PORCH 1058 IS NOW CLOSED (4/27/18)

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    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    I'll be back after I close down the old Porch. There, it's done. Come sit with me in front of the fire. We'll sit back with a nice drink and tell some interesting tales, tales that inspire and fascinate.

    Thing is that I posted yesterday afternoon so have nothing new to post. I have to stay home today until I find out what the plumbers are going to do about our water pressure. I had planned to wash my filthy car.

    Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. rockgor

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    Thanks again, Mikie. Once more you have gotten us started; or should it be restarted?
    Nifty Porch pic. The theme seems to be wicker and fire. Perfect for Halloween or National
    Fire Prevention Day.

    I just got up for a bit. Am jumping back into bed. Too cold to stay up.

    Hugs Kids
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  3. lydia1

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    Good morning, friends! Mikie, thanks for the new porch...love the effect from the fireplace and candles. Would be nice if we could get our patio finished this year, but I think we'll just have to be happy with the roof over our head and the gravel "floor". Saving for a different van so don't want to use the money for cement, railings, etc. And Den doesn't want to go into debt for a vehicle this close to retirement. We have lots of supplies on hand to work on the house, just not enough for every project...patience is a virtue :rolleyes::)

    Hope they get your water pressure fixed. Too bad that gal felt she had to run the water all day, then it was still yucky...

    Rock, hope you get warmed up. We're looking for a high of 74 today, but right now (8:00 am) it is only 40 degrees. Tomorrow (the day I want to work outside) the high is only to be 60. Oh well, I can wear a jacket.

    I need to pick up some new tubes for the tires on my old trailer that I used to haul my mower on (when I mowed 26 yards right after we closed the hardware store, but hadn't yet sold the building, so still had lots of bills...insurance, taxes, loan payment, etc.) The poor trailer has been sitting along a fence row for quite awhile, but is still in good shape...so I can pull it behind the Gator and pile branches, trash, etc. on it before I start mowing. I guess it worked out good for me that we've had such a cool spring...I wouldn't have been able to do much yardwork yet anyway.

    Hoping I get a good report on my eye this afternoon. I didn't wear the patch last night...the instructions say to wear it at night for a week (it was a week Wednesday.) I hope doctor makes it official today :oops:

    I/we get to see Keira Sunday. It's her dad's weekend, but they are staying in town with his parents, so someone can get her earlier in the day than usual (they're usually back in town from where they live, three hours away from his parents, by 5:00 pm. But this time, he's going back home Sunday morning, so we can get her from Nana and Papa's by noon.) Keira might want to come back to our house before I take her to meet Amy, or she might want to just get on home...I told Amy to make the plans and just let me know what to do, lol!

    Okay...I have some bills to pay, grocery list to make, etc., etc. before I head to town right after lunch. Not sure if I'll see my dad today or wait till I go back to town on Sunday...have several errands to run today (for me and Den.) Need to get the heavy chain to hang the hammocks and swing chairs from and several odds and ends. I usually grab pizza on "town day" but have some chicken thawed so will probably make Parmesan Chicken when I get home. I've baked goodies twice this week...a record for me, lol...banana muffins one day and chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I always get plenty of bananas when I shop, then the ones that get over ripe end up in the freezer to use in baking, smoothies, etc.

    The downstairs guest room is still full of "stuff" (papers, etc.) that need to be sorted and "filed." Just got sidetracked with other projects....but I suppose at some time this year we might have guests, lol, and I ought to have a place for them to sleep! Weird, I have the same amount of hours in my day as everyone does...I'm just slow.

    And I really can't see all that well...sort of feels like I'm drunk or hung over all the time. That will pass once I can get my eye checked and get the new glass prescription...I'm lucky, the glasses lens on that side is the one that has had a scratch in it for awhile. I did the clumsy thing like when people step on a rake and the handle comes up and bonks them on the head...only I can't remember what it was I did...all I remember is that the handle came up and caught my glasses. For. The. Love. :eek:

    Take care everyone...I'll check back in when I can.
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  4. Granniluvsu

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    Dear Porchies,

    Again, not much time. DH is off to the bank and will be home very soon. Then he will want the puter.

    MIKIE - Thanks for the new POrch. Looks rather cozy. Hope you get your water pressure back.

    JULIE - You wear me out girl just reading all that you are doing and have to do. I love the pics you put on the porch of your new areas. It is great and wonderful Den can do so much for you to save money and make your home bigger, prettier and more functional for you. Keep it up but try not to wear yourself out. You are a reminder of the old saying a woman's work is NEVER done. I agree as still my husband is pretty busy too but he finds the time to sit and watch TV and read while I am still doing one thing or another.

