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    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Slept well but was awakened by the loudest thunder I've ever heard. One crash after another. At one point, the TV went off (I had fallen asleep watching it). Normally, I would have looked outside at the lightning but I was too tired. I just went back to sleep. I don't know whether we got much rain but we certainly got lots of lightning and thunder.

    SV is my hero. He saved me from a bug running around on the bathroom floor. I've mentioned that we don't have insects inside due to the pest spraying all around the outside of our bldg. There is an exception. Only rarely do I see some kind of little black thing when I turn on the bathroom light in the morning. They are long and thin but are able to get even longer and thinner to squeeze through the narrowest of openings. They are super fast. One went scurrying behind the toilet when I turned on the light. SV was on top of it in a flash. He mashed it with his paw. I need to throw a little poison pill behind the bottom of the vanity. That usually gets rid of them and I haven't done it in a long time.

    Wanted to tell y'all about an amazing thing I saw on TV. Corian Countertops now makes countertops which will charge your electronics by just laying them on top. I ordered a new charging cord for the iPhone my DSIL gave me. It occurred to me that he used this one for a few years and, if anything happened to it, I would be dead in the water. The cords for Apple products are different than the ones for other products.

    Sun, just sent up a little prayer that you feel better fast. With the Z-Pack, you probably will. Stop in when you can to let us know how you're doing.

    Rock, I'm glad it's just been a series of things which have gotten to you instead of you're being sick. I also get sick of hearing about people who are doing crazy and terrible things as well as really mean and criminal things. The criminals seem to think they are being victimized when the long arm of the law comes after them. They believe they should be able to break the law with impunity. Yes, addiction is horrible. There are neighbors in our hood who are in and out of rehab like a revolving door. We need to be spending our healthcare dollars on finding cures for horrible diseases, not taking care of those with addictions who do nothing to help themselves.

    I know addiction is a disease too and that is the nature of it but it's ridiculous that these people continue to drink and drive like they do. It's amazing that they haven't killed themselves or someone else.
    How cute that Miss Kitty watches for you and comes to the door. She's smart and obviously loves you. Stroking a cat or dog, or other pets, is like taking a vitamin. It's good for us. I'm not a techie but I do have to understand enough to keep my TV and computer going. Little kids today know more than I. Hope your unfortunate events come to an end.

    Judy, I hope you are doing well. Drop in to let us know how it's going.

    Barry, hope you are doing well on your own til Richard returns. Hope you can come by the Porch for a visit.

    Star, same for you. I know you're busy with your little Treasures but hope you can stop in.

    I'm gonna go read the real newspaper. Love Wednesdays and Sundays. I am happy to read it online the rest of the week because it is a significant saving over getting it every day. I'm always looking for ways to save money. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Barry, glad you found somebody to help with the technical stuff. Ask him if he's good
    with computers. If so, send him over here.

    I hadn't noticed that the Homebound Board was in shambles. I suppose that's better than it
    being a sham. GB and I changed the subject on one thread, but since we were the only ones
    posting on it, I think that's allowable.

    Did you hear that Joe Biden said the White House was in a state of controlled chaos? I wonder
    if he knows that is an oxymoron.

    Mikie, I agree. Little kids know more about cell phones and computers than I do. But I
    know more than they do about important things such as Syttende Mai which is Norway's Independence Day. Stoughton, Wisconsin is having a three day celebration. Almost 60
    years ago I spent the summer there with my Aunt and Uncle. The Aunt of my Aunt was at the first Syttende Mai (May 17) day in 1905 in Norway. She was a child; about 5 I think. As
    some great thinker once observed, history is just around the corner.

    Spring Grove, MN (just around the corner from my home town) is also having a 3 day
    celebration. Three days gives one plenty of time to eat lots of Norwegian treats such as
    Krumkaka, Lefse, Rosetts, and Fattigman. Gordon and I used to make all that stuff when we
    belonged to the Sons of Norway.

    OK, nap time for me.
    Hugs, Rock
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    Sons of Norway sounds like a book title or tv series. Rock - I hope you have those irritants under control. Here too, it’s always something or other. Either the tube lights given out or the gas is finished. Or you discover an outfit you about to put on to go out has a button or two missing, or the shoe heel is gone. Nothing major in itself but irritating when in continuity.

    DS tried to fix the lights in what is like a hold all room but no success. I think the wires are gone somewhere. My phone display gave out and the land line at the same time, it got hit by a falling branch during the felling of some trees. But both are restored now. However, my friend was telling me I really need to change my phone, it’s a very old one, a very cheap Samsung version. However, I like to hold on long as possible to an appliance. Controlled chaos is what my DD would call her room. When I try to put things away when I go to her room for a little errand. She says there is a method to her mess. She knows which mess has what. And knows where to look.

