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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. Please go back to the old one to read the last of the posts.

    I have decided not to run for our board here. I had sent an email to mgmt. and the board suggesting that our garbage enclosure be redone before the paving is done. One of the members, who always was a milktoast character, responded with one of the most vile things I've ever encountered. I responded that we obviously caught him on a bad day and hoped he felt better. The president of the board was so angry at the meeting the other night that he was using obscenities. The woman who is the secretary kept trying to keep things on topic but it was a free for all. Who needs that. I feel so much less stress now that I've decided to put myself and my health first with this decision and the decision not to try to go to CO for Thanksgiving. I'll try to go this summer and the kids and I will drive to NE to visit my Mom's hometown.

    I guess Joe is also having trouble sleeping later in the morning. When I got up at 4:30, his lights were on too. I don't know whether it's Venus or Jupiter that is so bright in the mornings but it is beautiful. Right now, it's shining like a Christmas ornament on the branch of the pine tree outside the lanai.

    Rock, is 'vermin' how Germans might say, 'worms?' Ah such a beautiful language. No one ever accused it of being in the Romance Languages category. Just another case of history's giving credit to one person for something that was probably done by someone else. Case in point--Edison vs. Tesla or Marconi vs. Tesla. Poor guy, he got screwed twice. BTW, Edison and Ford were BFF's and lived next door to each other here along the river during the summers. My personal favorite among the early cars is the Hupmobile named after the founder of the Hup Motor Company. One of the other founders, who funded the project, was a former Olds man. Some dragon fruit has a dark red center. I think the ones we have here are white. The plant looks like a Christmas Cactus on steroids. I hope mine is sweet. It's so beautiful and exotic that I almost hate to cut into it. Hope you are enjoying your books.

    Spring, thanks for splainin' about honoring the crows. I agree that we often don't understand the whys of others' beliefs and it's so good to have it explained and try to understand it. Most of us here do not understand the Native American Indians' beliefs. They honor their ancestors and are respectful of all living things. They are also amazing artists and I hope they pass their craftsmanship down to the younger generations. I do believe there are sacred tenets in all religions and find the story of healing very interesting. Thank you for posting the beautiful pic of the orchids. They remind me of pansies.

    Star, I agree--it's the worst when storms roll in and out again. I think it's the changes in barometric pressure that causes us such misery. We are through our rainy season here but the Jet Stream keeps pushing cold fronts into our area. I was thinking the same thing while I watched that woman take 30 capsules of poop. What if she gets nauseated and throws them up. I think the capsules would stay intact as they are supposed to make it through the stomach and into the intestines. Geez, I think just realizing what one is taking is enough to cause nausea. Still, C Diff is so horrible that it's probably worth it to be cured. Glad I was able to provide something gross for the family. Hope DD is better. I haven't heard from my DD and am worried she is still sick.

    OK, off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydooby has a great end to the week. Middle of next week, we get some cooler weather. Right now, it's still summer out.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Yeah.ha ha.
    Thanks for that Mikie.
    I actually forgot all about it, but as it happens, I had prepared a soup starring our very own , home grown peas.
    Dh said he really enjoyed his 'poo soup', around a mouthful.
    Rather than hammer him for it, (soup tasted delicious and it was not at all a Freudian slip, as they say),
    The light bulb went off.
    How's that hey?
    Rarely do these moments actually work out these days.

    You should be very pleased.

    Im sorry you haven't heard from your Dd, esp with all the dif worries.
    More and more I hear about how so-called civilised meetings are anything but.
    Good choice.who needs the drama?
    You hv enough stress on your plate.

    Im struggling with the opposite to you.
    I lost an hr and was used to having it.

    Goodness.is that the time?
    Pain has me awake.

    Alright.Sweet dreams All.
    Take care .
    Catch yas later
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just wanted to let y'all know that I ate the dragon fruit. It was rather blah tasting. The inside was more beautiful and exotic than the outside. It was bright fuchsia. Disappointing taste though. I finished off my mid-morning snack with some fresh dates and pistachios. Very healthy.

    Star, I'm laughing at your funny soupy dinner. I'm wondering whether dogs know what they are doing when they eat poop. Yes, there is a lot of crud going around and, in Colorado, the air is dry and coughs can hang on forever. If I were there, I'd make her some chicken soup, not poop soup. What we have here in the hood is tame compared to what goes on in some condo communities. Fortunately the emails have stopped. Only one was vile but this board seems to like to beat a dead horse til the next shiny object catches their attention.

