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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. Sun's recent vacation inspired me to choose a mountain cabin porch. I'll be back after I finish reading the last posts on the old Porch.

    Spring, there is a huge area in the Pacific where the currents bring plastic trash together. Plastic breaks down very slowly into small toxic particles which fish ingest. It needs to be cleaned up but it is in international waters and no one seems to feel responsibility. It's everyone's responsibility. SV usually only gets scared of the thunder when it's right on top of us. It makes me jump in surprise and that may be why. He's usually a pretty laid back critter. It's fun to see new puppies around older dogs.

    Rock, I do search online for the word I want and, when I find it with the tilde, I copy and paste it into the sentence in my post. It usually even takes on the font in use so it doesn't matter what font was in the original word. I'm sure there is probably some fancy schmancy way to type it with the tilde in the first place but I don't know what it is. I see Peggy Lee now and then on those PBS shows with music and singers from the 50's. I especially like the McGuire Sisters. E reader is kind of a generic term for anything which allows one to download and read books and other material. Kindle started it all and is kinda the flagship reader. The Kindles have gotten cheaper and cheaper. They always have them on sale for Black Friday. I've had two of them and love them. The last one is capable of doing all kinds of things including email and Solitaire as well as other games. I usually take it with me when I travel. I can download library books on loan but only have two weeks to read them so haven't been doing it. I read books in spurts.

    Sun, Bridget Jones's Diary starred Hugh Grant and Colin Firth along with Renee Zellweger. Hugh Grant played her randy boss who was a cad and Colin Firth her love interest. Hugh Grant was a bit of a randy guy in real life too. Remember when he was arrested in his car with a prostitute? I think that happened in Hollywood. I've always loved him in movies, especially Love Actually, a must watch movie at Christmas. Thanks for sharing your wonderful drawing. I'm kinda glad you didn't do more artwork while you were on vacation because I think that means you were doing things and having a good time. Do you ever take photos and draw or paint from them?

    Granni, I agree with Sun that it seems you go to a lot of funerals. I'm sure part of the reason is your singing at them and DH's K of C participation. On the other hand, at our age, it's inevitable. Everyone in our family of Mom's generation is gone and so are almost all who were just slightly older than I are gone. Only my one cousin and I survive our age group. The only ones left are the cousins who are the same age as my kids. My Mom was the last living of her brothers and sister. It's wonderful that you and DH are there for the deceaseds' families.

    Joanie, you had asked about Cort and I forgot all about it. Rich Carson founded this board and remains here. Cort has a website, Health Rising, which is a bit of a sister site to this one. He and Rich are friends.

    I got curious after reading about the possible connection between Alzheimer's and the HHV6 and HHV7 viruses. They are also implicated in MS and CFIDS, according to the info online. This is the first time I've read about CFIDS in that light. Of course, all kinds of infections have been suspected. Now, researchers are looking at the immune system's reaction to the infections, and not necessarily the infections themselves, as a possible trigger or cause of other conditions. Some of these infections have such mild symptoms, or occur in infancy, that we don't even realize we have been infected. Herpes Family Viruses can go latent in the body only to kick up later on or they can be chronic. My own Whatever Herpes Virus rears its ugly head when I get run down or sick with something else. Because I've been having allergic and reflux problems, I've started my Acyclovir again.

    I am hoping all our Dear Porchies have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Mikie, as soon as I came to the new porch and saw the picture, I though "There's Sun's cabin!" Thanks for getting us going again.

    Sun, I'm glad you had a good time on your trip and was, for the most of the time, pain-free. What a beautiful picture you drew! About how many hours, would you estimate, did it take? If I could even draw half as good as that, it probably would have taken my whole trip, lol!

    Glad to see Dar and Joannie back...hope others find us again, too.

    I'm in a rush this morning, and will be pretty focused for the next couple weeks or so. Almost ready for the Tennessee Treasures' visit. Amy and I are meeting them all partway on Saturday and bringing the kiddos back to my house. They will stay most of the week and I will take them back Friday or Saturday so they can start their Vacation Bible School on Sunday (which happens to be Lorraine's birthday...one day before Rock's, on the 9th, by the way...I think I have that right.)

    Speaking of birthdays, I will turn 60 on Saturday...and Mikie's birthday is, oh gosh, I think July 6? Or am I all confused?? Any other July babies we should celebrate?

    I have, at last count, 11 new kittens out in the garage. Liora would be in heaven, if only they were tame enough to hold and pet. They do come eat when I feed them, but hiss like a grown cat if I try to pet any of them.

    Lindsey said Josiah has his bag all packed already with toys, clean underwear and the new Harbor Freight catalouge (full of tools and "guy" treasures, to read with Grandpa Den.) When she wouldn't load it into their van already yesterday, he just started walking down the driveway...I guess he's determined to get to Grandma and Grandpa's one way or the other!

    Sorry I can't stay and visit...hair appt. this morning, then meeting the nursing home van (and my dad) at the hospital in his town (30 minutes from my hair appt.) for Dad's swallow test. His doctor says he is in a "decline" and possibly choking a lot because he is forgetting to swallow (or forgetting how to swallow.) Or it could be that this esophagus is constricted...not that uncommon in older people, but would mean having to go in and have it stretched. A decision I would have to make...if the doctor and I thought Dad could handle the mild sedation.

