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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Mar 30, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator



    It's time for a new Porch so thought I'd open up with a sweet little pic. This is how I feel about all y'all and wish I could give you a hug just like this.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So cute MIKIE. Can't stay on. Please check my last post before MIKIEs, I think on the last volume.

    LOve you all,
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Thanks for moving us, Mikie. Those bunnies look a bit fuzzy for chocolate. Is there
    such a thing as plush chocolate? Brilliant color on those eggs. That herxing business
    sounds terrible. I never heard the term till I came here. Wikipedia says the full name is the Jarisch Herxheimer reaction and comes from 2 German Dermatologists doing research in 1895: Adolf Jarisch and Karl Herxheimer. Gute Besserung!

    Granni, Yup, when the home town team moves it really isn't your team in the same way. I
    read John Grisham's book A Painted House a while back. It's not a legal thriller. It's a book
    about poor cotton farmers in Arkansas where he was born. Almost every night the family
    would gather on the front porch after supper and listen to the Red Sox game on the radio.
    As a boy Grisham yearned to be a baseball player.

    It's been a quiet day here as usual. Gordon completed that cross stitch project he was
    working on. Decided to do a few more. I started reading the autobiography of Carol
    Lawrence who became famous when she played Maria in the original production of West
    Side Story. I saw her on stage in Camelot with her hubby Robert Goulet. His heavy
    drinking brought the marriage to an end.

    Guess I'll go see what's in the fridge.

    Hugs Julie, Sun, Barry, Duckie, Star, Spring & GB
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Just as I predicted, I'm feeling better. Not up to doing a fast Irish jig but a lot better than yesterday. Herxing is nasty business but necessary for the body to purge the dead, toxic pathogens. I realized in the middle of the night that I hadn't watered the flowers outside. I wish we would get rain. It's so difficult to keep up with things when I get sick.

    Yes, Kids, do go back to read the last posts by Granni and Rock. I hope all our MIAs are OK.

    Granni, you would definitely know a Herx if it happened to you. It always takes me by surprise when it happens but, as soon as it does, I know what's happening. Nothing else like it. I can tell it's not quite done yet. My friend, Richard, always liked to shop. If I wanted to look at women's things, he'd head off to check out the men's. He was never in a hurry like most men I've known. He would often look for things for his Mom and he knew what she liked to wear. She loved it when he brought her some new clothes. I'm still feeling so happy for you that the suit business is done. I know we all share the relief you must be feeling.

    Rock, The Painted House was just a crossword puzzle clue in one of my booklets. Those puzzles are different, and more difficult in a different way, than the NYT Crossword Puzzles. Some of the clues and answers are so obscure that I can't get them. Kinda like watching Jeopardy. Even when I do know the answers, I'm too slow to get them before the contestants. My buddies, Nancy and Claudia, often watch it and we text each other when we get the final Jeopardy. I had three in a row but then got sick and didn't watch. Then, I missed something so simple that I felt dumb. That's why I watch Family Feud; it makes me feel smart. Doh!!

    I'm gonna get into the shower today and do my hair. I'm trying to let it grow and it's going through an awkward stage. I'm trying to resist the urge to go get it cut short. I hope all y'all are having a wonderful Easter weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I am taking a short break from gardening. Gordon has me trimming a patch of succulents.
    Don't know the name, but they produce long stems with tiny pink and white flowers. I am
    removing the flowers.

    The work is light but not good for one with a bad back. I told Gordon, and he said, "Oh,
    please." Then, as often happens nowadays, I lost my balance and fell. With the kind of
    timing they have in slap stick movies Gordon walked around the corner of the house
    and yelled, "Don't sit on them." Well, I was sitting on them, but it didn't start out that way.
    In trying to catch myself I got spun around.

    OK, I'd better get back to it. Will finish this later. At least I don't have to work with
    something dangerous like a weed whacker or a wood chipper.

    OK, back again. Gordon will finish up the last of it. He said, "People would be
    surprised at how much work it takes to keep this place looking scruffy."

