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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Up early but went to sleep early. Poor SV, he's clawing at the sealed box he had been playing and sleeping in to try to open it. It's breaking my heart. I'm going to take it down to the car and hope he forgets about it. Finally, we are getting our nice winter weather back. Only in the 50's this morning and will only get into the high 70's this afternoon.

    Judy, I hope the snow isn't a problem for you. I should call Barb to see about the big storm up in Boston. People have been killed by falling tree limbs from the wind. This is normally our best time of the year while a lot of others are suffering from winter storms. Guess that's why they all want to come here. Seems like everyone is on the roads down here. Traffic is horrible. Not as bad as LA or Denver but bad enough. I know what you mean by an old body. Hope you had a goo nap.

    Spring, I am also touched at times by certain scenes, songs, smells, etc. I am often transported somehow, almost like deja vu. It's a fleeting feeling but very deep. Yes, I'm very relieved that my neighbor's sister took over her accounts and paid the fees up to date as of Feb. I just hope the neighbor pays for March so we don't start over. The sister had a stroke and is now in the hospital, unable to speak. I hope my neighbor realizes that she can't just curl up and drink herself into a stupor now. So far, she's been sober and doing well but it would be better if she had some counseling or went to AA. Your life seems so exotic compared to life here. I'm glad you share it with us.

    OK, Kiddies, the old computer is heating up so I'm gonna get going for now. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good afternoon awl,

    I thought I had posted this but maybe not. My brain is going crazy lately. DH's Cystoscopy went fine and the doctor found what he thinks is a cyst on the wall of the bladder. He said it needed to get removed at the local surgery center for mostly outpatients I believe. The dr. didn't seem very concerned but of course the cyst will be analyzed to check for cancer and even so he didn't seem to worried. One thing almost down and the trial deal on the 18th I think it is. Keep up the prayers.

    MIKIE - That is as cold I as I want my weather to get too. I can't deal with the very COLD weather. The extreme hot is not that great but at least there is A.C. That is what it has been here pretty much lately temp wise. That is so funny about SV and the box. That sounds like DD with the two kitties who love boxes and paper bags. Speaking of kitties I have to go soon to go and feed them. DD and DSIL went to she his parents for his dad's b-day. They will come home tomorrow afternoon and I need to feed them today. DGS will feed them early morning and before work,

    So much to do. I Need to go switch a wash. Went to a church musician retreat today that was a lot of fun and very interesting. Did some bilingual singing and heard the story of the man leading it from Columbia originally and how he wanted to come here to serve the Lord and how long it took for the poor guy to finally get his permanent visa, etc. He has a great voice and writes songs, plays different instruments and does alot for the music ministry. He is living now in Florida I believe and that is where he went to school. He told a very long and interesting story. Wish I caught it all since he still has a bit of an accent and sometime my ears doesn't pick up some words.

    JUDY - Hope the storm isn't too awfully bad for you. Stay warm and hope you eep your electricity.

    Hi also to JULIE, SPRING, ROCK, SUN, BARRY et al. Sorry I can't stay right now. Maybe I can come back some tomorrow after church and lunch.

    Gotta run and have a great rest of the weekend !

    Granni :)
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    Hey Kids

    It's a quiet day here. Rained last night. Have been watching DVDs from the library rather
    than TV. The advantages are no commercials and you can pause when you like. The other
    side of the coin is they sometimes won't play, and you can only keep them 4 days.

    Sun, don't know if the Oinkster has good food or not. They weren't going to open up for ten
    minutes, and the prices seemed pretty high. Six bucks for a burger. $16 for a milk shake.
    I can make a malt at home in the blender a lot cheaper than that.

    The chiro is Dr. Mendoza: tall, middle aged, always polite, friendly, cheerful. Have been seeing
    him for about a year and a month. Have had no trouble with my back in that time. Don't need
    to wear my elastic belt anymore. Always feel rejuvenated after a treatment. Too bad he can't
    do the same for the rest of my failing parts. Sorry the quilt festival is not helpful.

    JB, I haven't seen a snow plow for half a century. But they used to be a regular part of
    the winter scenery. Hope you had a nice nap. Funny thing about naps. They seem to be
    primarily for kids and us old folks.

    Mikie, thanks for the slew of puns. You slayed me. Bats do have a wide variety
    of faces: some cute. some fierce. I just found a pic of one with a crest. Couldn't find
    its name though. Funny. I could probably find a million sites for info on the Kardashisns.

    I think it's time for my nap. Soon as I feed le chat.

    Au revoir
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    Granni, we were doing it again; simultaneous.

    Hope the news about DH continues to be good. The fellow from Columbia sounds interesting indeed. I wish I could sing and play several instruments. Hope your litigation is finally settled
    this month. Know you do too.

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    Mikie:. Awwww....poor SV. You need to find him another one. I'm always needing boxes and sometimes it's hard to find, so when I do, I keep them in my garage....what a mess. Last time I was at Lowe's I found that they sell flat boxes, so I bought a couple to keep on hand. Maybe keep a box for him, then break it down and keep it in the closet for when he needs a new toy.

