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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Wanted to get us up and going again. There are some newsy posts by our MIAs so be sure to go back and get caught up.

    Granni, I don't run my DW every day and I seldom hand wash things. I don't cook every day so don't have a lot of pots 'n pans. I do seem to use a lot of utensils and end up running it just for those when it isn't full. I think buying a new set of flatware will fix that. How sad to see the woman who used to sing in your group now too frail to do it. I'll bet it brought great joy to her when y'all sang for her. I'm glad you can do so much.

    Judy, what great news! I'm so happy to read about Vicki. I hope the edema in her legs goes down. In her later years, my Mom had it in her ankles and the docs didn't know why. I find mine swelling now that I'm so inert. I hope you can get your truck fixed with a minimal of outlay. Reminds me that I have to get mine in for an oil change. It's sixteen years old and I try to baby it. I love it and hope it lasts for the duration. Cabbage and bacon sounds a bit like my Brussel sprouts and bacon. Love it. I'm glad you are enjoying the kitties.

    Sun, I have a plant to return to Lowe's too. It just never took off. Glad they take plants back. Your place sounds as though it a showplace in your hood. Bet the neighbors all enjoy it. I know it's hard for you to keep it up and work out there, feeling as poorly as you do. I need to get outside and do a little bit of work but don't even feel up to working inside right now. I have a second set of flatware that is so pretty but it has gold plating on part of it and isn't supposed to go into the DW. It goes with a set of dishes with gold which also are not supposed to go into the DW. They are for special occasions and I no longer celebrate special occasions. There are some nice plates with Christmas sayings in gold on them. Glad you are able to enjoy Savannah while you can. I need to go to Trader Joe's and get that curry sauce. We are getting our own TJ's here; now, I have to drive 30 south to the one in Naples.

    Julie, I'm glad you got caught up on sleep. I'm sorry though that you aren't feeling well. Hope the Chiro can help you. Glad your Dad is doing well. It must have been so hard with that roommate during his last days and with all his family there. Come back when you can to tell us about the trip to see the kids.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!

    Judy - I'm glad you got good news on your DD! I was having trouble with edema in my legs (some meds can make it worse, like gabapentin, which I take for my neuropathy). But since I got my little under-desk exercise bike, it is considerably diminished. I laugh and say I now have some skinny person's ankles.

    Funny story about said exercise bike...I have 2 coworkers with them. They are "smart" devices and sync with our phones, and we are in a group together so that we can see each other's progress. For the last 2 days, 2 of us have been desperately trying to stay ahead of each other. She's eventually won both days, however, she's also 20 years younger than I am and considerably more fit... Yesterday when I finally called "uncle" and she said, "Thank the Lord, I can stop now!"

    Sun - my mom (also an artist) had and artist friend who was still painting when she was in her early 90's. Sadly, she just passed away; my mom is kind of bummed.

    Mikie - mmmmm....Brussel sprouts and bacon sounds yummy! Would love to know how you fix those.

    Granni - Time is running short before our Mozart concert. I've been so crazy busy with quilting stuff that I haven't gotten enough practice time - last night was a block-0f-the-month class and tonight is guild. I will have to work extra hard Friday and Saturday. We have an extra rehearsal Sunday. The concert is on the 22nd. Where did you go for your celebration dinner?

    Julie - Good to see you back and that the trip went well. Can't wait to hear more details. Hope the chiro appointment is helpful.

    Would love to stay and chat with everyone else, but work calls. Hugz to Rock, Barry, Spring, Star, Patti, etc....

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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    Thanks for opening up with the charming photo, Mikie. I wonder if those are hydrangeas. They
    look like going to church hats from the days of my yute. I bet Aunt Bee had hats like that.
    Frances Bavier played the part. Here's a pic. Probably from the 1920's.

    We haven't been to a Trader Joe's for many months. We used to go more often when it was
    just a few blocks from our chiro. But now our chiro is in Eagle Rock. Don't like T. Joe's so
    much anymore. Prices are too high, and the stores are always crowded.

    We went to Montrose, a classy suburb not too far north of us yesterday. Had to go to the
    bank to take money out of my IRA and put it another account. The bank guy explained
    that the whole purpose of this law was to generate more taxes for the government. It had
    to do with inheritance law and other confusiating stuff.