    Messiness runs in our family. I would rather it not. My late brother was a neat freak. My kids had knicknamed him uncle Danny. After the tv serial dad. As soon as he had had his tea, he would take out the glass cleaner and start cleaning my kitchen cupboard glass panes. I hope he has a nice house with lots of surfaces to clean in heaven. Otherwise he wouldn’t be happy.

    Mikie - I think cockies are making their reappearance in our bathroom. They come when it gets very hot. Cockroaches. I really need to spray. But I just hate the smell. Good for SV. He is an insect terminator seems like.

    Table tops which charge electrical gadgets, what next? Remote controls which change tv channels when barked orders to? I saw a gadget which played music on voice orders on tv. Also a robot dog which opened the door for you. It moved like a real dog but looked very ugly. Only a robot dog could look ugly. Otherwise not possible. Or maybe just one. There was this dog won ugliest dog in the world, his name was Peanut. He really did look like a dog from hell. But his demeanor was not. That’s the difference.

    Have you seen Skidboot, worlds smartest dog? Don’t know if he is alive or not now.

    It’s been raining here again. So surprising, our monsoons are not due for another month. I think a warmer blanket needs to be kept on standby this summer. Very freakish weather. Everyone had put away their heavy clothing.

    Barry - always good to see you and know what’s up in those woods. What a stressor! Electricity troubles. What have you been cooking? I’ve done the stew thing myself a couple times this month. Buy chicken, throw in meat, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, tomato, veggies and pressure cook. So handy when rushed and healthful also.

    As for me, I reach out for my packets of veg ramen, or paneer matar readymade, or just simp,y eat rice and milk. When I’m in a hurry. Or I’ve wasted too much time on the net and have lost the zest to cook.

    Julie - hello. Keira’s concert outfit is gonna be so pretty. I too love buying things that are a bargain.. This year I found so many clothes that really appealed to me, I went a little mad and over budget. My excuse, if I don’t buy it now, it will be sold and another piece won’t come. But I need to step back and consider. I really want to lead a simpler life, have control over my impulses.

    Did you get allergies last year while mowing? You mowed a lot I remember, almost like a meditation for you. Like gardening is.

    Sun - I hope you are soon over your bronchitis. I hate the flu when it comes around.

    Granni - lovely family! Your DH musta been very handsome when he was young. He still is. And you a beautiful lady. You look compassionate. Which you are. Everyone looks like they having a great time. And the doggies. Heh heh.
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    Quick check-in. Barry, glad you got some help with the electrical problem...how stressful and exhausting.

    Rock, I feel like I should visit the other boards more often, but barely get on here. Hope it all gets straightened out.

    Sorry I can't post a lot...my eyes are blurry and I am just sort of typing and hoping it makes sense. Mowed this afternoon (after getting fillings at the dentist this morning) and the allergens were out in full force. Had to rest a bit when I first got home...not sure if it was the novacaine, but I was so sleepy. My teeth wouldn't cooperate with getting numb, even after the tech used three full syringes of novacaine...the dentist then had to add more. Grabbed a few groceries, then just came on home.

    I will have a full day of yardwork tomorrow, but don't want to get too worn out...Keira's concert is Friday and I want to leave home early enough to see my dad on the way. I ordered a wrist corsage for her...pink mini roses with lavendar (with glitter) ribbon. They are putting the flowers on a bracelet made with pearls. Should be really pretty. Keira's dress has lots of different colors in it...one I bought for her last year...I find things on clearance and grab them when I can.

    Better get on to bed and rest my eyes. Thinking of everyone. Hi Spring...I think we were posting at the same time :)
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    Spring: I watched the video of Skidboot. What a SMART dog.....passed on a few years ago though.


    Apparently the breed is a Australian Cattle dog, trained at herding cattle for long, hard rides. No wonder he's so smart, almost human. By the way, I agree, hate the smell of all poisons and not healthy either. Can you get "roach motel" where you live. They walk into the box, apparently attracted by a scent but there's glue inside so they are stuck.

    Barry: Did you check your circuit breaker box? Wondering if that's the problem. Good thing you found someone to help you. And when does Richard return home?

    Rock: I was watching an old movie, Inn of the 6th happiness, starring Ingrid Bergman, I'm sure you've seen it. So I was checking up on all the actors, one in particular Robert Donat who played a chinese emperor. I kept thinking he doesn't look chinese, sure enough English. This was his last film and died shortly after it was finished.

    Julie: Keira is going to love the corsage, perfect for her dress. Hard to believe that school is almost over for the summer. I think schools around here have 2 more weeks left.

