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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    I'll be back...alrighty, think I did all the steps to close out the old Porch and start a new one.

    I've been watching Tropical Storm Beryl as it approaches the islands in the Caribbean. Weatherman says it will likely fall apart because conditions are not good for it to strengthen. There is dry dusty air blowing off the coast of Africa, the water in its path is cooler than usual, and there is windshear which will likely tear it apart. Official estimates of the number of named storms has been lowered. Keeping my fingers crossed. Oh oh, Beryl has now strengthened to a Cat 1 hurricane. It's still slated to fall apart but hurricanes have a way of doing the unexpected.

    Our waterways are still polluted with Red Tide and toxic green algae. A dead manatee was floating offshore. The RT has killed a lot of them. Politicians are trying to get a state of emergency declared here. The repairs to the Hoover Dike on Lake O have been moved up but still won't be completed until 2022. Can't come soon enough for me and a lot of others here. I've just decided I'll be living with a sore throat, plugged up ears and breathing problems until the problems with Lake O runoff are fixed. Why don't we fix things before they become so dire?

    Sun, buddy breathing can be very challenging. Each time the mouthpiece is passed between divers, it must be cleared of water or the diver getting it will choke and likely panic. I can't imagine those kids' being able to do that. Just heard that one of the seals died from lack of oxygen and he was an experienced diver. Yikes! I hope and pray they all get out okay. Sounds like you made a great score at Goodwill. It felt so good to take my carload of donations to them. Now I can load it up again and take more. I get rid of some really good stuff. How are you feeling? Better, I hope.

    Star, I don't think I'd like using the big screen to see what I'm doing on the computer. It's nice, though, that all these electronics are getting smarter and communicating with one another. My old TV in the living room is a LCD and gets a beautiful picture in HD. It is very rich looking. The one in the bedroom is a LED and the picture is very crisp and bright. Fortunately, these new smart TV's are easier to hook up to wi-fi. The screen displays the directions one after another. I'm a bit technically challenged myself. I got a kick out of Aldi's cart rental system. Everyone took his or her cart back to get the quarter refunded. It wasn't bad because the store and parking lot are small. Publix stores are big with huge parking lots so I don't think our elderly shoppers would return the carts to the store. As it is, so many use the carts to lean on while shopping. Hope your friend will be okay.

    Spring, I'm with you--no layers on hot days. I try to stay as cool as possible. Too bad the closed regimes are so afraid of letting their citizens use social media to keep in touch and find out what is going on in the world. Unfortunately, with all the hacking going on, it's no longer a reliable way to get news. I read recently that criminals were hacking people's smart refrigerators to get into their home networks. Yikes! Article stated that they could use smart tv's to do the same. Fortunately, mine is protected by password so hope it's secure. We got 3.5" of rain on Wed. Are you getting a ton of rain too?

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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  2. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie. Love the porch picture. I can just imagine a forest beyond what we can see, lots of birds singing and flashing thru the trees, maybe a small deer coming to investigate. Much peace here.

    I definitely could NOT come to florida anymore with the RT. I'm sorry for all you have to deal with concerning it.
    I dropped and broke my oxymeter the other day so went to CVS for a replacement....eegads $50 plus. So I called the "free stuff" thru my United Health.....they didn't carry an oxymeter but he suggested I go to Walmart which I did and found one for about 1/2 of what CVS had. Now I'm going to be more careful when handling it.

    I don't think I told you about my 23&me results.....basically 99% european, but it was interesting how it came with a time line for my relatives as they traveled more west as each century came. There's also a smattering of french and english in me but basically slovak and german, which I already knew. And my DD had paid more for me to get health. Everything looked fine except for a "variant" concerning alpha 1 antirypsin. My DHs sister died from it and his younger brother has this for years. Apparently comes from the genes around Poland and that area. So I did more of a search and found where you can be tested FREE, so I called and got the kit. It came yesterday, but apparently I need to take it to my doctor. I will be seeing him in 2 weeks.

    The symptoms of Alpha 1 and the bronchiectisis which I have are identical, but apparently the alpha 1 needs close monitoring by a doctor, it can do liver damage among other things. It's necessary I get this test as my 3 kids or grandkids could be a carrier.