    Granni: Sound like good news for your DH. When I had that test the doctor told me immediately it was cancer, I guess from the look of it although it was tiny.

    Rock: I looked up that restaurant. Yes, the prices did look high. By the way, when is your DB coming? That is one weird ferocious looking bat. Years ago I was out for a walk locally and met a neighbor who had bat houses. Invited me to come into his back yard and see the houses.....eww.....He said they go out at night and fly around looking for insects. I don't like bats!!!!

    I've been trying to do some WC painting the last couple of days. I really get lost in working on it. If I didn't have my art I would be a very unhappy person. I've been listening to the sound track of Les Miserables....my very favorite.
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    Granni - you too looking after kitties. ? Soon, they will take over the world. So good to hear about the good report for DH. That’s a lovely time you had down there at the music retreat. So interesting. What’s bi lingual singing? Did you sing bi lingual?

    Rock - that’s a bat.?I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Only knew reading Suns comment. Looks more like a sea anemone with that feathery head dress. Your Dr Mendoza sounds like my kinda man..cheerful, tall and good at what he does.

    Sun - I read victor Hugos book when I was young. I used to devour fiction then. I loved the character of Marius. .(?) so long ago I’m not sure I’m getting the name right. One line...when they described him in love at first sight...the water ran through his soles, and the stars through his heart...something like that. Beautiful. Heart touching.

    Oh ok. I looked it up..it’s

    “I met in the street a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat was threadbare - there were holes at his elbows; the water passed through his shoes and the stars through his soul.”

    Mikie - poor SV. I hope you get him another box soon.

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    Hi Kids

    Have been watching an old movie from the 60s with Steve McQueen. According to
    Wikipedia, "Steve" was his middle name. His first was Terence. Sounds very British, eh wot?

    Gordon and I went out to cover the orchids about 8 last night. We were working in the dark.
    I tripped on one of the plastic milk cases that holds up the orchids. I was concerned that I
    might have crushed a tall spike with a bud or a bloom on it. Gordon was worried that I was
    a casualty. Happy to report I got neither scratch nor bump. Not sure about the
    orchids I landed on. Have to wait till daylight to find out.

    Spring, I remember trying to read books like Les Miserables and War and Peace and Moby Dick when I was in High School. Couldn't get through any of them. Oh yeah. And the Scarlet Letter. Well, they all became movies. I liked War and Peace. It had an excellent sound track.

    Sun, I just read a thriller by Jeffrey Deaver. A long book with an intricate plot. Much
    of the time two people are being pursued at night in a state park that is closed. There
    are frequent references to bats flying around. I've never seen bats in a forest. In
    documentaries they always seem to be flying around in open spaces catching insects or
    in some cases fruit. Looked it up and there are forest bats after all.

    You don't really need to worry though. They are not likely to mistake you for a
    big insect or fruit. And their radar is so effective they won't get tangled in your hair.
    The ones I used to catch when I was a kid were always very peaceable.

    Glad to hear you've been painting. You're lucky you have a talent that is also a kind of
    refuge from medical problems. Books and music and films (other people's art) do
    the trick for me.

    Well, going back to bed. Hope we all live happily ever after. (How likely is that?
    Not even the sun will live forever.)

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    Busy day today esp with church in the morning and it will be so tomorrow too. Not much time to really chat. Tried to read some or most of the posts. Have to go finish up dinner now,

    Barry - I never heard of the word tenderhooks. Very interesting !!! I guess it is like pins and needles or something like that. Yes, it does give me anxiety but I try not to think about it. Will be SO glad when it is over with.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Barry, thanks for your paean to the bat. Bats are amazing animals. Saw a documentary
    about them years ago. Showed a bat flying through a revolving fan: unharmed. BTW
    do you know the biggest bat in the world?

    It is the Louisville Slugger at the site of the old bat factory. The bat is about 12 stories tall
    and weighs many tons. The biggest flying bat is the Golden Flying Fox which sometimes have
    a wingspan over 5 feet even though they only weigh a few pounds. I was gonna post the
    URL, but some stupid ad kept popping up. There are references to bigger bats but no
    species are named.

    Granni, you are right about tenterhooks or tenderhooks. I think I read that the term started
    with hunters stretching the skin of animals. Later it referred to stretching wool. Anyhoo
    "in a state of tension or suspense".

    Spring, Bi lingual singing is when you sing a song like: Bye Bye Blackbird. Or So Long,
    It's Been Good ta Know Ya. Or it could be sung in two languages.

    Oh, got a report from Gordon on last night's tumble. He said there were no damaged orchids.
    Just a pot of two knocked over and a little dirt spilled out. He also said the concrete where
    I fell was damaged and we'll have to call out a mason for repairs. (He's always making
    silly jokes. Don't know where he picked up such an annoying habit.)