    It's unusually noisy outside this morning. I think there really is a wood chipper nearby. And
    the Mexicans next door are noisy. They don't live there. They walk around on the roof and holler to each other. Gordon thinks they are rebuilding the roof. I don't know, but they've been up there for months. Long enough to paint a very large mural.

    Mikie, I'm glad to hear you are some better. I finally got the sort of cat brush you
    recommended. I put it outside by her bowls so she could get familiar with it. I never
    cared to watch Jeopardy, but used to like Family Feud. Remember when Mama from
    Mama's Family was on. Her response to 'things you wind up' was 'a letter'. Not a
    winning answer. She did it because Aunt somebody used to write, "Well, I'd better
    wind this up and get back to my whatever."

    The URL shows pretty much what the succulents I was trimming look like.

    Hope everdobby is OK.

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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Easter Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope the spirit of renewed life glows brightly in everyone's soul and that everyone's body is filled with energy. I know everyone's heart is filled with love. I just walked over to Claudia's to leave a little orchid on her window sill outside her kitchen. She gave me one of those little plants that looks like someone spilled pink paint on the green leaves. Soooo pretty. I also left the boys' chocolate bunnies on their window sill but I'm not sure they are back from their visit to their dad's. It's very humid out and the full moon looked pretty through the fog. It's already 66 degrees out and will get to 86 this afternoon. It'll get to 87 tomorrow. I'm just not ready for this so soon. Our weather is nothing like it was when I moved here 20 years ago.

    Rock, why do the flowers on the succulents have to be removed? They are pretty. What Gordon said reminds me of Dolly Parton. She said, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." I hope you didn't get hurt when you fell. I am having a lot of trouble with my balance. It's time to get on the Bosu Ball. I'll probably fall off of it and break my neck. I hope it's peaceful and quiet today for you.

    Gonna go read the paper. I hope all y'all have a blessed Easter.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Mikie, I wonder if the plant with the paint illusion was a bromiliad. Mever heard of them until I moved to California. They were very popular in offices and lobbies. Come in a wide range of shapes and colors. When I first saw them I thought someone had spray painted the plants.

    No, I didn't hurt anything when I fell. Not even my dignity. I don't have any dignity anymore. It got lost in the revolution.

    I asked Gordon the same question: why are we c4tt5ng d6wn the -3ants.
    OK, back again. Isn't that the weirdest thing! I was pressing on keys for letters and
    getting numbers. Bizarre to say the least. Turned the computer off for an hour.
    Maybe it's all healed up.

    Well, I don't know why Gordon wanted the flowers clipped. I asked him and he pointed
    to something. Maybe he was saying the flowers were on their last legs. We're also
    going to do some gardening today. He told me what, but as usual I can't remember.

    Well, weirdness is continuing. Had two copies of this post. Ok, we'll see if this one will
    post. Yumpin' Yimminee!

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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    I'm laughing. I think your left hand moved up a row while your right hand stayed on the letter keys. I am so proud that I was able to read what you typed. It's from doing all those puzzles in the paper. I think they are called, cryptograms. I just got off the phone with Joe who called to wish me a Happy Easter. Been texting with my two pals. We miss the one who moved away. She is near family so I'm happy for that. I'm having a do-nothing day and that's OK.

    I made my French toast pudding/custard dish in the Pot. It's always soooo good but is better the second day. SV has been going in and out and in and out. He has been needy lately so I've been playing his Track Ball game. He's so good at it. He can smack the ball with his paw and send it flying around the track. Then, he will stop it and change paws and direction. He likes to stop it and roll it back and forth under his paw. He is staring at me now and will soon tap my leg with his paw. What a spoiled kitty.

    Glad you got your computer straightened out.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi ta Hi, Ho ta Ho

    Mikie, I bet you're right. I did check to make sure my fingers were where they were supposed to be, but nowadays the simplest things are difficult. Yesterday I couldn't find the scissors.
    They are in an old shoe box withe various odds and ends. Also ends and odds. At the end of
    the day the scissors magically appeared. Turned out the orange handles had someone wormed
    their way into an open package of cough drops, and were hiding. If it isn't one thing, it's two.

