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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Mar 22, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    I see that Rock closed the old Porch but didn't see a new one so figured I'd open one up. Here's a pretty little garden with Foxgloves.

    I'll be back.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Feel free to skip lengthy post.i wont be offended!
    Mikie, gorgeous garden!
    Hope you are feeling better.Im also glad you are happy by all you managed to accomplish.
    I am not proud of it, but I hv pain relief trickling through my body round the clock.without it, I shudder to think.
    There are days I still struggle with pain and just getting out of bed can be tough.
    I sometimes wonder what I'd do if , as the preppers say, ' the #@$# hit the fan' and no more drs or meds etc...

    For now it's one day at a time and sometimes one task at a time.

    Rock, I wont be harvesting any foxgloves thats for sure, Rock.
    Oh and Im pretty sure JB's Vickie, is one of her Treasures.her daughter.
    Hang in there Judy.

    Sun, how awful for you that your Dh was gonna run away coz he couldnt handle the stress of raising a family.
    That must've been so tough on you.you are def a strong woman.

    Teacher- parent interviews was life sucking, to say the least.
    Sooo glad thats over with.

    Turns out Dd has fantastic potential,(which i already knew) and one teacher is really pushing her to go to uni.
    A nice teacher and all, but I couldnt get a word in edge wise. Its a good thing she's not making those decisions for her,
    as I think some of her speel was generated by the need for her own job security.
    Anyway, a lot to go into, but why would I push her into uni if her interests are in cooking?
    Plenty of options.

    As for youngest Ds, he was clever and only organised interviews with his favourite teachers.
    Need I say more?
    And it turns out that when he says , he wants to create computer games and play games all day for a living,
    That's entirely realistic in this tech age, with his knowledge.

    Ok.So he's also a natural at Indonesian.
    As we strolled up to the interview desk, i spied a bowl of jelly lollies.I couldnt resist.
    I had to ask her if she had a fondness for any flavour in particular and then want on to explain how vanilla and raspberry flavourings often came from the glands, from the rear end, of a beaver.
    She then told me all about a little creature, very similar to that of an Australian wombat, over in Indonesia, (hv you heard of this Barry?) which apparently ate the cocoa beans or something...but the digestive process makes the coffee beans way more tastier...
    Yes, lets process that for a little bit shall we?
    Yep.thats right.The poo is collected up and used in top market coffee.
    Apparently these little guys are imprisoned for their poop.sad hey?
    So, is that a kind of poetic justice? The poor get rich off getting the rich to drink animal poo.? Yuck!
    Do you hv anything like this over your way Spring?

    Ever seen the kids movie Pop? I think it was called.
    You know, Easter rabbit that poops out jelly beans...or is it chocolate eggs?
    Ooh.suddenly feeling really grossed out.
    Sorry guys.thought it was interesting when i started.

    Duck, thanks for sharing about the cancer.
    Simply amazes me that your Ds survived the treatment!
    These days my eldest Ds seems to think hugs are a form of currency. Hmmm.will leave it at that.
    He's been a real pain in the neck lately.and quite frankly I can do without them.

    A bit like how I imagine your DGS is, Sun. From what you briefly described.

    Guys, I know there's stuff Im forgetting to reply to, but I'm kinda in a bit of a head spin at the moment.
    Granni, you might be able to relate,
    but then, Julie, Sis sounds similar to my dad also...
    I dunno.
    Anyway, my psycho-skitzo-manic- dad has got lung cancer.
    left lung.
    And its true. (hv heard alot of lies, stories and confusion all my life and its a bit like the boy who cried wolf)
    They're doing tests to see what the shadow in his right lung is.
    From what I understand, if he does hv it in both lungs, he's cactus.

    Over the years, I hv grieved the loss of my dad so many times.
    Not the monster he is now, but the one who used to bounce us on his knees while whistling a classical tune or march,
    Or play the knives, on the table edge.the bloke who used to water the garden and occasionaly us.
    who would give shoulder rides...

    Not this imposter.this thing who nearly tore Dh, myself and our little family apart with all his twisted rubbish and lies.
    Who even trashed me to my Pastor.I still dont know what he said about me, to this day.
    Hes spun lies to my siblings also, which they refuse to tell me about, but it was enough to put a wedge in between them and me-and it was all a twisted game to him.

    Ive shed plenty of tears trying to do the Right thing and look after my dad...only to get shafted one way or another.
    And even fear for my life. Our lives.
    Im pretty sure he turned the gas on while me and our Treasures (toddlers and baby at the time), were napping.
    He always carried a scissors or screwdriver in his pocket, just in case he needed it.

    I had my youngest sis on the phone in tears 'till the early hrs in the morning, so messed up, still, by all the manipulation and heart break.
    And now he's using this. Guilt trips are his specialty.
    I feel so sad for my 3 sisters and brother who are in the thick of it all now.
    I live in a dif state to all of them.Thank God.

    In the days of 'split personalties', it made it easier to rationalise something that is not rational,
    But now, it's a bunch of confusion and because he's always dr swapping, they cant pin him down long enough to get him to take the meds ,(that we hv no idea if they could hv even worked or not) - because he was always convinced that he was being followed and poisoned etc etc.and either moved again or switched drs.

