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    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Thought it was time to start a new Porch. I love these old houses all the same where you can look down the row and see your neighbors. It's kinda like our Porch here. I did get to the pool yesterday and Claudia and I had a great time walking back and forth. I went early and did some gentle running. I didn't want to overdo it because it's been a year since I worked out over there regularly. The pain in the afternoon was horrible in my back and legs. I now know that I won't be able to walk in NY nor stand long enough to watch the parade. I'd love to go but the anxiety just thinking about it has been very stressful. So, I'll pick a time when all the kids have some time off and go to CO. That way, I can see them all and see the kids' new house.

    DD told me they will be redoing the kitchen because it doesn't work for them. They redid the one in the house they just sold and she said they didn't want to wait until they sell this one to have a good functioning kitchen. They are both great cooks and cooking is a big part of their lives. That is why I'm going to get the microwave and range in stainless to finish out my kitchen. I've always kept it updated because I don't understand the mentality of waiting until one sells a home to fix it up for the next people to live in it. Wish I could afford to redo the whole thing to get more storage but I'm cooking less and less and using the Instant Pot more and more so it will work for me as is.

    Before all the pain set in, I went to Costco because I'm running low on coffee. I got a big bag of their Asian salad veggies which I'll have for lunch. I also got two loaves of their artisan bread which is so good. I grabbed a bottle of red wine which I'm sure will come in handy, for medicinal purposes of course. I bought some of their prepared shrimp salad which I love. I washed one of the shrimp and cut it into wee pieces for SV. He loves shrimp too.

    Yesterday, I called the plumbing co. and told them to send the bill for Monday's work to mgmt. so we could get the landscaping co. to pay for the repairs to the damage they caused. Before I even got it out of my mouth, the rude woman on the phone said they couldn't bill a third party. I 'splained to her that that is not what I was asking. I told her there was going to be more work to replace the pipes for which our assn. would pay. All I was asking is that the bill be broken up so it could be paid by the appropriate parties. I added that if the landscaping co. balked at paying, we would pay and duke it out with them so the plumbing co. didn't have to wait for their money. She didn't even thank me and said she'd do it.

    I don't understand why people in business are such asses sometimes. I know she probably deals with jerks all the time but I was calling to do them a favor so they could be paid. We've used them for years and always paid our bills right away. They get their money within days of submitting their bills. As Rock might say, this was just the putrid icing on a sour cake. First, I had to deal with the incompetence of the landscapers. Then, I had to deal with the incompetence of our mgmt. co. Then I had to deal with the incompetence of the county utility bureaucracy. Finally, I had to deal with this crabby woman at the plumbing co. Most of the people there are very nice but one rotten apple was more than I should have had to take. At least, the firemen were Johnny on the spot and saved the day. God bless them.

    Duckie, I hope you got the thermostat fixed. Are you going to be driving to a destination for your vacation? Hope your DM is doing well.

    Rock, loved the mugged/plugged joke. Thank God, NYC has been cleaned up and is safer. I also loved your cheek to cheek joke. Do you study or just tell jokes by the seat of your pants? Overwhelmed is the feeling I got just by looking at the beautiful pictures of the Biltmore. It is a museum.

    Judy, yes, it's always something which requires trips to the money tree. My last pair of glasses cost the same as a new set of tires for the car and, because it's an SUV, the tires are more expensive. None of these things is something I'd choose to spend money on if I didn't have to. Hope the weather improves for you. The RT is hanging in and causing so many problems to sea life and humans. We just have to suffer through it. In addition to the RT, there are fires burning and we can smell the smoke. AACCKK!!

    Julie, thanks for letting us know how well your surgery went. Praying for a good follow up appt. this morning.

    Sun, I'm soooo happy you got good results from your doc appt. I wonder whether I'll outlive SV. Genetics say I will but if I don't, someone here in the hood would take him. He's such a great cat most of the time. When our neighbor, Judy, died, the vet took her little dog. Fake ring tones and not putting calls through? Nothing should surprise us these days but I am still flabbergasted when I read something like this. Just got a notice from Yahoo that I will have to agree to their terms of agreement if I want to continue to use their email services. From what I can tell, they will use any information they have on me and can get from my using Verizon to help their advertisers. I will be shifting to Gmail. This is basically what Facebook has been doing with users' info. Yahoo has been using cookies to tailor their ads to me but now they want to do it in cahoots with Verizon and want my blessing to do it.

    Neighbor downstairs said Barb's kids are coming down but I don't see them. I don't know whether they are bringing her with them or not. I need to clean the balcony anyway so think I'll do it this morning while it's still cool. I'll do it before I get into the shower. Our balcony gets filthy as does my lanai.

    Hope all y'all have a perfectly wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Was up all night. Watched some CDs from the library and part of Our Town on Youtube.
    Hal Halbrook was an excellent Stage Manager. He has played Mark Twain in various
    venues. Wikipedia says he has now played Mark Twain longer than Samuel Clemens did.

    Thanks for dusting off a new porch for us, Mikie. That's an interesting picture. When I
    first saw it I was wondering if I was looking at a tunnel of porches or seeing a reflection in
    a mirror.

    Glad to read that you felt well enough to try some gentle running. I gave up running and
    cartwheels at age 64. Always nice to hear that my little efforts at humor are
    appreciated. I don't really do anything by the seat of my pants though. I would be worried
    that something unseemly might transpire.

    I'm trying to remember the example of incompetence and dereliction of duty that
    Gordon told me about. Oh, yeah. I think I posted about the dozen small roses he
    got from QVC. The plants had started to grow. They were a few inches high; in pots
    about 6 inches tall. But one of them didn't have any leaves. It was just a naked stick.
    So he called QVC. The nice lady told him they would send him another dozen.

    A few days later he found the new shipment outside our front gate on the sidewalk. They
    had been there most of a hot day and looked shell shocked if not dead. So he called QVC
    again. The nice lady said they would try delivery again if he wanted. He said, No, so
    she took the charge off his account.

    All for the nonce
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    Hello - it’s raining a little. Been the norm, these days. Warm day, evening showers.

    Mikie - I loved that row of porches. So sociably situated. Well, I might want a wee bit more privacy. Sometimes, I’m in my jammies for most part of the day. I would like to be able to put me feet up and snooze if I’m tired without anyone seeing me so slovenly.

    It’s a shame if you can’t make it to New York, but Colorado seems so beautiful too. Main thing is, you meeting the kids.