    Keira's last game is tonight...I haven't made it to any of them. Not sure I'm up to the two hour drive (one way)...will just see how the day goes.

    About my eyes...still having problems with the new glasses. The lady at the vision center (where I buy the new glasses, lens, etc.) talked to the doctor and they both agree that I need the "non-operative" glasses lens adjusted with something called a "slab." She said it's a line they put in the lens that helps my eyes work together...but I won't see this line. $300 cost, because I would have to just get a new lens as I can't be without my glasses for a week or two while they put the "slab" on the existing lens (only $100 if they could do it on the lens I have now.)

    This all seems to be because I only had one eye done and my eyes are so different now in prescription that they aren't working together properly, even with the new glasses lens. The other eye does have a small cataract, but not bad enough for surgery.

    So...anyway, "Hi" to everyone. Gotta run, but thinking of you all.
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  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Josiah sounds so darn cute! I guess he's a guy, ready to do things with Gpa. I'm sure that tickled Den. I hope he's got some "building" stuff lined up. I'm sorry about your eyeglass troubles. You're the first I've heard about this.

    My mom had that test at the hospital because she was continually choking. Of course she was almost 99 and she kept asking why she couldn't die. After the test was determined no more swallowing anything thinner than yogurt, she just stopped trying and her body started to shut down and died soon after that.

    That pen and ink drawing was my doodling, which started with just doing the rocks then progressed. I'm trying to inspire my DGD to be creative. She did like the rocks and asked if I could show her how. If anyone wants to do a little drawing, do a search for Brenda Swenson on youtube.....she's a local So. Cal. Artist.

    Mikie: Thanks for the pic. After watching Joanna Gaines and recycled barn wood, I'm hankering for something like that. Call me crazy but I've got two old very weathered gates that are just leaning in the back. I'm on the lookout for a free parsons type table that maybe my handyman could create a masterpiece for me, using the table as the base. I also love the corrugated tin used on pieces, so I'll keep my eyes open for that too. There were several pieces of that old barn wood remade into a cabinet in the house we rented.

    Yes, I take lots of pics. Though this trip didn't take many. I've asked my SIL to forward what he took but as usual he's forgotten! That's why I'm finding pics. I can use from the internet. It's been months since I used the yupo paper so thought I might try it again for a Jackson Hole painting.

    Rock: I forgot to tell you about a lovely english lady I used to work with. She said she was married to the son of Peggy Lee.....I'm almost positive it was Peggy. But after doing a search on the internet it says she only had a daughter. So I'm very confused. This was an honest person....over 50 years ago when I worked for AAA, and she told us about having to go visit with her DH and how Peggy would hold "court" in her bedroom. I can't think of another singer of that era that I might have confused Peggy with......? Thankfully my brain seems to still be holding, though the rest of my body is rapidly going downhill.
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  4. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone!

    Several days have flown by somehow. I've spent the morning catching up on posts. Was actually glad I missed the politics, and I hope Judy comes back.

    Speaking of people coming back, welcome back to Dar and Joanie. I look forward to getting to know you better. I'm relatively new around here.

    Just got done scheduling my semi-annual pilgrimage to my primary care doc. I realized that I have 3 doctor appointments coming up in a 4 week period. I'm also due for a dentist visit.

    Granni - Speaking of b-days, mine was yesterday. So was my DS's. He's my baby and he turned 20. DH took us out for dinner at Red Lobster. Yum. I ate way more than I should have.

    Barry - I also have early Barrett's. I take Protonix daily for it. I'm currently drinking some mint tea with chocolate in it. More yum.

    Julie - I'm sorry to hear that your DF is not doing well. I know the choices you are going to have to make will be so very difficult, but you are strong and will get through it. Keep your other treasures close; they will help. Hugz, dear one! I hope your eye situation gets sorted soon. My DM goes for her cataract surgery soon. I have her well supplied with audio books.

    Star - So courageous and wonderful of you to solve you DD's dilemma with regard to camp and tournament conflict. Safe travels!

    Sun - It sounds like you had an overall wonderful adventure on your trip. I love your pen-and-ink drawing. Sometimes I wish I could draw like that (my DM can, so can my DD) but all I can manage are stick figures. Funny that I can free-motion quilt cute little motifs on my Kids Komfort quilts - but then they are more like doodles than actual drawings!

    Mikie - Sucks that you're whatever virus is rearing it's head again. I love your descriptions of SV. Worf is also so very loving with me. We were playing with a toy the other day, though, and he tried to bite the toy but bit my finger tip instead. It bled (just oozed, mind) for about 5 minutes before I could get it to stop. Worf, of course, had no idea that he had hurt me.

    Rock - A little known thing about Peggy Lee - she sang the part of one of the dogs in the pound in Disney's Lady and the Tramp and also sang both of the Siamese cats. Another of her big hits was "Fever". She was my DF's favorite singer.

    Spring - I think you're right...too often we don't stop to look at and enjoy the beauty around us. I must have taken nearly 100 photos of the clouds on my flight home from New York, because I just thought they were so neat. I can't imagine too many other people would find them of much interest, though. But I liked them!