    I also bought a Subway sandwich for the first time in a decade or so. The price has gone
    up a buck, but that's OK. I forgot that I can no longer chew pickles so when the gal asked if
    I wanted them I said, "Sure". They still had their good ch. ch. cookies. They've also gone
    up a buck so it's 3 for 2$ now. Oh yeah, Gordon went to the store that sells huge pizzas.
    Guess I'll go check the fridge and see if there's any left.

    Duckie, you seem to have the energy of Hercules. Do I have this right? Your exercise bike is
    also a phone, and your uncle rides with you? I hope your concert is a big success. How big
    is your group?

    Back later

  4. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! Woke up to some awful racket, kind of like a car alarm, right by my head. Turned out to be my phone, on the shelf next to the bed...dentist office reminding Den of his appt. tomorrow afternoon. I think I'm going to need a couple more naps just today, lol!

    I need to get some coffee and get a load of laundry started, and so many little things to catch up on. Den makes hardly any messes while I'm gone, but he also doesn't do dishes, laundry, etc. :p He did have to cut more firewood and get it inside...this weather is crazy. I wanted to be done with stoves by April 1st...silly me. I guess we had snow on Easter Sunday, but it was mostly gone by the time I got home.

    Mikie, what a lovely porch!

    I'll leave a couple of pics here for now and be back when I can. David moved the kitchen table out of the way for our photo shoot, lol! He's working on the booth to go in that corner. Take care!


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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, good to see you back. Great pics! Keira looks so mature now. Like a H. S. kid. Maybe
    it's the glasses. Good to know Den is not a slob like most of us men. You're lucky he doesn't
    put the laundry and the dishes in the dishwasher simultaneous.

    Are your cataract surgeries being done one at a time? That's what they did with me a couple
    decades ago. I hope the chiro can fix your grip problem. Nowadays I can get a grip on things
    with my hands, but not with my mind.

    Sun, I looked up kalanchoes. The pictures don't look right. Guess I was thinking of some
    other plants. Anyway about 50 years ago the city of Minneapolis planted lots of something or
    other in downtown planters. Apparently the people in charge had just moved from Mikie's
    neighborhood and were unfamiliar with Minnesota Spring weather. All of the plants froze;
    the city replanted. Well, it was only tax money.

    Never heard of a black crepe myrtle. The ones around here seem to be white or pink.
    Was your neighbor talking about Carmel By The Sea? Was there once many moons ago.
    That's the city with no addresses. Like my home town. No mail delivery. You walked to
    the P.O. to get your mail. Only at Christmas was the line ever more than 2 people.

    Oh yeah, I found the pizza in the fridge. The only topping was pepperoni; too spicy for me.
    Back in Minnesota, however, I did know people who ate same.

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  6. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Rock - There are lots of varieties of kalanchoes...
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Finally, a bit of spare NRG. I fell asleep last evening at seven and got lots of sleep. I needed it because I'm Herxing again today. The dishwasher is running and washing the new flatware I just bought at Wally World. They didn't have the design I had seen earlier but I got a pretty one. Washer is also running. I picked up four tee shirts for less than $4 each. They are a very thin knit and perfect for the jungle down here in the summertime. I also got a curling iron now that I'm letting my hair grow. Don't know what to do with it so have to experiment.

    Duckie, I had one of those exercise cycles under my desk and loved it. I save the last of the bacon grease in the bottom of the frying pan. I steam the Brussel sprouts and cut them in half. I sprinkle a bit of flour on the bacon grease and brown the sprouts in it. Then, I tear the bacon up and add it to the sprouts. Mmmm!

    Rock, I kinda thought those were hydrangeas too but can't tell for sure. The picture is a bit blurry. Sign on Bench reads, Take The Time To Smell The Roses. That guy at the bank has drunk the government Kool-Aid. Trickle down economics has never increased taxes enough to pay for the tax cuts/stimulation. They work in the short term but not long term. I hope this is the exception but I'm not holding my breath. Stimulations to the economy should be reserved for emergencies like the Great Depression or the recent recession. The purpose of this tax cut was to give billions to the top one percent of the wealthy. They are the ones making huge political donations. Senator Lindsay Graham admitted this on TV. I just hope this proposed trade war with China doesn't take place. Yikes! Stock market has been waaay too volatile. Not a good sign. My IRA doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Neither do I. Sorry for the rant. Have you tried the 'nail' side of Miss Kitty's brush? I hope she likes it.

