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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Apr 8, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I decided to start a new Porch. Be sure to go back and read the final posts on the last one. GB posted again.

    I got up early but lay down on the sofa and snoozed deeply for another hour. I woke feeling rested but also a bit groggy. Sad news...the Trump Tower fire killed a resident and injured six firefighters. Nancy's DS is a fireman in NY in Brooklyn, I think. She was talking to him and he suddenly had to go but she didn't know whether it was that fire or something else. I know she worries about him as a first responder. She got into some poison ivy and the rash is on her face, close to her eye. Both eyelids are swollen. Yikes! She has been through sooo much and is such a good person.

    I wanted to post one of the beautiful pics I had like the last one and, when I went to upload one, there were none to be found. Doh! There are no other folders on this laptop so I have no idea where they went. I think I had downloaded six from the internet. As Dorothy said, "Things come and go so fast here." May not have quoted it verbatim but y'all get the idea. Hmmm, perhaps I woke up in Oz. The Vengeful Vermin Farmers Insurance ad just played. Cracks me up. I love the little bronze statue of the squirrel hurling a pine cone. I'll bet they could sell those.

    Spring, I used to use half 'n half in my coffee but now, with my lactose intolerance, I buy Lactaid milk and have gotten used to it. You are a very good writer. I enjoyed reading what you wrote about being windblown and the wind. I also love the wind, within reason. Hurricane wind? No. But gentle wind which sways the palm trees? Yes. We have nice little breezes yesterday and it was delightful. It kept the temps from feeling so hot in the afternoon. I have wind chimes on my lanai and I love to hear them tinkle. I use almonds in my pesto because pine nuts make me sick. I like it on pasta.

    Rock if you want to visit alpine, pour an ice cold beer in your stein. At the most, Tiffany may give him glass. I always thought the saying went, "Fred gave Ginger class and she gave him sex." Not very nice and I'm glad to know she gave him sex appeal. Never thought of him as sexy but I did think he was the epitome of class. He wore his clothes like he was born to the manor. I once saw a show where a couple bought his mansion and renovated it, keeping the classic 30's feel to it. It was beautiful and didn't look dated at all. So glad that Miss Kitty likes to be brushed. SV loves it. He purrs while I hold him like a baby and comb the long hair on his undercarriage.

    GB, I knew you weren't posting about well care visits. I was so glad to know that you didn't have to go to the doc's office when you were so sick. I don't think our ins. here pays for home visits except for the nurse to do little home physicals. I think it's great that your ins. pays for sick home visits as well. In the long run, it makes sense from a financial point of view as well as from the point of view of the patient's health. I hope you're feeling much, much better.

    Gonna go read the big Sunday newspaper. Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  2. gb66

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    Thanks to those who responded to my post. I wanted to explain the in home service I'm receiving. It's not the same as insurance companies wellness checks. It's a regular doctor's group with a PCP and NP's that make home visits. The cost is the same as going to the doctor's office and they also provide in home labs and some x-ray services, etc.

    This is all covered by my insurance, just like any regular in office doctor visit. I wasn't aware of this until recently. We found all of this info online. It took months to get it going however and in the meantime I was getting sicker. I did also have a palliative care service that filled in until I could get the PCP established. They were a lifesaver. GB
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  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Fancy schmancy porch! It reminds me of that old mansion built in 1840 that we stayed at in Charleston, SC, last year. Except their porch furniture wasnt quite as fancy, but same large size with wood ceiling and pillars. OMG, did I love that home. I could just imagine how elegant it was in it's hey day. It now has 8 apartments on the 4 floors and basement.....we had the entire first floor.....12 foot hi ceilings, massive fireplaces, wood floors refinished and those neat pocket doors. The opening leading from the kitchen great room to the LR opening was about 10' wide and of course very tall, and those doors slid into the opening. I know, because we had to check everything out.

    By the way, if you like tomato soup you MUST try Trader Joe's Roasted red pepper tomato soup.....I really really love this!

