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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Hi, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. I think I've posted this porch before but don't have time to find something new. Some of our porches from the past are lovely enough that they could be returned and enjoyed all over again. Been sleeping pretty well ever since my procedure. This morning, I took my allergy pill and sprayed the Nasacort up my nose. Between the two, my ears don't get so stuffed up. Still waiting for results of the endoscopy biopsies and hope they come today or tomorrow.

    I was the only one of us who got the Final Jeopardy question last evening. The contestants all got it. I don't know whether my brain is better due to clearing up the tinnitus and stuffiness or whether it was just something not too difficult for me. It did require a bit of reasoning which I've not been capable of in a while. I worry most about mental disability more than physical. I see the effect of Claudia's mother's Alzheimers on her and I'd never want my kids to go through that.

    I had stopped all supps and most meds due to the tinnitus but took my new multivitamins yesterday and I know they give me NRG so I'm going to keep taking them. They have no mag. stearate and don't seem to affect the tinnitus. I'm still take a small dose of them.

    Sun, I hadn't realized you would be gone ten days. Glad you have someone reliable to take care of Clair. My neighbor who took care of SV moved. My friends, Claudia and Joe, would do it if I needed them to feed SV and clean out his box. Poor Clair will be like Worf. She will miss you. I'm glad you have things to travel with to make it more comfortable. I usually dread travel but, when the time comes, I rise to the occasion and have a good time. I also plan everything around black. My family must think I'm perpetually in mourning. Are you still taking those multivitamins? If so, are they helping?

    Granni, I've only been to Galveston once but really liked it. My kids love it. They keep wanting me to meet them there for Mardi Gras. Evidently they have their own celebration. We had a wonderful lunch of sea food and that's my standout memory. Do you take time to play with Willie and Waylon when you go over?

    Julie, what you said about you and Den is so sweet. I'm glad you have one another. I am destined to take my ride alone but that's OK too. I'd rather have had the marriage work out but I'm trying to make the most of my situation (I alone control the remote). Haha! A good loving marriage is a blessing and I'm so happy you and Den are so blessed.

    I think I've mentioned that I've heard God, or one of his angels, speak to me. I once wondered why I was still single and I was told, "You had a lot of work to do and couldn't have done it if you had been with someone." Well, that makes sense to me. So, I travel my road alone but am happy for all y'all who have someone.

    Gonna go read the virtual paper. I got up late this morning. Hope everydooby has a wonderful day. Love, hugs and prayers for all our Porchies, those I've responded to here and all the rest of our wonderful clan.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. springwater

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    Mikie - what a beautiful porch. It’s not cluttered but what’s there is so pretty and elegant as well as comfortable looking. Like that devastatingly handsome guy who also turns out to be as nice as he is handsome. My! Let me take a moment to admire my fine brain which came up with that

    There... I just did... kidding.

    It’s raining hard outside. Can hear water splashing all around me. And it’s evening so the temps have become cooler. A respite from the humidity and heat of mid summer. It’s so hot I had to ask DH to bring home a tub of ice cream. And juice. Normally, we just have our ice cream outside when errands take us to the supermarket or town.

    Mikie...too bad your ex didn’t appreciate what he had. He doesn’t sound happy to me. But as you said, we all have our individual life paths to take, our individual karma, and our own evolution. I think only very few people get to hear our guides, angels, or higher souls speak. I’m sure the next time round is going to be much much easier for us in terms of everything.

    Julie - congrats on your anniversary. How blessed you are that you look upon Den as the perfect one. Can’t say the same of my own marriage. Too different. But after all these years and lots of tears, stormy phases, ups and downs, we are chugging along. I congratulate him and myself for making some sort of peace with ourselves and being in relatively happy spaces inspire of having so little in common.

    Sun - sending you good thoughts. You’ve been on other trips before while feeling rough and managed to enjoy yourself. Maybe the change of environment will help with your conditions? My friend said her asthma magically disappeared when she traveled.

    Granni - I see you popped in when I had to leave posting midway. Yes, my marriage was arranged. So was my DHs sisters. And all three of DHs uncles daughters.

    My SIL s marriage was arranged in the extreme. They didn't meet until she was packed off to Switzerland like a mail order bride. The respective fathers apparently promised each other's children in marriage to the other. Bizarre! When you think how wrong it could have gone! However, they were soul mates as it turned out. Both of them very nice looking. And both nicer people. Theirs have been a model marriage. And their kids are the kids every dad mom want. Strange are the ways of God.

    Uncles daughters have wonderful marriages, very loving husband's but for one daughter. She is married to a man who is 10 years older and was distant from the day she married him. Under his mother's thumb. You would think he is married to his mum and not his wife, the way he dotes on his mum and shuts out his beautiful young wife. His mum is the proverbial mum from hell. Dominating. Arrogant. Unethical. Unfortunately, cousins family didn't know until it was too late.

    Rock - I looked up 3D printers. Intimidating! What what can be built by computing! Some things are quite fascinating, like those life like whales and tigers they show in Dubai etc. That's nice the sidewalk is restored back to shape. A far cry from our buildings here. The other day I had to take a cab and they're perennially making the roads..laying pipes or some sort of work..I can't remember plying on a completed road in all of town at the same time. Some wisecrack has named kathmandu, Dustmandu. On World Environment Day, my DD joined her friends office people in a walkathon to bring attention to the state of the roads and the pollution unfinished road jobs are creating.

    Barry - our petunia season is over and gone. I'm happy Richard is back. Those he planted sound lovely. I love striped petunias. Really brighten up a patch or a doorstep. Right now I'm fighting a foliage outbreak due to the daily lashings of rain and hot temperatures.
    .and the foliage is winning. Not that I don't like the green everywhere.. But don't want to encourage reptiles or insects.

