.
    Soooo sore and tired today.everyone was in a mood last night, so keeping my distance...
    Weather is wet and sticky and hurts my body.
    Festival today.Was looking forward to it, but dont know now...

    Hello to all
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just dropped in to check for scammers and spammers and reported posts.

    Julie, here I thought your Dad was better. I will pray for him (and for you).

    Sun, I never ran a temp either but that cold held, off and on, for more than two months. The cough, the breathing problems, the fatigue...I'm still exhausted but am not having the breathing difficulties. The Red Tide must be gone or it would be causing breathing problems, cold or no cold.

    Star, yes, I do get it now. Cop cars all have them on the front. Your little Treasure is a critter whisperer. Still reminds me of the kid on the Durrells. Do possums have rabies? Do they bite? I had one hiss at me when I surprised him. They don't scare me but I'm not brave enough to pick one up. Yikes! So good to see you posting.

    I'm gonna turn in early. SV is curled up next to me and I'm sure he will be excited to be going to bed. I'll be glad when the Olympics are over. I want my usual programming on TV. I'm reading a new book but it's only so-so.

    Hope all y'all have a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Went outside to look for kitty. The wind has been blowing all day.
    It is so loud she can't hear me when I holler. It's blowing 10-15 mph and will do the same tomorrow.
    The palm trees across the street are swaying. Probably we'll have palm fronds in the street.
    The lovely people who live there never pick them up. Or pay for the damage to cars. Broken
    windshiels, dents, etc. The fellow says, "There not my trees" even though they are on his property,
    and he planted them.

    Anyhoo Kitty was fine. Just napping underneath the banana bush. Gave her some kibble.
    She had some chicken earlier.

    Mikie, I was in the insurance business 40 years and never heard of D & O insurance. Looked it
    up. Directors and Officers coverage for people who serve on boards. With regard to our friend the
    possum, I typed in the search window, "Do possums" and the rest of the question popped right up.
    "Carry Rabies?" The answer was all mammals can carry rabies, but possums seldom do
    because their body temperature is relatively low.

    Glad to hear your Instapot is OK. Maybe you'll want to fix something so you and SV can celebrate.

    Star, yes, push bars. Lots of cop cars have them here. Especially in snow country. Helps
    when folks need a push. Reading about your son reminded me of something from about
    50 years ago. I caught a possum. It was on the college campus in St. Paul. I was walking back
    to the dormitory around dusk. Came across a Science Professor and half a dozen students standing
    around looking at some animal that was huddled against a building. I grabbed a cardboard
    box from a dumpster and pinned the possum. Couple of football players put another piece of
    cardboard over the top of the box. Said they'd drive him a couple blocks to a wooded area
    near the Mississippi River.

    Julie, your Dad is lucky to have you watching out for him. Yes, some medical people are not very
    sensitive to the needs of their patients. Good to hear that the chest X ray was negative.

    Sun, glad to hear you are getting better. Do you have a barking cough? There's a site on
    the net where you can listen to cough sounds. It's called Mommyhood 101. I guess it's
    supposed to help diagnose and treat. Feel better soon.

    Gonna finish watching The Late Show (1977) starring Art Carney and Lily Tomlin. Lily
    is playing a different role than usual. The movie is sort of modern noir about a hard boiled

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  9. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good evening everyone!

    Tomorrow is my FIL's b-day, and we're having a party for him tomorrow evening. As per usual at family get-togethers, it's my job to make dessert. I made an "Irish Apple Cake" (a recipe that popped up on my new fridge, haha!!) and tomorrow I'll make a cherry pie. the filling for the pie is from a can, but the crusts will be homemade. And I got a brand of filling made with real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

    Granni - speaking of my fridge, you asked what style it is, and I can't remember if I ever answered, but it's one of the ones with the freezer drawer on the bottom and the french-doors to a full-width refrigerator on top. I really love that (assuming we are diligent about using it) the tablet can keep track of the age of leftovers.

    Julie - keep on the medical staff. There are too many who do not take things seriously enough. Having spent 3 weeks in a nursing home after my knee replacements, I know how it goes. If I hadn't "smuggled" in my own set of meds, I would have been in bad shape, because it took them more than 3 days to get all the medications correct. It was hard enough for me advocating for myself when I had a medical background. I know it has to be hard to advocate "from a distance."

    Rock - we had a windstorm here - 40-50mph gusts. It took down the dead trumpet vine at my DM's house. We're waiting to go out there until Sunday so that we can move it. It's going to be raining again tomorrow. It's been raining enough here that some people are actually getting some flooding.

    Star - your story reminded me of when I bought some gerbils for my kids when they were young. I was assured that I had two of the same gender. You guessed it, a few weeks later we had baby gerbils. Apparently, I'm something of a critter whisperer as well. All the cats flock to me. And you may have seen my stories about rescuing wild birds. There used to be a store near me that specialized in parrots. When I would go in there, the birds would jump on me as I went by. The owners said they'd never seen anything like that.

    Mikie - I'm so glad you finally seem to be on the mend. It has to be something of a relief. The title of an episode of a really weird show keeps popping into my head..."There is no normal anymore." Somehow seems appropriate to those of us with these chronic, unpredictable conditions.

    Sun - I hope you shake this off quickly!

