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    Dear Porchies,

    Just an other quick post before I go off to beddy bye to watch some TV. I could care less but DH loves some of these shows like Gunsmoke. Although they are good stories and better than a lot of them nowadays. He watches lots of old stuff maybe cause we are old or surely getting there fast.

    MIKIE - Sorry you still not feeling that great, have no NRG and that your keyboard was not cooperating. These machines can drive you nuts sometimes. Just wanted to tell you that no on got to sleep on the floor . We slept on the pull out couch. It worked out fine but we left earlier than the rest as our car was already full of stuff, mostly DSIL's computers, games, TV;s and other electronic stuff. He would be rich maybe, LOL if he didn't spend it all on that stuff. NOw he begins to try and start saving for a new home. That will probably be in about 6 moths or so after DS is through with this school semester. DH was also afraid of having to load up the car to much as he never had before and was afraid it wouldn't run right or something. It did run sort of heavy but it went well and the day was a beautiful cold and sunny day, thank goodness. They left the house about 3 or 3:30 I think. They should be home by now after probably stopping to eat.

    ROCK - BTW, it was our son in law and daughter who are moving. One step at a time now she just needs to get a job. She had one interview that she said went pretty well. They said she would know in about a week. Of course they are interviewing other but they also said that they might hire more than one person for two different positions. She worked almost 20 years i a doctors office (fertility specialist.

    )Early tomorrow morning DH will bring the car over to DD;s home and they will remove everything put in there. Most belonged to DD who is moving and a fw things were from DD she is staying with with pillows and other stuff they brought. Then they will bring everything else to the storage place. It will be early. Not sure if I will get there or not. Not much for me to do. Will probably miss mass not sure if we will make the evening one,.

    Thinking of everydobby but I need skeedaddle and go to my room and start putting on my Cortisone cream, I will put it on what bothers me the most and looks the worse.

    Love you awl,
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    Mikie - Alexa operates on wi fi. Stands to reason it would sulk and be obstinate if the wi fi told it to. ive heard of string 5heory but 9nly in passing on Big Bang Theory. Understanding scientific theories was not to be my forte in this lifetime. well, neither knitting nor operating sewing machines. there must be major breaks in my brain nervous system.

    Granni - its nice for your DD and DSIL to have family to help move. major stressor. good luck to 5hem for the new move. hope everything works out.

    Barry - good to know the illegal growers are leaving. its allrightas medicine but its not good for kids to take it like a snack to havesomething to do or cope with lifes stresses.
    when one gets addicted, thats ano5her major problem as the outcome. poor kids. like liquor and cigarettes werent threatening enough.

    Rock- The DH looked upto see what was the guttural noise, it was me laughing reading your post. heh, heh. When i can calmly make my ownfuneral arrangements in advance, iwill know ihave reached another l3vel of spiritual maturity.

    Sun - i used to do something called oil pulling, wi5h coconut oil. but istopped. i should restart. i also just finished my jar of cabbage sauerkraut because i read here onthis porch its good for stomach ailments. its also tasty.

    Yesterday was cold and foggy. spent the day huddled up. i made mincemeat noodles soup for family in a huddled up posture and got some laundry done in the same. Read a good chunk of my book huddled up in a blanket and drank two extra mugs of steaming hot ginger tea than usual. Then i leant back and reflected how very good was life, when you had a roof over your head and a book you hankered after and coun5less cups of hot tea when you felt like it, and the weather outside was 47 F degrees. that wouldnt be too bad for Julie but 5his is Nepal and there is Iowa, land of minus 20 and snow bravehearts.

