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    Hi guys...got on the computer late and thought I'd go ahead and start a new porch. I'll go finish up the last one, then come back and visit. Lots of posts back there, so catch up when you get a chance.

    On second thought...I can barely see to type...very tired and my eyes just aren't working. So I'll check in tomorrow. Having trouble seeing this, so will try again...
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    Weird...the first post doesn't show up unless I add this second one, lol!
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    Hi Julie

    That's probably why the Postman Always Rings Twice. Thanks for opening up.
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    Hi Kids

    No news today. We did have a problem yesterday that illustrates the sad state of affairs
    in modern America. Gordon pushed the remote control and the garage door opened, but
    once the car was in and Gordon pushed the CLOSE button, it no workee. So he called Sears,
    and they told him to call the people who installed it. So he called the number which is right
    next to the notice: OPEN 24 hours. A recorded voice said the place was closed. After half
    an hour of trying this and that and pushing buttons and pushing the door it finally closed. AACCK!

    Sun, good to hear that you had a nice outing at Newport Beach. Do you think that's what
    caused the scratchy throat, etc? Thanks for the referral to the snazzy cars. If I saw them
    in a museum I would think, Oh, isn't that interesting. Those pieces of sculptor look almost
    like cars.

    Mikie, how nice of your DD to send flowers. And sending her a pic was a great idea. I have
    sent flowers from time to time. Some times I get a thank you call immediately. Sometimes
    I never get a response. Good to hear that the plumber will get paid. You don't want to be
    boycotted by the plumbers union.

    In the John Sandford thriller I am rereading, the cops were discussing an article about a
    new handgun. One says, "It's got lotsa stopping power." The other one says, "Too much.
    You don't want have the bullet go through the Perp and kill somebody at a bus stop two
    blocks away."

    Spring, interesting video. I wonder if the monkey was trained or if he picked that up
    from seeing people washing clothes in a river. Was looking at animal videos on Youtube yesterday. There was one of a money washing dishes. (Same monkey?) Anyway the caption said the money was getting a bath and picked up a brush and a dish and went to work.

    Granni, we had no ethnic restaurants around us where I grew up. We kids thought it
    was a great treat when we went to a big city and could go to a Chinese restaurant. Never
    encountered a Mexican restaurant until I went to College in St. Paul.

    We went for a drive to Gardena yesterday. Gordon wanted to get some supplies from the
    Yamada garden shop. Has lots of stuff for orchid growers. While we were there we ran into George Hatfield, local orchid expert. Former Board Member and President of the Orchid
    Cymbidium Society of America, author, speaker, and creator of many new orchid hybrids.
    You can see why George is the local go to guy on orchids.

    We also stopped at the shop where Godon's sister buys the cooked chicken she sometimes
    brings us. Which reminds me . There is some in the fridge and it is calling out to me.

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    Rock: I usually buy a roasted chicken at either Sprouts or Stater Bros. It's so darn handy having a roasted chicken in the frig since many times i just don't feel like cooking, I think I might have gotten lazy. Funny that you ran into the orchid expert so far away at the same time. Did Gordon pick George's brain on anything?

    I also thought it was a great treat to have chinese food when I was a teenager, so mysterious! Then I got tired of everything having a sauce and my DH and I turned to Thai food where everything is cooked fresh.

    I'm up with body aches and a temp. Don't know where I picked it up but it's so easy just touching a shopping cart. The ibuprofen doesn't seem to be working. Can't seem to pinpoint anything like ears, throat or chest that's a problem so probably just flu and no reason to go to doctor.

    Thankfully I had a fairly nice time with my DD and her family on saturday as I didn't feel deprived yesterday. My DD bought one of those 23and me kits. She had her's done over a year ago but it seems like I shouldn't be very far from her DNA results. Oh well, so when I'm over this bug I'll send in my saliva sample in the prepaid envelope and wait. Most of my relatives came from Germany, Austria, and of course 100s of years ago they could have intermingled. My DHs relatives came from Poland and it turned out my DDs DNA showed a very tiny portion of ashkinazi jew. This is also supposed to reveal your health problems.

