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    Dear Porchies,

    I hope all y'all feel better after airing our complaints and we can start fresh. Please read my second-to-last post on the last Porch. Let me know if y'all think it makes sense.

    I'll respond to several of the last posts but I am going to try to find a nice peaceful pic for this Porch. I'll be back.

    Granni, I usually buy Basmati white rice which isn't as carb rich as other white rice. It's very good. Thanks for your kind good wishes. I don't know what is going on now with my stomach. As we always say, it's one thing or another. It gets to be a real problem keeping up with it. Is the work in the garage part of the new roof? Did they find a lot of rot underneath? I hope the repairs go fast with no problems.

    Spring, thanks for your kind remarks on my posts. I have nothing much to write about except what goes on in the hood. We have the usual characters here and, yes, it is like a soap opera. It's wonderful you stop to be in the moment. I try to do that but not often enough. It's usually early in the morning when it's cool and I'm stroking SV's fur. I stop to thank God for my blessings and realize that, in the moment, I have everything I need. It's like praying. Glad you like the little bear. He's so cute I can hardly stand it.

    Barry, OMG! I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt in the fall. My poor pea brain isn't up to punning just now. Thank God for the plant that broke your fall. Vets are soooo expensive. You take good care of the fur kids and it sounds as though they love you in return. SV surprised me by being so mellow when I took him in. I miss Judy too and hope she returns soon. Glad you are getting a cane. Be careful.

    Sun, I'm sorry the altitude was bothering you and DGS. It can be a real problem. It's fun to ride the ski lifts in the summer and even more fun to ride them in the winter and ski down. Glad I have my memories because I'll likely not ski again. Your 'gun' cane episode cracked me up. I'm glad you're home safe and sound.

    Julie, I'm so sorry your Dad isn't doing well. You have taken wonderful care of him and Den's Dad all this time. I know it's stressful for you. I'm glad you guys got some work done while Den was off. I'm sorry if our posts have upset you. I have made a suggestion under your post on the last Porch. Perhaps if people feel they can privately vent with one another there will be no need to discuss politics on the Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    Sadly, I will be leaving the Porch..it has always been a warm, friendly, and fun place to visit..not anymore. I have been on this Board since 2005, and have enjoyed spending time with people who care and understand our many medical problems..we have become family. Unfortunately, politics has reared it's ugly head, and our Board has become so hostile regarding politics and religion, that I don't want to deal with it here..I don't need the added aggravation in my life. I know I'm not alone in thinking this way..there are many other posters who feel the same as I do.

    Yes, we all have our opinions on the subject of politics and religion, but these should be discussed elsewhere..not here.

    I wish all of you well.
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    Dear Judy,

    I am sorry to read your post and hope you will reconsider. I have asked that we stop discussing politics on the Porch and suggested that if we need to vent, we can privately message someone we know holds the same political views.

    I will be refraining from making any political remarks and will remove any which are posted. I hope you give this a chance to work because it would be a shame to break up our family here over politics.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting us up, Mikie. I can't make much sense outta that pic. Reminds me of a
    Rorschach test. Also reminds me of walking in the woods which we did when we were kids.
    The woods were one block from our house; across the street from the old mill. Our grand-father had owned the mill. Don't know about the woods though.

    JB, you joined the board the same year I did. I will be very sorry if you leave. Maybe wait
    and see if our discourse becomes more reasoned? I looked on the net for a political joke
    or cartoon that wouldn't offend somebody. Couldn't find one. I did find a joke I liked
    though. Hard to see how anyone could find it offensive. My wife said I was being immature.
    I said, "OK. Get outta my fort."

    Oops! The computer is getting ready to freeze up. I'll come back and finish later.


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    Hello there

    Rock - which picture were you referring to? The ole man? I thought he looked like a symbol of Old Man Wind blowing gustily. A bit Greek mythology type. I had to look up Rorschach test. I think I will visit that site to read more later. I’m smiling picturing Gordon s face when going through that online catalogue for plants..must have been beatific and more so when the orchids arrive.

    Barry - I wish we could grow sage here. I believe it is difficult. Have you tried burning dried sage around the house? It makes my house feel a lot better. Lighter. So happy you didn’t hurt yourself in that altercation with the potted plant.