    Star, Dmc, JB...hope things are going good there

    Today I stayed home..tired of making chicken for meals so I made a dish mixing Buffalo meat pieces and celery.

    DH told me not to buy fish during monsoon season. Apparently in some places they ban fishing during monsoons because it's their breeding season.

    I took a Brothers Day Out and took my brother out the other day. We went to this Book Exhibition in town then onto a new mall and had lunch at this nice Indian restaurant, then onto a temple of Lord Buddha and back. It's been ages since I have gone out with this brother ..every time something more important or pressing seems to come up so I'm glad we had this.

    God bless
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    Good morning awl. I am afraid to start this as DH will want the computer probably in a few minutes. Just took some time to read the new Porch posts. Thanks MIKIE for the new PORCH . Who care if it is old. It is lovely and with a fireplace yet. I suits me just fine I will try and come back in awhile after DH does his thing and write a more proper post to all . Glad you seem to be feeling a little more chipper since the surgery. Hope it lasts.

    SUN - Where are you going and when? I know what you mean about packing to go anywhere these days. What do you bring for breakfast, breakfast bars and if so what. I am at a loss myself. At home it is mostly my drink with protein powder, blueberries, some avocado if I have it, my green powder and almond milk. I also throw my calcium pills in there that are pretty big. Are you going to stay at families lakehouse? I forget who owned it. Hope you start to feeling better soon at least a little so you can enjoy your trip.

    SPRING WATER - Hi there kiddo. Seems like you are doing pretty well with all you have had to go through. I just love hearing about your area and customs. Just curious, was your marriage arranged? If you don't want to answer that is fine. I understand. Not that all our non arranged marriages are perfect, they aren't that's for sure. HUGZ sweetie !

    Happy Anniversary again Julie and Den !! Hope you have a great and blessed day and many more to come and hope you have many more happy years together.

    Better leave before I get chased.:) Will try and get back later.


    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...


    Vicki is heading to Baltimore, MD tonight and will return Sunday night. She will be on the committee that is organizing a big cancer run to raise money for the Cancer Foundation later this year. She is very excited to be able to participate..her her dad and I are so proud of her for taking part in this large fundraiser. We're anxious to hear all the details when she returns home.

    My allergies are off the charts..the sneezing and blowing my nose is so annoying. The other day when my friend took me grocery shopping, we stopped off at the library so she could return some books and pick up a couple of CDs she had reserved. When she got back in the car, I said "look at the pollen floating around in the air..no wonder we all are dying of allergies"...it was nasty yellow looking stuff just blowing every which way. I should have bought stock in the kleenex company because I'm going through box after box like it's free..need to stock up again sometime soon! Last year was the first time I ever had a big problem with allergies, and I think this year is worse..uuggg!

    DH went to the motel office yesterday to pay our rent but returned to our room rather quickly. He said that our debit card didn't go through..WHAT?!! The manager told him that he had been having trouble with the office phone system since the previous night, and none of the transactions were going through..Oh good grief!! I was so relieved to hear that it wasn't our card..I knew there were sufficient funds in the account to pay the rent, but never like hearing that there is a problem..DH went back this morning and the payment went through without a hitch!!

    The weather has been pretty hot the last few days, so DH and I continue to stay indoors most of the time. I did repot a couple of my mom's amaryllis bulbs early yesterday morning. I have lost several of the bulbs due to the weather being so cold, snow and ice, during the winter..even though I covered the bulbs with two layers of thick plastic, I still lost several bulbs. My mom loved her amaryllis flowers..they were a deep red color..so beautiful. Now that I have transplanted a few of them, I'm going to give one bulb to each of my daughters and granddaughters, and hope they will continue thrive and bloom for years and years to come. I also have my mom's cactus plant that is huge and have taken cuttings from it and have repotted those as well to give to my girls.

    Spring..hope you're not in any danger of flooding from your monsoons..wish we could get some of your rain to help put out our forest fires and to clean the air. When we lived at out house, we had a cat that loved the rain..he would walk back and forth along the railing of our back deck just as sassy as could be enjoying the light shower...how is your loving family doing..?

    Sun..how is your ear..has the blockage corrected itself yet?..sending prays that you will feel well and enjoy your trip to Wyoming with your family. Wyoming is a beautiful state and so much to do. Are you going to do any painting while there?..I hope so! Your life is full and you, too, are blessed with a loving family.

    Mikie..Thank you for your kind words on Vicki..she really has been through a lot and will probably continue to do so for the rest of her life..as her mommy, I'm in a constant state of fear that the cancer will return. However, I do try to keep a positive outlook for Vicki and the rest of the family. Isn't the result on your gastero test due in soon? Are you getting any relief from all this allergy business?..what a pain allergies are!..looks like I'm going to have to break down and start taking allergy meds as well..I have to take the one for high B/P..they work so so. I worry about our earth, too..we have really made a mess of things..the water you spoke of being dumped into your waterways, sounds so nasty..so many things we need to clean up on this earth..just hope it's not too late. Glad you made it to the pool..I know you must feel refreshed after exercising..I did after swimming laps early in the morning in our pool..great way to start the day! I'm still running my Vipre everyday, sometimes twice. I just got a notice that I've been infected with 3 new viruses..not so, but I'm running Vipre again this morning just incase.. will run it again tonight. I know how you feel when you see all of Mother Nature's beauty. I feel the same way when I look up at the Sierras or see fields of California poppies in full bloom..I truly admire you..you are a kind, giving, strong, and intelligent woman. You have accomplished so much..your life is full and you are truly blessed with a wonderful loving family and many good friends.