    My son in Portland sent me flowers, delivered on saturday before I left the house....good thing. And my SIL bought me a dozen long stemmed yellow roses....my DD told me they were from him....big surprise! And my DGD gave me a little heart shaped container she had made from clay at school, perfect to hold safety pins that always seem to accumulate on the bathroom counter. I still have a little pink container she made 2 years ago, it sits in my main bathroom, and also a little/tiny pot of one tiny succulent. That's over 2 years old also. She comes in to the house and checks it out....said that her other grandma tossed it out after a week after christmas, so I'm so happy that it still lives. This is important for grandchildren to know their gifts are appreciated.

    By the way, I gave DD the drawings framed, of which she was very happy. First thing she said was "did YOU do these" and then about her son...."he's so handsome". I forgot to take pics. With my camera and I can't post pics. From the ipad. It must have something to do with the PH computer set up because I can use my Ipad and take pics. Then post immediately on Etsy.
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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    After all my whining about our needing rain, it is coming in spades. We have a chance of rain every day this week. We got quite a bit yesterday. I just don't like the dreary skies. Our typical summer weather is sunny days with a quick downpour in the afternoons. This is more like a warm front which is hanging around for days. Regardless, I'll take the rain however it comes.

    Both DDs called yesterday. Younger DD says the in-laws will be coming the end of June. I don't want to make any plans until after I have my endoscopy the first of June so will not be going in June. Depending on the results of the endoscopy, I may have to have other tests done. DGS leaves for summer camp the first of July so that is out as well. Perhaps the end of July or beginning of Aug. They have decided to stay home for Thanksgiving so I may just wait until then. End of summer and early fall are our worst times for hurricanes and I wouldn't want to be away when one hits. Too hard to get back home and take care of things. My stomach problems are worse and I really need to get that taken care of before I do anything.

    Between one DD's having sent a plant arrangement, the other DD's having sent a floral arrangement and the little boys at the end of the building, who brought me a bouquet of flowers and a card they made and colored, I am in the midst of an embarrassment of floral riches. Those little boys are so sweet. They get hugs and I tell them I love them. They tell me the same and seem to like the affection. How long will it be before they are 'too big' to want hugs? My DGS is very affectionate at the ripe old age of twelve. DD says he is doing very well in school. He's very smart and has been put in advanced-level classes despite his ADD. He has a math tutor and it isn't easy for him but they feel he is capable of the work. After reading his legal books, he isn't sure he should commit to being a lawyer and is keeping his options open. So funny! In terms of getting into college, I wonder whether it's better to get high grades in ho-hum boring classes or to struggle and get average grades in advanced classes.

    Rock, I'm laughing at your brilliant remark about the postman. We have paid the plumber so they don't have to wait for their money. We always pay our bills as soon as they are received by mgmt. I am fighting now to get the landscapers to reimburse us for the cost of the initial repair. With the board involved, they should ante up. Cymbidian sounds like some kind of embarrassing itchy condition for which a pricey tube of medication is required. Pentax used to have an office in Gardena and I've been there. We used to pick up the company car to use when we visited SoCal. People who carry guns usually buy the same ammo that the police use. It is designed to break up in the body and not travel through to injure another person. A greater concern is hitting an innocent bystander when things get crazy. Carrying is such a big responsibility. Just found the paperwork to renew my permit and found I have until the end of this month so will likely do it. Glad you got out; it's good for us.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you have picked up a bug. I seem to have one all the time. I think it's either my Whatever Virus or allergies/Red Tide. Experts say the Red Tide will be with us for a while. I hope you are feeling better. Sounds as though you were blessed with flowers too. I'm so glad your DD likes the drawings. It's easier for me to use my tablet to take pics to post here but it's a real pain to use to respond. It does strange things seemingly all on its own. I haven't tried to upload pics from the iPhone to the Chromebook yet. Phones are so easy to use to take pics but not always so easy to use to post them. Guess I could post on the phone itself and come back to edit and add with the computer. There is a way to sync these gadgets but I don't know whether it can be done between Apple and Microsoft units. I struggle with technology. I've thought about getting one of those kits. The 23 and Me kits seem to be more comprehensive. DD's FIL did his DNA through Ancestry but I don't think they do the health thing. It will be interesting to see what yours reveals. How long does it take to get the results? Let us know and I hope you feel better.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Usually not much in it on Mondays. Then, I'm gonna shower and was my scalped scalp. With this humidity, I don't know how it will turn out. Can't wait for it to grow out a bit. Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the week.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning...found a porch pic, but it seems like one of those "find what's wrong with this picture". After I posted it, I saw lots of things that I would change, lol! What do all ya'll think?

