PORCH 1047 IS NOW CLOSED (3/13/18)

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  1. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Instead of a porch or room, I thought we could use some pretty spring flowers

    Love, Mikie
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  2. Granniluvsu

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    What beautiful and colorful flowers, MIKIE. Thanks for sending them. Not sure when I can get back on the PORCH tomorrow so wanted to pop in now and at least tell you it will be a busy day getting ready for the cleaning ladies again.

    I've been busy most of the day running from here and to there and not accomplishing a whole lot. My online back acct I cannot get into and spoke to the nice gal at the bank who usually helps. My PW did not work and she was going to set up a new one so I could get in. That did not work either so I will have to go to the bank one of these days. Also dd some of the on line registration for DH's surgery. They want to know everything but what you want to eat fr breakfast today. I didn't finish and some of the questions were dubious and I kept getting interrupted. I thought I saved it and somehow it got saved and sent. Now I am trying to get it back so I can finish it. What a pain in the neck. SO I sent them another email and hope to get access to it sometime tomorrow when the cleaners will be here tomorrow. So much to do at once.

    Also, DD#$ is coming with DH and DGS tomorrow night but will be staying with DD#2. They will be here till Sunday so not sure how much will be getting done after they get here and I h= am having enough problems with no one else here.

    Our dear friends who live in the hood and are older than I just lost their son who moved a year or two ago for a new job in Ca. He already had one stroke which he recovered from but about a week or so ago he had another bad one and was partially paralyzed. He had a few surgeries and some TIA;s in the meanwhile and not sure what else. They and a lot of the family were there after the last stroke and he parents, my friends came home with bronchitis and are trying to recover. He had problems with mobility and just recently got a mobile chair for the trip. They will not go for the funeral. Don't suspect there will be a big one and not sure what will be happening. They did not know wither as they just found out he had passed. I know that trip to Ca wore them both out physically and mentally. He is married with 2 girls I think and a grand child. Very sad.

    Well, I love you all and will try and get back later on sometime tomorrow, Still haven't heard from the lawyer's office about monday. Gotta go get ready for bed and start removing stuff from counters in the BR where the ladies will be cleaning.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  3. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for the new porch, Mikie. What beautiful flowers; and eggs too. If you combine
    flowers and eggs you have Easter. Combine eggs and flour you have cake. Yes, you're right
    about radon. Gordon said, "But that stuff is dangerous." I said, "I know. Some folks have radon
    meters in their basement."

    Practitioners of homeopathy use the same theory. They concoct a "remedy" that uses a bit
    of some substance that would be harmful in a larger dose. (Assuming I understand my brother
    who allows himself to be treated in accordance with this theory.)

    I hope the cleaners can help. Well, with the cleaning. Probably can't do much about the bank
    sichiashun. Regards to SV. When I get done here I'll go look again and see if kitty is around. I
    checked at midnight. No response. We did have a light rain earlier. I put a cardboard box for
    her under a piece of plywood that leans against the wall. She often goes there for shade during
    the day.

    Granni, looks like you are having cleaners and bank problems too. Or did you and Mikie just
    make all this up as an early April Fools' joke? Hope by this time next week if not sooner, the
    litigation lottery will be all over.

    Did not find any tomahtoes to pick yesterday. Have run outta library books. Started a
    big fat paperback that has been loitering around the book shelf for a year or two. I never
    started it because it is so huge. Over a thousand pages plus 100 pages of words translated
    form Latin. The book is about Julius Caesar. (Took me 3 tries to spell that last name.
    It was written by the Australian author who wrote The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCullough. A
    wonderful writer.

    Hugs, Kids
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  4. Mikie

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    Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Ones,

    I just lost my whole paragraph. These new laptops are squirrely and highlight and erase seemingly on their own. It's very, very frustrating. I'm not even typing at warp speed and it's happening. I have been sleeping really well since the time change. Even SV isn't bugging me to get up in the mornings. I go to bed rediculously early and fall asleep watching TV. I did manage to read about 15 percent of the new book. It's interesting to read about Putin's power grab in Russia and how all the actors came together to get us where we are now. I never knew why he hated Hillary Clinton so much. He blamed her for encouraging people in Russia who wanted a democracy. It was misplaced blame but, nonetheless, she became the focal point for his wrath. Now things make more sense to me. The two authors have been on TV and have the ability to explain things to help fill in the gaps and make them clearer.