    I'm OK....you know how it goes.....day by day by day, we just never know how we're going to feel. I was out for a couple of hours early this morning doing yard clean up. It never ends but I do love my garden and my house so I'm not complaining. Its hot, supposed to get around 110 today and it's hard for breathing and my heart when it's like this. I ran my AC nonstop yesterday until I went to bed and had to open windows, then I put the fan on.

    I painted a lot yesterday! Almost finished with the small garden painting for my SIL then...waste not want not so I attacked 4 other canvases , Don't want to waste my paint. Everytime I get back into oils I find I'm very happy and wonder why I left it. I'm be going to my art group today but taking a partially finished WC to work on.

    I guess everyone is doing other things or wilted like me. Thankfully I have AC, hate to see my bill though having run it quite a lot. It's 113 outside right now. But it could be worse, we could also have humidity. It's just feels like a hot desert here today.

    I just checked....it hit 116 today with a low of 84. Unbelievable.
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  3. springwater

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    At the wedding. Me in glasses, DHs aunt, her DD.We went early, reached 4pm and waited and waited for the wedding family to arrive. Might've got stuck in traffic. They reached at 6pm and then we waited another 45 mins in our tables sipping drinks and snacks until the bride's mom also came to sit on the dais. And then the scarf and present giving ceremony started.

    My DH uncles wife, aunt doesn't mind. She enjoys the sitting and looking around. She also knows lots of people. But I was bored. Not to death but after two and half hours, came close. My DD and her DD chose wisely to come later, anyway they had their work, and arrived so they sat for an hour and then we all made it for dinner.

    It is really hot today. Even this early. Nine - ish. I made butter chicken for dinner last evening, but the kids went out to see the World Cup soccer with groups of friends. So looks like I don't have to cook today. DH already sprinted out for his golf.

    Mikie - isn't that Porch just fine? So restful and lovely looking at the same time. I love stone work. I think the Florida government and the central really need to make cleaning the waters of their oceans a priority. I mean, it's just heart numbing to think of people there at the mercy of these natural disasters like Red Tide. Where the ordinary person can do nothing except move away. !! Never mind, those poor sea creatures who probably come last in the priority list of politicians but what about its citizens? So many are sick and having to down more allopathic meds than is good for any liver!

    Whenever you write about your chores that you did or were able to tackle that day, it pushes me to do the same.

    Sun - so nice about your retrieving your oil.paints, easel and brushes and marching off to your art classes. What are you going to paint for your SIL? Oh ok, I went back and saw. A garden pic. That’s gonna be lovely.. About the colouring hair, I think its one of those cravings one gets. DS has talked about it, before so I think he should just do it. If for a month. Im very glad I got my hair permed when I was around 32, I really wanted it and then I had it done and got it out of my system.

    Never wanted a perm again. Even though I enjoyed having curly hair for when it lasted. I also coloured my hair a copper colour, kind of dull gold. Along with straightening. Was an experiment which worked, I loved it and others did too. But no more, this was probably around 40.Now, I stick to darker browny colour s because I feel it suits my face more. My DD has never wanted to change her hairstyle or colour. Had the same all her life. Black and wavy and thick like her dad.

    My DHs side some of them have this gorgeous greenish brown colour, with silky straight texture. First time I saw it properly on my DHs half sisters niece, I asked her mum if it was coloured. Then I noticed the teenagers maternal aunt, her hair too was same and she doesn’t use a stitch of makeup, leave alone coloring.

    Rock - old spice was everywhere. On cowboy ads or was it a hunk on a surf board? On Newsweek ads, everywhere. I’m very nostalgic about those days. There’s an author called Ruskin Bond, must be nearing 90 now, an Anglo Indian settled in India, writes so well about his boyhood, and young adulthood. I keep his books around in case I need a lift after a long hard day.

    Elvis was drafted. Yes, I read an autobiography written by Priscilla. He met her in Germany while on war duty. There were pictures of her at 14. I’ve never seen a more perfect face. At the airport, saying goodbye to him as he went aboard. She was wearing a scarf and her thick dark hair and ruby lips.