    ROCK - What is your temp anyway you are saying it is so cold. I know that I am very cold sensitive and cannot stand direct a/c or fans blowing on me. Old age certainly not helping either.

    DH should be popping in any minute. Hope to get back soon if DH has no more plans for e LOL. Sorry I cannnot chat personally with everyone but I love you ALL.

    Love to everydobby !
    Granni :)
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  5. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni...lol, my "to do" list is long, but my brain and body energy doesn't very often keep up. You do a lot too...as do so many of our porchies. I hope once we get the house and farm looking a little more "presentable" and functional, I'll be able to do more "social" things. It just takes so much energy (emotional and physical) right now to even get out and about...good thing we have our Treasures (young and older) to keep us involved in "civilization", lol!

    When Amy, the girls and I were on our trip, we stopped at a place called Boomland in Missouri...lots of souvenirs, greeting cards, snacks, etc. Keira picked up a plaque for me that reads, "Just when a mother thinks her work is done, she becomes a Grandma." I have heard that same thing pertaining to moms, dads, grandpas...thought it was sweet that she realized...

    Trying to multi-function before I head to town...laundry, dishes, computer, etc....still need to hop in the shower.
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  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Granni, it's 58 here right now. Was in the 50s last night. I am wearing two layers on the top
    half; ditto below. Also a stocking cap (knit by Gordoni) and gloves. Seems like the last several
    years I am never really warm unless I'm in bed or the bath. I suspect you're right. Old age
    has a lot to do with it. Also I've lost weight. Poor Gordon is always hot. He's constantly opening a window or turning on a fan.

    Well, I did the first paragraph 3 hours ago when Gordon needed the machine. He's out doing
    errands now. I think he is also going to a bank, Granni.

    Julie, if you're going to hop in the shower you'd better wear sandals with cleats. Don't wanna
    slip. That was a great plaque Keira found. Have you found a spot to hang it?

    Just started a book with an intriguing title: How The Dog I Rescued Saved My Life. It's
    about a guy with a disabling back condition who adopts a retired racing greyhound.

    There were no tomatoes to pick this morning, but Gordon has a cactus in bloom. It has
    a large yellow flower and a bud. I think this is the first time it has bloomed.

  7. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member


    Somehow I slept through both my alarms today and woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at work. I jumped out of bed, ran around like a madwoman and made it to work only 10 minutes late. Thank heavens I had everything set out and ready to go last night, and that I live so close to work. Turns out it was a bad morning for everyone...we were all about 10-15 minutes late!!

    Hooray for Friday and for a beautiful weekend ahead (weather-wise). Then we have rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for next week.

    Today we are saying farewell to a co-op student who has been with us for 4 years. He's moving down to Austin, TX. We surprised him with a cake and an Amazon gift card. Our department head ordered in pizza for lunch.

    DS finished school for the term yesterday. I'm sure he was relieved to be done.

    Mikie - you've just had a fiasco with the water lately. I hope it settles down. I do keep up with the Barrett's; esophageal cancer is one of the nastier ones. Not that any cancer isn't nasty.

    Granni - you're busy as usual. Normally, once I get home from work, it's like pulling teeth to get me to go out again...unless it's quilt related!! ;) I need to put together all the stuff I don't wear anymore and call Amvets to come and get it.

    Julie - Once upon a time, I did lots of yardwork. Can't do much of it anymore, although I suspect that when I go to my DM's house tomorrow, that's what we'll be doing with the nice weather.

    Rock - congrats to Gordon on the cactus bloom!

    Barry - I got a nyger feeder to hang on one of the now vacant hooks on the front of the house. It's designed so that only goldfinches can feed.

    Must finish up my day. Hugz to all, especially those not mentioned!

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  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Good news--the water pressure came back up. I cancelled the plumbers and told the renter at the end that the dirt from the original break in the pipe probably lodged in the flush valve assembly in her toilet tank and that will likely have to be replaced. The dirty water is likely due to dirt stuck in the filter on the faucet. The co. which owns the condo is sending a plumber out to take care of those things for her. I will need to replace the valve assembly in my toilet but there is no hurry. Lowe's has the kits. It's a pain in the neck to do but not difficult.

    I washed and waxed the Highlander this morning. After I cancelled the plumbers, there was no reason not to go to the car wash. I do it myself so I can get into the wheel wells and wheels. The weather is nice in the mornings and I park under the car port so I got it mostly done before it warmed up. This wax, Ice from Turtle Wax, is liquid but is supposed to be really good. I heard about it on Motor Week on PBS. Those guys seem to know their stuff. I usually use Zymol which is an excellent creamy lotion wax. Again, it's not like in the old days when one had to put hard wax on and rub the heck out of it. Things are better now with these new fangled waxes. I still have a wee bit of detailing on the outside, the tires and wheels, and I have to clean the inside. I no longer go all out cleaning because I try to pace myself. I just can't. As it is, my back and legs were burning.