    Mikie: You're right about the Zpack. The difference between yesterday and this evening is like night and day. I almost/almost have convinced myself to get a flu shot next season. I haven't been this sick in years. I emailed my doctor this morning, asking for a RX for cough medicine. So went to pick it up this evening and apparently the insurance doesn't cover any of it. I've slept off and on almost all day long and now that's it's bedtime I'm not sleepy. I couldn't sleep last night because all I could hear was my wheezing so tonight I'm prepared, I've got my little walkman with earbuds to drown ME out.
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    My dad is dying...
    My brother and sister are about 3 hrs from the hospital.
    Another sister has jumped in a taxi which will cost her a fortune.she's about an hr away...
    another sister is with her daughter and are also about an hr away from the hospital...
    They are all heading to the hospital hoping to get there before he dies.
    he is unconscious and they may not make it...
    my 3 sisters and brother all coming from different directions to a hospital in Perth, West Australia.
    miles away from me...
    at least they will hv each other...

    Apparently when my 2 sisters caught up with my dad, (when we first heard he had cancer and his heart was running at 38%) he flipped out when he saw a picture of me.
    I guess I will never know why he hates me so much.

    Just got another call.
    He is conscious again and mumbling...
    One Sister and brother are still making their way, but other 2 sisters and a niece and nephew are there.
    He is struggling to breathe.
    Am praying he doesn't say anything mean before he goes.
    That'd be hard to take.

    Dd and I went on a little over night adventure and got home to a complete mess.
    Was devastated.
    Tired and in pain, I went to the bedroom and shut the door.

    Thinking of all you guys.
    Praying for yas aswell.
    Get well, take care
    Catch yas later

    I'm going to bed soon.sweet dreams
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    Good Thursday Morning, Dear Ones,

    I woke with a sore throat and pain in my chest when I breathe. I think it's allergies and probably the Red Tide too. People here are sick of it. Publix hasn't had their Puffs tissues with Vicks on sale for ages. It's on sale this week so will stock up. I'm going through tissues like crazy. Amazon has them for only 61 cents a box but I'd have to join the Amazon Pantry at $4.50 a month. If I used a lot of paper goods and other things, it might pay but not for the few things I use.

    Looked at my e-mails and there was one from the mgmt. co. Those of us who park under our carports pay a yearly fee of $50 to help cover the insurance on the structures. The guy downstairs is selling his condo and it closes at the end of the month. He asked for a prorated rebate of his share. Mgmt. asked my permission to refund it. I said no. Any prepaid fees are settled at the closing. It would amount to about $24. I can't believe it. The deal on their house in Jacksonville fell through and they have nowhere to move to so will rent there. Evidently the housing market there is red hot and homes are gone as soon as they go on the market. I'd hate to be in their position. Think I'll stay put.

    Barry, glad you didn't lose food when the power partially went out. I'd also be looking at the circuit breaker box. That's usually the culprit when only some outlets don't work. Do you get your electricity from a rural co-op? They might be able to help in an outage or have some ideas to help in a partial outage. I usually tune in the network news just to get a quick look at what is on even though it's just sound bites and nothing comprehensive. Every single news item was bad news except for the last, feel-good story. At least, they end on a high note. Hang in there, Kiddo, and stay safe and powered up.

    Rock, if only the chaos at the White House were controlled. It's uncontrolled chaos which is redundant. A pundit on TV just used the term, downward evolution. Good grief. That's like alternative facts. Not sure if I want to eat anything which ends in 'kaka.' Also, Fatigueman sounds like it describes us, also Fatiguewoman. Still, I'll bet all those Norski treats are delicious. Unless kids today watch old movies, they will have no idea how much the world has changed since they were born. Advances in technology are happening at a faster and faster pace. Thank goodness we still have our Porch where old fashioned pursuits, like good conversation and friendships, are still honored. Of course, without technology, we couldn't drop in on the Porch.

    Spring, Sons of Norway does sound like a new super hero movie. Norseman could be the main guy. He would not only save the day but distribute Norski treats to everyone. I like it! I have no land line so I'm dead in the water if my cell phone dies. That's why I ordered a new charging cord. It's cheaper than getting new countertops to charge it. Those things you speak to are called personal assistants. Google, Apple and Amazon are the common ones. I'd like something to turn off one lamp which is kinda out of the way. I use it a lot and almost break my neck getting to it. I'd like to be able to just say, "Alexa, turn on the light." One has a nice speaker and will play whatever music one asks for. One has a screen which enables one to see what security cameras outside are capturing. Unfortunately, these gadgets don't seem to be secure. Maybe I'll just get a Clapper for that lamp. Our rainy season is here but it's just hotter and more humid. Ugh!

