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PORCH 1205 IS NOW CLOSED (6/23/2)

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You're right, Springwater. I loved the dancing dog. Hi Kids. It's 2:30 AM here. Henry is just leaving for work at Whole
Foods. I went to bed, but no sleepy, so am up for a bit. Got a birthday card from my Minnesota brother today. It has a
picture of a pig flying a bi plane. I dunno why anybody would pick a pig for a birthday card, but am not going to worry about it. Maybe it was the last card in the box. I don't worry about much now anyway. Figure I'm near the finish line and nothing matters anymore. I haven't been posting much lately 'cause I have so little energy. Seldom do anything anyway, so have nothing to post about. Gordon keeps the place running. Henry and I are useless.

Mikie, what is Poldark? I kinda think I asked that before. But my brain is just a sieve now. I told my relatives about you.
"Sharp as a razor blade, and much funnier. Jays and

Sunflower, Glad to hear your business is thriving.

I can't remember if we've ever grown peas. Fresh peas are very different than canned. Mikie, I remember seeing a
National Georgraphic some years ago. Lots of desert pictures including some in which the sandstorm made the
desert almost as dark as night despite full sunlight.

OOps! Time to go. If you want to see tragedy, buffoonery, stupidity, check out the court room drama on Youtube.

Barry, I think if you ranted a bit about the current situation, everyone would agree with you. I sure would.



Hi, Rock,

Good to see you here but I'm sorry you can't sleep. Believe me, I know the exhaustion that comes from that. Did you talk to the doc about something to help with it? I think your card may have something to do with, "When pigs fly," but without the rest of the card's sentiment, I don't know what the joke is. Thank you for your kind words. I try to be funny because, if I didn't laugh, I'd probably cry. I've certainly not been sharp in a long time. I see myself declining but I'm not sure it's something that should worry me. We all do as we age. If we weren't sharp, I guess what is going on wouldn't upset us so much so maybe we are sharper than we think.

I did cry yesterday when I heard a choir singing Ave Maria. It was one of my Mom's favorite songs and my cousin sang it at Mom's memorial. My Mom was a devotee of the Blessed Mother as am I. July 11th is the 18th anniversary of her passing. Wednesday is the 23rd anniversary of our moving to FL. Thursday is DGS's birthday. Lots happens in July, including your birthday. Your card was early. DGS's will be a bit late. I have to buy it when I go to Publix today.

Yes, garden peas are delicious. I remember eating them from my yute. The dust blow storms are like the desert storms. They came like a wall and darkened the sky. The dust got in through cracks around windows and under doors. PBS had a special on it with pics. Scary stuff. Poldark is a really good series on PBS around a family in Cornwall back in the 1700's. There is great drama, action, sex (mostly left to the imagination), romance, and history. The series is based on novels by Winston Graham. They would likely make for good reads.

I was thinking that if one wants to see tragedy, buffoonery and stupidity, all one need do is tune in to the news. It strains credulity and yet, there it is, day after day. The mayor of Cocoa Beach said he was 'skeptical' about the Corona Virus until one of his close friends died from it at age 50. This is a mayor of a town and he has to see someone die before he entertains the possibility that the virus isn't a hoax. What is wrong with people who continue to deny what is right in front of them? How many lives and treasure must be lost because of denial? These are the same people demanding businesses reopen. Well, the businesses reopened and these people have not taken care not to spread the virus. FL and TX have had to close bars back down. So, not only are the deniers putting people at health risk but they are causing business owners and employees to lose their incomes.

I hope you can get back to sleep. You always have engaging things to say. You are so funny and intelligent and I always love reading your posts.