    Back in the day, it was fun being on the board and attending meetings. We have lost so many of our old neighbors and these young Turks are too tightly wound. One lives in the next bldg. She was behind me leaving for the meeting. I drive slightly above the speed limit. All of a sudden, she passed everyone and swerved into the right turn lane, driving like a maniac. I arrived at the meeting about 15 minutes ahead of her. She must have encountered traffic on the route she chose to take in her fever to get ahead. I got an invitation to a neighbor's 90th birthday party. Something to look forward to. She always looks beautiful so think I'll see whether I can find a nice scarf or something she would like. Hope your pain is better. How goes the garden and greenhouse?

    OK, Kiddies, time to get going again. I'm doing laundry and have taken trash and recycables to the dumpster. Even the small things I've been able to do are encouraging and it's nice to see progress.

    Love, Mikie

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  4. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang..... long time...
    Mikie, thanks for the lovely picture of where I live ! Honestly, walking down one of our lanes is like walking through a road covered with leaves -- Big-leafed maple, mostly. I think you made a wise decision not to be a board member. Sounds very boring.

    Autumn. I get seasonal affective disorder this time of year, even though there is so much beauty in the colour of the falling leaves. The Japanese Cherry is holding on, as is the Mountain Ash (Rowan tree) that I grew from seed so many years ago.
    Some things are in bloom. A few pale lavender crocus, the weird Colletias (C.spinosa and C. ferox) with their tiny white flowers just coming into bloom. These Colletias -- you don't want to tangle with them (I call them devil bushes) --- I also grew from seed many years ago. Always been attracted to strange plants. A quirk of mine.... Maybe someone here would post a pic. of a Colletia. I am not tech savy.

    We had a sharp frost this morning. First of the year. We are so desperately in need of rain. I'm so glad that we are well away from the fire that destroyed Paradise. So horrible for those poor people and their pets. Also the big fire down in Malibu....

    Star, I LOVE broad beans! My very favourite. Don't see them in the shops around here. Sometimes at the farmer's markets. They call them Horse beans or Fava beans. I can't imagine anyone not liking them -- your family must be wacko! I'm so sorry for your pains, by the way... and hey, sorry for the baby f's.

    Small post, but am wrung out already.
    See you all later....
    Blessings to All.
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in and what a nice surprise...

    Barry, sooo good to see you here. I saw your footprints and suspected you might drop in. Those fires are awful and scary. I always pray for those in harm's way. I used to get SAD in the winter when I lived in CO. I used a sun bed but don't recommend it. It's amazing I don't have more wrinkles. It snowed in Michigan where my friend, Nancy, lives. She won't be here to play Final Jeopardy tonight so it will be up to Claudia and me to get it. We both got it last night so we enjoyed our virtual chocolate. I loved this fall pic when I saw it. It's almost mystical with the light at the end of the lane. I do miss beautiful fall leaves all over the ground. One of my favorite memories is of walking my DD's dogs on The Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta. It's beautiful there in the fall. It sounds beautiful where you are too. How is Richard and how are the critters? Hope you are feeling better. Some lively yodeling music always lifts my spirits. Try it.

    I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. It just hits me out of the blue and I have to lie down before I fall down. I watched The Help on DVD. Glad I got the DVD player working again.

    Hope everydooby has a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just finished my tour of duty on Feline Hygiene Patrol. Subsequently I found my self
    locked outta the house. Gordon came home from running errands, didn't see me, went in the house and locked the door. Simple remedy. I banged the door a few times and
    the butler came and let me in.

    Barry, nice to see you back. Per your request pix of the colletia. Never heard of it before.
    They come in a variety of colors, Folks. Also have sharp thorns. Gordon was watching
    the news when I came in. Coverage of the big fire. So I sat down. Same footage from
    yesterday. Interviewing a man who's house survived, but his neighbors didn't.

    I believe villain number one on the AFI list, Hannibal Lecter, mentioned fava beans
    in The Silence of the Lambs.

    Do you know the song Oh Rowan Tree? It's Scottish. Maybe it's still on Youtube.
    The "Row" in Rowan is pronounced to rhyme with cow. According to the wand maker
    in Harry Potter, Rowan wood wands were for the clear headed and pure hearted.
    Just checked. Several folks sing the Rowan Tree song on Youtube, including John McDermott.

    Gordon went to the Brooklyn Bagel shop today. It reopened after being closed for
    ten years or so. Gordon says the building is the same, but the business is smaller.
    Done away with some of their old practices. Prices have increased, of course. You can
    get past some things, but you can't bring back the past.

    Mikie, I think a nice scarf is an excellent gift. I got my mother a very dramatic scarf
    in Chinatown. It was white with Chinese dragons in red and gold. She loved it. Said
    she felt younger when she put in on.