    Last night I came across a TV documentary about Dr. Irene Pepperburg and the gray parrot
    Alex. I read a book about them some years back. There were only ten minutes remaining of the program so, of course, the TV went on strike. Machines hate me. I only saw a couple minutes.

    Alex knew his numbers. He also figured out the concept of zero by himself. I'm going to look
    on Youtube. James Burke said the Arabs invented both zero and algebra although some sites say the zero came from India.

    Oh yeah. Did more gardening. Gordon said we needed to cut the flowers because they had
    been in bloom for two months and were now dead. Would soon dry and fall apart. I made a discovery of my own. No clippers needed. The fingers could easily snap the stems.

    Wish I could see SV playing with his track ball.

    Hugs, Kids

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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Funny weather here. We were on course for hot weather and again getting cloudy brownish skies. And splashes of rain. Not complaining.

    My computer updated or rebooted by itself but it seems to be behaving.OK. whole.lotta new stuff came up, tho. Things I don't really need. Maybe I should get adventurous and try out some. If I just knew what they were.

    I took a day off yesterday and went out to do whatever I wanted. Lol. Shopping for detergents n the like, a trip to collect my clothes from the tailors, some clothes needed alterations, and then to a restaurant the area I don't usually visit, and got some vegetarian chicken, vegetarian meat nuggets and tofu seaweed soup. So so good. I ate a snack there while they made up the rest for me to take home and I also found the lentil I wanted which my DD had brought back from the formers market but which we couldn't get again. It is so delicious. Trifle pricey but okay for the occasional meal.

    I did need to do some other chores but DD needed to go out to work so I came back home. But vastly happy with my outing. The food was a hit with the DS who actually thought he was eating ostrich meat. DH tricked him into thinking it was.
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  11. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Sorry hàvent posted sooner.
    In the thick of a flare.
    usually a back rub helps a lot, but this time round I feel badly bruised all over.
    And so very very tired.

    Its school holidays here, so a good break for ds.
    He is 13 and yes, it's been the hardest on my youngest dd & ds.
    Adjusting and trying to make friends with kids who were practically born here makes it tough for them.
    I guess all places are cliquey to a degree.
    Turns out the bully was actually suspended the day after all the drama with our ds.
    The principal wouldn't go into it, of course, but he did say that if the students didnt say something about these types of situations, not much could be done.
    I explained that ds was worried about the back lash and thats when he mentioned þhat the boy was up to a lot and there was no knowing who couldve 'dobbed him in'.
    I took the opportunity to dob the teacher in who let that kid submit my ds' work and told him to do another one, even after Ds told him about it...and used him as the example for why ds would be reluctant to say anything in the future.

    I also made it clear that I didnt want my son copping any flack from that teacher, as a result of our conversation.
    I told him I was considering home schooling, as ds has been bullied ever since he started here, to a lesser degree than this, but where eigther ds has shouldered the blame or the offenders hv been let off.
    I told him I was worried that ds would one day snap or give up and as his grades hv plummeted, home schooling is looking more favourable than ever before.
    I figured while I had him on the phone, I'd mention the other kids who made ds' life a misery when we first got here and how he got the blame for certain things, which wasnt his fault.
    (I know the principal incorrectly assumed ds was responsible for something to do with the school flag and even though i dont know details, I figured Id take the opportunity to clear his name in that instance too).

    Turns out another kid is changing schools because of this recent bully.
    Apparently he'd been copping it for years and even though the mother brought it to the principal's attention, not a lot got done.what gets me thinking about this, is that the kid leaving is actually one of the kids who gv ds a hard time at first.I wonder if he was always like that, or did he change because he felt he had to because nothing was done in his defense?
    He was bullied and in turn became one?