    Thanks for letting me get it out.hopefully Im not burdening you guys.
    This is probably a huge post.I'll pop a warning msg up the top, I think.
    Maybe I wont feel too anxious to sleep now.
    So exhausted.

    Hopefully all of you will hv a wonderful day ahead.(& hopefully I havent put u in a downer).
    Take care All
    Catch yas later.
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  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star:. So your DD has a lot of potential....great.....but she likes to cook, great! Of course it's a long way off for her to go to university OR a cooking academy. It's her life, and all we as parents can do it try to guide her.

    You've mentioned before about your twisted father. Yes, it's good you're not involved with the family interactions, be glad to that. He sounds like a pretty rotten person, so maybe this God's design to turn him around.

    Yes, I AM a strong person. I learned early, since my mom was always in a book and my dad worked away from home my entire HS years. When I was 10 my mom got pneumonia, back. In the 50s they didn't have the same meds. So she had to stay in bed for an entire month. Everything was put on me.....taking care of her and cooking for the family. I would rush home from school and then she would tell me what to cook and how. I still remember having to chop onions wearing a swim mask! I would run back and forth from kitchen to bedroom asking "now what do I do"? I look at my DGS.....15......and his mom still makes his lunch etc. He and I have talked about this.....he says she won't let him do on his own. Rubbish, she's doing him harm and will rue the day. He's basically a sweet kid, but like your DS had visions of creating computer games!!!

    You're a strong person too!!!!! Chronic pain makes a person stronger!!! By the way, I also hated those teacher/parent sessions.
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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    Nice pic, Mikie. The flowers are lovely and the lawn looks immaculate. Thanks for opening
    the door to another episode of gripes, groans and gratitude.

    Star, Dave Barry is America's funniest and most prolific humorist. He wrote about the
    exotic coffee in one of his columns 18 years ago. The title is "Decaf Poopacino", and you
    can find it here: http://www.davebarry.com/misccol/decaf.htm

    Sorry to hear your Dad has become such a problem. Sounds like schizophrenia, but that
    usually strikes young people; at around age 20. I looked up Indonesia to see if it was a
    game. It is. Costs a hundred bucks. Yikes! When I was a kid you could buy Monopoly
    or Clue for about 3-4 dollars.

    Nothing goin' on here except some rain. It's a light drizzle. Called the kitty. She peeked
    out from the box I put out for her. It's behind the big plywood sheet that leans against the garden wall. She looked, but wasn't hungry enough to come out in the rain.

    Gordon is going to the library pretty soon. We have half a dozen books waiting plus
    whatever the truck brings today. Am sending back 3 DVDs Two of them played.
    That's about average.

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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Didn't get back as soon as I had planned. I didn't sleep well last night and got up feeling miserable. I think it's the Whatever Virus still but the newspaper had another article about how bad the Red Tide is. I think it's just a perfect storm of things which are making me feel like this. Whine, whine, whine.

    Sun, yes, the rolly-polly neighbor is very hairy, shaggy even. He is no taller than I and is married to a very tall willowy woman. She is attractive and very nice. He is none of those things. No one can figure it out. Just two more things which make this funny. I know you feel let down by your body. I do too, especially on days like this. I agree that you are a very strong person. You've been through a lot. I was a latch key kid and made sure my own kids were independent and knew how to do things. They enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. Your garden sounds lovely. I went online to find pics of Foxgloves and found all kinds of exotic plants, including some fungi/mushrooms which look like something from an alien planet. Remind me of the plants in the movie, Avatar. Hope we both feel better.

    Star, I am so sorry about your Dad. I'm glad you live far enough away so that you're not exposed to it on a daily basis. You have so much on your plate just dealing with the pain, fatigue and raising a family. It's so much fun when kids are the age of your Treasures and thinking about what they want to do. Believe it or not, my kids are in their 50's and it's still exciting seeing them in their own lives. I agree that you are one strong person. I know it isn't easy. My health was spared until my kids were grown. By then, however, my ex had decided he didn't want to be a husband or father anymore and he left. Joke's on him; he's a husband and lives a miserable life. It gives me no pleasure to know this but it is kinda ironic. I'm better off without him and his constant problems. I have enough of my own. BTW, I do have times when I accomplish a lot and days like today when I feel awful and get nothing done. Tis the nature of the beast, the beast being my health. Hope you feel better too.

    Rock, Miss Kitty gets such good food at your little kitty diner that I'm surprised she didn't come out in the rain to get more. SV likes to sit out on the lanai when it's raining. We have had a lot of really big birds around the pond lately and they have been very active and noisy. I saw a TV program about those coffee beans. I wonder how good the coffee is but I couldn't make myself drink it. AACCKK!! Expensive coffee and wine are wasted on me. I buy the Costco brand of K-cups and think they taste just fine. Thirty-four cents for 16 ounces ain't bad either. Hope your almost-April showers bring you some beautiful flowers.

    Barry, sorry you are so exhausted. Seems so many of us are having flares. I hope and pray you feel better. I know it's beautiful where you live but, when we don't feel well, it's hard to enjoy it fully. I guess it could be worse; we could be sick and live in a hell hole. As Rock says, "Gripes, groans and gratitude."

