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PORCH 1212 IS NOW CLOSED (7/30/20)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Please go back to Porch 1211 to read the last posts. The comet, Neowise, was visible here but it's been too cloudy in the mornings and evenings to see it. Also, it's so low on the horizons that I'd have to go to higher ground. Last one I could see with the naked eye was about 25 years ago. It was so big and bright that I could see it during the day. Can't remember the name of it. What amazing things there are in the sky.

Storm trackers say the forecasted track of Isaias is a bit more to the east now. If it holds, the storm is slated to skirt the East Coast of FL out in the Atlantic. They say the next 24 hours will make it easier to more precisely predict the path. I'm glad I got my errands run even if it doesn't hit us. It is near Hispaniola right now and the newscasters and weather people are driving me nuts mispronouncing the name. It's like nails on the blackboard. I get that from my Mom. She hated it when people, especially on the news, mispronounced foreign words. I remember that somewhere in Central or South America there was a junta and the newscasters were pronouncing the j. Drove her crazy. So now I have her hands and her pet peeves.

DD called yesterday. They had a great trip but it made them realize that they don't want to stay in CO. They probably will but they like the East Coast, especially the NE. DD's shortness of breath didn't bother her while they were gone. I think they are all suffering post-vacation depression. I think this whole pandemic thing is causing depression in many of us. I thank God every day for my blessings but I'm just feeling blah. Joe is the same way.

I wasn't feeling well on Fri. when I saw the doc. My allergies have been awful. According to our news here, I'm not the only one. My vitals are fine and the swelling is down in my ankles and feet. Every now and then, I do have stress; heck, just going to the doc is stressful. Combine that with the pandemic, politics and the world situation and it's no wonder my pulse goes up now and then. From what I've read online, it's not uncommon and isn't harmful as long as it stays under 100 and is temporary. I think it's the shortness of breath that got the doc excited.

Sun, I'm cracking up about your swearing after being married. Well yes, marriage didn't help my swearing either. I just had more to swear about. My condo is three bedrooms but it's not that big compared to a house. There isn't that much sq. footage but it does have high ceilings. Also the builder didn't put in double-pane glass so it's not the most efficiently insulated. Our electric rates are some of the lowest in the country. Mine range from about $40 to $100 and average about $65. Util. co. will average it for people so they pay about the same every month. At the end of the year, they true it up. They keep bugging me to average but I can pay the high bills so don't want to do it. BTW, a research study has found that those who swear are, on average, smarter. So there! I'm going to hell for swearing but I'll be one of the smart ones there.

Rock, speaking of smart--those who learn to play musical instruments develop smarts and hand/eye coordination that makes them smarter too. My flying instructor said those who played instruments are able to learn to fly by instruments (avionics) faster. Thanks for posting this little town that shares two states. There is a Geico ad where the gecko stands in the middle of the street in a town that straddles the Virginia/Tennessee border, I think. I can't remember and can't see the map in my mind's eye. Geography isn't my forte. I say it's good for us to be exposed to all the trivia possible. Never know when you'll need it. There is an app for the Kindle that turns it into a keyboard. I think it even saves the things you play. I have it on mine but haven't used it in ages. I could play it for SV. He likes it when I sing. He has a tin ear. Good thing because I have tin vocal chords.

Julie, I'm so glad you are getting help with the sciatica. The exercises help me. Mine is caused by misalignment between my spine and pelvis. I saw where it was gonna be hot up your way. I keep my A/C set at 77 all the time. A/C guy said that is perfect for my unit. My allergies are so bad that I use it for that as much as cooling. It usually doesn't run at night. It's just 77 out now at 5:45 a.m. Sounds as though you are gonna have an amazing garden next year. The best way to know whether something will grow is to know your zone where you live. Plants has info on their tags including the zones where they grow. We are sooo far south here that we are in zone 11. If something will grow in zone 10, it will usually grow here. It does limit what I can plant. Hope your pain continues to improve.

Stupid keyboard. Just lost this whole paragraph. GRRR! Hope all y'all have a good one.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, everyone! Want to know the secret to a very swift awakening...when your poison ivy is itching and gets you up at 4:30 am...just go to the fridge, get out the cold coffee (saved for emergencies such as this ;)) and douse whatever is itching with it. Nothing like cold coffee splashed on your belly, legs, even face, to get you going, lol! (Another reason to mow and spray weeds...we are "Poison Ivy rich" around here.) So, since I was already up, in true Hobbit form, I made "1st breakfast" for myself (tuna sandwich on toast, complete with a slice of baby swiss cheese and lots of lettuce.) When Den gets up, I'll fix something for him. Really missing the collagen in my coffee, so I convinced myself to try it again (just 1/4 of what I normally use) and see how it goes. I have it on hand to put in Den's daily lunch smoothies, so it won't go to waste if I decide I really can't use it.