    My typing is failing; better go. Hugs, Kids, Rock


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  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Spent most of the afternoon napping and reading. Gordon is having din din in front
    of the TV as usual. The cat is having her new kibble and treats in the back yard.

    Star, for somebody who was in pain and rambling you wrote a great post. I didn't think
    you were rambling at all. As for the little girl talking to her mother, perfectly normal.
    "When I was a child, I spoke as a child...etc."

    I hope your DD heals up fast. Her job situation sounds problematic. Her boss is
    married to Mr. Do. Do they have a daughter named Rae? Hope you and daughter
    both feel better soon.

    Mikie, did you get some rest? Great pic of the colletia. Shows the fierce looking spines.
    It's bad enough to have the spines of our neighbor's bougainvillea poking through the
    fence. When my son was a toddler we rented a house that had a couple cactus plants
    in the back yard. I bought a clipper and cut off every spine. When I see the stories in
    the news about toddlers shooting people, well, 'nough said.

    And, oh yeah, the latest dumb headline. Fires at the LA Zoo creep toward Griffith
    Park. The Zoo is in the park. Saint's preserve us as some folks used to say when I
    was a kid.

    Gordon just hollered. Guess he fixed something. Could be anything from meat loaf
    to fried rice to potato salad.

    Hugs, Duckie, Barry. Julie, Sun, Granni, Spring, GB

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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    As seems to be my usual pattern now, I awoke a little past four and had to get up. Joe's lights are always on that early too. His lights have gone off so maybe he is catching another forty winks. Both Claudia and I have gotten the Final Jeopardy question two nights in a row; however, it is Teen Week on Jeopardy so the FJ may be easier. I found last night's question easier than usual. Nancy wasn't home so we agreed to save her virtual chocolate for her. Nothing as silly as three old women.

    Rock, glad Miss Kitty is well and enjoying the nice things you do for her. Claudia tells me that as soon as her kids left, her big old cat, Finn, pooped in the sink and peed on the floor in the bathroom her kids had been using. Guess he was miffed at having to give up some of his territory and decided to mark it again as his own. Thank God SV doesn't have that compunction. He's pretty easy to get along with except for his wanting to nip at me. He goes through periods where he does it and then, for no reason I can discern, he stops. He gets a look and starts to make his move and I tell him no. He looks guilty and runs away. News says the county animal shelter is waiving fees for adoptions. They had a kitten in the pic and he looked just like a younger version of SV. Neither he nor Tweety were very cute as kittens because they were starving by the time Jeff found them. Now they are both beautiful healthy kitties. I'm glad Gordon let you back in. Wonder who the patron saint is for getting locked out.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the weekend. I'll stop by later.

    Love, Mikie

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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    at last, its over. and back to normal. normal drudgery.

    DD and i took a break and went out to the temple on the hill top. it was really nice, not over crowded and we have quite a number of foreign tourists. chinese, Taiwanese and European, American. the weather is beautiful so they all were looking happy. a group of Chinese took out a prayer book and were chanting prayers, looking up at the temple. a young girl among them. so good to see.

    also had dinner at a big restaurant as a special occasion for festival but also bcause most restaurants were closed for Brother honoring day. my kids did the ceremony too.

    i was trying to upload pics frm festival but as usual the hacker has tampered with my computer. the cloud pic is one i took months back during monsoons. one cloud looks like a saucer with a hole in middle. it took but now photos arent uploading. i got the website not secure notice all the times i tried to log in so logged in anyway today.

    Mikie - i hope i have two nice friends like you when i get to your age. i like being like you three and having the capacity to get g k questions right. my brain cells have been only worked around what food to make and how to get what stain out from which garment kind of questions lately. a big puddle where my brain is.

    that SV is a scamp isnt he? my DS was saying he cant figure out what makes our rescue tick. he doesnt come when called to be petted. the other dogs go ecstatic if we give them attention. rescue just cocks his head to one side and stays there. if we go towards him, he runs away and runs around in circles. DS always says he will be happier if we set him free on the road and just let him visit when he is hungry or cold.

    rock - where can i get a Rowan wood wand.? i try to keep my heart pure but my head needs clearing. those are such beautiful flowers. bunches and bunches.

    Barry - so good to see you post. it sounds beautiful. yes, i used to get SAD too. but i had full blown depression which used to get worse during cold grey months. strange because i actually preferred our cold grey days to hot and muggy.

    Star - you made soup with peas from your own garden. im laughing at the bulb going off at your DS s remark. who knows it coulda been your guardian elf taking offence.

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl to awl and a special HI to Barry. Almost missed his post. Nice to see him pop up. This will be another quick one as I am getting ready to go to church. Finished eating my cereal and have to finish my tea and supplements, etc.

