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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jul 1, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I'll be back to respond to the last posts on the old Porch. OK, I'm back.

    I decided to post some clouds for Duckie and all y'all. These are mammata cumulus clouds for the obvious reason; they look like breasts. When they get too heavy and pendulous, there is rain because they can no longer contain it. Somewhere on my old phone, I have a pic of the sky full of them over our hood. They were a strange yellow color. Like with the lenticulars, these don't show up often.

    I sat out on the balcony for a bit earlier just to enjoy the cumulus clouds to the west out along the shore and islands. There was thunder and rain was expected on the islands but not inland. It was 21 years ago today that Mom and I arrived in FL. I've never regretted moving here except that I do miss my kids. Claudia is in the same situation. Her daughter lives in Denver. When I win the lottery, we are all going to CO for vacation. In the meantime, I'll just have to use my rewards to take a trip. Not going until I'm feeling better and DGS is home from camp. Tomorrow is his birthday. Can't believe he is 13 already. Can't believe I'm gonna turn 73. Hmmm, that's the same term used when food gets old--it has turned. Joe drove by. He's out doing his daily inspection of the hood. No one knows more than he when it comes to what's going on in here.

    Barry, yes, when Monte's dingleberries are harvested, he should stop catting around. When tomcats would disappear for a day or two, my Mom used to say they were on their honeymoons. I'm sorry the heat is getting to you. I also sweat like a pig when I'm out in it. I pretty much stay inside in the afternoons. It's nice out this morning. Lots of people suffering with breathing problems and coughs from the Red Tide which is out of control. There are three agencies fighting over how money will be spent to fix the problems with Lake O and the water in our rivers. It will get fixed and I think it will take several things to fix it. Too many tourist dollars at stake not to fix it. Good luck with your EBV test. I keep Acyclovir on hand and take it PRN.

    Rock, mountain lions, coyotes and bears, oh my. Just saw a video of a mama bear and her cubs raiding a lanai where the people stored their garbage can. It's not safe to do that unless there are locks on the lids. Videos of alligators in people's pools and on their lanais are common here. Cats, dogs and children aren't safe around them. Love your okra and plug nickel puns. I bow to your mastery. Congratulations on that big zucchini. I used to grow it. It's good sliced, cooked and served with butter on it. Mmmm. I also made zucchini bread which the family loved. Summertime always brings back sweet memories of gardening for me.

    Star, I'm sorry your hothouse project didn't go well. Building something like that is a big job. Seems that whenever I try to do anything anymore, it just turns to crap. Not sure I'll ever take on anything again. Heck, I struggle to paint my nails. I love to browse through landscaping catalogs. I always wonder why we don't have more variety in our surroundings. There are soooo many more plants than one would ever think. Good luck with your gardening.

    Just got a message from Comcast that I've used 90 percent of my internet data for the month. What! No one said anything about a limit on it. So, another call to them. While I have them on the line, I'll mention the three times the internet has been out. I'll also ask about the broadcast signal which was out for days. I have to wonder if the end of net neutrality has anything to do with limits on internet.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Have a BIG Sunday paper to read. Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend.

    Love, Mikie


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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    A quick one before I go off to church. My dear brother is in critical condition but still alive that I know of. They got the dialysis to work. However he is on a ventilator and is sedated. We will know more when he comes off sedation if it gets that far and we will see what damage has been done by the stroke. He is critical and his wife says she is brokenhearted which I am sure she is. He did anything and everything for her. I am guessing along with a family friend who also worked in medicine that the stroke effected his vital organs. Not sure what else might have been effected as well. So much remains to be seen at this point . Sp we are just keeping up the prayers. I will come back and let you know if there are any changes. Thanks MIKIE et al who are praying for him.

    Hope JULIE had a great birthday. I saw a pic of JULIE and some of her family and T Treasures in this huge van looking like they were having a blast.

    Nothing else much of interest here. Have to finish getting ready for church. All day yesterday all I did was text people back and forth about DB's condition.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning Kids

    Just got here, and already there are additional messages to view.
    Interesting pic, Mikie. I thought they were balloons. In both WWI and II the British put up
    barrage balloons as a defense against German bombers. The balloons were anchored by a cable. An enemy aircraft could be brought down if it ran into a cable. The British put up thousands of them.