    Star - they stopped giving out plastic bags here last year. The supermarket sells some bag which looks like taffeta but feels stronger. I like to take my own cloth bag but often forget. Then I stuff the groceries into my big handbag. I don’t like piling up bags in the house. Didn’t know about the kids in the caves until I read it here. What a miscalculation on the part of the group. And then the diver dying.
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  4. Mikie

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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Fell asleep last night while watching TV in bed. I had set the timer so it went off. Strangely, it has a little blue LED light when it's off and, when turned on, the light goes out. Doh!!! That's just so wrong and opposite of what is normal. That little light is very bright. Other than that, I love the new set. Still have to get a new antenna for that one. Antennas are not ideal but neither is floating a loan to pay for Comcast's outrageous cable fees. I have HULU except for NBC live but don't want to run over the limit so am careful.

    I'll be off to work out in the pool later this morning. The RT is affecting my breathing. It is hanging around just off the coast of Sanibel Island which is close to us. The cost for rebuilding the Hoover Dike system at Lake O, building resevoirs to allow nutrients to filter out of the runoff water and restoring the oxbows in the rivers will cost billions and take several years. The different agencies involved are always fighting with each other. It has to be done. Tourism and the fishing industry are at stake. So is the health of humans and sea critters.

    An interesting article in our paper showed a man who is involved in youth hockey. He takes the old hockey sticks and builds colonies for oysters out of them. They are installed under docks and piers. Oysters filter the water and help keep it clean. Otherwise those stick would just be dumped in the trash. I love creative ideas which cut down on waste and help solve problems.

    Sun, I've thought about doing the DNA. I like 23&me because of the medical thing. That's amazing that you found the variant. I have to wonder why DNA testing isn't part of our routine medical tests when we are young. It could expose lots of things which might be cured or controlled early on. In the long run, it would cost less than not knowing and trying to treat things once people are quite ill. I thought about all y'all in CA when I saw how hot it is in the West. Holy cow! Thank God for A/C. Mine runs nonstop this time of year too. I'm so glad you are painting and able to work outside.

    Spring, good grief! I don't know whether I could sit on a hard chair and wait like that. At least you had something to eat. You always look so pretty in your pictures and you have a beautiful family. I like this Porch pic too. It could be here in FL or the Carolinas. Or even somewhere else. I love the stonework too. Neighbors across the street had their sidewalks removed and big stones installed. They wanted to get rid of the uneven sidewalk where water gathered. The stones look beautiful but the water is still pooling on them. I use Publix bags which look like a mix of paper and cloth. The artwork on the is beautiful. Unfortunately, the newer ones are ugly so I keep hoping these will last. A woman came up to me in the parking lot to admire them. Each store here sells or gives away the reusable bags. I even had insulated ones for cold groceries. They fold flat so don't take up much space. Thanks for posting the pic.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope everydooby has a wonderful and blessed day.

    Love, Mikie

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  5. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Was thinking about the dna testing and all that chatter.
    Apparently 'they' are going to keep a data base for all affected with Alzheimer's.

    Someone put an ad up in the for sale section, for an 'antique shopping bag'.
    Pictured was a plastic shopping bag.
    Someone else requested more pictures.

    I remembered when all the girls, including my sister, had a crush on Ricky Martin when he first came on the scene.Don't hear much about him these days.

    While you guys are sweltering away, we are being blasted by icy cold winds and rain.
    Air cons vs wood fires and heaters and electric blankets...
    I hv to get up a few times to give the fire a jostle and feed it.
    If it goes out , its freezing come morning .

    Been out of action with migraine.maybe due to my neck.so glad its gone now.

    Sun, Mikie, Spring. You ladies are on fire! Busy and achieving heaps!

    I imagine Julie's busy with Treasures or recovering ...

    Duck, hows the world of Quilting? Good score on the latest fabric.Fortunately you found some.

    Granni, really hope things are settling down for you, in memory of your db.

    Rock, sounds like tomatoes are always on the menu at your place.

