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  1. Mikie

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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Time for a new Porch. I thought y'all might like this colorful sitting area. There has been much talk of spring on the Porch and the colors in this pic remind me of spring. I also like that it's very casual and looks lived in.

    Be sure to read the posts at the end of the last Porch. I left a nice whiny one there.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Fellow Porchers

    Mikie, I like the pic. We had a wicker chair just like the one above when I was a kid. It was
    white for years. Then we painted it. Aqua. I think after I left home my mother painted it
    dark blue. Last time I saw it was decades ago in my younger brother's house along with most
    of the other furniture I grew up with.

    Congratulations on the nice oxymoron. One seldom sees 'nice' and 'whiny' side by side. Also
    good to know the day and date. I was pretty sure today was Sunday. I'd tell you what
    I'm going to be doing today, but the only thing I know for sure is starting a book about
    Cole Porter. I read his bio yonks ago, but this is a big coffee table size book about his
    travels after his horse riding accident that left him crippled for the remaining 27 years
    of his life.


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  3. lydia1

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    Hi everyone! Good morning, Rock and Mikie. Love this bright, cheery room :)

    Mikie, I hope your mouth pain is nothing serious. I have a dead tooth that my previous dentist went ahead and filled with the understanding that I was going to a surgeon to get it pulled. I made an appt., but chickened out. Happened to switch dentists...the new one told me I could leave that tooth in as long as I wanted if it wasn't bothering me. Every once in awhile, I get a sore on the outside of the gum, but it has always gone away after a few days. I hope your home remedies do the trick for you...you don't need anything else to cause pain or make you feel "yuck."

    You and Rock are the star punsters, for sure :p

    Rock, I like to read true (or based on true stories) books more than novels these days. So many interesting people and things I know nothing about or have just heard bits and pieces.

    Hi to everyone...I'd best get busy on those tax papers...I've run out of excuses, lol!

    Here's a little reminder to change our clocks tonight or in the morning...


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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Julie

    Nice photo. I've always liked Honeysuckle. I read that a survey showed that the reason most
    people objected to Daylight Savings Time is that they hated to get up a midnight to change the

    I like to read both fiction and non. Tried a few minutes ago to see if there was a biography of
    Anthony Mann. He directed some Westerns starring Jimmy Stewart. But when I typed his name
    into the library's search window their computer went into some sort of hissy fit. Had to

    One of the nice things about my current situation is that I no longer have to file tax returns.
    My only income is Soc. Sec.

    Oops. Gordoni needs the machine.

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  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Love the pic. That wicker chair probably dates from either turn of the century or in the 20s. I used to restore antique wicker but only have a few pieces left, including the identical one in the picture. I got started in the "business" when I drove past where my old house used to be and saw a bulldozer across the street tearing down the old neighbor's barn and house which probably dated to the late 1800s. Of course I had to stop and talked to the guy on the bulldozer, told him I knew the people when I was young, and could I poke around to see if I found anything. Their old wicker sofa was sitting there, so I loaded it up and brought it home.

    Then I found a wicker repair place and left it with them. 3 weeks later when I came to get it, thinking they would have rewoven a seat....NOT.....I was dumbfounded. He said they used to put plywood as the base to hold cushions. WHAT! I paid over $200 for the to just PAINT it!!!! And I had to cut plywood to fit and make cushions. So after that wicker just seemed to come to me at garage sales, etc. I learned how to repair, bought a lot of various reeds. I think at one point I owned over 20 pieces, sold some, gave some away. Right now I have a nice wicker tall standing lamp, ,probably from the 30s and of course the chair and a footstool.

    Rock: I bet you could be on Jeopardy and answer all the questions on actors, directors, etc. You sure have a passion for learning about Hollywood. Have you always had that?

    Julie: Love the tulips. By the way.....Pee outside????? How did she punish him for that naughty trick?

    Mikie: I use some oregano oil to swish in my mouth after brushing. I keep a few drops in a little bit of water in a small glass in the bathroom. It kills. Lots of germs, and also helps with dental pain. Look it up. I used to spit it out but after swishing for about a minute I swallow it. Oregano oil is amazing for killing all types of germs in the body. I found it's also good for bladder cancer.....that was a good surprise when I read that.