    I have to climb up on a tall step ladder to reach the center of the roof of the vehicle because it's as wide as a full size SUV. It's as long too but doesn't sit quite as high. I was really careful because last evening, Claudia fell off a foot stool she was using to stand on to reach a shelf. She hit her head and was out a second or two. Nancy and I told her what to look for in terms of a concussion. I offered to drive her to the ER if she had a concussion. She stopped in the street a minute to tell me she was OK this morning but she texted earlier. She was on the way to the nursing facility for a sing-along with her Mom. Her Mom is in the combative stages of Alzheimer's but she loves music and it's calming for her. This three-way text with friends is really great. Claudia would have been alone were she not able to text us about what happened. I was extra careful up on the step stool. Before her fall, I got the Final Jeopardy answer. That's two nights in a row and I feel as though I'm on a roll (a sesame seed roll).

    Talked to Joe today and he will drive me to the endoscopy. He'll probably eat breakfast while I'm under. Then, he will pick me up. He had an endoscopy not too long ago so he knows what is involved. It's not til June 1, so I will remind him a few days ahead of time. Don't know what I'd do without him.

    Rock, I'm sorry you get so cold. I'm usually too warm but when I do get cold and can't warm up, I shake and feel miserable. That cactus is beautiful. I love them. Our Desert Rose plants are in bloom. They are a succulent. The blooms are dark red. Stunning! The Great Gordoni is quite a good magician. He takes a bit of string and, Viola! a hat. As I've said before, he's a keeper.

    Julie, I also find myself paying for what I can and not going all out. I only owe $200 on the new DW and, when the microwave and range go on sale, I'll pick those up too. I refuse to go into debt. My condo mortgage is so small that I've considered just leaving it and not try to pay it off in a year and a half with extra payments on the principle. Thing is that the loan is an ARM and the way things are going, interest rates are expected to go up. Might as well pay it off now while they are still low. I've mentioned here that I hope I can drive the Highlander for the endurance. I fear getting into an accident because the insurance co. would total it out. It isn't worth much in Blue Book terms but it's like new and low mileage. Also, I still love it. As I was waxing it, a man in the hood stopped to admire it. Hope you enjoy Keira. That little gift was very sweet.

    I just lost my entire paragraph to Granni. I'm swearing like a sailor and need to stop here. I'll come back to respond to you, Granni, Duckie and anyone else who moseys by.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon brought home lottza stuff from Wal*Mart including various necessities and treats for the cat and me. She got a big jar of special kibble in various flavors. I got a big bag of Hershey Kisses. I gave Gordon a twenty when he set out. Turned out another twenty was required. As the young folks say, "Meh".

    Duckie, you must have run around like an organized madwoman if you got to work only ten
    minutes late. Never heard of Nyjer Feeders before. It's amazing how much I learn about the
    modern world on our board. There are videos of the feeder on Youtube.

    Mikie, I read an article in The Stars and Stripes (the military newspaper) that says, "Cuss like
    a sailor. It's good for moral and builds camaraderie." For folks who would like to improve
    their efforts in this field, I offer this as a good starting place. "Well, Goldarn it all to there and back!"

    When my son was small he used to think it was a great treat to help Daddy wash the car. He
    got to squirt me with the hose. What could be more fun?

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Amazingly, I am not sore this morning. Woo Hoo! I'll go out and, at least, finish the outside of the car. If I get ambitious, I'll do the inside. It's easy. It's so hard to pace myself when I have a good day but it's necessary. None of us got the Final Jeopardy answer last night. We are silly when we text. Nancy tried to type good night in German but auto correct changed it to, Gluten Nacht. I responded that I speak gluten free German. I think it is important to get out and socialize, especially as we age. For those who are sick, electronic communication is a God send. Love my friends in my text circle and my friends here on the Porch.

    Talked to DD and told her that I won't be going to NYC for Thanksgiving. She will talk to her sister to see whether there is a good time for me to visit when they both have time. My little grand nephew in-law and his parents will be there this summer and she was thinking I might want to let my visit overlap with theirs a bit so I can see them. That would be great.

    DGS, who is 12, has decided he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up. I know that being an attorney requires a certain skill set. I think he might have those skills. He is studying for the LSAT. He may be getting ahead of himself. I don't know whether he has studied for the PSAT. He has also decided he wants to live in CA. Both my kids are considering moving there. I like CA but doubt I'll be able to leave FL. It's so inexpensive to live here.