    I haven't actually gotten to turn my sewing machine on since I before I left for New York...I am sew ready to get back to it. I've spent the last few days getting the bunker back to normal and I'm now ready! I promised to post some pictures of my "State of the Union" blocks, so here are a few. I have 23 done, and one more a little more than half way done.
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  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Duck. Happy belated BD. And also to your son. My DDs is one day before mine and my oldest DS is one day before my DH. My second son is all the way in May.

    23!!!!!! And how big will it eventually measure? Yes, I do remember Peggy Lee singing in Lady and the Tramp. That movie came out when I was in 5th grade. Loved it. I remember the big rage was printed cotton from Lady and the Tramp. You bought the entire panel then sewed up a skirt, well my mom did. Funny how things stick like that. As a matter of fact I can almost picture myself in each grade classroom.....even remember when I got a nose bleed in 5th grade and had to run to the restroom.

    And Julie: happy BD to you also. How will you celebrate?

    OK, I did more searching and found out that Peggy Lee did in fact have 2 sons. That was driving me crazy because I was positive about things my fellow co worker had told us. I remember all of us sitting in the coffee room with our mouths open as she related personal things about Peggy Lee.
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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning dear porchies,

    THis will be another short oe. I just got finished going over some of the music for the funeral today, mostly trying to remember the descant parts and some which I haven;t sang in some time. If there is no music for my part many times I make up my own if I think it sounds OK with OK from the director, of course. Yes there do seem to be a lot of funerals lately . I don;t sing at a lot of them . Sometimes the R C has more than one a week. This is for our whole church community. People come mostly non working people but some others who come when they can. I am in the Resurrection Choir but have not sang at most funerals with our car mess and also the way I feel. Also live about 10 miles away from the church.

    Finished my 4 bean salad and put it int he frig to get cool this morning. It tastes so much better when cold and after marinating for some time in the frig. Go to the funeral and then reception afterwards. However, we have to rush home so DH can talk to the workmen who will hopefully still be here. He needs to talk to them about some things before paying them. Working on cleaning up the garage and painting after spackling . They already did that part and they have to paint the boards that were replaced after they rotted.

    SUN - You are so very creative. I know what is very pretty and that I like but that is about it. I would also need someone to tell me how to start the project, and finish it. Yes it is nice if you know someone who can also do projects like Joanna Gaines and people that she has that she uses for her projects to do her pieces. Probably won;t be to cheap either unless you can do some of it yourself. Nice you can just doodle and do drawings. You wouldn't want to see mine :)!!

    JULIE - Surprised you popped in today with all you have to do today and the rest of getting ready for your trip. Sorry about your eyes and hope they can look into your dad's swallowing problem and hope it can be fixed easily, and that he can take the procedure. THat is so cute and precious of Josiah whois ready to go to Grandma's and GPA's house, NOW.

    MIKIE and SUN - You are right about all the funerals. It goes with the territory of our age group for one thing. I don't sing for that many any more. I did more when we didn't have the special choir as well our car problems, etc., etc. Hope you both are feeling Ok or better than you were for awhile.

    Hi to awl and special HI to JOANIE AND DARAE. SO NICE TO HAVE YOU BACK. Have to go finish my wash before we leave . Then have to think about getting dressed for the funeral and helping DH with his regalia. Sorry not to mention everyone individually.

    Just noticed that DUCKIE and MIKIE posted again What beautiful squares., DUCKIE, YOU are another talented one. So beautiful !!! Forget if someone else posted or not. I need to get off here, to much going on and so little time.

    Hugz to everyone,
    Granni :)
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Decided to take a bath and get started on a few chores. I had already unloaded the DW and refilled my daily pill boxes and cleaned out the little storage bin I use for my meds. After my bath, I usually sit in my robe for a bit to make sure everything is dry before getting dressed. I felt tired so lay down and that's all she wrote. I slept deeply and woke confused. Decided I had to get up and brush my teeth; boy did that feel good. The Sjogren's is paying me a visit today and my mouth is as dry as Bea Arthur's wit. Evidently, that isn't my only problem. I took the kitty litter bag down to the dumpster and got my mail. It's just one building away. On the way back, my legs hurt so bad that I wasn't sure I'd make it. The Acyclovir may be kicking in and the nasty little Whatever Viruses may be staging a standoff. Fortunately, they will lose but not before putting up a big fight. Whine, whine, whine!

    Julie, it's too bad you can't opt for the $100 solution. When my Rx changed, I decided to buy new frames too because I couldn't be without my glasses. I used to wear mono vision contacts and the distance lens was totally different from the reading lens. Some people can't get used to that but I took to them right away. I wore them for years but gave them up a couple of years ago. Between the dry eyes and my tired brain, it was just too much. The brain is the fundamental organ in sight. Our eyes are just the lenses through which we see. I sure hope the new lens will get you to seeing clearly again with no problems. You've been dealing with this a long time.

    That is so cute about Joshiah. I loooove the Freight Harbor store here. Haven't been there for a while. They always have coupons for free gifts with any purchase. We used to shop there for things for our bldg. Frank from downstairs loves to shop and, when he goes into stores like that, his eyes glaze over. Then, it almost takes a court order to get him outta there. I am so sorry about your Dad. I know he drinks more water now due to the UTI's he has had. Does he have dry mouth? When the Sjogren's is bad, I can't swallow without choking on a lot of things. I hope they can help him. BTW, my BD is the 7th as in 7/7. That's probably the only reason I can remember it.