Mikie, thanks for the new porch. Yep, planting zone 5 here...the kids are now in 7, lucky them, lol! I always check the tags (and the Farmer's Almanac for the garden)...several things can be grown here during the summer months, even if they don't make it through winter. If it was the beginning of the season, I might have gone ahead with the Mandevilla, but if we have an early frost...too bad, lol! The Post Office in the town I was in had a couple big pots of the white ones (like this google pic) and the store had white and the beautiful red. If they'd been on clearance, I would have snatched them up...maybe I should have asked an employee, but there wasn't anyone in the garden center...

A beautiful 69 degrees out right now, so I just opened a few windows...

I used to have such beautiful gardens...and we had all the "props" (trellises for the vining plants...cucumbers, cantaloupes (my grandpa taught me to tie old pantyhose to the trellis and place a cantaloupe in the "hanging basket" to keep it off the ground...things like that). When I get back into gardening, I want it to be a fun hobby (as well as producing food to can or freeze, or just enjoy fresh)...instead of a chore that only gets tended in last minute spurts and eventually gets overrun with weeds. We'll get there, lol! I have my grandpa's Organic Gardening books from the 1980's...I did so well till this stupid ME/CFS took over my life :mad: Most of us on these boards have similar stories..."I had a life, until _______" Just have to do the best we can, true? I'm starting to get back in the groove...Den has been complimenting me on how nice the yard is looking again...

Sun and Mikie, lots of us must be pretty smart, lolol! I don't swear very often, but when I do, Den just laughs cause it probably doesn't sound "drunken sailorly" at all...but he still ducks, just in case I decide to throw something at the same time ;)

Rock, I've never stood in two different states at the same time, but we did stand with one foot in Belize and one foot in Guatemala on one of our mission trips...while accompanying a medical team, the local doctor who goes along to the villages, took Den and me on a trail that the locals used to get back and forth...

It's getting light out now, so I probably should decide what I'm going to do with this day, lol! Pretty foggy yet, but I mowed a path between the soybean field and the hay ground...going back to the old railroad tracks. Den says it's a quarter of a mile, so it I walked down and back twice...there would be a mile. Not sure that's what the chiro meant when he said "walking would be good, cause it lubricates the spine", but maybe just one trip would be okay, at least for now. I need to be like Sun and get out walking more...but gravel road and pasture isn't quite as comfortable as sidewalks.

At any rate, I hope everyone can find something to be joyful about today...July is almost over..."winter will be here before we know it", lol!




Hi, Kids,

My vitals are perfect! Gonna monitor them and call the doc next week. I just brushed and combed SV and got a huge ball of fur from him. He was so good he got five small treats in his little mousie. He has to push it around until the treats fall out of holes in the side. It isn't much of a challenge for him any more. I rattle it before giving it to him and he gets so excited. He's such a beautiful cat and I love it when he's just been combed out. Unfortunately, the soft gauzy look of the white fur on his front doesn't last long. Now that he is taken care of, I think I'll jump in the tub and get myself going.

Julie, I didn't know about the cold coffee treatment. I'll tell Nancy because she works out in her yard in MI and is always getting a rash from the PI. Sounds as though you've gotten your garden skills from you DGP. How nice. That's a great idea about hanging up the fruits on vines to keep them off the ground. There are hybrid flowers available here now and they are supposed to do better but I'm not sure. Annuals do well here in the winter but often get leggy and wither up in summer even though it's not as hot here as elsewhere. My Mom had a green thumb but I didn't inherit that. Doh!! My DSIL's mother has a very soft little girl-like voice and when she blurts out obscenities, it's a riot. I had to grieve for my former life when I got sick. I saw a shrink for help. We make our plans and, when life takes a different turn, it's so hard to accept. I always expected to burn bright into old age. Well, here I am in old age and all I can do is flicker. Until the flame goes out, I'll just do what I can. I was lucky that I was fairly healthy until in my 50's. I admire how you work so hard despite not feeling well.

Al Roker says there is another tropical wave coming off the West Coast of Africa. We are at least a month ahead of hurricane season in terms of the number of storms. Guess it's gonna be an exciting end to summer and start of fall. They are really limiting the number of storm shelters this year because of the virus. It's more dangerous to cram a bunch of people into a school gym than having people stay home and take their chances. Joe and I feel good about our buildings' ability to hold up based on the last two direct hit storms. Of course every storm is different. I told the new neighbor how well our building is constructed to give her some confidence when she goes through the first storm.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Read the paper--same old, same old. More wishes for a good day for everybody.