    Our overseas guests have mostly left. including DDs friendfrom Jamaica. DD made a big boo boo. she went and got her friend a piece of beautiful jewellery, in semiprecious stone and what turned out to be gold and tiny diamonds (she was 5hinking gold plated and zircon). she was doing other 5hings so her mind was addled. she negotiated and took the gift gave it to her friend thinking it was rs 1800.00 (18.00 $) after discount. when she return3d to 5he shop to pay it turns out it was rs. 18,000. ($180.00).

    so she told her friend who hadalready flown off, it was an advance wedding present. when she told me, i had just done my meditation and was in a buddha like trance and only said, “thats ok. your friend loved it. “ Better that than to have lost the money.” later, when the m3ditation wore off i was like “grrrrrrrr...!£@%!!! 5here goes about 36 really good meals i could have enjoyed in a restaurant. Her dad,she didnt tell. (he doesnt meditate. ) lesson learnt, she will be more careful with her money in future.
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    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Woke about 5:00 and got up and had breakfast. Nothing on TV so I started to channel surf. MeTV was showing Alf so I watched a couple of episodes and then fell asleep for another hour and a half. I've got some serious exhaustion going on here. I'll wait for my appt. on the 30th to discuss this with the doc. It's my six month follow up and they have set aside more time for it than if I were to go in earlier. I need enough time to discuss this problem and talk about tests and my prescriptions. I hope he has some kind of substitute for the Losartan.

    Granni, I'm glad there were enough beds for everyone and that you were comfortable. When Mom and I moved down here, we had to sleep on the floor in our sleeping bags in CO after the movers took everything away. We stayed in hotels on the road. We got to FL ahead of the movers so slept on the floor for a night or two here. There was thick carpeting in both places and we were comfortable. Today, it would likely cause a lot of pain for me. I still have the sleeping bag just in case I have to evacuate during one of our big storms. I saw a van the other day riding low in the back and assumed they were moving a bunch of heavy stuff. The heavy stuff turned out to be three huge people. Hope the cream helps with the rash. My keratosis on my chest is almost gone thanks to the steroid cream. Crazy good miracle stuff!

    Spring, I've never had a math inclination so figured I'd suck at science even though some things fascinated me. Turns out that not all math and science use the same types of brain power. I loved geometry and probability/statistics. Still suck at algebra. Particles at subatomic levels behave totally differently than in the laws of traditional Newtonian physics. I could never do the math involved but I love trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, to grasp the theories or, at least, reading about them. Einstein wanted to learn how God thinks. Seems to me that quantum mechanics opens a tiny portal into how He thinks and it is magnificent and mysterious. That's quite a story about the jewelry. You have such a great outlook on life. We can all learn from you!

    Oh, the computer is now hiding the bars at the top and bottom of the screen. It's always something going on in here. I laughed this morning because a guy on TV said, "Alexa, close the blinds." My Alexa said, "I don't recognize that. Could it be the first plug?" First plug is what she calls the plug that turns my lamp off and on. If I add another smart plug, I guess it will be the second plug. For people with huge smart homes, it must get confusing keeping track of everything. "Hey, Alexa, turn on the 23rd plug." Doh!!!

    Gonna go read the real paper. Hope everydooby is having a great weekend. It'll be in the 80's here today but dropping into the 70's for the rest of the week with a small chance of rain in about another week. We need it. I gotta go out and water the flowers and Barb's variegated oregano plant. She and her DD arrive today.

    Love, Mikie

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    Spring:. What a story about the ring. I'm sure that your DD will pay MORE attention to her $ and how it's spent. Your sharing of how your snuggled down in a blanket with cups of tea filled me with envy. I used to be able to spend lots of time reading while settled in a comfortable chair, but a bad back and neck now bring me to a straight up dining room chair. Not much comfort there so I resort to wearing my CD player while doing other things.

    I'm listening to a pretty good book that you might like. Angelology by Danielle Trussoni. I'm almost finished and have ordered the second in this series. We are told in the Bible about the invisible angels and demons around us. Honestly, this book has made me more aware of how we must constantly protect ourselves from evil forces.


    Mikie: I'm with you on a comfortable bed. Just to show you.....when my DH and I had to rent a car when we were in Portland I told the car dealer I had to SIT in each car before we rented. I know...he looked at me like I was crazy but I can't sit in a car with bucket seats that dip back. Or are too low, or not enough padding. I drive a 13 year old Honda Pilot....still love it though I think I'm going to have to bring a small pillow for my low back since the padding is wearing down.