    Sun, people in CO have been decorating with old barn wood since the 70's. It never goes out of style. I love the antler chandeliers. Target and other stores carry the tin accent pieces and I got a cute thing for my kitchen. It goes well with the new stainless industrial look fridge and DW. I'll see whether I can take a pic with my tablet and post it. Chip and Joanna Gaines have quit the show and she is having another baby. This will make number five. They love nothing more than being on their little farm enjoying the animals with the kids. They have their store in Waco, their catalog business, and Target carries some of their things. They also have a line of furniture. I'm sure they have people to run those things. I hope you can find just the right table or your handyman can just build one from the old wood. You can buy legs online.

    SURFACE - WIN_20180626_141506.JPG

    Duckie, I saw your 'footprints' on the Porch and was hoping you could stop in. You must be going through quilting withdrawal. Happy belated birthday to you and your son. Red Lobster sounds good. Mmmm! My DGS's BD is five days earlier than mine. DD's BD is five days earlier than her Dad's. I've also scheduled my doctor appts. in a cluster because I've gotten so far behind while I wasn't feeling up to it. Got the endoscopy done and my annual full body skin check over with. Still have a dental appt., gyno check, Dexascan and Mammogram to go.

    I'm sick of doctors. I can see a time when I'll just stop going to all the specialists unless there is a problem. Your quilt is going to be spectacular when it's done. My friend, Claudia, has finished photographing and cataloging her Mom's quilts and is now starting on her ceramics. She has a big body of work. Hoping and praying your Mom's surgery goes well. That is sweet of you to get the audio books for her. BTW, there are a ton of cloud lovers and I'm one of them. I've had my head and heart in the clouds ever since I was a little kid. I had to learn about them when I got my pilots license and it was my favorite part. I'll see whether I can find some of the pics online to post. I did that years ago.

    Granni, so glad you could stop in. Your bean salad will be perfect and, yes, they taste better the next day. That accident really interrupted your life for a long time. I'm so glad it's over. What work is being done on your garage? You probably told us by my pea brain is a sieve. I'm gonna blame it on the Whatever Virus. Claudia brought me a book called, How Not To Act Like A Little Old Lady. Well, that's gonna be perfect. She has a great sense of humor and loves funny books. I love the custom pieces that Clint Harp makes for Joanna Gaines out of recycled wood. My favorite was a kitchen island top reclaimed from the floor of a train car. It was thick heavy wood and all distressed from the years of use. They stained it a medium/dark color and put a glossy finish on it. It was gorgeous. I buy distressed wood furniture. If it ain't distressed when I buy it, it soon is from being used. Don't know what I'd do if I had to be careful around my things. Hope all goes well today.

    Well, Kiddies, it's time for lunch and I need to eat. Drat! The ringing is back in my ears. I'm gonna see what I can get done today but am not going to push it too hard. Actually, just like any other day. Doh!!! I hope all y'all are having a great week.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Hi all

    I was trying to post a pic. This one is of the monsoon clouds, its a few weeks old. Earlier i tried to post it too afterctaking the picture, but it just wouldnt take.

    Duckie - can you post your cloud pics? Clouds occupy an important position on my list of 'these are a few of my favorite things'. Happy belated birthday. I don't seem to get around to sewing on my buttons that fell off my dress and sweater etc and here you are sewing up a storm with those quilt patterns. I was laughing to myself about it. Lovely patterns.

    Julie - Happy birthday in advance to you! Busy busy busy! I'm sure Den is as delighted Josiah is going to visit as Josiah is determined to come visit with or without his tool kit. Make sure you rest too. Don't spread yourself too thin. Nana needs rest too. I hope your glasses get sorted out.

    Sun - I love that pen and ink drawing! So quaint and fairy tale-ish! Hmmm a neighbour looks like Colin Firth. Maybe I could come visit. And help water your garden or prune or something. (Blushes).

    Granni - workmen never clear up their mess if they can help it. Tell me about it. Last time I got rid of a couple of old broken things to a pedlar. Went in to lock the dogs after settling on a sum, and getting paid upfront,;when I went out to check if they'd left, the pedlar had also taken a big plastic container I used as dustbin for twigs n stuff which I hadn't even told him he could take.!

    Rock - I've never heard of Peggy Sue. I watched a cartoon of The Lady and the Tramp in the early 90s. One of the best cartoon movies I watched. I fell in love with the Tramp.

    Mikie - I sure hope I don't have Sjogrens because I get the dry mouth thing occasionally. And I've been exercising my legs because I was cramping at the back of the thighs. And walking gingerly on immediately getting up.

    Today I got nipped by a wasp when moving something in the garden, DH told me to soak my toe in an alkaline something and I used the baking powder in water. Either it was a small nip or the treatment was right its UN noticeable now and no pain.