    Batter breads were very popular in our town during my yute. I never liked any of them.
    Gordon was just going to bake the zucchini and allow the partaker to add butter and
    parmesan. (Couldn't think of "parmesan". One of the reason it takes me so long to post
    nowadays.) Anyhoo his brother suggested some alternative; not quite clear what it is. I
    am amazed he had the initiative to suggest something.

    I am of the firm opinion that you are the best punster I know, but glad to know that you
    appreciate my so-so attempts. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Granni, sorry to hear the news about your brother is not good. Nice to hear that Julie
    and the grandkids are having fun.

    Time to give the kitty some attention and breakfast.

    Hugs, Kids

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  4. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Very quick note, inbetween fixing first, second and third breakfasts ;) and Grandpa Den's first breakfast (with lots of coffee, lol!) Pretty hectic here...letting Amy and Keira sleep in, but the kids and I were up by 6:30 am!

    Granni, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Whole family in my prayers.

    I'll post the pic of us as we started to head back to Iowa...I keep saying if we could just somehow skip Missouri, the trip wouldn't take long at all, lol! Thinking of everyone...I'll be back when I can.

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I saw those clouds in a program on Discovery. They’re extremely interesting looking. I think they look more like cotton balls than breasts. Lol! Anyways never saw a cloud shape I didn’t love.

    Granni - so sorry about your DB. Praying for him. I know how anxious everyone must be.

    Rock - that was news about the barrage balloons during WWII. I read a book recently about an evacuee boy from London during WWII who forms a strong bond with his foster home in the country. It’s a children’s book. Goodnight Mister Tom. Actually, I re read it after two decades. I still loved it.

    Julie - a happy crowd! Looks like great fun.

    Sun - I think you keep your mind alert and high functioning with all the new things you try. That artists brain of yours creating pictures in your mind all the time and then you go out and try and bring life to those pictures with raw materials and tools. You are very blessed. I love the way your DS keeps in touch with you and seems to share interests and passes on info.

    Barry - we had a neutered Lab we took in from a family moving away. One of our most beloved pets. Trouble is he used to think he was one of the humans and completely ignored the other dogs and we had seven at that point of time. He was completely oblivious to them. He played ball with us and hung out with my then young son. I never saw a dog who wasn’t the least interested in another dog.

    Star - a pity you had to take down your labour. But at least you gave it a go. Due to the rains pumpkins and bean vine etc grow easily here...and we had to uproot some zucchini, bean plants etc because together with other brush etc, they were taking over completely. Our friend the snake is still very much around. I and our helper girl have spotted it four days running. The crows and mynahs give it away. Cawing, shrieking loudly. I’m hoping after the rains stop and the undergrowth is tamed it will slither away to wherever it came from.

    Today I had to attend one prayer ceremony of a young cousin from maternal side who died. Her mom had recently moved to Australia and she came back for the prayers. I met a lot of the folks there from moms side of the family. It was held in this big big monastery, a nice departure from the house and the other rather smaller monastery they usually hold these ceremonies in. The monastery is away from the hustle bustle and has nice green open spaces. The food too was all veg so plenty of dishes. A Bhutanese cheese, green pepper gravy among them.

    Today at home, I made a childhood dish ..wheat flour dough with baking powder and kneaded into a cap shaped thick piece and then shallow fried in a deep pot. Browned all over. After that I poured three cups of wTer and let it cook that way. We can eat it with curry or soup. But we used to love cutting the bread into slices and then frying them till they had a crunchy red crust. So I did that.
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  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Most interesting clouds! Never seen anything like them, maybe I have but not like that pic.

    Julie: Fun, fun, fun......tired tired tired afterwards which is to be expected.

    Rock: I had never heard of those barrage balloons so did a search. Learn something every day thanks to google.


    Star: Sorry for your carpentry gone awry. Try try again is my motto, as I'm sure it is Your's too.