    Rock..I've never attended one of my high school reunions, and I don't think I missed anything by not going. Let me see if I have this straight..the workers put the sidewalk back to it's previous condition? Does that mean they didn't do any replacing of the cable..just dug up the sidewalk and put it back? Not sure I can hold up walking from one end of the farmers market to the other, either. I do want to give it a try..I'm so tired of paying the high prices in the grocery store and have the produce turn out to be tasteless, taboot! I'd much rather pay the farmer for his good fresh produce even tho the prices maybe a little high..but I don't mind because the middleman is out of the picture. What a blessing to have Gorden in your life..what a wonderful, kind, and caring person he is, and you, Sir, are a very kind and loving person as well..so giving and supportive to all of us..thank you, my friend!

    Barry..good to hear from you..If I'm not mistaken, I think we can purchase dandelion greens from our grocery store..I doubt they are as good as dandelions pulled from your yard..never was interested in purchasing them because I don't like bitter or tangy tasting stuff in my salads. You have certainly been busy gardening. I adore petunias..I had several hanging baskets of petunias when we had our house that were the cascading kind..when in full bloom, they were showstoppers. Congratulations to you and Richard for being together 45 years..DH and I will be celebrating 52 years together in August..Thank you for all your caring and kindness..you are a marvelous person and I so enjoy reading your posts.

    Granni..I truly understand you and DH not wanting to travel anywhere in that hot heat..I'm the sameway. Sending prayers for your DDIL for a speedy recovery from her hysterectomy..hope all is going well for her..has a decision been made regarding your DS accepting the offer to move to NM to run a hospital? Thank you for all your support and love to all of us on the board..it means so much to everyone of us. Have a fun filled day!

    Duckie..how are you? How's your mom doing since her first prep for cataract surgery? I think I read on one of your posts that you will going out of town again..sorry, I have forgotten the date and where you will be going. What is your latest quilting project..any pictures? I enjoy your interesting posts and looked forward to reading them..you have accomplished so many things in your young life..you are a very kind person and so supported to us all..thank you. Pop in when you can..

    Julie..you and Den are busy bees! Even though your energy level gets low at times, I admire the fact that you just keep going, but know when to rest and recharge..I remember the days when DH and I were remodeling our house..tons of work to be done. I loved our house and miss it, but that's life..at least DH and are still walking through life together and taking care of the the bumps in the road the best we can. Buzz and I are blessed to have a loving and supportive family as well..Through the years, I have learned not to sweat the little stuff..I save my energy for the big stuff that may come along. Your grandchildren are growing up so quickly..like you, we don't have any babies anymore either..as much as I enjoyed the baby stage, I'm enjoying being able to carry on a conversation with my granddaughters now. Continue to enjoy your loving family..how is your dad doing? Is your eye feeling like it's getting back to normal now?

    I want everyone on this board to know that I consider you all my family. All of you are so kind, giving, supportive, and very willing to listen to the woes of others..it means so much to me to be able to come to the board to whine or to discuss anything and everything with you without being judged. You all mean the world to me and have hearts as big as heaven, and I thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.

    Hope my little picture and saying posts ok..we've all had good days and bad ones.

    Have a wonderful and fun filled day!

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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Dear Julie and Den...


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  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Taking "comfort" things for a trip includes: Steel cut oats (need to be cooked) almond butter, coconut oil, hemp hearts, cinnamon......I cook the steel cut oats in a pot and eat some every morning. All the rest are mixed into it. I've had to cut out all dairy so that's been hard. Then I also make a big batch of oat bars and take some of them. Basically everything but the kitchen sink baked into them. I'm a person who MUST eat within the hour of waking up. By the way, wherever I go now there MUST be a microwave in the place, so we've found that staying at air B&B work out best. When we traveled last year and we went to Savanna, GA and Charleston that's what we did.

    I'm flying from LAX to Jackson Hole, Wy, staying at an air B&B for 10 days. There will be 7 of us. Going with my DD and her family and parents of my SIL. I've traveled with them for almost 20 years and we get along good....except when his dad starts on about TRUMP. Guess I'll have to walk away when he does. Can't go white water rafting but I can float in a raft down the river. Can't go horseback riding but I can still enjoy the horses and scenery. I usually take lots of pics. And I'm bringing art supplies. So I can entertain myself when I have to. And of course we're going to Yellowstone. Never been there in the summer but my DH and I did go in Feb. one year....it was on my bucket list and it was amazing.

    Mikie: Yes, I'm taking them...no change in energy yet. This bug really did a # on me. By the way, I keep forgetting to mention when there was discussion about saurkraut a few weeks ago, I buy the fresh at Sprouts or Trader Joe's. It's not cheap but I hated the canned, which to me was awful. I have a friend who has made the fresh....it's just salted cabbage but you have to make sure it's totally covered, and I forget what else has to be done to it.

    Judy: I see you're here. That's great that Vicki is involved with this fundraiser. Yes, I would also feel proud of her. I don't think you've mentioned her age. I've had that happen with my bank card....once around 5 PM the crowded time at the market. They took me to another terminal to try it, didn't work. I was so embarrassed. Had to be at least 10 people in each line. Good thing I had some cash on me.

    Yes, the nasal spray is helping with my blocked ear, but I have COPD and this bug has really made it worse. It's been over a month since I first got sick. When I was at the doctor on tuesday, he was starting to walk out the door and stopped and said "you look a lot better than the last time you were here"!!!! Yes, I was pretty sick when I first went to him. My DD thought it was awful he said that to me....didn't bother me though.

    It's nap time....I'll be back later.
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    I slept ten hours last night. Wow! Can't believe it. I'm not feeling great but think things are improving a bit. I know the vitamins are helping. I'm so happy that they don't cause tinnitus. I do have to take allergy meds and meds for my BP and acid reflux but, as long as I don't take too many at once, the tinnitus isn't too bad. The nasal spray is helping too. Allergies are horrible. Other than that, life goes on...