Love, Mikie


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Howdy, Folks

Mikie, Noel Coward loved to travel. I used to have the album of his musical
"Sail Away". Hard to mispronounce the names of places in his songs because
they often rhyme.

"There isn’t a rock between Bangkok and the beaches of Hispianola
That does not recoil from suntan oil and the gurgle of Coca-Cola."
From his song "Why do the wrong people Travel?"

As for Higher Ground that is the name of an old hymn that Iris Dement included
in her first CD. Is it on You Tube? Of course; several versions.

We had an earthquake here this morning. Something like 4.3. The sort that does no damage.
Sorry you lost a paragraph. I was on Youtube yesterday. I can't remember the names of songs
or singers. Can't find many of my old favorites. Really frustrating. I hope I die before my
mind is totally gone.

Well, time to write to my cousin.

Hugs, Kids


Hi, Kids,

Not doing much but am watching John Lewis' funeral service. He is so beloved and it's been really uplifting to listen to the speakers. Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama are speaking and President Carter did a video. President Bush's first remarks were so funny. I always like services where a bit of humor is used to help others share the life and experiences of the deceased. I loved Rep. Lewis and am glad to be able to watch the service. What an inspiration he was to me and so many others. People on both sides of the aisle loved him in Congress. Another icon we have lost. He was only four years older than I when he passed.

Rock, I'm not familiar with that show or this song. I like the lyrics. I fear the music we loved has also passed. Do you worry when you have the smaller EQ's? Do they come before larger ones? I don't know much about them. If I told my kids I hope to die before my mind is completely gone, they would say, "Sorry, Sir." It's a line from Young Frankenstein that means, "Too late!" They would likely be right. Again, I pray your cousin is doing better.

Hope all our Porchies are having a good afternoon.

Love, Mikie


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Please forgive me if I don't mention you all in this post. I just went back and scanned the old posts from the last Porch volume. I probably won't remember much. Didn't get much done today but a wash and tried to take it easy since tomorrow is D day for my b/p. I have my little log ready to show the NP and it looks very good It is just weird how my b/p most of the time is OK unless something stressful hits. Who knows that day at the dentist. I don't blame them when they wouldn't touch me after my b/p rose so high. it was a new Dr (dentist) and gal doing me. Not used to my crazy b/p but it was pretty high so I do not blame them. This has happened at other Docs too. I usually check my b/p before coming and have a short log to show them them so they don't panic. It is something that doesn't happen often, plus the x rays but it was a different situation with the covid and the masks and hot outside and had to wait awhile to be let in and take your temp and only so many people in the waiting room, like one or two plus the gals working behind the desk.

JULIE - Don't overdo on your walks, or walk to fast, but walking is good, I believe. Hope it helps your sciatica. I know when I used to have it sometimes I could hardly get out of bed or do anything. Glad you are able to get out and do things but try not to overdo with the mowing and other stuff too. My head is driving me nuts too. I keep forgetting to take my Turmeric/curmercin (sp). and maybe that would help. I know some of it is probably knots from t my FM . Other problems is OA in the back of my neck and into my head. Nothing takes it away but not looking for anything much stronger. Never heard of the cold coffee RX for PI. Don't need it now, thank goodness. How long do you leave it on?

MIKIE - Glad you had a nice nap. Glad your vitals are perfect. Just tell the doc when he's back that all is well on your old standbys. I also do not have a green thumb. My mom had a pretty green thumb and she loved flowers. Piddling around the house. Haven't watched any TV yet just a little radio while I was doing things. That is funny about swearing. My mother and dad too thought that saying "Shut up" to someone was horrible let alone anything else. I can't imagine now the hearing some of the language out of some people. Yes,, however, marrying someone that can drive you to drink at time could make one swear. I may swear a bit to myself., not at myself :)!!

ROCK- Hope your cousin will be OK. I have missed a few post I think. I know what you mean. I used to know all the songs old and new and now I don't even follow most of the supposedly new ones, and don't know most of the singers or so called artists..

HUGZ to everydobby inc SW, SUN. WILLOW, BARRY, GORDON, and all our others that have been MIAs for a long time!

Granni :)
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Mikie: love the pic you posted. I haven’t gone out to take a look....there are coyotes roaming around and I would have to stand on my driveway to view so no thank you.

Granni: did you ever try peppermint oil on your neck? I’ve told you several times about it and how it really helps with the neck pain for me. I have stenosis of the neck and also arthritis. It’s amazing how such an inexpensive oil with only a few drops on a cotton ball rubbed in can help.