    By the way, you really need some creative outlet. Maybe think about doing some watercolor painting, or sketching, or whatever. Get a good paper tablet and some paint and brushes, and don't forget an ink pen. There are tons of instructions on youtube. I would be LOST in pain and misery if I didn't have my art. I live continually with a pain level of 5-6, goes up to 8-9 at times. I refuse to sit and think about it. I live on ibuprofen, ice and heat.

    I've been trying to stay more active. Took my DGD clothes shopping on thursday after she got out of school. That was a lot of fun, just the two of us. We found some nice things for her BD, then treated us to a frozen yogurt. First time ever I've been to a Pinkberry store.....expensive, but it will be something I'll treasure. This afternoon we're driving to the beach house with the BD cake. Her other grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins are there, so we're apparently going for dinner to celebrate. I KNOW I'll have to hit the ibuprofen extra and do the best I can.

    Barry: I wanted to tell you I found one bouquet (8) of orange parrot tulips at Trader Joe's the other day. Also bought a bouquet of big yellow daffodils to go with them. I arranged them and then did a "set up" to photograph them. Next day they were all opened up wide. That means they probably won't last much longer. They were so incredibly beautiful! Love the way the light makes the side of the petals almost look like colored silver. This morning I cut more off their stems, hoping to make them stand a little instead of drooping. Brought in some various leaves this morning, so that means more photographing.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Dear Friends...

    Please pray for my daughter, Vicki..she called last night and informed her dad and I that she is extremely anemic..this is not good news considering her medical history with cancer. I know we are just at the beginning of this new journey, but, I'm so distraught with worry.

    Thank you so much for listening,

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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I cleaned out my little med storage box and threw out old meds. I had to add Acyclovir to my pill boxes. The Whatever Virus has definitely reactivated. That whole side of my head is affected. The WV usually only affects one side. I want to do things but I am so exhausted and sick that I can't even hold on to anything. Trying to clean in that situations is a recipe for disaster, especially because I need to climb up on a stepladder to clean out the spice cupboard. I need rest so will be going to bed in a minute. It's gray and will likely rain so there is no noise from the pool to keep me awake.

    I'm finding that there are a few differences with this Chromebook. There is no right click. One simply touches the touchpad with two fingers and the right click menu appears. It takes just a bit of getting used to. For the most part, I'm finding it is easier than a Microsoft machine. I finished my mediocre book and have started another one which is, so far mediocre. I need to be distracted from how awful I feel until I fall asleep.

    Just read that the NRA is suing CO for raising the age to be eligible to buy guns from 18 to 21. This organization has no soul nor any value of life, only the almighty dollar.

    Rock, certain types of furniture put me in different frames of mind. I love the old wicker, especially the fern tables with huge ferns on them. The beauty is that they go with most decorating and can be repainted gorgeous colors. When I was growing up, middle class families had redwood on the patios. Wealthy people had wrought iron down by their pools. The hippies just dragged the seats out of their vans to use for outdoor furniture. Very practical but not so nice to look at. I think my use of nice and whiny was being a bit sarcastic. It's like, right now I'm having a nice little virus outbreak. AACCKK!!!

    Julie, the mouth is so much better. I think it's just a coincidence that something, probably a hard piece of food, scraped my gun and then, the WV reactivated. It reactivates when I'm run down and I definitely fit that description right now. I'm glad you can keep the tooth. Thanks for the beautiful tulips and reminder about the clock. Most of mine reset themselves or are easy to reset.

    Sun, I have been swishing colloidal silver in my mouth. It also kills most anything. It's not that I lack for creative outlets; it's that I'm too sick and too tired to do anything. I can't be creative when the condo is a mess and there are things which are so far behind. If they were only a bit behind, I could do something but everything, including me, is in really bad shape. I'm so depressed and angry at this turn of things and I don't like to be like that but it's understandable and I have to figure out how to live with it until things improve. I'm glad you have your painting to help.

    Judy, dear one, I've just sent up a prayer for Vicki. I am so sorry for all she, and you, have been through. Please keep us updated and I hope the docs are helping her.

    I'm not gonna proof this because I'm about to drop. See y'all tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: What is it in your condo that's sooooo pressing that your condo is a mess? With all the cleaning you always do I'm sure it's not that bad. Take a picture and post of your clutter for us to see. If sleeping is the only thing to help, then put in as much sleeping time as you can. I'm happy that the colloidal silver helps.

    Judy: I will pray for your DD......and you and your DH too. Don't worry.....there's nothing that can happen with the amount of worry you put in....nothing, except make yourself sick. God is in control, just remember that. "God is our refuge and strength, an everpresent help in trouble."