    Spring, I like those striped petunias too. The bright pink and white ones look like peppermint candy. Most flowers don't do well here in the summer. I think pansies do OK and I'm going to check it out. I want to fill our window boxes now that the grump downstairs has moved out. I have a lot I want to do outside but haven't been up to it. I read a book a while back about listening to God speak to us. Most of the time, our minds are too busy to be able to hear Him. I wasn't even trying when I heard His voice, or the voice of one of his angels, but it came through loud and strong in my head. I can't idealize being married or single. Both have their advantages. I've learned to make the most of them. Still, it touches my heart when I see an old couple walking hand in hand. How sweet of you to take your brother out for lunch. Your family is so lucky to have you.

    Granni, I also love the new porch pic with all the light from the candles and fireplace. Also love the line of ducks on the mantel. This is the first place I've lived as an adult where there is no fireplace but they really don't make sense here. I hope you can come back soon.

    Judy, looove the pic and it certainly describes how we often feel. Your post is so sweet and kind. Dear One, you are one of the ones here who is so comforting and compassionate. We all have different symptoms and burdens to bear in our lives but we have so much in common and everyone is always there for everyone else. I can always come here no matter what and my family here understands and gives comfort. That ugly yellow/green pollen has been all over everything here too. No wonder we have such severe allergy symptoms. I love the Puff tissues with Vicks infused in them. Otherwise, I buy them with lotion infused. Publix has them 10 for $10 on sale now and then so I stock up when I can. They last through a lot of blowing and sneezing and they don't chap my nose. I have to get the Corcidan allergy tablets so as not to raise my BP. I try to find coupons or buy them on sale but they are expensive. Vicki is a wonderful person; no wonder you are so proud of her. She is like her Mom.

    Sun, since you are going to be gone for 10 days, why not go online to find a store or stores where you can buy those things there. They aren't that exotic that you couldn't find them at the destination. If you had a bit left over, you could bring it home but it wouldn't take up as much space for traveling. Just a thought. The kraut I ended up buying is delicious. It's in a jar and the lid pops just like home canned veggies. Everything is organic, nonGMO and the cabbage is grown on the farm owned by the kraut makers. There really is a difference in brands. Think I might buy some brats and heap the kraut on top. Mmmm! I so hope you have a good time. I know you are friends with DSIL's Mom. I haven't seen one DSIL's Mom in years and she told my daughter she misses me. Wish I lived close enough to see everyone more often. It's been more than a month since both of us first got sick. This was a rerun of the bug we got last winter. It's just been soooo hard to shake off. When do you leave? I am praying that you feel better and have a wonderful time. Be prepared for altitude change and your COPD.

    Rock, where are you, buddy? I hope you are OK. Same with everydooby who hasn't posted.

    Similar to the picture of the porch, I need to get my ducks in a row. Sooo much to do and so little NRG. Whine, whine, whine. The good news is that I have so much to choose from that I can just dig in anywhere. Bad news is that I don't want to do it. Bah!

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful windup to the week.

    Love, Mikie

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting up, Mikie. I thought about it. Decided I wasn't up to it. Let somebody else
    have the opportunity. I slept almost all day yesterday. Told the cat I was sleeping almost as much as she. She nodded her head indicating either that she was very interested or that she wanted her lunch pronto.

    Just fixed myself breakfast; well, a snack anyhoo. Toast mit peanut butter. I used the sourdough bread I bought about a month ago. I hope it was OK. It had a funny odor.
    Sorta sour.

    I remember that porch. It's the one where folks sitting on the hassocks can toast marsh
    mallows if they have really long sticks. Which reminds me, we went shopping at Vons a
    couple days ago. They had something for sale I've never seen in a store before. Marsh
    mallow sticks. Instead of using a green branch from a tree or shrub, you buy one. Four
    for 5 dollars. Or maybe the other way round. Do kids today even know what a picnic is?
    My son and I used to go on picnics when he was three. We lived about half a block from
    a park. I let him decide what to take.

    Glad to hear you are feeling some better. As for fireplaces, I've lived in a few places that
    had same. Generally we would have a fire about once or twice a year. Way too much work
    to clean the fireplace to do it more often.

    Oopps! Just heard an alarming sound from the backyard. Sounds like Miss Puss. I
    raced downstairs and grabbed a knife as I went through the kitchen. Just in case I
    have to fight off a coyote or a bear. Turned out to be another cat. The two were rolling
    on the sidewalk and making angry sounds. I think I recognize the other cat. An orange
    tom who was seen in the back yard 4-5 years ago. Soon as I got out there he took off.
    So I petted our cat and tried to make soothing sounds. Couldn't stay out there. Too
    cold. Besides I wasn't wearing my formal boxer shorts. Kinda chilly with no long pants on.

    Which reminds me. When I went to check the weather an hour or so ago, I got the
    weather in Washington DC. This is the 4th time this has happened in the last week or
    so. There is no place on the page to change the location although there is a place to
    add a location. So I just got a new page altogether.