    Julie, you and your family always take such good pics. The kids are growing so fast. It's more noticeable with the younger ones. Hope you can come back soon.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope everydooby is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Super psyched up right now. I love it when I find a way to solve a long-standing problem by thinking outside the box. We've had problems updating the Canadian zip codes for a long time now...the process was slow, and often timed out. Canada, it seems, has literally 10 times as many zip codes as the entire US and all its territories, APOs, FPOs and DPOs. So, I proposed taking the input file and trimming it down to just the mismatches before loading it. In the course of doing this, I discovered that there was also a bug in the custom code that was written to import them. After I fixed the code, my process worked great and I loaded the mismatched Canadian zip codes in under a minute when the thing used to take 5-8 hours...if it worked at all. The guy who used to be tortured with this is also very happy.

    Thanks for letting me gush!!
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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everydobby,

    I need to work on my music for tonight ( dress reh) and tomorrow is the show. Will be glad when it is over but I do love going out and socializing with everyone on MOnday nights for practice.

    JULIE - Glad you are home and resting or trying to . That sounds like my DH. He doesn't make that much of a mess but also when I am gone but forget about washing and very much cooking. Those pics of everyone are great and they are getting so big now. Very nice !!! S o nice to have you back kiddo. That Keira is quite the young lady, isn't she, so tall and pretty.

    SUN - No, I do not have the NRG you think I have. I just push myself plus have a husband who pushes both of us :)! Also if I did nap I wouldn't be able to sleep at night or much. I already have enough problems in that department.

    MIKIE - Glad you got yourself some t shirts for $4 That sounds like y kind of bargain. Sorry you are herxing again. Gees, you need to uit that stuff ):!!

    DUCKIE - You are the one with lot of NRG or if you don't you act like it :confused::)!! Better tart studying your music before its time for the performance. Sometimes I don't need to but this time therr were two tricky pieces and one in German with some tricky music too.. One was Handel ( not the Messiah) and other Mendelsohn. Plus songs I know but a different version. Sometimes it hard to get the old one out of your head or a different part, singing Sop 2 instead of 1.

    Hi TO ROCK, BARRY, SPRING WATER, STAR and everydobby else I can't think of at the moment. Need to check out my music some more. That to me isn't work since I enjoy it.
    Iwork through the pain like you do SUN with your paintin

    Granni :)
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  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Nice family pictures. Keira looks like a teenager! My DGD just turned 10 and her dad took a picture of her at the fancy restaurant they had gone to. OMG....compared to one I look of her about 9 months ago I can't believe the change that's taken place.

    My little friday art group decided we should all do self portraits...hA....not me, so I'm working on that one of her. I really haven't drawn for over 20 plus years and I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I think I need to start drawing every day. Tomorrow one of the fellow artist is going to give a portrait lesson for everyone interested. I guess he'll probably print out the same picture for all of us to follow. Might be interesting. He's really amazing!

    Duck: What medium does your mom work in? No wonder you are so good at designing.....you inherited some talent from her. And funny about the exercise bike competition! All under desks!

    Mikie: I live in a little town that everyone does their own way of gardening......I absolutely HATE the cookie cutter looks in a lot of communities. I have weeds that have sprouted everywhere in front, and hard to get to them because I have a lot of large rocks, so I told the gardener to just let them get bigger (they have nice yellow flowers) and then they're easy to yank out. Yesterday I started s l o w l y On putting out my bricks on my path...my iggledepiggleD path! People either love it or.......? Whatever, it's my interpretation.

    Rock: I agree that TJ is a tad expensive, but they have some things like 2 buck chuck wine.....well actually I think it's up to about $2.50 a bottle but really pretty good. I've spent over $15 a bottle.....most are disappointing so I buy this for my everyday wine.....I drink every night before and during dinner. Red is my wine of choice.

    Granni: I think you inherited good genes from someone, either that or your DH keeps you going. Lucky you. I MUST lay down for at least 25 min. And sleep.

    Barry: This is for you: Lots to look at.