    Spring: You mentioned rereading childhood books and there's a series of them I remember reading when I was about 10. "All of a kind family".....about a jewish family living in NY, I think around 1900 and how they celebrated different festivals. I've looked everywhere for them, but the library system doesn't have them.

    Granni: I pray for your DB and his family. I think you all need to prepare yourself.

    Barry: I sympathize with you about the heat. Can't take it, used to love it. My heart rate increased very high and it's hard to function outdoors. Yes, get mr. Cataround to the vet quickly. Neutered males make the best pets.

    Well color me gullible. I bought a product advertised on TV....Full Crystal. What a waste of my time, as to the $19.95 I'm taking back the bottle today to Target to get my $ back. Not only did it leave drops all over the window but I spent a ton of time having to use the squeege and then it still didn't remove the spots left by bugs. (It did say in fine print that with hard water you have to use a squeege). HEY.....that's the reason I wanted to try it to avoid having to use a squeege. And a sliding door channel filled with water from all the spraying on the outside so I had to spend a lot of time soaking up the water with a sponge. &^%$#@(

    So from all the reaching and stooping yesterday, I'm hurting every where today. (*&^%$#@
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Speaking of heat...I think it must be hot enough to fry an egg out on the street. Not gonna do it cause I don't like my eggs seasoned with dirt. I prefer pepper. I feel a bit down. I shouldn't let life's little stuff get to me but that message from Comcast really bothered me. If there is a limit, I'll have to cut down on streaming TV, getting online, using wi-fi for my phone or spend another $30 a month for the better internet service. It's faster but I didn't need the speed. I need to find out if there are no limits or, at least, higher limits. I could also find a service that uses the phone lines in my condo. Pain in the butt!

    Granni, I'm so sorry about your brother. I've called in St. Jude to ask him to watch over your bro and I'm praying for all of you too. Please keep us updated.

    Rock, I think you and Duckie are better punsters than I but I appreciate the compliment. Let's just say we are all in the Punster Hall of Fame. Barry has made some very good puns too. I saw a program on PBS about those balloons. My flight instructor warned me not to get too close to tall radio towers because they have guy wires and if one were to fly into them, the plane would go down. Those balloons were a very creative defense. Which day is your birthday?

    Julie, as always, a very nice pic. Did you get your new lens? I hope driving isn't too difficult. Best part about road trips is road trip food. Hope all y'all are having a good time. Will there be a parade in town? Will Den hoist the big flag?

    Spring, I love the clouds too. I hope when I die, I can bounce on them without falling through. I think the ones above may have been named for breasts because they hold the rain like breast milk. Traditionally, pilots and weather people have been men. That splains a lot. Glad the prayer service was so nice. Hope no one is using bad language with mynah birds around. They may start cursing the snake.

    Sun, no matter how good those things look on TV, they always seem to disappoint. Same with some of the stuff sold on HSN and QVC. I have a $50 gift card for HSN and can't find anything I want to use it for. I hope your pain goes away. Claudia was driving by when I was loading boxes into the back of the car for Goodwill. She insisted on lifting one out of my little cart. She let out a groan as she tried to lift it. I honestly don't think any of the boxes are that heavy. I hope she isn't in pain. I must be stronger than I think. Feel better.

    I'm watching cooking shows on TV. They always calm me. I love that cute little woman who cooks Mexican food. She goes to the most interesting places and talks to chefs and shop keepers. Makes me want to move to Mexico but it's just not safe anymore. I've visited quite a few times and always loved it. I'm glad I traveled there when I could. It's sad for the Mexican people because they are wonderful and have a rich culture.

    Guess I'll find something else to do. Hope everydooby is having a good day. Tomorrow is teeth cleaning day and I think there may be a problems with one of my old crowns. I hope not.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a note to let you know that my DB is gone and hopefully in Heaven now. I guess they removed the life supports due to little brain activity. He e was such a sweet person who never complained about anything and was always there for a helping hand. Unfortunately he decided or it was his wishes not to have a wake or funeral and to be cremated. It just seems this way there is little closure, especially living so far away and we hardly ever visited any more. Seems like I did most of the visiting. My eldest daughter , in her true fashion says I or we need to visit her and the cousins sometime after some time goes by. I hate to go by myself. Doubt if I can get my DH to go , maybe one or two of my girls. It wouldn't be for some time for sure.