    Sun, I'm so glad you are responding to the Z-Pack so fast. It's too bad your ins. didn't cover the cough syrup. Congress isn't going to change the law so Medicare can negotiate the price of meds like the VA does. Big Pharma spends a lot of money bribing politicians so they are just doing what politicians do. The news had a story about a medication for babies which costs $30 in Canada. It costs $40,000 here. It's insane. People who can't afford to see doctors and don't take meds cost our country a lot down the road. Prevention is always less costly. I hope you continue to feel better and better.

    Julie, how nice of you to get the wrist corsage for Keira. I'll bet she will look lovely. Be sure to take pics so her 'Porchie Grandparents' can see. Between the dental work, the mowing and the allergens, I'm surprised you are even conscious. I'd be flat in bed. Take care of yourself. I keep seeing those big storms rolling across the country and I think of you and Duckie right in the middle of it all. Spring will soon have the Monsoon Season and we are weeks from the Hurricane Season. The really big hurricanes usually don't come until August and September but the Gulf and Atlantic are warmer so nothing would surprise me.

    Someone posted after I started but I'll close this out and come back to edit. I'm afraid of losing it if I peek.

    Star, it's you. I was glad to see you here but then read about your dad. I'm so sorry things are like this. After being with my Mom when she died, I realize no one dies alone. Loved ones come from the other side to take them home. There is much regret on the other side from people who treated others badly when on Earth. It is very hard to deal with the passing of fathers who chose to be mean or who weren't here for their kids during their lives. My biological father deserted my Mom and me when I was an infant. I cried when he died, not because he was part of my life but because he wasn't. Same with my beloved DSIL. He and his brother tried to reach out to their dad but he had nothing to do with them. It was hard for him when the man died too. I think it's grieving on more than one level. So, Dear One, I pray for you and your family during this difficult and sad time. Also, it's time to have a family meeting and tell DH and the rest that leaving a mess is unacceptable. If it were me, I'd refuse to clean up after them. DH is doing the kids no favor by letting them do this. It's disrespectful to them and to you. Damn passive aggressiveness!

    Judy, I hope you and yours are doing well.

    Sending everydooby my best wishes for a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh my...Star, I am just stuck for words...the whole thing brings me to tears. You're right...you many never know what has made your father act and feel this way towards you. I would bet money that it's not because of anything you, yourself, have done. When my youngest brother's wife said those terrible things to me (about what an awful sister I was and how, in my family, the whole world revolved around me, etc., etc.) I was so hurt and a little shocked.

    Over thirty plus years, she had acted like she really didn't care for me or being around me...but I thought it was "just her, being jealous and insecure". But I had no idea to what extent she actually despised me until I commented one too many times that my brother really ought to go see our dad (this was three years after my mom passed away.) That was the only thing I ever complained about, but she came unglued and came back with over thirty years of reasons why I was such a terrible, disgusting person. And it sounded like it was all due to the good relationships I had with all our other family members.

    Yes, my grandparents and parents adored me. Yes, I hosted all the family dinners (my grandma refused to go to this woman's house because she was always so rude and acted like she didn't really want to be around any of us)...for instance, when just my family would agree to go to a dinner at their house, sis-in-law would put the meal on the table and either leave the house completely (her parents lived just up the street) or she would go in to her computer room and ignore her guests. We always felt like we were "bothering her."

    My point is that, who knows what has been going on in your dad's head. I'm so sorry for the pain he has caused, and for the pain that comes with losing him. Please know that I am praying for you and your family.

    As to the mess you returned home to...not nice at all. Lots of ways to deal with it, but only you know what to do, and when. A family meeting is a good idea, at least you would be able to voice your anger, hurt and concern.

    Sun, I'm glad the meds are helping. I should probably wear a mask when I'm outside but I get so sweaty and feel like I can't breath. Plus it fogs up my glasses.

    I'd better get busy. I had typed a long paragraph about the "state of the country", but deleted it for fear of offending any of my friends on here. Suffice it to say, I am not losing any sleep over this matter. Not because I think this administration is doing everything "right", but because I believe God is going to sort it all out in the end and there is no reason for any of us to worry.
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    Star: I'm so sorry to read about your dad. OK, he's come to the end of his life and perhaps he might have a death bed epiphany of all he's done wrong in his life, the meanness he's caused to you for one thing. Give it all to God, as I'm sure you have, and let God deal with him and give YOU peace. As to the house mess, yes you MUST explain to your family how their behavior affects you and in the long run everyone. As to your DH, he's a PA and probably a child in many ways and you're the adult in the house. The adult is away so the 3 little children will play. I lived 46 years with a PA so I do understand. Even though I live alone and don't like it, now that constant strife in the house is gone and I have peace.