Love, Mikie
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Good grief! It was only 84 degrees out and my A/C shut down because it was 77 inside. I decided it was a sign from God that I should go out and suck out the A/C overflow drains. OMG! Couldn't figure out why no fluid was coming out of my drain. I had the Shop Vac hose hooked up to the side that blows. Doh!! Once I got it figured out, I got a lot of fungussy water out. I didn't do the other half of the bldg. because the kids at the end just had theirs done. That only leaves one unit where a neighbor is in residence. As it was, my bod was screaming in pain. I feel good that it got done. Won't get to the store today. I'm wilting in my own sweat. Hope everyone else is staying cool and dry.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, friends! I'll probably get caught in the door, since there are so many posts on this porch already, but decided to go ahead :) Seems very quiet in the house, compared to last week, lol! Although, when the gang's all here, the first couple of kiddos who get up usually climb up on Grandpa Den's lap (who is usually the first one up, and already at the computer, watching a woodworking or other "how to" video as he sips his morning coffee.)

I most always set my alarm (but am still often not the first one up, lol) so I can get up and start breakfast and it melts my heart to see Grandpa with a lap full of Treasures, quietly learning how to build or make something from scratch...He and Lorraine got out his old erector set (valuable antique, by now? ;)) Lorraine is a "Lego Master", so "constructing" things is right down her alley. Their routine every evening after supper is to sit together in Gpa's recliner and watch "Aussie Gold Hunters" on Netflix (always brings Star to mind...has anyone heard from her? I think of her whenever anything Australia is mentioned.) Then they watch "Tiny House Nation" or some other remodeling show...Lorraine isn't the "typical" almost ten year old, I guess. Then again, Grandpa Den might not be the "typical" Grandpa (he doesn't watch sports, etc., etc.)

Amy and Keira were here over the weekend. Keira decided to stay (so Lorraine wouldn't get too homesick and be able to make her "goal" of being at Grandma and Grandpa's all by herself for 10 days...hey, we all have our bucket lists, lol!) Lorraine and I go back to my chiro this week and Keira was hoping to tag along (she prefers my guy over their local one) and his staff graciously agreed to change an appt. for two on Wednesday, to an appt. for three on Tuesday (in the nearly 30 years since I've been going to him, the staff has changed, but the consideration and accommodation has always remained the same...)

Keira wanted to go back home tomorrow, so we girls will go to one town (45 minute drive) to the chiro in the morning, then come back to pick up Den and we'll all head 30 minutes to a different town to go to the pizza buffet we all love (to celebrate my and Lorraine's birthdays...Rock's too, since it is the same day as Lorraine :)) Then we'll head the two hours (1 1/2 from where we'll be at the restaurant) to take Keira home. Gotta get to lunch/supper before 4:00 to still get (for two of us, at least) the Senior discount :D And Lorraine can cross another thing off her bucket list (seeing Aunt Amy's house.)

This means a lot to her as she was up here last year when my dad had a stroke (and Lindsey was in the middle of a miscarriage) and Amy took Lorraine to her house overnight so I could be with my dad. What a whirlwind last spring was...was hoping nothing "spectacular" would happen this year...oh well...only a pandemic, lol! Not funny at all, but you know...laugh or cry...

Wish I could stay and visit a bit more, but the household is beginning to come to life. One of the Amish neighbors called on the house phone (woke Den up on the one day he was able to sleep in, a bit) to ask if he could pick our black raspberries (way on the back of the property)...I thanked him for asking and told him to go ahead. That area is full of poison ivy and I don't want to chance it this year, or get any of the Treasures exposed by taking them out there.

Hopefully, we'll get a little more back to normal next week, after I return from taking Lorraine home. We'll have to get full scale busy again, then some of them will be back during Fall break...not sure when that is scheduled...we'll just be "flexible and portable" (my old "missionary woman" motto, lol!)

I know I won't be able to make that 10 hour (one way) drive forever, but will continue to do it while I can. Keira can't go this time, and Den will stay home to take care of Oreo and the farm...but I don't mind driving by myself. I always think before I go that it's just too much for me, but then I pray and God always gives me the energy and strength to do it. That's my only explanation for why I can manage...I'm pretty positive I couldn't do it "on my own."