    Granni - hope your visiting children are having a good time. We too are having rain but it’s somewhat lightened. You have been here so long, I love you. Got to know you and yours so well like my own family. I’m tearing up because you are thinking of leaving. I’m not understanding but I’m hurting anyways because I don’t even know this other person personally for whom you think it’s better to leave us. You have never really written anything about this so I didn’t know how strongly you felt. Yesterday I was not sad. I was fuming. Today I’m not angry. But I feel low. An emptiness. And bitterness at what fueled all this.

    Mikie - if someone does something against animals or the environment or against my sensibilities, it would be my natural urge to vent. It doesn’t have to be A politician or B politician. It would be the act. I don’t want to feel like I can’t even talk about these events just because someone took it as a personal affront and wrote a tirade in response. I’ve noticed when someone has offhandedly said something disparaging about immigrants and their language skills etc because I have many relatives who migrated in the 70s and thereafter. But I’ve allowed myself to see the big picture and realize that person is a loving soul and I’m fond of them and didn’t mean that remark directed at persons like me or my people but just an observation of human nature. The same when Obamacare was criticized. It was their opinion and was to be respected. I’m sorry others don’t feel the same.

    JB - I’m sorry you feel the need to leave. And surprised. But understand the board might be stressful the way you feel. I appreciate you never wrote anything hurtful ever. But let us have a peek into your life and taught us to be strong in the face of adversity. I don’t connect any of all this to you and am bemused. I have many relatives there. Some moved there. A few born.

    Things go on in the world and we as citizens comment. We can try to not talk about what’s going on that is impacting our world but sometimes things slip out.

    Julie - I hope your father is not suffering too much. It can be more painful to see a parent who took care of us now suffering debilities and discomfort and not be able to solve their difficulties completely than we having to go through the same ourselves. I know what you can humanly do to keep him comfortable you are doing.

    God bless
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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Just had some rice for breakfast. I hope it doesn't cause my stomach to be so upset.

    Granni, if it binds me up a bit, it might be a good thing. I'm going over to the pool to walk with my pal this morning. This latest health issue has made me so exhausted and there is so much needing to be done around here. I want to go to Publix because they have the gas cards at 20 percent off. I like to keep the tank at least half full through hurricane season. Lots of violent storms across the middle of the country into the South. Hope you and our other Porchies have been spared.

    Spring, your point is well taken. It is hard not to post about things going on but when we do, it is often seen as personal political criticism so I will vent about it to someone who won't take offense in private messages. I recommend this and am hoping it will work to keep anyone from getting his or her feelings hurt here. You are such a kind soul and always see the good in others. I love you for that.

    Rock, I think that photo was taken at a slower speed so that the rushing water looks a bit out of focus. It's a technique often used in landscapes with moving water. I like it for the sunshine streaming through the trees. Seems peaceful to me. Couldn't get your pic large enough to see much. It reminds me of the dachas in Russia. Like your joke.

    I'll stop in later. I hope everydooby will have a good stress-free and pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie

  7. rockgor

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    Hi Mikie

    Got here one minute after you posted. Does that make me a minute man? Gordon has
    2 or 3 different types of rice he buys, but he won't allow Minute Rice in the house. A R. Nurse
    told me years ago that white rice in not good for people. All the nutrition has been polished

    The Norwegian hus picture looks pretty primitive compared to the elegant houses we usually display. It's interesting because many houses in Norway are built in two stories. The snow
    is so high at times the front door is blocked, so folks have to use the upper front door. I have
    a T shirt I won as a door prize at a Sons of Norway festival. I thought they should have called
    it a two door prize.

    Gordon asked me if I had ever seen a tree that is white with colorful vertical stripes
    on the trunk. I found pics of a striped maple. The botanical name is Acer Pensylvanicum.
    I believe this is a historical reference. The tree was first sold at an Ace Hardware store in
    Pennsylvania. Not sure if this is the tree he saw or not.

    I can't figure out why pics I post are sometimes where I post them: after the text. And sometimes in a separate box.

    Spring, I was talking about the pic Mikie posted above. And earlier about the sun symbol
    she posted.

    Hugs, Gang

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  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Rock,

    I've been reading the virtual newspaper. Lots of print given to making up a go bag to take if one has to flee the home on short notice. It's a good idea. We usually have warnings of hurricanes making their way to us but there are other emergencies which can occur. The Girl Scouts made a big impression on me in my yute and I always try to be prepared. Funny, that was a Final Jeopardy question and I missed it. Doh!!!