    Mikie, I've had haircuts like that...nothing we can do but wait and let it grow, true? Lindsey was in shock when she got her hair cut right before we went down at Easter...and she had a picture that she thought the gal was following...then all of a sudden, the gal whacked off too much on one side.

    Rock, sorry about your garage door. Ours all have a release latch that allows us to open or close manually. Pain in the "you know what" and I'm glad we've only had to do it once or twice.

    Sun, I hope you feel better very soon. Yep, so many bugs around and hard to tell where we pick up things. I agree that kids pay attention to what happens with the gifts and crafts they give to someone. I still have a paper towel tube that Keira decorated in preschool...fastened it to the string that turns one of our shop lights on and off. And my walls are covered with treasured creations...

    Spring, I can also see you frolicking with those puppies :)

    Granni, saw some pics on facebook of you, and of your family. Let me know if you want any shared on here.

    Star, hope you are holding up. Some days, that's all we can do...just survive.

    Judy, have you gotten your truck problems taken care of?

    Barry, every day that goes by is one day closer to Richard's return. Hope you are handling things on the ranch.

    Duckie, you doing okay? I watched quilting shows Saturday afternoon...they make it look so easy...

    It is so foggy out this morning. Not sure if I will be able to mow or not. We have chances of rain each day, also, so I may already be "out of control" and don't even realize it, lol! Dentist appt. Wednesday morning, but maybe I can get back home early enough to get something done. And Keira's spring concert is Friday, so I'll need to be gone quite a bit of the day. Oh well...

    I had a good day yesterday. Den took me to brunch, then we had to go to the home supply store (anybody else have a Menards?) Got home in time for a quick nap and to help him cut a thin 4 X 8 sheet of material into 1 ft. strips. Then he said he could finish on his own...he needed 24 pieces (16 inches by 12 inches) to make the shelves for a puzzle stand I had requested. It's just a rack with 2 inch high shelves to hold the kiddos flat puzzles (the ones that come already put together in a frame, then they just dump the pieces off and put the puzzle back together.) Part of my "getting organized."

    Picked up Keira around 3:00 pm and we drove to the next town and met Amy and Miley for supper...Keira and I wandered around Wal Mart till time to meet at 5:00. I picked up a few groceries and came on home. So very tired, but a good day.

    All weekend I was thinking of this cheesy analogy of my life in the past few years. Feels like it has "unraveled" and I am trying to quilt it back together. Some things unravel quickly (like when you get a loose string from a carpet caught in the vacuum and it's just "Boom"...all of a sudden there is a all this "yarn" wrapped around the vacuum roller bar.) An example would be the sudden death of a close friend or family member...

    Other times (like in my case) as when a sweater begins to unravel and we either don't notice it, or we choose to ignore it and think "we'll fix it later"...but one day it gets so bad we simply have got to stop and make repairs. So many of us have lives like that...either we get these diseases and they affect our lives in so many ways, or the things going on in our lives cause these diseases.

    Either way, at some point (this is the season I'm in now) we stop (or at least slow down) and start piecing back together the "blocks" of our lives (which is what I'm doing...and I'm working on more than one "quilt block" at a time, lol, with all the little organizing and "honey do" projects I have going on.) My goal is to soon be able to "sew" all these blocks together and have a beautiful quilt....and have a few (or a lot) of good years left so I can "relax and enjoy it." This is one project that can no longer be stuffed in the "unfinished projects closet"...so I have gotten it out, dusted it off, ironed out the wrinkles...and am working on it once more.

    Sorry...corny, I know. But I also know you guys understand.

    Take care. I'd better get to work.
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    Good afternoon!

    Not sure where this weekend slipped away to. Or, more properly, to where this weekend slipped away.

    Saturday morning, DH and DS went down to DD's new house to drop off a saw that she needed, and brought back the headboard to the twin bed she no longer uses (and has no storage space for). Then DH took DS up to my DM's house and dropped him off to help her. After I got up, I went out to my DM's house (stopped by the fabric store on the way there because I needed more of one of the fabrics for my nephew's quilt b/c I messed up cutting). I helped finish up what she and DS were working on. Then we loaded the tomato plants my DM started for my DH into my car, and DS and I went down to DD's new place (I hadn't seen it yet).