    Barry, our 3 baby budgies all hv lots of feathers now and one stuck its little head out of the nest just today.
    Cockatiels are trying again.really hope they succeed this time round.

    Hello to All Porchies.

    I best get back to watching the movie with the crew.

    Take care All
    Catch yas later
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    The pool walk felt soooo good. I've been grazing on healthy snacks since I got home. I got on Amazon and ordered a new antenna for the new TV. Old one quit working. It'll be here tomorrow. I also ordered a battery radio for when we have hurricanes. Hope I never have to use it. It runs on batteries and is also solar powered. It has some other beneficial things. Trying to get things taken care of but I have no NRG again today. Joe stopped by the pool and talked with Barb and me. She is joining our Jeopardy group so I set up a four way text for us.

    Older DD called. One of her molars broke and she had to have it extracted yesterday. She was in a lot of pain but is some better today. She did sound tired. Docs still don't know what is causing DSIL's pain in his legs. Watching DD in so much pain stressed him out and his pain is worse. The first week or so in July is a difficult time for them. My Mom died on the 11th and DD's best friend died suddenly on the 8th. A coworker's daughter was murdered on the 7th. She is always glad to see July on its way out.

    Star, I just lost my response to you. The keyboard is really squirrelly today. I wish I were on fire getting a lot done but yesterday and today, I've had a lot of pain and my NRG is soooo loooow. Whine, whine, whine! It's so hot here that it's hard to imagine it's being so cold there. It was 110 in the Denver area yesterday. I know the out-of-control wild fires in CO are depressing for DD too. She said one isn't too far from Aspen. Seems as though the whole SW is on fire. I'm glad your migraine is gone; they are horrible. TV showed an animal refuge where a puffin was living. He has had to live there all his life. Sooo cute. I thought of you and your birds.

    OK, I'm outta here before I delete the whole shebang. *&%$#

    Love, Mikie
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star:. Must be cute seeing little budgies.....is that the name for any baby bird? Last I saw Ricky Martin was years ago in an interview on Oprah. He and his partner had adopted (or maybe it was by surrogate) babies. They must be around 8 I would think now. I think he's still doing shows.

    Spring: That's a long time to wait for the wedding festivities to begin!!!!! And what is the scarf ceremony?

    Mikie: Didn't you mentioned once that your SILs mom had rheumatoid arthritis? Or was it something else. He's probably inherited from her. FM has no lab test, but he could also have it. And perhaps he's got a lower threshold of pain, whatever, he's in pain. And I believe you mentioned that he takes prednisone?

    Well apparently where I live was the HOTTEST place on earth yesterday, even more than Dubai. I can't imagine those people living for centuries in those deserts. I just pray my AC holds out and continues to work.

    Yesterday I rented The Greatest Showman on Earth.......I didn't know it was a musical. A real fun watch!
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hard to believe it's not yet 10 Am. Here in sunny CA anyway. Been a busy morning. We had
    to move stuff outta the kitchen. Now we have a crew of four installing new linoleum. Don't
    know, but I suspect it's probably greatly improved from the stuff we had in the 40s and 50s. The crew also moved the refrigerator and gas stove out and took the the door off the hinges.
    At the moment they are spreading some dark gray stuff around the edges of the room. I asked and was told it's cement. I think that's a synonym for "glue".

    Got a birthday card from my Oregon brother today w/ a check for $90. He said he got his
    share of a class action suit against the Neptune Society. Haven't heard of them for ages.
    Some decades back I was planning to join. I think the deal was you paid them $500. Then
    when you died, someone notified them. They picked up your body in a station wagon and
    drove it to a crematorium. You ashes were then disposed of in accordance with your wishes.

    I didn't go ahead with the plan though. Gordon said he wouldn't notify them. He believes
    people must have a grave. Otherwise there's no place for folks to visit.

    Haven't been here for a few days. We got that new tower for the computer. But we had
    no idea how to operate the revamped computer. So, after a couple days, Gordon switched
    things around so the new tower was working, but we had our old settings. But there
    are still some glitches. On a couple previous visits I couldn't sign in on Pro Health.