    Granni, unfortunately, I can't remember what I had to tell you that took an entire paragraph. Doh! Are you and DH still doing a lot of yard work? I need to go out and trim a few things and get rid of some of the jungle overgrowth. Hope the weather cooperates. It won't be long before it's too hot there and here to do anything outside except go to the pool.

    Duckie, glad y'all got to work with minimal delay. Be glad you can sleep through alarms. As we get older, most of us have problems sleeping. Yes, water disasters seem to be plaguing me lately. I hope it's over with. Ooh, ooh, ending a sentence with two prepositions. I'm a double offender. Is DS glad to be out of school for the summer? What year is he in? Hope you don't overdo it at Mom's.

    Rock, kids and water are a natural attraction. Ooh, another sentence with a double meaning. Our natural attraction is the Everglades. If only my cussin' were like gosh darn, I wouldn't feel so bad about it but I'm a really bad cusser. So bad that the soles of my feet feel hot from the flames of hell licking at them. I've been swearing like that since I was little and no one knows why. Perhaps I was a sailor in a prior life. Glad Gordon brought you and Miss Kitty some treats. He's so sweet. Roses are red, violets are blue; Gordon is sweet and so are you.

    OK, gonna go read the electronic paper before I go out to work on the car. SV is lying here snoozing with the long fur on his tummy blowing in the breeze from the fan. As soon as I'm up from the bed, he assumes a position that facilitates his first back rub of the day. The life of Riley! One of my friends at lunch said her little dog uses her paws to turn down my friends bed in the evening. She only does it on the side on which my friend sleeps. I asked her whether her dog leaves a mint on her pillow. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hey all

    A quick look in. I just got back from DHs uncles house. They wanted to have a little gathering because one DD got back from Singapore where she went with her kids. Her husband has an office there. It rained early morning here and I was disinclined to go but decided not to be so antisocial. My DS had work and DD first went to a friends so joined me there. DH as usual went to golf.

    The youngest DD had made the food, very delish. Some Burmese Vermicelli salad, cottage cheese and pea curry and aunt had made a vegan chicken ball dish. It tastes like chicken but is actually lentils paste, spiced up and fried. And the usual meat dishes including bone marrow soup. I collected all the bones for my doggies here.

    My DD used the Picture This ....plant identification app and clicked my picture and submitted it to see what would come up since I’m no plant. Answer....coconut plant. I had left my hair so maybe it thought those were strands. Then we made one DD pull her hair up at the back and it said Durasian Pygmy Shrew..we laughed so much. But when we clicked my DDs picture and aunts picture, the app said there are no plants in the picture.

    Later the other DD and her DD came but I had to leave. These outings leave me exhausted. But aunt and uncle and their unmarried DD had to attend a wedding after entertaining us. I would be too tired.

    Mikie - good to hear the water issues are resolved. Do you have
    good moon view. It’s Full Moon on our Monday and it’s already huge. The rains washed our skies clean so it’s very clear.

    Rock - we love Hershey’s but they’re so dear. I hate wrestling with our worn old hose pipes. But if the sun shines it immediately dries out the plants.

    Dmc - reading about you oversleeping reminded me of when I used to work. I would rush around looking for my things and scold everyone while doing so. Poor my family.

    Julie - a house project can go on and on. Seems to me you love the doing of it. Being happy as you finish each little project. And moving on. Those were lovely little nooks you have made for the dgkids.
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    The car is done. Woo Hoo! I sprayed some stuff on the tires and wiped it off to leave them shiny and looking like new. Of course when I went through the Burger Kind drive thru, I hit the back tire on the curb where it curves. Doh!!! At least eight people stopped by to see when they could bring their cars to me to detail. Ha ha! Funny neighbors and so original too. It was fun being out there and talking with my neighbors and their dogs. One even had her outdoor cat walking with her and her dog. Sooo cute. The Highlander is sixteen years old and it's still shiny and looks like new except for a few minor scratches and a wee bit of wear and tear. Now I can take it in for an oil change. I'm going to ask my mechanic to pull the two wheel hub covers on the passenger side and give them to me. The silver paint is chipped and worn off and I want to repaint them.

    Spring, again my mouth is watering reading about the food. It's been cloudy at night here. I had wanted to see the meteorite shower a week or so ago but it wasn't clear enough to see. My lanai faces east so I can see the moon when it rises if it's clear out. Someone sent a pic of a plant to our newspaper gardening column and wanted to know what it is. It stinks and is covered with flies. Turns out it is a snake plant and when it blooms, the stench attracts flies which pollinate it. Who wants something like that? AACCKK! Those apps are so funny.