    A few weeks ago my new SIL came back from USA after visiting her relatives and getting a few things done certificates and such. She got us a list of things we ordered (,small things, supplements, cream, and she also got us gifts. She gave me a wallet and folding carry all. I was thinking " Dad, maybe you were right. He used to say if a big moth visited, it meant we would get something. My DD had given money for a trouser and SIL got her one extra. I think trousers are the only things DD misses not having here. Says American ones are unbeatable for fit and quality.
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  9. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Here's a very large cumulonimbus (thunderhead) we flew fairly close to:

    p.s. Mikie - are my footprints webbed??

    p.p.s. We have a cumulonimbus overhead right now....
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just sitting here in my fuzzy robe and soft socks. With the A/C running nonstop and the ceiling fan on, I'm cold. I love being cold and having to bundle up. When it's really hot out and the A/C runs like this, it's cold inside. I don't turn the temp up because that causes it to cycle off and on too much. It's better for the unit to either be off all the time or run all the time. I'm feeling very snuggly indeed.

    Claudia's book is totally different from what I had expected. Mary McHugh, the author, has written a bunch of books and has traveled all over. It is humorous but it is also heart wrenching. Her daughter died from the effects of diabetes at age 40 after losing her sight and her leg. A lot of what she has done was an effort to try to heal her grief. Some of the book I can relate to but not all of it. I think dealing with my illnesses and lack of NRG has given me a different outlook than I once had. I was driven once and wanted to do everything I could. I'm glad I did because I couldn't do those things now. She and I have both had to learn acceptance. We are both trying to hold the line, she with her tap dancing and me with my yodeling. In any case, I'm enjoying reading this so far but I haven't read that much yet.

    Sun, I'm sorry the pic of the tin thing that hangs on my wall is sideways. I took the pic in portrait mode and it's stored on the Surface in portrait mode and yet it posted on its side. Just another reason to hate that tablet. Either you will have to turn your computer on its side or turn your head sideways; I hope that wouldn't be too painful. There is a third choice--you can look at it on its side and say, that's good enough.

    Spring, love that pic. Those clouds are really low. A lot of things, including medications, can cause dry mouth. Sjogren's produces a very dry mouth and dry eyes. Before the peptide injections, I would get sores in my mouth from the dryness. I hope you don't have it.

    Duckie, that pun is world class. It's twofold because you are Duckie and we meet on the web. Tada! All my old cloud pix are on my poor old dying Toshiba laptop. I'll dig it out to see whether I still have them. Those are beautiful clouds. The one at the top is anvil shaped and has stopped climbing. We once flew into New Orleans toward evening and there were towering cumulus clouds all copper colored. We have alto cumulus standing lenticular clouds here. I wasn't expecting them; we had them in CO downwind from the mountains. I guess the wind coming off the water isn't that different from wind coming over the mountains.

    Barry, some people do have chronic EBV and have high levels which are detected years later. It's possible to be initially infected without all the long-term exhaustion. When that happens, people usually just think they got a bug. They did but not your run of the mill virus. The more I learn about Herpes Viruses the more they concern me. EBV and CMV are possible contenders for my Whatever Virus as well as the HHV6. Since the Acyclovir forces it back into the latent state, there is really no reason to identify the strain unless, of course, there is some hideous condition spawned by it down the road. Seems we are always just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I once had cold sores on my lower lip from being sick or going out in the sun. I sometimes feel that tingling like one is coming on but they never form. I ice my lip and use Abreve just in case; the old Girl Scout training, be prepared.

    I'm glad I stopped back in. Seems we have a bunch of spammers aboard these days. This latest bunch are all using a couple of registrations. It's like Whack-A-Mole. I just get rid of one or two and a few more show up. Thanks to our vigilant members, they get flagged if I miss any.

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful evening. I've taken my acetaminophen for a headache and my painful legs. I managed to finish cleaning the guest bath today but not the master bath. I had wanted to change the bed. I need to turn the mattress and wanted it to feel comfortable tonight. Oh well, SV and I will find a way to be comfortable.

    Love, Mikie

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  11. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hello Porchies one and all! LOL! Thank you for the "Welcome back" Lydia, Granni, dmcduck, and all! This last year was a wild ride! The weight loss I experienced as a stress reaction to Darci's medical issues was significant. Dropped from a size 22 down to a size 16. Not trying....just couldn't eat. It's rather difficult to look in the mirror. My face is different......I am different. I have seen bloodhounds with less skin hanging in the breeze flapping to and fro. Not complaining, mind you. I can accept that as a part of losing a lot of lbs., as well as being healthier in the long run. What I find most difficult is trying to dress around it. Don't want to look like some of those knit sweatpant, knit shirt women who obviously should not wear tight knit fabrics in public. I try to keep my flaws out of sight.

    I got shorter.....my shoes got sloppy on my feet, even hats fit differently. Sort of feel like the Incredible Shrinking Woman! LOL! There's an "up" side to all of this as well of course. My face got sort of prettier. I've been spending much time out with girlfriends from school, from various work places, and from childhood. My generation of kids in my town are having get togethers at a favorite restaurant to help us all reconnect. We're all feeling the loss of the 59 we lost from high school the year we graduated. Very sobering when they did the power point presentation at our 45th Reunion last September, showing the pictures of all the kids we've lost. You could have heard a pin drop. The cliques broke up.....and everyone was on the dance floor dancing with everybody else on the floor. The social hierarchies just forgotten. Neatest reunion ever. I helped organize and decorate for our 50th Junior High Reunion last month. I've turned into a real social butterfly now that the kids are well and squared away. I am free now to do as I wish.