    I'm with Gordon when it comes to rice. No Minute Rice. I've never used it. The Instant Pot cooks rice in about 10 minutes and it's perfect. Yes, brown rice is more nutritious but there is nothing better than some thick gluey white rice sometimes. I love wild rice too. All I want right now is to settle my stomach.

    I'm off to get ready to go to the pool. I could justify not going but I don't want to miss out on moving around a bit. We are expected to get rain this afternoon and again tomorrow morning. Joe and I have been discussing the perfect setting for our A/C's. We've settled on 77 and we use our ceiling fans. It's wonderful when we can solve these important issues. He just picked up his kitty's ashes from the vet. They gave him a rose and sent a sympathy card in the mail. I think that helped a lot.

    I hope you, and all our Porchies, have a great start to the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. Starlight74

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    Hi guys.
    Interesting days hey?
    The whole world seems to be simmering and change comes quickly.
    I am quite simply amazed at technology and the strides its taken over the last, well, even just in the last decade!
    Mobile phones started out massive and then got teeny tiny rediculous, back to bigger is better...where are we at now?
    Freedom of choice.got it.
    My Ds and Dh hv been playing computer games with little rellies (9yr old and 12 yr old)) on the other side of Oz.
    And Talking! Amazing!
    Ok.Duck.I know You wouldnt be amazed.
    Technology can be a challenge.
    Take my dad for instance.Years ago when he was staying with us, he insisted d he was being bugged.
    Long story short, he had removed all the magnets out of a pillow he had, as he thought they were bugs.
    Sad, but true.
    Some people are being left behind.
    Not so long ago the government and telecommunications industries over here were discussing getting rid of home phones/land lines, altogether...
    Im not surprised it hasnt come off.

    So, our 2 youngest Treasures got chosen to go to a 'codeing camp' at the Uni about an hr and half away.
    Along with about 25 other students and 3 supervising teachers, they are getting put up at what they call 'the mansion'.must be flash to get a name like that.
    All excitement all week because of the up and coming camp.
    Dd realised her grand final basketball game is the same night!
    Stay tuned...
    (I'm actually really packing myself ), coz I hv announced to the tribe(family), written the notes etc
    At the aim of picking her up and taking her to the game and then returning her to the camp.
    The game is at 6:30 pm
    I really dont want to stuff it up by getting lost or something and then making us late.
    I am pretending that it'll all work out.No sweat as u guys say.
    However, am kinda freaking out.
    Truth be told, I should've picked it up sooner.
    Dd came home Friday looking like she'd just swallowed caster oil
    And then filled me in.Good grief!
    So adventuring we will go.
    Plan is to leave here at around 3, get there at about 4:30.drive homewards and play at 6:30.
    Taking into account the kangaroos and weather, hopefully we will get back to The Mansion by 9:30.
    And hopefully she will still be in time for 'midnight snacks' ? Or something?
    She will already be missing out on the planned night time activities and is soooo disappointed.
    But she is a part of the team and if they lose because she couldn't make it...well, that'd feel alot worse!
    After all, we do hv to live with ourselves...

    Gorgeous rosellas (birds) out and about now.
    Unfortunately we lost a baby cockatiel on a cold night and they got rid of 2 other eggs.
    That's not getting them down though. Think they may hv more eggs already. 'tis the season.
    Oh and our male budgie is really stepping up to the plate.Very impressive.
    He brings All the food in for cheeping babies and maybe even for the Mrs.she doesnt get out much these days.
    (of the nesting box that is).
    I sure hope they all survive.
    Finally a Really good use for all the silverbeet!
    Guineapigs, cockatiels and especially budgies love it.
    Very happy about that....any excuse for us humans to hv a break from it!
    No doubt our ferrets will be wanting to make some more of themselves soon too.
    Or maybe when it gets warmer? sure wish they'd eat silverbeet too.

    Football tomorrow and hopefully Church too.
    Ive been feeling so drained lately.running on diet coke, which I know is Not good.

    Hoping everyone is feeling better soon.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Judy: I'm sorry you're leaving, I've enjoyed your posts. But if this board is getting to you, I will understand.