I ran some errands this morning after I cleaned up cat throw up on my couch and pillow. thanks clair! Yesterday was pretty bad for cramps all day, even tramadol wasn’t helping, so last evening I dug out my little tens unit to put on the scar tissue. By bedtime it was almost gone. Today I’m feeling better so am grateful for whatever.

Actually....I still think saying shut up to someone is extremely rude.


Hi, Kids,

Isaias has passed over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola and it hasn't lost any strength. That may mean it will be stronger than first anticipated when it gets to us. The models still show it off the East Coast but no one can say for sure. Tomorrow is expected to be 97 degrees. We are a bit closer to the water so it's usually a little cooler here. Still, my A/C unit may not be able to keep up. When it's that hot, the best my poor old A/C unit can usually do is about 80 degrees in here in the late afternoon. Maybe I'll go out to see whether I can fry an egg on the sidewalk. We did get some nice rain today so that's a plus. It's moved over to the Cape now.

I just went to remove a spammer and there were five other spammers all connected to him. They were for home repairs of various kinds. What a waste of their time. Nice thing is that this spam cleaner has them all in one spot so I can just go down the line and remove them.

Herman Cain, the guy who ran in the 2016 presidential primary race, has died of the Covid-19. Last month he attended a crowded rally and wore no mask. Such a shame and so needless. I prayed for his family as I do for all the families of those who pass.

Granni, you can type on the old Porch and simply copy it. That way, you can see the posts above you. You don't have to post it there. Just paste it onto the new Porch. That's what I do cause I can't remember nothin'. I think it's stress that causes my tachycardia too. It can cause my BP to be slightly elevated but it's usually the HR that goes up. Fri. I was feeling stressed and I think that's what did it. Garth Brooks was on TV. He is so overweight and is very red in the face. I was wondering about his BP. I hope he sees a doc. I think there are worse things than swearing. Telling someone to shut up is extremely rude and I wouldn't do that. My swearing is always in response to an injury or some other inconvenient occurrence. My Mom told me never to call anyone a fool because that was really bad. So, I never have. I don't get in fights with people so no need to. Praying all goes well tomorrow.

Sun, I'm not sure that's the comet that out there right now and I think it's like a time release photo but I liked it too. I have the NASA app on my phone. It sends me notifications and lets me know whether the star gazing conditions are good. There is some kind of picture every day too. Kinda nice. I think I'd try to avoid the coyotes too. The one in our hood was running away and didn't seem to want anything to do with us. I put a drop or two of peppermint oil in my bath and love it. Eww! Clair throws up on the sofa and pillow? Geez, guess I won't complain about SV's throwing up on the carpet. Bless her heart. I hope she's okay. Glad the TENS unit helped the cramps.

Gonna get some good sleep tonight I hope (fingers crossed). Last Tango in Halifax reruns are on PBS on Thursdays. I love that show. It's on after FJ. Claudia and I both got the answer last night so we got double virtual chocolate. I'm so glad to be back on my old meds and hope they continue to work so well. When I take the Clonodine and Losartan at bedtime, I slip into the most delicious sleep. SV and I love climbing into bed. Last night, we watched a nature show where they put cameras on live animals. He loves those. PBS is his favorite channel too. I hope all y'all have a lovely evening and sleep, perchance to dream.

Love, Mikie
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Hi gang, had a few minutes, so thought I'd pop on and see what's happening.

Rock, I've never been in an earthquake...glad there was no damage. We're not terribly far from the New Madrid Fault in Missouri, but Iowa isn't on the list of states that could be affected. Our main possible problem would be a tornado, I guess.

Mikie, glad your tried and true meds are back at work. So cute that SV likes the animal shows...Oreo usually just sleeps through "TV time"...lying on the couch beside me :)

Sun, I keep forgetting about the peppermint oil...so I just got up and mixed a couple drops with some olive oil and rubbed it on my neck...nice warm feeling. Sorry about the cramping yesterday, glad the tens unit helped today. Poor Claire...and poor you, for getting to clean it up.

Granni, you just splash the cold coffee on your skin and let it dry. Apply again as needed, but I didn't even need to do it today. I did shower as soon as I got back from my walk, cause I know I walked through a bunch of it...some places you can't even take a step without encountering the plants. Hope everything goes well at the NP. Den had the same problem at his usual dentist, but the one I go to took care of him with no problems.