    After wearing all my neoprene for 3 days, my back if much improved. I find that moist heat heals better. I've been busy working on restoring an old bias cut tissue paper silk dress from the 30s. Think Ginger Rogers dancing in "Flying down to Rio". I had to cut off an entire ruffle around the bottom then hand hemmed it's all. Looking much better. Then had to work on the neckline to cover up a small torn area. So from the cut off ruffle I cut a piece to sew on to cover it.....now I'm working on another narrow ruffle to cover up a portion of the neckline. WHEW....what a job but I'm determined to get it done.

    Then last night I was sweeping up threads under the table and came to a sticky part directly under the table. OMG....pee from the puppy that I missed when I washed the floor after she left. *&^%$#@. So I proceeded to wash the floor again, and in the process the top came off the bottle and 1/3 of the vinegar water solution spilt on the floor. OMG OMG. So after spreading if around on the floor, I grabbed a small wire brush and attacked the grout. Over the months it had gotten dirty and I now have a giant mess. I can't bend over very well, this cleaning all this grout will have to take about 3-4 days, done in intervals.

    I've been up since 6 this morning, doing stretches to ease the added pain in this old body. I have also started to walk again. Like Mikie I've gotten out of the habit and I'm terribly out of shape. As I said I do my almost one hour of stretches every morning, including using my stretch band. I'm going to check out youtube to find out stretches with this band that old out of shape ladies can do!

    And a puppy update! Talked to my DD yesterday who was waiting for the dog trainer to come. She said Skylar is getting a little better. And get this. My DD bought a string of bells which she attached at the doorknob. Skylar is learning to touch the bells when she has to go outside to potty. She got that trick from a local expensive dog training facility near her. She also bought a clicker.....you click it when the dog has done what she's supposed to then she gets a reward. Usually a piece of her dry kibble.
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    Hi, Kids,

    A beautiful day here. I walked over to Claudia's to give her some magazines. She was off to visit her Mom but we have a nice paper shopping bag just the right size for magazines and we tote it back and forth. I left it on her window sill. My hip and leg hurt so much when I walk so am doing some stretching to try to help it feel better. I feel bored and restless but don't want to do the things I should be doing. I need to refill my pill boxes and will do that. I picked up yesterday's mail while I was out. My $40 in gift cards from my insurance co. arrived. Nice to be paid for doing what I outta be doing anyway. I'll get another $40 next year when I get my colonoscopy and well visit from the doc.

    A big ibis just landed in the tree. Yesterday, we had a whole bunch of birds, including a huge ibis, an anhinga and the great blue heron. There are some reeds which grow in the pond and the ibis was feeding like someone at an all-you-can-eat buffet. No wonder he's so big. Our paper features the wildlife that is being treated at the rehab center every week. Last week it was snakes. They take sick and injured snakes and try to nurse them back to health and release them. There are two baby raccoons there now. Sooo cute!

    Sun, I pray for protection every day because I believe there are evil and negative forces around us. Being mindful helps us to develop a sense of these forces. I've had intuition about people at times and they have always been accurate. My kids had a friend they thought was great. The minute I shook hands with him I felt otherwise. He turned out to be a back stabber who couldn't be trusted and did some mean things. My ex felt the same way when he met him. People with bad intentions have a kind of aura around them. The good news is that there are angels who help us. They love us and want only good for us.
    I hope you don't have a bad reaction from all this work you are doing. Stanley Steemer will come out and clean the grout. My motto is to hire out things I can no longer do or just let things be and ignore them. I've heard about the clicker but not the bells. What a great idea. SV pounds on the sliding glass door with his paws when he wants in and out. Wonder whether he'd ring a bell. Probably not. I don't find it strange at all to want to sit in a car before renting it. Do you have lumbar support in your Honda? The Highlander has it and it's great to be able to adjust it for my back.

    OK, my new Vanity Fair arrived so will be reading it while the Kindle charges.

    Love, Mikie

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    Morning, Kids

    Took care of Kitty. Sat on the steps and brushed her. She lay on her side which she seldom does when I'm brushing her. But she had her claws out, so I decided our session was done.
    Put out fresh water and kibble and a bite or two of Gordon's meat loaf.