    GB: I'm assuming you are under medicare? What insurance do you have? Did I understand that you have two insurances?
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  4. Mikie

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    Hi Kids,

    Sun, I grew up in an old house but it wasn't grand. A friend all through school lived in a mansion and it was gorgeous. A recurring dream is that I buy a big old house but it turns out to be haunted. DD has the same dream. It must be common. I have pocket doors leading into the bonus room in my condo. They are just plain, not like the fancy ones of old. DGS was fascinated with them when he was little. Seems a shame to turn a mansion into apartments but I can only imagine the expense of keeping one of those old houses. How are you feeling? Better I hope.

    The Beverly Hills Dog Show is on. They just showed an orange Chow. He was so beautiful. The Chow is my favorite breed. Barb's kids have a big black Chow and he is a lot of company for her. He brings her his toys. I am seldom depressed but feel kinda sick inside, not really depression so much as feeling like something awful is going to happen. I don't think it's real, just may be some kind of chemical thing going on. I need to get more active. I know that would help.

    Not much to tell. Hope all y'all are doing great.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: My kitchen has pocket doors on both sides and when my DGKs were little we would play that it was an elevator with the doors opening and closing. I love them, so handy to close off when you want to shut out noise like the washer going in the laundry room. AFter 33 years in this house I still love it! It's built in an L shape but almost looks like a U because the garage is built onto the other side of the L with an atrium between the kitchen and garage. It has a long walkway to the front door, very private house. When we first moved here I had trouble getting used to not having a kitchen window to look out and see the neighborhood....had to walk to a front bedroom to look out, but I love looking out onto the atrium instead.

    Those chows are a lot of work! Lots of brushing. Doesn't Martha Stewart have those dogs? I just don't care for the black tongues.
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  6. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Sunflowergirl, I do have Medicare but this is covered by my Blue Cross supplemental insurance. GB
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    Beautiful day today, however, rain is on it's way. In the early morning hours this past Saturday, it's rained buckets..according to the weather folks, our town got over 3 inches of rain..!! As I've said before, I'll take rain over snow any day!

    Mikie..I know you and I have the same computer from HSN and we both use Vipre. Wanted to let you know that earlier today, I was looking at soup recipes, when all of a sudden, my computer went "WILD"..the alarm on my computer went off along with all the bells and whistles and the flashing of the screen..I had clicked onto a soup recipe that had a major virus meant to destroy everything on computers..well..thank God for Vipre..it stopped the virus immediately and saved my computer, not to mention many many dollars if I had to get it fixed..that is, if it was fixable! So far, Vipre has saved me from 8 threats today..It is now doing a major scan..

    I usually run Vipre at the end of the day on a daily basis..I will also run a quick Vipre search while I'm on online several times a week. Vipre was the best investment ever!!!

    A BIG "Hello" and wishing everyone a good evening..

    not sure if this posted..will send it again..
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  8. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good evening everyone! Been busy with quilty things this weekend. "The Great Room Swap" that was supposed to get finished back in late-December/early-January is FINALLY nearly complete. My DH/DS are, between them, as bad as a bureaucratic government about getting things done. Meanwhile, the house is still a wreck. BUT - I did get to build my design wall this weekend. As a result, I can now baste large quilts in preparation for quilting. And I've had 5 of them waiting!

    I also got some more work done on my big star quilt, so a productive weekend.

    Mikie/Granni - I love my Google phone...with the exception of the Nexus 4 (I didn't like the hardware), I've had them since the 3rd generation. The biggest thing that I like is that they don't have carrier and/or manufacturer "bloat-ware" on them, which are often battery and memory hog applications of little or no interest to me. There was also a time when I would "root" them (iPhone users know it as "jailbreaking"), giving me even more control over the device. Haven't done that in a couple of years, though. Granni, you are right, the flagship phones are getting very expensive. You have to weigh the features against what you want. iPhones tend to be popular with people who just like it to "work" right out of the box, whereas Android phones tend to be more popular with people who like to tweak stuff and make it their own. I've never been one of those people who say that just because I like a phone that you should like it as well...people are different, their needs are different, and the phones meet those needs differently. Mikie - I've always kind of wanted a Chromebook "just because" but I can't justify the expense as I don't have a use-case for one. I did, however, buy an ASUS Flip, which is a Windows 10 laptop that turns into a tablet. LOVE it. Run my quilt design software on it.

    Sun - I'm glad you liked my DM's paintings. I don't think there was any cross-influence between her work and my quilting.