Barry, Mama Kitty was back again this evening...we were surprised to see her two nights in a row, but happy for it. I fixed her usual "gourmet meal" and sat on the porch swing right beside her while she ate. Squirrelly Dude kept trying to sneak over and help himself, but I made him wait till Mama was finished, lol! He has three other Toms to compete with, for the ladies attention...he's the most tame, but won't sit still and actually be petted. You'd think these cats would realize I'm a nice person, eventually, true? :D

Just finished supper (leftover BBQ meatballs, sauteed spinach and onions cooked with scrambled eggs/sour cream mixture...yum!...and some really sweet watermelon) and we're watching The Aussie Trucker show...oh, my goodness...those guys are heroes, in my book.

I'm pretty sure I got in a mile on my walk today...took the path back to the old railroad tracks, across a meadow (full of the most beautiful Queen Anne's Lace) and back down the tracks, then the same path back to the house. Had my walking sticks (lightweight, like ski poles...could double as a Mountain Lion whacker, if necessary, lol.) Went slow and just enjoyed myself...didn't invite Oreo, cause I was afraid she'd get too worn out. I did see her behind me on the path, so she still got some exercise...us two old fat ladies might just get in shape yet ;)

Some local farmers (Lindsey's former classmate) have a half of a beef for sale...couldn't sell their calves at the markets, due to all this mess, so selling to individuals...so we are going to get it and will have plenty to share with the kids. This is grass fed, organic (no ABX, or other junk, etc.) and will end up being $4 to $5 a pound...and the locker will package it to our specs. These are the kids we want to take over our farming, once our farmer decides to retire. But we're in no hurry to lose him...he's been wonderful to us...and the new farmers need a little more time to get ready financially.

My dear hubby has been working on my raised beds next to the house...brought a bunch of dirt with the skid loader, then salvaged some cement borders (that my dad had bought for us years ago, for a different project.) He wasn't done, but I made him come in and get showered and rest while I fixed supper. Probably won't plant anything this year, but will be ready first thing in the spring. I'll plan to at least get some herbs in the ground...I have a dehydrator, or I often snip the herbs then put them in melted butter or olive oil and freeze in cubes. I'm thinking Sun mentioned doing the same thing?

I couldn't remember why the cold coffee works on poison ivy...just that it has some sort of acid in it. Google says it's called chlorogenic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory. Says it can't be a proven treatment cause it hasn't been tested...well, all I know is that it works for me, lol!

So, I should probably get off the computer and rinse off (this is a "two shower day", I guess). I'll mow tomorrow, then most likely go to the Celebration of Life service on Saturday...sis's husband's daughter has texted me two or three times to tell me we are welcome to go...I'm thinking it would mean a lot to her and her daughter (his granddaughter.) I didn't want to chance running into sis and have her cause a commotion, in case she decided to try to go. But the daughter told me the pastor is prepared to ask her to leave if she does come.

And since sis is having her own (supposedly secret, except the family did find out) service just two hours earlier than theirs, maybe she won't try to crash theirs. So very sad...no matter how much I didn't like someone (and she has no reason to dislike his family...they are very caring, wonderful people) I wouldn't keep them from a deceased loved one.

Anyway, there's enough things to worry about that we can't control...I'm not going to give sis much thought...so nice to be done with her...

Goodnight, everyone! Sweet dreams!


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Julie: your SIL has to be one very sick person. Was she like this when she was a kid? I know you went to school with Den and probably her too. Wonder what made her like this. Yes, that’s what I do with cilantro. I buy several bunches at the store, wash them up, dry them then into my food processor with some olive oil to made a pesto. A lady told me about this years ago, but she also added some garlic and onion to it. She always kept some in the frig to use for cooking, but I found I didn’t go thru it quick enough and it spoiled so I got to spreading it on a tray that had been covered with plastic wrap. Freezer until I can break these into pieces. I just don’t have room for cubes but it’s a great idea using an ice cube tray.

Your walk sounds so enjoyable. Queen Anne Lace was my mom’s favorite. She told me it grew wild everywhere in Ohio where she grew up. By the way, I just use the peppermint oil straight, rubbed on my neck, though I know they say to mix with a carrier oil. It starts cooling immediately, I guess from the evaporation. Many times at night or during the day I rub a little on my neck. I’ve tried it elsewhere, like on my back or legs, but it just doesn’t work for pain. Have to be careful not to get it on my face or temples like recommended because the fumes bother my eyes. Happy to read the kids have released mama cat. By now they should be totally eating kibble. I grew up with always our mama cat having kittens. We usually gave them away when they were 6 weeks. And I’ll have to file that tidbit about the coffee away in my brain. I got into a patch of poison ivy and I will NEVER forget the burning.