    Found out the negligent manager is leaving the company the first of April. I hope the woman they hired to take her place is good. Couldn't be any worse. Earlier, I had called the president of the big board for the hood and asked that they not find another company and to try to work with this mgr. If the new one is good, the problem will have taken care of itself and I'll be glad they didn't shop for a new company. The repairman came out this morning to look at the handrail which is coming apart on the stairway at the other end of the bldg. He hammered it back together until he can see whether they still sell the same rail so he can cut a new piece. He's a sweetheart.

    Let's hope we all feel bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Brain still feels like scrambled eggs.
    As much as I dont want to go down memory lane,Im getting dragged along and
    For some reason my thoughts are going a million miles an hr and I hv the worst head ache.
    I guess the fact that all my siblings are planning to catch up with eachother and our dad today,
    might hv a bit to do with it.
    That in itself is a little rediculous.trying to get any of them organised enough to catch up is an ordeal.
    And then if they do, good grief, its like sitting in a room with a ticking time bomb.
    And then if you throw alcohol at them, be sure to run, coz it gets ugly real quick.
    Stuff from when we were kids comes up.
    And dad usually instigates it all, somehow.
    I found out a while back that the reason my sibs didnt like me that much was because he told them all,
    I was his favourite. (Meanwhile he treated me like #$@#.)
    After my mum told me this, I asked them all if this was true and it was.
    Only a nut job would do that.
    So he masterfully turned the whole lot against me back then.
    And now that they're all hopelessly trying to get daddy's approval again, I've been shut out again.
    Its sooo sad.I know that they know he is an emotional manipulator, but they all still seem to get sucked in.
    And confused
    And hurt.
    My youngest sis is texting me heaps.
    I guess she needs support, at least until she gets to the meeting
    And then I prob wont hear from her again for a yr or 2.

    Rock, theres sooo much we now know about my dad that indicates he had mental issues from a young age.
    I guess there was enough of him still in there to manage/ hide it.
    And it explains why we moved every couple of yrs or so.
    Fortunately we, us kids got a pretty good foundation.
    It really wasnt till my early teens where he started doing 'stand out' crazy things.
    Stuff that made no sense.

    Sun, my parents raised us as Christians, but I guess when he started to really lose it, it turned us all off/away.
    I came back and my sister ,a yr younger than me ,has started going to Church again and its really changed her for the better.She has that Hope now.
    Unfortunately the 3 youngest sibs prob got a lot more of thinking dad was a hypocrite ,coz of the crazy, so hv run as far away from Christianity as they can.
    I pray that dad gets it sorted with His maker before he goes.

    its all changed at school now. Dd is only yr9, but a teacher wants her to pick a yr 11 subject
    For next yr. To give her a head start.Also, over here, theres a dif path way she can take if she wants to persue cooking.
    Thats going through tafe (tech) for yrs 11 & 12 . But is still scl based.
    It isnt as straight forward as you might think and some definite decisions need to be made. Soon.
    It sounds like this teacher has been in her ear a lot and now dd is stressed out about it all.
    I'm praying for wisdom.I dont want to add to the stress.

    Mikie, i finally sorted out the linen cupboard.
    What I was actually trying to do was reclaim land.
    I hv managed to store a lot of the linen we dont use much, in plastic crates, labeled and up high in our bed room.
    I also donated. I kept some of the fitted sheets, where the elastic has gone, for rags.
    We use all kinds of rags for cleaning, for pet bedding ( which can later be thrown out ) and for Dh's car work and shed work...with the space Ive acquired, I'll store lunch boxes and other tupperware .Hopefully this will keep things more orderly,
    But I wont hold my breath.

    Treasures hv gotten lazy and I am the one who feeds and waters all creatures.
    Its tiring, but sometimes it feels like all I do is nag.and that is more tiring.
    Isnt it supposed to get easier as they get older?

    16 yr son told Dh last night when they were having a serious 'talk' that one of his mates swore at his mum.
    It sounds like this group of young men were perhaps boasting about their poor behaviour.
    I guess I am fortunate in many ways; however, Dh is trying to get it into Ds' head, that he has potential to be realised.

    I just found out that my nephew who is about 23 ish has a girlfriend as old as his mother and has 4 kids- all of which hate him of course...he had savings of about 60k in the bank which was to go towards his first home...he has hit my mum up (his g ma) for money, but I dont know how much or how often, which implies he no longer has his savings.further digging reveals he has blown the lot, possibly on online gambling.

    I am off to look after the creatures and get my joy re filled by them.
    Guinea pigs are sooo cute by the way.

    Love to All
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Not much improvement in how I'm feeling, sad to say. My fingers keep hitting two keys on the keyboard instead of one. My lymph nodes are still swollen and painful and the headache is still there. Whine, whine, whine!!! It isn't helping that our govt. is getting crazier and crazier. It's affecting the stock market and national security. People are fleeing, or being fired, like rats from a sinking ship and that is making things even more unstable. It contributes to an overall sense of stress in people.