    Rock - they don’t train them too well at QVC, do they? Any one should know not to leave roses out on a hot day. With all the rain we been having lately, our few roses are coming up nicely. Thank goodness for plants that can look after themselves.

    I utubed Biltmore. It is one of the grandest hotels I've ever seen. I loved a chest of drawers they showed. Reddsh polished wood, sturdy, classic and so beautiful for me. There were lots of utubes that said the Biltmore in other states were haunted. Providence or something. But I haven't had time to run those clips.

    Dmc - at least you have a stoop. I live in a building shaped like a box. No stoop. Nothing. I just tried to pretty up the front with flower pots. But because we've been there years the climbers, bougain and trees out front have grown and soften the exterior a bit.

    Sun - so happy to hear your good report.
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    Good morning, all!

    Lunch time again. Today I made salmon salad...just like tuna salad, except made with canned salmon instead of tuna. Yummy.

    We actually had snow showers overnight again. When will this nonsense stop?? I'm ready for SPRING!! But the weather looks like it's improving for the next 10 days.

    Final 2 choir rehearsals today and Saturday. I'm getting a little nervous. There's a few melismas (runs of fast notes - sounds like a disease, though!!) that are still troublesome for me.

    Mikie - I have a 2-day conference in Indianapolis at the end of May. My DS is going with me and will just hang around the hotel room during the day, then we're going to stay in an air-bnb cabin (electric, ac, kitchen, but no wi-fi) near Hoosier National Forest for a week. Thanks for the good wishes for my DM, but her surgery hasn't been scheduled yet. She has a mild case of blepheritis that they want to get cleared up first.

    Rock - I bet my latest customer service mishap/correction can top yours. I ordered a shirt from Amazon, but got something completely different - a maternity nursing shirt in the wrong size. Being long past the stage of needing such a garment, I contacted the 3rd-party seller, who not only refunded the purchase price, but also sent me the correct shirt. Plus I got to keep the maternity shirt. I'm looking for a suitable mom-and-baby charity to donate the top to.

    Spring - It is, indeed, nice to see a row of porches. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the row of identical ones, though. That said, I've long since realized that what I don't like about today's typical suburb mc-mansions and mini-mc-mansions is that they don't have porches...most just have a stoop. Of course, it's sad that I live in a typical 70's bi-level, which also just has a stoop. But porches (and neighborhood socialization) seem to have gone by the wayside in favor of private decks in back yards.

    Sun - So glad for the good news! I hope your pain is better now as well.

    Julie - Hope you can stop in. Love to hear how you're doing.

    Lunch break is now over. Must get back to work. Hugz to all!

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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    Another beautiful sunshiny day. When I went out to water the few plants I have on the back porch, it was very comfortable temperature wise. Most of the plants have died because of the very cold temperatures we had a week ago..didn't matter that I covered them with two layers of plastic.

    I've been trying to keep my mom's Amaryllis bulbs alive. They are the most beautiful deep red unfortunately, have lost several. I have been able to keep her Christmas Cactus alive, which is a beautiful baby pink color, and thank goodness, it seems to be thriving. I've taken cuttings from the CC and started them in little pots to give to my granddaughters. I was surprised when my 7 year old granddaughter remembers GG (Great Grandmother). She told me the last time she saw my mom was at a Christmas gathering where she was handing out Christmas gifts. I would love to have this continue to be something that is passed down from one generation to another.

    Perhaps it's just me with this problem, but have any of you noticed that are having a problem with spelling? Does this have anything to do with my age?..I just turned 71 a couple of days ago. It worries me that perhaps Dementia is setting in..that wouldn't be so bad except for the fact the DH has early stages of this disease already..big question is, who will take care of who when the time comes...DH always praised me on my spelling capability, but I've noticed the last 6 months or so, that my spelling has just gone down the tube..even the easiest of words will stump me and I have to go look the word up..most annoying.

    Still waiting to hear from the repair shop that our truck is ready to go home..I'm so excited to get our "wheels" back..makes life so much easier.

    OMG..I got my new driver's license in the mail..the picture looks like it should be hanging on the Post Office wall!! DH said I look so mad..told him he would look that way if, too, if he had to spend 4 hours at the DMV.

    Mikie..Love, the picture of the porch..Most of my relatives here in CA and in TX had wonderful big porches..the folks in TX had a huge porch and it was able to handle having two beautiful porch swings...it's wonderful that you have a pool so close, but so sorry to hear that you were in pain later that afternoon from the exercise you were doing. Even tho DH helps bring in the groceries, my arms are so sore the next day. I have learned to have one of the young baggers help me to the car and put the groceries in for me. I've just decided that the hell with my pride. Redoing the kitchen is such a big job and my hat is off to your kids for going through that..again! I don't understand the attitude of some folks in the business world and their crappy attitude. I often think that these folks should look for another job. However, I must say, the folks at the DMV couldn't have been nicer..pleasant surprise indeed! Oh..Like you, I got that stupid memo from Yahoo yesterday..I think I will move to Gmail as well..however, I believe most of us have our private information already circling the orbit! Give SV a gentle little squeeze for me..

    Rock..so sorry to hear about Gordon's roses..in the past, the few things that I have ordered from QVC has been a positive one..however, I've never order plants of any kind from them but try to watch as many of their gardening shows as possible..just for a look see. Sounds like the postal delivery company needs to learn not to leave plants out front in the hot sun..not rocket science!

    Spring..I love a gentle rain..hopefully, we will get a few of those types of showers during the summer..much better than snow! Do you have any plans for the rest of the week and weekend?

    Sun..wonderful news on your check-up..however, did she have any idea what was causing the cramps? I agree with everyone else, it's a wonderful thing you are doing donating to the homeless..here in my little town, we have so many homeless people. However, there is help for them if they would just go ask for it..i.e. food and shelter for starters. Even though DH and I are living in a motel after we lost everything, it isn't ideal, but we are blessed to have a roof over our heads and food on the table..also, we are able to pay our bills.

    Barry..good to hear from you..wow..sounds like your garden is more than a handful to take care of, but, I bet it's beautiful. We are also getting some spring like weather..it's been beautiful the last few days..hopefully, Old Man Winter, has gone elsewhere, which means no more snow..YEAH!! Richard's trip sounds like a great adventure..sorry, you're not up to going with him, but then, who would look after all those sweet furbabies. OH..that was YOU singing..!!

    Duckie..busy as usual..when I was in grade school, middle school, and high school, I sang in all the choirs available..today, because of my C.R.E.S.T. disease, I sound like a frog who has lost her way!! Sadly, no more singing for me. Wishing you well with your last 2 rehearsals..not to worry about the melismas..you will do fine! Your trip to Indianapolis with you son, sounds like a great adventure. Had to laugh at the wrong shirt shipped to you..so nice of you to donate it.