    Did some reading of posts but don't feel up to writing much more. I have been doing so much since my brother became so ill and died. That was so fast, like 2-3 days. What a shock !!

    BTW, we were planning to go away for a road trip to visit on very small casino that is just an hr and 1/2 away or so. We will not stay over night and we may leave very soon after getting there. Not sure about the machines . I know they have no video poker for sure and if denominations are to big I wont play much.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Dear Granni

    So sorry to hear the sad news. Here is a poem from Emily Dickinson that we read in High
    School. She wrote it during the Civil War. I have always found it comforting. I hope you
    will too.

    Because I could not stop for Death –
    He kindly stopped for me –
    The Carriage held but just Ourselves –

    And Immortality....

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  10. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Granni, I too was praying for you, your brother and families.
    Im sorry you are sad , particularly due to what you feel is a lack of closure.
    After all, the funerals and celebration of life, is for the living.to provide some kind of closure.
    With my dad recently passing, I can relate to all the time spent on the phone back and forth
    And in my case, around in circles.
    Im glad you remember him for his 'sweetness'.
    And even though my dad wasnt in the least bit sweet, the best thing wouldve been to get together and scatter his ashes Together. That wouldve provided closure.but everyone had to be top dog to the point of even disregarding his wishes...
    I sure hope you can find a way to get together.even if you are there through skype or face time or something.
    Thinking of you.

    Sun, Yes I hv already started to try again, taking a different approach.
    Interestingly I hv been considering different no dig growing approaches too.
    Thanks for the straw bale link!

    Julie, great pic.sounds like you are thriving.
    And yeah, will need to recover, but until then I pray you hv the stamina to stay in the hive of activity.
    Quality time.nothing quite like it.
    Happy 60th too.sorry cant remember exactly when it is.
    Glad your dad's prostate is in the clear.

    Mikie, in order to avoid all the nasty surprises, we hv unlimited internet.the speed can get a bit slow (so our Treasures say), but will do...it seems Everything has gone up in price!
    Sorry you are feeling down.
    Im glad SV is on hand for a cuddle
    And you can always hv a punning showdown here...
    I'll be happy to be in the audience.

    Rock, are you guys growing in a green house? Or in the yard?
    The sun is out, but its deceptive. Its freezing out there!
    Yesterday I just couldn't seem to get warm.eventually I turned my electric blanket on and climbed into bed.
    Dozed off, but finally warmed up.and not that awful, brain sucking dryed out feeling that electric blankets sometimes give.

    Barry, hoping all your teething woes are past tense now.nothing quite like that kind of pain.

    Spring, feeding all those dogs would cost a fortune!
    Nevermind all the the poo to hv to clean or dodge.
    We hv only two and Ds has the that particular job, but every so often still get caught out.
    Recently while we were cleaning out gutters and downpipes, Dh in his usual observant manner,
    was about to put downpipe back into place when I pointed out the little snake hanging out of it!
    Ds pipes up and says it was good for our immunity, drinking snake water.

    Duckie, still cant get over how you and your son hv the same birthday!
    And if memory serves, he was a mirical baby, so a gift from God.
    A birthday gift, for all time.
    I think thats pretty special.

    Ds is suffering.if its not Allergies, its non allergic rhinitis.
    Poor mid.all the sneezin and snottering.
    He says every morning at school he goes through it.he said its not great if he has a test to do.
    No.it wouldnt be.

    Also a big hello to anybody else visiting.
    Im not sure of who everyone is as yet, so pls forgive my lack.
    My brain is in pretty poor shape at the moment.
    Probably full of breast-clouds.(hmmm) sorry cant remember exactly what the correct term is.