    The principal told me not to worry because ds is a good boy and wont go to the dark side over night.
    Thats when I told him, it hasnt exactly been over night.Hes had some kind of trouble ever since starting there.

    I guess we will see.
    One thing is for sure.
    Ds is a child.my child.
    Im his Mum and the grown up.
    Its my job to be his voice when he struggles.
    And even though this wretched brain fog makes my voice kinda screwed up,
    It's better than no voice.

    Im thinking of everyone here and keep you all in my prayers aswell.
    Thanks for all your support and sharing your experiences.
    Because of all your support and input, it helped to put things into perspective.
    I was also Much braver and appeared way more Assertive than I felt.
    Thanks guys.

    Take care All
    Catch yas later
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  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Star - see you popped in.

    I'm happy your DS matter got looked into. It's just unacceptable. So sorry for what you went through. And your DS. Usually, if teachers respond the bullying does stop. It's just if students think they can get away with it, they continue. You have been so supportive. Thank goodness for mothers all over the world. Fighting tooth and nail for their cubs. I know you could do without this mess coming as it did when you're battling Fibro and it's many flares. I pray everything works out well.

    A really extreme case was in our school where i went in india. It happened some twenty years ago. I think. A 8th grader boy used to keep getting bullied by another boy. Once he got slapped in front of girls. Next day when the bully came up to do his usual bullying, the victimised boy pulled out a knife he had procured and stabbed the bully in the stomach.

    The bullying in the colleges in India are bad in some cases. At least they were. I think now they've cracked down.

    Your use of some words had me smiling. We too, at our school in India used to say 'copping it'. Took me back. I've never head the phrase 'dobbed me in'.

    Mikie - good to hear the symptoms are retreating. What a battle. We had those leaves you mentioned. Green with pink splotches. They take over everything if left to ramble. Those brown bunnies look lost in love. So adorable. They tugged at my heart. I read a fictional book about rabbits called Watership Down. Very good book. Made me look at rabbits in a different way. Their struggles. Their joys.

    Rock - lol, your computer. I think computers are beginning to assert themselves and do what they like. Not what we want. Transformers movie in miniature. Pruning can become a headache if left for too long. I think Gordon keeps his plants under control. Today I got a pleasant surprise when I saw some salvia bushes which we had cut down had sprouted back bushy and were filled with healthy big flowers. They're under a hedge sort of and i had forgotten about them.

    I was wondering where I had seen what you posted. Then I remembered. It was at my Chinese friends house. But hers was in a big urn. The whole bush is very pretty.

    Your description of the neighbours reminded me of the videos on America's Funniest Videos. Someone is always clambering about on the roof and falling off or something. I like the sound of where you live. People walking dogs. Feral cats visiting without fear. Garden full of plants, neighbours not too far away. Kind of comforting.
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey There, Kids

    It was a nice sunny day here yesterday. A good day to be outdoors, and I was. Must ah spent
    half an hour gardening. Found two ripe tomahtoes. Brushed the kitty. She seemed to like it.
    Well, at least she doesn't complain.

    Spring, I read Watership Down 40 years ago. Hadn't even thought of it for decades. Now
    there is a sequel. Have put it on hold. I remember we used to watch a gardening show called The Victory Garden. Seems like 90% of the gardens they visited had salvia. I had never even heard of it. And what, pray tell, was DS eating that he thought was ostrich? Big Bird?

    Star, I looked up "dob" under Australian Slang. The first example was reporting a bully.
    Good for you in discussing the matter with the principal. I hope your flare flickers out fast.

    Mikie, French Toast custard sounds pretty good. Last time we were at the market I thought
    I might try one of those frozen Breakfast Bowls. But the choices weren't to my taste. One
    had salsa in it; one had only two ingredients: eggs and potatoes; and the third was a big
    package to feed a family.

    I did find some short videos of Dr Pepperburg and her parrot Alex on You Tube. An amazing
    bird. Alex died from a heart attack at the relative young age of 30.