    It will be a very busy day today after church besides the usual our chorale does snacks every week and the proceeds go towards the a/c, heat or whatever else is needed for the rental of space (church) for the evening. I along with 4 or so others will take our turn tomorrow so need to bake brownies this afternoon and will also pick up some fruit.

    The Dedication of our new church went really well and the hugs church was jam packed including the chapel too I believe although where I was stuck in the choir in the corner it was hard to see a whole lot. The music was beautiful and will hear more this morning when we go to warmup for the Mass.

    Speaking of kitties I have to go feed those furry brothers before I go to church. DD and DSIL went to see his parents who are really not that old, about our age but she has physical deformaties of the legs and feet and can hardly walk. DSIL's dad does almost all the cooking and alla the shopping, etc. He tries to keep tabs on them and should be in an assisted living place at least but they wont hear of it. If he goes first she will be in dire straights.. They are afraid to go in any kind of a home, period.. They will be back this evening so have to feed the furbabies 2x today as they will get home late today.

    Gotta run and finish getting ready for church and go feed those scamps. Not sure I will be back later. If I get those brownies made early, maybe.. Always so much to do on sunday the supposed day of rest.

    Gotta run.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :):)
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Didn't get here early because I slept a little later and read the paper. SV sat on my lap for a long time and enjoyed the attention. I just looked at the clock and it's 11:11 a.m. on the day of the angels, 11/11. I just blew a kiss to them and my Mom, picturing white fluffy feathers raining down. I hope the extra sleep I got this morning helps me get some much needed NRG. Geez, I thought that I was improving and here I am, back almost where I started with fatigue. Whine, whine, whine!

    Spring, what a wonderful experience at the temple. I'm so glad you enjoyed the diverse crowd. I think that as we age, our friends and families become even more important in our lives. Friends are especially vital when one has no family close by. I'm enjoying these years because I know the time may come when I can no longer live alone. It is because of my poor brain performance that I watch Jeopardy and it's the same for my pals. We are trying to exercise our brain cells as much as we can. Social connections are so good for people at this age. A sense of community is so comforting. Nancy has her DD and DSIL close but not her FL friends. So this is important in her life. I'm tickled at the thought of a garden elf. Such a fun thought.

    Granni, glad the church dedication went well. I hope you have time when you feed the kitties to enjoy them. Just stroking a dog or cat has been shown to be healthy, often reducing blood pressure. They are so much fun to watch too. This morning, SV used his box and came out to talk about the experience. He was goosed up and ran around going behind the sofa. It's like a little tunnel where he can go in one end and come out the other. How exciting for a cat. My boss gave me a recipe for brownie icing years ago. It's basically fudge and is soooo good (and so fattening). Looove brownies. We will get cooler weather starting Wed. and I hope to get out and pulls some weeds and cut back the bushes. Think I'll enjoy it as long as I have enough NRG to do it.

    Gonna jump in the tub. I've read the real paper, done the puzzles and watched my Sunday Morning TV shows. I have two chores in mind. Love Story is on the CW channel at 2:00 and I want to watch it so I had better get crackin'.

    I hope everydooby is having a wonderful and blessed weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Greetings, Greetings, Greetings

    Can't report any interesting activities from today as I have been asleep. Not even a dreamto report. Haven't had a dream for yonks. I looked up "Why don't old people dream?" Got an article that said it is believed that most people dream for hours every night. They just don't remember. Couldn't read any more because ads were popping
    up like Whack A Mole.

    Nobody in my home town had a garden elf, but one lady had a sundial, and Mrs.
    Knudson had two Christmas elves that she put on the front step every Christmas.
    And Bea Lilly used to sing a silly song titled, "There Are Fairies At The Bottom Of
    My Garden."

    Granni, glad to hear the dedication of the new church went well. Save me a brownie,
    please. Frosted or plain, most everydobby loves brownies. Elves are found in
    Norse folklore. For some reason I always think they must be bigger than fairies.

    Star, are you still in pain? Anything that gives relief? Pills, massage, ointment?
    I bought a can of Le Sueur peas at the market yesterday. The expensive tiny ones.
    Tried to check the spelling of the brand name. Stupid computer changed my search
    to leisure peas. I'm not sure what they would be. Peas with a lotta spare time?

    Gordon's orchid club is having a dinner tomorrow night. Gordon has been looking
    in various cookbooks and considering this and that. Yesterday when was at the
    market he said, "Oh, the Hell with it! I'll just take a frozen pie." So that's what he's

    His friend Jim always brings the same thing. He calls it parched corn. Gordon calls
    it burned corn. Our native Indians and pioneers often carried parched corn. It was
    light weight, easy to grow and easy to fix. Unless your name is Jim. It is supposed
    to be dried; not burned.