    Star, my ex's parents individually played him and his brothers against one another. No wonder he has so many problems. Poor kids in families like that don't know until they are adults that their parents' behavior wasn't normal but sick. Then, they have to try to sort it all out. By then, a lot of damage is done. You seem to have a lot of insight into your dad's behavior. It's unfortunate that your sibs don't all work together to help one another deal with the family's past. What I learned in therapy is that we have to parent ourselves as adults. We have to look back at the sweet children we were and cherish ourselves. What you have been through has probably made you much stronger and that is why you cope so beautifully with your illness and being such a good mother. Be very kind to yourself so healing can take place.

    Julie, I'm worried about you and your family. I keep you in my prayers. Can you let us know you are OK.

    Kids, I'm gonna get going and try to get something, anything, done today. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, All

    It's raining outside. Well, be pretty strange if it were raining inside, I guess. Gonna rain
    some more today. Temps will be in the 60s for the next few days. I'm so glad harsh winters disappeared from my life some 50 years ago.

    Gordon's brother brought home 3 boxes of strawberries from Whole Foods. They are huge. The size of some plums. Bigger than crab apples. Look beautiful, but you know what is
    missing. Well, I put some sugar on them. Am eating them anyway.

    Gordon seems to be about finished with his needle work project. I told you earlier that thousands of stitches were required. Turns out all those numbers I read were not stitches;
    they were the color of the thread. DOH! Gordon said, "Well, it's done. Now what will I do
    with it?"

    Mikie, I suspect you would feel a lot better if even one of your problems went away. As for
    expensive wine and coffee, I never drink either. I drink All American drinks like Coke and
    chocolate milk. Hope you can get some refreshing sleep.

    Star, I read a book (not a cookbook) by Julia Child about her first trip to France; her
    husband taking her to a fabulous restaurant; he desire to learn how to cook like that;
    and her training at Le Cordon Bleu (The Blue Ribbon). Maybe your daughter would like
    read same and make some plans. I think the title is "My Life In France."

    Well, where are all our posters? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - Billie?

    I've been just caught up with household chores and errands. It's lovely weather though. Nice to go out doors and get stuff done. And the flowers blooming in gardens adds to the cheer. The annuals. Snaps and petunias trumpet flowers, cleevias and the like. And of course perennials- geraniums, roses. I know some of you are still wading through snowdrifts and was thanking God for our weather.

    Mikie - what a beautiful sight, those flowers and green. That blasted Red Tide! Btw, do you put off the wifi when you are not using it? I read it's harmful to have it on all the time. There are some sites which advise putting off wifi when not in use. Those frequencies. I prefer to have electrical outlets switched off when not in use. Even the fridge in winter. They said putting on the Himalayan salt lamp is good for you. Being sensitive I feel prickly around my face n body after a while and shut wi fi off.

    I loved your advice to star about our parenting ourselves. Focusing on the good we experienced in childhood and building on that.

    Star - oh Star. I'm so sorry for what you're going thru. Don't blame you for feeling run down. It's just terrible about your father. How screwed up is life? That's why I try to do meditations to make me strong from inside and detached from results. Life is always going to have ups and downs and the only thing in ones control is how one reacts. To know every one has their own destiny and we don't make things better by worrying.

    Yes, it takes practice tho. Some things are easier to be detached about than others. I suppose my whole life has been about letting go, putting things behind me and learning how to manage stress. My room is filled with books about how to face life. Now my books are mostly on spiritual therapy. Energy healing, past life therapy, theta healing....color therapy, the works. Of course, it helps that I've had experiences which make me believe in their efficacy.

    Rock - 3 boxes of strawberries? Will they keep? We get those in season but lots of times they're sour. My father used to grow a plant in a flower pot on the window ledge and keep us updated everyday on their progress. He was so proud when the fruit came. He also kept birds in a cage. I think those little things kept him sane. Life must have been so difficult for him unequipped as he was to be a provider.

    About giving naughty dog a chewy toy, oh we give him those but he loses interest. He loves shoes, slippers, brushes. I think they resemble prey to him. Today I lost another book to him. But I've gathered the pages and gonna stick them. I will ride this phase of his out best as I can. Not gonna spend more money replacing things. I've been using a half chewed brush to scrub the bathroom commode. The handle is half. And I'm still using the chewed up back scratcher although it looks nothing like a back scratcher now. But the scratchy part and the massager are still working.

    Sun - nothing makes me more annoyed than getting ripped off. Usually by a handyman or cab driver.
    I hope your flare has gone into remission somewhat.

    The DH went to an overnight business trip and brought back some delicious gulab jamun. Indian sweet meats. They're not meat, they're milk byproduct and they're served as dessert.

    A shout out to Granni, Julie, Judy, DMC, Barry and all

    God bless
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! Star, my heart is breaking for you. Family is so often the hardest situation to deal with. The people who should be so supportive of each other and love each other unconditionally....end up being the ones to cause us the most stress. Den's mom was that way...I believe she had a big part in the way her daughter (sis) turned out. And she tried to get my girls against each other...for what purpose, I don't know. Went so far as to try to convince Amy that Lindsey was out to harm her...and if it "happened again" (whatever "it" was) that Amy was to go to Grandma and not me or Den (because we wouldn't do anything about it, anyway.) I found a letter that Grandma had written to Amy "warning" her...when I questioned Amy about it, she said she had no idea what Grandma was talking about.