    When I got home, DH came home from the store and gave me a purple and white African violet for Mother's day. He gave me an all-purple one a couple of years ago. It's in my office at work. Amazingly, it's still alive....

    Yesterday, DD called me to wish me Happy Mother's Day. DS had forgotten all about it.

    Two people from my previous employer took me out to lunch today. It was good to see them again (they are a recruiting/consulting firm; I worked at my current employer as a contractor for 2 years before being hired FT).

    Choir starts back up tonight in prep for Carnegie. We only have 4 rehearsals - and one month today - before we leave!!

    Next Tuesday is when DS and I leave for vacation. We'll be somewhat disconnected since the place we are going doesn't have WiFi (we'll still have our phones, and from the coverage maps, it looks like we'll still have a good signal).

    Rock - You asked if the vitiligo made Worf sick - and the answer is not to the best of my knowledge. It's just making his fur turn white.

    Mikie - so sorry your haircut didn't turn out the way you wanted. Sun's right, though - it'll grow back. I still remember when I got my hair cut before my wedding and she asked if I wanted the back shaved. I though she meant did I want the hairline blocked on the back of my neck and I said yes. Next thing I knew, she had shaved off the bottom part of my hair.

    Sun - what a bummer to come down with an unpleasant virus on Mother's day. I hope you're feeling better today.

    Julie - Such apt metaphors for what we go through. I don't think they're corny at all. I think it's fantastic that you keep the things your grandchildren make for you. My DM kept lots of things my kids gave her when they were small. Now that they're grown and she's doing the "downsizing" routine she's given lots of them back (if they were worth keeping) or disposed of the ones not worth it.

    Spring - Funny monkey!!

    Suddenly it is mid-afternoon and I need to show some kind of progress for the day, so I'll sign off now. Hugz to Star, JB, Barry, Granni, and everyone else I know I'm forgetting...

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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again--no jiggity jig cause I'm too tired. I'm physically tired but also feeling stressed and sorta spaced out. I think I'm run down and dealing with stuff has made me feel anxious. In any case, I called Comcast and pulled the plug on my cable. I got a reduced internet speed of 25 mbps. I believe that is fast enough to stream but if it isn't, I can upgrade for another $10 to the fast speed cable again. Unfortunately, they tack on $36 in fees and taxes if I get anything with cable so I'm trying to avoid cable altogether. I'm going to try HULU. It has all the channels I want and includes On Demand and recording shows to the cloud. I have to have internet and don't want to use public wi-fi. I feel good about it and just hope the new speed is adequate.

    I have to go pay some bills. It appears that my credit card co. finally got my bill straightened out. I have a bizillion miles so it should cover my trip to CO when I go. I went online and discovered that my bank has been charging a monthly fee which was never on their paper financials. I had to really look to find it online. I'm never supposed to have to pay fees. Another problem for another day.

    Julie, that porch is pretty but I see what you mean. Your quilting analogy is spot on. It isn't just that we are sick with exhaustion and pain, it's how it affects every aspect of our lives. We are always behind the eight ball because we can't possibly keep up with what needs doing. Right now, I'm in survival mode, only dealing with what I absolutely have to. I hadn't expected to be dealing with the cable mess because one agent at Comcast had told me I had until July. I'm glad it's done. What a mess fishing through cables and cords so I could return the equipment. I dropped it off at UPS which is a certified drop-off site. It's next door to Publix so I did a wee bit of shopping for stuff I shouldn't have.

    No one can understand what we go through except us but some of us have wonderful people in our lives who try to understand and try to help us too. God bless them. I also took a pic of exactly what I wanted to the salon and it wasn't what I got. I took the scissors to the bottom of the back to get it in line with how short it is on top. Like I said, I wasn't there to get a mullet. Thanks for getting us up and going and for posting your thoughtful view on our lives and quilting. I think we all fear coming unraveled. I know I do. I hope and pray there is no raveling in your life, my life and the lives of our beloved Porchies.

    OK, I'm off to pay bills and sign up for HULU.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good afternoon Everydobby !!

    JULIE - Feel free to share those pictures I put on FB. There aren't a whole lot of them. DD#1 took a couple and put them on FB and I only put a few on. They were on different camera phones. Glad you had some fun with Kiera and got to have dinner with Amy and Miley too. I know what you mean about our season in life as they say.