    Hugs, Y'll
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Good grief! Evidently I typed this yesterday and neglected to post it: I just sent an email to Diane's old address to wish Kevin a happy Easter. I don't know whether it was just her email account or whether it's even active now. I hope he sees it so he knows I keep him in my prayers. I often wonder how he's doing. I miss Diane. Is he on Facebook? If he is, can someone tell him that we are thinking about him and hoping he is OK?

    My friend, Claudia, is going to the little town just south of us to see her friend in Hospice. Her cancer has spread and she doesn't have much time. We three pray for one another and my two friends are comfort and support as are all you dear Porchies here.

    I am just worn out and have to go to the bank to procure the necessary proof of my payment to my credit card. Both DDs called yesterday and I talked to DGS, Andy. He has gone to his new school a week and so far, he likes it. He said a cute girl asked for his phone number and they have been texting through Spring Break. Wow! Kids work fast these days. I asked if she is cute and he said she is. There are so many kids living in his hood that they have their own bus with one stop. I hope bullying isn't an issue at this school. Not only do kids live in dread of bullying but it wreaks havoc and heartbreak on their loved ones.

    It's very destructive for the bullies as well. They grow up wondering why no one stops them. When I got out of school, our bully stopped by to tell me how sorry he was that he bullied all the smaller kids. We were all afraid of him but he didn't pick on me. Still, he knew I was afraid to walk past his house. Turns out that he became a very nice guy, a gentle giant. Sad to say, I don't think it usually turns out that way. Sometimes bullies go on to end up at the top.

    My older DD texted a cute pic of her with DGS's dragon on her chest with a blankie pulled up over her. DGS was complaining that his aunt had spoiled his dragon and would expect to be held all the time. Evidently, the little critter is very smart. DD has an appt. because she thinks she may have a kidney stone. Of course, being a nurse, she hasn't sought out medical care and has just been putting up with it. That freaked me out and I splained to her that if it is a stone and is blocking the ureter, causing the pain she is experiencing, she could lose the kidney if it gets infected. She promised me she would go to the ER if she started to run a temp; she has an appt. tomorrow. Kids! We never stop worrying about them. No diagnosis yet for DSIL, her DH. He has an appt. this week. Because the docs don't know what it is which is causing his pain and weakness in his legs, he comes away from the appts. depressed. I reminded DD that he can come down and stay with me and see my doc and get the peptide shots if his docs can't help him.

    Star, I am so proud of you for taking on the school and principal and I'll bet everyone here feels the same. We often avoid confrontation because stress is so hard on us. You are right; you are a parent who has to speak up for your DS when he can't do it for himself. No child can deal with this kind of thing on his own. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. That anyone has to change schools or be home schooled because teachers and principals are too lazy to do their jobs is unacceptable. I went through a bit of bullying in school and so did my kids and DGS. It's really time to put an end to it. It's worse now because of social media. In some schools, they set the example to show kids how to be compassionate and caring. Kids are hungry for adults to set examples to follow. I'm glad our news is finally picking up stories of children being kind to others, including inviting kids to eat at their tables, kids who may be too shy to sit with groups. Good for you, Dear One.

    Spring, I always drool when you post about the food you eat. I love spicy food, hot or mild, and would love to eat more of it. The food I had at the Indian restaurant with friends wasn't that good. Like Rock, I read Watership Down decades ago. My girls also read it and we loved talking about the rabbits. We also picked up the rabbits' slang, including the one for poop. I think I read the second book too but don't remember it; it likely wasn't as good as the first. One of my all time favorite reads. I'm laughing about the ostrich meat prank. So funny. Sounds like my family. We always loved pulling the wool over one another's eyes.

