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    Hi guys.
    Dh and eldest went out early this morning for a hunt. No luck with getting a deer, but they say there's so much evidence of them.eg deer rub marks, where they rub their antlers on the trees and tracks of course.
    It'd be nice to fill the freezer.

    For some reason everyone was being very helpful to me this morning, even made me a cuppa.
    Unfortunately I spilt the first one, as my arms were like jelly and full of pain.
    Dh also seemed eager for me to get up, under the pretense of me taking a look at the concrete path he put in over the weekend.
    As much as I didnt want to go or do anything, as I was sure the path couldn't hv changed much over night,
    I figured he must've been feeling deprived of (ah, whats the word? Gone blank! grrr! )
    Praise. ( that'll do).
    So off I toddle , like a good wife, getting into the 'encouraging words' head space,
    But instead, I hear this strange and unusual sound , only to realise that it was actually me making that dreadful noise!
    A snake!
    A BIG snake!
    On the concrete path.
    And suddenly my brain starts to function, as it starts to sift through all the different laughing sounds.
    From so-called 'loved ones'...

    The snake was planted there as a prank.
    They must've brought it back from their hunting trip.
    It was almost 2 metres long (conversion please Barry ?)
    A tiger snake.
    I never used to be a screamer.
    I used to be quite tough.
    Or at least Im sure I appeared that way in my younger years...
    p'raps it's 'cause my brain takes too long to catch up with the visual , or totaly bypasses the brain altogether and goes straight to 'mouth' ?
    Whatever the reason, it's official.
    Im a girly screamer and am now Very un-interested in having mice or many/any other creatures scamper across my feet.
    Admittedly, I case the joint, looking for something to stand on, in the hopes that whatever the threat, it wont see me, being higher up than they.
    It has occured to me that I may appear rather tree- like, to said creatures and they may choose to 'run up' my trunk- like body, but I refuse to entertain that thought, as it is too gross to contemplate. (Well, I try to ignore the fact that somewhere in my brain, Ive already given it quite a bit of thought.as you can probably tell).
    Mice yesterday.
    Tiger snake today.
    Our little Jack Russell loves my screaming , as it is like an alarm bell for him.
    They were, after all, bred as 'rat dogs' once upon a time, were they not?

    So the heart beat has returned to its more peaceful pace now and I hv returned to putting my mummified legs up.

    My oma (G ma) told my mother not to hv more than 2 children, as she would surely end up with varicose veins. I am one of 5. She has tbem.
    My mother passed the info on to me.
    I got them when pregnant with 1st, but they went away. Same thing with my 2nd.
    Unfortunately they didnt go away after my 3rd. And gradually got worse over the years.
    I had them stripped about 8 yrs ago.where they cut in the groin area.
    This time it was different.i think they cut each individually and hook them out? Not too sure.
    Feeling a bit squeamish just thinking about it. The top of my bandages came down to reveal massive bruising , of the dark black, blue and purple variety. Im to get bandages removed at dr on Thursday.
    Im not allowed to drive until then eigther.

    Im sposed to hv my legs up, but it feels like even though Dh and Treasures tell me to rest, they hv generated tons of work for me to do. Most frustrating! I dont think Ive done so much washing before in my life!
    However Dd has taken on some cooking, which is helpful.the massive pile of dishes, as a result, is Not.

    I agree, if you can distract yourself with creativity of a kind, it makes for a more enjoyable life.
    Unfortunately even the creative processes can still feel like work if in the wrong head space.
    Or body isnt up to snuff.
    Gardening is a good example of that.
    Before babies, I would spend hours in the garden and even if it took all wk to recover, somehow it'd be worth it, as I felt that I'd achieved something.these days I cant afford to be out of action and garden up-keep , more often than not, is work.sad to say.
    (Had burning eye balls last night, after pickling chillies).
    But then, (i feel a song coming on) 'its a fine line between pleasure and pain...' ( not the burning eye balls, the pay off from accomplishment and all that ).

    If we had the space, I would loooove window seats.beautiful and practical, as they are also great for storage.i would store cushions and rugs in them.

    Dh has made an incinerator out of an old hot water system, so I hv to hide stuff just in case he gets burn happy.

    Wanting to ' just get sick and be done with it'
    I guess this is where the blurred lines are for us.when pain and fatigue get so depleting that I feel as though at times I am merely Existing and not Living.
    Or Surviving.
    No one besides you guys gets that.
    Never feeling refreshed.Ever. it sux.