    Just spent half an hour looking for a short poem about Sundays. Couldn't find any. Did
    find some Robert Frost poems I don't remember reading before. Can still remember bits
    of his work I read in High School.

    Sun, I remember Flying Down To Rio. The first movie that starred Fred and Ginger. I
    took my mother to see it decades ago. There were only two theaters in LA that showed
    great old movies. A couple of times a star from that era would show up. Can't remember
    the name of the actress* who appeared at the theater next to MacArthur Park, but Mom
    went with the landlady. Said whoever it was she still looked wonderful. This was in the
    70s. (Doncha think it's kinda funny that General MacArthur never visited MacArthur
    Park?) Glad to hear you are feeling better. I think you were smart to test sit the rental car.

    Mikie, we used to have an Alf in my home town. Alf Erickson. I never knew, but
    I assume his first name was Alfred.

    Oops! Gotta go watch a David Attenborough progrm with Gordoni.

    *Now an outdated term, but appropriate to the time (1933)
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    Mikie: About 3 years ago I had my grout steam cleaned. OMG what a disaster! The extra water/steam shot onto the floor seeped into the baseboards which are particle board type and after about 3 weeks I noticed warping at the bottom next to the floor. I had to have new baseboards installed. So then last year I hired my handyman to clean all the grout by hand.....the way I do it. After about 2 hrs. I noticed he was hurrying up the project so I'll never have him do it again. I did a small section this morning, so slowly slowly the floor grout will get done by ME.

    No, I don't have that automatic lumbar support. The seats are still good after all these years though, I just need to get a very small cushion for the very bottom of my back.
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  8. Mikie

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    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Barb and her DD arrived last evening. I didn't see them. Her DSIL got here a couple of days ago. He won't fly so he drives all the way from MA. He's a control freak so maybe he doesn't want a pilot in control. I watched a movie, Last Laugh, yesterday. Wasn't great but best I could find. Starred Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss. Also, Andie MacDowell. Haven't seen any of them in ages. OMG, how old everyone looks. Chevy Chase now looks like Mitch McConnell and could play him in a movie, little makeup required.

    I woke with a headache which is likely related to sinuses. Gonna have another cup of coffee to help my Tylenol. Claudia dropped off some lemon squares she baked. Sooo good. She had gone to a Zumba class and came home so energized that she just had to do something so she baked. How I envy people with energy.

    Rock, usually when cats roll on their sides, they are showing their vulnerability and trust. Also, they often want their bellies brushed. They sometimes move their paws like they did as kittens when they nursed and their claws are visible. One paw is contracted and the other stretched out. Sylvester will roll over to get his undercarriage brushed. I have to hold him like a baby and comb his belly fur to keep it from getting knotted up. I saw that program but decided to watch something else. Was it good?

    Sun, OMG what a mess getting your grout cleaned. I've never had mine done. It's gray and really doesn't show dirt. My electric floor machine cleans it. Yes, particle board cannot get wet or it swells and warps. I had a water leak under my sink and it warped the toe board/support under the cupboard. It looked as though it would crumble from the weight. I had just torn out the vanity top in my bathroom to put in stone and still had the backsplash piece. Lo and behold, it was the exact size of that warped board. I didn't even remove it; I just put the new piece in front of it and it was perfect. Quick and cheap fix. I hope you don't do too much and end up in pain.

    The Muscovy ducks returned to the pond yesterday so we had quite a variety of birds. There were two males competing for the female's affections but she only hangs out now with the one she mated with. The ibis continue to hang out in the slash pine tree and SV and I enjoy watching them. There is a bumper crop of squirrels and we enjoy watching them run up and down the trees. We are so rich in wildlife here that I feel we are living a nature program in real time.

    Hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

    Love, Mikie

    Muscovy Duck

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    Hi, Kids,

    What a morning! Just as I was about to get into the tub, I got a phone call that there was water leaking into one of the condos downstairs. I called management and they were to call a leak finder. The source of the leak must be found before the plumbers can fix it. It was coming up under the floor tiles in the kitchen. When I went down, David showed me behind his fridge; the wall had a long wet spot on it. When Barb's DD came home, I asked her to check their fridge to make sure it wasn't coming from their unit. Sho 'nuff, their fridge had a leak in the water line to the ice maker. Catastrophe avoided. I sat out on the balcony and talked with Barb for quite a while.

    My day started out with a bang but I'm feeling a bit more energetic so maybe this all jump started me. Hope so. I'll stop back later. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. bct

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    Hi Peeps.

    Thought I'd use another colour.... anything but red.:rolleyes:

    Mikie, you are truly blessed with wildlife, ain't ya? Me too! Ibis, how lovely. And herons. And Muscovy Ducks which are illegal immigrants to Florida. There are Muscovy removing services in Florida, did ya know? People complain about their aggressive natures, their poop, and ruined lawns. Bloody odd, if you ask me... I have always wanted to see an Anhinga -- such interesting birds.
    Alexa. Hmmmm. "Alexa water the garden". "Alexa roll me a reefer". "Alexa, call me by your name". "Alexa, never say another word!"

    The mice that the cats catch, I leave out for the ravens. They really like them!

    Julie, so Peace Sign follows Oreo around sometimes. How cute! What's the latest on Amy? I sure hope they find out what ails her soon.

    Rock, what were you using the CBD oil for? Your hands? Why is Gordoni reluctant to take you to a pot shop? I ask too many questions, don't I? Oh well, I'm a nosy bugger, am I not?

    Spring, cuddled up and warm, with a good book and a good tea. I like ginger tea too. I wonder what Cannabis tea would be like --- well I ain't making any! Chamomile tea is very relaxing I find. WOW! Your DD really did make a big boo boo didn't she. I'm glad you were calm when she told you. DON'T tell hubby, or he might not be so calm, eh wot?

    Sun, nice that Skylar rings the bells for a potty break. Lenny just scratches the door. Bells. No, I don't think they would work for me here --- the cats would be ringing them all the time for fun. And puppy pee that you overlooked before :eek: and ended up making a bigger mess than he did!:rolleyes:
    It's a strange life, innit? I'm glad your back is feeling better. Maybe a nice CBD salve might help too. It's done wonders for my 90+yr old step-dad, by the way. MJ helps me with my chronic depression, as does meditation breathing exercises.

    Julie, are you snowed in?

    Time Calls,
    Love to All.
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    Good morning all!

    Well, so much for the 4-6" that were predicted. We got...12!!!!! I did go out briefly Saturday. At that point, we'd only gotten a couple of inches, and there was a break in the snow coming down. The roads weren't bad at all. It started snowing again as I got home, and didn't stop until about 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday. DH and I worked together to clean the cars and shovel the driveway and sidewalks. DM has a neighbor coming to clear her driveway later today.

    I did go to the store Friday night. It was crowded. It hadn't started snowing yet - that didn't start until about 2:00AM Saturday. Then I delivered the goodies to my DM.

    Julie - how much did you guys end up with?

    Once again, can't stay long....lots and lots of work.

    Hugz to Rock, Sun, Star, Spring, Granni, Mikie, Barry, et. al.
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    Barry: I'm with you on seeing an anhinga. I don't think many people would even know about them. When we were in Florida down by Sanibel Island, we saw lots of heron and other smaller birds. Exciting for me since I love all kinds of water birds.

    I've tried the CBD oil. I have two brands one flavored with mint and that's supposed to be 1000 mg. The other is 750 mg. I've tried it under my tongue and also mixed in with a cream to rub in and also straight oil to rub in. Honestly, I don't think it works that well on me. My son gave me two patches, one with THC with the CBD. Haven't tried it yet....possibly scared. So I rely on ibuprofen, adding tramado, lots of heated rice filled things I have to velcro around me and wine and coffee. And my freezer draw is filled with frozen gel packs.

    Mikie: So the water leak from the ice maker started when they came.....must have plugged it in to start making?