    Julie..good to hear from you..keep us updated one your doctor's appointment and recovery..stop by when you can..

    Wishing everyone a good afternoon..
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    Greetings, Friends

    It's 63 degrees here. But I still bundle up when I go outside because I'm pretty much always
    cold, and I don't want to take a chance on the biting bugs. Usually they at out at dusk, but
    now and then we get bit at other times.

    Slept till noonish. When I went outside, no kitty. Checked ten minutes later, and there she
    was. Gave her a good brushing which she loves. I use both sides of the brush. Picked
    another ten tomatoes.

    JB, my spelling has also gone to pieces, and so has my typing. Yes, the package delivery
    people, including the post office, don't seem to take their job seriously. You tube has over
    a hundred videos of bad package deliveries by the Post Office, UPS, Fed Ex.

    I had not heard of CREST disease before. Read about it in Wikipedia. It seems to be related
    to scleroderma as is Dupuytren's contracture which I have had for decades. But my
    condition had not caused any problems thus far. I had even forgotten the name of it.
    The only symptoms I have are hard bumps under the palms. (Of my hands; not the
    neighbor's trees.) o_O

    Barry, I didn't know you could sing. Are you singing mountain songs? Such as:
    She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain. Big Rock Candy Mountain. Climb Every Mt,
    Wolverton Mt., On Springfield Mt.

    The last named is of interest to me because it's about one of my ancestors, and is believed
    to be the first folk song written in America. You can read about it on Wikipedia if you like.
    Burl Ives sings the song on Youtube. He also included it in his song book.

    Is Richard making dishes and freezing them for when he'll be gone? Are you planning
    any surprises for when he comes home? You could, for example, redecorate using the
    latest fad, white stainless steel paneling. I think I read the Trump Tower is installing

    OK, getting tired; gotta go.
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    Awww Rock.Had to laugh...You are such a stirrer!
    Recommending Barry re- decorate in his pet hates!
    So nice hearing about how your relationship with the cat is developing.
    Really nice.

    Spring- you looked so beautiful in that dress!
    And your Treasures are good looking kids too.
    How nice of them to actually make an effort for mother's day and even eat vegetarian.

    Julie- amazing what western medicine has available to us, isnt it?
    I send Cbm (Christian Blind Mission) some $ every now and again.
    I know, there are so many 'causes' that its so hard to narrow it down a bit, but
    It's just so upsetting to read about people basically losing everything,
    as a direct result of eye problems.
    Some of which could be easily prevented or treated here.
    I'm glad your surgery was successful.

    Sun, I too was wondering if you know why you had/ have the cramps?
    Very glad there's no sight of cancer.

    Dh has been wearing me down to get rid of my beautiful curtains that I had stored.
    I still dont really understand why they brought him such misery, but he was starting to make my life a misery by constantly going on about them, so a few days ago, I loaded the lot into the car.
    I also put ornaments, cushions, pics, clothes and even small pieces of furniture in the car.
    Did about 5 trips over a few days to the local op shop.
    Am going to donate most of my craft to the Sunday School.
    But I doubt I'll be setting foot in there (op shop) for a long while...
    It breaks my heart to see the things I had plans for there,
    But because my stuff comes last and also coz of this wretched and useless body,
    took too long (apparently), to get it sorted...

    Stupid thing is, its just stuff...I had somehow associated the feeling of 'home'
    with the right curtains (would've donated the rest in time) and cushions...
    Apparently they are 'unimportant', as was described to me.
    And as much as i tried to explain to Dh...nada.
    Oh well.all gone now.

    Yeah sorry.you can put the violins away now.

    As far as incompetence goes, I hv never had so much trouble as I hv had with
    'Wish' and online shopping with them.after this latest debacle, I will no longer shop with them.

    Jb- Happy Birthday! I am 43 and I used to do very well with my spelling.
    Ive noticed my spelling fail at times and just put it down as part of the
    Awful brain fog.
    It sux.no doubt. I (God willing), still hv some yrs ahead of me and hate to think where I'll be at your age.
    Cross that bridge when you get to it and remember, you are Still a strong speller.
    I notice spelling mistakes in ads and all sorts , all the time.
    People are careless these days.

    Mikie- While I need more storage space I am aware that in a few yrs, I'll be able to do away with
    alot of my plastics and tupperware. The stuff I relied on when our Treasures were little.
    While I like to cook double and freeze half, Dh has become very verbal about his dislike for eating frozen.
    Sigh...He really just does not get how my body simply cannot manage...

    Barry- the weather here is sooo eratic that the bulbs (muscari) hv decided to shoot.
    Everywhere I read up about it says that thoses shoots will be destroyed once the cold comes again.
    A few days ago it was like we were in the thick of Winter and now we are back in Summer again!
    I guess Ill soon see when Winter comes back in a few days...
    Any tips?

    Duck, sounds like you're going to hv yourself an adventure soon.
    Sounds wonderful.
    Do you keep the basement lights on all the time?
    Are there windows or is it like a spruced up dungeon?
    Havent actually seen any Australian house with a basement.

    Granni, how'd you go? I may hv missed your report, unless you
    Are too busy spending up? Hoping things settle down for you and Dh.

    Bully was mouthing off to Ds and started trashing another kid.
    Ds told bully to leave him alone.
    Bully said 'Do you wanna fight?' And stood up.
    Ds slowly rose to his feet, which apparently surprised bully.
    Fortunately a teacher interrupted at that moment and told them to
    Sit down and go back to work.phew!
    Looks like Ds isnt too willing to stand up for himself, but he will for another.

    Pain is backing off a bit so hopefully the end of this flare.
    Im not doing very well at handling them.

    Ah well, housework calls.

    Take care All.
    Catch yas later.
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    Mikie: I do like the porch! My only suggestion for the owner is putting up some high/tall bushes for some privacy so when Spring comes to visit in her PJs she will feel comfortable. Actually I do understand, Spring. I have a very private back yard. There is an incline from my street to the one in back so with the top of my wall it probably measures 12' with lots of greenery. If I wanted to I could walk around without clothes....well, not me! I have gone out in the morning with an ice pack strapped around my head and a minimum of sleeping clothes with my cup of coffee. By the way, there is occasionally a small flying thing (can't remember the name) that I'm pretty sure the neighbor 2 doors down operates. I've been tempted to give my an obscene gesture when it flies overhead. I think it's awful that these things are allowed. I know it's been brought up at city hall or the police dept. but so far they are legal.