    Today we went to a our couples lunch group. This wasn't that special but they have lots of food there. Some stuff better than others but we, DH and I and DD#2 and her DH at alot since it was a buffet. This will be our big meal and we may not eat anything else other than possible soup or a few other little things. Some people eat lie birds but unfortunately we don't Considering my diet I did very well other than dessert. I had to have a brown, a small one and a little apple cobble and a few tastes of DD's coconut cream pie. I had no carbs or sugars other than dessert which is pretty hard to do. Lots of veggies , salad stuff, baked chicken, etc I forgot about the nice looking fruits but to late to go get them. Should have when we went for dessert. It was very cheap at price for him not sure about me. Everyone was groaning about eating to much.

    DUCKIE - Getting ready to sing at Carnagie Hall, I think you mentioned. We are off and didn't go back till about mid August I think. Our MCCS Choral group also went to Carnegie Hall a few years ago but alas I didn't have the $ so I didn't go and I know the traveling would have been hectic for me but I know how much fun it would be to do that.. Maybe my brother and wife in NY and Niece would come to see us - MAYBE. There have been a few other trips they have gone on but I didn't go on, due to lack of $ for the airfare and all that stuff. At my stage in life I do not have lots of excess $ hanging around . I know DH might give me a little but not the airfare, or at least all of it , maybe some.. Also there is $ needed also for meals, and other excess stuff in a different place. Is of interestived in NY so have seen some of it but the city is really hustle bustle and fun esp for the younger ones. Wish my pain would disappear - yuck !! When are you going and what are you singing? How long will you be there.???

    SUN - Hope you are feeling better. It is not fun to come home from a family gathering feeling sick. How nice you got so many nice flowers and gifts. I got mostly flowers and also my DD#1 works at Athleta and bought me a very nice longer light jackets with a hood which will be great for bad weather. She also works in the sports or exercising field and so knows all about that stuff. She has given me some good tops in the past . Haven't done much exercising lately but these tops are good for any time in the warm weather.

    MIKIE - Hope you are doing well. I guess it is good that you wait till you have your endosocopy to make any plans. Have you had any specific symptoms other that feeling like crap with no NRG??? Sorry if I missed some of your posts so I am not up on some of the stuff that may be going on with you. The last time I had an endoscopy I had it the same time as my sigmoidoscopy years ago. Was having lots of pain and crazy gastro symptoms. I thought maybe I had an ulcer like my D Dad had had. When it was done they had ugly pics to show me to let me know everything was fine - go figure. Probably just the usual stuff for me - ugh ! It is still there along with more gas and occasional lose bowels, not always diarrhea but you have to be careful and takes steps unless you will be home all the time. With me thee is always a fine line to between loose bowels and constipation.

    ROCK - Thinking of you and Barry who I am sure is waiting for Gordon to come home from his trip. Hope you are both doing OK. Any new tomatoes yet??? BTW, we hardly ever went out to eat growing up, like you and a Chinese place was great esp when my D Dad loved it so. There were some diners and burgery places and stuff be hardly ever had money for that stuff.

    BARRY- Drop in and let us know how you are. Hang in there kiddo.;).

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Duckie,

    I guess we were posting at the same time but somehow, I didn't get mine posted til I just dropped in now. Doh!!! I'm a mess today. I cancelled my cable and started up my HULU. It's in std. definition. Here I have a big beautiful HDTV and it's in std. def. Rats! Oh well, I can cancel anytime the first week and owe nothing.

    I guess I should count my lucky stars that I'm not needing my hair to look good for anything special.

    Sounds as though you've been really busy.

    I can barely type, I'm so tired. Will come back later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - my life is made up of unfinished quilting patches...the quilts are being all worked on simultaneously in starts and fits, sometimes the stitches unravel and I restart...heh heh. Great analogy there!

    When my quilt is finished, it is gonna look zany, very wonky but interesting.

    Yes, I would grow some vine or shrubs and definitely add a tree or two around that porch but it is still very nice, happy space.

    Mikie - when one gets used to HD it’s difficult to go back to normal d. We hv a couple of channels which are HD. Fortunately, those I watch. I think even life can be defined in HD or ND or BD. (Blurry) Mine has been chugging along so long in the last, I think I forgot what a HD life is. I guess everyone wouldn’t understand. But it’s making the best of whatever one has gets us thru.