Better get busy...Keira washed up a lot of "straggler" dishes last night, but I still have lots of laundry we haven't gotten to, lol! Took time last week for a play date with Lorraine and our nearest Amish neighbor girls (and Mom Lorene and Baby Brother, Josiah, lol!) even got the Amish kiddos on the zip line for some turns as Mom told us it was on their "bucket lists" :) Clinton brought some awesome fireworks and we enjoyed them the night before Father's Day...I always let the Amish neighbors know so they can stay up to watch...they love them, too...even though it's not something their church encourages, lol! We don't understand some of their customs/traditions, but just love and respect them, anyway...as they do us, I'm sure.

Okay, really gotta go this time...Sun, I'm glad to hear the Etsy business is going so well.
Take care, everyone! Mikie, I see you've just posted...oh my goodness...I'm glad you were able to figure out and take care of the drain...it's always something, isn't it?


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Rock - ive always found pigs on cards cute..maybe because theyre so plump and jolly looking. i wonder whether they still tell the three little pigs and big bad wolf story to little ones these days.

Dont worry about the lack of energy..you have lots of company these days. im not exactly jumping around myself. The heat, humidity, lockdown aftermath, is dampening to the spirits.

The news too. What with locusts being added to the ills. Yes, theyve come to our farms too.

But i think this dullness in spirits is temporary. And will leave. Have you taken vitamin B supps? If youre deficient, then low moods and energy is the result.

Many things changed with covid. And we all are trying to adjust.

Can you type the link to the court case clips on utube?

Julie - nice little picture, Granpa Den with all the Treasures happily engrossed in learning and enjoying.

I get tired just sitting in a car, dont know how you do it, driving so much.
But a wonderful thing. Family and time together, these are the important things in life.

Gordon - you will be one relieved person when your dentist works are over. My friend shared some flowers cacti which flower at night. i will try to post them.


Isnt the fuchsia? beautiful. its from her Darjeeling relative. i was struck with how white those flowers were.

Its very cool there so very good for orchids and other flowers.

Mikie - you are so handy with things. i also juggle housework and errands according to how i feel.

When they show Florida i always think of you and how lovely it is there. The skies over the ocean are amazing.

I guess we just have to try and be optimistic while this pandemic runs its course.

ive cried too. Over different things. You must have been flooded with memories with that wonderful rousing song. Sweet and loving..cozy moments spent together. Being cared for unconditionally. Do we ever get used to not having our mums around? To fuss over us and urging us to eat. i invoke loving Mother Mary often and find her energy powerful.

Barry - hang in there. Dont watch the news. Ive been watching This is Lucy. Escapism. She is one funny lady. I wish they would rerun The Golden Girls. i really enjoy the old shows.

How are the fur baby gang doing.IMG-20200623-WA0007.jpg

Help..the pictures are all over the place.

Sun - yes, people are raring to go. Be it work or socializing or shopping. I guess buying is a form of therapy to cope with all the anxiety of these past months. And buying something one loves. Lifts the heart to look at, touch and feel. Solace. Euphoria.

Granni - how are you. Nice to know you had a lunch outing. The restaurants here are still only doing take out. We ordered some Indian food yesterday. and Indian sweets for dessert. After such a long time. It felt good.

Willow - you must be busy with your DS and DDIL. How did they like where you live?


It rained just as i was about to go out to have my roots done. I just waited it out. I really really needed to get them done. the roog powder has come in real handy till now. Root. My typos are fierce today. i wrote iptimistic for optimistic earlier. i thought there should be a word like that. maybe instead of pessimistic.

My DD walked to office and brought back jam cookies later. Very nice. Soft, buttery. They were made with a smiling face in the middle and crinkled around the edges. Cheery. The German Bakery makes them.

The salon lady had a face shield. She seemed worried. I guess the shut down. But i saw her later when i went out to get onions. She was sitting & yapping with some friends outside her shop. I was glad. i hate to see anyone sad.


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