    So many friends reunited and so many who wanted to be friends getting to do that. It's just cool! The gentlemen have been most avid for dates. I feel like I'm back in the "Frog Sorting" mode again. It's been nice though. Out shooting pool, out dancing, out to dinners, just OUT. I am moving out of my comfort zone again in October. A dear friend of many years who is a single truck driver, spends most of his time out on the road. Sold his house. I handle some of his banking for him when he's out on the road and we are platonic traveling buddies.

    I just reserved a cabin from Timber Tops Cabin Rentals in Tennessee for October. Luxurious doesn't begin to describe these cabins. And the mountain view off the back deck is breathtaking. I can hardly wait to go! We are splitting the cost of the cabin and he is doing the driving....(which I detest), so that's pretty cool. There's an air hockey table, a fooseball table, and a pool table in the cabin. There's an outdoor jacuzzi on the deck and a jetted spa inside off one of the bedrooms. I am going predominantly to "recharge". Let all the stress just go.

    This last year and a half have kicked my rear. In the last 6 months I have presented with Dupuyreten's Contracture. My son, Damon, has had it for many years. 70% of the time it runs in families, but I couldn't find anyone in our history with it. I now know why he has it. From me. And, likely from one of the grandfathers I never knew as they died before I was born at early ages. Like I needed another disease! LOL!! It's not problematic yet, so that's ok. I can deal. I know that I'm ratteling on here......it's just been so long since I've been able to be here. I missed you guys and the stories, the camaraderie, the support that goes back and forth between all. Glad to be back on the Porch! Night night! Hugz!

    [​IMG]The new me.....LOL! Lost 4 pant sizes and still crawling down the scale.

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hope you're all having a good day. Hard to have a bad day, I suppose, when it's
    the middle of the night. One doesn't usually get into much trouble when wrapped
    in the arms of Morpheus.

    Congratulations on your transformation, Dar. Is that a pixie cut in your photo? Isn't
    that what Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow wore? Glad to hear things are gong well.

    Mikie, Have you thought of tap dancing and yodeling combined? It could be a new art
    form. Yo-tap could replace Yo-Yos as the latest fad. Too bad the Ed Sullivan show is no
    longer extant. Actually Ed isn't either. You ever see Tommy Smothers when he has a
    yoyo (or two) in hand? A real whiz! He also does a great impersonation of Johnny Carson.

    Barry, I used to read to read the New Yorker too. Never subscribed, but our office did. As
    may folks say, "I just read it for the cartoons." Garrison Keillor said he had a piece
    published in the New Yorker when he was in college. It was very helpful when he was
    out of school and looking for work.

    You gave yourself shots in the butt? But isn't that difficult? Did you have to assume the
    poses of a contortionist? I used to prick my finger to get blood for diabetes testing. I
    quit after a month or two. Always got the same two numbers. I tried to look up that tea
    you were talking about, but the computer wouldn't cooperate. I hope your dental pain
    is rapidly fading.

    The computer and I are both fading too.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    The A/C is already running even though, according to my Weather Channel app, it's only 75 degrees out. I love that app. It uses the IBM cloud which is apropos. It's supposed to be 89 here today, 95 in Denver and 102 in Dallas. Granni, I hope you can keep your cool.

    Dar, you look mahvelous! It's so wonderful that your life has taken such a good turn and that you are here again to share with us. I took the liberty of adding some paragraph breaks in your post. Many of us can't read long text without breaks. I'd hate to have anyone not be able to read your post.

    Rock, if I tried to tap dance and yodel at the same time, it would likely cause the reflux to get worse...ball step change, shuffle, burp! I took tap lessons when I was a kid and still remember some steps from our program. Until you mentioned it, I had forgotten about Tommy Smothers and his yo-yos. When the girls were growing up, we had two cats named Tommy and Dickie after the Smothers Brothers. Loved their show, the guys not the cats.

    Duckie, here are some lenticular clouds. It's easier to see their lens shape when there are single clouds that are not stacked up.


    I'll be back later. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm also a lover of clouds. I was in 7th heaven in Jackson Hole because it rained off and on for 5 days and they were dark blues/greys and gorgeous. I used to love to lay on the grass when I was a kid and see pictures.