    Mikie: I also am taking prednisone....basically both until sunday. He told me if I wasn't better to come back on monday. The big problem is the mucous and trying to clear it from my lungs, a part of having COPD. I have been using steam which does help for awhile. Late in the evening I felt sooo good and now this morning I feel like I was run over by a truck.

    Julie: Boy, do I understand about a face mask and glasses! I had to wear one at the clinic the other day and I'm still trying to get used to new glasses.....they would fog up on me then I was stumbling around. You're in a real bit of a problem when you mow. You've said you can't get a goat or some sheep because Oreo would chase but there's got to be a better solution. It just seems like it's non stop mowing for you. Maybe someone in the area would like to rent out a section for a truck garden?

    I'll be back later, gotta go lay down a bit.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and thinking of me.

    My energy has been down the tubes for the last several weeks..the C.R.E.S.T. disease has reared it's ugly and painful head. It's been difficult just to get out of bed...and on top of that, I've got dental problems..I have a crown that is infected and it's connected to a bridge..big dental working ahead! As much as I dislike having to take antibiotics, I'm on one for the next two weeks.

    Our truck is back in the shop..don't know when it will be ready..this repair shop is very popular, therefore, busy, busy, busy. Since I had to cancel our other appointment, the owner is fitting us in between other clients appointments. I just didn't have the energy to deal with getting it back to the shop until yesterday. John, who is one of the drivers for AAA, said the day before, he made 3 trips to our repair shop..and he is only one of the drivers.

    Saturday is Kaitlyn's 5th birthday party, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to go, not only because of the truck, but my lack of energy..it's almost a 3 hour drive one way. Her birthday is actually on the 27th of May, so hopefully, the truck will be ready to go by then and DH and I will make the trip to Martinez.

    Hopefully, my money tree is in full bloom now!!

    Our place is a disaster..before the C.R.E.S.T. showed up, DH and I had started to clear things out of this place..getting rid of things we no longer need and packing other things for storage..we also started cleaning up the back deck..told DH that I feel like, and look like, we are hoarders and I can't stand it anymore!! As my energy returns, we will get this place back in ship-shape!

    We have been having some wonderful rain on and off since last Friday. It will rain for a short time during the day, or night..just enough to clean the air and make everything smell so nice.

    I will be among the millions of folks who will be watching the wedding this coming Saturday. There have been several documentaries on TV regarding the Royal Family and their weddings. It's been fun to watch.

    Star..just read your post..Sweet Girl, I'm so sorry to hear about your father and for all the pain he has put you through. Take it from an old lady, the day will come, hopefully, sooner rather than later, when you can let go of all of this and heal. I think if I had come home to a mess like you did, I would have packed a bag and gone on a vacation for a week or two by myself..being gone for a few days won't work! Let the family take care of themselves..perhaps then, and only then, will they will see what a wonderful person you are and how well you take care of them, even when you're in so much pain. Sounds like they don't appreciate/respect you, and that's so sad. I'm sending gentle hugs and prayers.

    Rock..glad you got your computer is working again. Separating seeds is quite a tedious job..you must have tons of patience! I agree with you, our parents were of the greatest generation and we were of the coolest generation. Life was good back then. My folks gave my sister and I a wonderful childhood, and we tried to pass that on to our kids. At times, I dream of going back to my younger days and reliving them..such great memories I have of days gone by.

    Mikie..hope you are feeling better. I can relate to your haircut dilemma. As much as it is a pain for me to cut my own hair, I think I do a much better job than some of the salons. However, I will have to break down and go to a salon now and let them work their magic on my hair. I've decided to stop coloring my hair as well. My arms just can't handle being up over my head anymore while putting the coloring goop on or cutting it. You are a Saint when it comes to handling situations that come up in the hood. I would probably hang a sign around my neck saying "Complain to me at your own risk..I'm in a pissy mood" ;)

    Spring..made me smile visualizing your puppy rubbing up against your arm in hopes of getting a taste of that wonderful smelling food..was it you that was having problems with ducks in your pool? When we had our house, we had a pair of ducks that flew in and enjoyed our pool, and those of our neighbors, for several years. We tried to discourage them in the beginning from landing in the pool, but just gave up. With the chemicals that were added to the water in the pool to make it sanitary, there were no problems or danger of disease with them swimming in it. Of course, once they got out of the pool and started walking around on the pool deck, that was something altogether different..had to hose it down everyday..after awhile, we just went with the flow and hosed the decking down..not a big deal..besides, the ducks didn't stay that long..I think about two months. In fact, everyone in our area with pools..started looking for them to return the next year.

    Granni..great pictures..would like to know who is in them. Glad you are getting break from singing..the holidays will be here before you know it, and you'll be busy once again with the choir.