    Sun, you sure are taking a lotta stuff. Many bags? I hope the B&B works out. There was
    an article about problems a few weeks ago. Sometimes it's the host who's the problem;
    sometimes the guests. The scenery around Jackson Hole looked pretty spectacular when
    I was looking earlier. I read the term "Hole" referred to the early settlers who said riding
    down the mountains into the town gave the sensation of entering a hole. (pic)

    Going back to bed. Hugs. Rock
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: With these two cats fighting are you SURE miss kitty is a MISS and not a neutered MR? Or the new one is a female also. Those cat fights can be pretty vicious sounding

    Hey guys....only one bag plus a very small carry on stuffed. I've gone over my necessities for the trip and have been figuring out how to make do. The frozen gel packs only stay cold for about 45 min. So I guess will leave them home. I did find some small leak proof plastic bags I bought about 5 years ago for traveling. I can put small ice cubes in them as an ice bag. Absolutely need my heating pads, and I'm sticking in the small tens unit. I've pulled out a few more of the clothes too. My DD suggested I just make up some balls of the oatmeal/almond butter/coconut oil mixture, so I'm trying that this morning with left over cereal. We're told to stop at the grocery store BEFORE arriving at the condo, so out came the bag of coffee which I can buy there. I've even culled things out of my art supplies. How does one travel to Africa for a safari living in a tent????? It was always my dream to travel with the bare necessities in a small carry on. HA. When I went to europe for 3 weeks on a tour we could only bring ONE bag...period.....so I really planned carefully.

    By the way, I just read that a woman was gored by a buffalo in Yellowstone while walking on a boardwalk. I know exactly the place it happened. I do remember when my DH and I were there that we were VERY close to a mother and her calf and the guide told us to be quite and walk very slowly.....and I remember thinking this isn't safe. OK....word might have gotten around to the other buffalos about this latest attack! LOL. I'm sure after this attack things will have changed a little....guides given certain instructions.

    Mikie: Yes, my doctor told me to be prepared for a higher altitude. Just last night I was checking the altitudes of where I live as opposed to where I'm going.

    Judy: I agree with Mikie: You are such a kind, compassionate lady with all that you go thru and the past. Wish I could be the same. At times when I'm in a state of pain and misery, I'm not a good person to be around and that's when I withdraw.
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Found a note from Gordon. He is off running errands. Good thing one of us

    Sun, All that in one bag? Amazing. Several years ago I read the bio of W. S. Van Dyke.
    He directed the MGM film Trader Horn in Africa, 1931. First movie made in Africa. When
    he set off with cast and crew Van Dyke took tons of equipment and supplies. (Can't
    remember how many.) For the next couple decades MGM used film shot by Van Dyke crew
    in MGM movies; most often in the Tarzan films with Johnny Weissmuller.

    I dunno if the cat is neutered or not. She had one ear that has the point clipped off. I
    wonder if it was done because she was a stray who was neutered and then released.

    JB, glad to hear Vicki is healthy enough to travel and work on the fund raiser. Sorry to
    hear that your allergies are acting up. They used to bother me. In my 20s I got shots for
    a while. Then moved and didn't bother to see another doctor. The shots didn't seem to help
    any. But gradually the allergies faded away. Haven't bothered me for decades.

    I haven't inspected the sidewalk. It's like pretty much everything else. I forget to do it even
    though I had intentions of same. Gordon reports the the site of the surgery is now all healed
    up. I haven't noticed any change in our TV or computer performance.

    Mikie, as is frequently the case, your post made me laugh. Oh, I came across Publix in a
    novel a day or two ago. I wrote it down, but can't find my note. Frequently the case.
    Haven't had sauerkraut for decades. Don't think I could chew it nowadays. My dad made
    great spareribs on a bed of sauerkraut.

    Hugs to Duckie, Barry, Julie, Granni, Star, Spring, and GB.
  11. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry I've been absent. Been kinda crazy in my world. Work has been busy - not so much catching up from my last vacation, but getting everything ready for my next. I have a deployment of some changes going in Sunday, so I've been trying to get that ready. Part of it includes a ginormous patch from Microsoft, and it has caused me some problems...I worked a full 8-hour day Tuesday, came home and worked from home for another 8 hours trying to get the code to compile successfully. No luck. When it didn't work at 1:45 am, I decided I was too cross-eyed to figure out the problem and I went to bed. Despite that, I went to work at the normal time Wednesday and worked a full day. I did finally get a good compile Wednesday morning, but I discovered today that some of the code changes didn't come through. So I had to manually push them in.

    On top of that fun, I (well, my car, while I was in it) got hit in a parking lot Monday evening and it did $3300+ damage to my car, so I'm dealing with that as well. No injuries, thank heavens, as it was a relatively low speed impact.

    In other car related news, my DM decided to replace her aging Ford Escape with a "new" one (off-lease) and gifted the old one to my DS. It will be his first car, and despite its "quirks" we're hoping it lasts him a couple of years.

    Julie - Congratulations on your anniversary! DH and I just passed our (lowly) 25th on June 2nd. I think the strongest marriages are those where the couple recognizes the value of the relationship and treasures it.

    Mikie - Going back a bit on this one - yes, 3D printers can print a gun, but they're good for 1 or 2 shots before they self-destruct, sometimes with catastrophic results for the user. On the flip side, 3D printers are also being used in fantastic medical procedures. It's funny how cats can show their displeasure to us. I've always said "you've never had the cold shoulder until you've had the cold shoulder from a cat!" Worf never stays mad at me, though.

    Barry - You can make the dandilion greens less bitter by soaking them in cold salt water or even just cold water. They are supposed to be very healthy. My DD's bearded dragon loves the flowers.

    JB - I'm still working on my "State of the Union" quilt as well as a couple of "Block of the Month" classes. Slow to see progress in those. I'll post some pics of my State of the Union blocks when I get back from New York. My DM also grew amaryllis for years. She had many different ones. There was one called "Apple Blossom" that was white with redish-pink stripes on the petals. It smelled lovely. She also cross pollinate one and the seeds that resulted grew into a bulb that had an orange blossom!

    Sun - I hope you have fun and feel well on your trip. I also have trouble "packing light" but I'm going to have to try! I don't want to pay to check a bag.