    After our shopping marathon at Food for Less this morning, he went to Super King while I
    was napping and bought more stuff. Food For Less has lot of bargains, especially in
    produce, but it is a de classe venue. For decades it was a Ralphs market. We went
    there every Saturday morning. Now the store is kinda run down and the neighborhood
    has empty stores. You can usually hear 4 languages spoken at Food For Less including Spanish, Armenian, and SE Asia and/or Tagalog (Filipino). I used to take depositions in those languages even though I didn't speak any of them. Our translator did all that.

    Oops! Just got drafted for covering the orchids duty. Well, it just before 6 PM here.
    Sol has not yet set. BTW I read that Sol is Old Norse for sun, and that the sun makes
    up 99% of the solid material in the solar system.

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    Rock: Happy to read no broken orchid stalks. What a pain that every night you guys have to cover the orchids to protect them, and then next morning they have to be uncovered, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    About 6 mos. ago I had a very large staghorn fern, very heavy, and I was trying to move it in this setup I had for it. OMG, I broke off a large section of it, the shield fronds covering it. I almost cried at what I had done. So I decided to try wiring it onto another spagnum moss setup and after all that time it started to let out new shields, so it's growing on it's own. I guess it's like a parasite plant since it really doesn't have roots.....is that correct Barry?

    Interesting about where tenterhooks came from.


    My cold is better today, thank goodness. My DD and family called after they had gone to church and wanted to go for lunch. OK...I was up to it. Turned out they wanted more than lunch...like going to a museum. OK...get this....my DGKs are 15 and 10 and NEVER been to a museum!!!!! We were always dragging our kids when they were young.

    Anyway, I said that the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena was a good choice since it was a smaller art museum and we would only spend maybe an hr. There. My DGS was BORED....but my DGD really liked looking at the paintings and listening to the audio presentation that came with the admittance. I treated the family....but after 30 min. I realized I really should have broken down and purchased a year membership, so I was able to go back to the cashier, cancel the first sale then buy the membership. I figured I could drive there on my own during the week early sometimes and beat the traffic coming home. It's difficult to really look at these famous masterpieces quickly. And since my DGD enjoyed it I told her she and I could go on our own, see some paintings, go for lunch then SHOP!......she liked that idea.


    And speaking of shopping, I'm taking her shopping on thursday after an early day at school for her BD present....I said she could pick out an outfit. I'm just hoping and praying I will be well come thursday.

    I've tried watching the oscars....boring what I saw, so I've been watching Homeland, pretty exciting.....thanks Mikie for the recommendation.
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  11. Mikie

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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    It's so nice to be back to our cooler weather. I woke to 52 degrees. It will get to almost 80 today in the afternoon. I fell asleep at 8:00 last night so missed most of the Oscars except for when I woke at the very end. Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren presented an award. Wow. They are both so beautiful and so thin. I did watch some of the Red Carpet coverage prior to the show. Didn't seem to me that there was a much glamour this time. Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous but not that many did. I miss Joan Rivers. It isn't the same without her comments on the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I'll be posting and stopping to let the computer cool off and coming back to add on so I can respond to our Porchies.

    Granni, you are always so busy. I wonder whether people with 'permanent visas' will be safe from those wanting to throw everyone out of the counry. It must be horrible wondering whether they will be ousted at any time. I hope the cyst in DH's bladder turns out to be benign. Glad he got through the procedure OK.

    Rock, that crested bat looks fierce and cute at the same time. The newscaster just called the arena in NYC, Madison Square Gordon. Made me laugh. I didn't know Gordon was so famous. I like the name, Oinkster. We have a BBQ place here and I can never remember the name so I just call it, Porkie's. Neighbors started calling it that too. Glad you didn't get hurt in the fall. Losing an orchid bloom isn't as bad as losing one's balance and getting hurt.

    Sun, glad you have your painting to lose yourself in. When did paint, time would speed by while I was wrapped up in it. Be sure to post pics of anything you finish. I think SV has gotten over losing his box. He's on to other things. I just need to get it outta here and into my car.

    Spring, that is lovely prose. It's always a bonus when I read a book to find the author has a beautiful writing style. I read a couple of books in Russian when I was in school and studying the language. The writing was very passionate and descriptive of nature. I watch The Amerikans on TV and they speak in Russian with English subtitles. It drives me nuts because, even though I only retain a few words, the translations are not accurate. Same with French films. My French neighbor says the same thing.

    Barry, hope your days and your mood improve. I hate it when I don't feel well and the skies are gray and dreary. I also look forward to my R&R in the afternoons. Oh, to have some NRG. No one knows what is really going on with the RT. It's not lasted this long before. It doesn't seem to matter about the temps. They aren't releasing a lot of water from Lake O so there shouldn't be a lot of runoff water rich with nutrients. If the wind is blowing onshore, I am miserable. When it's not, I don't notice the symptoms so much. Hope your snow leaves and the spring flowers come up to cheer you.

    Gotta get going before this machine gets cookin'. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Please look for Porch Number 1045!!!