    Gonna get in the tub and relax for the remainder of the day. I'll scrub the tub when I'm done and that will take care of the worst of the chores in cleaning the baths. I wipe the tiles after every shower. I'll shower and wash my hair in the morning after I read the paper. I'm just so exited and thankful that my NRG has improved. Never thought I'd be up to washing and waxing my car again. I love being able to do things myself and not have to pay someone else to do it.

    Hope everydooby is enjoying the weekend.

    Love, Mikie

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Guten Tag, Leute

    Good Day, Folks in (German). I looked to see if their was a German word for gluten. Couldn't
    find one. Once again a brilliant pun from Mikie who is even witter than Dame Mae.
    No need to keep your eye on prepositions anymore, Mikie. I read the old rule has been
    discarded. But the redundant ones should be eliminated. Every cop show has people
    (cops, witnesses, etc.) talking about where the perpetrator is at.

    I spent some time with the kitty. I do every day; usually early in the morning. Anyhoo
    she made her throaty sound again. Maybe one of these days she really purr.

    The little dog who leaves a mo-mint-o on the pillow would make a great Youtube video.

    Spring, That's some app you got. Pigmy shrew and coconut plant. Well, I guess the first
    might liven up your gathering.

    Gordon has assigned me to watering duty. I'll wait till this afternoon when it's warmer.
    Was looking for something earlier and came across the cheerful picture. I believe the
    name is "Colorful Feathers". (I suspect they're dyed.)

    Auf wiedersehen
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends....

    I can't believe how long I slept last night..went to bed around 11 p.m. and woke this morning at 7:45 a.m.!! This is unheard of for me...guess it was because yesterday was a very busy day for me..since we haven't had "wheels" for several weeks, so I was finally able to go to the laundromat and get a ton of laundry done..unfortunately, I was there for several hours, but it is so nice to have it all done..afterwards, I went to the grocery store. In my younger days, I loved going grocery shopping, but not anymore. Takes me forever to walk from one side of the store to the other, and of course, stopping to take a look-see at something that has caught my eye doesn't help speed things along..then it was off to the Post Office..and finally, home.

    After putting the groceries away, I basically collapsed onto the bed and watched a bit of TV..
    Not sure what is up with the weather folks..they have been predicting rain almost everyday this week, but NADA..they are now saying rain will be here either late tonight or tomorrow. I'm beginning to think these folks need to find a new job! It has been pretty cold, which you all probably know by now, I'm love'n! Yesterday morning when I left for the laundromat, it was 43 degrees..stayed like that most of the morning and then inched it's way up into the 50s.

    Mikie..thanks for the lovely porch..so inviting...glad the plumbing situation is finally fixed..what an ordeal. We had the water turned off all day about a year ago while a new septic tank was being put in to replace the old one..not convenient at all. We take so many simple things like that for granted. As much as I love visiting NY, I think I would opt out and go to CO to visit family as well..much more relaxing and fun. I don't know how you do it, but if I had to wash and wax my truck all in one day, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed for weeks. It's wonderful that your DGS has a goal to prepare for and to achieve when he grows up..being a lawyer is not easy, but from what you have told us, he will achieve his goal and make all of his family proud. Mikie..I accidentally discovered how to retrieve what is believed to be lost posts or portions thereof..what I do is go back to where all the chit chats are listed..click onto the chit chat that you are posting/responding, like chit chat #1058, then go back to where you were writing your response, click onto an empty space in your responding post. The print will look faded but once you click onto it it should bring everything back up, even the so called "lost" stuff, and you can continue to write. I hope this makes sense..I'm not good at giving directions. Hope this works for you.

    Rock..my DH wears layers of clothing as well, otherwise, he cranks the heater up so high that I start complaining rather loudly. I'm more like Gordon, I love having the windows open or the fan on. When my Raynaud's acts up, I will wear gloves to keep my hands warm. What a great guy your Gordon is to be so thoughtful and bring you and kitty treats. Lovely cactus..such a bright yellow flower. When we had our house, I had several cactus plants and when they all were in bloom it was such a happy sight to see. I saw my first robin of the season a few weeks ago..he was having such fun playing in a puddle where the water was allowed to do a slow drip in order to keep the pipes from freezing. I can remember as a child drawing and coloring birds, especially robins, sitting on a branch of a beautiful tree in full bloom. I also liked drawing a pond with ducks sitting in the water and cattails surrounding the pond. I have always loved being outdoors more so than being indoors. Guess that's why I loved house boating and farming..so peaceful. Do you like to water..I do. The feathers you posted are so colorful..have you seen the painted feathers? I will try and post them..to say they are spectacular is an understatement. I will post them in another post because they take up so much room.