    Granni, your problems at the bank sound like mine. I had changed my password and couldn't get back into the account. I've been changing my passwords before sending the FPOC off to be repaired. I had to change it again because I got locked out of my account. Then, I had to deal with the lost payment to the credit card company. From now on, I'll be paying that bill by phone. What a pain. I hope you get it all straightened out and I hope and pray the surgery and lawsuit get resolved in the best possible way. I couldn't move enough stuff for a cleaning person to come in here. My goal is to get the piles of donations down to the car and get rid of them. It feels so good to have gotten them out of the cupboards and closets. Still lots more to come.

    Rock, I didn't even notice those eggs until I posted the pic. It's so big; remember when all I did was whine that my pics were too small? Yes, you add eggs and flour and get a cake. If you put coconut and jelly beans on top, you get an Easter cake. You are so sweet to Miss Kitty. She probably appreciates the little cubby to crawl into for rest and privacy. I read The Thorn Birds back when it first came out. Everyone I knew read it. I loved it and loved the TV series. The book was a tome. Fortunately, this new book I'm reading isn't too long. Next, I'll be reading Hubris by the same two authors. It's about what happened leading up to the war in Iraq. We have these big events and, often, we have no understanding of how it all happened. Or, in my case, I forget what happened. The lead in to WWI has always been attributed to the assasanation of the Archduke but it's way more complex than that due to the convoluted power centers in Europe. It still doesn't make a lot of sense to me but I understand it a bit better. It's really too complex for a complete understanding, at least, with my pea brain. Still, I have to have something besides mindless TV to try to preserve what cognitive abilities I still have.

    OK, this computer is driving me mad so I'm gonna quit before I lose too much. Oh how I wish my old work horse computer didn't overheat. I'm off to read the real newspaper. Hope all y'all have a healthy and happy day with as few Charlie Foxtrots as possible.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. springwater

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    Mikie..What bright beautiful flowers. In my youth pink and orange were supposed to be a no no as a colour scheme, but now they are all the rage. For clothes I mean. I love them together.

    Granni - how sad about the son who died of stroke. Not too old either. The poor parents and his wife and kids.! Looks like a nice time with your other DD visiting.

    Rock - Colleen mcCollough wrote a book on Julius Caesar? How is it? I read Thornbirds. What a saga. Never read any other books of hers. I didn’t know about radon. The name sounds injurious to health. Lol. I will google it.

    Mikie - I was never interested in politics. Never attempted to read a book on it. I remember seeing a docu about World War I but I still do not have a clue what it was about. I just remember reading a lot of books about families impacted because young men wanted to go to war. Saw several movies where a telegram comes to inform of a war death. Taylor Caldwell wrote a lot of books like that. The Beautiful is vanished. I used to feel sad reading those books and then enjoy feeling sad. At 16, 17 one romanticizes sadness. Haha.

    I don’t know about Neanderthals. But I’ve read a bit about Lemurians. Find it fascinating.

    The window seat with the stained glass window behind was so pretty! But I don’t know how comfortable it would be. Maybe extra seats at a crowded party or something.

    Julie - I’m guessing you musta gone down south on that intended trip. It’s good to know the police know about Sis and will keep a watch for her. I really fear what what she is up to.

    Sun - bless you for all the critters you have tried to help over the years. I never did understand why we couldn’t all hv been born vegetarians. Like elephants and hippos. I know balancing nature and all that but I wish it didn’t entail pain, and fear and bereavement.

    Dmc - I hope things are going a bit smoother now and computer and appliances behaving themselves.

    Barry - our weather turned for the colder. We had a big storm with hail and it’s made the temps revert to cold again. The rain was welcome. This city is always the better for a good washing down and replenishing of reservoirs.

    Star - hope your heartbeat has returned to normal. Are snakes a nuisance where you are?

    Judy B - thinking of you and yours.

    I have been doing the normal stuff. Chores. Errands. I managed to get out and give some clothes to be stitched. I have some which are really old and I hv been hanging on to them because they’re in good condition but I think maybe I should let go. Replace them with new ones.

    The other night my kids went out with my Chinese friends kids. The son has come on holiday from his work in Shanghai. I gave up the idea of trying to arrange a lunch for us...no could do. So at least my kids got to meet him. The DD works here and goes out sometimes with my DD. Their parents are back from their Asian trip. Went to Malaysia and Vietnam. Friends husband won free tickets to a resort in their rotary club raffle. So they decided to organize a trip around it.