    Rock: Have you read about the big shakeup in the national parks service. Seems there's lot of sexual misconduct.....park rangers abusing the female ones. PBS/LA did a whole series on it and now the head of it has quit. Even in Oregon there was trouble.
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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Gosh Barry, What a lot of troubles stemming from office help that failed to follow thru on what they're supposed to do. I'm sorry you went thru that, but.....you had some good contact with someone you used to know.

    By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you that the New Yorker Magazine had a special...$6 for 3 mos. receiving both the magazine and reading it online. So I'm doing that however if it's really expensive after the 3 mos. I'll just cancel.
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...taking a break to eat some homemade vegetable beef soup for lunch.

    Judy, will definitely pray for your daughter...very scary, to be sure. Hard not to worry, but Sun is right...

    Barry, how frustrating! Yes, I hope everyone gets their ducks in a row so you can have your appt. on Wednesday. How nice for you to catch up with an old acquaintance.

    Mikie, I'm so sorry you are feeling so rough. Yes, it's dragged on so long...I would be depressed, for sure. I understand about wanting to be able to do things, but no energy or "working brain cells" to do it.

    Sun, I didn't ask Lindsey what she did to punish Josiah...just one of those things little boys do, I think. A lot of her friends on facebook shared similar stories...thankfully, guys usually outgrow it, lol!

    Better get back to work...a big "Hi" to everyone else. It's a lovely day so far...a bit chilly, but the sun is shining. I'm staying focused, though, and getting this tax prep job done...
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Ouch, I dread this time change - ugh and Sundays are always hard as we have to get ready for church and we both have to be there early. Just got back from singing our Tx program. Not a big crowd but they seemed to enjoy it. Now I get to practice the really hard stuff.

    ROCK - Yes, Bunco is a dice game and for a change I actually got a BUNCO and I won my money back and and an extra $5.

    Can't stay as DH wants to bring me out to dinner and he likes to avoid any crowds so its early early.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling awful and hope this ends soon for you. Try9ng to print this without my glasses so it is a little rough and fuzzy.

    JULIE - I see you are as busy as ever . Sorry that I cannot answer properly since I have missed a bunch of the info on the porch. Will try and get back later, probably tomorrow sometime,

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  12. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good (late) evening.

    Maintenance day went well today. Got done relatively early, so I went out to my DM's house after all, just later than usual. Since then I've been struggling to have motivation to do much. Not sure why.

    I have to get up earlier than my usual Sunday time tomorrow and do the deployment. Then I'm going to do some housework, and I hope I'll get to do some quilting, because I likely won't get any done this week with all the practices and performances.

    Mikie - praying for you that this WV goes away for good.

    Judy - prayers for your daughter.

    Sun - I totally agree with you on the creative outlet. I live with a pain level of 4-7, and my quilting keeps me distracted from it. Your bouquet sounds very pretty.

    Granni - I'm going to suffer from the time change as well.

    Barry - I have a cardinal that visits my feeders at dawn and dusk. Tried to take a picture of him for you, but it didn't turn out well. So sorry about the dentist nonsense.

    Julie - loved the Spring pun picture.

    I really should head off to bed now since I have to get up early tomorrow. Hugs to all!
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    We had rain showers off and on all day yesterday. No big thunderstorms like with a typical cold front. This is more like a rainy warm front and we will reach 80 degrees today. That sore area near my tooth on my gum is still there and now I have little sores on my tongue. The lymph node is still very painful. I'll have to call the dentist tomorrow just to be sure I'm not having a dental problem. In the meantime, I'm taking my Acyclovir.

    Just want to straighten something out. I don't do a lot of cleaning. This place needs it but I can't do it. I do one or two small jobs and I have to quit because I'm too sick. I'm not an obsessive cleaner. And yes, the condo is a mess. I'm not gonna talk about it anymore.

    Sun, I've thought about the New Yorker. They are always quoting from articles in it on cable news. I like Vanity Fair because it has such a wide variety of articles on different topics.

    Barry, your doc sounds about as dismissive as mine. He hates actually having to do anything to earn his money. How sad about your old acquaintance. Hope you can get your dental work done.

    Julie, I also think it's funny about Josiah's peeing out the window. Thanks for your understanding words about how lousy I'm feeling. On a good day, I'm exhausted but this is worse. I'm just plain sick. Glad you are having a sunny day,

    Granni, I can see nothing without my glasses and my eyes are worse again. Pretty soon, I'll be wearing Coke bottle glasses. Thanks for your kind words.