    Over and out.
    Take care all.
    Catch yas later
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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - so sorry to hear of your dear sweet brothers passing. We hate losing loved ones but I wish everyone would pass in a short span of time, with little or no suffering, when it is time to go. Like your late DB. Illnesses, being bed ridden, paralysed for months, years is a difficult thing for the patient as well as their loved ones.

    I ask God and the Holy Angels of Light to wrap their arms around his soul. And that he is already in that other place where only love and light exist and no pain nor evil can enter.

    Yes, a cremation and no funeral is sudden. Maybe you can visit a church and ask a pastor to pray with you? Even though I'm sure his dear family might have done so.

    Such a stressful time for you and all, so sudden. Please look after yourself.
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  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Star - yes. It cost a bit but here we don't feed the dogs fancy stuff. Especially when there are many. We used to buy bones and scraps of meat of Buffalo, wheat flour and make a broth of those on a separate kerosene stove up on the terrace away from our own meals. And a bowl of boiled milk in between.We had like two families staying down in the compound and plenty of help. Five grown ups all doing specific chores. Feeding the dogs on the terrace morning and evening and washing the bowls was their duty.

    Then things unravelled. They started stealing and other things and I had to ask the stealing persons to leave. Our oldest helpers family moved out to their own house they built. I understood. It was time too. Long faithful service for 30 years is a lot because the father worked as a teenager in our carpet factory too.

    During vaccination time, we would load all seven dogs into the carpet loading van and take them to the vet. I wouldn't have the energy now. Even the dog poop was not a problem. We had a pit and the person sweeping the grounds would scoop them up and into the pit and cover.

    Now we don't bother making separate meals for our dogs. What we eat, they get. Where is the time to cook separately. So they get b/f, lunch, high tea, lol! High tea between six n seven. A tortilla or bread or something. Nothing later. Unless the kids throw them bone scraps.
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi kids

    Going on midnight here on the left coast. I suppose in Kathmandu it's Tuesday.

    Hi Spring, what kind of buffalo do you have in your neighborhood? Water buffalo? I
    read Europe also has bison. Particularly in Poland and Germany right now. You can
    see them on Youtube. The biggest mammal in Europe. Look very similar to our
    own variety. When I was a kid my Dad took us to visit a farmer who had American buffalo
    as well as exotic deer.

    Duckie, seems to me when I was a teen most novels were set in New York. Now they are more
    often set in Los Angeles. Am reading a first for me; a novel with the action set in Cincinnati.
    It's about a private eye hunting for a cat that is allegedly wearing a collar set with diamonds.
    The title is "Cat On A Cold Tin Roof"; it's by Mike Resnick.

    Star, Gordon has several hundred plants. The orchids and most of the blooming plants are
    all in pots, usually terra cotta. A couple hundred orchids are in areas protected by shade cloth.
    A green house is a big investment; especially if it is equipped with fans, water, electricity, and
    glass panels that can open and close, etc.

    Gang, remember the terrible invasive succulents I posted about? Well, one of them was growing in a pot with a mother in laws tongue aka the snake plant. The invading plant pushed the other plant right outta the pot where it died. After that we yanked out all the vicious succulents.

    Mikie, did you see the news yesterday from a Wall*mart in Texas? Two teenagers were having
    some sort of a romantic spat. Some middle aged lady decided to be helpful. Coaxed the girl into going into the store. But she didn't come out. The young fellow waited until he was fed
    up. Then drove his Dodge Ram into Wal*mart and pretty much toured the store. Damage was estimated at $30,000.

    One Commentator posted, "Well, if you can't Dodge it, Ram it." But I was sympathetic to his
    plight. I posted, "The poor kid got so frustrated he finally thought, "All right! Aisle show them!"

    In response to your question my birthday was on a Monday in 1940. I don't remember for sure, but it was probably a hot day. I will be 78. Yikes! Pretty soon I'll be old as Jack Benny. Don't really have much desire to hang around any more. Thanks for the colorful B'day

    Sun, sorry the new product didn't live up to it's promised virtues. I really don't expect
    any new product to work or any service to be competent. Incompetence is now the norm.
    Doesn't matter if it's a mom and pop store or a government agency with a billion dollar
    budget. Just look at our news. Full of spelling and grammatical errors, lacking vital
    information and written by the uninformed. Saw an article the other day that referred to
    someone's "trained instincts". Hope the aches and pain soon fade away.