    Rock, I'm glad Miss Kitty likes to be brushed, especially since you were so kind to buy a brush just for her. Did you use the brush side or the one which looks like nails? All the cats I have known prefer the 'nails.' I have to use a flea comb on SV's undercarriage. The fur there is very long and gets tangled even before I finish brushing him. I'm amazed that he likes being held like a baby on his back while I comb him. I will try to get a pic of him playing with the track ball game but, when he sees me, he usually stops what he's doing. Right now, he keeps asking to go out and then refusing to actually go out. So, he's gonna be stuck inside til he realizes that Mama don't play that game. I'm so tired and am finding doing the smallest things very challenging. I'm just hoping it clears up if I can get to feeling better. I only got four house of sleep last night and am especially exhausted. Whine, whine, whine!

    I hope everydobby has more time to visit the Porch now that Easter is over. We have one more week of massive invasions by Spring Breakers along with all the Snowbirds who haven't left for home. Who can blame them with all these big storms hitting one after another. We have an unusually large pool but no one can really enjoy it when it's this crowded. The roads are soooo busy. Then, everyone will leave and things will get back to 'normal.' It's because of the tourists and Snowbirds that there is no state income tax here so I can't complain. I was once a tourist before I moved here. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon awl,

    Sorry but this won't be long but I had to pop in to see if I was missing anything of great importance :)!!

    MIKIE- Glad that you seem to be getting over your Herxing or that it is getting at least a little better. We had a nice Easter yesterday . It was nice visiting with DS and DDIL besides my DD that lives closeby. At all kinds of goods plus cheating some as usual. I had to have a piece of that yummy strawberry cake that DDIL made. It was so moist and delicious. Went to church on Saturday night and got home after midnight. UGH, not sure we will do that again. Wish tht it would have started earlier.

    BARRY - Sorry you are still feeling yucky and blue. I know what you mean about the no NRG. I have that most of the time . That lentil and andouille soup sounds delicious Wish we had some cress growing here for our soups and cooking. I guess you were talking about water cress or is it different where you are.? Yes I like you am missing lots of Porchies and I realize I have not been on there a whole lot either lately. To much going on or not able to get onto the computer. Hope you get to feeling a little more energetic and upbeat soon.

    SW - Glad you enjoyed your venture out with DS and your meal. It seems like most men seem to be happy when they have meat to eat instead of veggies. I know my DH is that way but he does like veggies too. Lately I have seen or heard alot about all kinds of vegan items. I know they are so much better for you but it is not easy to either find or know what to do with them. Vegan stuff around here is pretty expensive. I know the cheese is..

    STAR - So glad that you spoke up to the the teacher at the school about your son who was being bullied. That is horrible. There was bullying when I was growing up but nowadays it seems to have gotten to an awful level. Very scary and sad for all. Then the bullier is surprised when the one who he has been bullying pulls out a knife or gun. That should not be a surprise. Children also contemplate suicide and some succeed. Good for you for sticking up for your son. Hope he will be OK or alot better. If things continued I would take him out and put him somewhere else or try and home school.

    JULIE - Guess you are still in TN having a blast. Have fun and let us know when you get home so you can tell us about it.

    ROCK - Don't feel bad about the computer causing trouble. Sometimes I have similar problems that drive me crazy when it starts acting up. Miss Kitty sure is lucky to have you to pt, brush and feed her.

    SUN - Hope you had a nice Easter enjoying your family and don't come home feeling to exhausted.

    Gotta run and start thinking about dinner early since we have our choral concert this. Friday and our practice today. Please forgive me if I missed someone in my greetings. Love everydobby, inc the MIA's.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    My dear porchie friends, so sorry I've been absent for so long. I had a quilt design that I've been dreaming up for a long time come to the surface and I've been obsessed...and I mean o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d...with a capital O! It took a week and a half to create the design in two different design programs. It will likely be 6 months before it's done as it is very complex. But it should be gorgeous when completed.

    I'm actually at choir right now, so I can't post much. Just wanted to let you all know I'm fine. If I don't surface for a few days, don't panic... I'm likely just busy with the quilt.

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    WOW! That is some design, Duckie. Looks like something to hang in a gallery. I tried to count
    all the colors, but kept getting confusiated. Glad to see you back. I know women are good at
    multitasking. What happens if you have to sing an A while posting a B?