    Duckie, thanks for your kind good wishes. Sounds as though you have a busy weekend.

    Gonna go read the fat Sunday paper. I got up at 4:30 which is actually 3:30. I'll probably go back to sleep before too long. I need to put the hot rice sock on my jaw. Hope everydooby is having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just watched a National Geographic program about Minnesota's maximum security prison
    at Oak Park. It was opened 36 years ago. No prisoner has ever escaped. There has been
    one fatality. A prisoner strangled another prisoner.

    I had never heard of the prison or Oak Park. Turns out Oak Park is not a town; it's an unincorporated area near the town of Stillwater, home of the State Prison built during

    Duckie, looks like you are going to be really busy. Hope you don't wear yourself out.
    Used to see cardinals now and then when I was a kid. And sometimes a wood pecker or a
    flicker or a hawk. Mostly it was sparrows, robins and blackbirds. At the farm we would sometimes see the barn owl and pheasants. And crows. But you couldn't get close to those
    alert creatures. Times and crows have changed though. Now we have one that sits on a
    wire in our back yard and caws.

    Granni, hope you and DH had a nice dinner. Do you have plans for your Bunco winnings?

    Julie, according to Dave Barry guys never outgrow anything. They just get craftier at
    hiding it.

    Barry, does PEM stand for protein energy malnutrition? One site lists over 70 possible
    meanings. With regard to plinking, the term also means shooting at found items such as
    cans, bottles, and light bulbs at the town dump. Used to do it in my teens. Thanks you
    for your concern regarding my recent, tragic fall.

    Sun, I hadn't heard anything about a Park Ranger scandal. Wrote and asked my brother.
    I expect he'll say he no longer has any contacts with the rangers since he moved to the
    Highway Department. Spent some years surveying roads and driving snow plows.

    Back in the days when I was functioning I occasionally watched Jeopardy. But quickly
    tired of the dull as dust MC. Knew some answers. Now I'd just say, Oh, I remember
    something about that. Well, once I did.

    I have always been interested in books and entertainment. Not much in politics or
    sports. Good thing that there are folks interested in lots of different areas 'cause there's
    lot of work that needs to be done and I'm not going to build a house, fly a plane, practice
    surgery, invent a gizmo. Hope you had a nice BD (birthday, right?) party, and didn't
    get too tired.

    Mikie, I wonder what that yellow thing in front of the orange lamp is. I'm going to go
    out on limbus and guess it's a toy school bus.

    Not sure what you mean by "no right click" on the chrome book. I wonder if the NRA
    had standing to sue the state of Colorado.

    Oops! Just noticed. The clock needs to be adjusted. Well, Gordon will have to do it.
    I don't know how to change this digital thing. The computer adjusted itself. I thought
    it was Sunday night we changed the clock. Well, everything confuses me now.

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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Heya all,

    Its raining here too, Mikie. A thunderstorm out of the blue which brought hail. Not enough to destroy our flowers, the little that's there, but enough to sit in bunches on the corrugated roofs of our neighbors storehouses. A few very loud claps of lightening which made the doggies ears prick up and them look enquiringly at me.

    I rather enjoy storms when im inside so they caught on it was nothing to be too scared of.

    Today was spent making mushroom dumplings. I got some very fresh ones so couldn't resist buying them. It's too time consuming to make for all, the others are going to have chicken curry. There's too much chores so I rather try and finish up a bunch of those.

    Mikie, I'm sorry the pain in the rear side conditions continue. I empathize. My social outings are governed by if I feel ok to go at that time so I have even stopped scheduling things. Those who know me, and they're mostly the ones in my meditation group, understand if i ring them at a moments notice.

    I remember how active you were. Those times you were running for President of the Building committee. I know it must seem so strange to be housebound for long long stretches of time when you were the opposite. And feeling sick continuously.

    Having a messy condo in such circumstances is a given. Where is the energy and then time to clean everything.? It's taken up just doing essentials and then trying to recover from those exertions. Exhausting indeed! Physically and emotionally. I pray whatever it is just clears up. One fine day.

    Btw, loved the summery room. Esp the cubbyholes below the window seat. Nice decorating idea to have same colored boxes.

    Judy - so sorry to learn of your DDs anaemia. I will pray for her. I wish God would come down and heal everyone.