    I’ve been trying to make some inroads into all the books I’ve got on hold that I bought but no time to actually read. I get sidetracked by the tv or surfing interesting stuff on the internet. I just saw some terribly attractive handimade cards and wished I could make them. The net is such a boon that way.


    Our doggie is as destructive as ever. He destroyed my plastic backscratcher, a plastic cd cover, and I picked up a clothes scrubbing brush he had hijacked from the bathroom but lost interest in probably something else catching his eye. He has torn the cover of my book I was reading and I found another with little puncture marks on one corner of the cover. Thank heavens my books are my own. Imagine if he did that to a library book, or one I borrowed? My DH just held out a canvas walking shoe, one of which was frayed woefully around the back edge. A holy terror is what he is.

    Let’s hope the pooch grows out of it soon. Otherwise I will hv nothing in one piece.

    God bless
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    Good mid-day everyone! I stopped in Monday night to say hi, and was reading through the posts when I realized it was time to leave. Last night I tried to make chocolate pie for Pi day, but after I got done with the pudding, I ran out of energy. So it didn't get done.

    Tonight I have to leave almost directly from work to make it up to Dayton in time for rehearsal. I think the 4th movement of this piece will kill me.

    Speaking of Pi day, sad news today for the geek world. Stephen Hawking passed away. Kind of appropriate that he died on Pi day. Also impressive that he lived as long as he did with ALS. He was diagnosed at a very young age, if I remember correctly.

    Mikie - our new heat pump gets installed next Tuesday. The electrician also comes that afternoon. I also totally understand the cleaning thing. I've struggled for years because my family didn't get that I wasn't able to keep up with the housework. It is dreadfully behind in the mundane things...dusting, removing cobwebs, etc.

    Sun - Congratulations on your ingenious hummingbird solution. I actually have to do something similar to my cherry tree to ensure that I get the fruit from it. Its' tall enough this year though that getting the netting over it will be a challenge.

    Spring - We had a successful maintenance day Saturday and a successful deployment on Sunday. Which is not to say that there aren't still things going wrong. But they're mostly minor. And I'm moving on to other projects.

    Rock - I'm sorry you're out of things to read. Maybe I can send you my (extensive) backlog, you can read them and tell me what they were about!

    Granni - Tonight's rehearsal will be most interesting. Monday night was the first time the choir was with the Dayton Philharmonic conductor. Tonight will be the first night the orchestra rehearses the piece together...and with the choir. At least this is a professional orchestra, so it should work out, and just be a matter of tweaking the sound, so to speak. I hope you get word before Monday and you don't have to go to court.

    Need to get back to work now. Hugs to everybody not mentioned - Barry, Judy, Julie, Star, etc., etc.
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  7. Mikie

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    Happy Pi Day!

    Love, Mikie
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  8. Mikie

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    Whoa! Just logged in and it's a whole new game here. Once one figures out how to get to the forums, it's the same. My degree and area were in marketing and I think it's good that PH is showcasing their products. I've made that suggestion to them in the past. It is the revenue from sales which allows PH to advocate for us and provide all the information on our illnesses and these priceless forums.

    Duckie, I hope you are able to stay warm until the new heater is in. I thank you for posting about how difficult it is to keep up with everything. Fortunately, right now I'm doing a bit better so am cleaning things out, slowly but surely. Yes, I think Stephen Hawking would be pleased to know that he died on Pi Day. Of course, no one wants to die but it's a fact of life. I just hope I don't die on someone's birthday or a major holiday. I don't want my family to be even sadder when I go. The things you are doing are far more important than mundane housework.

    Spring, would your dog enjoy chewing dog toys? It's too bad he's so destructive. I also love orange and pink together. So bright and pretty. Today, most anything goes. How is your weather? It's beautiful here. Wish I were up to going out but I think it's a better use of my time to do a bit of the cleaning which needs doing. I cleaned out the spice cupboard. Some of the spices have gotten old but my curry is still good. I tasted it just in case and now I have 'curry tongue.'

    Gonna go back to reading the new book. Tile floor gets cleaned tomorrow. For a few minutes, I practiced a bit of yodeling. You Tube has the lessons on video. It's pretty easy. Y'all know I can't sing but I seem to be able to yodel. Who knew?