    I hope you’re drinking a lot of fluids.

    Granni - I like that you make your comfortable little trips annually here and there. Not too exerting but a change all the same. I remember you used to go to Alaska a little back when. It’s nice to reminisce about what what went on in people’s lives then. Rock used to go to EA. Mikie campaigned and got elected President of her buildings board. Georgia used to knit up a shawl storm. Those dessert treats are making my mouth water. Apple cobble. Coconut cream pie. I bought a packet of coconut powder to make cream, in one of my enthusiastic moments but it’s lost. Dunno where I stored it.

    Dmc - I get a little dizzy sometimes when I read all that you do. Lucky your relatives to have such a prolific quilter in the family. If I peeked into your mind, I’m sure I would see a wonderful collage of quilt patterns waiting to be transformed into reality on your working board.

    I’ve just made fish curry. Used a recipe book by a Nepalese cook. The English is all wrong. For mash potatoes, it’s mass potatoes. For Worcestershire sauce, waster sauce. But the food turns out as good as his spellings are bad. There’s a Sizer salad in it with a ingredient called caper...I don’t know what that is tho I deduced he meant Caesar salad. It’s just a little booklet in bad paper, and only $2.00. That’s what I call Hidden treasure.or gold in tin foil. I’ve gotten many a compliment because of food made from this little book.

    The dogs caught the smell of the curry and got all excited. The naughty one came up to me as I was talking to someone and stood up, leaned on me and scratched my arm with his head to one side and a coquettish expression. “Gimme that delicious smelling food, now, please?” They normally wait till I give them their meal.
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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    I got up feeling better this morning. I hope I continue to stay this way. Yesterday, I just felt jittery and sick with a sore throat and headache. I don't know whether this is my new normal or whether it's just allergies, Red Tide or the Whatever Virus. I'm going to start taking my Acyclovir again. It didn't help that I was dealing with stressful little things. I did get the Comcast equipment dropped off and am trying to figure out HULU. I was wrong; they do stream in HD but, if the broadband slows down, the crispness of the picture deteriorates. Comcast advertises its 'Blast Speed' internet connection of up to 100 mbps but often, it doesn't deliver that speed. So, here's the thing--if they are incapable of delivering more than 10 mbps at a given time, why pay for blast speed? You get only that regardless of what you're paying.

    I'm watching MSNBC live right now and it's very crisp. For some reason, they cannot stream NBC live so I have to switch to my antenna for that. I can watch things On Demand on NBC but not live shows. So far, I'm noticing no slow down in internet speed (knock on wood). I watched The Handmaid's Tale yesterday. It's a HULU-produced series. It won a bunch of Emmys. I only got through the first two episodes. I had read the book and watched the movie years ago. This series is following the book pretty much so far but it seems more violent.

    Granni, you and I evidently were posting at the same time when I was responding to Duckie. I was too tired to type so decided to wait until this morning. Sounds to me as though you had a lot of good healthy food for lunch. A bite or two of dessert doesn't hurt. I also don't have a lot of $$$ just hanging around to be spent. It's so expensive in NYC for everything. It's a great place to live if one is rich. Glad you have some time off from singing. I was having pain which was very similar to the gall bladder attacks I got before it was removed. Doc thinks I may have a bacterial infection from the bacterium which causes ulcers. I've been on Zantac but the stomach acid seems to be getting worse. I've never had gut problems so this is new. Old age ain't easy to get used to.

    Spring, your analogy is also perfect. We would love to live our lives in HD but often struggle along in a blur. How do you get your TV? Do you have a dish or antenna? Your description of your doggie's being so cute when he wanted some fish is stuck in my mind in a sweet way. You have made my day already, early in the morning. SV is out on the lanai, asking to come in. He's in one of those moods when he wants in and out and in and out. I'm leaving him out there because I'm tired of getting up to serve him. The Instant Pots are made in China and half of the recipes in the book which comes with them are in Chinese. Those dishes look so delicious and it's killing me and DD that we can't read Chinese. When Amazon first digitized books for Kindles and other e-readers, a lot of things were misspelled. Glad you found that little cookbook. There are soooo many good recipes online. You must be a great cook.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydooby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Went to bed early (around 10:00) so when Oreo woke me up shortly after 5:00 am, I felt pretty alert and got up. She and I were awake several times during the night (thunderstorms) but I fell right back to sleep after petting and reassuring her....she slept with the front half of her body underneath my side of the bed. :)

    Spring, that little cookbook sounds like a real jewel. Oreo often "assists" me in the kitchen...hoping I might accidentally drop something, lol!