    I can't say how happy I am that it is Friday. Even though the days flew by this week, it still somehow felt really long. Maybe it was the stress with the refrigerator, coupled with the my workload on the job. But at least I'm appreciated for what I do.

    I'm going to do a couple more chores and hit the hay early! Hugs to all!
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Didn't get enough sleep last night so will be even more tired than usual today. Oh well, what's a little more exhaustion?

    Rock, thanks for the heads up on possums. Hope the neighbor's palm tree fronds don't cause any damage. We have ours trimmed at least once a year and have the coconuts removed so they don't conk someone on the head. They also remove the blooms if they are dropping fruit on sidewalks. I'm glad both you and Miss Kitty are fine. I wouldn't serve on a board unless covered by insurance; people will sue over anything these days.

    Duckie, sounds as though you are getting a lot of use out of the smart fridge. I'm glad. I've always used the canned cherry filling for pastries except for when a friend had a tree full and was glad to have me pick them. Considering what is going on in our country, I think "There is no normal anymore" is an apt sentiment. This is not a normal I want and it will never seem normal to me. I want normal to be cooperation and civility. I don't think that is too much to ask. Hope we return to a better normal soon.

    Hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. springwater

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    I love doing the above especially on cold days.

    Today was wedding of a neighbors son. He grew up with my kids. His father died of alcoholism a few years ago, but the boy is very sweet. Keeps a menagerie of birds and pet mice and an aquarium. Today was the day when the groom goes to get the bride to brides house. A simple ceremony but very colorful lots of little paper flags, decorations. A guru presiding over the rituals. A fire into which guru drops herbs needed for rituals. A noisy brass band. Playing ahead of the car taking bridegroom to brides house. With his relatives friends in tow on foot.

    Rock - you reminded me of how long ago it was I heard a whooping cough. ! We used to get it all the time in the hills back in my hometown. Hmmm. Are you sure Kitty hasn't adopted you? Like Suns DS has been adopted by his two feral kitties.

    Sun - I hope you are on the mend soon. I liked your little doll in blue. Quite a character.! Heh heh!

    Dmc - I liked that porch. Didn't like the star though. so sweet about the parrots. I saw a tv program where they showed an Indian man who rescued injured animals and orphaned baby animals whose parents villagers had killed for food or to protect their livestock. A veritable Noah's ark of all sorts of animals. Nice to hear your DD got a job.

    Granni - glad to hear your DH is feeling good. Hope to other test comes out well. It's a relief when all tests are over with. Your performances seem your be pretty regular this season.

    Star - your son is a sweetheart. I do the same thing on days my DH and kids are bad tempered, I keep away. I guess they do the same when I'm growly. I'm mostly growly when I see their rooms. Shoes lying around, clothes flung on the bed, a juice can still sitting on the dresser. My kids are many things but tidy they are not.

    Julie - I can empathize. I've seen some horribly rude nurses. I know you would want you be around your DF if he has to go to hospital.

    Mikie - was laughing at picture of a coconut from palm tree falling on someones head. Chicken Little. I hope you fell more energized soon. Anyways glad the Red Tide is abating a bit. I don't press any update button if I can help it. My computer was telling me to reboot, but I didn't. Seems to be working fine ok anyways. I'm always wary about malware. How nice your DD has bought a new house. I remember being excited each time we moved. Renting of course, we didn't hv a home here. Something nice about each new place we went to.

    Barry - today two neighboring stray dogs had climbed up to our garage roof from the backside where there's a mound of sand and bricks where neighbors are building a house. Our dogs got so excited especially the mongrel breed, he was lunging into the air in an extremely ungainly fashion and the two stray dogs on the roof were looking down laughing. They know me by sight so when I went out to investigate, they were wagging their tails and smiling at me too.
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  12. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone! It's a grey, dreary day here, with a good chance of still more rain and thunderstorms. But the sun is supposed to come back tomorrow, and we're supposed to have a very pretty week, with weather more like late March instead of late February. I'm waiting for the proverbial 'other shoe to drop' and winter to make a return.

    DS just refilled the bird feeders so Worf and I are watching 'Cat TV', and he's purring extra loudly.

    Spring - I'm giggling to myself at the thought of dogs on the garage roof. My kids were anything but neat as well. I'm also not really a fan of that star on the porch, but lots of people like them. I also love your picture of the girl sitting with the cats, enjoying a cup of tea and a book.

    Mikie - I slept long, but not necessarily well. Woke up sore. I still have to bake the cherry pie.

    Speaking of making cherry pie, best get myself in gear. Hugs to Granni, Rock, Julie, Judy, Star, Sun, GB, Patti, etc., etc.
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Duckie

    What kind of pie are you making? Baked or otherwise? I used to make the no bake kind with
    pie filling, cream cheese and Cool Whip. Great for parties where you bring stuff. I remember
    one day my secretary said she was going to make a Comstock pie when she got home. So
    I figured it was some historic pie from the days of the Old West. The Comstock mine, etc. Turns
    out she was using Comstock Brand pie filling.

    I don't think Kitty has adopted me. Far as I can see, she has no maternal instinct.

    Believe I'll go open a new porch. This thread is now CLOSED.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Spring..the picture of the young girl on the couch surrounded by her kitties is so sweet and cozy looking..the kittie on the couch looks so much like what our Jake looked like..sure miss him.

    Take care..