    I saw my optometrist today and spent quite a lot of time with the head lab tech, ordering them. And hallelujah....my new insurance thru United health picked up quite a lot of the bill....almost $600. This insurance upgrade is only costing me less than $30 more a month and already it's been worth it, so I was very happy. Won't even go into the disaster of my glasses ordered last year....wore them a total of 5 min. And tossed them in the drawer. So I'll be able to move from using my over 5 year old pair.

    My doc. Said the cataracts are still in the beginning stage....I'm very happy for that....no change from a year ago. My mom had her's done when she was almost 90.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Woke again with just a tad more NRG. It may or may not last but, at least, I'm enjoying it while it does. My poor pea brain has been really sluggish since I've not felt well. Nancy, Claudia and I play Jeopardy each evening. We compete to see who can get Final Jeopardy and text it first. Both of them got it last evening and I didn't have a clue. Well, I had the clue but not the answer or, in the case of Jeopardy, the question. Doh!!! I hope this will improve when I get more NRG.

    Duckie, congratulations on getting out of the box and out of the jam. Feels good, doesn't it? Good for you!

    Granni, not only singing difficult pieces but in German? Oh, my. I can barely speak German and definitely can't understand it when spoken. It's wonderful what you do and I can imagine how nice the social aspect is for you. Yes, those tee shirts were definitely a score. If any are left at the end of summer, they will close them out for $1.99. I need to get more of them in black and get rid of some of my rattier ones. I wear them almost every day. I got some Army green tees to wear with my khaki shorts. I like that combo. Also black tees with khaki. I have a lot of colored tees but keep going back to the basics for around the condo. The only places I've been since feeling so lousy is Publix and
    Wally World. As bad as Herxing can be, I welcome it as a necessary step to get rid of the bugs. Try not to overdo it.

    Sun, I'm so glad you are back to your art group. It sounds like it's very stimulating. I'm sure the social aspects of your group are nice too. Also sounds as though it stretches your imagination and skill as an artist. How did you get started with your group? Nancy's DDIL is an artist with a one year old baby. She is getting cabin fever and Nancy is thinking an art group might help her. She would like to work but doesn't have the education to get a high paying job and child care would eat up what she would make and then some. I can't imagine leaving a one year old in child care every day if one doesn't have to but I also understand how hard it is to confine oneself to just staying home and taking care of a baby. She really needs a bit more in her life. My DGS has changed soooo much in the last couple of years. DD says his voice is starting to change and his workouts are producing muscles. Kinda sad in a way but also exciting to see his changing from a boy to a young man. Soon, your DGD will be a young woman.

    Our hood is the personification of cookie cutter but I think that is the norm for condo/townhouse communities. Some people here put things outside even though it's against the rules. It's OK until someone goes nuts and plants things that shouldn't be in that space. That's what happened to Joe's A/C unit in the hurricane. A guy planted a tree that was too big. Joe complained for a year that the wind was going to break branches and he was afraid someone would be injured. Sho 'nuff, a big wind broke several heavy branches which came down on the stairs outside. Fortunately, no one was injured. The hurricane broke a big limb which fell on Joe's A/C compressor. That tree and another big one have been removed. People don't realize we have rules for a reason in here. That's why condo living isn't for everyone.

    Having one's own home is great for people who enjoy working outside and having something different. I enjoy working outside here when I have the NRG. The guy downstairs went wild filling up our stair atrium with pots of plants, even putting in a bakers rack full of them. He didn't take good care of them and half were dead. I had to tell him he could put out only one thing. His wife chose a garish statue of a little girl pushing a wheelbarrow that she had painted herself in bright metalic colors. It looks like a cheap prize at a carnival. Yikes! Thank goodness it sits back in by their door so it's not right out front. I wish you could take some pics and post them. You have in the past and the things you've done were really interesting. They enhance the landscape. Our newspaper shows things people have made to put outside in their gardens every Sunday. Some I don't care for but some are very artistic and interesting.

    It's time for me to mosey on over to reading the virtual newspaper. I love the puzzles in the real newspaper but I don't have to haul the virtual papers down to be recycled; all I have to do is sign out. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    Slept for a while. Been up for a while. Gordon came home from the library with two free
    magazines. It's not that he's eager to read them. It's that the paper is perfect for origami.