    Granni - Our conductor called for 2 extra rehearsals before our trip. One was Wednesday night, which I couldn't go to because I had class. The other is tomorrow morning. Then we have a last rehearsal Monday night. We fly out Thursday!!

    Spring - I laughed at your description of the porch! So clever.

    Rock - Yes, the clipped ear means that the cat has been spayed and released. The grey cat my DM adopted has a clipped ear.

    All this talk about sauerkraut is making me hungry. DM and I make our own. Super yummy. We make it with white wine vinegar the way they do in Bavaria.

    I've been working on this post off and on all day. Now it's time to go home. Hugz to all!

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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck:. I figured you were super busy at work. Sorry about the parking lot accident. Did you get hit sideways or rear or what? And did you see it coming? People are crazy drivers out there! I belong to a neighborhood site that lets people know about whats what. Apparently one Main Street has what looks like a homeless guy who has been stepping into the street so someone would hit their brakes, then he steps back. Laughing. Great way to cause accidents.

    Good luck with your trip to sing in NY. Exciting.

    Spring: I forgot to mention......yes, a wonderful man created in your mind.....we CAN DREAM.

    Rock: So apparently you've got a stray neutered cat. I do know there are organizations all over the southland and in other states where people trap them, get them neutered then release them again.

    I messed around in the kitchen and came up with a tolerable breakfast cookie. Now to duplicate again since I'm the type of cook that just grabs things by the handful until it looks right.
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI to awl,

    Yes, it is almost time for sinner prep again. However, I started the spaghetti sauce so not that much else to do. Just have salad and Spaghetti. Ran around all morning with DH going shopping after I did some weeding outside in the back before it got to hot. We cheated and had a piece of pizza at Sams. Then came home and had some soup. Trying not to lose to much weight. I can lose weight real easy if I don;t watch it, while on this dieet of low or no carbs. Founds some yummy hard goat cheese which is great. I love cheese and not supposed to have cows milk cheese. Oh well.

    SUN - When are you going on your trip? Sounds like a lot of fun. We will be doing something similar but only 2 complete days which is OK for me as it is at the wineries which I love but not supposed to drink a lot of. Also, I will have enough problems trying to pack for two days :)!! We are meeting eldest DD in Austin and her DH, my DD that lives here and her DH. Another DD can't make it for many reasons and they are trying to save their money. His job is moving and he needs to find another, etc. They hope to move around here but not sure if that will work or not and if so when they will be able to swing it. DS and his wife also plan on coming. She is the one who had a complete hysterectomy yesterday. She is doing well and they think she will come home tomorrow afternoon. She has huge fibroid s cysts or tumors which were removed. I had seen some pretty huge ones years ago when I worked in the OR. Wonder if part of her fertility problem was due to that but there might have been other problems too. We may go see DDIL and DS on Sunday at home.

    If you find a tolerable breakfast cookie please post it. Would be interesting for a change and also in between meals perhaps instead of having to buy barss all the time. Not everything has ingredients that are good for us or what we should have individually!!

    DUCKIE - I can't believe all you do and your traveling too with the job. However, you are a young one and hope all continues to go well with you . Plus, you quilt so well. Some people are so very talented. That is not me. Maybe I have a little bit musically as far as hearing descants and music in my head but that's about it. When do you leave for your next concert and your next trip??? You wear me out sweetie :)!! So glad you got to post your nice W and P post as MIKIE would say.

    JULIE - You are another one that wears me out even though I know you also poop out too and you are also much younger than I. Hope all is going well and you are getting things done that you want to get done with Den. Hope you are taking time off to celebrate your anniversary with Den. You both deserve it.

    ROCK - Ribs and sauerkraut sound wonderful. Sauerkraut is a VERY healthy food. Not supposed to eat much pork but I do occasionally. You are so luck for all the shopping and errands Gordon does for you both.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling punk. That is no fun I know. It has gone on way to long, for you me and so many others here on the Porch. Hope you start getting a little bit better every day.

    JUDY - You should be very proud of Vicki and so glad she is doing well enough to work on the fundraiser. God bless her and you too for helping her so much. Yes, us moms sometimes have a tough row to hoe as they say. I know from my own kids too..

    Gotta run and start working some more on dinner. DH likes early dinner which is usually a good thing unless I am to tired to get up and do anything. However, I do the cooking most of the time so not to much choice :)!! Yay, tomorrow we are going to a japanese restaurant for DD;s b-day dinner, Yes, I'll probably be cheating some but I am sure it will be good and fun to watch all the chopping going on,.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)

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  14. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Sun - sad to say I did not see it coming. The front driver's side corner (bumper) of her car hit right at the front passenger wheel of mine. Her car was drivable, mine wasn't. But cars can get fixed, so I'm not stressing over it, other than the timing sucks.

    So funny that you are a "til it looks right" cook. So am I!

    Granni - we're having spaghetti for dinner as well! After I get done eating, it's back to practicing. We leave Thursday.

    We just had several thunderstorms roll though... Heavy rain, hail, wind and of course, lights and sound!
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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Dmc - thank heavens you are all right! Your description of your computer programming debugging makes me dizzy though I do realise it must be so interesting for you. Cook till it looks all right is what I did when I microwaved a whole chicken for the first time yesterday. Was running late so didn't bother with the ancient oven we have but looked up Google on how to mucrowave and did as instructed. DH was happy with the results so it was OK. Inspite of not being able to find the rosemary and sage I buy in little containers. The paprika, ginger garlic onion did the trick. A little olive oil and lemon juice as well.

    Granni - my first cousin from mums side also had fibroids in her uterus. She and her husband had a kid by surrogacy. After they tried unsuccessfully for years. I hope your DD is doing good and healing fast from her procedure.