    Star: How exciting for your two younger ones. They must be pretty smart to get chosen. Is it free for them or do you have to pony up? Hope you make all that driving with no problems. You talk about kangaroos running out in front of a car and up in Jackson Hole there are signs warning of bears, moose, elk, or deer. I had never heard of the rosella birds so looked them up. Beautiful and very colorful.

    Rock and Mikie: I'm with you on white rice, ugh.

    I spent the day doing organizing/putting things away. Just can't quite get into the groove yet. And I did go to my friday art group, haven't been there for over a month because of the flu.

    I promised to share about the house we stayed at, I know some of you enjoy decorating. This was a two story cabin with knotty pine everywhere, American Indian rugs on the floors and hanging on the walls, my bedroom was a "fishing" one and another one was decorated with hunting things, and the third was indian. My SIL found a smaller similar cabin for sale listed in as magazine....it was almost 3 million, and not quite as big as the one we were in. The owner had lots of books including two on Northwest decorating so I spent my time perusing it and trying to remember. Here's a link to what that style looks like. We stopped to see a "house/mansion" for sale nearby....12 million! Truthfully I wouldn't want it, only 3 bedrooms, big though, and close to other houses, not even many trees to shelter it. Oh yes, while there I saw a bird I didn't recognize.....a magpie.


    Came home loving it but it wouldn't work in So. Calif. With the pool outside. I do have things around my house and garage that I could pull together for that look, and I'm thinking about my computer room which I had wallpapered in dark red years ago. Yes, I still love the red. We went into quite a lot of shops in Jackson Hole...lots of recycled barn wood made into tables, etc. and they use recycled metal corrugated "rusted" here and there and copper tubs, etc.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Made it over to the pool and we walked for an hour. Then, I went to Publix and got groceries and a gas card. They had a $4 coupon for the Nasacort spray so I got one; they are expensive. They also had $2 off the Maybelline Fit makeup so I got a new one; they old one is almost gone. I also got a sympathy card for Joe. It's not too touchy feely so I think it will be just right for him. I also got two cases of bottled water for hurricane season on sale. Finally, I got a bag of big ripe Bing cherries on sale. Mmmmm!

    Two of my favorite men who work at the store stopped and we joked and laughed. They are so nice and so funny. My favorite bagger packed everything just right. She is a tiny woman about my age. Said hi to the guy who trained me when I first started working there. It's so nice to shop where I know people. I'd shop there anyway but this is just icing on the cake.

    Star, so good to see you here. You say you are tired...OMG with all you have on your plate, it's no wonder. All that planning in order that your DD can make the game and camp too. That's great! You are such a good Mom. They are teaching kids to code earlier and earlier in school now. I think it's the language of the future as everything gets more and more sophisticated, especially in the workplace where today's kids will work. They called it programming when I went back to college and we had to write a short program. Mine didn't work but I got a good grade for trying. Later, I had a computer at work and I had to write mini programs to make it work but I had to have help. Couldn't do it on my own. I am in awe of people like Duckie.

    Australia must be a real haven for birds of all kinds. It is here too but yours sound different. Rock asked me about a bird and I meant to look it up and forgot. I'm not good at recognizing them by sight. To me, they are mostly cute little, or big, white wading birds. BTW, you mentioned getting lost. Do you have an app on your phone that gives you turn by turn instructions to find locations? Those apps are a life saver. Hope all goes well and DD's team wins. Also hope you can find a way to get some rest.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Sun,

    We must have been posting at the same time. I just lost a whole paragraph here so will start over. %&*#! I love the mountain/Native American decor. I especially love the rugs. I adore the lamp shades with moose around the edge. Our road signs here warn of panther crossings. So many are killed by cars. I'm gonna check out the link. There are lots of homes like that in CO too. I'd love to have one right on the ski slope where you can ski up to the front door. My ex and I stayed at one like that years ago.

    I'm like you; I have what I like in here whether it's the latest fad in decorating or not. Mine is done in what they call Coastal Casual and allows me to mix my pine antiques with shells and other beachy stuff. It all comes together somehow and I love it. Yes, it would be ideal to have my beachy home here and a mountain home in CO. C'mon LOTTO!

    OK, gonna go check out the link.