    Mikie, glad to hear you have a skosh more energy. My Mother used to say "skosh" meaning a
    small amount. I looked it up. Only time in my life I every looked up a word and read it came
    from the Japanese language. As for carnival glass, I never could see why people collected it.
    As you said, Garish! With regard to roses, I have never run into any that had much of an aroma. Gordon used to have several roses. He planted some new ones yesterday. Our neighbors have many. There seem to be some in bloom at all times of the year.

    Granni, I'm glad you finally got to have your dinner to celebrate the end of litigation. I hope
    your DH's surgery on Thursday is a total success. He's lucky to have a nurse to nurse him
    at home during his recovery.

    Sun, never heard of buck chuck wine. I have heard of buck shot and Chuckles the Clown (MTM). How are you making the garden path? Do you put the bricks on a layer of sand? Do you use anything to hold the bricks together? Mortar? Super glue? Chewing gum?

    Duckie, you are a whiz. Had you been born earlier you might have been a whiz kid. We had
    a Canadian in our office in Ventura, California. I was surprised to find out. I thought she was
    just a nice, normal hooman bean. In the 1950's my brother and I used to listen to the radio
    program Sergeant Preston and his Wonder Dog King. It was set in the Yukon.

    OK, time for breakfast.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Just finished reading the paper. I noticed you were here so decided to stop back in before leaving to cook my second breakfast. I didn't eat much at the first one. I'll cook bacon and eggs and save just a skosh of bacon fat in which to brown my Brussel sprouts later in the day. I remember people using that word when I was little. Don't hear it much anymore. Does Gordon use full color pages for his Origami? I'll bet they do make for pretty things. Does he still go to classes? Geez, everybody has a hobby 'cept me. Well, I do have some; I just haven't done anything with them. Being lazy has been my hobby lately.

    What does one eat at a celebration for a case settlement? Perhaps Crepe Su-zettes. Perhaps one buys a case of wine for the celebration. It shouldn't be just a brief affair. Don't mean to sound judge-mental. Dinner could be served in the court yard. If invitations are sent out, one might plead for RSVPs. A good dish for celebrating could be pasta, a tort-ellini dish. A casual get together might feature a sandwich, a sub-poena. OK, I'm gonna stop and take arrest.

    Oh, some early morning puns are a good start to the day. All it lacks is a bit of yodeling. Well, that and the bacon and eggs. Hope you and Gordon and Miss Kitty have a good day. SV sends his best.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    I went to Amazon and found Thai Red Curry Sauce, Thai Green Curry Sauce and Thai Yellow Curry Sauce from TJ's. Which one do you use? It is a bit pricey. I assume it doesn't take much to flavor dishes.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl,

    This will be short ( so what else is new) ?? It is game day for our concert so have a lot to do besides the usual.

    MIKIE- Love your puns speaking of my end of litigation dinner. We went to Papadeaux's which is a seafood place mainly but they have all kinds of things. They are not cheap but we tried to be good and not order to much. No matter what the bill was still high enough. I got a delicious trout dish with spinach. To start I had seafood gumbo. Then we shared a dessert (creme brulee) which I probably shouldn't have but after all, it was a celebration wasn't it??

    MIKIE and SUN - Let me know more about the Thai sauces and what you put them in . They sound interesting. It is hard to get a lot of things other than a specialty place or on line. Hope you are feeling better SUN and those classes sure sound interesting but for talented art people, not me for sure :)!!

    ROCK - I remember Sgt Preston and his dog KING. Now I know we born around the same time LOL. Have a great day.

    DUCKIE - You are one talented young lady is all I can say with lots of savvy as they used to say. So glad you solved some of those pesky problems.

    BARRY - Hope you have some sunnydays to help you feel better.

    Thinking of everydobby. Not much time to chat today.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!

    Sun - My mom does mostly acrylic on canvas these days, but in the past has done oils, and has worked on interesting surfaces like masonite. PM me if you'd like her website address...not sure if I'm allowed to post it because she does sell her paintings, although they certainly wouldn't be in any kind of competition with products from PH... I agree about the social stuff. I'm taking a couple of quilt "block-of-the-month" classes, less because I need the class and more for the social time with other quilters. Guild is good for social time with quilters as well.

