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    Spring:. Soooooooo funny about your little dog. I can just see your little dog pushing his little face thru the bushes and whining. What a character!

    Mikie: Actually I have a neoprene wide belt, bought it at a Big 500 store. I made a cotton bag and sewed it onto the neoprene to hold either ice or heated rice sock, and I've been using that on my hurting place. Of course not tight, just enough to hold it around. I even went to Nordstrom this morning wearing it. Sometimes I wonder if I was in an accident and the paramedics ripped off my blouse and found what I wear underneath! Didn't mother always to say to wear your good underwear!

    I ended up getting 4 testers of men's cologne and then bought a small 1 oz. bottle of one of the testers. That way my SIL can try it before he opens the bottle and then can't return it. And the salesman giftwrapped them all together. I think my SIL will be happy.

    I pray for the living, especially those loved ones who are left, and that they will find peace.

    How exciting to see a great blue heron. I think the most exciting bird that appeared in my yard on the block wall was an osprey. Amazing how they can swivel their head.
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    Hi guys...been feeling cruddy, so going to bed early tonight. Eye exam this morning, then I came home and crashed. MRI tomorrow morning, then will head to Amy's town to hang out with girls after school, then go to Keira's concert. I don't think I have anything contagious...just don't feel good. If that makes any sense...

    Second cataract surgery scheduled for January 16...

    Posting a pic of our little Susan's car...or rather, what's left of it. She was rear-ended by a big pickup last night. Lindsey texted me that she was headed to the ER...Susan had contacted her. Surprisingly, no serious injuries...I hope nothing shows up later. Lindsey brought Susan home with her for the night and David was going to help her see about a rental, etc., today.

    Susan quite often has teenage girls with her (ones that belong to her group that does interpretive dance at nursing homes, etc.)...thankfully, nobody was in the back seat this time. She said she didn't even realize she was the one who was hit because it happened so fast (heard a "bang" and glass breaking and looked over to see if it was a vehicle in the next lane) then noticed blood on herself. Somehow her phone flew out the shattered back glass...they found it quite a ways back up the road.

    Just makes me sick to think what "could have been", but so glad she even survived.

    I'll check back when I can...just wanted to let you know what happened. Take care, everyone.

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    Julie: Amazing that Susan wasn't hurt. At least I hope she wasn't knowing all the problems she has. An angel was definitely with her.

    Good luck with the MRI. Don't be surprised that you probably have arthritis in your neck. Mine showed stenosis also, along with some disc problems. When do you get results on it?
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    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    I got up and went back to sleep and feel groggy. I'll be back later.

    Love, Mikie
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    All that's left of my post. Ratbane

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    Do not post here. Look for Porch Number 1104!