    Julie, another great pic of your extended family. You are so lucky to have a wonderful
    family. Those kids will have happy memories which will probable help them to also
    create happy families. Unlike the legacy in my family.

    Hugs to All
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Just wanted to stop in for a minute before getting ready to go to the dentist. I woke with a sore throat and headache. The Red Tide is horrible and there was a weather alert about it on my weather app.

    Granni, my prayers were for your DB and all of you. I am so very sorry for this unexpected loss. I know he is in heaven and he didn't linger suffering but it's still a shock. Some kind of family gathering would probably help with the grieving. Can you request that one of the masses be said for him at your church? Perhaps one or two of your daughters could go with you. You could go out for breakfast after and talk about what a sweet man your DB was. Any little thing we do to honor the loved ones we lose helps us. A contribution to his favorite charity would be a nice way to honor him. Just lighting a candle can bring some peace. I'm sorry this all happened so fast and you didn't have a chance to be there. I pray that God and His angels comfort you and bring peace to your heart.

    Gonna go. I'll be back later and respond to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

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  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Spring, yes.'many hands make light work' is the saying,
    but too bad when the light work turns into 'light fingers.'
    Sorry to hear that happened. Pretty awful feeling to hv someone you trusted steal from you.
    And yes it sounds like taking care of your dogs was very well organised.
    And like Rock, Im interested in the buffalo aswell.
    Ours hv a constant supply of dog biscuits, but also get scraps and meat from time to time.
    Once upon a time you could buy a shopping bag of soup bones for 50 cents, but nowadays money is to be made from everything.even offal costs a fortune.thought it was called offal for a reason.
    Dh and Treasures dont go hunting much here because of the leeches.was too hot for them where we used to live...so poor dogs dont get as much meat.

    Rock, most of the green houses around here are simple constructions of timber and shade cloth.
    Nothing flash.
    Same with hot houses here.its usually a combination of glass and or plastic sheeting and or perspex.
    Again, nothing flash.
    Then again businesses do hv the expensive set ups with auto vents, temp guages and sprinkler set ups.
    But I imagine being able to claim on tax is somewhat of an incentive and the very best would be required.

    We hv shade cloth stretched along our fence tops in order to add height and privacy.
    Also shade cloth over other framed up sections, doubling as shelter for dh boat and other side of the yard where i hv various plants and hanging baskets growing, which is also where I like to pot plants etc.
    It is lovely just to sit out there.

    The hot house I am in the middle of putting together will be made very cheaply indeed!
    Now if only my body would cooperate!

    Those succulents sure sound evil, murdering the mother inlaw's tongue like that.
    And they are usually hardy too.

    Take care All
    Catch yas later

    Funny thing, I had just posted, but when I went back to see Mikie's , I discovered it had vanished.fortunately I retrieved most of it, which was still hanging around in ghost style.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I have some time before I have to leave.

    Rock, I love that poem. It's short but so comforting. I also see Death as kind. I saw on the news that the guy had driven his pickup into a Wal*Mart. Guess if it had been Saks, it would have been a Benz that drove into it. I love your aisle pun. Maybe he was stalking his girlfriend and looking to see whether the shelves were stocked. What is wrong with people that they let problems turn into such stupid acts with potentially deadly consequences. My question was which day in July, not a day of the week but a number, is your birthday. For instance, DGS's is today, July 2nd. In any case, happy birthday whenever it is/was.

    Star, you sound like Unsinkable Molly Brown. She didn't let adversity get in her way either. Go for it. Comcast internet has never had a limit before so I'm at a loss. They were doing better but are back to their uncaring selves as they hop on the greed train. Thanks for your kind words. I'm just in one of those times when I can't get well due to the Red Tide and other allergies. Then there's the acid reflux. It never ends. Bah!!! I shouldn't complain because I only have myself and SV to worry about. You have a family to care for and you do an excellent job.