    Love, Mikie

    I saved that website. I could sit and look at different styles of decor for hours and dream of different homes. Loved this toilet paper roll holder:


    This was in with the rustic photos. It's a Coastal Casual room I like.

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    Dear Porchies,

    Popping in for another short post. It has been busy today do all sorts of little things . Maybe I will get to try rinsing out my ears again after putting in all the Debrox. We'll see if anything else comes out. Didn't seem like much when the docs did it. I do have an ENT and allergy appt in early July so we will see what's what with the ears and my crazy rashes that are underlying under the skin, really weird. I also do have blotches that pop up from time to time too but that is something else,probably stress I am guessing. The other stuff we will see.

    The kids left early this morning and I say my goodbyes last night. DH saw them when they left. They had to pick up the dog from the kennel and DSIL has to work tomorrow sometime, I believe. The weather was cruddy the whole week even though we didn't get the heavy rains others got closer to the coast.

    Got so much I still have to do but wanted to pop in for a little bit anyway to say HI to awl. Sorry no individual posts today. To scatterbrained and can't think straight.. Just wanted to say HI and hope all are doing well, or at least as well as can be.

    MIKIE - Hope your tummy is feeling better or at least a bit so. Bring on the rice :) !! I like it too but not supposed to eat that much of it esp the white rice.

    Granni :)
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  14. Darrae

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    Hello Mikie, Grani, Rock, Spring, Barry, Sun, and all! The "prodigal daughter" returns. I've been off the grid for a long time! My computer died. I have a new computer now! Yay! I've missed an awful lot I see! Those of you who remember me, and my daughter Darci, will remember that Darci had serious health issues. To catch y'all up......January of '17 my daughter Darci had an episode and went down while I was at work and her brother had her. The EMTs couldn't bring her back from. The ER couldn't bring her back. They transferred her across the river to Genesis hospital ICU where they couldn't get her back. She was experiencing such strong seizure activity that they sedated her heavily, and intubated her.

    By the time her sister and I got to the hospital that's what we found. They took her off heavy sedation the next morning and we were informed she should return to "normal" within about 10 minutes. That did not happen. When she woke......there was no recognition in her eyes, no response to stimulus, nothing. She remained like that for two weeks. Her sister and I greatly feared she would remain in this "vegetative" state. We just looked at each other in helpless despair and cried together. During that two weeks, she began to barely respond to her name, and slowly began to recognize close family members, but she did not speak. Eventually, she began to barely respond to her name, began to recognize close family members, but she did not speak.

    We brought in MP3 players, our phones, played music....and during that two weeks we inundated her with sound, talk, music, anything we could think of to elicit responses. Finally, on the last day of that two weeks, her sister got her to grasp a swab sponge stick and she swabbed her own mouth. This is when we knew she was "still in there". Bawled my eyes out all the way home that night. When the psychiatrist was in, I asked him about her elevated white count and asked if she had a fever or if this was due to brain swelling. As I'd feared, it was brain swelling. Long story short...….Darci regained the ability to walk, talk, and recognized her family.

    Upon her release from the hospital, we had her transferred to a nursing facility an hour from us. Due to her young age and that she was combative on the psych unit, it was the closest place that would accept her that we felt gave good care. The only other option was a place here in town that I wouldn't place my dog in. Due to the prior brain damage of her stroke years ago, and this new damage...….she is different. She has memory issues and is often delusional. Her speech is now very "childlike". We visit as often as we are able, given our work schedules. We take her out to meals, play games, and take her to parks just to get her out and give her a feeling of "normalcy". We took her oils, canvases, and easel to her so she could paint. We took her books, CD player and her CDs to play. She has a t.v. in her room and her DVD player and DVDs. After this year and a half...…..we recognize that she will not be able to live on her own again. But...….we still have her, and that is what matters.

    My son Chris finally got his surgeries. He had not one, but two major hernias. His surgeon actually used the F-bomb when explaining how difficult the second surgery was. The first one, an abdominal hernia, the surgeon found that his intestines had adhered to his stomach wall, which had to be separated and both stomach and intestine were repaired. The second, a groin hernia, some of his intestines, his spleen, and a mass had dropped into one of his testicles. That was all repaired, but he lost the testicle. The good news is.....he's no longer in pain, is happy, and gainfully employed. He's saving money for a car and place of his own. Yay!