    Mikie, I'm glad you got your TV things straightened out. I find it very stressful to have to deal with stuff like that.

    Granni, I'll look for the pics again. I only saw a couple with several people in them...

    Duckie, so nice of your former coworkers to take you out for lunch. Sounds like you had a very busy, productive weekend.

    I got about half the yard mowed yesterday, after the grass dried enough to drive on. The dandelion stems are so tough...had to go over some parts more than once. Got tired and too hot about an hour before Den got home from work so I just came in and took a shower...then a nap while he rested.

    Den took the mower blades off and sharpened them, so I am hoping that helps. Won't be mowing today, though...it's been raining off and on all night and is raining right now. I tried to get to lower places where water stands when it rains...if possible, I will get at it again after my dentist appt. in the morning (small cavity, so shouldn't be out of commission for too long.)

    Oreo is lying at my feet as I type, and I just saw Peace Sign kitty slip over to Oreo's loveseat. Peace Sign must have slipped in when Den left for work...I thought I heard the overhead door open and shut more than once...usually a sign that something blocked the "safety beam" when the door was trying to go down. That irritates Den so much, but he has gotten a little more mellow about it over the years, lol! Peace Sign usually comes over and "head butts" me to get my attention...must be wanting to remain "incognito" this morning...afraid I might kick her back out :rolleyes:o_O:p

    So, this looks like a good day to get some indoor projects wrapped up. Hi to everyone and hope you have a wonderful day!

    Here's couple pics for Granni...she can explain who the people are.


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  15. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!

    Today we are doing a trash cleanup on our property. A bunch of us will go out and pick up trash. There will be prizes for the most unique items found. I'm glad my pain meds kicked in, because I woke up in a lot of pain (achy legs and hips) this morning, for no discernible reason.

    Mikie - What a pain to discover yet another financial woe - or two. I'm so glad that my bank doesn't charge any hidden fees. The mobile app is great and I can check all my accounts and manage them all from the web or from my phone. I only have to call for complicated things, like when I recently converted DS's account from a custodian account to a full account.

    Granni - Yes, this trip to New York is expensive. Fortunately, I got to pay for it in installments starting last fall. We are performing part of the Faure Requiem, part of the Rutter Mass for Children and part of a mass composed by our own conductor, Paul Stanbury. We're only there from Thursday through early Monday, so not a whole lot of time, but part of our trip includes a boat trip (dinner cruise) around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

    Spring - Capers are a real thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caper I've most often seen them used in European cooking. And yes, I have close to 100 designs waiting to be made.

    Julie - We had some storms in our area Sunday night, and a chance for them pretty much every day this week as it seems to have decided to be July weather - hot and humid. The ones Sunday night triggered a migraine, as usual. Thanks for posting Granni's pics.

    Barry - DS came down to the craft bunker yesterday just as a little tufted titmouse came looking for a peanut. He asked what it was. Must start teaching this boy.

    I need to go eat my lunch so that I can be ready to go pick up trash. Hugz to all!

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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Nice pictures, now explain who everyone is. Looking closely at the smiles, I would have to say that two of them were your DDs.

    Julie: Nice anology regarding the quilt of life.

    Duck: Smart thinking, paying on your trip over the months. A titmouse? Was this in your house?

    Mikie: I have an HD TV but didn't want to pay the extra charge to Direct TV for the special hookup. It's OK with me, I honestly don't watch TV much anyway.

    I've been getting progressively sicker, nose won't stop running, BAD body aches and fever hard to bring down. So I went online yesterday and read........the flu we all had earlier is now recirculating again. So I got an appt. to see my primary this afternoon. I think I've got bronchitis, hopefully not pneumonia because I've had the shots.
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  17. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Sun - Tee hee!!! No, the titmouse was not in the house. He (she??) was at the feeders just outside the windows, where they are cleverly placed to provide "Cat TV."

    p.s. Hope you feel better very soon!
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I've been waiting to see whether reducing the speed of my internet would affect my streaming or working on the computer. Both are just fine and the TV is streaming in HD. Woo Hoo. I checked the speed online on a couple of sites. It was just below 20mgps. When I went to Xfinity, my ISP, it told me it was 80mbps. I could be paying for the blast speed and still only getting 20megs. Techie who helped me on the phone from HULU said he pays for a fast hookup and often only gets 6megs. These companies are such a rip off. The HULU is $39.99 a month. With taxes, it will be $45. If I had my TV with Comcast, they would add all kinds of fees as well as the taxes. So, I'm happy. I wish I could stream live on NBC but I can just switch to my antenna for that. I used to have only the antenna in the bedroom. Now, I have everything in there too. I could also add premium channels but I'm trying to hold down my costs.