    GB - glad you are able to get access to the care you need. I hope the pneumonia continues to clear up.

    Judy - Yes, rain is better than snow, although 3" at a time can be problematic as well. Just ask my basement. Speaking of snow, we're supposed to get more over night tonight. There was about 1/2" overnight Friday as well. I made a small snowball and hit my DS square in the middle of the forehead with it. I've never gotten a virus on my computer, although when my kids were small, they got them for me.

    Julie - are you getting any snow tonight?

    Barry - I had chipping sparrows and a mystery grey bird at my feeder today. I think it may have been a female red-wing blackbird; they're grey during breeding season.

    Well, the quilts they are a-calling me. Hugz to Star, Spring, Rock, etc.

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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    A nice porch pic, Mikie. I like the Palladian doors. The support for the glass top table reminds
    me of cypress trees twisted together. Only thing that might improve the picture is a cat sleeping
    on a cushion.

    When I want to feel Alpine I go to Youtube and listen to The Happy Wanderer. "Val da ree, Val
    der rah, my knapsack on my back." Used to have the 1958 recording by Der Obernkirchen
    Choir. Better than some pills for combating depression. If you're on Youtube, Kids, you
    can also listen to alpine horns. They're longer than many sofas.

    Sun, when I was a kid our neighbors had pocket doors to close off the parlor. I never
    heard the term pocket doors until decades later. Reminds me of po-ket-ah, a word I
    invented. Looks like it might be Spanish or Italian. It is defined as "pocket". It is
    not copyrighted. You can all use it.

    Your visit to Charleston sounds great. Would love to do it myself. Remember the Civil
    War documentary by Ken Burns? He quoted a great deal from Mary Chestnut's diary.
    Mary was married to a U.S. Senator who became a Confederate General when the war broke
    out. Mary lived in Charleston.

    Hi JB, never heard of Vipre, but it sounds like a good thing. I remember in the early days
    of computers a knowledgeable friend looked at ours. He found something like 57 viruses
    in it. Yikes!

    No rain here today. Got an E mail from a cousin in Wisconsin. He said the ice is two
    feet thick where he is. I think he lives next to a lake. I wrote back and said the only ice
    I've seen since coming to CA half a century ago has been in drinks or ice sculptures.

    Well, I believe I hear the supper bell. Hugs, Kids
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  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. I remember singing "the happy wanderer" often.....a very happy song when I was a kid.

    Yes, Charleston was wonderful. We even took two carriage rides and heard more history than at times we wanted, but those carriage drivers are very knowledgeable. The first morning after getting to this mansion I went out walking with my camera....I guess my mouth was hanging open from all the history I was seeing. This mansion was in the best part of Charleston. After Charleston we headed for Savannah, Ga.......I thought Charleston was wonderful this was even better. We took a small bus ride thru the entire city for over 3 hrs. Soooo much to know about those two cities. When I was in HS I really got into reading every civil war novel I could lay my hands on so this trip was really wonderful for me. My dad's family lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA from the late 1600s....actually around Monticello, so that's what got me started on devouring civil war history.

    Good idea to just have dinner at the hotel when your DB & his wife come for their visit. I know you must have mixed feelings over this entire visit.

    Judy: Wow....scary with your computer doing that. I would be lost if that had happened to me. I have a regular computer that has windows 7 I think....I only turned it on to get emails cleared out. I use my Ipad and love it....for the most part.

    Duck: Most men really dont like moving furniture or "rearranging"! But at least it's getting done. I haven't seen a red wing blackbird in ages....probably because most of the empty fields are rapidly disappearing around here. I think the most exciting bird sighting I've had was an osprey who sat on our back fence for at least 10 min. Swiveling his head all around. And my inlaws from Minn. were visiting at the time too. And then I was going to a church rummage sale one saturday morning and spotted a large great horned owl perched on a ledge on this old brick church. Sooooo exciting......I drove home to get my camera (15 min. Away) hoping the whole time he would still be there and he was, just sleepily staring at me.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell from here. I hope everyone survived the weekend in good health and good spirits.