My DS up in Portland got a free freezer over a year ago onCraig’s list. He bought 1/2 a cow about 8 mos. ago. He told me the meat came out to around $2 a pound. He’s got a thriving garden going....got it all rigged to automatically water everything for about 2 min. once an hr. Now he’s overrun with cucumbers, but he said his ducks like the cucumbers. I told him to pick them when they were small and make crock pickles. I used to do that...always had a crock going, so easy to do. Oh yes, he got another female duck last week. He said he eats 4 eggs a day and just one duck laying one daily wasn’t enough. People are always selling or giving away chicken or ducks up in Portland.

I talked to my DGD today, and asked how her online business of selling her unwanted toys was going.....she’s made short of $300! She starts school online in another week and my DGS starts senior year at HS next week.

My back is screaming and so are my legs. I have no idea what I could have done. Anyway, I know I shouldn’t but I just made coffee which helps jumpstart the tylenol.

And where is Spring? I hope everything is OK.


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Haven't gotten to bed yet, lol...wanted to get a few chores finished up so I can spend the day outside tomorrow.

Hi Sun, what a great deal your son got...what kind of ducks does he have? And your granddaughter picked up her business experience from Grandma...very nice.

No, I didn't go to school with Den and sis. We met when I was 14 years old (almost 15 ;)) and he was going on 19. We lived in separate towns, but met when he lived in a house with other college friends that was across the street from my grandparent's house. I would go stay with them in the summer for a week or two at a time and I think I saw him and his friends playing Frisbee in the street and we got acquainted.

When I went back home, he called and asked if he could come visit me....the rest is history, lol! (He grew up in the county where we live now, my grandparents lived in the town where we now do most of our shopping, etc. and where his college was...about 30 minutes away. And I lived another 1 1/2 hours farther on.)

I met sis and her first husband early on when Den and I started dating, but they lived four hours away (in Missouri) so we didn't see them very often. I actually didn't have too much to do with her until she started having back surgeries and I would go down to take care of her...by that time, she had been through husbands #1, #2, and #3. Two children with #1 and two children with #2...I went down and helped her with the last two babies, also. My MIL was getting in poor health, but could stay home and take care of my girls while Den was at work, while I went down and helped out her daughter.

#4 husband, she married after knowing him for six weeks...one of 15 or more guys that she met on the internet after she moved up here "to take care of her dad", lol (that whole whirlwind romance/marriage happened in the spring of 2014 while I was taking care of her dad at our house, after she pushed him down and he broke both wrists, bruised several ribs, etc....we didn't find out until after he died that that's what happened...he apparently confided in a family member.)

That marriage lasted less than a year, but she was getting acquainted with husband #5 (the one who just died) while I was in the hospital with her dad (21 days) before he died in the spring of 2016. Her neighbor, who had been friends with her parents for over 40 years, told me that she is still young enough at age 72 that she will be on the hunt for a new man pretty soon...oh well, with Grandpa gone, I don't have to deal with her and neither does Den. And we haven't even talked to her since sometime in 2017.

So, I don't really know how her childhood was, other than she was raised by my MIL...but Den was raised by the same parents and he is nothing like his sister (or his mom.) All I know is that sis has always played the victim part very well, and is very good at manipulating people and making them feel sorry for her...but we got along pretty well until she came up here and started abusing and neglecting her dad and Den and I wouldn't put up with it. But, that's all in the past now...my stress level plummeted and my health started improving once we got her out of our lives...many of you on the porch probably remember my ramblings about that, lol!

Anyway, I'd best get to sleep...take care!


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Morning, Kids

I can hear Henry going downstairs. It's 2 AM here. He'll be leaving for work in a minute or so.
I didn't get an e mail from my hospitalized cousin yesterday, so I'm pretty sure he died. We didn't
see much of each other because we always lived far apart. His mother grew up in my hometown.
After living in Chicago and Miami, she is now buried in the home town where she grew up.

Her dad went to school with her in first grade. She was a timid little girl. So he went with her.
Grandma was somewhat startled when a friend asked her about it. Grandpa hadn't informed her.

Julie, been years since I thought of Frisbee. I remember the day I arrived at college and moved
into the Dorm. The grass in front of the building was full of guys tossing Frisbees. Another
athletic endevor I couldn't do very well. By the way, I think someone who has stood in two foreign countries at the same time has a more interesting story than someone who visited Granger.

Sun, hope your back and legs stop screaming. Been many years since I had any back or leg
pains. I have an excellent chiropractor.

Mikie, I looked up fry an egg on a sidewalk. Some authority whose name I did not recognize
said, "It is impossible to do such a thing." When I was a kid it was common for such to appear
in movie shorts, TV shows, radio programs, etc.

The battle with the ants is still going on. They were several in the bathtub last night. When I
got in bed I picked up my book and studied it carefully to make they were no ants on it. Turned
out there was one on my glasses. The ant traps keep disappearing. Gordon takes them. I think
he said he puts them in the garden. Makes no sense to me, but it's his garden.