    Duckie: That's a ton of snow! I was laughing about your DH.....I guess he just KNEW to prepare.

    It's raining here off and on so I ran to Trader Joe's to get some needed items. In the mail today I received the OK for the chemo, so will call City of Hope when they open up from lunch break. I was told that infusions are done on fridays so maybe this Friday I'll start. Not looking forward to it but it has to be done.
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Feels like I've been away forever. Gordoni and I went to Thrifty Drug last night. Gordon
    didn't have his membership card so the clerk asked him to type his address into some
    electronic box. It took several seconds for the gadget to respond. The clerk said, "It's
    slow today. I think the antenna got wet." Well, that's what's been going on with our
    computer. The antenna was wet. Or, since we don't have an antenna, more likely the
    wires. Feels like we've been cut off from civilization for many days.

    Sun and Barry, I remember seeing anhingas in a documentary on swamps. They look
    sorta spooky; black with they wings stretch out to dry. AKA the snake bird.

    Julie, I read about the big snow storm. I made some notes, but as usual they have
    vanished. Anyhoo the news said something about 14 inches of snow is some tiny
    town. In fact, when I looked it up it wasn't a town. It was a township with a pop
    of around 340. I hope the roads are cleared. Does Den every get involved with that.
    My brother used to drive a snow plow when he was a park ranger. Eventually switched
    to the whatever dept handles that. Also did surveying at times.

    Duckie, I don't think it's fair that you have snow and extra work piled on you simul-
    taneously. Oh, I think the Iowa County that had all that snow had a township
    named Cincinnati. I guess the difference between a township and a town is that
    the township is just much smaller. Probably couldn't afford it's own snowplow.

    Read an Erlene Fowler book a couple days ago. She writes cozy mysteries. Sometimes
    about quilters.

    Mikie, I envy people with energy too. Also people with lemon squares. That's some
    duck you put up. Have never seen one before. Looked it up. Wikipedia says they
    are big ducks; up to 15 pounds. Found in Mexico and S America.

    We didn't watch the David Attenborough program. It started. I told Gordon we've seen
    it before. He said we hadn't. Attenborough picked up a rock and hit it with a hammer to
    reveal a fossil. I said, "WOW! David immediately said, "Wow". Gordon said, "Maybe we
    have seen it before."

    This has become a frequent dialogue lately. He essentially watches 4 channels and they
    all circulate the same programs over and over. But whenever I tell him, " Oh, I remember
    this," he tells me I don't. So I think he's loosing his memory. And he thinks I'm loosing
    my memory. Well, I know I am, but I also know what I remember clearly and what
    I don't. For example, I don't know how many days I've been off the board. But I
    recall various facts such as who wrote the Star Spangled Banner or danced in "Easter

    That was pretty smart of you to think of a refrigerator drip from upstairs. I didn't
    even know fridges sometimes leak.

    Barry, No, you are not a nosy bugger, you are a newsy blogger. Way back in the
    60s I adopted a stray white cat. Called her kittle. Anyhoo she trained her self to tell
    me when she wanted to go out. She would jump up on the bookcase next to the door.
    Then reach over and tap the door knob.

    One day we were both in the bedroom. The door was shut, so she jumped up on
    the dresser and tapped on that door knob. This shows high intelligence. The ability
    to generalize and recognize similar circumstances.

    Gordon hasn't said why he doesn't want me to try MJ, but I suppose he's afraid I'll
    turn in to a spacey pot head. He's also warned me that I would have to roll my own.
    That could be a big problem as I have little dexterity. I have a vague memory of a
    small device some folks used to roll their smokes. Probably kinday messy.

    Hugs Everydobby
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

    I found out yesterday that my neighbor who died never followed through with the atty. to finish the trust he was setting up for her. That means her condos will have to go through probate. Same with her bank accounts. The niece cannot bring the past due fees up to date so we will be running on a shoestring for the time being. I don't know how long it will take. I need to find out whether our assn. should file a lien on the condo to ensure we get paid. I did not get the impression that the niece or her husband were very sophisticated. I'm wondering whether the mortgage holder will foreclose or whether they can when property is in probate. I've not had to deal with this before.