    Sun is right. It's hot here. Doesn't really bother me, but Gordon is suffering. I did notice
    that the candy bar and the Hershey kisses in the computer room melted.

    Never heard of "The Greatest Showman on Earth" Sun. I see that Roger Ebert gave it a thumbs up review. I remember "The Greatest Show on Earth." Also a fun movie.
    Saw it when I was in 7th grade.

    Gotta go water the plants on the front porch. We have a plumeria with pink flowers
    in bloom. Picked several tomatoes today.

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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I just checked, 106 going to 109 today. I'm slowly moving my hose, watering deep, things like trees and bushes. So in and out and in and out. I always wear a large brimmed hat and sun glasses, and now I dug out one of those "rubber things" where you soak it, wring it out and I've got it around my neck. Evaporation helps cool.

    Must be a nightmare at your house today with the workers in the kitchen....chaotic I would say. I know it's going to look wonderful when completed. Tell Gordon to take a pic and post it.

    Nice of your DB to want to share. Hmmmm. Melted chocolate in the computer room? A tad warm in there. I remembering seeing that Greatest show on earth at a theatre down the street where my aunt and uncle lived, just off Vermont on Russel Ave. in Hollywood. Here's a weird one about where they lived. One of my DDs friend's mother lived on that very street at the same time!!!!
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to awl,

    Nothing to new here other than we are trying to get really to have wooden floors put in our house, little by little. Right now it is only our small study or den. So everything has to be removed from the closets, floor at first. Later on the clothing that hang down really far. I had to take all the genealogy stuff amongst other things that were in the small bookcase. I still have to go through all my stuff and make sense of it all and get it into the place sit should be. However, that will come much later.

    We also hope all goes well so we can visit our DD in Austin along with DD that lives here and DS in Houston with the DDIL that just had the surgery (hysterectomy). That will be for a few days in a couple of weeks. We are also thinking of going to the funeral/memorial from DB. Have notified the family and will see what they say.

    SUN - How hot is it in CA? It sure is hot here but now quite as hot as it has been lately. It was in the hi and mid 90's. The phone right now says 80, probably due to some rain that had rolled through. awhile ago. Hope you are feeling a little better.

    MIKIE - Glad you enjoyed your exercise walking this morning, I think it was. Hope it made you feel better. Enjoy your Jeopardy games with your friends. I wouldn't do very well the way my brain has been lately. Was it the x grumpy Barb that has joined your group??

    ROCK - Hope you are having a nice Happy Birthday. I forget if it was yesterday or today. Anyway keep on celebrating even eating a melted or partially melted Hersheys bar is a good thing. Did Gordon make you anything special???

    I think JULIE is bringing the kiddos back to Tenn and a will stay a few days, either today or tomorrow. Hope she has a very safe ride there with all those kiddos.

    Gotta run and so some things around here. I just finished making the bed and washing the sheets and remaking. That is a big job for me and I hate it.

    Have to go and check my music for tomorrow at church.

    Lover to all,
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I guess you didn't read my earlier post. The temp hit 116 in my town, and 118 right next door.....hottest in the WORLD yesterday. Thanks, but no thanks, don't want to break any world records

    Rock: Happy Birthday to you! So your new flooring is your BD present?
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - OMG, no I didn't read that about your temps being that high. So sorry, that is not good for anyone. Thank God it has not hit 100 or over yet hear but in TX, who knows. Be very careful when you have to go out and I know you do drink a lot of water. I have to force myself to do so. I never was a big drinker, mostly with meals. Now I have a bottle of water in front of me to remind me :)!!

    Hugz to everyone, Granni :)
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OMG......it's thundering and a huge rain storm has hit....coming down in buckets. This should cool things off, I hope.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, the new floor was installed. Took all day. The men did a good job. The dinning room is still full of stuff to move back into the kitchen.

    Sun, thanks for the birthday wishes. Nope, the new floor wasn't a gift. Gordon and I are paying for it. Gordon's brother seldom pays for anything around here. I used to drive on Vermont a lot. LA City college was there along with a video arcade I used to take my son
    to. Don't remember Russell street though.