Guess I'll go back to bed.
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Up early at 4:30 but got six hours of sleep. That's enough but I may need a nap. My knee is still bad and I may need to see an orthopedist but not until I get this BP issue settled. I don't think my old ortho doc is in my ins. network so will have to find a new one. Appears now that Hurricane Isaias (EEE-saw-EEE-us) will skirt the East Coast of FL and go on up the coast to New England. NC usually gets hit when the storms do that.

Claudia and I both got the FJ question last night. She again had FaceTime with her Mom yesterday and sang songs in German to her. Her Mom sang a bit and then cried. So did Claudia. I'm so happy that her Mom can still respond to her. She just needs someone to open the door into her memories. This whole quarantining with the virus must be very confusing for her. At least, it's keeping all the residents of the facility safe.

Saw a 20 year old who got the virus on TV. She is going to be losing part of one lung. She said she has been going out with friends to restaurants and not taking any precautions. She wishes she could go back in time and not do that. Kids just have no sense. It's not only a tragedy for her but she has put medical staff at risk. It costs a fortune to treat people like her and now the ins. co. will be bearing the cost of surgery. We all pay those costs in the end. Somewhere along the line, some people have stopped instilling civic duty in their kids. It's like some have raised their young to feel entitled to do whatever they want with no care about others. A kid here drove a friends truck and he had no license. He was speeding and he killed a woman. His Mom was blaming the woman's family for seeking justice for her death. At the kid's sentencing his mother screamed at them. I also see young people on the news who are helping out during this pandemic in all kinds of ways and it's good to know that some are raising decent kids who care about others. What a society, and world, we would have if everyone followed The Golden Rule. It's part of every religion.

Julie, it's good to know about the coffee treatment. I'll try it on my knee which is very inflamed. So far, Aspercream is doing well at reducing it. My friend, Barb, likes the new Voltaren. Used to be an old RR track near DD when she lived in Atlanta. It was made into a hiking trail called, The Silver Comet Trail. When you fly in small planes, you can see old tracks that are no longer used. Also missile bunkers. During the Cold War, they were all over in rural fields. Scary. But, I digress...I'm glad Mama Kitty is still dining out at your place. I just hope those kids are treating the kittens decently. Stay safe from the PI.

Sun, that is amazing that DGD is doing so well selling on the internet. Good for her. Someday she will say she got her entreprenurial instincts from her Dear Grandma. Are your grandkids physically going to school? I think DGS goes two or three days a week and the rest online. Kids here can do it all online, all at school or a mix of both. Our schools are some of the worst but the school board wants to be sure they offer them all kinds of choices. They bus them all over if they don't want to go to their neighborhood schools. Doh!! Glad my kids are raised. DD is thinking of putting DGS in private school. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. One of the Tylenols contains caffeine. Hope you feel better.

Rock, I am so sorry about your cousin. Is there someone in the family who can let you know if he has passed? Can you call the hospital? Since you are family, they should tell you. My cousin passed a year and a half ago and I didn't know it. Still don't know how she died. There are a couple of other cousins I could call but since we no longer keep in touch, I don't feel right about calling them. There is no bad blood between us but haven't seen them in probably forty years. I hope whatever has happened that he is out of his pain. So sad. I prayed for him. If you go to the Four Corners Area in SW CO, you can stand in four states at the same time. There is a marker to indicate the exact spot. I wouldn't step on it because guys pee on it so they can brag about peeing in four states at once. Eew! I thought about cleaning the egg up out in the heat and decided against the famous egg frying experiment. I would think one could fry an egg on any surface if it were hot enough. Good luck with the ants. I still have a few in my tub.

I hope everyone has a nice windup to the week. Sounds as though we will notice no effects from the hurricane. We could use more rain but I'll be glad if it does stay offshore in the Atlantic. There are two more headed across off of Africa like trains on a track. FL is like Pearl Pureheart tied to the track.

Love, Mikie

Got my exhausted self off the sofa and had a nice hot soak with peppermint oil. I unloaded and loaded the DW. Took garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster. Comcast just made me an offer I may not be able to refuse. Gotta check it out. Grace texted. She's as bored as the rest of us. It's 96 degrees there. Sposda be that here but it won't get quite that hot. It's that hot a lot of the time in WV.

With the trash and recycle bins empty in the kitchen, it gave me a chance to clean the lids and replace the batteries. I know it sounds like nothing, especially for people who accomplish so much, but I am enjoying any little thing I can do. Instead of feeling bad about myself when I'm down and out, I try to focus and enjoy what I can do and it makes a lot of difference.