    Between that, catching up with Barb, seeing my neighbor with the stroke off and dealing with the water leak, I was sick with exhaustion but energized with nervous energy. Kind like a push/pull situation. My nervous energy only made me more exhausted in the end. We don't know how much water got under my neighbor's cupboards or in the wall behind the fridge. He poked pin holes in the strip of wet drywall that was visible to dry it out. I loaned him my Shop Vac. These lousy cupboards look nice but are particle board and, when they get wet, they swell and crumble. Several neighbors have had water issues and end up replacing their cupboards. Of course, mold is also a consideration.

    I stopped over to see my neighbor who had the stroke. Her DDIL had come to take her home to Phoenix. They found out last evening that she couldn't fly without written clearance from her doc in Miami. The found out too late to talk to him so they don't know whether they can fly out today or not. They also couldn't find my friend's eye drops for the eye with the droopy lid which doesn't close all the way. My friend's DD was stressing out so I left. I feel so sorry for them. What a mess. Barb's kids never go anywhere without other people. They are sleeping on air mattresses while a couple takes their room and Barb sleeps in the guest room. Last year, Barb had to go stay with a friend here. I'll be taking her out to lunch or dinner at the Outback one of these days.

    Barry, yes the anhingas are fun to watch. They do look like snakes because the whole bird will be underwater except their heads and long necks, making them appear like snakes. They get out and stand on a rock and lift their wings to dry them out. The cormorants look just like them except they have curbed beaks. It's nice that the kitties' trophies don't go to waste and that the ravens get to feast on them. I like the idea of having Alexa roll a fatty.

    Rock, because smoking is so dangerous, many who use MJ medicinally eat the edibles. They are potent and a little goes a long way. My neighbor saw a doc here to gave her an Rx for it. Insurance doesn't cover it and it's $300 for an office visit. He's probably a quack but the only reason people see him is for the Rx. She has a very painful knee and the MJ helps. My last cat would go into the bathrooms, pull the door shut and wiggle the doorknob until it locked. He would then yowl until I came to rescue him. I had to keep one of those little key things to unlock it from the outside. He also liked to open and slam shut the kitchen cupboards. Cats are strange critters and highly intelligent. Many are smart enough to keep their intelligence a secret.

    Duckie, that sounds like some of our snowstorms in CO. It appears that y'all have everything under control. I had a snowblower when I lived alone in the big family house on the corner, lots of sidewalk and a big drive. Glad the roads weren't bad and that y'all are safe. Hope the roads don't ice up today. Be careful.

    Sun, yes, Barb's DSIL came down a couple of days early and plugged the fridge in. They used to leave it running until we lost power during Irma and they lost a bunch of food. There was no water visible in Barb's condo because it ran down the wall into David's unit. David didn't see it until it squished up between his vinyl tiles. He pulled out his fridge and saw a wet stripe on the wall behind it. What a weird thing. Had David not been here for a couple of days, it likely would have kept on leaking until it flooded everything in the kitchen. My CBD oil really helps to relax me and, if I rub it on inflammed skin, it helps immediately. Glad you got the chemo approved. I know you don't like it but I'm glad you have it to help fight the cancer. I keep you in my prayers.

    Gonna get going. Hope y'all have a great day and hope mine is less hectic.

    Love, Mikie

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    DH is gone to his meeting and I sent a portal message to the doc office so now I can post to you all, hopefully without to much interruption. I was on Bactrim for a UTI and yesterday I took my last pill. At that time I started with a scratchy throat and then nasal drainage and slight cough and drainage. I sent a message to the PA asking her for any suggestions for a decongestant esp that what won't interrupt sleep at night. I have enough trouble with that already. I didn't want to take the sudafed esp at night and I probably shouldn't take the sudafed at all due to the hi b/p. So I asked for suggestions. Not much coughing that I can see right now but that could be coming soon.