    Love, Mikie
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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Sorry I've been absent.....3 BAD days of a flare that even tramadol wouldn't relieve the pains, but I'm better today. I even soaked in epson salts on sunday night which didn't help. Who knows why and how this comes on.

    Spring: Naughty little dog! I believe you said that he's a puppy? Well, you know how that goes. I had a puppy years ago and I had to run to the neighbor's house for something, came back 5 min later and she had found a portion of wallpaper at the bottom that had come lose and she yanked a huge amount off. All of it was on the floor in a heap when I found it. OMG. I have to say it was funny. Oh well. I needed new wallpaper anyway so it gave me an excuse.

    Duck: Good luck with your performance! You sure manage to accomplish quite a lot and still deal with FM....mind over matter.....MOM. And how have you guys been staying warm?

    Mikie: I've got O L D. Spices! Probably bordering on 20 years plus. I would say that's at the bottom of my to do list. This morning my washer sounded funny...good thing I was in the kitchen. It ran water all over the floor, so while mopping up with towels I saw that it was the outgoing hose that had a tear. Just had a repairman come out, looked at it and said he would have to order the hose. It looks very simple to me...but apparently they have to do something inside the washer. He just called....$147.00 total to be fixed tomorrow.

    Good thing I had gotten a lot of old movies from the library. I've watched Funny Girl (always wanted to be Barbra Streisand) and Camelot. I didn't know who played Lancelot so looked him up. Franco Nero.....and turns out after 30 plus years after he and Vanessa Redgrave made the movie, they got married.
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  10. Mikie

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    Thank you. Hope the Cosmos is even more beautiful where you are.

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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Sun,

    I'm so sorry for your flare and the washing machine. Don't know why we are all having problems at the same time in multiples. This has to stop. We have enough on our plates without these problems. Let's hope this is the end of them. It is funny when I picture your puppy tearing the wallpaper off. Dogs and cats will find anything loose and go after it. Sylvester tears at the carpeting at the sliding doors. No sense in getting new carpet. My spices aren't that old but a few have lost potency. No sense buying new ones until I need them but did toss the old ones which are no longer good.

    DD just called from CO. They won't move in yet but she is getting DGS in school for the last quarter. Same school district she attended but a different school. They have had several offers on the house in TX so I'm pretty sure it will sell before long. DSIL in CO is helping her because her realtor in TX is evidently very lazy and inept. Things are a bit chaotic but she's handling it well.

    She wants me to come for Thanksgiving. It will be a lot different than when I went to TX. It would be a dream come true to have all the kids around the table.

    Rest up, Dear One, and feel better.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey There

    Just woke up from a nap. Speaking of yodeling, Mikie, only this morning I found some videos
    of Wally Cox yodeling "There's a tavern in the Town" on Youtube. If you want to treat
    yourself to some silly fun, Folks, look for "Wally Cox and Andy Williams". There's an additional 5 minutes after the musical treat, but that part is really not too funny.

    Mikie, is that a Pi sign you posted? Don't have my reading glasses. Reminds me of a Chinese
    character. Or maybe a Hebrew one. I saw another funny Roomba ad last night. Can't
    quite remember the plot. I think the actor spilled some chips on a table top and the robot
    was inhaling them while the guy was trying to grab some.

    Duckie, I'd be happy to read your backlog and tell or write up a summary for you. Did that
    for a Superior Court Judge one semester when in law school. He called up the Dean of our school, an old classmate, and said, "Steve, send me the best student you've got. The Supreme Court just assigned me a project, and I need help." The Dean said, "Well, Tony, you know
    we've got lots of bright students. Unfortunately there all working on the Law Review or other projects already."

    So the Dean sent me. Anyhoo the Judge had been designated to conduct a one week course
    for the new Judges who would be starting the class in six weeks, and he needed someone to read
    all the new Appellate Cases and write up summaries for him. So I did it. Got a solid C for
    my work.

    Everybody in my law school got Cs. Similar to my friend Tony who went to the Univ. of MN
    Med School. At the end of the term everybody got a B. Anyone who didn't repeated the class.
    If they didn't get a B that time they got a polite "Goodbye".

    Sun, glad to hear you are feeling better. I never realized MOM could be an acronym for
    Mind Over Matter. Or Modern Office Manuals. Or Mable Ordered Mimosas.