    No rain here yesterday. How far are you from us? We are between Hollywood and downtown.

    Mikie, Yes, puffins are cute. And like some other cute animals they are also predators. I wouldn't want to meet one if I were small fish. That's very interesting about the new use for old hockey sticks. You remember what famous dog played hockey? Snoopy.

    Granni, Gordon didn't do any cooking yesterday due to the kitchen makeover. Do you drink
    bottled water? I never did until a couple weeks ago. Now I drink a lot more water. I read the
    temp was 102 here yesterday. I spent most of the day reading or napping in the bedroom with the A/C on.

    Star, never heard of an antique shopping bag. Is that a joke? I've seen ladies shopping in earlier times. They used their own baskets. We have heavy bags we bought at the
    market for a buck @. I think they are plastic.

    Spring, nice pic of you. Do you remember the perfumes Evening in Paris and Shalimar?
    They were popular about the same time. Johnnny Cash went to Ireland about 1958.
    He wrote a beautiful song called 40 Shades of Green in which the perfumer Shalimar
    was mentioned. Somebody posted on Youtube; wanted to know what Shalimar was.

    OK, going back to bed. Hugs.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    It’s threatening to rain again. After a drizzle or two during morning. I can imagine why those boys are stuck in Thailand. Same monsoons. Major flood issues in Indian metros especially Bombay/Mumbai. It’s like New York, businesses/people. Must be chaotic.

    Mikie - just lifts my mood to read about people like the man making homes for oysters out of old hockey sticks. Recycling. And how!. To do something good in general or particular which benefits others, isn’t that what being human is all about. And why we have the heart and brains we do. Far superior to other species.

    We have a show on Indian tv. It showed this college young boy who developed a motorcycle part which wouldn’t let the motorcycle start unless you put your helmet on. Inspired by an accident he witnessed or lost someone.

    Rock - a happy Birthday to you. nice to hear about your brother. Made me smile. I know the body is just raw material which starts returning to earth once our breath stops but I think I’m sentimental enough that I would like a reminder when someone dies to mark the event of passing. We don’t keep the physical remains. We cremate and then the bones are collected and immersed in a flowing river, the cleanest we can find. But we have many many prayers and lighting of lamps. Most families who can afford it always mark the day of passing by visiting the temple and sponsoring a prayer ceremony.

    I remember Shalimar perfume. Do they still produce it? In school they used to talk about Chanel no. 5 like was it. The Indian film industry also produced a film called Shalimar. In the 70s. They used western actors too. Rex Harrison. John Saxon. John Saxon acted in a Bruce Lee movie. Enter the Dragon. One of the most exciting kungfu movies I ever saw. The climax fight had one sitting on the edge of ones seat.

    I’ll be looking up 40 shades of Green. Sounds interesting.
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    All heck broke loose yesterday. Even though DD #1 was in pain, she wanted to talk because it's been a while. Her school is demanding now. She's getting close to finishing her MS and school always gets difficult at the end. She works full time too. DD#2 called later and it was the same thing, she wanted to talk. DGS is away at camp and they are remodeling baths and the kitchen in their new home. I think it was built in the 90's and it just needs redoing. Evidently the builder took some shortcuts that they are finding. Hard to believe that years ago, people lived in their homes for decades never redoing baths and kitchens. Things were built to last.

    Finally, my ex called called and wanted to chat a long time. He wants me to come back next month for the multi-year HS reunion. I don't feel up to it and don't really care about it. I think he's going with his brother who graduated with me. Don't think ex will be taking his wife because she is so disabled now that it's difficult for her to get around. DGS stayed with him overnight a while back. My ex told him that he had so much fun when we were married. DGS said he looked as though he was going to cry. DGS asked him if he has fun with his wife now. He said no, that all they do is sit on their asses and eat junk. Good grief! When he spoke to me he said he would give anything to go back and have fun like we did when we were married. Ain't gonna happen. How sad to live out the 'golden years' in total regret.