    JB - so glad to see your lovely post. Yes, we 're all in this together. We understand each other's predicament about being tired or achy or not so peppy. No judgements, just support. So comforting not to have to explain oneself and feel all apologetic for what we cant help.

    Vicki sounds like great gal, courageous and wanting to make a difference. You must be proud of her.

    Sun - 10 days. Yellowstone. It sounds wonderful. The Buffalo attack sounds scary but I don't think it happens often. However, better safe than sorry.

    Rock - nice memories of your son. I hate cat fights. We ' ve been hearing them at it these days. At night mostly, the neighbouring dogs become noisy then. Barking up a storm.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    Immediately after typed the above two words, Gordon walked in and asked me to water.
    Supposed to be 80 degrees here today. With lots of sun and water the plants should thrive.

    JB and other interested parties: Yes, the sidewalk was fully restored. The new slab of concrete
    is obviously new. I bet if Sun were here she could paint it to look older and blend in with the
    old. Some of the streets in this area have letters in the concrete naming who did the work and
    when. Usually it was done in the 1930s.

    Bis spater
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring. Your chicken sound REALLY good. Have you ever considered buying a start of rosemary? It's easy to grow and I'll bet it would thrive in your area. I tried microwaving a chicken in the past, but it took too long so I gave up. Basically all I use my NECESSARY microwave for is heating up my rice filled things, heating left over coffee, and maybe melting some butter, oh yes, great for steaming veggies pronto. In fact that's usually the way I cook broccoli, takes about 3 min. In the microwave for slightly cooked but still nice and green.

    Interesting about the surrogacy ........was it expensive to hire one, and did they check the health of this woman before hand? Did she live closeby them while PG?

    Rock: And did you run out while it was still wet and put your initials or your handprints? Yes, I would make it look old. A few years ago I wanted one of those large fake rocks but couldn't see putting out almost $100, so I made my own. Kinda figured out as I went along. Took chicken wire and shaped it to look like a rock with large indentions here and there. Filled the inside of the framework with pieces of styrofoam so the cement I applied wouldn't fall thru. I believe it took about 3-4 coverings of the cement. Then I faux painted it with different shades of brown and grey. Well.....now it was VERY heavy, didn't consider that, so I asked the neighbor's gardener if he could lift it and put it where I wanted in front, he made a fast $10 for 2 min. Of work, and we were both happy. By the way, never wanted to make another rock, too much work.

    I can't believe how hot it was yesterday! Last week we had dreary cool/damp and yesterday it got to over 90.

    I'm planning on making another large batch of my "oatmeal cookie". Spreading a little almond butter on them gives me more protein.

    This has never happened before but suddenly I'm being bit in late afternoon by large mosquitos. I've checked around and no standing water, so will have to buy a citronella candle at the 99cent store today as I like sitting outside to read.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I watered far less than I usually do. There was an article in the news about new watering
    requirements that the state has or might issue. Naturally I forgot the most important part.
    Anyhoo the penalties for violating these new rules will be Draconian.

    Sun, no, I don't believe I ever put my initials or hand prints in any concrete. Wait! Maybe.
    Just can't remember. I wonder if it's possible to make pecan butter. I much prefer pecans to
    almonds. Well, it's of no consequence now. Can't chew any kind of nuts. I think my Mother
    would agree with you about making another rock. She didn't want two either.

    Spring, do those barking dogs belong to the neighbors or are they homeless? Around these
    parts people sometimes used to say "My dogs are barking," to indicate sore feet. How this
    expression got started I don't know. Couldn't find the derivation on the net. Maybe it has
    something to do with Hush Puppy shoes?... Nah.

    Maeve Binchy sometimes used the expression "barking mad" in her novels. Meaning
    somebody was acting crazy. "She's barking mad if she thinks people will pay that much."

    Duckie, I couldn't do your job anymore than I could be a rodeo cowboy. What does it
    mean to "push things in manually"? Is that something one can do with a computer. Too
    bad about your auto accident, but they are pretty much inevitable today if you live in a
    city. I can only remember one auto accident during the 20 some years I lived in a village.
    Back in those years one could buy a new Ford or Chevy for less than $3,000.

    Granni, you're right. Without Gordon this household would just collapse. The big lunk
    is useless, and I'm not much better. Gordon is on his way right know to pick up his
    brother at the garage.

    Can one tell the difference in the taste of goat cheese or cow cheese? We used have a
    porcher who raised goats and made cheese. Can't remember her name, but she was a
    fun poster.

    Mikie, hope you're feeling peppy today. A few years before I got sick I used to try
    the different brats and sausages at Traders Joe's, etc. Some of them were kinda exotic.
    With apple or potato incorporated into the sausage. Kinda pricey. Eventually decided
    that the tried and true were the best. Also cheaper.

    Is there any med for tinnitus? I sure would hate to give up music. Which reminds me;
    the headphones or the computer is on the blink. Not sure which.

    Gordon is watering the orchids. Then we are going to the library. We have a book due
    today. All about the sites where Buster Keaton filmed his movies. Some in our neighbor-

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Afternoon, Kids,

    I slept eight hours, felt better than I have in ages so decided to go out shopping. I did three stores as opposed to only two yesterday. I call that progress. I stopped in yesterday to post and thought I had lost it. Lo and behold, it's still here: Just got back from visiting Wally*World and Target in a different neighborhood farther west of me. Target has shorts on sale but there were none in my size in the Target nearby. I got two pair at the one where I shopped. I also got five tee shirts at WW. They were dirt cheap. In the wintertime, I have more leeway in fashion but in the summer, all I want is to wear shorts and tees to stay cool. By the time I got home, I was done for the day.