    Sun, I love both Charleston and Savannah. I just wish Atlanta had not been burned in the Civil War. I can only imagine the beautiful mansions that must have been there. Richard and I spent a day in Charleston walking the historic area. There was a lot of work going on restoring some of the mansions. I love the squares in Savannah and the Riverwalk. I stayed in one of the Holiday Inns which are a bit above the usual ones. It was a blacksmith shop originally. Very nice hotel. Your house sounds so nice and I'm happy you love it. My condo is a humble place like most of the ordinary condos in FL but I love it. It's just about the right size and I have it decorated just as I like it. It's homey, comfortable and I don't have to be careful of anything. I can live in it and I do. No babying anything. Your house sounds like one of a kind and it seems to be a living part of you. That the neighbors enjoy all the work you do on it is testament to your taste and creativity.

    Judy, I'm glad your computer was saved by Vipre. I've often wondered whether it was Vipre which was slowing mine down and causing it to freeze. I am going to contact HP to ask about the error code to see whether there is anything I can do short of having a tech look at it. I've been too sick to dig out the paperwork on it. Wish you could send us some of your rain. It is dry as a bone here. Usually, it starts raining a bit in the spring but this year, it's not raining much at all. The little pond out back is so low. The experts are forecasting a hurricane like last year's. Yikes! I just hope we don't get hit by another big one. There are still signs down on the ground along roads and trees which are torn apart. Ugly scars from an ugly storm. How is Vicki doing? How are you doing? I keep you in my prayers.

    Duckie, I'm glad your room swap is finished. Now you can pursue your quilty pleasures. I'm also glad you like your phone. You are right; what one person likes is not necessarily what another will like but I like to know which phones others do like. I like this iPhone but it is a battery hog and the Apple customer support sucks. My neighbor and her DH always buy new tech devices and they love the new Samsung phones. The screens on them seem particularly clear and crisp. I'll probably keep this one so my kids and I can Facetime on holidays. I'm glad we don't do it for regular communication. I look so bad it would likely crack the glass on their phones.

    Rock, some of the condos and townhouses in the hood have those arched windows. Some have leaked and caused damage. The people across the street had some work done and the workers removed the arched glass. Come to find out, the developer had put them in backwards and that may 'splain why they leaked. I'm just as glad our building doesn't have them. Our building was the last one built in here and we benefited from what the developer learned from the earlier buildings. Joe's building is about six years older than mine. His has wood siding on the upper part. Ours is all stucco. His kitty was sitting in the window the other day. I had never seen her before. She is a bit of a recluse. She is black and white like SV but has short hair. I think Miss Kitty has you under her spell that you would like a cat on the new Porch. There is nowhere I'd rather be than under a kitty spell. I love dogs too and having dogs is a whole different and wonderful thing. We have a furniture store here which specializes in coastal casual furnishings. That is my favorite decor for down here. They have coffee tables with driftwood bases and glass tops. One would look nice in my condo but I can't justify spending the money. Also, I like the honey pine one I have which I refinished a few years ago. Once I put some elbow grease into something, I hate to let go of it. So, my friend, sit out on the virtual Porch, put your feet up and imagine your Miss Kitty curled up next to you, purring as you stroke her fur.

    So far, I feel a tad better today so will try to get something done around here. I've been so forgetful that I'm afraid I'll miss something important. News says the Red Tide has reared its ugly head again. I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it, taking allergy meds every day. That may be what is frying my brain. I need to take my car to the wash so I can get the oil changed. Dealership used to wash it for me when I did an oil change but they were always trying to do unnecessary work. My little mechanic's shop doesn't wash cars but they are honest. I'll wash my own car. It needs a wax job and I had better get that done before it's too hot out. Our mornings are still nice.

    Hope everydooby has a great start to the week.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! I'm headed out for the three hour drive to the chiro...this guy is the only one who has been able to help with the neck pain/arm and hand numbness. I'm going to have a frank talk with him today and ask him if he thinks it's time I check in to other treatments...he had told me a time or two ago that if he couldn't help with my functioning that it might be time to see a surgeon. That's that very last route I want to take, but I can't handle this pain and numbness much longer.

    I've been sleeping a lot this past week and weekend, when I've been home. Guilt free, for the most part...recovering from the trip over Easter. It's been cold (and snowed yesterday...the ground is still white) but supposed to warm up mid-week. Den had two teeth pulled Friday and is getting along okay. The dentist referred him to a different dentist to get a bridge made since he's now without four of his molars (two on each side.) Takes him forever to eat anything.