    Mikie, did you ever notice fatigue and fate are anagrams? Well, if you ignore two
    letters. We could call them near-a-grams. Didn't your mother tell you not to say
    "Whine, whine, whine?" My cousin Clement Bjorklund wouldn't listen to his
    mother and eventually his face froze that way.

    Barry, How's the weather up North? Much colder than here. We have finally
    gotten out of the 80's and into the comfortable 70's. Your menagerie all healthy
    and playful? I hope Richard is the same. You and Riccardo couldn't be happier
    if you had been matched up with a computer. Or maybe an astrologer.

    I haven't spent anytime with kitty today, but I did yesterday. Now that the temps
    are reasonable and the loathsome bugs are gone, I can sit outside and give her lots
    of attention and brushing.

    Got an e mail from my Minn brother. He got the three genealogy books, etc.
    that I sent. He and my 6 year old grand nephew are planning to build a snowman
    when they get a little more snow.

    Gotta go, my fingers or maybe my brain get tired, and then they both make a lotta
    mistakes. I think I was about 50 when I discovered I was a perfectionist. Hard
    to give it up.

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  13. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Leisure peas huh.
    On a leisure cruise perhaps?
    Spell check can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, but sometimes amusing.
    As long as no swearing or the like pops up and gets sent due to no editing/ double checking etc.

    Dd back at school today.
    After a wk off.
    She bought a second hand phone from an 'honest' woman.$220 it cost her.
    It's her first purchase out of her earnings, since she started working.
    Admittedly, I was a little suspicious when the woman siad there was nothing wrong with the phone one too many times, for my liking...
    Sadly the phone only holds its charge for an hr...

    Sorry to cut this short...
    Duty calls.

    Back later.

    Love to all Porchies
    Take care.
    Catch yas later
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning,

    Got lots of sleep last night but, sadly, it's because I fell asleep before getting to watch my PBS Masterpiece shows. I'll have to find them and stream them. It was the season final of the Durrells in Corfu and I want to watch it. I also want to watch Poldark. It's such an amazing show.

    DD called yesterday but I haven't heard from the other one in a while. At least, I get news of one from the other. DD still has her cough. Her neighbor had it for four months last year. The dry air in CO is hard on coughs. I am so glad to hear that they love their new neighbors. Four couples all went to a wine tasting the other night and everyone had a good time. DD is especially close to a woman across the street. DGS is doing better in school and finding friends of his own. They went skiing over the weekend. DGS hangs out at school with a kid who has the same Nike lunch sack as his. Somehow, they grabbed each other's sacks. Andy said his had chips, cookies and a sugary drink. He though DD was "punking" him and he ate the lunch. The other kid ate Andy's lunch. Later, they figured out what had happened. Andy loved the junk food lunch and told the kid it was awesome. DD fixed a nice healthy gourmet lunch and the kid asked Andy whether his mom was some kind of dietician and said the lunch he ate was awesome. Sooo funny!

    Weatherman now says the cold front won't come through until Thurs. instead of Tues. I am so anxious for cooler weather but will have to wait another couple of days. The weather is beautiful but a wee bit hot for my taste; however, it doesn't much matter cause I am not out enjoying it. All I want for Christmas is NRG in my stocking. Santa, are you listening? I am so concerned about the fires in CA. The news is devastating to watch. People have burned to death in their cars as they try to escape the flames. I'm concerned about Barry, Rock and Sun. We haven't heard from Sun in a while and I hope she is OK.

    Rock, I can recall my dreams if I think about them as soon as my eyes pop open but if I wait a while, I can't remember them. I'm glad your weather is better and you and Miss Kitty are enjoying each other. There is something so wonderful about hanging out with kitties and dogs. DD thinks they are God's little fur angels sent here to love us. My Mom did tell me not to whine but, as you can see, I've not taken her advice. When younger DD was small, she would whine and I would tell her to stop whining. She would say in the whiniest voice, "I'm not whining." We laugh about it now. I've always been fascinated and enchanted by the thoughts of fairies and elves. I love sun dials in gardens. Sometimes, beautiful gardens transport me to some vague place in time and a sense of deja vu. I do believe one is closer to God in a garden than anyplace else on Earth.

    Star, poor DD. At least, she can get a new battery for her phone. If it's an iPhone 6, Apple will replace it for free. I hope everyone there is feeling better. The crud in various forms is going around here. Soon, the Snowbirds will be bringing their viruses down here with them. I swear that some of them stay up North until they get sick and then come down here. Several of my neighbors came down early. Hope you can stop back in soon.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I still have to call to find out what it costs to go virtual only. It's just getting too expensive getting the two real papers a week. Joe runs out to buy the paper but I think it's really so he can get a donut. Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to your week.