    By the way the little Air B&B we stayed at in Savannah was kinda like that one. The neighbor's next door had 2 little ones, and they kinda came and went, we chatted a few times though. And the little porch was pretty close to the street so I would sit out there in the morning and drink my coffee and wave to people as they walked by. I liked that. BUT......I still like my privacy.

    Just because your legs are aching, DON't stop. Your body just isn't used to this. I can't tell you how I punish myself with at least 3/4 hr stretches on the floor, and a walk after breakfast. We're at that age that after even a few days these muscles tighten up so you just have to keep doing it.

    Judy: Yes, I've found that I don't seem to spell like I used to. When I was in grammar school I could spell almost anything. I think that we start questioning......is there an a in it or an I after E....whatever. Don't let it worry you, just keep on truckin. I also want to know why the cramps but both doctors havn't been much help. This doctor did prescribe Valium......but......put down there....? Hmmm???? Interesting.

    And yes, a big happy birthday to you. Hey....I'm 2 years older than you, and lots of changes as we age.

    Duck: What fun for the two of you! When will this happen? So, you're going to stay at a cabin and go hiking?

    Barry: You sound like you're OK with Richard's vacation. I'm very sorry you can't also go. Bummer. It still bothers me when I have to miss out because of this (*&^%$#@

    Star: OK.....drapes that you loved are gone along with other things that spelled "home" to you. Sigh......The important thing is to have a happy family, drapes or not. So your DS stood up to a bully? Is that correct? And most bullies back down when confronted. I hope that's the case. And YOU.....you're younger than my youngest son who is turning 44.

    It's dreary today, and don't seem to have accomplished much. I've been awake since 3 this morning but did manage a 30 min. Nap this afternoon. I've been working off and on of a drawing my of DGS, who is turning 15 on saturday. Hoping to give this and the drawing of his sister to my DD for Mother's Day. Call me crazy.....she has NEVER EVER given me a compliment on anything. I want to know: "Where did I go wrong"? Even my DGD has mentioned this to me about her mom, and she's 10. I kinda feel I need to bolster up my (*&^%$#DGKs.

    I'm off to watch a stack of "Castle". I haven't seen that program in years, and I used to love it but when it was changed to 10 PM it was just to late for me.
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  9. lydia1

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    Hi guys...trying to read the posts, but my eye is still dilated and I can't focus too well, with or without glasses. Appt. this morning went well...so nice to have that patch gone. No pain. Just need to be patient and let the eye "settle down", I think. Have been sleeping a lot, so I hope that also lets my eye rest. The drops aren't a problem for me...the doctor's assistant gave me an actual schedule, with boxes to check when I put the particular drops in...it's even color-coded according to "which drops, when", lol!

    Den goes back to work tomorrow...it's been nice having him around, and I needed a driver these past two days...so he just took the whole days off.

    I'll try to get back to visit. I couldn't really tell if I needed to have the clinic take out the lens from the "operative eye" side of my glasses, so I waited. So, I've been alternating between wearing my glasses and going without them...I go back next Friday for another followup. So far, so good.

    Take care, everyone! Thinking of you all!
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon went to his orchid club last night. Won an orchid in the raffle, gave it to a new
    member, and sold some of his plants. While he was gone I spent some time with the kitty and
    read a book by Piers Morgan. Piers is British like somebody else on this board. Can't think
    of who it is. Anyhoo Piers replaced Larry King after he retired. He was also a Judge on America's Got Talent. He's a good story teller.

    Star, I don't know what you mean by saying I'm such a stirrer. Kind of a kawinkydink
    though. My middle name is "Swizzle". (Is that term used in your neck of the woods?) As for tips, here's one I read when I was so young I didn't know what it meant. "Buy low; sell high."

    Sun, is the flying thing you mentioned an animal or a machine? If it's the latter, it might
    be a drone (or a drone bee). Which reminds me, our weather has warmed up, the rains
    have ceased, the weather is lovely. But when I'm outside I never see more than 4-5
    bees. What bees going on here anyhoo?

    I haven't seen the program Castle, but I've heard that it's very popular. Especially with
    folks who like to e-moat. I read the cast members consider themselves fort-unate to
    work on the show.

    Julie, glad to hear your recovery is going well. I guess there have been developments since
    I had my surgery. I only got one bottle of eye drops. Reminds me. My cousin in
    Illinois had plastic surgery too. Her husband cut up her credit card. (On the one hand,
    that's an old joke. On the other, it could not have existed before the 20th century.)

    Hugs Everydobby
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    I did manage to go to the store yesterday I showered first and did my best with my mop, as Granni calls it. I got a sack of those little Halo tangerines or tangelos or whatever they are. I left two on Barb's windowsill because her DD and DSIL are here for a few days. They haven't always been that pleasant but I decided to play Claudia's kind gesture forward. Lo and behold, Barb's DD texted me to thank me for them. After Barbara Bush died, the TV featured a lot of her giving sage advice. She spoke of being kind. Well, why not? It costs almost nothing and who knows what will happen.

    I also went to BB&B to try to find a nutmeg grader. They didn't have the really small ones but I bought an extra fine one for zesting and will give that a try. Freshly graded nutmeg is so much better than the bottled stuff. I bought a wreath there a few years ago. It is beautiful, covered with sea shells. It fell off the door and some of the shells scattered. I can fix it with my hot glue gun but BB&B had some brand new ones which are really beautiful and different from my old one. I decided to let this be my homage to Spring. I was too tired to hang it so will do that today.

    I will go back over to the pool this morning. The aching from working out is somewhat gone but leg and back pain is a constant for me. I can barely stand long enough to dry my hair. I know I simply cannot walk and stand for the Thanksgiving parade. I've felt such a relief since I made my decision. It was making me anxious. I'm so glad I've been blessed to have traveled and done so many things because I'm accepting that I will probably not be up to doing them any more.

    My ex called last night but the call was interrupted by one of his tenants calling. He said he'd call back but I asked him to call today instead. Nancy, Claudia and I play Final Jeopardy. We text the answer as soon as we get it. We all three got it last night but none of the young smart college kids got it. The answer (question) was Arlington Cemetery. I told my friends that we got it because we are closer to the cemetery than college kids. Ex has decided to sell his rental units because the stress of keeping them and dealing with the renters is stressing him out to the extent that he has ended up in the ER several times. Of course, he never admits that his diet, consisting of sugar and fat, could be a factor.