    Grandma got worse as the years went on (to the point of almost causing Den and I to split up because of things she said and did that I had a very hard time dealing with...and Den, in his passive state, couldn't bring himself to talk back to his mom...but in the end, he did, and I am grateful to him for that.) Many in the family believe that Grandma had some form of dementia (hard to tell where the orneriness dropped off and the dementia began, though.) Plus, Grandma held the purse strings for the whole family, it seemed...so who was gonna try to get her committed? Poor excuse, maybe...but she could have talked Grandpa (Den's dad) into kicking us off the farm or anything (Grandpa was as passive as his son, so Grandma truly did rule the roost.)

    I am not ashamed to say that I tried to just "outwait" her...many of the family members' lives have been much more peaceful and stressfree since she's been gone. And then along came sis, lol! But that's a whole 'nother story, and now that Grandpa is gone, we no longer have to deal with her.

    What a bunch of rambling...I'm so sorry. I guess what I'm trying to say is just stay away from your dad as much as you can. You can't control him, or how your siblings react to what he has said and done. Hopefully, people will figure out that he has lied and manipulated them (family members, pastor, etc.) and, in time, the pain of his words and actions will fade. I know my MIL used to tell people things about me that weren't true (I heard her sometimes...she always used that "joking, but not really joking" tone.) It hurt me so bad, and in the beginning I even called her on some of it and asked her not to say things...but, in her mind, she knew me and my intentions better than I knew myself. Anyway, I have been reading your posts (this is the place to come, by the way...to vent, cry, laugh...I've done lots of it myself and our family here is amazingly supportive and nonjudgemental.) You're in my prayers...sometimes we don't want to hear how strong we are (we don't want to have to be strong, we just want things to be "ok" so we don't have to "be strong"...) but you are strong...and a wonderful wife and mom...your friends here know it, and I pray your family (siblings) in real life soon understands it themselves.

    Sorry to be MIA lately (just caught up, in my ramblings to Star, huh?)...Den is still home till Monday (those vacation hours he had to use up by the 27th) and he has been working really hard on the house, vehicles, getting in the last of the firewood...and I've been busy "supervising" and keeping him fed. :p And making decisions about floor covering (didn't have enough for part of the loft, so had to find something to go with it) the size and shape of bookshelves, etc. etc.

    Den wants to make the best use of his time off (and he's apparently feeling pretty good energy-wise, etc.) so I'm taking advantage of that. As for me...my pain level has been through the roof. I knew I was "achy", but while at Lindsey's my joints and muscles hurt so bad. Trying to keep up with the kids was just plain embarrassing. Partly the 10 hour drive and partly from not being able to just "go slow and rest a lot". And I'm determined to do it all over again on Thursday (Amy, girls and I are going back down till April 2.)

    Call me crazy, but I promised the kids I would come back with Aunt Amy...and I'm not about to pass up another chance to see them all again. Since Den and I took the kitchen table and bench down (that he and David made out of part of our cedar tree) Lindsey and David are all excited about fixing up their kitchen. Lindsey painted a mural on on wall and they are working on building the booth part. I'll post a pic at the end of this.

    Today, I'm meeting Amy and Keira (after Amy gets off work.) Keira has wanted to stay with us for a weekend "by herself" for months. This is a rare window of opportunity, so we're gonna grab it. She is not hard at all to "take care of"...her weekend "bucket list" includes going to town to get her nails done (she has a gift certificate from Christmas for a place at the mall), dye Easter eggs and make "banana bread slime." I told her we'll need to get whatever we need this evening before we return home...should be interesting, lol!

    Sorry, but I've got to get going...got up late. Den isn't back from town yet...had to clock in just to go get a "random drug test" done...all the guys with CDL's have to do that occassionally. Today was the day, lol!

    Hi to everyone and I am thinking of you. Sorry to be so scarce on the computer...trying to do what I need to do, then rest. This week's activities has included lots of long naps and working on my pain.

    Here's Lindsey's picture. Art is therapy for her, also...she has had to neglect in order to raise up those kiddos, but she's determined to make more time for it very soon. David's idea to use the "picket fence" as the back of the booth...I think it will look really neat. Lindsey used shiny stones (the kind I usually put in the bottom of vases to hold flower stems in place) and she said when the sun shines through the kitchen window, the wall really sparkles. Just paint she had left over from other projects, and hard to blend cause it dried so fast...but at least she got to "paint". :)

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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Publix. I needed groceries and some little Easter things for the boys at the end of our bldg. I got them each a solid chocolate bunny. The good old cheap waxy ones I remember from my yute and love so much. Ribs were on sale so I got a rack to fix in the Instant Pot. Mmmmm! Bags of fresh green beans were on sale and I got one of those. They are trimmed and washed. Love that! It's cold out but will warm into the 70's by this afternoon. I also got my exemption request in to the county. It's my 'Poor Old Lady' exemption. It never gets used because I have two others and, if this one were used, it would cause my condo to drop below the legal floor for tax assessments. Still, I keep it just in case.