    Gonna take off soon...just wanted to say hi and that I'm thinking of everyone.
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Friends

    Woke up a couple hours ago. Too cold to get outta bed so I finished my 7 day book. It's not
    due for 5 days. The author is a psychologist who writes crime novels in which a psychologist
    is a consultant to the cops. How likely is that? Anyway he's been writing best sellers for years
    and his wife is also a writer. I guess they're doing all right financially. They have homes in
    3 different states. Our home is in a state of confusion most of the time, but it's comfy.

    Julie, I hope the chiro can get you fixed up. These ailments that won't get better just wear
    one down; physically and mentally. Spring should be just around the corner. Hope things
    are brighter very soon.

    Mikie, "Put the windows in backwards?!! Yikes! Saw a crime show recently. The contractor
    put sliding glass doors in backwards deliberately. Thus making his entrance in the middle
    of the night possible whereupon he committed some heinous crime. I kinda thought the plot
    was somewhat contrived.

    Good luck with the car. Remember to "Wax on, wax off" as Pat Morita advised the Karate Kid.

    Sun, you have seen some unusual birds in unlikely places. My Uncle shot a great horned owl
    when I was a kid. He was horrified when he found out I had taken it to school (3rd grade).
    The teacher called the janitor who took it away and tossed it in a trash barrel. What part
    of Minnesota are your relatives from? I bet they're nice people.

    The only part of the South I've visited is Atlanta. Ah shore would liketa see more, Ya'll. The
    Civil War Cyclorama in Atlanta is amazing! You can see bits of it on Youtube. Oh. Just
    read it was moved to a new building after almost a century. I'll have to go look.

    Hugs, Everydobby
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got off a frustrating phone call with my credit card C/S to make sure they got the fax and won't take back the payment I made. First one acted as though he was totally confused and I got cut off. Second one kept saying the payment was fine because she could see it had posted. Good grief! I already knew it was posted. I wanted some kind of assurance they received my fax and wouldn't take the payment back. Finally, she found a note verifying the payment. That was all I wanted in the first place. She didn't find it until said they must have a way to notate the account. Doh! I'll have to check my bill when it comes. In the meantime, the acct. info I faxed had a bank charge called, service fee. I'm not supposed to have service fees on that acct. It's supposed to be free. Now, I have to talk to the bank. It's like Whack A Mole. I fix one problem and another one pops up.

    I am soooo shaky that I don't know what to do. It's like a case of the nerves but I don't know why. I may have to take some Klonopin to settle myself down. I think it's physical because there is no reason for me to feel like this in terms of stress. My Mom used to tell me that she felt like this sometimes. I know Diane felt like this a lot of the time. It's a sickening anxiety which cripples. No amount of telling myself that everything is OK is helping. Yikes!

    Julie, I hope you can find out how to get relief for your neck. Numbness and pain are horrible. Three hours is a long time to have to drive for relief. I hope you can find a treatment closer to home. I'm glad Den is doing OK with his teeth. Take care and rest up so your neck can get better.

    Rock, most of the crime shows on TV seem contrived to me. The new one, Intent, has a psychology professor working with a cop to solve crimes. In the show, Castle, it was a crime writer who worked the cop. I have to suspend disbelief when I watch these shows. They are good for getting my mind off my ills and I'm glad they are on. Two new ones seem only about shooting the place up so I'm not watching them. I like action but there has to be more to it than that. I started a new book but don't think I'll finish it. I think it was a freebie from Amazon. I'll wax on and wax off as long as I don't have to do the crane pose.

    Barry, hope you, Richard and the critters are doing well. Stop in when you can.

    OK, I'm off to try some Special K to see whether it can settle me down. Think I'll sit in the sun for 15 minutes when it moves around to the West. I may be low on Vitamin D. I hope all y'all are doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie

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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I really feel for you.....been there many many times, and had to finally learn NOT TO PICK UP THE LITTLE ONES. Yes we love them but I had to learn to sit on the floor and hold them or play with them that way. Also, have you ever had an MRI on your spine? Even an X-ray of your spine will show much that even a chiropractor won't know about. I've got stenosis of the cervical and lumbar along with some disc problems, etc. etc. I've had to learn not to do a lot of things.