    Julie..you are another gal with so much going on in your life..when we had the house and vineyard, I remember being on the go constantly. If we weren't running errands for things around the house, it was for the vineyard..especially, since the coyotes would chew through the irrigation on a daily/nightly basis. We had to get the irrigation fixed so that none of the grape vines went without water during those very hot summers..how is your eye feeling today? How is your eye feeling today. Didn't you have a doctor appointment recently?..let us know how that went. Glad your dad is improving..thank you for sharing the pictures of your loft..looks like a wonderful place to read a book or do art projects.

    Granni..what can I say..you, too, are always on the go..makes me tired reading about all the things you do, not to mention keeping house, yard work, and singing..have a good weekend!

    Duckie..Busy! Busy! Busy! as usual...Oh..how I remember the days when I would accidently sleep through the alarm..fortunately, my boss was very understanding because it didn't happen often. Sounds like spring has finally arrived in your area..saw dogwood trees, daffodils, and tulips in bloom yesterday while I was out running errands, which is a nice signal that spring has arrived! How nice that you and your co-workers surprised your co-student with a cake and gift card. I can only imagine how relieved your DS is to have the school term over..when does he start back?

    Spring..you, too, are always on the go..going from one celebration to another.how wonderful that your family celebrates so many things..great way to keep in touch..I think it's lovely...my mouth was watering reading about all those wonderful sounding dishes your DD made..sounds like alot of work! Also, sounds like you and DD had a fun time looking at the pictures and reading what plants were in them..I will have to look into that website.

    Barry..I just ordered my catalog from Annie's Annuals..hope it gets here soon..such beautiful pictures of all the flowers. Have you been working in your garden? Wish I was there to help..I love digging in the dirt! What are you going to plant?

    Star..hope you and your treasurers are having a great time this weekend..how are you feeling?

    Sun..how are you doing, and what are you doing? LOL

    A big "Hello" to everyone and hope you're enjoying good weather and the weekend.
    Take care..
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hope this works..
    The painters of these Feathers are outstanding,
    but the message below the Feathers, "God's Wings," will touch your heart.
    God's Wings
    After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park , forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno's damage. One ranger found a bird literally petrified in ashes, perched statuesquely on the ground at the base of a tree. Somewhat sickened by the eerie sight, he knocked over the bird with a stick. When he gently struck it, three tiny chicks scurried from under their dead mother’s wings. The loving mother, keenly aware of impending disaster, had carried her offspring to the base of the tree and had gathered them under her wings, instinctively knowing that the toxic smoke would rise. She could have flown to safety but had refused to abandon her babies. Then the blaze had arrived and the heat had scorched her small body, the mother had remained steadfast...because she had been willing to die, so those under the cover of her wings would live.
    'He will cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you will find refuge.' (Psalm 91:4)
    Being loved this much should make a difference in your life. Remember the One who loves you, and then be different because of it.
    My instructions were to send this to people that I wanted God to bless and I picked you. Please pass this on to people you want to be blessed.
    Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone Special.
    To realize the value of a Friend...lose one.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Everybody

    Did you see the exciting news from Yellowstone Park? A geyser I had never heard of named
    Steamboat has been erupting lately after a dormant period of 4 years. A eminent scientist
    from Germany is studying the phenomenon. Dr Schlusenshiemer has now reported that
    "As far as ve can tell, it yust erupts ven it gets gluten ready."

    Duckie, we got another Daedalus catalogue today. It's a duplicate of one we got a month ago. Not much of interest in it for me, but there's a quilting book with patterns etc. and correspondence between quilters in Michigan and in Norway. "Friendships in Bloom" by
    Marjorie Nelson, etc.

    JB, what a kawinkydink that you also had news from Yellowstone. Did you know there's a
    Jellystone Park in Pennsylvania? It's geyser is named Old Faceful. Good to know you have
    your truck back and can tackle those errands.

    Yes, when I was a kid the first robin in the spring was greeted with joy and relief. Now
    winter was over. In grade school almost all the birds we kids drew were robins. I guess
    ducks were probably number two.

    Never heard of painted feathers before. Looked on the net. Apparently they are are
    pictures painted on feathers. I would post a sample here, but the pics are too big.
    The pics you posted didn't come through on my computer. You could post the address

    Mikie, The Daedalus catalogue had crossword and other puzzle books. I guess one has
    difficult puzzles as the title is Crosswords Cum Laude. There is also a "Dante's Infernal
    collection. "Hellish difficult."

    Time to go feed the kitty and me. Gordon made soup. Hmmm Hmmm Good!