    Julie - I learn so much about country living from your posts. Both my relatives in Switzerland and rural new York used wood furnaces for heating. Here, wood is so expensive, it would bankrupt us.
    Of course, now SIL is on her own and both she and husband work daytime ., husbands siblings all moved out, sons gre up, moved out..so no one to chop logs. They use central heating and my cousin in New York, I no longer email her. Life got in between us. I heard she too is a somewhat recluse.

    I do realize if someone with my up and down energy and unpredictable moods tries to live in the country and no one to help, my goose is truly and well cooked!

    Sun - that's a nice day spent with your DGD. The other day, my DB announced he would come by with a piece of cake nieces b day. So I rushed out, shops still hv warmish winter stuff so I went for some costume jewellery earrings. They were on sale. She likes tiny stud pieces..so got her couple of those. I've given her earrings before but since she goes to work I figure she can use more. And my DD threw in a tube of Cabotine body lotion which she had unused.

    Last time, on one of my upswings of energy I got enthused enough to go buy some paint brushes and water colors and paint book.Alas, I know not where I've dumped them. I found the brushes in my bag and the paint book sheets in a corner on a table. But the main thing is missing. :p And I'm also swamped in chores. So must needs make some inroads into that before I can feel relaxed enough to sit and enjoy my painting break.

    Granni - I can tell you love your vittels. So do I. My mouth waters when you describe your food excursions. That is a lot of singing you're doing. It must keep you healthy and mentally limber. All those tunes and words.
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    A beautiful Sunday morning...snowing as I type...looks like a measurable amount on the ground already. But, no wind, so it just looks like a pretty winter day. We're still watching our "Life Below Zero" show on Netflix...life in the Alaska wild lands looks so hard, making our weather and workload seem like a piece of cake, lol! Of course, most of those people choose to live there...some are natives, but many are not (although many are married to natives.)

    I got the tax papers done...just need to copy the figures onto the actual worksheet to send back to our accountant. Today, I will go through a few boxes of papers, throwing most of them away. I can't believe some of the things I am finding in these boxes...things that aren't related to each other at all...just shows how feeble my brain was at times. I blame it on a couple of things...being so swamped taking care of Den's dad and others that I just threw stuff in boxes. Also, not having anywhere to put things (or having to keep rearranging, due to working on the house and having to quickly out of the way.) Whatever the case...these boxes are in the guest room downstairs and I want them gone today, lol! And I have a set place to put whatever I keep.

    Mikie, I continue to keep you in my prayers, dear lady. When Spring mentioned the window seats (which I hadn't even noticed, lol) I grabbed my laptop and showed that pic to Den. This is what I want underneath the windows on the south side of the house...there are five windows in a row, and these boxes/seats would work great under at least three of them. I don't want them to stick out too far, though, or I will hit my shins for sure when I open and close the curtains. Thank you for that "visual" and thanks to Spring for pointing them out :)

    Spring, I don't think gals with pierced ears can ever have too many pairs of earring, lol! Good choice on the gift. Hope you find your paint and are soon creating masterpieces. My dad is/was a very good artist. I have some of his paintings, mostly ones involving his times deer hunting (he only got one deer in his whole life, but he enjoyed being outdoors.) I have made sure he has supplies (for sketching, not painting) available at the nursing home, but he hasn't really shown an interest...not sure if he doesn't remember how or if he's just too tired most of the time.

    I'm not sure I could continue to live on the farm by myself if Den wasn't around. As it is, we are trying to arrange things to make the physical work easier for when we are older and not as able to manage. Our kids aren't able to be here often to help...they have their own responsibilities and young ones at home. We'll just have to see how it goes...

    Lol, speaking of the window seats...Den just brought in a piece of 2 X 12 to hold up by one of the windows to see if that size would work (if I can still reach over to open or clean the window or open/close the curtains.) Not on the priority list, really, but I usually don't give him an order in which to do things...best to let him work on whatever he feels like at the time. I'm the same way...whatever my spirit moves me to do...within reason, of course. My spirit never tells me to do the dishes, lol, but they do occasionally need to be done :rolleyes::D

    Rock, I agree about boys not really outgrowing things, lol! Dave Barry is a hoot...love his articles. I don't know if he wrote this or not, but my grandpa (an avid gardener) had a refrigerator magnet that said, "Old gardeners never die, they just spade away."