    Love, Mikie

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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    decidedly nippy. need a warm blankie now to curl up and type.

    Mikie - i too was wondering about Sun. its been a few days she posted. the news about the fires is terrible.i hope Suns family are all right. is it just me or has things been hitting America one after another recently? how nice you are getting messages from your dear departed mum that she is there.

    that was funny about the lunch switch.

    i hope your DD will write or phone soon.

    i saved that glorious orange and gold fall photograph you started the porch with. imagine Barry living in such a place.

    Rock - im startled to hear Gordon passed up the chance to cook something to take to his orchid party. i gave up the idea to cook something when an invitation to my DHs uncles family dinner came up. no time. even the flesh was willing this time, but no time.

    i barely made time to attend. only the thought of missing a chance to meet all the littler cousins made me cast all the undone chores aside and go.

    i am craving soup at this time. sweet corn soup. veg onion soup. where i worked there was this famous Borsch soup. its Russian. sadly, i never got to taste it. and i havent seen it on any menu. maybe i can look up a recipe for it, omit the meat and make it.

    your brother is making plans to build a snowman with his DGS. wish i could join them.

    star - im sorry to hear your DDs phone battery is not lasting. i had such a problem but it got solved at the repair centre.

    Barry - i looked up broad beans. we have those here. they make a wonderful stirfry..

    Granni - hope all the events went well like the church dedication and all. you are so busy. how did the cookies turn out. is it time yet to make your body warming bean soup or too soon. suddenly i started craving mexican as i was typing. lol.

    Julie - how is the therapy coming along? are the shoulders less stiff? less painful? i know it must be quite cold now where you are. im sure you are busy looking in on your dear father too.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Although we seldom have drama here, we had a bit on our porch this morning. Gordon
    heard someone walking around. Went to the door. There was a man on the porch fiddling with
    the door knob. We have a old fashioned wooden door and a security door with is like a screen door except the metal is heavier and thicker.

    So Gordon asked what he wanted. The guy just hummed. He was high or drunk. About 40. Dressed in a T shirt and work pants, I think. I never did get a good look at him. Anyway he didn't say anything. Gordon politely suggested he leave. Then he started ringing the door bell (only it's actually a buzzer).

    The guy wouldn't leave. I told Gordon to call the cops. He reluctantly did. The nearest station is about two miles away. The guy got off our porch and climbed or fell over the low fence into the neighbor's patch of bouganvillea. That stuff had big thorns. Didn't seem to bother him much. Came back and hummed and buzzed some more.

    Took the cops about 4o minutes to get here. The told the guy to get down from the porch; then to
    go home. Guy just stood around. Ambled off a bit. Stood around some more. Cops said, "Leave or you're going to jail." Then, "Do you wanna go to jail?" Guy ambled off a couple feet. The cops
    grabbed him, cuffed him and put him in their backseat. I hope his brain was so messed up
    that he never finds his way back to our neighborhood.

    Over the years I bought 3 cheap pistols for home security. Don't know if Gordon hid them or got rid of them. Anyhoo they are gone. If we get murdered in our beds I'm gonna tell him it's his own fault.

    Springwater, Gordon is not going to heat up a frozen pie. His current plan is to buy one at Marie
    Calendar's. A small chain of restaurants here in the west. Famous for its pies which are very good indeed. Never tried borsch soup. I looked it up one time when I was reading some novel set in Russia. I think it has beets and onions in it; beef broth? And a dollop of sour cream in the center? Doesn't matter, I guess. I'm not going make any.

    Mikie, I have a vague recollection of bedtime story about a shoemaker and some elves who came in
    and made shoes for him during the night. That's all I can remember of that story. So do you think
    Joe found a place that sells donuts and wraps them in the newspaper. We had a court reporter that brought a box of donuts every time she came to our office to take a deposition. The photocopy boy (who stayed 12 years and was no longer a boy when he left) didn't have much personality. The only time I ever saw him display any animation was when a Krispy Kreme donut shop moved nearby. Loved the story about Andy's lunch switch.

    Think I'll go lie down. All this typing has sapped my strength.

    Gentle Hugs from sappy Rock
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.....I'm back. Almost 2 weeks since I got that flu shot and I think it caused my immune system to fight everything. LONG week plus of BAD IBS, several times I thought maybe I should go to the hospital ER since I have diverticulosis, but I think things are starting to work properly again.

    Rock: How exciting is that! Calling the cops and having the guy arrested. Soooo many drugged people on the streets everywhere. Probably he was trying to find the right house and couldn't understand why you guys weren't letting him in to sleep.