    My Dad didn't have old spices. He was a chef with his own restaurant. He did, however, use
    Old Spice After shave. So did I when I was a teen. Now I'm old and spicy all on my own.

    Spring, Haven't gotten very far with the Julius Caesar book yet. Have been napping. The
    author reports that Caesar had good intentions regarding his subjects. I checked to see
    if he was in the movie Roman Scandals. He wasn't. That was Eddie Cantor. (1933)

    I did see Shakespeare's Julius Caesar at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis when
    it was new. (The theater, not Minneapolis.) Guthrie loved to relocate plays in time
    and/or place. He set the play in South America. Brutus makes his entrance wearing an
    Aztec headdress and a feathered jock strap. Does a forward flip off a ledge into the arms of
    two soldiers.

    Gotta quit. Computer is starting to balk. Will shut down entirely if it doesn't get a rest.

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Seems as though my brain is energized but the old bod is not. So, I'm online, watching the news and having a gin 'n tonic. Since booze is not my addiction, I'll be OK. I have found it helps me sleep and relax my jaws to help keep from clenching. It was that supp for my kidney stones which caused the neurological symptoms of clenchintg my teeth. I tried to take something for joint pain and the neurological symptoms came back. It must be something in the capsules themselves, or the fillers, which messes with my neurological system.

    News is doing a segment on Stephen Hawking. I'm surprised at how little his passing has been covered by the news. Finally, some tribute for his fantastic life and courage. He was a hero and example for us all. Some of us are geeks and some of us are honorary geeks. I'm not smart enough to be a geek but, in my heart, I am a geek wannabe. Quantum physics opened a whole new view of God and life for me and I'm eternally grateful.

    You have had a fantastic life and I love hearing about your days as an atty. I think you are plenty smart, my friend. I don't know what a Law Review is and why it is so prestigious. I am interested in the law. I might have wanted to be a lawyer had I not become June Cleaver instead. When I look at my beautiful children, I can't say I made the wrong choice. Maybe in another life...

    News is doing a big segment on Red Tide. Lots of fish now washing ashore. It is moving as far south as Marco Island. So, it's spreading and it's worse. Curse you, Red Tide. Wildlife people are worried about losing manatees to it.

    I need to get going so will bid y'all adieu. Hope everydooby has a wonderful evening. It's Survivor night so I'm in Hog Heaven.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    The flowers are Really pretty.nice and colourful.
    Probably a stupid question, but why are there eggs in the basket?

    Ive been making chilli and tomato sauce to make good use of the surplus and the recipes Ive looked at all seem to hv a great deal of salt, leaving the sauce to taste rather salty.sad to say.
    Im hoping that once its cold and bottled it wont be as pronounced.
    My taste buds are out of whack too so Im probably not the best judge.

    Julie, it sounds like your garden was pretty amazing, back in the day!
    I must admit, the amount of lawn mowing you do is huge.
    Enjoy your time with your Treasures.

    Judy, I've been worried about my Dd aswell.she doesn't eat much.she's 14.
    I'm praying for you and yours.

    Sun, sorry to hear about the pain. Expensive hose fix!

    Rock, my dad used old spice cologne too.

    Mikie, when I clean, I do piles too.unfortunately my last big clean hung around undone for ages coz I wound up in a flare ,mid way through...Frustration, but got there in the end I guess.

    Spring, ah yes the shoes.most pups love the shoes. We used to hv a seat belt chomper. Cost us a fortune.

    Duck, hope you get a chance to chill in between all the rushing around! And maybe sew a little :)

    Barry, funny about you catching up with someone and having to narrow down to the name she was using at the particular time.

    Granni, thinking of you and the hospital paper work and worry.

    Got bandages off today.decided to do it myself before i got to the dr, as i did a poor job covering with garbage bags for showering last night and was worried it might stink. It didnt smell, but as I nearly passed out half a dozen times before success, Im glad I did...
    So the next 3 to 4 wks i still hv to keep legs up when resting and not lift anything too heavy.
    Funny thing is Ive missed 2 calls from the dr office.i wonder why.they are only open on a Thursday, so guess it'll hv to wait.

    I had actually typed out a heap, but lost it. Bummer.

    Best be off. Take care all.
    Catch yas later
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Hope all y'all slept well and rise feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. SV is bushy tailed every day. He doesn't know what to make of the yodeling. I practiced it last evening. I don't know why yodeling energizes me but it's better than medicine. Maybe this year, we can have a talent show at Thanksgiving. DGS can play his French horn, DSIL can play his guitar and I can yodel. Or, DGS can do a magic show. I don't know whether he does magic anymore.