    Funny aside...in quilting world, "block-of-the-month" is abbreviated "BOM" and pronounced as a word. In manufacturing "BOM" - pronounced the same - means something entirely different (bill of materials). But to the Department of Homeland security.... :confused::confused::confused:

    Mikie - any more and we'd have to send you to the punitentiary! :D:D

    Rock - I think a lot of people in the US should take lessons in politeness from Canadians. Maybe we'd have less violence.

    Granni - we have a Papadeaux's here in as well, not far from my house or my work. I'm glad you enjoyed it and glad you indulged. You deserved it after all that stress. I did practice in the car on the way to and from guild last night.

    Once again, work calls, so sorry for the short-ness. Hugz to all!

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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - such lovely pictures! Very cute kiddies. I can't believe Isaiah has gone so big!

    Sun - they probably put too much spice into the dumplings. That's the Nepalese style compared to Tibetan. I much prefer the simple ones with only onion, garlic ginger, salt and cilantro as filling for the meat. With bone marrow jn place of oil. the other one will have red chilli powder, cumin, garam masala, lots of oil in addition to the spices I mentioned. Here some restaurants specify which dumpling they have Tibetan or Nepalese.

    Granni - yes. Certainly calls for a celebration. I think I met my Waterloo in seafood. I can't remember anything I made that was very tasty. And the family really needs a break from chicken.

    Dmc - what? Your DM paints? You are one talented family. That latest quilt is psychedelic. My eyes would be blurring by the end of stitching. How do you do it all? I'm amazed each little square is different and represents a state!

    Rock - I thew back my head and laughed just now. I just read about sending Mikie to the pun-itentiary. Haw haw haw. Right now, we have large size blood red roses. They clamber around. But we keep them short. Our neighbors little car park roof has those roses clambering all over. I just don’t have the time or energy to do that sort of pruning. I notice whatever flowers, plants we have, those neighbors grow. From pink rambling roses, we both abandoned that, to bright nasturtiums. No one else grows nasturtiums in our neighborhood.
    But they can see into our garden and want the flowers they see. They’re fairly new, that house. Couple of years old they built the house.

    Mikie - what a beautiful fairy tale Porch. I guess I will ask to visit just such a porch in heaven. I think those flowers looked like double petunias. But they’re bigger than what we have around here, the papery texture and crinkly edges kinda look the same. And what romantic colors!

    I’ve never heard of the words skosh. Autocorrect corrected the word to splosh and slosh. It reminded me of the brand Osh Kosh in kids shoes I used to see in magazine adverts.

    Your wardrobe sounds like my sons. He favors army, khaki, black. Right now, it’s confusing what to wear, daytime was warm, some sun. And now it’s raining and cool. Bordering on cold. Must be disconcerting to see your DGS changing. I remember my son changing too.

    Barry - I’m glad you’re feeding the feral cat behind Richards back. I think animals sense people who love them. And everyone should be loved. Two legged and four. Or eight. (Octopus). I’ve been experimenting with nw kind of lentils, there are so many varieties. And most are very good.

    Been a normal day. Chores. But I did get out for about three hours. Just to get cobwebs outta my head. A friends birthday is coming up so wanted to pick out something. And see if any new book had come out. Also wanted a break from my own cooking and have lunch outside.

    There was this sale going on, so I picked out a dress for my friend, and one for DHs cousin sister who liked what I was wearing when I met her last at a gathering, it had earthy tones like mine and rustic elements. And I picked something for myself. I was going through my clothes and saw some were like several years old. I decided no matter how in good shape were the clothes, a time comes when you need to have new things. So I’m slowly purging my old stuff.

    After that I stepped into a restaurant, and ordered frugally. Tea and tortillas with vegetable curry. Curry was really tasty, I don’t know how they cooked it. Gonna hv to look it up.
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I bought the yellow curry sauce because I already have a small jar of green curry paste which I use when doing some stir fry. I had some cooked cubed chicken to use with the curry sauce.....I added some cooked veggies but you could also serve over noodles, or whatever.

    Spring: This restaurant was an Indian/Nepalese so maybe that's why it wasn't that good. I believe there several of this restaurant around the southland.