    Big soft Hugs
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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Surakav bird

    A friend sent me this..
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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Awwwww Judy - I am crying. A love like that is hard to comprehend. That it comes from the heart and soul of a species we deem below us is makes it even more poignant. I hope the chicks were raised and grew up into beautiful adults and that sacrifice their mama made was not in vain.

    How much animals feel. They are just like us. In this case, even better.

    I couldn't see the pictures you posted. Can you paste the URL of the website? It wasn't my DD who cooked. It was DHs uncles DD. My kids unfortunately do not have the 'cook' gene. DD of course, can but has lately not been too inclined.

    Mikie - yay...you got your car spring cleaned. I would say it's a start after the horrendous run of health problems and lack of energy you been through. I would be so proud if one of my kids wanted to be a lawyer or any kind of professional at that age. Shows he is thinking already about his future.

    My DDs best friend from grade 5 upto now studied law in Tufts Univ. in Boston. However, life had other plans for her. She stayed for 2 years in USA (she was born in the USA but has lived in Nepal most of her life, and has a US citizenship but after staying two years after graduation, she came back. Works in an NGO. She has the gift of the gab. Would've made a good lawyer. She was one of the dancers in the wedding video I posted earlier with other classmates.

    I envy you having the chance to visit NY. I just fell in love with the city. But i understand it might not be what you need right now. They had this huge church. I had just heard my brother in Nepal was diagnosed with cancer and I was heartsore. I saw the church and asked the others to wait outside and went in. It was huge, beautiful and the peace in there was awe inspiring. I prayed a bit and felt more peaceful.

    Rock - made me laugh, your shrew comment.
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring:. Sorry your kids didn't inherit the "cooking gene". That would have been very nice to enjoy! As I'm sure Duck can attest to. I looked up the surakav bird.....apparently it is an Anna's Hummingbird which we have around here, actually that's what the little nest was made by hanging by my patio door. They have irridescent feathers that seem to change colors as they move their head, really just the male. I just watched one yesterday and was amazed at first the green then then amber color. And then yesterday afternoon I was trying to nap out on my patio and heard this loud buzzing sound.....thought it was the neighbor's drone again but turned out it was a hummingbird come to check me out. Boy are they loud and scary when they come close. Like one of those big black bomber bees! They come around at times searching for some nice wood to bore into.

    Judy: I was pretty sure I had read that story before so looked it up on Snopes......sorry....just made up back in 2000. I think about you often, and your living situation in the motel. So very sorry for your loss due to a crooked partner. Could anything be done to retrieve some $. Did you ever see a lawyer about it. And so happy for you that you now have your truck again.

    Julie: Love the pics you posted of your loft area. So inviting and you've made it safe and a creative space for the little ones.

    Rock: Mmmmm. Mmmmm good.....did Gordon make from scratch or open a Campbells soup?
    By the way, I also love to water, especially first thing in the morning. A great time to enjoy the garden, quiet before all the traveling lawnmowers start up.

    MIkie: That's great that your DGS already knows what he wants to be. How did he decide on that? Has he watched any lawyer programs?

    Speaking of programs, I started watching Genius on National Geographic. It's a story about Picasso starring Antonio Banderas. Such a handsome actor but you wouldn't recognize him with the bald wig and a grey comb over like Picasso had. The only complaint I have is it jumps back and forth in time from him as a young boy, then as an art student and then as an old guy. You really have to be following the story........and not cooking as I was doing at the time.

    I had a giant burst of energy for a few days this week, and managed to accomplish a lot. Thursday I met a friend for lunch, and on friday went to my art group. Our new "assignment" is to paint or draw a musical instrument. I did a search and found a photo of a violin stacked with some books. This appealed to me so might attempt it in pencil and charcoal.

    I'm finishing up the drawing of my DGS and will mat both of them for my DD for Mother's Day. She's very critical as I've said before so I'm hoping she will appreciate them. I'm satisfied with them though. And I started sketching in a new WC. Something new for me. NEVER drawn a horse so that's bothering me but I do like a challenge.

    Can't sleep because of a new pain, well I've had it for about 2 weeks since I hit my "crazy bone"....my elbow. I'm debating if I should see my doctor, but after reading up on the ulnar nerve I guess I'll try using some ice on it for awhile. HATE going to see a doctor.

    Granni, Star, Barry.......come post what's going on with you people
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Got up later than usual and I really appreciate the extra sleep. SV didn't start bugging me to get up as early as usual. Maybe in his maturity, he's enjoying more sleep too. I am hoping the energy I've enjoyed the last few days will continue. Just to be able to wash and wax my car is a miracle to me. Of course, we have a place here which will do it but I like doing it myself. I've been so sick for so long that just getting it done has been waaaay down on my priority list. I'll be turning my efforts toward cleaning inside the condo if this continues and I'll also start going to the pool again. Fri., there must have been a fire nearby so I couldn't work out while sucking the smoke into my lungs. How did I ever smoke cigs?