    Duckie..wishing you and your son a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Glad you had a good time at lunch with your former co-workers..so nice of them to take you out to lunch. What's the latest on your quilt..any pictures? Who won the prize for the most unique piece of trash? Hope you were the winner!

    Barry..just got my catalog from Annie's Annuals..what beautiful flowers. I'm also on their emailing list. Doesn't Richard come home this coming Saturday? I know you are looking forward to his return. How are all the fur babies? How's your garden? Mine is still in the "thinking about it" stage!..not to mention, it's getting late in the season.

    Sun..so sorry to hear about your bout with bronchitis, but glad to hear the meds are working. It seems that with all of our illness, it take nothing to come down with something else..gets very tiresome.

    Julie..still as busy as ever! Hope you take lots of pictures of Keira to share with us..her dress sounds lovely and the wrist corsage sounds beautiful. I would love to be able to mow the grass again..it was always "my" time to just mow and think, or NOT to think!! Glad to hear your dad is doing well. How is your eye doing since your surgery..? Thanks for a great porch..looks very inviting.

    Going back to bed..hope I didn't miss anyone..sending prayers for "good" days and good health for everyone.
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time have to go fix dinner.

    Top first pic has my daughters, Karen and Lori from L to right. I am on the bottom there with DIL Carla. DS had to work.

    The second pic has daughter Lori, holding Tuffy, DGS Ethan, DGD Meegen, SIL Jay and DGS Carson holding puppy Lottie that likes to chew things up. DD was very upset at her when she chewed some of the Mothers Day Paper and presents. Mine was OK, very boring for a puppy, a jacket with a hood.

    Thanks a lot JULIE for posting.

    Sorry gotta run and fix dinner.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good evening, friends! Another busy day, but I didn't get outside till after lunch. I worked on "finding" my kitchen island and the living room this morning. The organizing projects are ongoing, but I had to move some things back to the guest room so I could keep what was left of my sanity, lol! Den noticed too...when he got home, he said he didn't realize the living room was that big :p;)

    I have gotten lots of things put away which meant more and more empty boxes and totes to use elsewhere. Judy, if I knew how, I would private message a pic of Den's dad's house after "sis" moved up here to take care of him...brought a 27 ft. U-Haul and unloaded it all in Gpa's house (even things she planned to sell in a garage sale, lol!) I bet you wouldn't feel like a hoarder compared to that.

    Sorry about your truck having to go back to the shop...hope the repairs are quick and done right this time. I get my eyes rechecked on the 24th...and the new prescription for the operative eye. I have no pain, but it feels like I have a contact stuck in there...hope that goes away, eventually.

    Granni...I'm so glad some of your family got to get together for Mother's Day.

    Sun, I hope you start feeling better and better each day. Thanks for thinking of things to help reduce my mowing. Truth be told, I really don't mind it that much....just when the allergens flare up my symptoms. I don't think I would want someone coming back here to work in a truck patch...we have a lot of privacy and I think I would feel "invaded". Den offers to mow for me, but I do enjoy having time to "not have to think" but still feel like I'm getting something done.

    I mowed till Den got home and after he got up from his nap. While he was resting, I potted some more plants to take to Amy and filled a few more hanging planters for myself. Had to sit on the porch swing and watch the hummingbirds at the feeder...boy, are they noisy little things, sounding like a big bumblebee or something. And feisty towards each other, lol!

    I may not get on here tomorrow...several things to get ready before I leave for Keira's concert...get a package ready for Tennessee Treasures, remember and load all the things to take to Amy's (the girls' tomato plants, Amy's flowers, my old clarinet so Keira can try it out, etc.) all the usual stuff for my dad (7-Up, birdseed and suet, washed flower vase to swap out with new flowers, sugar-free candy, and I will try to remember his bird bath...the glass one that looks like a Tiffany lamp.)

    Thinking of everyone...hope tomorrow is a "good enough" day.
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Yesterday, my wi-fi stopped working. Seems Comcast didn't do something right so I was on the phone with the techie specialist and the account specialist at the same time. Both were very nice as we tried to sort it all out. I was pulling plugs and trying to communicate with them. SV doesn't like it when I'm on the phone, especially if the conversation is quite animated. He ran over to his little track ball game and started feverishly batting the ball until it was going around like crazy. It is very noisy and he became obsessed with it. Finally, I had to take it away from him until I was off the phone. It's like having a two year old.

    I didn't get in for my annual skin check last year because it was the year from hell. So it's been almost two years since I've been to the dermatologist. I was planning to call after my endoscopy. I felt a little raised spot on my upper back just under my arm. I looked in the mirror and it has all the things they tell people to look for with melanoma. Needless to say, I ran to the phone and will be going in on Mon. Even had I gone in last year, the spot wasn't there then. It wouldn't have been caught until this July on the anniversary of my annual checkup. So, if it's melanoma, I hope it can be removed and it hasn't spread. Both DDs have had melanomas removed and it runs in families. Yikes!