    During the difficulties with Darci, I myself, became very ill. Hives, unable to eat, dizzy, and nauseated for many months. All just stress related. Over the course of 14 months, I lost 61 lbs.. A dear friend of 40 odd years, who is also a truck driver, stopped in to see me one day, took one look at me, and said, "You need to get out of here"! So he took time off, tucked me and my bags into his car, made all the arrangements, and took me to St. Louis, MO. for 3 days. Knowing me well......he found every out of the way park and dirt path he could find. Places where there were rivers or babbling brooks. It was during that 3 day trip that I began to recover. I needed trees, dirt paths, and water to recharge my batteries. Places where I could just walk in the sun, sit on a log, smell the leaves, the grass, and have a smoke, or just enjoy a view.

    Then, in September, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a flight to Dahlonega, GA to stay with an old friend for 8 days. I then took a passenger train from Atlanta, to DC, to Chicago, and back here to Galesburg, IL. I'd always wanted to do a passenger train trip. It was sort of a "bucket list" thing. I got a hefty tax return last year, so I decided to go for it. I enjoyed the trip and met some really neat people. With the kids squared away, I am now learning to take care of "me" again. My finances have eased up enough, now that I'm not entirely supporting the two kids any longer, that I can do some of the things I like to do.

    This September, my friend and I are splitting the cost of a cabin in Tennessee for a week. I have discovered "self care"! LOL!!! During this period of time, I lost my last two fur babies. First my beloved Siamese KoKo, and last my rescue cat BooBoo. They were all quite old and this was not unforseen, but they are sorely missed. I've not adopted another baby as yet. I've missed you all here on The Porch and you have been in my thoughts and prayers! Love to all! ~~~Peace~~~
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  15. sunflowergirl

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    I emailed my son today and asked how his friend was with the ALS. He said now he can only move one finger, last week he could move both his hands. There is assisted suicide in Oregon, so he's done all the paperwork and has the pill. So very very heartbreaking.

    I've been doing a little garden cleaning today. I'm surprised at how fast things grew in the 10 days I was gone. I'm slowly over the months breaking apart a large trunk of a pine tree we had cut over 10 years ago. So I went out with the hammer and a wedge and broke more large piece off.

    Dar: What a giant surprise! We've wondered how things have been for you. Such an awful time your entire family has gone thru. I'm so very very sorry for your DD. As I recall she was very diabetic???? And you and your son would have to constantly watch her. I'm happy to read that things have started to settle down and you're learning to take care of YOU. So much stress you've gone thru. I hope to see you back on this board when you can. And it seems to me that the last time you were here you had found a boyfriend?
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  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Sun! I'm glad to be back! Yes, Darci was diabetic.....but she flip-flopped into a raging hypoglycemic with drastic blood sugar drops. It got to where I had to give her Glucagon shots just to keep her going until the EMTs arrived. There were visits where she was only taking a breath once a minute, and the seizures got worse and worse. When she went down so drastically......her brain had been deprived of sugar and oxygen, which are the two things the brain needs most. Between that, and the horrific seizures.....she was badly damaged. Thanks Sun! It's a relief now that Darci is in good care and Chris is recovered. As for the "boyfriend"...…..There have been many suitors over the last year! Now that I am able to socialize again, I've had many dates but have not found the "one" as yet. LOL! Right now I'm just enjoying everything and everyone! I have reconnected with tons of old friends and got to help organize and execute our 50th Junior High School Reunion for the kids that grew up here in my small town. That was excellent! I've been out dancing with friends, out to lunches...…..It's been sort of like a "rebirth"! I do, now, have a steady boyfriend. We grew up a block apart from one another and have known each other for over 50 years. He found me through Facebook! When I was posting, last month, for the reunion, he saw the announcement I'd made and contacted me IM on the pretense of getting info on the reunion....he said he hadn't figured out how to approach me. While attempting to IM back and forth with 4+ people at once, I accidentally sent a message, (meant for another classmate who'd asked me out), to him! I was so embarrassed! I went back on and apoligized all over myself! Then he told me he really did want to ask for a date. The first guy never received his message, as I didn't send it. Joey and I are great together! Now that I am back, I'll be visiting the Porch!
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Dar

    "Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. It's been three long years..."