    The current president of the board stopped by last night to tell me that a former neighbor, who was a friend and past president, had passed away with cancer. He was the cat's original baby daddy and he enjoyed petting SV. We talked about the need to get things done in the hood. He talks about it but never does anything. I told him we have to move on assessments and stop the mess of the crumbling pavement. I am going to move Heaven and Earth to try to feel up to running for the board. I hope Joe will do the same. This guy means well but is totally out of his element. SV was soooo happy after seeing his beloved Jeff and getting petted. He purred louder when we went to bed than he ever has (SV not Jeff). Jeff said Tweety is totally evil and pees all over everything on his lanai. She pooped in the corner. He said he has to clean his lanai weekly. He keeps tropical fish and had several tanks on the lanai. The fish got sick because Tweety was climbing on top of the tanks and peeing in them. She is evil!

    Sun, DSIL's Mom has Lupus and FMS. She now suffers from dementia and will have to go into some kind of assisted living soon. My other DD did the 23&me and said there were no variants. She was surprised to find that she has a very low percent of African DNA. Scientists believe that we all descended from the woman they call Eve in Africa and that everyone has at least a trace of that DNA. I wonder whether other DSIL should do it. The only way they can keep his pain under control is with steroids. DD said they keep the DNA and, as new tests become available, they rerun it. She keeps getting reports as the tests become available. That's good to know. I think I will do it. Thank you for telling us about it. I hope you and everyone else in CA can stay cool. We also live in fear down here that our A/C's will crap out.

    Rock, one of our Plumerias in front is the same color as the pic. The rest are white. Yes, the new vinyl flooring is a total upgrade from the old linoleum of yesteryear. I continue to get junk mail for the Neptune Society. I just can't sea myself forking over the money or shelling out for their service. I need my money to tide me over. I'll just wave goodbye from Heaven when I go. Even better than having a grave to visit is having my Mom's ashes on the dresser in the bedroom next to her picture. Some people might find that creepy but it's a great comfort to me. She has a plot next to her first husband in NE and my kids can bury her ashes there if they want to. They can do whatever they want to with mine. Keep your kisses cool.

    Granni, how nice you are getting the hard wood flooring. We can't do that in the upstairs condos but some have had them put in anyway. It's very loud for the people downstairs. I like carpeting so it's not a problem for me living upstairs. It would be nice if you could attend DB's service. I don't know if there is anything such as closure but the services really do help the grieving loved ones. That's why I think it is so nice of you to sing at the services. I had an organ player and a singer at Mom's service. She sang Ave Maria, Mom's favorite piece. I couldn't stop crying but I'm glad we had the service. It isn't 'grumpy' Barb (who is no longer grumpy) who walks in the pool with me. This Barb is such a nice person. Lovely way to start the day. It is only in the 70's in the mornings here and, if it rains in the afternoons, it is in the 70's in the evenings. The days are sunny and beautiful. It rains almost every afternoon, our usual summer weather pattern. Hope it doesn't get too hot there in TX.

    It's almost 8:00 and I haven't even cracked the newspaper. I was so glad to have the sales flyers last Sunday because I got such a good deal on the new TV. The new antenna should arrive today from Amazon. I just hope it works.

    News Alert: The first of the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand have been rescued. I am praying they all get out OK. Expected monsoon rains have made it impossible to wait. They are coming out two by two. The youngest kid is only eleven. How brave those poor little kids will have to be to escape.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful finish to your weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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  18. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Rock, yes the antique shopping bag was a joke.just a plastic bag that the shops hv recently done away with.
    Years ago when we were first married and expecting, I insisted on getting new lino put down.
    The brown stuff we had pulled up was such a tough and thick lino compared to the new stuff, I soon realized my mistake .also going to a light colour was a mistake too!
    Now that we hv no crawling babies, we hv gone back to the darker lino, which doesnt show up every little bit of dirt.handy when you hv teenagers dragging in the muddy outdoors and no energy to mop every day.
    Happy belated Birthday to you.

    Mikie, ugh.Its sooo frustrating when I lose a post!
    Good on ya with coming in first with Jeopardy.must be fun having a four way game-text-comp.
    Sorry the red tide causes sooo much grief.sad about your dd and sil and pain too.