    I also took the poop bag down to the dumpster and got my mail. Good news from the investment co. which holds my IRA. They have to give the guaranteed interest on my annuity regardless of withdrawals and swings in the stock market. The original principle was always guaranteed but this will affect the value of the growth in the acct. I just got a check for the mandatory minimum withdrawal and that has always ticked me off so this softens the blow. I may get the stainless microwave and range earlier than originally planned. DW is almost paid off. I'm happy I feel a bit better than yesterday.

    Rock (or should I say, Billie), those really big strawberries often don't have as much flavor or sweetness but are perfect for dipping in melted chocolate. If it were raining inside, a big insurance claim might be in your future. Our temps have been lovely but will be climbing back into the 80's in a day or two. Still, I rather have the heat and humidity than the cold and blizzards. Glad those snow blowing and shoveling days are behind me. Being in FL is my reward for living long enough.

    Spring, those flowers sound so lovely. I know what you're talking about. It's the radiation which comes from any electrical equipment. Anything which broadcasts is considered potentially more dangerous. Research hasn't shown a direct cause of illness attributed to this radiation but they think it's harmful. I don't shut the router off when I'm not using it because I'm always checking something on my phone which uses wi-fi. I've been fixated on the phrase, "All is forgiven." It was in that book about phone calls from heaven. It's fictional but, when I think about it, heaven can't exist without total forgiveness. I've had to forgive those who have hurt me in order to move on and learn to parent myself and find some peace.

    Julie, I'm sorry you've been in a flare. I hope you feel better. I also hope you have a good time with Keira; I know she will enjoy it. I love the mural Lindsay painted. That purple looking dark blue with the orange is one of my favorite combinations. It looks almost spiritual to me like the Northern lights or the sun bringing a new day into the dark. It definitely draws me in. Glad you can be with family. It's so important.

    DD had thought they might come down but no flights are available. A lot of people have cars here and fly home at the end of Season. With the severe weather up North the last couple of years, more and more people come down. She is looking at flights to CA. Reminds me of when we took the kids there so many years for Spring Break. I'm sorry I won't be seeing them but am frankly relieved that I don't have to scurry around getting the condo ready. I still have piles of donations sitting around in here. Otherwise, the condo is clean. Maybe I'll fly to CO when it's so hot down here before the hurricanes get so bad. Maybe in July.

    Hope everydooby is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    I should/need to be writing to you all since DH is out doing the last Fish Fry at the church. However, I need to cut this really short so I can study my music for chorale. We are even having an extra practice which shows you we all need to do more work on the two big pieces we are doing. Then Monday we go in early for practice to take a look at the two prospects they have to direct us. Two of them will lead us in two songs we know ( at least some) before we all vote. I suspect the guy who is directing us now will help as well as play the piano. He had been helping the dear choir director that died of cancer a few months ago. He also is very much involved in the church's musical programs and services.

    Just went out with DD to for lunch at a small Chinese/Japanese restaurant nearby. We did that instead of going to the last Fish Fry. Had broccoli and shrimp along with egg drop soup and a small egg roll along with the usual rice. It was very tasty and quite reasonable on the lunch menu. Gotta go and order some stuff on line before I start my music.

    JULIE - Hope you feel better really soon. I know with all that you are in the midst of it is hard to rest but please do try and get as much as possible. I feel like you, bad that I have not been able to get on the computer and chat with my PH Porch friends as often as I would like to. The picture that Lindsey did was very pretty. Anxious to see what their kitchen will be like when it is all finished.

    STAR - So sorry for all your family trouble.s Some of us are spoiled, at least I was in the sense that I had a loving family and only one brother who I love but lives to far away to seem much at all. My parents were great. We loved each other even though we didn't have a lot of $. However, at the time I was growing up it seems lots of people at leat around us didn't have that much $. The family was small but fairly tight at the time and no squabbling that I know of or that lasted long. It is horrible that your dad put your siblings against you. It sounds to me like he didn't like you not the other way around. He surely was screwy to say the least. Hope if you do have this reunion or whatever you were speaking about it goes better than you expect. How far away does your dad live from you. Hope you don't get to see him often if he treats you so badly.

    MIKIE - Sorry you have been feeling yucky but glad you said you think you may be starting to feel a little better. Hope it continues.

    Hi to ROCK/BILLIE, SW, BARRY, SUN, DUCKIE, et al ! Thinking of everydobby Sorry to much to do.

    Sorry for the earthquakes Barry. Hope they were no where near you.

    Keep up the prayers for removal of this - - - - suit which goes to mediation on Wednesday.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm watching a 1953 movie, Torch Song, with Joan Crawford. It's not a great movie but the clothes and jewelry are gorgeous. Helen Rose was the designer. Her clothes were always perfect. The jewelry isn't gems; it's chunky gold. I have gotten nothing done since being here last except to clip and file my fingernails. I broke two nails so I have two stubs and the rest are fairly short. I have always hated breaking nails. My skin, hair and nails are soooo dry, like the weather. One good thing about our hot humid summers is the rain. Wild fires have broken out south of us.

    Barry, you sound better, even with the gray weather. I hope you're feeling better. Wish I knew as much as you about plants. I also wish we could grow some things here in Zone 11 that we can't grow. Geraniums, which do so well in the summer heat elsewhere, wither up here even though it's no hotter. Must be the directness of the sun's rays. Right now, my orange ones are beautiful. My kids had Guinea Pigs when they were little. I loved them; they were soooo cute. I wonder whether I could get SV to eat coffee beans...no, never mind. Still can't stomach the though no matter how expensive it is.