    Great to see you back. Glad to hear that both you and your daughter are better. So
    did you go to your 50th Reunion? I went to our35th. Once was sufficient as Ethel said
    in a Lucy episode. Got an announcement that our 60th will be this summer. I can't
    travel anymore and have no desire to do so. Never had any friends in High School anyway.

    I had better friends in "Grease". My 7 year old son loved that movie. I must have taken
    him more than a dozen times. BTW I recently discovered several clips from Grease on Youtube that were not included in the movie. Eve Arden had a much bigger part than the finished film showed.

    Glad to hear you have your own Pal Joey. Are the two of you "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"?

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Dar, OMG! It is soooo good to see you here. I've prayed for you and your DD all along. I am so sorry about what happened to her but am glad to read that she survived and is getting good care. Good news about your DS too. Finally, good news about YOU! It's wonderful that you are connecting with old friends and getting out and traveling. Yes, getting back to nature is so healing. I'm glad to read you have someone special in your life. Look forward to seeing you here again.

    Sun, so sorry about your DS's friend. I've often thought about what I'd do if I ever got something like ALS. DD's friend's father regretted he hadn't committed suicide while he still could when he saw the toll his ALS was taking on his family. I would hate to have my kids watch that happen to me. God bless the nurse who gave my Mom that big dose of morphine when she was dying and drowning in her own fluids because her lungs were failing. She died peacefully instead of slowly drowning. I told my kids that I hope someone would do that for me if I were ever in that situation. Yes, stuff does grow fast. Joe told me our atrium stairwell was full of weeds. It was just the plants I put in there which had grown so much that they have really spread out and up. I think there is something you can pour on the stump to cause it to break down and dissolve. It's always good to be home but the work needing done doesn't stop while we are away.

    Rock, I was just singing Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered to SV yesterday. He loves it when I sing to him now and he meows when I substitute his name for words in the songs. Think I mentioned that my HS is having a '55th plus 1' reunion this year (in other words, the 56th). It will be a multi-year/class reunion. My BILS and my ex might go. Think I'll pass. I get along with them but don't really want to party with them. We were just talking about VW Beetles' floating and I mentioned the Amphicar. There was one on Pawn Stars yesterday; I watch that show when there is nothing else on. The guys who work in the store are a riot and there are so many interesting things people bring in to sell. The car was in mint condition with less than 10,000 land miles on it. They drove it into a lake and it made pretty good time on the water. I had forgotten how home made those cars looked. They don't look very substantial. Still, it's a very novel idea and it fascinated me when they came out. I loved the movie, Grease, and all the music from it.

    Yesterday I started with the dry cough, tinnitus and stuffed up ears. There was a Red Tide alert and dead fish are washing ashore. Even when the outbreak isn't at the part of the beach close to me, I have symptoms. Those dried spores can blow for miles on the winds aloft. I must be super sensitive to it. I think I'm also super sensitive to the mag. stearate in pills and tablets and that can increase the symptoms. Finally, I think Tiger Lilea is right; reflux can affect the throat, sinuses and eustachian tubes. Guess I'll just have to manage those symptoms as best I can and try to avoid the allergens and acid, not easy to do.

    I did manage to scrub the tile floor with the machine and Roomba vacuumed the carpets. It just finished the bedroom because I didn't have it do that room last evening. It got stuck under the bed because it couldn't seem to find its way back to dock itself and recharge. I had to get down on all fours to drag it out and dock it. I also got a load of laundry done. This is not earth shaking activity but every little thing I get done is a step in the right direction. SV's hair falls out in clumps all over the place. Speak of the devil--I just heard his little nails clicking on the sliding door. He came in and is playing with his old square track ball game. I have to pick up his little bed and his toys when Roomba cleans. He has cared nothing for his games until yesterday when I picked them up. He climbed clear up on the sofa arm to try to play with this one. It's back on the floor and he is enjoying it like it's new. Silly kitty!

    Well, Kids, I am going to read the big real newspaper. Later, after doing the puzzles and watching the Sunday morning shows, I'm going to clean the tiles on the lanai while I have the floor machine out. I'll wait until the lanai is in shade. I have to keep the vertical blinds closed in the mornings to keep it cool inside and keep the UV rays off the carpet and furniture.