    The shorts I bought yesterday were the wrong size so I had to exchange them at Target. I stopped at the Dollar Tree in the same strip mall and then on to Publix to buy my brats. The ones I got are supposed to have been made with beer so no need to boil them in beer before grilling. Hot dog buns were on BOGO for the whole wheat ones. I'll throw the second package in the freezer. I still have the oxymoronic 'gourmet hot dogs' from my Omaha Steak gift box. I talked with the cashier and bagger at Publix. I asked if the training had gone downhill and they said it has but the biggest factor in the drop in C/S is that they didn't feel that Publix is still a big family. I also get that feeling. Now, it just feels like any other business. The employees just don't seem to have the same positive feelings towards Publix that they used to. It's a shame.

    Rock, they catch and neuter feral cats here and return them to their old hoods. Kind older ladies, and some men, put out food in an attempt to keep them from killing all the birds. Without the extra food, they would disseminate the bird population. Many of these cats were once pets but even those born in the wild will learn to depend on the kindness of strangers for food. The kraut seems to have helped my gut. I love eating it out of the jar. Never thought I'd like it this much. There is no cure for tinnitus and it can be caused by different things. Some people claim that taking bioflavonoids helps. I won't be trying it because supps and meds seem paradoxically to be the root of the problem with my tinnitus.

    Duckie, I would have no patience for the detail in the work you do. Right brain tasks suit me better. Couple that with my ADD and I'd be a disaster. I admire you for your skills and abilities. It was someone else who mentioned that one can make guns in the 3-D printers. I would never want to fire any kind of gun that wasn't produced by a respected firearms co. Same with flying airplanes. No experimental craft for me. The only edge I live on is the edge of insanity. Haha. One grouchy old ENT I once saw told me I had a deviated septum as though he had discovered the Holy Grail. I said, "So that's why they call me a deviant." He saw no humor in that at all. He found in my records that I have a chronic Herpes Virus of unknown strain and he insisted it was genital Herpes. I assured him it was not but he wasn't convinced. Now, he not only thinks I'm insane; he thinks I'm some kind of tart. Good grief! I splained to him that there is no shame in having genital Herpes and if I did have it, I'd tell him. Never went back to see him again. But, I digress... I hope you get some well earned rest.

    Sun, sounds to me as though you've got this traveling business down to a science and are refining it all the time. Not only is altitude a potential problem for breathing but so is the dry air. Mountainous regions in the West are infamous for the dry air. Many old people in CO have skin that looks like antique leather and many are hauling oxygen tanks around. On the plus side, people who grow up at high altitude have bodies which are more efficient at utilizing oxygen in the body. There is a breathing exercise which causes the body to do that. You inhale until the lungs are full and then purse the lips when slowly exhaling, causing resistance to breathing out and requiring some force to empty the lungs. I once blew up a balloon and covered it with plaster. I painted it to look like granite so that it seemed to be a ball carved out of rock. I had it in the stairwell atria until a strong wind blew it away. Mine wasn't heavy enough. Hope the cookies come out good.

    Granni, I'm laughing at your typo which talked about 'sinner' prep. I thought that meant getting ready for a date in my single years (hmmm, perhaps I am a tart). You always do so much even when I know you don't feel up to it. Yes, it's really hot here but the mornings are still tolerable. It's sooo beautiful out with everything so green and the bright blue sky with cumulus clouds. Perfect summer days. I try to do what needs doing and go where I need to go before it's so hot out. Publix had air handler filters on sale so I got a couple of them. In the summer, I change them out every month. Sounds as though there is a lot going on with family there. I hope DDIL heals well from her surgery. Hope your DSIL finds a good job. Are you guys getting any rain? I haven't checked the weather there since DD moved back to CO. Try to stay cool and not overdo it.

    Spring, your chicken sounds really good. I don't use the microwave for cooking so much as for warming. I love rosemary with chicken. I got some fried chicken at Publix and some of their onion rings. The things in their deli are always sooo good. I wish they had even more cooked dishes. Except for the feral cat communities, people here these days keep their kitties inside all the time so I don't hear their fighting. SV and Tweety used to wrestle and he screamed and hollered the whole time while she ate his lunch. Still, he went back for more and even instigated fights. It's been dry here for a few days. We need it to rain every day like it traditionally has but these new weather patterns are a mystery. Water levels are rising and there is flooding now without even having to have had rain. Yikes!

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get going. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful and healthy weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I missed Granni's post....HA HA......so you're a tart. I think Moll Flanders was called one, at least in the Kim Novak movie. By the way, that movie was playing when I worked at a walk in theatre....that and El Cid which I think was held over for 3 weeks. I might see if the library has those two movies. I'm sure it will bring back memories.....I had a giant crush on our assistant manager who was an actor on the side. He was always late to work and we were always covering for him. I still remember her in a red dress.

    Barry: My son up in portland sent this link to me. One of these cinnabar moths showed up in his garden. If I suddenly got energy and HEALTHY I want to travel to So. American jungles to search for butterflies in the wild. I still remember my mom's huge flower garden, full of butterflies. I had a home made net and was on the hunt.


    Rock: I've had tinnitus for about 7 years....diagnosed with meniers which means 3 things: tinnitus, loss of hearing, and vertigo. I would LOVE to find something to help it. With this hang over from the flu the tinnitus is especially tinny sounding even with the nasal spray. And among the other stuff I deal with I've also got TMJ.....stupid me....it's reared up from eating cashew nuts the last two nights. I woke this morning wondering why my jaws were killing me then it hit me. I'm my worst enemy.

    UPDATE: I went to lowe's looking for cannas but really not finding them and of course no rizhomes anymore. Then I hit Armstrong nursery and found this gorgeous bush and had to have it. Got to the checkout clerk and she asked if I wanted to use my $25 credit....of course. So I saved a bundle. I think I'll wait for my gardener to plant it until I get back from my trip.

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