    I am turning it over to God. I believe He is in charge but I also believe He expects us to do everything in our power before we do that. Faith is a wonderful thing but I believe He also expects action. He did give us free will. If I didn't do my part, I'd likely end up with a melanoma which has spread in my body. I just hope it hasn't already if it's melanoma. Stay tuned for further updates.

    Julie, sounds as though you've been very busy. I hope the allergies clear up. I'm glad your eye is better but I hope the lingering sensation goes away. I always enjoyed mowing our yard with the walking mower. We had one of the best lawns. I cut it diagonally. I know mowing a farm isn't like having a suburban lawn but there is something about mowing which is soothing to me. Same with ironing even though I seldom iron anymore. Hope you enjoy Keira's concert.

    Judy, I hope you can get the truck fixed once and for all. That kind of thing is sooo stressful for me. I still haven't taken mine in for the oil change but I'm dealing with doctor appointments and that has to take priority right now. Just dealing with my wi-fi with Comcast was almost more than I could take. Right now, I just feel fragile. I'm hoping to get healthier all over but it's slow going. We are getting so much rain that I can't get over to the pool to work out. I'm sorry you are dealing with the CREST disease and your crown. I think I broke a corner off one of my old crowns but it's not bothering me so will wait til I go in July for my cleaning. Talk about a money tree. Think I'll plant some coins in a big pot to see whether one sprouts up. I'm laughing at your post. Yes, 'pissy mood' pretty much describes me these days.

    Sun, I'm so sorry your COPD is giving you problems along with this bug. Do you take Mucinex or use an inhaler with albuterol? I think you have mentioned using something for the COPD. I have a nebulizer and albuterol which helps clear my lungs fast. I hope the ABX and steroid clear this up fast for you. Seems it can be so hard for us to recover from these bugs going around. I know you've probably been too sick to deal with the ducks in the pool. Are they still there? I was curious about what you have planned to spray paint red. You're not only creative in your artwork but also in how you tackle problems. Feel better, my friend.

    Granni, weatherman says it's gonna be in the upper 90's in your neck of the woods today. Hope you and DH can stay cool. Thanks for telling us who is in the pics. I had pretty much figured out it was you, your DDs and DDIL in the first one. We have been in the upper 80's and it's been cloudy with thunderstorms part of the time. There has been a nice breeze so the humidity doesn't feel so bad. I still haven't been out to work in our yard around the bldg. I need to cut off a small tree which is too close to the foundation. We have some bushes which have taken over and are keeping the light sensor in the shade too late in the morning. No big hurry because we have LED lights outside and the difference is only about a dollar a month when they shut off when they are supposed to. Everywhere down here is talk of getting ready for hurricanes. I need a new flashlight/lantern. I'm tempted by those shown on TV but a lot of those things don't work right. The cheap little radios I have aren't working. Think I'll have to spring for something better. As I said, hope you guys stay cool.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - So glad that you made an appt. to go to the dermatologist on Monday. My eldest daughter has had basal cell removed on her face and maybe somewhere else, not sure. Also my Dh had that problem and has had them removed. Don't want to fool with that stuff. We knew someone who had a cancer, not sure which on his head, he used to play golf with DH and never wore a hat. By the time he did much about it it has spread to far. So glad you are going,

    JULIE - Girl, you wear me out talking about all you have to do and or doing at the moment..

    BARRY - Is Richard home yet? It seems like it is about time or pretty close. Hope you are doing OK. Keep on hanging !!!

    Going for an early lunch and expensive one to for DD#2 and her DH anniversary. He is surprising her as to where it is. It will be interesting - a Brazilian steakhouse. We are going for lunch as it is cheaper and also we will not feel too full before bedtime. More about it later. We went there with another couple on our 50th anniversary. It has been a few years since then so I do not remember much other than it was very good. That was also pred diet and I didnt worry about what to eat and not eat.

    Thinking about everydobby. Gotta finish getting ready for lunch today. More hopefully later on, today or tomorrow. Will have some outside work to do tomorrow morning DH already has been telling me.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again, jiggity jig. I'm up to doing a short jig today. Don't know whether it's the new vitamins I got from PH or not. They are full of vitamins and minerals. It's often the trace minerals which are so vital to feeling good. They come in capsules and you can take as few or many as you want up to the maximum. I'm starting out slowly but think I notice a difference already. The dark circles under my eyes are fainter too. People at the store were all in a good mood. Lots of smiles and joking with strangers. Maybe it's the anticipation of the Royal Wedding. I'm very excited.