    Is it just me or do others with new laptops have the problem of a squirrely keyboard and inadvertent highlighting and deleting? It is sooooo annoying.

    Sorry, Rock, you had asked whether that was a Pi I posted. Yes, it's a big Pi with eyes and it's holding a pie. Pi is a celebrity who moves in the finest circles.

    Star, there are eggs in with the flowers because it is evidently an Easter bouquet. I didn't even notice them until I had posted it. I hope your legs continue to heal.

    I'm off to read my emails and the virtual newspaper. Too bad the news isn't virtual; I could imagine something better instead.

    Hope everydooby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning Kids

    It's around 2:30 AM here. Gordon's brother just left for work at Whole Foods. Been raining on and off yesterday and tonight. Called the kitty around midnight. No response so she's retreated to a dry spot, possibly in someone else's yard.

    Yesterday we had roaring engines overhead several times during the morning and afternoon.
    Much louder than the helicopters. Finally got a look at the culprits. Two small planes; black
    with some yellow trim. I don't think they are a military secret. Not when they are flying low
    and loud as a rock concert.

    Mikie, glad to know you are not addicted to booze. Did you ever wonder where that word came
    form? I did, so I just looked it up. "Booze" seems to have be taken from two similar words; one
    in Dutch and one from Germany. Jawhol!

    Saw something about Chrome on the news. Apparently the new Chrome computers can
    tell if the original owner is doing the typing. Wonder what happens if it isn't the original
    buyer. A pop-up says, "Sorry, you're not my type," and shuts down the machine"?

    Sun, Franco Nero was a hunk, but he couldn't sing. The movie had lots of actors who couldn't
    sing such as Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave. All dubbed or sometimes a mixture with
    some dubbing. (Franco Nero even has his name dubbed according to Wikipedia.)

    I saw an LA production of Camelot. Robert Goulet who played Lancelot on Broadway was now
    playing King Arthur. After hearing Burton doing it night after night, he now sounded like

    Duckie, how was the conductor for the Dayton Symphony? Opera singers often have fights
    with the conductor. They can't agree on the proper key or the tempo or the use of inserted
    high notes. Like most opera buffs I don't pay much attention to the conductor, but two
    I found very exciting: the German Herbert Von Karajan and the Hungarian Georg Solti.
    The latter won 31 Grammy Awards. More than any pop singer, group, chorus, etc.

    Spring, that dog of yours sounds like Ivan the Terrible. Does he swallow all the plastic and
    what not he chews up? I hope you find some nice new duds ie. clothes. I am currently keeping
    warm with a lumberjack shirt that is decades old. It is all frayed; especially around the
    collar. I told Gordon I was gonna toss it. He said, 'Well, you can just wear it around the
    house.' So that's what I'm doing.

    Sun, (how did this paragraph get down here. Just one thing after another. AACCK!) Wow! That's a hefty charge for the washer repair. Well, as you say, maybe it's more complicated
    than appears at first.

    OK, Gotta quit. The computer is doing OK, but my mind isn't.

    Hugs Julie, Barry, Granni, GB
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning friends! Sorry to be scarce...lets just say I fell asleep surrounded by four Treasures last night. Gpa Den got the "grandpa suite" all to himself, lol! He's not used to sleeping on the floor like Grandma. Will check in when we get back...thinking of everyone.
  18. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!! I'm pretty zombie-like this morning. I didn't get home until almost 11:30, didn't get to bed until almost midnight and slept very badly. BUT - the view from up on stage is AMAZING. I have never performed in a venue that large.

    Mikie - I guess I never made it clear that our heat pump is currently working, but there is a part in it that could go at any time. Given the age of the system, it wasn't worth repairing. So, we're still warm for now.

    Rock - Karajan and Solti were both excellent conductors. I have to say my favorite, though, was Leonard Bernstein. Neal Gittleman (the Dayton Philharmonic's current conductor) is very good. I like his style. Our soloists are very good as well. I think the "drama" between conductors and opera singers is nowhere near what is depicted by Hollywood. At least, it hasn't been in my experience.

    Julie - so glad you are enjoying time with your treasures. I'm looking forward to May when I'm going on vacation with just my DS.