    Do you like shrimp? And can you get it fresh? A great way I like is to stir fry some veggies, remove and then stir fry some cleaned shrimp, usually all of this in garlic in coconut oil. Then when shrimp is pink (about 3 min.) add the veggies back with some of the green curry sauce or whatever, and I might add a splash of white wine or maybe some balsamic vinegar to give it some liquid. But another way I like to cook shrimp is to stir fry in garlic, then add some cilantro paste, stir around then put in a soft corn tortilla. The cilantro paste I made ahead by putting fresh cilantro, some cloves of garlic and olive oil into a food processor. This will keep in frig for about 7-10 days. Great thing to have on hand.

    Duck: OK.....I've sent a PM to you....I ALWAYS like to enjoy other's work.

    Rock: Trader Joe's sold "two buck chuck".....you could always count on getting a good bottle of wine for only $2. But then a few years ago they had to raise it, but everyone still refers to it as that name. Gosh, I use Skosh....it's a good word.....like smidgy.......LOL

    And I believe the strongest smelling roses are the old fashioned ones......some specialty nurseries sell them. The newer ones have been bred for their beauty.

    I may have overdone it yesterday with my path. Woke around 3 a.m. With cramps.....not sure if it's related to the bladder troubles. I'll see that doc. In about 12 days....hoping I won't have to get the chemo infusion.
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    P.S. I did also have a full glass of wine without ice- LOL. It was so delicious esp with the fish. I had a Chardonnay. I forgot to add that to the menu I mentioned earlier.

    DUCKIE - You must have gotten some of your talent from your MOM. I agree with you, MIKIE and SUN also about the social aspect of whatever you enjoy doing, even if it is just watching TV with others or working on Jeopardy puzzles (even if your friends are not in the same room). I love the singing but the socialization is also fun and therapeutic.

    SW - I know what you mean about needing a break from chicken . LOL

    JULIE - Hope y9u are getting some much needed rest along with laudry and dishes !!

    Sorry but I have put this off long enough. I need to run and go over my music again - some quick music , fast talking German going on in some of these piece. Hope there are no real Germans in the audience LOL.

    Love to awl,
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I've done a little work and watched a couple of TV programs I recorded. There are only two episodes left of Scandal. There will be nothing to watch this summer. BTW, Suits and The Amerikans are back on. New season. About the only socializing I do is through texting or here. I do enjoy running into my friends in the hood when I go get my mail. Word in the hood is that the woman in my bldg. is drinking heavily again. If she isn't willing to go into rehab or with AA, I don't see how she could ever quit. I don't think she wants to; I think she is ready to go home. All I can do is keep my eyes open and pray for her.

    Granni, I'm so glad you had a nice dinner to celebrate. You deserve it and then some! My neighbors just got back from a short trip and someone rear ended them. Not too much damage to their SUV but the other car sustained major damage to the front. He has back problems so will see the doc. In FL, you only have 14 days to see a doc to sue for injuries or even make a claim. FL makes it very hard to sue people. I'm just glad it's all over for you.

    Duckie, wouldn't that be cruel and unusual punishment?

    Spring, words like skosh probably come from around Oshkosh. People up there talk funny. It's close to 90 degrees every day now but the mornings and nights are cool. Pretty soon, it will be hot 'n muggy all the time til hurricane season is over. Experts predict a more active season again this year. I think I still have a skosh of PTSD from Irma and dread another hurricane serason. I actually enjoy all the changes in my kids' lives but not in my own. Yikes! Nancy, Claudia and I were whining about gaining weight. I said I don't even like to see myself naked in the mirror. Claudia said she took off her clothes to take a shower and had to apologize to her cat. Cracked me up.

    Sun, I could make my own cilantro paste in my food processor just like I make my own pesto sauce. Publix sells cilantro plants. Thanks! Good idea. Did you notice that Suits is on? Meghan Markle is still on but didn't finish out the season. Praying that your checkup goes well.

    My computer is all squirrelly today. It's soooo sensitive that the cursor jumps all over the place. I still like it but wish it were more like my old work horse computer which gets too hot. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

    Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: OMG! I was just scrolling some wacky stuff on Amazon and found a tight white cotton sleeve to go over a wine bottle. It's called Vinterwear. Tight whities for your wine. They also had a big red ticket that read, HELL Admit One. The numbers on each side read, 666. Finally, there was a mug which read, I Work So My Dog Can Have A Better Life.

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
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