    When I can drive, Im gonna splash out and buy some of the lime green paint that is featured on the Porch pic and play with it.I plan on painting the linen cupboard with it. The pantry out there is full of the same coloured tubs and containers and the curtain is also a similar colour, but I need to tie it altogether. So thats the plan.
    Realistically, it may be a while before it eventuates.

    Im sooo sooo sorry guys.
    I cant seem to break through this fog to remember all the things I wanted to say individually.

    Our bird house/feeder is proving to be a one- stop tuck-shop for our Puss...

    Praying for you all.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Hi guys...doesn't feel like nearly 10:00 pm, but I'll try to get to bed sooner rather than later, anyway. Our snow didn't last very long today...could hardly tell there had even been any by this afternoon...Den and I both thought we must have gotten a couple of inches, though.

    Star...what a fright! But the first thought that came to my mind was how much care and planning it must have taken your family to pull that prank on you...and wish I could have been a little mouse, watching them thinking of how you'd react and placing the (over six feet long, I think?) snake in just the right place. Oh my goodness...and you made it wonderful for them by reacting just perfectly, lol! Now, if they would each take turns doing the dishes...

    I hope you're not in too much pain from your surgery and that this is the last time you have to deal with such things.

    Oh, I used to love to garden also...I may have mentioned that my grandpa said my garden should be featured on Better Homes and Gardens. But that was when I had hours and hours, as you said, to tend to things...and before the babies came along. Although, there is a picture floating around somewhere of me (in a bikini, no less) tilling the ground with little Lindsey in a carrier on my back. Yep, that would cause people to scream nowadays...haven't had a two piece suit on in years, lol!

    Never feeling refreshed...yes, that's it, exactly. Not even after hours and hours of sleep. Although, I usually have a short time in the mornings (after I've had coffee and am wide awake) where I feel so good and my brain starts making all sorts of plans for my body...wish they would both stay on the same page all day, though.

    Sun, I forgot to mention how fun it must have been to go shopping with your DGD. I hope you sleep better tonight and have sunnier days ahead.

    Well, it looks like we might get to head south later this week...so if I'm not on here much, that's the reason. Gonna have the sheriff's office keep an eye on the farm whenever any of them are in this area....they know the situation with sis and they know she isn't supposed to be down our lane, so will take care of things if that happens. We don't intend for her to even know we're gone, but I guess she could always find out somehow. What a shame that the one person we have to worry about is a family member...

    So, I will say a quick "Hi" to everyone and get myself on to bed. Have a great week!
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    Hi Kids

    Been watching a forensic show. It's a good way to learn about science. I read a thriller
    recently. One detective asks, "Anything helpful found in the car?" The reply is, "Nah.
    I think they're getting smarter from watching those forensic shows."

    Am still reading the bio of Peggy Woods. The book was printed in 1941; long before her appearance in The Sound of Music. She was 73 at that time. In her book she mentions a play that included Elizabeth Patterson in the cast. Remember her? She later became well known
    as Mrs Trumbull on I Love Lucy.

    Sun, didn't know the ranger scandal was Federal. I see Chief Tony Took charge by writing
    a sort of pep talk. "I think I slept," sounds like me. Half the time I don't know. I do know I
    had a really long nap yesterday afternoon.

    Granni, I don't remember how much my earring cost, but it couldn't have been much. It was just a steel ring. Every now and then my mother would miss an earring. "Go check the sofa cushions she'd say."

    Julie, I should make some oatmeal myself. I bought a box several months ago. I think I've only
    thought to make it twice. It certainly isn't tasty. One has to put butter or jam or a hamburger
    or something in it.

    Mikie, I hope your "nice, little virus outbreak" is soon over. Gordon brought home some hard
    candy. The orange ones would be perfect in the bowl on the beat up (distressed?) table above.

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Slept really well last night. Perhaps it had something to do with the gin 'n tonic I had last evening. I haven't had a drink in ages. I was at Publix and noticed the tonic water and it made me think about having a drink. The inflammation in my gum is better but my whole mouth is sore like little pin pricks of pain on my tongue. It could be the Sjogren's or the Whatever Virus. In any case, since it's better, I'm not gonna call the dentist. It has improved each day so I'm hoping it will heal. I'm back on the Acyclovir and that should help. Unfortunately, whatever is doing it is also making me sick and that does feel like the WV. My lymph nodes are swollen and tender. It always makes me miserable when it reactivates. Whine, whine, whine!

    We got showers off and on all day yesterday. Frontal passage will take place today. I checked the new plants in the stairwell atria and they are all doing well. The plumaria trees that Barb's DSIL trimmed back are putting out new shoots. I was afraid he trimmed one too severely but it's also coming back. It's a beautiful pink so I'm glad. Things are greening up with the increased rain. Our new landscapers are doing a good job and the hood looks better already.