    Whew....what a morning. I went out for a walk around 8:45, trying to get back into having some energy and was just 3 houses from my house when I stopped to see this "poor starving looking dog" stop to drink from the gutter, all the time wagging his tail. I ALMOST went up to him....good thing I didn't. A truck stopped near me and yelled, that's a coyote. OMG. 9:20 a.m. I've been reading about this starving looking coyote around the neighbhood but I figured they don't go out in the mornings. One walking neighbor told me yesterday that he lost his cat last week to it...found nothing but fur in front. Then my neighbor across the street said she had been sitting in their FR in back when they saw a coyote run across their patio, having jumped their fence. I'm not letting Clair outside without me there.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Very busy today and yesterday. Time for me to go fix dinner but I just stopped to at least read some. Sang at our Ladies Luncheon Patriotic songs just part of our usual program since they also had a speaker coming later on. I think everyone enjoyed it and enjoyed doing it. That took most of the day getting ready for it and then doing it. Very sad, it looks like we will be losing our dear pianist to Ca faiarly soon. She played today. More about it tomorrow. She is an amazing younger woman and so up beat and full of life. Lost her husband to Lung cancer I think it was a few years ago. Late 50's or early 60's I would say) She has been trying to beat this thing for years on and off. Yes, it looks like another funeral is in the future. I can do without this one for sure. Worn out from the funeral yesterday and I only made this huge salad for loads of people. You cannot believe all the people. Wish I had the numbers. It was supposed to almost be like a Irish wake but not quite so rowdy, I am sure. We couldn't stay long. I am sure some of the rowdy ones stayed till they closed the doors and had more than a few belts of the hard stuff. They did have beer also at the wake(reception) not in the funeral home. It is the church hall (Family Life Center) and probably kept the hards stuff out of site to most.

    Hi to DAR, MIKIE, ROCK, et al !!

    SUN - Be careful with the wild starving coyotes. You are smart not to let Claire out by herself. More later.

    More tomorrow I hope.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  16. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    thank you all for the sweet welcome. im surprised and honored that so many remembered me. i was afraid i would be forgotten.
    granniluvsu. i remember you well. i am surprised that you couldnt find any of my old posts. what did you mean about "other boards" , i am having brain fog and dont remember any other boards, but this one. were there certain people on certain boards? or did they skip around. im sure i would be the type to skip around. but i really dont remember other boards. i was on pro health for many years though, and cried when i thought it closed. more people i can remember: pmmusicality(something like that) i think her name was pam. blue stem, jasmin, hopalong, rosie (she passed few yrs ago), red sox, jamminhealth, ladybugmandy, sewhat, forebearance, there were so many more old timers, but i am drawing a blank now.

    speaking of boards, i think we were able to speak to each other, five and 6 at a time, at once. different than this one. boy i am mixed up now. maybe someone can join in and straighten out my brain. hehe.

    mikie i know you asked me a question, but ive got to scroll back as ive forgotten it. got to pray to saint anthony to find my brain. will be right back.

    hugs, joanie
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Dar - you look smashing! I imagined someone harried looking, given all that you’ve been through but here you are looking like a model on the cover of a magazine. Love the make up too. I’m glad you’re getting back into your groove. And having fun.

    Joanie - I remember seeing your name a lot. Some members have passed. Mr Dad, Diane - her husbands name was Kevin, and she had cats Beety etc. she has sadly passed on not too long ago.

    Mikie - that chive box is so elegant! We had many chive plants in pots grown from a single plant. Purple flowers. Very pretty. We don’t have them any more. Must say I’m tempted to get some seeing as how lovely yours look.

    Granni - looks like a busy time at the funeral. So sad about the pianist lady. It’s not right. A young person or youngish, playing the piano beautifully and getting ready to leave. Not any more right than Suns sons friend with ALS.

    Sun - poor starving coyote doesn’t sound any better than poor starving dog. Poor thing. I’m sure it’s fighting for survival by eating any animal it can find after houses encroached on its habitat. Thank goodness the truck driver warned you in time!

    Jackson Hole itself is so beautiful, not surprised the clouds are lovely there too. Pristine, clear. Some places are blessed. If angels were to have a dwelling place on earth, JH would probably be prime real estate for them, what?
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Watered today. Of course I got bit by the voracious insects. At least the ants who have
    been showing up in the bathroom don't bite. I have explained to them that they belong
    outside, but you know how some bugs just won't listen.

    Granni, About looking up old posts. If you want to read previous posts by a member,
    click ontheir name or avatar at the left side of the page. A black box will appear. Click on
    "messages". Joanieray, you can find some of your old friends and reread their posts.
    The chat room is gone. But usually when I went there, I found it was empty. Been lots
    of changes over the years. This thread, started in 2005, is one of them.

    Gordon took his old car to our mechanic. He got the A/C compressor replaced. His car
    is 28 years old so the compressor had to be found at a salvage yard. So now his car is
    cooler. Of course since freon was outlawed in 1989 your car in not going to be as cool
    as it once was. The stuff is also outlawed from refrigerators. Well, for all uses, I guess.

    Mikie, Tommy and Dickie felines. Which one did Mom like best?* I had forgotten all about
    lenticular clouds. First heard of them here. I guess they hadn't been invented yet when I
    was in tenth grade science. Mr. Randall was one of our best teachers. Every Friday he strode
    briskly into the classroom and said, "Alright, Class. Pop Quiz. Take out half a sheet of paper."

    They were always 10 questions, and a couple of us usually got all ten right because all you had to do was learn the words printed in the text is bold face plus the info in the chapter summary. I found it hard to understand why everybody didn't do that. Still do. I also find it hard to understand why people don't learn and follow certain instructions: Don't text while driving. Don't rob banks. Don't hit your children, etc.

    Sun, I remember lying on the grass with other kids and finding pictures in the clouds. I'm pretty sure Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a poem about that, but I can't find it now.
    Very kind of you to want to help the poor 'dog'. I gave a coyote a chicken leg in Yosemite
    Park about 50 years ago. It was sitting alongside a road with not much traffic. The poor thing had an injured leg. A Park Ranger stopped by. He said, "That's how he earns his living. Been here for several years."