    And about donuts.....I never tried a Krispy Kreme.....haven't even had a donut in probably 10 plus years. Soooo bad for everyone with overload sugar and fried. I try not to eat any desserts but 4 days ago, on a day I was feeling better, stopped at Whole Foods and a dark chocolate walnut brownie was calling my name. Then bad IBS hit again so it sat in the frig all that time. Last night feeling better so I ate it!!!! OMG. OMG. Heaven in a little brown square.

    Mikie: What a cute story about DGS and the mixed up lunches! Send your DD an email......she's probably coughing too much still to talk. I'm not near the fires but apparently my air quality has high ozone and bad for lung problems, so I'm coughing quite a lot.

    Star: I guess I missed about your DDs job. Where is she working? She's learned her first lesson in not trusting everything someone will tell her. I'm sorry for her. Let's hope this will be the only time her her life. When I sell my things on ETSY I'm very careful to describe things in detail, flaws and all. I don't want to "rip" off someone, Karma or whatever will come back and get me.

    Spring: Beet soup....borscht! I've had it, made it too. It's not hard but you have to like beets. My DH was Polish so that was a staple especially at Christmas time.

    Granni: Do you EVER get a break from not practicing?

    Barry: Good to see you back. I thought of you yesterday while I was rearranging my tiny garden. I bought some iris rhizones and canna bulbs at a rummage sale on friday. The sun has dramatically shifted and what used to get sun is now in shade. So I had to yank some things out that got sun and plant them there. I used to have a big bed of iris but years ago I dug up most of them and planted them at my DDs house because I was going all succulents. Suddenly I realized the little I had left disappeared.

    I went to a once a year LARGE rummage sale on friday, just looking for a certain size frame, but no luck there. So then hit the garden booth and bought the rhizomes and bulbs, and then finally decided to push my way into a crowded linen and stuff room. Boy did I hit the jackpot. Bought an antique handmade lace and embroidery table cloth, probably from 1910.....yellowed from age. And then came across a handworked embroidered heavy linen table cloth....probably from Europe. That was really a low price. After coming home and really looking at the embroidered TC I realized it was a bed covering with the top part embroidered on the other side so it could be turned over to cover the pillows. I spent several days soaking and bleaching the worst one, and now this morning I'm ironing it!!! Taking a break from it as I've already spent an hr. At the iron. But.....all the yellow and stains are GONE and I find it's in perfect condition. So glad I felt well enough on friday to go.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Home again, home again...

    I ran out to Publix early to get some things I needed and bought some things I don't need. Pecan halves were on BOGO so I got them and the pistachios on BOGO too. I'm not feeling like eating so bought only a few things. I finished washing an area of the wall in my bathroom. It gets dirty as SV exits the shower stall after using his box. I also cleaned the stainless faucet, shower door frame and stainless waste basket. I had cleaned the stainless appliances in the kitchen so just used the polish on the cloth to do the bath. Not much, just a few loose ends of cleaning. This afternoon, I started to clean out the closet in the spare bedroom. I found a bunch of books, sketch pads for kids, puzzles, crayons and chalk. I took them over to the little boys' condo and they thought Christmas came early. Most of it was brand new. It was for Andy but he never got around to using it. Feels good to get that done. I found some slides in the carousels. I took them out and will give to DD to sort through. I'll be giving her my Mom's old albums and mine. I no longer want to deal with them.

    I stopped to talk to one of my favorite guys working at Publix in the produce dept. He has diabetes and is on insulin. He can't afford it and is only taking 1/4 of what he needs. I'm so worried for him. Those guys don't make much and he's too young for SS. He's able to work enough so that he can't get disability. He's stuck in between the cracks. He gets $50 a month welfare to supplement his job. He said he doesn't know what he's going to do and is scared. I told him I'd pray for him. It's bothered me all day. He can't even afford to shop at Publix. He gets food from the food pantry. He has no family. Next time I go in, I'm going to tell him to contact the Salvation Army. They often buy drugs for people who can't afford them. He likes to work and has worked all his life. Wages for jobs like this have not kept up with inflation. He sees old people every day who see the prices and can't afford to buy food. He's such a sweetheart and always has a smile and something funny to say to everyone. Think I've mentioned here that Publix isn't training employees like the used to. Now, they have discontinued their yearly bonuses. I've given up on my fantasy of ever going back to work.

    Spring, we had a Russian Club in high school for students learning Russian. We had a party at the end of the year and several friends and I made borscht. It was pretty good but not something I'd make again. We even used some of the dues money to buy some caviar and served it on crackers. Again, it was ok but not great. I'm Irish. My people made potato soup, at least until the great potato famine. Yes, our country has been hit by one thing after another for quite a while, hurricanes, wild fires, tornadoes floods and mud slides. Yikes! I also worry about the insurance reserves' being able to cover it all. Glad you got to see the little cousins.