    MIkie: I go thru that "shakiness" a lot. I got into checking my blood sugar first thing in the morning but that wasn't the problem. I have to be sure to have a steady supply of protein thruout the day. Carry peanuts in my purse and car. I've lived with anxiety all my life, starting when I was a teenager. I have to be careful about drinking caffeine without first having protein in me, otherwise I'll get really shaky. I also have checked my BP and oxygen. If you have an oxymeter, check it when you're shaky. I hate to take any medicine....always a reaction to whatever. Hey....try a little shot of wine then go sit down and deep breathe.

    Rock: My inlaws moved years ago from Indiana to around Duluth then bought a lot on a lake and built a house. It was Tower Minn. My BIL and family moved close to the boundary waters, Embarrass, Minn.

    My cleaning lady won't be here until 12:30 so I slept in....got 7 hrs. But still feel awful, I never wake up without that hung over feeling. It takes me hours to get moving. My gardener just got here so need to tell him what he has to get done. I'll be back later.

    I'm back: My mexican gardener was telling me he missed 3 days of work last week because his 13 year old daughter is having female problems...lots of cramps and bleeding. The hospital system is difficult at best....we all know that.....so it's a lot of just waiting and a CT scan showed nothing. After talking to him about her (he has no wife or relatives to help) I told him to demand a referral to a female gyno. They would be better to know how to help her.

    Mikie: I take NutraSleep made by Source naturals first thing in the morning. And when I get shaky I will take another one. Do a search on the ingredients and maybe PH would have something comparable. All the ingredients, skullcap, passionflower, valerian, chamomile all contribute to calming the body. The natural/doctor I saw 3 years ago gave me something similiar but expensive, so I just put in all the ingredients into the internet that was in her's and came up with NutraSleep.
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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I'm suffering today. I didn't realize just how much I did yesterday until I looked at my Google Fit history and saw that I took over 12.6K steps (6K is normal for me). That combined with all the reaching, etc. needed to baste those large quilts...

    Rock - any chance that author is Jonathan Kellerman? I like his books.

    Sun - I think part of my DH's problem is he failed to plan things out first and now that things don't fit the way he imagined in his head, he's scrambling. Before I moved my sewing room downstairs to the old family room, I took graph paper and drew things out. I made little furniture-sized pieces and moved them around until they all fit adequately. Then I knew ahead of time where everything would go. Good advice for your gardener. I hope is DD gets the help she needs.

    Julie - I hope the Chiro helps you. We have a physical therapist available to us here at work. He's helped me with a couple of things.

    Mikie - aside from the fact that there's no bloat-ware on the phone, I also love that it has phenomenal battery life (I can go the whole day on heavy usage and still have 15% battery left at the end of the day - though I normally have 40-60% left). It has one of (possibly THE best) camera of any smartphone currently on the market. It is really fast and responsive. It has a gorgeous screen. (Yes, Samsung has really nice screens as well - and I do have a 10" Samsung tablet!)

    Well, my workday flew by and now it's time to go home. Hugz to all!

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey Kids

    Finished my 7 Day book. Yes, Duckie, it was by Jonathan Kellerman. He and his wife Faye
    both write, and so do two of their kids. Their talent and industry overfloweth. Very clever of
    you to get your sewing room all planned out in miniature. Only last night I saw a crime show
    where the killer had made a meticulous model of the room with his victim as part of the tabelau.
    Gives new meaning to "doll house".

    Sun, I only heard of Embarrass, Minnesota last year. The name Climax is often paired with it.
    There are lots of funny names in almost all states, I think. In Minnesota we also had a Ball Club
    and a Sleepy Eye. In college I had roomates from both. Recently saw the TV show Aerial
    America. It said St. Paul was originally Pig's Eye.

    Mikie, I think Whack A Mole is such a funny name. I'll have to try and work it into a
    post someday. I had forgotten about the secret karate move called the Crane. I find
    that pretty unbelievable too. The pose looks so unstable a sneeze would probably
    blow the guy over.

    Hugs to GB, Barry, Granni, Julie, Spring, JB, Star
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Ones,

    I woke without that horrible anxiety and hope it doesn't come back. I put a Klonopin under my tongue yesterday and it did the trick. I just don't want to have to do that on a regular basis. I also sat out on the balcony and got a few minutes of sun. Other than that, not much going on.