    Rock, yes, the little orange candies would make a lovely accent to the above room. That room isn't exactly what I'd do but the nice spring colors appealed to me. You asked about right click on the computer. Mice and touchpads traditionally have three buttons or areas to click. The center one is used the most. The left and right do specific things. For instance, if you want to copy a picture, you right click on it and save it per the menu which comes up. There are no buttons on this touchpad. If I want to right click, I simply tap two fingers on the touchpad. I'm still getting used to the differences between this and the typical Microsoft laptops. This may be the worst spread of the Red Tide but so far, there are not as many dead fish piling up on shore. I traveled around FL before moving here and chose this place because I liked it best. It's on the Gulf side and wasn't as developed with high rises as over on the Atlantic side. We are now getting high rises so it's likely only a matter of time. I love Miami but wouldn't want to live there. Are you still picking tomatoes?

    Spring, I just saw a plane crash in a field in Kathmandu. There were survivors. These horrible storms, called Nor'easters, have had thunder snow. Typically, we only get thunder and lightning with rain. Some severe snow storms also produce it. The weather forecasters love it. I'm gonna call Barb up in Boston but will wait until the emergency conditions there clear up. Thanks for your kind understanding words about being sick and exhausted and not being able to clean. I do the best I can but cannot push through the exhaustion to make myself work. I'd end up bedridden. Been there and done that and I don't want to do it again. It sucks. Looking at my dirty kitchen floor makes me sick but I'm not cleaning it until I finish the cupboards and fridge. I cleaned some things out of the fridge yesterday. When I'm sick, food goes to waste because I loose my appetite. I hate to waste food. I hope the people in these plane crashes are OK and I pray for the families of the dead.

    Julie, I'm laughing about the spirit's not telling you to do the dishes. Ever since I got the new DW, I love loading it, unloading it and marveling at how beautiful the stainless tub and stainless flatware look. It's like a miracle. As I've told y'all, I don't lust for expensive jewelry, clothes, cars, etc. but I do loves me my appliances. If I could afford it; , I'd have a smart fridge. I'd have everything I could control with my phone. Reminds me--both big LOTTOs have huge payoffs; I need to play. I've always loved window seats too. If no window, one can build in shelves along a wall and put a seat with storage underneath it in between the shelves. I've also seen little seats built in under a stairwell where there is a wall. I love cozy little nooks. Even as a child, they appealed to me. Stay warm.

    Granni, did y'all sing Deep In The Heart of Texas? That always gets Texans going. I'm sorry you are so tired. We are sisters in the same sorority, Chi Phi Sigma (CFS). Or, we suffer from Charlie Foxtrot Sierra in military jargon. Charlie Foxtrot is also a military expression, one which I can't post here. Charlie stands for 'cluster.' Unfortunately, I don't think a cleaning person would help. I can do the regular things. My problem is that I started some deep cleaning and got too sick to keep at it. It's in the way of the regular things with piles all over the place. I'll get there eventually, one little thing at a time. Today, I clean the spice cabinet and finish cleaning out the fridge. I need to dig up that recipe for Lone Star steak rub because I don't have all the spices. I need to stop at a specialty kitchen store to pick up a tiny nutmeg shredder. Fresh nutmeg is so good and I have the nut but nothing I can shred it with. Regular shredders aren't fine enough and fresh nutmeg is very potent. I use it for French bread and that breakfast pudding I make in the pot. Hope you feel better.

    Star, OMG, I'm laughing out loud at what you've written. This really is hilarious in the same vein (no pun intended) as Erma Bombeck. Snakes, mice and other vermin don't scare me but they surprise me and I'll let out a yip if I see one. The snakes and birds keep the mouse and rat population outside to a minimum. Our bldgs. are well sealed off but, every now and then, palm rats will get into a bldg. and make a mess. There are some adorable grass and cotton rats over on Sanibel Island, not too far from me, but they stay on the island. They only come out at night. By the time my kids were 10 and 12, they were doing their own laundry. I had gone back to school and worked part time so I needed the help. Just couldn't get them to take out the garbage. Both liked to cook but cleaned up after themselves. I hope your legs heal soon. Perhaps it's time to turn the tables and play some jokes on DH and the Treasures. That could be your creative activity. BTW, I agree that it's impossible to be creative when exhaustion has taken over one's body and brain.

    Sun, didn't see a post from you 'cept the link for Rock. Hope you can stop in soon.

    Barry, same with you.

    Judy, I'm hoping things are better with Vicki. Keep us updated.