    Nothing to exciting going on here after the moving our DD back into our area. Now the next big step is their house being sold at closing Jan 28th I think or around there. Then they will wait till summer vacation begins for end of semester for DGS, Then or sometime before they will start looking again for homes. Hopefully they will not bite off more than they can choose, esp DSIL, in terms of cost .

    I like others have read the posts but can't remember half of what I have read esp when there is a lot of posting going on and I haven;t been there to check them all daily. Please excuse me

    Speaking of bad weather with DUCKIE on Sunday we are supposed to have a big winter blast with ice and all. Great. Might not even get to church I am sick and bad weather. Just what we need !! YIKES

    MIKIE - Yes it is a good idea, I think to unplug or turn off the refrig/ Freezer when not going to be there as there could be all sorts of problems. Yes, Barb was luck that her DSIL was there to help remedy the situation. It could have been a real flooded mess.

    Went to our first chorale practice of the year last night even feeling not to great.. We will be doing TITANIC - The Musical which should be very different from what we are used to. I most likely aren't planning for any special parts with all the characters. Leave to to all the young ones. Even my director from small group she wasn't going to volunteer. She came to practice with scratchy throat and some laryngitis. The program is in April I think or late March.

    Sorry got stuff to do so can't stay long as per usual. Sorry I cannot to say HI to awl individually !!!

    Lots of love and hugz to everydobby,
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    Mikie: Does Grace still have that neighbor's computer? And you mentioned at the time that the police were investigating because of blood everywhere. What came of that? My DH and I got a trust in place a few years before he died. Then I had to make some changes so had to get a NEW trust since my DH had passed and no changes could be made to the old one.

    Thanks for prayers.......I can use all I get. My first appt. is in another week. They only do them on fridays and when I called yesterday she had to search for an open time slot. The first time she told me I would be there for 2 hrs. So they can see that I don't have any reactions. But after that I drive home and then hold it for 2 hrs., laying down on each side for 15 min.....I guess to move it all around in the bladder. Then VERY careful cleaning of the bathroom with bleach including clothes. It's done in six week periods.

    Rock: My DH bought MJ brownies when he had cancer. The doctor he saw told him to take a very small piece of it around 5 PM then take a nap and when he woke his appetite would be back. But apparently he screwed up after a few successful weeks and said he got a little dizzy so stopped it. You might think about a MJ brownie ....might help with your problems.

    I don't like feeling loopy so I only take a l/4 tablet of tramadol when the pain gets really bad. At least with ibuprofen and coffee or wine I know how I react.

    Barry: You had asked me who my favorite artists were. I don't think I have any. Years ago I discovered Martin Johnson Heade and fell in love with his orchid and jungle paintings. Then I began to paint larger and larger floral paintings, zeroing in on sections of the flower. Everyone said...oh you like Georgia O'Keefe. Yes and no. Really, I just love flowers. I enjoy looking at the french impressionists, the wonderful dutch and spanish still life's, can't stand the modernists like Picasso, etc. There are so many great artists around now that I wonder if all those impressionist painters were living how they would compare. My personal feeling is there weren't a lot of artists back then......most people could afford to not work at a living.........so they were leaders in the artistist community.

    I spent over 90 minutes this morning doing stretches. So after feeling much better, the backyard was calling to me after the rain we had so I did some trimming.....really too much so I just came in and took more ibuprofen as I'm still suffering from a headache. I hate this body&^%$#@!
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    Mikie - i thought anahingas sounds like a snake species!! = anaconda. !! what an amazing looking bird. look at its neck. ive seen lots of trouble coming about because elders didnt bother making wills. my own family. granpa didnt leave a will so they drew lots and my mom inherited the uglier set of rooms in our granpas building. i was too young or i should have asked aunt who lived inanother city to let us stay there.

    i do not wish to live there any longer. the last time i went back, i think i cut the umbilical cord. i could see the house and town for what it was. an ugly ill planned place. the outskirts are beautiful but living there is no longer convenient. the gurgling clear stream in the house we used to rent near my school is dried up.

    Granni - nice you could pop into say hello. Which songs of Titanic
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  18. Mikie

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