    Rock, loved your Castle puns. You are the King of Puns. No wonder you are an atty. You like to be in court. I guess Sir Vester could be one of your knights. That explains why you treat Miss Kitty like a princess. I'm so glad she loves to be brushed. That is a real bonding experience between a cat and her human. Does she purr? Can't remember whether you told us. My memory is shot. I won't buy plants or clothing online. When my kids send me flowers, they go online and find flower shops in my zip code area and order them. They are always fresh and beautiful and less expensive. I'm so glad Gordon enjoys his orchids and the orchid club.

    Barry, I'm laughing because my kitchen is white tile floor, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. I still have a white range and microwave but will replace those soon. Claudia will take the white ones because they are newer than the ones she has. My counter tops are black, white and terra cotta color stone just so everything isn't white. The backsplash tile is terra cotta. I love it but we all have different ideas of what we like. This is typically what buyers are looking for. The couple downstairs have redone their kitchen but it's very European looking and not in colors buyers want. Lots of people have looked at it (it's on the market) but they don't like the way it's been redone. I'm not planning on selling and don't believe in waiting to sell to have the house the way I want it. I want to enjoy it now. I've Feng Shui'ed the whole condo and people always mention how good it feels in here, homey, happy and comfortable. I'm all for comfort and like you, enjoy a little dishevelment.

    Duckie, your trip to the woods sounds like the perfect place to decompress, especially from the kind of job you have. I know you love it but it has to be like a merry go round you need to step off of now and then. I hope your Mom's eye clears up so she can have her surgery. I'll keep her in my prayers. My friend, Nancy, got into some poison ivy and it crept very close to her eyes. It's finally clearing up but I've been praying for her that her eyes were spared. I keep Ste. Lucie busy.

    Judy, I'm so glad your weather has improved. Happy Birthday. Yes, I will keep up the workouts if I can but I know my limits. My arms were soooo sore from lifting the big steel door off of the water meter out in the yard when I was looking for a shut off valve. It's not only my spelling but often I will type one word instead of the one I was planning on typing. It's difficult to play along with Jeopardy because, even when I know the answer, it takes time to spit it out. I used to be so fast. At least, they give a few seconds to get the final answer. I think playing with my friends helps keep me from slipping into a bad state. Learning to yodel was good too. I need to get my little keyboard out and learn some songs. A great doc here says genetics usually are not the only defining factor in our getting ill. Diet, exercise, continuing to learn and socializing are very important. I think our Porch here is so special and it is a great way to socialize.

    Spring, we used to sit out on our Balcony in our jammies to have our coffee. Since Barb and my DOF left, I don't sit out there often. Joe comes by now and then and we sit out but he's so antsy all the time that he can't sit still for long. Those identical old houses are in big demand these days and people buy them and restore them. Even the most humble of these old houses often have beautiful built ins and stained glass windows. A lot of the new buyers have shades at each end of the porches for privacy. We don't have much in the way of privacy here in the hood except for going inside and closing the blinds or drapes. Good thing that most people here are friendly. It's fun to sit out and have friends stop by to chat. I'd miss it if I were to move to a conventional home. It is hot there yet?

    Julie, so glad you could stop in and so glad you are doing so well. Wow! How many times did I say, "so" in that sentence. Guess I'm a so and so, unlike Duckie who is a sew and sew. But, I digress...it's great that Den has been home the first few days. I love the idea of color coding for the eye drops and a place to check off when you use them. Smart. Are you going to have cataracts removed from your other eye?

    Star, I'm so sorry about getting rid of things you had plans for. I am getting rid of some of those things myself but not because of any pressure from anyone. I've just had to take a realistic look at whether I'll use those things or finish those projects. For me, it's good to declutter and reorganize but, unfortunately, my flares have stopped me in my tracks. Still a lot to do. Hope the bully backs off now that DS stood up to him. At DGS's new school, they take time every day when the whole school talks in their classrooms about all kinds of things, like how to stop bullying, being kind, being good citizens, etc. DD is thrilled. Joe and I joke all the time because we can see in one another's windows. Our condos are on opposite sides of the little pond so one would have to use binoculars to see anything. We joke about there being nothing going on that anyone would want to see. I hope and pray you feel well and your pain subsides so you can enjoy life with your Treasures.

    Granni, I hope you are off winning big bags of $$$. Stop in when you get home.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. I often think of Diane and miss her. I never got a response from the email I sent Kevin but I think that e-address was hers. I hope he and the kitties are doing well.

    I also hope everydooby has a spectacular day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just back from the pool. I stayed too long on Wed. so only did 20 minutes, including my three 20-second bursts of high intensity cardio reps. The rest is just warming up to do that. Of course, I do enjoy building up my endurance but I need to work up to it. The high intensity reps are the most important part. Barb's kids were over there sunning themselves. I would be too if I had gone through the winter they had up in Boston. DD was friendly but DSIL barely spoke. Whole hood thinks he's strange (he is).

    I forgot SV out on the lanai so he was miffed when I came home. I gave him his gourmet wet food to placate him. He just used his box and made it clear afterward that it needs cleaning. It's true so I had better go wait on him.

    Love, Mike

    Here's the new wreath for my front door.

    SURFACE - WIN_20180420_120242.JPG
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings everydobby ! No I am not a lot richer after our casino trip but did win some and didn't loose to much which is a good thing. I have been busy doing washes and DH went to bring the car down for its checkup or whatever you call it.

    We had a nice time on our trip but didn't go to the one that we usually go to due to distance . Thought after his surgery he might not want to drive that far so we went to another one that they fixed up that didn't even used to have a hotel. However, they did fix it up a lot but the food wa not as good as I would have liked. Lot of mostly cajun stuff. I do like some of it but had not to many options. They also didn't have a breakfast as the one we usually go to does. So we drove a ways and stopped at McDonalds that DH wanted to stop at- not thrilling but it filled the tummy anyways. I had their burritos or whatever you call it and removed most of the sausage I am not supposed to have.

    DH did great in the winning department and of curse did put some back but I played one pachine for a long time and it gave me nothing. It was next to DH who kept winning on those sizzling 7's. He didn't get the sizzler but kept getting the other 7's. Talk about frustrating. I finally went somewhere else and won and bit and then played some other games and sizzlers. I finally got a machine that kept giving me the 7's. I kept hoping for the sizzlers but they never came. I didn't lose much thank goodness and ended up winning enough to do a little less than breaking even I guess you would say. We prefer video poker machines esp DH and they did not have any so probably won;t go back there again or at least a long time.