    Granni, if y'all do any yardwork, I hope it isn't too hot. It's not bad here until about noon. Seems to be raining whenever it pleases. Our summer rainy season pattern is sunny days with a thunderstorm every afternoon and it doesn't last long. I hope you enjoy your lunch. Publix had some cod fillets at the deli so I got them for my lunch. Sooo yummy. I got a sweet roll and strawberries for breakfast while I watch the wedding.

    OK, gonna run. Got the freebie paper at Publix. Can't wait to do the crossword puzzle.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: What's the name of this vitamin from PH?
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    It's the Optimum Multivitamin. The order # is N2262. There are 240 capsules in the bottle. It will last me a long time unless I take the maximum dose. So far, only two capsules a day is making a difference. Years ago, my doc said some people need vitamins with minerals. I had forgotten that.

    Barry, sorry you are sick. Only two more days til Richard returns. Hang in there.

    Love, Mikie

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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OK.....I ordered it thru Prime. I'm taking your recommendation. By the way the correct word spelling is OPTIMAL MULTIVITAMIN by Seeking Health, in case anyone else wants to order. I'm terrible at taking supplements. I forget or there's other things I have to take first.
  19. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Howdy everybody!

    Sorry I've been absent. Been very busy at work trying to tie everything up before vacation. Tough, because my body is still at work, but my brain is half-way gone already!! :D

    Today I worked at home while one of my tires got looked at. I had gotten a bolt through it a few months ago; DH and DS tried - rather unsuccessfully - to fix it with "fix a flat". I called for roadside service which I have through my insurance, and the guy who came put a plug in the tire. Ever since then, every time I got up to highway speed (which I don't have to do often due to my short commute), I had a little shimmy from that tire. I finally took it to get fixed before I go on vacation. Now all I have to do is pop my new windshield wipers on and I'll be all set.

    Tomorrow is my third class to "learn" the technique I'm using for my States quilt. I have 20 states done so far. There's only one that I'm not satisfied with (Oklahoma), but it's just me being hyper-critical of my own work. Nobody that I've shown it to so far has noticed until I've pointed it out. Still, the block may get re-done in the end.

    Sunday DS and I will be packing and staging stuff to go with us. Some of it may get put in the car ahead of time, because I have choir Monday night and we leave Tuesday afternoon.

    I also go to the sleep doctor on Monday to get my prescription for my new CPAP machine. I hope I'll have time to go to pick it up but the medical supply place is a good 20-25 minutes away from the doctor's office - the opposite way from my house (of course).

    Mikie - I hope the vitamins continue to help you. I've been taking a multi-vitamin with minerals for a long time. I also take an extra dose of vitamins B-complex, C and D. Every once in a while, I get lazy and don't take them - and I notice the difference. What a pain that must have been with the wifi! I'm not sure if I mentioned or not, but I got tired of the cheap router provided by my carrier, so I bought a better one and put it in. We just had too many wireless devices connected to the old one, and it kept dropping my signal to my phone - which should have never happened since I sit less than 10 feet from the router in my bunker!

    Sun - I actually have an alarm set on my phone to remind me to take my vitamins with dinner...otherwise I'd forget. Had a silly thought in my head that someday I would want to come visit you except that ducks aren't welcome in your pool!!:cool::rolleyes:

    Barry - so sorry you're not feeling well. Hang in there - Richard will be home soon!! <Hug>

    Star - My deepest sympathy to you and your family. May you find peace and comfort.

    Judy - Why do our conditions decide to act up at the worst times?? I hope you get to go see Kaitlyn for her birthday.

    Julie - I did actually get out and pull a few weeds in my garden. I feel so righteous!!

    My quilt is calling. Must answer. Hugz to Rock, Spring, Granni, etc.

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  20. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Thanks for all the kind words and for your thoughts.
    My dad died at 11:57 W.A. time yesterday
    And apparently its been a bit of a three ringed circus over there...
    He had not taken out funeral insurance (glad mum has) and had filled out
    All the paperwork etc for the university to claim his body,
    But they don't want it...
    So many personalities involved and dad really made a mess of things changing next of kin all the time.
    (It depended on who his favourite was at any given time...)

    Not getting much sleep and sooo many phone calls and texts trying to stay in the loop.
    (There are a coue of 'power trippers' in the mix...)

    I dont understand my DH lack of .... ?

    Youngest ds came straight up to gv me a big cuddly hug and I cried.
    he is only 13 and I probably should hv held it together, but the hug...

    Im getting too emotional, so am gonna go for now.
    Cant really think straight and am also in the middle of a flare...

    Will hv to make my comments and replies another time. Sorry.

    Love to all
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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