    Sun, I hv almost completed hot house, take 2. Its amazing what can be done with left overs and scrap and one lovely , big window!

    Spring, yes, please explain the scarves ceremony.I do hv an imagination though.
    Na.I hv great trouble 'sitting' for too long at the best of times.you did well.

    Granni, timber flooring is it the click in / lock in stuff?

    On the news right now about the rescuing of those kids and coach.

    Exhausted so off to bed.
    Sweet dreams All.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - that was fast! I was watching the news about the boys and they were going into the caves to rescue. They’ve been invited to the World Cup final i believe byFifa.

    Looks like a busy day. I’m so sorry about your DSIL. How did it begin and does he have any other conditions..your dear DD, so much n her plate. hah, about your Ex. I hope he has learnt some life lessons.

    My font got small on its own.

    Hmm. I was editing and found Mikies post newly arrived. I restarted after her post and found Stars new post even more recently arrived.. Traffic is busy at the moment on the Porch Highway. Toot, Toot!

    Star - congrats on hothouse 2. Lovely! I prefer not to put anything on our floors. It’s easier to mop and it’s cool. We just lay on carpets in the winter which gets stored away sometime in Feb. nowadays we change shopping bags often. In my moms time, I remember she always carried this hard plastic net type basket. Held meat, veggies, fruit everything. All the women carried the same basket. Just different colors.

    Granni - I hope you are feeling more at peace. Would be nice to meet your relatives there and in Austin. I love the colors that are available in hardwood flooring these days. Lucky you.

    Sun - scarf ceremony is simply congratulating the family members of the wedding party. They sit on a dais. And then guests line up and offer a silk scarf and envelope with money in it to each person on the dais. Normally there are many guests, so someone stands to oversee the queue goes smoothly. After everyone is done, the dinner is started. Then the dancing.

    I commiserate with you on the weather. I would have a meltdown. I went to the site for All of a Family...the books look so cute..the reviews were great. I love those type of books. The first What Katy Did was a childhood favorite.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. I live about a mile away from the road that takes you up to Mt. Baldy. It came down so fast and heavy that I kept an eye on the water on the patio near my bedroom sliders, as I was afraid it will overflow the small step down. What a mess this morning, but it did cool it off a little that I was able to open up all my doors. I HATE to have the AC on at night. And.....I won't have to water for a few days. LOL

    Star: I KNEW you could create the greenhouse you want, since you're a real "take charge' kind of girl. I always wanted a greenhouse, I use to try growing orchids. That idea went by the wayside as did the orchids. My DS in Portland got a free one on Craig's list, had to take it apart for the old couple, but he said it's easy to put it back together. He has more ideas than time for his garden though, and it's still sitting there, waiting for the shed to be finished so he could put it together next to it.

    Spring: Does anyone witness the actual wedding ceremony there or is this just the celebration afterwards.

    Mikie: It might be a good idea for you to have the 23&me done, paying the extra for the health section. My DD's came back with a 2% Ashkenazi jew.....I think I also have a smidgen. No African though.

    Eeegads....I did it again. I'm so accident prone as I get older. Last night I went to put on the large baby gate at my slider screen and the latch came down and gouged a huge chunk out of the top of my right hand, about the size of a silver dollar. I have NO fat on my hands anymore, so this large junk of paper thin skin was flapped back. I dug out the bandaids I had to patch it together and then went to CVS for a larger one, about 4" to totally cover my hand and more antibiotic cream.

    I didn't tell you guys about the accident i had up at the Jackson Hole house. We had been there about 15 min. And I was going around lowering the shades, when one came crashing down on top of my left hand. It hurt like *&^%$#@(*&^%$#. I thought I had broken my hand. A very large blood blister rose immediately, so I put ice on it, and went to bed cradling it. Next morning it felt much better and the blister was down but it turned all shades of interesting colors. Some days now it hurts like *&^%$ again. But I figure why go to the doctor for an exray, as long as I can move it and grab things.

    I think i need to look into finding some waterproof padded gloves, perhaps boxing? My hands and arms are continually being covered with those purple bruises.
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