    JULIE - Glad you are doing fine so far. I know you will see well afterwards.

    DH is back so I need to get off here.

    Love to awl,:)
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Almost noon, so I can't really say "Good morning", lol! Couldn't get comfortable during the night...was still awake at 4:00 am. Might be cause I slept so much on Wednesday and Thursday, but I think more because I couldn't get settled to sleep on my right side like I normally do...that's the eye I had done and the patch was in the way. I kept going to bed, then getting back up, then trying again, then getting back up again. I did keep the wood furnace going, so that was a plus. I don't think Den slept well, either, so it may be an early night for us...glad it's Friday and he can relax tomorrow.

    Staying home today cause I don't feel I can see well enough to safely drive any distance. I did check on my dad by phone last evening and he was doing okay. I can see at the computer better without my glasses, but for farther distance, I put my glasses on and I think my other eye takes over. The drops aren't a problem at all...I used to wear contacts and have no trouble with touching my eyes, etc. One drop is "once daily", another drop is "twice daily" and the last one is "three times daily". Don't remember which is for what, but there is an ABX, an anti-inflammatory, and one for pain. Talk about expensive...when the pharmacy called for me to pay my copay so they could ship them to me, the lady said my "after insurance cost" was over $230. But she had "used a couple of coupons" and it brought my cost down to $53. Why can't they just start out that cheap and forget all the "discounts", etc.

    It does feel like I have a stitch in my eye, but the doctor said he didn't use any stitches...that it's just the incision I'm feeling. So...I'm just being very lazy and trying to be patient. I'll still wear glasses, because my other eye won't need to be done for quite awhile, unless the little cataract in it starts suddenly growing. I think in 4-5 weeks, I'll have an eye test and get a new lens in my glasses on the operative side. Pretty simple, compared to the brain surgery a friend of ours had yesterday. She had had a seizure at work and they found a golf ball sized tumor...family reports that the surgeons got it all and one of her sons posted a picture of her and her husband afterwards, both smiling.

    My little brother is having his second eye done next month...I asked about the problems he's had for over a year with his post-operative eye. They finally figured out this week that his new glasses lens had been made too strong...that's why his vision has been blurry. I would have thought someone might have figured that out before now and saved him a lot of discomfort...

    I'm gonna post this, then come back and edit. Don't want to lose what I have finally gotten typed...

    Mikie, I'm glad you got back to the pool...not surprised, probably, that you were sore afterwards? Hope it doesn't take long to get back into condition. Love the "pay it forward" little gifts, etc. My girls made May baskets when they were little and we took them around to neighbors. If Barb's not with her kids, I wonder who is watching out for her?

    Granni, so nice you and DH could get away. I've never been to a casino...I'm afraid I would "go crazy" if I started winning, lol! I suppose if a person sets a limit on how much money they will spend, it would be okay...nice to just go on a little trip, huh?

    Star...I don't know what to say. Made me sad to read about you feeling you had to get rid of your things. Den is pretty much the opposite...maybe sometimes a little "too laid back" about my "organization messes" and other things I don't get to. He likes to hang on to things, too, so probably figures it best not to complain about me, lol! I understand why you wouldn't want to go back to the shop and see your donations sitting there. My dad had to trade in his pickup because it was too tall for my mom to get in, even with a little step stool...she fell backwards and hit her head one time. Dad loved that truck and had it set up with everything he needed to do his "scrap metal collecting and selling" hobby...a big torch, air compresser, winch, etc., etc. He said it was so hard to see his truck running around town without him. But he bought a smaller vehicle in order to keep Mom safe.

    Glad your son stood up for the other boy, even if hesitant to do the same for himself. At least maybe the bully got the message to not mess with your DS or any of his friends.

    Still editting...trying to remember what everyone else posted, lol!

    Spring, I have the book...I think it's called "Second Sons" about the doctors who came up with the quicker, more simple cataract surgery and started a clinic in Nepal. I want to read it again...I have such an appreciation for my gift of sight. I can't imagine how some people have had to suffer so because of health care not being available to them...but the miracle of becoming nearly blind, sometimes in both eyes, then finally being able to see again.

    Judy, I hope you've gotten your truck back by now. We would be lost without our vehicles...living so far from town and any public transportation. I understand your concerns about spelling...I find myself "second guessing" when I type or write certain words. I google the spelling more than I care to admit, lol! For those of you speaking of kids and messy rooms...our two girls are as different as night and day. From when they shared a room right up to having their own homes. Amy actually "drew a line down the middle of the room" and told Lindsey to keep her mess on her own side, lol!

    Sun, glad you had a good report...wish someone could tell you why you had/have those cramps, though. Sometimes I get up in the night to stretch...feels like that helps my body eventually relax so I can get to sleep. My trip to the far-away chiro was well worth the drive this time...I haven't taken any pain meds since I went that day. Once in awhile, I've used that menthol cream...that makes a cold/hot feeling at the same time...just if I've overdone and need a little something.

    Duckie, oh, I could not work in a room that was too hot...the fans would be working overtime, lol! Hope you and DS have a wonderful trip. About your mom's cataract surgery...I guess it would depend on the person as to how much help is needed post-op. Of course, the day of and day after (if she has a followup appt. the day after surgery)...my instructions said to have a responsible adult with me for 24 hours afterwards, due to the anesthesia.

    Your DM might need help with the eyedrops, and it would be nice to have food ready to just heat up...we did "take out", since my caregiver doesn't really cook, lol! I don't have any pain, per se, but I feel that incision every time I open or close my eye. And taping the patch back on before lying down (I've been doing it myself)...putting the patch on a flat surface, applying tape, then positioning it on the eye is easier than trying to hold the patch up to the eye, then trying to apply the tape with one hand. What they gave me is pretty sticky, by the way...I haven't even had to change the tape...just release it from my skin and lay the patch "tape side up" till the next use.

    No real limitations as far as "minimal work" and taking care not to bump the eye. I can shower, just have to be careful not to get soap in there...I hope your mom can have her surgery as soon as she needs it. I did have to wait six months, but only because we only have one doctor available at my clinic...he does seven surgeries a week (all in the same day) then is in the office doing regular exams and followups the rest of the time.

    GB, hope you check in when you can.

    Rock, you are hilarious! How did you know we have "white steel siding" on a wall in the living room (behind the pellet stove) and play area (and the kitchen, since that is the adjoining wall to the original shop building). And our 6' X 6' shower has metal walls...only we "got fancy" and used "Patina Green" instead of "stark" white, lol!