    Spring, I'm amused at thinking of your dogs' having high tea. It brings to mind a painting like the ones of the dogs' playing poker. Wonder whether the queen's Corgis have high tea at the palace.

    My car is loaded so I'm dropping things off at Goodwill after my dentist appt. On the way back, I'll be stopping at Bealls because they have swim wear at 50 percent off. Then, there is a coupon. I only like specific types of swim tops so I try to get them when I find them. One of my old favorites is badly faded on the front. Why only the front? I run in both directions. I must have sat out on a lounge chair at one time with the front in the sun. I'll check in later.

    Love, hugs and prayers for my online family here.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I'm back but not Bach. Reminds me of one of my college roommates. He was a music major. Ate and slept music. Matter of fact his bed had Bach springs. Here's a musical joke he
    probably would have liked. The notes C, E flat, and G walk into a bar. Bartender says, "No
    you don't. We don't serve minors here."

    Mikie, I knew what you meant. I just don't like to tell people my birth date. It's too much like
    asking for attention. I think I posted before about the birthday parties at one office. They
    took all afternoon. Anyhoo I didn't put down the date of my birthday when the sheet was passed around one year, but one of the secretaries did. Turns out she had a three year
    calendar with the date from a past celebration. That was when I was new and didn't know how much time got wasted. Anyhoo the date is July 8. Sunday. All day long.

    Gordon and I ignore birthdays and holidays except that I write him a silly verse which he
    posts on the refrigerator until we buy a new one or the magnet wears out. Still have a leather magnet from the Alamo. Must be 10-15 years since we were there.

    You're absolutely right about the kid who trashed Wal*Mart. He's going to have a debt
    hanging over him for a long time. I don't suppose he had plans for college, but he might want
    to join the military. Or get a license for something.

    Star, despite Minnesota's fierce winters we have about 50 wild orchids that manage to grow here. Our State flower is a pink and white Lady Slipper. It is a paphiopedilum meaning it has a pouch. It is illegal to pick wild ones. Never saw one when I lived there.

    Good luck with your gardening project.

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  18. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!

    Time slipped away from me again. Speaking of time slipping away, I can hardly believe it is July already! The one nice thing about late June and early July is the cherries. I love to eat the sweet cherries.

    Anyway, Saturday morning I went to my DM's as usual. Then I went to the new Joann fabric store that opened up near me. I was looking for more of one of the fabrics in my states quilt...which I thought I was going to run out of. I hadn't found it at either of the other 2 large Joann stores near me. So I finally tried the littlest Joann store - and they had the last bit of it (it turns out they are discontinuing that print!). I figured I only needed another quarter of a yard to finish the project, so I bought 1/2 a yard to be sure.

    Then I met up with a friend I haven't gotten to spend time with since before I left for my first vacation. We went to a restaurant just to get a little bit of dessert and spend some time together. I told her how my DS almost won one of those really nice Kitchenaid mixers at my company picnic. She told me she had one that was collecting dust and gave it to me! She is such a dear, sweet person.

    Julie - I thought of you when those heavy storms passed through. We got some fairly heavy ones here as well, but but they had lessened in severity by the time they got here. Now it is just hot and humid, with daily air quality alerts. I stay inside as much as possible when it gets this way because it's bad for my migraines.

    Mikie - You've mentioned before about SV making "love eyes" at you...have you ever tried slow-blinking back at him? That's actually a kitty-kiss. And if you squint at him, that's a kitty-hug. Both (psychologically speaking) mean "I trust you enough to close my eyes and know you won't hurt me." Speaking of talking to animals, I heard the most fascinating story recently. A woman who loves animals and feeds birds like I do, etc., heard a weird thunking noise by her fence when she was walking her dogs in the yard one day. She went to investigate and found a skunk with a peanut butter jar stuck on his head. She put the dogs in the house and went over near the skunk, who backed away a bit, but she started talking softly...she just stood still and kept talking. Finally, the skunk came over and let her take the jar off his head. Then he left. I guess he decided that he could either die with the jar on his head or trust the human....