    Duckie, hope the deployment goes/went well. Glad you got things accomplished yesterday, too. I wonder if living on the edge of whatever crud you're trying to avoid is what's affecting you. As you said, sometimes it's easier to "just get sick and get it over with." Hope you feel back to your normal soon...good luck with your practices and performance.

    Granni, I know you've got a lot going on...hard to pace yourself when there are so many things to do, and the stress of court, etc. Glad the time change is on a weekend...gives us a day to try to adjust, true? I got up at 9:00 (old 8:00) and will probably be tired tonight...but I stay up late anyway, so who knows.

    Hi to everyone I've missed this time. Star, I hope you are doing okay. Better get off the computer and get busy. I just made oatmeal for breakfast (Den is usually up before me but waits for breakfast if he's not terribly hungry.)
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We had had rain last night. I think maybe it dampened the wires or the satellite or the
    modem or something. Computer is working very s l o w l y. So this will be brief.

    Julie, I thought the old saying was: Old Gardeners never die; they just get planted. I looked
    up that "never die quote" attributed to General MacArthur. He apparently took it from an
    old English song that British soldiers used to sing. Never made any sense to me.

    Sun, I wrote to my brother about the park rangers. He wrote back, but didn't respond to my
    question. Another way of saying he doesn't know a thing about it. Never heard of Pinkberry
    before. Wikipedia says it's a chain of frozen yogurt stores. Very popular. Apparently the
    State of CA made them change their recipe (didn't meet the state 's definition of yogurt) and
    take down the claims on the wall that their product prevented cancer, etc.

    Springwater, I used to have an earring; but only one. I got one ear pierced at the Rose Bowl.
    Made me feel like a pirate. Haven't seen that earring for decades. Even if I found it I have to
    have a re-piercing done. Hope you can actually do some painting soon.

    Mikie, Is this the worst the Red Tide has been? Have you considered moving to another part of
    Florida? Of course you wouldn't want to go through all that, but...Would it help to have a
    cleaning lady come in for a day or would it wear you out with supervising?

    Barry, is it raining in your neck of the woods too? Was gonna look and see if more rain is
    predicted here. Computer was working pretty good for a while. Now in slo mo again.

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings awl !!!

    I read quickly and probably should do some work around here but I am to pooped to participate in any work. I did before stick a few things in the washer but that is all. I will need to soon again change the sheets. DH sweats so much on his pillowcase. That is such a project for me.

    Our little show yesterday with the TX music turned out OK, all things considered yesterday afternoon. Wish we had more of an audience but those there seemed to enjoy it. There were so many thing going out outside the theater.

    JULIE - Those window seats sound great if you can get them done by your willing worker (DEN). They always look cute I think. Hope DEN can get the time and space to fix them for you, among all his other projects in your home plus his work work :)!!! Our weather is so crazy. It is now in the 70's but the sun is trying to come out but hasn't made it yet. I see you are working on getting your stuff f together for the income taxes. DH already did it on the computer and senet it in electronically through TurboTax I think. I dread if I would have to do it.

    MIKIE - Hope you start to feeling better soon. That is not fun I a not sure and I know it is also frustrating when you like to be out and about and getting some things done. Yes, maybe a cleaning person could be helpful to you once in awhile for a day or part of the day. That would be at least a little less wear and tear on your body. I know you probably would be helping her or trying to but you can go do something else once you have spoken to her about what you want her to do. I know you hate to spend the $ but sometimes you need to do something to help yourself. If you ask some people in your hood maybe you can find someone not to expensive like we did.

    ROCK - I also have pierced ears but lately have been losing more earrings than not. Luckily, they are the cheap ones.

    Special hugz to everydobby inc STAR, SUN, DUCKIE, BARRY, JUDY, SPRING WATER and so many MIA's I cannot remember at the moment.

    Gotta go for now and do a few more things on the computer and then change the wash.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

  20. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Dh and eldest went out early this morning for a hunt. No luck with getting a deer, but they say there's so much evidence of them.eg deer rub marks, where they rub their antlers on the trees and tracks of course.
    It'd be nice to fill the freezer.