    Duckie, I hope you're able to stay warm. When is the new heater going in? Can't remember a darn thing.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies, including our MIAs and anyone I missed.

    Love, Mikie

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    Oh Lordy, I just put on the tv CNN showed a helicopters crash in New York 5 dead..then India channel - they're showing a passenger plane crash just now at airport..70 passengers...death toll. 50 and rising. Nepal plane from Bangladesh..

    God bless
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    Here's the prettiest one I found.
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Under the stair seat. I love this idea.

    I just got back from Publix. I got two sirloin steaks because the t-bones and ribeyes were too expensive. Sirlion has a better flavor but isn't as tender. I got some meat tenderizer for it. I haven't been eating right and I need some protein. I am feeling a bit better today so hope I can get a few things done.

    I started watching the OJ Simpson interview on Fox last night but fell asleep. I'm watching the rest of it now. He all but confesses in a very strange way. Like so many of these famous ego maniacs, he blames everyone else for his actions and sees himself as persecuted by the media and others.

    On the way home, I stopped for gas. They have new covers on the pumps and you can watch Gas Station TV while you pump. Good grief! Like we don't have enough media blaring at us 24/7. We have a big problem here with fake skimmers which steal the info, including pin numbers, from people's credit and debit cards. I use the gift cards I buy at Publix on discount so don't have to worry. I save 20 percent off my gas by using the cards.

    There is a beautiful brown speckled wading bird out back and he seems to be in distress. He looks fine but is going from tree to tree and making a horrible cry. I hope he's OK.

    I'm off to cook my steak. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie

    I'm feeling a wee bit better today so hope I can get a few things done.
    I'm feeling a wee bit better today so hope I can get a few things done.
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    I've been busy today, running errands, etc. This morning there was a blue jay out by my bedroom window, ripping up things off a planter, I'm assuming for a nest. But now I found it in front heading for the hummingbird nest. I shooed it away then took my ladder and took a peak, yep, a baby in there, possibly 2. So after reading that blue jays will eat baby birds, I've rigged up some netting I had so I could cover the nest, leaving the opening underneath for mama. 5 min. Later I watched her hover all around it, poking, trying to get into the nest. FINALLY, she found her way in from the bottom and I could see she had nectar in her beak. I hope this will deter the blue jay.

    I'll be back later. A nap is calling.
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon brought home some Old National Geographics the library was getting rid of.
    Just read an article on Cuba and its exotic wildlife. The article says scientists now believe that
    the island of Cuba was once attached to S America. Skulls indicate that non human primates
    lived in Cuba about 35 million years ago. The place has lots of plants and animals that
    only live there. This includes a relatively small but feisty crocodile that generally grows to
    about 8 feet.

    On the other hand a male might reach 11 feet and weigh 4-5 hundred pounds. Not something
    you'd want to step on in the dark. Cuba also has a tiny frog that looks like it would fit
    on a postage stamp.

    Sun, very nice of you to rescue the baby birds. If you could coax a family of hawks to
    nest nearby, the hummers would probable be safe. Anything else going on in the garden?

    Mikie, what a beautiful room you found. Our old house had a stained glass window, but it
    was just a small strip at the top of the window. The colors were pale pink and purple. I
    used to wonder if they had originally been brighter. The room under the stairs reminds
    me of Harry Potter's room, often referred to as a cupboard.

    I remember window seats. When I was small my mother used to drag me along when
    she went to see some friend who did sewing for folks. Anyhoo the place had window
    seats, but I though of them as toy boxes. They had toys that once belonged to the
    kids who had grown up and moved away.

    Star, two meters is a little over 6 and a half feet according to some table I found. I
    can't believe your loved ones frightened you with a fake tiger snake. One of the most
    venomous creatures in the world. I think you should administer pay back immediately.
    Maybe set the beds on fire; something along that line. (Oh, just noticed. Julie already
    determined the length. Julie, do you have any snakes around the farm? I read the
    blacksnake in Iowa can grow to 6 feet.)

    Hope everydobby is OK, well, OK for us. Gonna go back to bed.

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  10. Mikie

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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Once again, a gin 'n tonic helped me sleep soooo well. The sore spot is still on my gum but it is much, much better and, even though the lymph nodes on both sides are swollen, the one is no longer tender. I hope the whole thing goes away. I got an email from the guy who is supposed to fix the handrail on our staircase. He said he can't see anything wrong. Good grief! It's a huge gaping space. I told him to call me and I'd show him where it is. Doh!!!