    Granni, glad to hear you had a nice Easter with your nice family. Strawberry cake sounds
    scrumptious. The kind of thing I used to see in Women's magazines. My mother subscribed
    to Ladies Home Journal. It had short stories and a feature titled "Can This Marriage Be Saved".
    I was fascinated by two people describing the same event in such different ways.

    Barry, you're right about sitting on cacti. We've had a barrel cactus for ages. It's about 3 feet
    high. We've moved it with us several times. It's heavy. Takes both of us. One time we were
    carrying it and it just sort of leaned over and stabbed Gordon in the chest. I think it did it
    on purpose. If it didn't have such a beautiful flower we'd get rid of it. At least I would.

    Gordon has many, many succulents. Generally when I ask him the name he just says, "It's
    a succulent." He doesn't know the name of the one in question. His orchid friend called today.
    They talk several times a week. Long conversations. They'd be even longer, but Gordon
    eventually says, 'OK, gotta go." He reports that Jim has a new hobby: falling off ladders.
    He's our age or older. Not the sharpest trowel in the garden basket. But has oodles of
    orchids, a green house, and knows a lot about the topic.

    AACCKK! The computer is starting to act up. Well, I'll plow ahead and see what happens.

    Mikie, I haven't used the dangerous-looking side of the brush yet. Will let Kitty get thoroughly
    familiar with the tool first. Yesterday I was putting her bowl of kibble down. When I stepped
    back I ran into a metal dust pan. The noise startled her. She looked around in the flight or
    fight mode. Poor thing is so easily discombobulated.

    What do think SV is doing with his "Wanna-don't wanna go out" behavior? Playing a game?
    Just wants to interact with you? Is a naughty boy? Did you have a nap today? Hope you
    sleep well tonight.

    Can't get a second window to open up. Cantankerous machine. Well, will turn the thing off
    for a while. See if that helps. Hugs and back pats, Old Friends.

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    So good to come and find some of our MIAs posting. We worry when our Porchies are not checking in. I'm hoping Julie is having all kinds of fun with the kids and has no time to post. I don't have much to report since I slept off and on all day yesterday. I'm having stomach problems and hope it feels better. Just finished the last of the eggy French toast pudding. Sooo good.

    Rock, yes, kitties that live outside are easily startled but even inside kitties will react at loud noises. SV hates it when I sneeze. He'll get up and leave the room. Kitties often play the "Ask to go out and refuse to actually go out" game. We had a nighbor in CO whose cat would wake him in the middle of the night, asking to go out. He would get up, go downstairs and open the door for her. She would refuse to go out and, when he tried to put her out, she would run and hide from him. I'm not exactly sure what runs through their evil little kitty minds when they do these things. Hope Miss Kitty likes the other side of the brush. I think it really gives their skin a good stimulating massage. Does she still have the gray spots? As SV ages, he gets more white hairs among the black ones on his back and side.

    Barry, I'm sorry you have no NRG. This has been my complaint now for ages. Just can't get back to feeling half-way decent. Wonder why you run the low-grade fever like that. I seldom run one unless I have an infection. Yes, I take Acyclovir for the Whatever Virus. The Herx-like reaction is very similar to what one has when on ABX for bacterial infections. I saw some kind of succulent when I was at Lowe's. It had two pieces that were like thick slabs sticking up and were pink on the top edges. The slabs were wrinkled. Very impressive. It was pretty big and cost $20 which was more than I was wanting to spend. The succulents down here can take over everything so we have to be careful when planting them. That soup sounds soooo good. Wish I were there to have a bowl of it.

    Duckie, no wonder you've been gone. That quilt is so complex. Looks like the designs in those looking glass contraptions which produce intricate designs. The name of them escapes me. I loved them when I was a kid. Just the sheer number of pieces is daunting. I don't see a repeat in the design in terms of one after another of the circles. I hope you can come up for air before too long. Glad to know you are OK.