    I hope everydooby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, Darrae! We have wondered about you and Goatwoman and the others. You had so much going on not surprised you couldn't visit. Sorry to hear about your DD but glad she is in good hands. And that your son had his hernias taken care of and is in a good place. And your healing and the trips you went on. If anyone deserved a good holiday its you.

    Sun - i love rustic things. What a memorable trip you had. I pray for your DS 's friend. Today we had a special visitor to our garden. A snake! About four feet and brown. First in ten years now. It was after a mouse which jumped up a tree. Some crows who had their nest up there cawed and let us know. My help girl was terrified. I told her it was just after a meal and leave it alone.

    Granni - how do you see under the skin? Must be aggravating. I break out from time to time in random spots sometimes. And they itch. I think mine are from overheating of the body.I hope your doc gets to the bottom of it. How time flies. Thought your kids had just come. Glad to hear your area has avoided the heavy rains.

    Star- most interesting to hear all you been upto. I looked up codeing. That was sweet of you to offer to drive your DD down. Technology is great but i miss the days when people did things instead of having the nose buried into a mobile or cooped up watching tv.

    Mikie - with our kind of conditions, a little that we achieve is a lot and we deserve a pat on the back for it. Your Roomba is a great thing to have around. I handwashed a couple of things to save water and hung them out to dry and there was such a fierce downpour all of a sudden, the clothes were a little wetter by the time i rushed up to get them off the line.

    Rock - Grease! I was in college (11th grade nowadays )in Darjeeling. A girl from Malaysia in our hostel run by nuns had a tape recorder and cassette of Grease! We would congregate in her room and dance to 'Youre the one that i love!'.

    Tie a yellow ribbons on the old oak tree takes me back ...i think of great empty plains, prairie, cowboys, guitars.
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DARAE - Welcome back !! So glad to see you but so sorry about all of your problems, especially all that you have gone through with your DD along with everything else. Wow, you all have been through so much. Hope she continues to get better even if it is very slowly. Thanks for your long and newsy even though sometimes very very sad story, I'm all worn out just reading your long story.

    MIKIE - Yes, I have heard that it is a good thing for kitties, small animals and also small children to not have so many toys out at once so they get over stimulated and maybe also a bit confused. Yes, put them up and then introduced them later, one at a time and see if that works. So sorry you have more stupid symptoms bugging you . I also have some of them, the tinnitis and fullness of the ears esp one. Don't think it is the RT though. Glad I will be going to the ENT in a couple of weeks. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Would love ROOMBA for our floors but I know DH would never buy one, even on sale they are costly but I sure do understand.

    SPRING WATER - I am like you and wish more people would do more things outdoors esp with the kids. Technology is wonderful but it can also drive you crazy when they are not working right and it keeps many from going outdoors and doing things with others. That is all we did when we were growing up, we were outside playing or in school or having fun, if the weather was good that is. When I say an" underlying rash" I am not sure how to really explain it. Not sure you can feel it and sometimes it is hard to see. Sometimes it is more noticeable than others. It is almost like a blotchy sunburn , sometimes more noticeable than others with a darker pink color. Very weird !! Going to an ENT/ allergy specialist soon.

    SUN - How very sad for your DS's friend. When one becomes they cannot do things for themselves it is so hard, just everyday things, it is so frustrating I am sure is also depressing. Like a friend of ours just died who was quite active even though he was fairly over weight. However, after his open heart surgery he began to have different complications and then a stroke where he couldn't swallow and one side was paralyzed too or, I believe or part of one side. His wife brought him to her home to do Hospice care. After about a week or so he passed . It is very sad for someone who had always been so active but he also drank more than he probably should have. He was a real Irishman even not born there. Hope you are doing as well as can be with all your aches and pains.

    Hoping that everydobby is doing well. I need to go and do a few things around here. It will be busy the next 3 days. The usual stuff and a Visitation and Rosary tomorrow night and I have to make a big salad for the funeral on Tuesday, which I will be singing at on Wed. afternoon. Wed. I sing with our small group at part of the Ladies Club meeting doing Patriotic songs for a singalong. Meanwhile we will have workmen doing some painting in the garage. Always something and sometimes even more, going on. Thinking about everyone and hope all are doing well. Gotta run ! Sorry no time to address everyone today,

    BARRY - Never heard of black rice. Wonder if they sell it in regular grocery stores . How does it taste, much different than white or brown??

    Hugz to awl,
    Granni :)
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