    Rock, drama indeed! Glad the cops took the guy off. Bless his heart; he's likely mentally ill. These days, you never know. When my house has been a mess, I've always told people not to worry because the elves would take care of it during the night. If only. I hate cleaning but love a clean home. Feels good to get this closet cleaned out. One reason it takes so long is because I'm looking and sorting things which will be important to the kids. I found the guest book from my Mom's memorial service and my Dad's pilot and radio licenses. I'll put those in with his flight logs for Andy. He has his great grandfather's on the other side. He was the one married to Grandma Jeanne who just died. Well, back to the grindstone. House elves don't do closets. Union forbids it. Have to have a closet elf if you want that.

    Sun, sooo glad to see your post. I'm sorry that shot did that to you. As much as I'd hate to get full blown flu, I'm too afraid of getting the shot. Nice score on the linens. So glad you got the yellowing and stains out. Old linens are beautiful. I like to iron but it's hard on the back. These days, I'm not that concerned about my clothes being wrinkle free unless I got somewhere special. Barb's were always perfectly ironed and everything matched. I'm drooling over your description of the brownie. I may look for them at our new Whole Foods if I ever drive out to it. It's not right in the hood but in a strip mall out by the interstate. I'm spoiled with Publix just up the road. The DD who called is the one with the cough. The other one has waay too much on her plate right now and I'm worried about her. Her DH is the one with the leg pain and recent trip to the ER with out of control high BP. He has to learn to reduce the stress in his life. Hope you continue to feel better. Maybe it was the garden elves who stole the iris bulbs.

    I'm so glad I have no appointments this month. I really do need the time to get some things done without stress. The long shadows come so early now. I love to watch them stretch out over the pond and landscaping in the afternoons. I hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie

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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Busy day today and went to our Couples Lunch group at a local Steak and Seafood Restaurant. We hadn't been there for ages. Since we have more local eateries close by we usually go thee rather than out in the next town. It is an older restaurant with not to much ambiance shall we say but the food is pretty good and the prices reasonable, or more so than others. We had grilled shrimp with veggies and instead of the rice DH told the waitress baked potatoes which we both really shouldn't have. Anyway, somehow we both ended up with one big potatoes each. Neither of us have had a potato in a very long time so we hate most of it anyway . LOL It was yummy. We also had a cup of gumbo. The shrimp was delicious as usual. Then came home and fixed some of the fruit that DH had picked up to bring to our choral group tonight to add to my brownies. There are 4 or 5 of us each time that bring to feed that hungry group that want to eat . Some come from work and others just love food and snacks. I usually eat a little something but the sweets are sometimes irresistable. LOL We also have a bunch of young men that as we know all love to eat. Also after eating today we ran to the store to pick up a few things.

    Hoping DH doesn't want any dinner tonight or maybe just some soup. It is COLD out and about to get worse. It is now 46 degrees with rain in site. FREEZE WATCH from 9 pm tonight. It says that it feels like 39 degrees right now. Wish I didn't have to go out tonight. Tomorrow will be worse and we have to sing tomorrow.

    Special HI's to awl. No time right not to talk to all separately.

    SUN _ Sorry that the shot made you feel so badly. Hope you re doing better now at least a little bit. I tried reading some of the posts but I know I have been back logged and missed a bunch. I know what you mean about heaven in a brownie square. When you are not supposed to have something really good chocolate tastes SOOO good and you appreciate it so much.

    MIKIE - There is always something that I need to practice but not I really need to work harder on my chorale pieces like the Gloria. Finished with the dedication music so that is over with. I also should look more at my SUNDAY choir music esp since I am in a new choir because of the times of the masses and the songs we sing are not usually the traditional ones I know so well. Tomorrow is out small group and we sing at a local Baptist church Sr. group then we are going to lunch and then to practice our Christmas music since we have some new ladies in the group.

    Gotta run for now and see if DH needs any food tonight after that big lunch..

    Love and big hugz to JULIE, BARRY, ROCK, SW and everyone else mentioned before.:)
    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    Woke up at four again this morning. Think I'm stuck on daylight saving time. By afternoon, I'm so tired I can barely stay awake. Good thing I have nothing I have to do besides what little cleaning I can manage and rest. Still hot here and we won't get any relief until Thurs. I'll be sooo glad to see the cooler weather.

    Granni, you really put a lot into your singing. I am sure everyone who hears you appreciates all the hard work. Glad you enjoyed your dinner. Sounds yummy.

    I'll stop back in. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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