    For some reason everyone was being very helpful to me this morning, even made me a cuppa.
    Unfortunately I spilt the first one, as my arms were like jelly and full of pain.
    Dh also seemed eager for me to get up, under the pretense of me taking a look at the concrete path he put in over the weekend.
    As much as I didnt want to go or do anything, as I was sure the path couldn't hv changed much over night,
    I figured he must've been feeling deprived of (ah, whats the word? Gone blank! grrr! )
    Praise. ( that'll do).
    So off I toddle , like a good wife, getting into the 'encouraging words' head space,
    But instead, I hear this strange and unusual sound , only to realise that it was actually me making that dreadful noise!
    A snake!
    A BIG snake!
    On the concrete path.
    And suddenly my brain starts to function, as it starts to sift through all the different laughing sounds.
    From so-called 'loved ones'...

    The snake was planted there as a prank.
    They must've brought it back from their hunting trip.
    It was almost 2 metres long (conversion please Barry ?)
    A tiger snake.
    I never used to be a screamer.
    I used to be quite tough.
    Or at least Im sure I appeared that way in my younger years...
    p'raps it's 'cause my brain takes too long to catch up with the visual , or totaly bypasses the brain altogether and goes straight to 'mouth' ?
    Whatever the reason, it's official.
    Im a girly screamer and am now Very un-interested in having mice or many/any other creatures scamper across my feet.
    Admittedly, I case the joint, looking for something to stand on, in the hopes that whatever the threat, it wont see me, being higher up than they.
    It has occured to me that I may appear rather tree- like, to said creatures and they may choose to 'run up' my trunk- like body, but I refuse to entertain that thought, as it is too gross to contemplate. (Well, I try to ignore the fact that somewhere in my brain, Ive already given it quite a bit of thought.as you can probably tell).
    Mice yesterday.
    Tiger snake today.
    Our little Jack Russell loves my screaming , as it is like an alarm bell for him.
    They were, after all, bred as 'rat dogs' once upon a time, were they not?

    So the heart beat has returned to its more peaceful pace now and I hv returned to putting my mummified legs up.

    My oma (G ma) told my mother not to hv more than 2 children, as she would surely end up with varicose veins. I am one of 5. She has tbem.
    My mother passed the info on to me.
    I got them when pregnant with 1st, but they went away. Same thing with my 2nd.
    Unfortunately they didnt go away after my 3rd. And gradually got worse over the years.
    I had them stripped about 8 yrs ago.where they cut in the groin area.
    This time it was different.i think they cut each individually and hook them out? Not too sure.
    Feeling a bit squeamish just thinking about it. The top of my bandages came down to reveal massive bruising , of the dark black, blue and purple variety. Im to get bandages removed at dr on Thursday.
    Im not allowed to drive until then eigther.

    Im sposed to hv my legs up, but it feels like even though Dh and Treasures tell me to rest, they hv generated tons of work for me to do. Most frustrating! I dont think Ive done so much washing before in my life!
    However Dd has taken on some cooking, which is helpful.the massive pile of dishes, as a result, is Not.

    I agree, if you can distract yourself with creativity of a kind, it makes for a more enjoyable life.
    Unfortunately even the creative processes can still feel like work if in the wrong head space.
    Or body isnt up to snuff.
    Gardening is a good example of that.
    Before babies, I would spend hours in the garden and even if it took all wk to recover, somehow it'd be worth it, as I felt that I'd achieved something.these days I cant afford to be out of action and garden up-keep , more often than not, is work.sad to say.
    (Had burning eye balls last night, after pickling chillies).
    But then, (i feel a song coming on) 'its a fine line between pleasure and pain...' ( not the burning eye balls, the pay off from accomplishment and all that ).

    If we had the space, I would loooove window seats.beautiful and practical, as they are also great for storage.i would store cushions and rugs in them.

    Dh has made an incinerator out of an old hot water system, so I hv to hide stuff just in case he gets burn happy.

    Wanting to ' just get sick and be done with it'
    I guess this is where the blurred lines are for us.when pain and fatigue get so depleting that I feel as though at times I am merely Existing and not Living.
    Or Surviving.
    No one besides you guys gets that.
    Never feeling refreshed.Ever. it sux.

    When I can drive, Im gonna splash out and buy some of the lime green paint that is featured on the Porch pic and play with it.I plan on painting the linen cupboard with it. The pantry out there is full of the same coloured tubs and containers and the curtain is also a similar colour, but I need to tie it altogether. So thats the plan.
    Realistically, it may be a while before it eventuates.

    Im sooo sooo sorry guys.
    I cant seem to break through this fog to remember all the things I wanted to say individually.

    Our bird house/feeder is proving to be a one- stop tuck-shop for our Puss...

    Praying for you all.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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