    Spring - I just realized this morning that I haven't put a rod-pocket on a quilt that I have to deliver for a show Saturday morning, so I have to fit that in sometime between work and leaving for rehearsal. Yikes!!! I've decided I'm definitely taking tomorrow afternoon off so I can do that and also take a nap, and if I can reschedule a meeting I have this afternoon, I may take off and take a nap today as well. I'm a little worried about trying to do all this driving when I'm this tired, especially since I'm taking 3 other people who can't drive (one is legally blind, one has macular degeneration and doesn't drive at night, and one doesn't drive in unfamiliar places).

    Star - I'm glad you're recovering well. I agree that you need to come up with "revenge" for the frights you family gave you. (Evil grin)

    Sun - Sorry to hear about your flare. I know how that goes. They hit hard, fast and seemingly without provocation at times. I hope you get better quickly. Also sorry for your washing machine. With everything that's gone crazy in my house of late, I can certainly empathize!!!

    I'd best get back to work. Hugz to all!
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. WHAT! It wasn't Franco Nero singing????? And all along I kept thinking what a package! I know they dub women but guess I never thought it would be men too. I was very upset when I learned it wasn't Audrey Hepburn singing. Ok....I had to look that up and found this most interesting bit of movie trivia about Camelot. I thought you might enjoy reading it.


    Duck: I do hope you get a nap before you have to drive. Yep.....everyone is counting on you to drive. I hope it all goes perfect. It must be exciting to sing on a large stage AND with a full orchestra.

    Star: I think I would have been ripping off the bandages too. When I had that procedure in September, they stuck in a catheter and it bothered me a lot. Had to keep it in for 5 days then go to the office for removal. I was actually thinking of just ripping it out!!! I do hope you will heal quickly. What a pain having to keep your feet elevated.

    Mikie: You must mention this talent show to your DD. It sounds like a ton of fun. So they're living in Colorado now but just haven't found a home to purchase?

    Julie: Have fun with your little ones.

    This morning the local HS had their annual staged fatal traffic accident complete with a wrecked car (one year they had a student halfway thru the windshield) police cars, coroner's van, and a helicopter. I walked down to see it but decided I didn't want to walk to the scene so just stood and talked with a volunteer police officer while we watched the helicopter go around and around overhead. It's very realistic....complete with one kid dressed as the "grim reaper" who walks around the school.....doesn't talk or acknowledge any of the students.....really makes an impression about drinking and driving.

    I was just reading about the collapse of a foot bridge......6 hrs. Old). In Florida. Unbelievable. Many people killed and cars crushed under it. When I'm stuck under an overpass freeway section I try not to panic. I remember years ago a bridge up in San Francisco area collapsed during an earthquake.
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just had a bowl of Gordon's soup. He was out running errands. Brought home a couple
    packages of Kitty Treats for Miss B&W. He also bought a paper cutter. It's made of plastic
    and cost $20. The old fashioned kind we had when I was in school are still available. Cost
    $200 bucks though. The buying power of our money is constantly eroding.

    Sun, the movies are all about illusion as you already know. The singer who sang for
    Franco Nero was Gene Merlino. Pic below. You can find more info at various sites if you
    want to look. Gene died a few years ago at the age of 100.

    Never heard of a school having a fatal car accident day. I remember a school somewhere
    had the wrecked car parked in front of the school following an accident that killed some
    students. Can't remember where or how long ago.

    Duckie, I remember when I was in High School Leonard Bernstein had a series of programs
    on Sunday afternoon TV. He both lectured and conducted. I read a biography of him a few
    years ago. I've read that he came out at Carnegie Hall, but haven't seen any corroboration.

    Julie, I suppose if you ever need to you can tell Den that sleeping on the floor is good for
    people. The air down there is less used and has more ozone in it.

    Mikie, "Pi and finest circles." Didn't see that one coming. You kinda circled around me when
    I was distracted. Hope you and SV had a nice nap.

    Star, sorry you lost part of your post. That gives you the legal right to kick the
    computer in the teeth. (Providing it's your computer and you're sure you really want to
    do it.) There was some comedian who smashed a computer. I thought it was Tim Allen.
    Couldn't tell for sure if he did or not. I did learn two new facts. His surname when he was
    born was "Dick" and he used to be a drug dealer.

    What's this about your doctor? The office is only open on days of the week with an "H" in them?

    OK, time for my nap.
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