    Duckie, I also use my computer, I could use my phone, to manage my bank accounts. It's that they hide the fees and one has to look at and click on the small print. It's smart of you to pay ahead on your trip. I guess you'd say it's on lay-away. All I can think of is you, wearing a striped jumpsuit with a neon orange vest, using one of those long sticks with a nail on the end to pick up trash. I'm used to seeing the inmates cleaning beside the road on our main streets. Hope you find something truly interesting and win the prize.

    Julie, poor Oreo. I saw that a big storm went through your neck of the woods. Hope your cavity doesn't amount to much. I'm assuming Peace Sign has a PS on her body. What a cute name. I don't know what we would do without our critters. Are you feeling OK? I hope so.

    Granni, nice looking family and the photos are so clear. Stop in to tell us who is in the pics.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you are sick again. Those damn viruses we had seem never to want to leave. I hope your doc can help you. Comcast also charges more for HD but they, like all other broadcasters, have to send out their free signals in HD for all the networks and PBS. So what I get on my antenna is in HD as is HULU. As you know, TV is my life so I do like HD. Take good care of yourself and feel better.

    Rock, I hope you are OK. Stop in when you can.

    I got some laundry done and my washer is working. Right after the pipe leak, it wouldn't dispense the softener. I wondered whether a bit of dirt got into the mechanism but it's working fine now, thank God. I love that W&D set and hope they keep going for years to come. They are Bosch and made really well, not like my old cheap ones which seemed to break down and rust.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm back from the doctor. As I suspected, bronchitis. He gave me a RX for a Zpack and a prescription of prednisone. So I'm going back to bed and I'm sure this will knock it all out of me. My body wasn't satisfied with one go around of the flu but here I am again, the tail end he said.
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I'm not really having a wonderful day. My post on the Homebound board vanished. I got a
    notice from the library that a book is due in 3 days. I had no recollection of the book.
    Hunted around. Found it in the usual place; under the bed. Too bad Oreo wasn't under there. She could have helped. I banged my hand on the computer table again. The computer table
    is a slab of black marble. It is very unforgiving when bumped. On top of that there is fruit
    fly buzzing around. I explained there is no fruit in this room, but the stupid thing pays no

    Well, as we all know, things could be a lot worse. The news makes me cranky too. People
    who aren't doing really stupid things and doing really terrible things. AACCKK!

    Sun, I hope the current bout of flu is brief. Looked up Zpack. One site said it's zithromax.
    One said azithomaycin. They agree it's an antibiotic. All together now. What was the first antibiotic? That's right. Penicillin. Discovered by Alexander Fleming who won a Nobel prize.

    Mikie, I'm OK. Just crabby and tired of it all. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I don't
    have any sliding door problems with kitty. During the last few months she has taken to watching the kitchen windows. If she sees me she runs to the back door and meows. Loves to be petted and brushed. I can't follow all your technical reports, but it's nice to know you got your electronics in satisfactory shape.

    With regard inmates to picking up trash, one of our attorneys had to do that. On Malibu
    Beach. Not sure if he had to wear an orange suit. Anyhoo he was drunk and went right
    through a stop sign and broadsided another car. No injuries fortunately.

    I remember going in to work a little early and taking a file to his office. When I turned on the
    light I found him on his sofa. He groaned and said, Turn it off! Turn it off! He had spent
    most of the night there after he realized he was in no shape to drive home. Other than the drinking a very nice guy.

    Duckie, you're sure going far to sing Faure. Never heard his requiem. I used to have a record
    of soprano Phyllis Curtain singing songs by Paolo Tosti and Faure including, of course, clair
    de lune. Wikipedia says he wrote his Requiem for "the pleasure of it".

    Gettin' tired; better go.

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