    Glad Gordon had a good time at his meeting...neat that they can share/give away and buy/sell plants...lets everyone have just the ones they want or need.

    Barry, when does Richard leave? Just come here and visit with us...if I lived closer I would be glad to run errands or help with chores. I'm sure those furbabies will keep you hopping...

    I also miss Diane...I wonder if Kevin ever stops by the porch. If you do, Kevin, please know that I and her other friends wish you the best.

    Mikie, forgot to say how much I love your new wreath.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anyone...not on purpose, just think "brain fog". I'd better clean the pellet stove (yes, still need a little bit of heat in the house) and run the dishwasher. Then I might try a little nap, or at least rest my eyes. Take care, Everyone! Have a great day!
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  15. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon!

    Julie is probably typing at the same time that I am, but I'm going to start typing anyway.

    The weather for the next ten days looks decidedly more spring-like, with temps in the 60s and 70s during the day, and upper 40's and 50's at night instead of 30's. Currently, it's sunny and upper 50s.

    I figured out a way to get Google Fit to track the time I use my little under-desk bike, which doesn't integrate with it. I'm rather tickled with the solution. If I slide my phone into my sock, it picks up the motion and counts the "steps" and active time.

    Forgot to mention this sweet thing happened when I came home from the store Wednesday with DS. DH was already home and had the window open in his (new upstairs) office. Worf was looking out the window, and when I pulled in the driveway, he started crying for me. DH says that every time I leave, Worf comes and complains to him.

    Mikie - I like the wreath. Very "Florida" like. :p I am looking forward to the down-time from work. Even the conference beforehand is kind of down-time...plenty of time to socialize and network, plus lots of SWAG - Stuff We All Get (promotional items, some of which are pretty nice).

    JB - I actually thought of The Sound Of Music when Barry said he was singing. Like Rock, I'd never heard of CREST disease. I looked it up as well and discovered that I have 2 of the symptoms, ergo qualify for the diagnosis. Must remember to discuss this with my Fibro doc next time I go.

    Granni - Glad you're back and none too poorer for the experience. I'm not a big casino person; the few times I've gone I've stuck to penny or nickel slots. I personally find it boring. :oops: I guess I need something that makes me think, and slots just aren't it. Unfortunately, I suck at poker.

    Julie - I'm glad you're recovering well, but sorry you couldn't sleep well. I hope you sleep better tonight. Thanks for the info re: my DM's surgery after care.

    Sun - we leave the 22nd of May (just over a month from now) and come back June 2nd. We both went online and looked at lots of places in the vicinity - museums, parks, etc. and made lists of what we were interested in seeing. DS's job is to make a plan of what we'll have time to do and how it fits into the budget I've given him. As to the bunker annex, now that it's fully dry, I'm not leaving the lights on anymore. It is a downstairs room, but it does have a nice big window - 72" wide, 36" tall, but it's very high on the wall, as it's only about 6" above ground level outside the house.

    Star - I'm glad your DS tried to stand up to the bully - that's typically when they back down. I'm sorry you had to give up your curtains and stuff. I'm about to go through all the craft stuff that's in the storage room and decide what I'm going to keep and what I'm going to get rid of. I have a person who wants to buy it all from me.

    Work waiteth. Hugz to all not mentioned.

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Thought I'd stop by to see what's going on. The weather here has been great. It doesn't get hot until late in the afternoon. Most of the day, it's breezy, sunny and clear. The soreness and post-exertion fatigue has set in even though I did only 20 mins. I've been coughing all day from the RT. SV is out on the lanai enjoying the view of the pond.

    Julie, it's so nice to see such a newsy post. I am very glad all is going well with your eye. What happened to your bro is negligent. I also can't believe it's taken them this long to figure it out. Barb stays with her other DD who is retired. I think it's good for her kids to get away from her now and then and good for her to get away from them. They are diametrically opposed on politics and Barb and her DSIL needle each other. She has told him she's going to wait to die until the day after he dies. Cracks me up.

    Granni, sounds like you had a pretty good time even though y'all didn't win big and the food was marginal. Just getting away is good. Heck, I don't even leave my zip code anymore. I'm not a gambler and can't stand the noise and lights in casinos. Basically, I'm a wet blanket. Glad you're home safe 'n sound.

    Duckie, sounds as though your trip will be a good time. Ex used to bring home all the SWAG and I got some great stuff. His boss went out and bought me a beautiful handmade porcelain brooch in Japan because wives didn't get to go on that trip. I always loved free stuff but, now that I have too much stuff, I don't need it. You're a youngen' so enjoy your SWAG. I love using shells in my decorating and have them in most of my rooms. I don't do the tacky Florida decorating. What the pic doesn't show is that this wreath is white, pastel blue and pale pink. The wreath part is kinda whitewashed. It's getting hot and I don't have my door open so wouldn't see the wreath that much. I decided to put it in my bedroom and swap out the one in there for the front door. I swap my wreaths around so I can enjoy them.

    I have an a message to reply to so will bid y'all adieu. Have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I love the steel look in the kitchen but have found that it's HARD to keep the fingerprints from appearing! My cabinets are white washed, courtesy of me, and the flooring is an oyster colored faux bamboo wide plank. Love it all. But years ago I loved the early American look complete with battered blue and white graniteware hanging from the ceiling on hooks, lots of old wood kitchen utensils. OMG, I drooled over the primitives, but look how things change. Now it's hard to sell those things on etsy.

    Julie: sounds like you have everything under control. So the doctor said that it would just be a little bit of time for everything to come into focus?

    Granni: Glad you got away, sorry you did't come home with bags of $ but people rarely do. I just don't have a desire to go to a casino anymore. Last time was when my DH was still alive and one holiday we decided to go to one. OMG....everything had changed and we didn't know how to play the slots, all computerized. Talk about dumbfounded, no more bells and whistles when you hit a jackpot. I was very lucky that day. In less than an hr. There I had hit two big jackpots of over $600. My DH said....let's cash it in and leave and go to a nice restaurant to eat. So that's what we did. We had a really nice lunch at a local winery.

    Duck: You're just too smart! Glad you figured out how to get your "mileage"

    Rock: Someone sent this interesting piece on Spam......remember eating that as a kid? Boy, I could hardly wait until supper when my mom was frying it up.