    News is showing a beautiful white pit bull with only one ear. They put a headband on her with a flower covering the missing ear. She was used as a dog fight bait dog and was abandoned when she was terribly injured. Someone rescued her and the vets healed her. She is now a celebrity and makes appearances to inform the public about the horrible animal abuse that is rampant in the dog fighting gangs. Even with all the horrible abuse she suffered, she has the sweetest disposition and a beautiful face.

    Rock, the most difficult people to listen to for me are the political pundits. Not only do they all use the same stale phrases but they are very redundant in their speech. They are always saying something is continuing on. Is that the opposite of continuing off? Or is it the opposite of continuing back? The worst thing they do is start every response with a bunch of stumbling and stuttering before speaking. It's a fad and very irritating. Some say, "Ah," or, "Er, before every response. I had speech classes starting in junior high school and continuing through college. I would have failed had I done that. I try not to let these distractions interfere with the message but it's not easy. Feathers have been very spiritual to me ever since losing my Mom. She leaves them for us so we know she is OK. We find them inside in places where no feathers should be (notice I didn't say, "Should be at.) Thanks for the heads up about the crossword puzzles. I'll check it out. Love your use of 'gluten' too.

    Judy, unfortunately, I cannot see your pics either. Must have something to do with the browsers we are using. I still haven't gotten around to getting the FPOC fixed. I have a three-year warranty so there's no hurry. I have recovered some of my posts the way you describe too. PH has auto-save built into the forums but, every now and then, something happens and the whole thing gets wiped out and I can't recover it. Usually, I only lose what I've typed since the last time it was saved automatically. Glad you got so much done. I'm still amazed that working on my car didn't put me in bed for a few days. That, coupled with the improved sleep, makes me think I'm healing from the long flare. I hope so. I hope your good sleep and energy continue. After 911, rescuers found a mama kitty in the basement of one of the towers. She had a litter of kittens and was hunting mice so she could continue to nurse them. It was on the news so I don't think it was an urban myth. People were lined up wanting to adopt them. The message from the bird story is beautiful regardless and is worth passing on. Thank you for passing it on to us.

    Spring, was it St. Patrick's Cathedral you visited? I went in and lit a candle and said a prayer when I was in NYC. That's where Jackie Kennedy Onasis went to church when she lived there. I also love the city but I think it would just be too much with Thanksgiving and the parade. I had to keep coming inside while waxing the car because my back and legs were burning and aching so much. DD wants me to come to CO when my visit can overlap my DSIL's brother's and his wife's visit. They will have the baby with them. He will have grown so much by then. His birthday is in July. So many Cancers in our family. His birthday is only days from mine and DGS's. How wonderful that your DD's friend is working for an NGO. What is it that she does? They do wonderful work in the world. Weather man is saying no rain in sight and we are in a drought. We desperately need the rain. Red Tide is killing thousands of fish and the winds aloft are supposed to bring it onshore today. Even when it's bad, it doesn't seem to be affecting me as badly as it used to. Perhaps my allergic response to it is dimishing. I still get short of breath when it's bad. Hope your weather is cooperating with you.

    Sun, I'm so glad you are able to get with your art group. I love the way the light hits old wooden instruments, especially violins, when they have developed a patina over the years. I also love sheet music and find it beautiful. Will you listen to some classical music while you work? Better than whistling while you work unless you are Whistler's Mother. I don't know what inspires DGS. It was a surprise to my DD. She didn't know until the load of books arrived from Amazon. He has loved to fish ever since we was only about six. No one in the family fishes so no one know why he loves it. He just asked to do it and has loved it ever since. I think only children often have their own ideas about what they want to do. I've been watching politics on TV and reading about it in the newspaper ever since I was in elementary school. Try the TENS unit on your arm. It really helped with the nerve pain after I fell and injured the nerve in my arm. Nerves are slow to heal. I found out that TENS units also calm the brain. I can always use that.

    Duckie, I hope the weather is good for you and your DS to visit your Mom. Try not to overdo it. Oops forgot, you seem to overdo it on a daily basis. I'm glad you can. Only a few days of energy helped me realize how wonderful it is to be able to do things.

    Barry, I hope you are doing well. Is Richard gone? Keeping you in my prayers that you and the critters do well while he's away. You still have your family here so stop in and chat with us a while.

    Well, Kids, I'm off to read the fat Sunday paper. I hope everydooby is having a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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