    Sun, thanks for all your helpful ideas for the shakiness/anxiety. I'm better today and will see what happens. Your poor gardener, trying to raise a daughter on his own. It's so sweet of you to help him. It's good he feels he can talk to you about these sensitive issues. You are always helping others.

    Duckie, I'm so glad you like your phone. Mine did an update to the operating system yesterday. That always scares me. It took a while and the phone got so hot. I always breathe a sigh of relief when it finishes and the thing works. When it was done, it wanted me to put in a new password code. I thought that was odd. BTW, as you probably know, there are apps for placing furniture in rooms. They look quite helpful. In a small condo like mine, there isn't a lot of choice as to where the furniture goes. Maybe today you can rest after yesterday's marathon day.

    Rock, we have funny names for roads down here. One is Burnt Store Road. There is an Airport Pulling Road. A main route from Tampa to Miami is called Tamiami Trail. It was originally a foot path used by the Indians. Strangely, streets west of it change their names when one passes over to being east of it. Soooo hard to give directions. I can be on Gladiolus Drive but as soon as I cross Tamiami Trail, it becomes Six Mile Cypress Road. To further confuse things, Tamiami is also Route 41. In some areas, it's know as Cleveland Ave. No wonder FL drivers are some of the worst. Everyone is always trying to figure out where they are. Doh!!!

    OK, Kiddies, I'm going to read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Spent my morning down at one of our other locations. Now I'm back at my desk. So much better....when I'm down there, I have to work on just my laptop screen. Here I have 3 screens (2 external monitors plus my laptop screen). Just say "flaming geek"...

    On my way back, I stopped and had lunch with a former coworker. It was fun to catch up.

    Mikie - oooh...OS updates. That's another advantage to the newest phones from Google. They do the updates in the background on a separate partition. When it's done, the phone tells you and after a very fast reboot, it's done. I think the Tamiami Trail is a shortening of Tampa-Miami... But I could be wrong. We, too, have roads that change names when they cross other major roadways, but we have even weirder roads here in Cincinnati. A road will suddenly become a different road, and a half mile west, another road will end and suddenly become the continuation of the first road. Also, roads will seem to end at a T-intersection, but half a mile away, will continue on from another T-intersection. That makes giving directions challenging as well.

    Rock - I was under the impression that Faye Kellerman was his daughter...but the person who told me that may have been in error. I know exactly which CSI episodes you're talking about. There were several of them involving that serial killer. I got some Amish Snickerdoodles from Jungle Jims. Think of you every time I eat part of one (they're huge...I eat half of one at a time).

    I'd best get back to converting labels from the old system to the new one. It's going to drive me nuts before this project is done. Hugz to all!

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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Have been having a lazy day. Just napped, read and spent a little time with Kitty. Picked and
    devoured ten tomatoes.

    Barry, sorry to hear you are feeling punk. Maybe when you are feeling better you can
    answer my question about Fermat's Last Theorem. Well, Romeo is a lucky dog. I'm sure
    his new owners will take good care of him.

    Duckie, I looked at two bios of the Kellermans. They agree that wife's name is Faye. She
    has written oodles of books herself. Wikipedia says she has a degree as a Doctor of
    Denistry, but never practiced. I guess she'd rather work with quill than drill.

    Tampa-Miami sounds like a good guess. I thought maybe it was just casual speech; like
    "This is the road ta Miami." Good luck with your big work project.

    Mikie, glad you are feeling better. Hope the improvement continues. With regard to
    roads I can understand how Burnt Store Road got its name. We have some that have
    3 names in LA. I had a boss who lived on one such street. There's a really long one in
    the San Gabriel Valley just East of LA. Furthermore the road doesn't go straight. It
    sort of dips into a SW direction. Gordon and I try to avoid it.

    We have 7 books waiting at the library. Speaking of which, there is a Groucho Marx
    show on Youtube from the 50s. One of the contestants is Jack Benny. The other
    is a librarian. Grouchy leers and says, "You must do a volume business."

    Here in LaLa Land we have two tall libraries: LA main branch and Pasadena. Both
    have many stories.

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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