    I had a good day, surprisingly energized. Did my stretches, went for a walk and then to my art group. It's growing. Must have been over 30 today, lots of fun. But I'll probably be ready for bed earlier.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Kids

    This will just be a quick note. Like an eighth note. Didn't get much sleep last night, but
    slept all morning and part of the afternoon. When I went outside to feed the kitty. She was whereabouts unknown. So left some kibble. Went back to bed. Woke up around
    3 PM. Went out and found her. Gave her some food and a brushing session.

    Had ten tomatoes yesterday. None today. Gordon bought some new poles and a net to
    assemble into a new trellis. Now he's investigating some kind of device similar to a drip
    hose. Had a terrible time finding it at the hardware store. None of the employees knew
    where it was. Par for our modern world I'm afraid.

    Mikie, your treasures from the sea wreath is very elegant. The star fish look somewhat different from ones here. Ours have wider arms. My son and I used to collect
    them at the beach. Also small red crabs that hide in the rock jettyies. We always returned
    both to their homes at the end of our safari. They can both live outside the water.

    I see that some ladies magazine has an article on the history of the Christmas Wreath. Some
    celebrity designed a "modern" wreath. Mighta been Aretha Franklin or Reese Witherspoon.
    Possibly Kiefer Sutherland?

    Duckie, poor Worf. I guess you'll have to train him to understand that you have go to work.
    If that doesn't work you can try training DH to giving Worf a lot of attention. Of course
    we all know the old saying: You can't heard cats or husbands.

    I lived in Las Vegas for a year. Our office handled the liability claims for all the casinos.
    I didn't like casinos either. Too loud, too expensive and too smokey. It was hard to get a
    credit card or a job in those days (the 60s) because many folks moved to Vegas and either gambled away their funds or got sick from the heat. Then they moved elsewhere. Took me
    a year to get a credit card from Sears even though I already had one from Minneapolis.

    Julie, I don't think you are being lazy. I think you are busy recovering from your surgery.
    And I agree about your brother's problem. Why weren't his glasses checked when they
    couldn't find some other problem. Just another example of people who are untrained, lazy
    or don't care. You see the news the other day? A 911 operator who hung up on thousands
    of callers.

    Granni, do you remember the Cajun cook on TV? Justin Wilson on PBS. He also liked to tell stories and tall tales. Put the same seasonings into everything he cooked. Glad to
    hear you had some winnings at the casino. I always figured it was a big win if you broke even.

    Hmmm. Guess this wasn't such a quick note after all. Well, hafta change from a schottische
    temp to a waltz tempo. By the way, just checked out folks dancing a schottische (a sorta
    Norwegian polka) on Youtbue. The dancers have it right, but the band is not playing the right rhythm. It's hard to give up being a perfectionist when the modern world has so many things screwed up.

    Hugs Y'll
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Just a quick Hi before I got to bed. I already have my patch on, so the computer screen looks really funny, lol! I don't feel any particular pain, but definitely more discomfort than I've been having before. Just feels like something in my eye...must just be the eyelid rubbing against the incision?

    Anyway, hope tomorrow is a little better. Nite!
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    We have been having the most beautiful weather here. I was complaining because the highs have been near 90 but that doesn't happen til late in the afternoons. All morning and around noon, it is clear, sunny and there are balmy breezes. Despite the RT, it is fabulous. I could handle this all year round but I know the day will come before long that it'll be hot and muggy early in the mornings. So, I'm gonna enjoy this while it lasts. I watch the sunrises to track how far north it is relative to Earth. I know just where it will peek out over the rooftops across the pond. Funny how we can use these primitive methods just like ancient people. Maybe we should build a Stonehenge around our pond. SV certainly has been enjoying the weather out on the lanai.

    Rock, we have a wonderful old tourist place here called, The Shell Factory. I think I've mentioned it before. My kids and I went there for lunch when they were last here. There are all kinds of starfish and fascinating shells in their museum and for sale. Barnacles are beautiful, like little white flowers with purple stripes. They had lamps with lucite bases and groups of barnacles and coral around the upright post. They cost $1,300 each. Were I a wealthy person, I would buy two, one for each side of my bed. They sell clusters of barnacles but I haven't figured out how to use them. I am so happy Miss Kitty loves her brushing sessions and I'll bet they are therapeutic for you too. Mine with SV are. He loves to scrape his face and teeth on the softer side when I hold it out. He also does that on his little bottle brush arch. Hmmm, perhaps if he had his own toothbrush, he would brush his teeth if I were to hold it for him.

    I only remember wreaths at Christmastime when I was a yute. Today, people not only put them on their doors but also hang them everywhere in their homes. They are not as popular for inside as they were in the 80's but I still love them. According to Feng Shui, anything circular energizes a room. The front door is the most important area in Feng Shui so I like to keep that area clean and decorated. Sounds as though you had good times with your son at the beach. We have laws here against keeping any live critters on the beach. I love shelling but have more than I need now.

    Duckie, my friend, Claudia, has all the quilts her Mom made over her lifetime except the ones she gave away. She also made patch quilt jackets. This woman was soooo talented and did beautiful paintings on canvas, tiles and ceramics. Claudia has photographed the quilts and cataloged them. She sent a couple of pictures and the quilts are amazing. An appraiser said they are "heirloom" quality. I have a couple of photos on my phone. I'll ask Claudia whether I can post them. I told her about your new quilt with 5,000 pieces and she was amazed. Think I'll ask DD whether she can take a picture of my little quilted chicken tea cozy. It's a very small project but I was proud of it. I designed it myself and didn't have a pattern.

    Sun, there is a Pledge multi-surface spray cleaner and it is excellent for stainless steel. I prefer the original stainless but mine are the kind that are not supposed to show fingerprints. Well, they do show fingerprints and everything else besides. DD told me about Perfect Stainless cleaner and it is very good too. The Pledge cleaner protects the surface and keeps it clean longer. I have the original stainless on my two trash cans in the kitchen and the Pledge keeps them looking perfect. Our lives are parallel in a lot of ways. I also had primitives in my kitchen and loved the country look. I still love the primitive things and have them on top of my kitchen cabinets even though the decor is more bistro kitchen. Glad you are feeling better.

    Julie, I hope every day brings clearer vision and that the incision stops bothering you. Ste. Lucie is on the job!

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend. Love, hugs and prayers for all our Porchies

    Love, Mike

    Not everything is old but many things are. I love the old brass biscuit tin from a grocery store on the right. Also love the big brass hanging scale, the big wooden cabbage shredders, the wooden applesauce paddle, the old crockware and the wooden bowl. The most unusual piece is the brass stencil for painting industrial logos.

    SURFACE - WIN_20180421_061906.JPG
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