    Granni, glad you had a good time and strawberry cake, oh my. Sounds sooo good. I hope you can come back to stay a bit. Also hope the practice goes well.

    I hope all y'all have a great day. I have to get into the shower but feel like crap. Gonna sit here and watch TV for a bit. It's early. I woke with a headache. Gonna go take something for it.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, There. You with the stars in your eyes. Remember that old song? It was a hit for
    Rosemary Clooney in my teen years. Originally John Raitt sang it on Broadway in The
    Pajama Game.

    Mikie, I can't think any succulents that have slabs. That's exactly what I thought about Duckie's striking design. Reminiscent of the Ma bride ah soap aka kaleidoscope. Yup, Kitty still has the gray spots. Old Age? They've been there for some weeks. I could just never remember to mention them. She's not shedding any hair though.

    Reminds me. Sometime in the past I was in an elegant gift shop. Was visiting some city.
    San Fran? Tucson? Anyway the shop had fantastic kaleidoscopes. This was probably 30
    years ago. They cost 40-50 bucks @.

    We have a succulent that has gotten fat. It used to be in a bowl of its own. About 6 pieces that looked like medium sized zucchini. But it just kept growing. Now it looks like someone
    jammed all those pieces in there; some on top of the others. Right now it has 4 gorgeous
    purple buds. Will be in full flower shortly. Maybe Gordon will take a pic and post it.

    Got a catalogue from the S. Calif. Booksellers Association. The first book I looked at was 5
    years old. Not only did I read it then; I have a paperback copy in the storage room. Don't
    think I'll buy a new one for $29.

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  20. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!!

    Some more bits about the design... There are 50 unique stars in it, turned "on point" (45-degree angle). They came from a book called 50 Fabulous Paper-pieced Stars. I bought the book because it said it had a CD with it, which I assumed meant it had the patterns that could be printed off in different sizes...but no, the CD only had a 15-minute video on how to do paper-piecing. I won't bore you with details. Needless to say, I was disappointed, as you were expected to somehow get non-distorted copies of the designs by opening the book up and putting it on a copier. So, I painstakingly drew each of the 50 blocks in my design program. The blocks (in the book) are named for the different states, and are intended to be used as as one block (repeated) for a whole quilt. Duckie dares to be different...I wanted to put them all in one quilt, and the above design is the result. I named it "State of the Union." There are almost 5000 pieces.

    I spent yesterday reading and catching up on everyone's posts.

    Today it is raining like crazy, and is expected to continue through early tomorrow morning. We have flash flood warnings in effect, as this rain comes on top of already heavily-saturated ground. There were little mini-rapids running down the road as I drove in to work.

    Star - good for you for advocating for your DS. We as parents must do that for our treasures when they cannot (or will not) do it for themselves. They learn strength from us when we do.

    Sun - I'm sorry you are in a long and painful flare. I've had a couple very short-lived ones.

    Mikie - likewise on the flare...and the herx. I had a friend who took a cruise to the Bahamas, and when she stayed in Florida, she had terrible trouble breathing (she's just getting over the flu). Told her it was probably the RT.

    Granni - FANTASTIC NEWS!!! So glad you have that worry over with.

    Rock - sorry about your tumble, but glad nothing more than dignity was injured. Although, now I seem to recall that you said not even that suffered.

    Julie - enjoy the time with the treasures. Hope everyone is feeling better, including your DF!

    Barry - Sorry to year you are still blue. And have no nrg. I hope longer days and better weather chase the funk away.

    Spring - I know I read lots of posts by you. Be darned if I can remember much of them, other than a dog eating a book and a back scratcher. Fortunately, cats don't do that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, they never outgrow barfing up hairballs. I pulled my African grey parrot's cage out to do a thorough cleaning recently and discovered that she'd removed the wallpaper from a section of the wall. Unfortunately, she didn't stop there and chewed part way into the drywall. Her cage is now an inch from the wall...

    Well, need to get some work done here. Hugs to all, especially those not mentioned!
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