    Granni, we were posting at the same time so I've come back to edit and add. Sounds as though things are going well. I hope and pray this whole suit business goes away once and for all. Good grief! It's gone on long enough already. Good luck with the music.

    OK, Kids, I'm off again.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi ta Hi, Ho ta Ho

    Here I am only 4 minutes after the sage from the North. I liked your do-do pun, Barry.
    Wasn't Little Dude one of the seven dwarfs? Come to think of it, in the 1950s when one
    of the most popular shows starred Sid Ceasar, one of the skits featured Sid insisting the
    one of the dwarfs was named "Weepy".

    We've had a few camellia blooms during the past few months. There will be many more in
    a few months. Only two of our daffs bloomed this winter; we have no croci. Nope, don't
    know a Gordie. Wouldn't he be from Scotia? I do know a Gordon from China. I used to
    read about a Flash Gordon. Never arrested for flashing far as I know.

    Mikie, I remember the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs too. Some of the eggs had a candy yolk inside. I wonder if the brand was Cadbury. Cadbury is like Barry. From the UK.
    Dunno which one is sweeter. Ha-Ha! My mother used the same green paper nests for Easter treats year after year. Just like the life sized cardboard fireplace at Christmas. All kept in
    the storage room which was only slightly bigger than a closet. Lots of old Christmas decorations, greeting cards, old dishes including some pale green glass goblets and old photograph albums.

    Glad to know that your financial situation is looking good, and that your floors are legal.

    Spring, Billie is Billie Burke, the actress who played Glinda, the Good Witch in the Wizard
    of Oz.

    She sang: Come out, come out, wherever you are
    and meet the young lady, Who fell from a star.
    She fell from the sky, she fell very far.
    And Kansas, she says, Is the name of her star.

    You can find her on Youtube. Or search for her name plus "Images". I read a novel some
    years ago. It was set early in the last century. Billie Burke was mentioned as a popular
    and beautiful Broadway Actress. She married the Broadway Producer Florian Ziegfeld.
    MGM made two movies about Ziegfeld.

    Julie, ain't that the way it goes. You find a potential mate and the odds are at least some
    of the relatives will be toxic. Gordon's mother was strongly opposed to me moving in here. After a month of her radiating hatred, locking me out when I was feeding
    the dog in the backyard, etc. I called Gordon who was at work. Told him I was leaving. Would let him know where I was. Happily the old dragon died a couple months later.

    BTW the author Michael Thomas Ford wrote a book titled It's Not Mean If It's True.

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Nothing much to tell. Woke with my allergies raging. Rage, rage against the sneezing of the day. There seem to be lots of people having bad allergies right now so something besides the Red Tide is afoot. Newspaper quoted a man on Sanibel Island saying the county had been hauling a truckload of dead fish off the beach.

    Rock, I thought Billie Burke was soooo beautiful when I first saw The Wizard of Oz. Yes, it's the Cadbury eggs which have the sugary yolk in the center. They are so sweet that eating one could probably throw one into a diabetic coma. I'm sorry Gordon's mother was mean to you. If we could do away with meanness, it would be a giant leap for mankind (and womankind) and we wouldn't have to go to the moon to do it.

    Good grief! A man was arrested for threatening another man with a Samari sword over some beer. Talk about being mean...

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Only slept for half an hour last night. But I've been busy: TV, reading, computering, feeding
    the cat as well as me. Finished off the giant strawberries. Rereading another John Sanford

    Mikie, I didn't read about the Samari sword incident. Just looked; found a story from the UK about two guys who got into an argument over a nose and one was threatened with a samarai sword. I think I posted before about the attorney in our office who loved guns and knives. Bought a samarai sword. Was showing it to people in the office. Came in the next day with one palm seriously bandaged. He also paid $500 for a pocket knife.

    Gordon's Mom wasn't too mean to me. She couldn't really insult me. 54 years in this country, but she only knew a smattering of English words. Could only insult me in Cantonese. I asked
    Gordon if there was such a thing in China as hospitality, treating a guest with courtesy, etc.
    He said, "No. You're not Chinese."

    Star, I think you're right. Marrying someone who has kids from an earlier marriage is just
    asking for trouble. The kids always hate the new parent who (they think) ruined their
    parents' marriage, so they are relentless rude hoping the newcomer will go away and the
    missing parent will come back. Of course most of the books I've read that deal with this topic
    are fiction, but still...

    I gotta go. The computer is unhappy. For folks who want to see guinea pigs being cute,
    here's the link. I was gonna look and see if I could find how they got to be called pigs.


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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I think I've been in a fog of pain and fatigue....but yesterday I was determined I was going to get to my friday art group since it's been a few weeks since I've been there. It was good to get out, but then when I came home I had to hit the bed for a nap. Tried to get up after 30 min. But the bed kept calling and I ended up sleeping almost 2 hrs. Unheard of for me, so I guess I was really tired. So that meant my eating/TV watching/ sleeping schedule was all messed up.