    I just ordered Russian Roulette from Amazon for my Kindle. It is the new book on what the Russians did during the election. The two authors previously wrote a book on how we got into the war in Iraq. They are respected investigative journalists. There is so much happening all the time that it will be good to have it all in one place. We tend to forget things when they are coming at us so fast and furious. I got the book on Iraq too. The novels I've read lately have been a bore so the nonfiction shouldn't be a letdown.

    I think I know why that poor wading bird was in distress. It must have been calling for its mate who seems to have been lost. She (or he) showed up and all was calm. Last I saw, they were both wading and looking for their dinner together. It is very upsetting to me when animals are distressed or injured. I even called Jeff, our condo president and head warden at Ding Darling Nature Preserve over on Sanibel Island. He also heard the bird. He's the cats' original baby daddy and he asked about SV. I asked him about Tweety and he said she is still evil. According to him, she is fat, pees all over even though she has two litter boxes which he keeps clean and generally does as she pleases. She will only eat one food and one treat.
    She does come inside the lanai when he tells her to. She loves him so much. I should go over to see her sometime. Jeff is off all week.

    Sun, bless your heart for saving the birds. Jays are beautiful but almost as evil as crows. They attack other birds' nests here and cause real problems. Hope you had a good nap.

    Rock, I saw a special where they claimed that modern humans were mating with Neanderthals and that some people today have Neanderthal DNA. Well, that certainly explains one guy who lives here in the hood. There were all kinds of pre-modern human like creatures on the way to our current evolution. There were also some very small humans in Ireland which led to the folk lore of little people. With everything going on today, I'm not sure we are evolving; I think we may be devolving. Oh well, I won't be here long enough to see it play out. We had stained glass rectangles all around the window in the front door of the old house I grew up in. My day care family had an old house with a seat built into the side of the staircase. The lid lifted for storage. There was a coat closet under the stairwell. If I were wealthy, I'd likely live in an old house with features like that. Nothing fancy, just quaint. I love my condo so don't feel as though I'm missing anything.

    Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Another window seat, a little more modern this time.
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  12. rockgor

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    Wow, Mikie. Such a beautiful room. It radiates serenity. I suspect the shoes on the floor are
    intended to be a bit of whimsy.

    Just read about the radon mines in Basin, Montana in the National Geographic. People go there
    to breathe the radon air and improve their health. The N. G. article said nothing about cost.
    I thought maybe they didn't charge because that might be construed as practicing medicine
    w/o a license. But at least one of the mines charges $8.00. If you're curious you can read about it. Search for radon health mines of Boulder-Basin, Montana.

    I figured I wouldn't go now that I've become claustrophobic, but at least one of the 4 mines
    has a room on the surface where they pumped the gas in for you.

    Hope you enjoy Russian Roulette, Mikie. Sometimes you don't really know. Just have to
    take a shot in the dark.

    Hugs Everydobby
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I've been checking my emails because the handrail repairman seems to be struggling with this simple issue. Said he couldn't find the problem. Good grief. Said he was looking at the upright rails. The subject line of the email was 'Handrail Repair.' Doh!!! I told him to text me when he's coming out which could be anytime when he has a few minutes. I'm cleaning out the fridge a job I've been putting off. AACCKK!!

    Rock, I also noticed the shoes. Strange to have in an otherwise perfect decorating pic. Guess it means that, despite the design's being clean and modern, it's also a livable space. I could be wrong. I have been once or twice. Love your shot in the dark pun. How old is that NG? Radon gas is considered very dangerous. People in CO have radon gas detectors next to their smoke detectors.

    OK, gonna go finish cleaning the fridge. I'll be so happy when it's done.

    Love, Mikie

    Addendum: I got the fridge cleaned out and ran into a nice neighbor down at the dumpster when I took the stuff from the fridge down. People across the street have been sick. DOF was sick but is feeling better. The little boys' mom had gall bladder surgery and she is stiff and sore.

    Once again, something went very wrong with my credit card payment so I made another payment by phone. They will be looking for the lost one. So, I actually made a duplicate payment but I'll use that up because I use this card for everything. What a pain. From now on, I'll be making my payments by phone. This is something new and, so far, every other payment has been made just fine. I see that my IRA has deposited my minimal distribution in my acct. I hate that because my look-back guaranteed return on investment is minus any withdrawals. The govt. should not be allowed to force us to make withdrawals from our IRAs when we reach a certain age. I hate dealing with financial matters.

    The little brown wading bird is back and all seems to be well. I don't see it's mate but it isn't in distress. I am feeling weak and shaky but will clean out the spice cupboard and can finally clean the kitchen floor. The fridge was a mess. It's a lovely day out and will only be in the 70's today.

    Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Please do not post here. Look for Porch 1047. Thank you.