    Granni - I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I agree with others that it is good that he did not linger; it also sounds as though he did not suffer. I also agree that funerals are not for the dead, but for the living. I hope you can get together with your family for some kind of memorial.

    Star - Sorry that your greenhouse project didn't go well. It sounds like what would happen to me. Things like that always look so good and seem so easy in my head...guess it's the same for you.

    Sun - Your link about the new gardening technique was ex-straw-dinary. I bet you could grow fabulous strawberries in those. Or maybe Star could get a bunch and build some kind of straw-cture for her greenhouse.

    Ok, enough of that silliness.

    As to birthdays that fall together, it happens a lot in my family. My DF had a younger brother who was born on his 7th birthday. My oldest DB was born 3 days after my DF's b-day, my second oldest DB was born the day before my DM's b-day, and my youngest DB was born the day before mine.

    Rock - I looked to see if that book was available as an audio book, as that's the only way I seem to be able to consume books these days. There are lots of his fantasy novels, but not his 3 mysteries. As for puns (of which I pulled out a few) my second oldest DB and I get into pun contests. My DS is now able to almost compete with us. There were a couple of beautiful musical puns in the gift shop at Carnegie. Both were note pads...one said "Chopin Liszt" and the other said "Gone Chopin - Bach soon."

    Must get to work. My coworker is expecting me to pull a rabbit out of a hat (a.k.a. database magic). I must try not to let him down.

    Hugz to Barry, Dar, Joanie, etc.!


    p.s. here's a picture of the State of the Union quilt up on my design wall...26 of the states are done:
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Got a good report card from the dentist. I had chipped a little piece out of one of my big molars in the back. It should be OK as long as I don't let any food get caught in it. I told the dentist I use the Waterpik to blast all the chunks out after I brush. Then, I stopped at Goodwill to leave off my donations. Sign says to just pop the trunk and they would do all the rest. The poor little old man didn't look as though he wanted to do it so I got out and did most of it, handing it to him. There is a portico in the shade to drive under but it's still really hot out. Bless his heart.

    Then I stopped at Bealls and got two nice swim tops. They would have cost $100 but with the sale and coupon, I ended up paying $45 for both. I stopped at Burger King for a hamburger because I was starving. When I got home, I called Comcast and, sho 'nuff, there is a limit. She said all that changed a couple of years ago when they started to limit useage. So, one has a choice, get Comcast cable or stream Hulu for a lot less but don't do it too often our you will pay more. Oy! You get screwed one way or another. DGS is at camp but DD sent an email address at camp and they will give it to him.

    Rock, I heard about that incident at the bar. It was the Officers Club but they do serve majors. I am so sorry. I feel like a bully asking you your birth date if you didn't want to tell. I don't think we are showing off. Birthdays are a reminder that we are happy dear ones were born. Someone here used to keep them all but I can't remember them. I knew it was sometime around mine. I don't make a big deal out of mine either. Even my best pals in the hood and I don't celebrate them. Most of us are too busy or sick to do anything. I got a card from an old neighbor. I need to text her and thank her. She's busy caring for her DH and I was shocked to see she remembered. I usually just text her and her DH on theirs. One thing that kid at Wal*Mart likely won't be getting is a gun or license to carry it. At least, I hope not.

    Duckie, I love the cherries too. That last batch I got was delicious, not a bad one in the bunch. I'm glad you found your fabric. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of the ones Claudia's Mom made. I love the colors you chose. Wish I had the talent to do something like that but I can surely enjoy what others do. How sweet of your friend to give you the mixer. I have seen them on sale but I don't bake anymore so I get by with my little hand-held model. Also, counter space is at a premium in this little condo. The big ones are sooo nice.

    I had read about the eyes with cats and I often give him my own love looks. I did with Tweety too when she lived with me. They also have a thing where they lift their chins and it's kinda like they are saying, "Ain't life grand." If I do that, he will do it too. Bless that woman who removed the jar from the poor skunk. People don't think when they throw trash out like that. Have you seen the video of a plastic straw being removed from a turtle's nose? They have banned plastic straws from our beach. Go do your magic, Duckie! Do you have a wand?

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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