    Still feel hung over/brain fog but I'll push thru this *&^%$#@

    I'll be back later when I wake up.
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry: I've got a roll on CBD that my son sent from Portland. It helps for spot pain like my shoulder or arthritis in hand, but FM pain is like the flu....you ache everywhere. I found a place about 30 min. From me that sell a variety of creams, but after seriously evaluating my CBD and a capsicum cream, honestly for me I think the capsicum works better and last longer and it's less $. Thanks for thinking of me though.

    Does Squirmy have ears that hang down? And of course he could pick up things in his ears from his romps in the country. We used to have a springer spaniel and OMG....her ears had to be cleaned constantly otherwise they smelled. In the summer I would use a clothes pin to hold her ears on top of her head so air could get to them.

    I agree on how we're poisoning our world. Every day, every day I scoop off dead bees from the pool. My neighbor that moved used to have her yard sprayed with roundup. Well, she got colon cancer, my DH died from it and I've had my bout with bladder cancer. I truly believe it was caused by it.
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm in a painful flare too, like so many of us. It's a good thing the kids aren't coming for a visit. Just when I think I'm doing better and have plans to get things done, Wham!, along comes another flare. It's not the pain and fatigue which are the worst; it's always hoping for the best when the other shoe drops. I get all pumped and get booted flat. Well, I'll get through it cause I'm stubborn as a mule. There. A little pun humor always helps.

    I just watched The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, one of my favorites. It's a good day to watch old movies.

    Rock the sword/beer incident was local. This is a beautiful place on the water but we have so much violence in the area. I'm lucky to live in a safe hood but violence can happen anywhere. Those are some of the cutest little critters I've ever seen. My daughter's liked to stay under her bed. My ex went in there to do some work and was making noise. The pig ran out and gave him what for in GP language. It was as though it were saying, "Can't you see I'm trying to sleep down here." We laughed because they are usually such docile creatures. He might as well have been speaking Chinese but we got his drift.

    Sun, I am so sorry you're in such a painful flare. I find dead bees here too. I think it's all the toxins we use to grow food and for landscaping that have made the bees sick. It doesn't help us either. I'm glad you managed to get some sleep. I did too today. Now, I'm hungry and have some ribs in the Instant Pot. Didn't think I'd be up to cooking or eating. Glad I have that pot. I hope you feel better.

    Barry, DD got ABX for her dog's ear infection and they weren't clearing it up. She got the colloidal silver out and put some drops in his ear and it cleared it up fast. It's amazing stuff. The birds and the bees used to be about sex. Now, it's about the birds' and bees' dying. I get upset that no one in charge seems to give a fig about toxins or global climate change. By the time they wake up, it may be too late. No wonder they want to go to Mars. They are ruining Mother Earth. They would likely ruin Mars too. Bah!!! Bless you for feeding the kitty.

    I got sidelined because my neighbor, the one we had to call the ambulance for after she fell, came over to ask about shredding services for paperwork. There is supposedly one not far from us. Her sister is in rehab following her stroke for speech therapy. I hope and pray she will be OK. This neighbor wanted to tell me about her dog's dying. I had put a card in her door after he died and she said it meant a lot to her. She still doesn't look too good but she's a lot better. I'm so glad.

    The Pot just chimed so I'm heating the oven to put the ribs and some BBQ sauce in to finish them up. Just waiting for the pressure to reduce. Hope all y'all have a great rest of the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Serious wind warnings for today.
    Dh is out and about tying things down lime the trampoline.
    Was too sore to get wash off the line, so the sudden heavy down pour ensured it stay there a little longer.
    With any luck , the fierce wind will blow dry, but they will remain fastened.
    At this point, I'll be happy if they just dont blow over the fence, into the neighbour's.
    As usual, this weather is Not my friend.

    Ha ha ha. Pinning dog ears back for air flow! Sooo creative!
    Our old vet told us to regularly drop metho into our dog's ears.
    Saved a small fortune on recurring vet trips etc. And sorted any mites or stinky ears aswell.

    I plan on going on line and buying some bulbs shortly, so thanks for the advice Barry.

    I also wanna Thank All you guys for your kindness and support.
    Thanks for letting me gripe about my dad and just get it out.It really helps with trying to get things in perspective.
    You guys are great.

    Update- my brother and 2 out of 3 sisters were meant to meet with our dad.
    The potential for things going pear shape was ...well...lets just say there's Never been a good 'catch-up'.
    My brother bailed at the last moment, as I expected.he would've over thought it to exhaustion.

    I spent a lot of time on the phone talking to my youngest sister prior to and I think because she was able to get a lot of her frustrations out then, she was able to go in with the express purpose of forgiving and putting the past to rest.
    She did Very well.Im sooo proud of her.
    Bitterness had taken root and I was worried that if she didnt hv a Peaceful visit, it would do some very serious damage and permanently scar.she really needed to put this stuff to bed.
    Its really hard for her to hold her tongue, esp if our dad talks rubbish...the visit was mostly fluff and she felt quite empowered when she told me how she was able to steer conversation away from potential triggers etc.
    Ah well , first step towards healing.
    Though, trying to keep it real ,as next time may not be the same.

    Thanks again guys.

    Take care and catch yas later
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