    Gordon went to the market after he got his car back. I think we are going to the library
    tonight. Have 16 books on hold. Seven ready for pickup. One I am getting because of
    the interesting title. Cat on a Cold Tin Roof. All I know about it is that the main character
    is a private eye.


    *Of course we know it should be "like better".
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Chive flowers

    Mikie - I’ve never seen a lenticular cloud! Not in reality, not in pictures. They are truly spectacular.

    Rock - what is your favorite book of all time? Or some of your re-read favorites? I used to love Arthur Hailey. Alistair Maclean. Denise Robins. Now I mostly read New Age books. We have an old Landrover which breaks down so often, it’s on its way to scrap I expect. But it looks really imposing.

    Deep red which glistens when polished up. Big sturdy. My son used to drive it when he was in college because it was the alternate car when his little Tata nano needed servicing or broke down. He said he felt uncomfortable because he could feel people dislike and jealousy when he was behind the wheel. The roads are small and the car would take up a lot of space. He prefers using his motorbike when he can.

    We have stray dogs which subsist on the scraps from butchers of which our city abounds. Our people love their meat. The dogs are so regular one immediately notices when a newcomer arrives.

    Barry - giving yourself injections in the butt.? I too was thinking you would have to be flexible.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Won Final Jeopardy last evening. For some reason, I haven't been able to get NBC on my antenna. Fortunately, there is a website where the FJ clue of the day is posted. I don't use it because it seems like cheating to get the clue early which would give more time to answer. I often know the answer but can't get it to my brain in the few seconds that are allowed on the broadcast. It came in handy last night though when I couldn't watch. I don't know what is going on with the broadcasts. Wonder whether Comcast is messing with it. I'm not even sure they are the ones doing the physical broadcast or whether each station does its own. I do know that the monthly fee that cable users pay to finance the free broadcast signals is collected on the monthly cable bills.

    I don't watch Pawn Stars on the History Channel all the time but love the show and watch it when I'm tired of watching other shows. I was watching it yesterday and found out that 'Old Man' Harrison, the grandfather/father on the show, died from his Parkinson's Disease. There was a memorial show for him last night. I'll miss him. He was a huge part of the show and so funny. He was a perpetual grump and swore like a sailor. They had to bleep half of what he said. TV pickins' are slim right now. Don't even see anything featuring Slim Pickins.

    The Acyclovir is making me sick. I can tell the Whatever Virus is putting up a big fight as the AV attacks. This morning, the salivary glands on the left are screaming at me. Soooo painful. Yesterday it was pain in my legs. Claudia's poor Mom is sick so she won't be going to the pool today. Just as well because I don't feel up to it.

    Sun, did you notice on your trip how beautiful the night sky was? It's so clear that you feel as though you can almost reach up and touch the stars. Glad you didn't get close to that coyote. One day after a new neighborhood was being built nearby, a coyote was running down our street. Poor fellow; he probably lost his hunting grounds. People here lose pets to the gators.

    Granni, it's so sad about that woman's knowing that she won't be with us much longer. I guress this is the season of loss in our lives. Sooo many in my own family have passed and we have lost quite a few here in the hood. Don't know that I would want to be the final survivor here.

    Joanie, if I asked you something, I can't remember either. My brain is a sieve. You had asked about Cort and I did respond to that. Health Rising, his website, is a good one but I don't have time to be active on two. I subscribe to his newsletter and get updates in my email.

    Spring, that plastic plant in the box has yellow flowers instead of purple; I couldn't find any with the purple flowers. I'm always on the lookout for them. I had some outdated country style things on that wall. When I saw that tin box at Target, I knew it would look great there and kinda tie the new stainless appliances into the mix. Farmhouse style is in but it is slightly different from the old country stuff I have loved since the '80's. I try to keep things updated without going overboard. Lenticular clouds usually don't appear all stacked up like that. There may be two or three small ones on top of one another but nothing like these in the pic.

    Rock, look for Terro Ant Traps at the store. You might have to go to Ace Hardware or Lowe's to find them. You clip one end off and put them on the floor. Ants go in, eat the poison and take it back to the rest of the ants in the nest. Voila! In a few days, no more ants. Our kitty, Dickie, was strong and adventuresome while Tommy was smaller and more docile. Our neighbor used to let them in to her back porch and Tommy would climb on her gardening hat on the shelf and attempt to make love to it. Didn't have a favorite. Loved them both for their individual personalities, kinda like my kids. Tweety is the adventuresome one here and SV is softer and more docile. Tommy and Dickie really were brothers. It's hard to believe two kitties from the same litter could be so different, just like Tweety and SV. Lenticulars aren't common everywhere. They are usually in the areas of mountains. I was surprised to see them here.

    I see that Publix has kitty broth on BOGO so will stock up for SV, no pun intended. He loves that stuff. It's expensive. I usually pour about half of one of the little pouches of it over some of his other wet food. He doesn't eat a lot so it isn't that expensive to feed him the better stuff. I remember the first time I cut up some shrimp for him and Tweety. After he ate, he lay in front of the sofa and gave me love looks.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm off to read the virutal paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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