PBS is rerunning a program about the 1918 pandemic. It's amazing how similar the effects are to what we are going through today. I bought some big nectarines at Publix and ate one for lunch. OMG! It was sooo sweet and juicy. I just washed the pit because it is so beautiful. It's a deep red and the surface has all these crevices that make an interesting pattern. It's as lovely as any seashell I've collected. It's drying; I may keep it. A little treasure.
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Dear Ones,

It is late in the day and it has been a busy one . Went to the doc this morning for my b/p and decided to also have a urinalysis done since I have been peeing more and had a little more discomfort than usual. The NP was very thorough I thought . The consensus was that I am a bit borderline probably for changing meds and so she is upping my diuretic and since I have a small amount in my Losartan already she gave me a script for that. I have to take that along with my reg meds and continue my log ( no surprise there) for two weeks and and bring my b/p machines with me. I know at least I will be peeing more, just what I need but maybe it will help. At home it is very good except early morning before and a little after I take my meds., of course not counting any trips to the Dr or anything stressful, not that it is that stressful for me, but different and I know that it is going to go up and they will freak out. My urine sample was not showing anything really bad but after talking to me she decided to give me Bactrim which I have had before. They are sending it for culture. It might jut be my possible IC getting worse or irritated due to something I shouldn't have eaten or drank. So I am not discharged to have whatever done on my tooth including teeth cleaning.Then came home and had lunch then off to the store and it was so HOT. Also picked up a special mailer to send something.

SUN - Thank you so much for reminding me about the peppermint oil. I will order it , so much on my mind lately. It sounds like a wonderful RX and is cheap enough. Hope it will help me. How nice your DGD is doing so well in selling her toys etc. She has a good teacher, GRANDMA !!!

MIKIE - Hope that storm doesn't hit you to hard. We have been watching this too and hoped it wouldn't get into the gulf. It missed us, it looks like, but hope it ends up going out to see instead of up the whole eastern coast. How much peppermint oil do you put in the bath water? I actually LOVE a VERY hot bath but that is not good for my itchies. The cooler the water the better and I haven't really tried that yet. I don;t like cold baths or showers so so try and make it lukewarm, if possible. That nectarine sounds delicious. I haven;t had one in some time. I never even paid attention to the nectarine seeds. Take a pic if turns out pretty after drying. Yes, I think you are right about some people not instilling civic duty and taking the blame for what hey have done wrong as they grow up. Then the grown up kid and blame others for whatever they did and the parents stick up for the kid. A lot of that going around, I think but there are a lot of wonderful kids out there too doing great things.

JULIE - That is some tore about your SIL, a real screwball. Don't know if anything happened to mae her that way but she sure seems like she put everyone through the ringer in the family, including all her husbands more than likely. She definately was a piece of work and hard on others. Very sad situation and glad you are out of it.

ROCK - Sorry your cousin doesn't seem to be dong well. Hope he gets better soon.

Love to awl,
Granni :)

Well everydobby I need to start dinner.


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Good Friday evening! Such a beautiful day...low temps and enough breeze that we didn't even feel the need to turn on the A/C. 65 degrees at 11:00 pm...I mowed till almost 9:00 pm and was actually a little chilly by the time I called it quits.

Rock, I hope you've heard news of your cousin and that he is okay. I've not been very good at playing Frisbee, either...I think either you've got it, or you don't, lol! The Aussie Trucker show we're watching on Netflix showed a fella actually frying an egg on a metal tray-like part of his truck...apparently it was that hot out.

Mikie, I think any achievement is to be applauded. Some days I do good to get 1 or 2 little things done...and I'm always happy for that. This week I've had extra energy and my leg is doing so much better, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can. You have the right attitude and that counts for a lot :) Den loves nectarines, but not peaches...can't stand the "hairy" skin on peaches, so I peel them for him, lol!

Granni, glad the NP did the additional testing for you. Sorry the BP or whatever was going on wasn't cooperating and you're not able to get to the dentist yet...hope things get straightened out soon.

Hi to everyone I've missed...I'm tired and not thinking so well...normal, for me, at least :cool:

Den wore himself out this morning, finishing up the flower/herb beds by the house. He did a great job and I will be anxious to get things in the ground next spring. He was taking his "after lunch siesta" when his phone rang and it was a fellow Den has done some electrical and other work for. This guy needed Den's expertise so he came by and they left shortly after...his business is about 45 minutes away, so they were gone a few hours...but got the problems taken care of.

I think we are both going to the memorial service for sis's husband tomorrow. Den used to work with the deceased man's great-grandson, but has never met any of the rest of his family. Since they've asked a few times, we think we should go and pay our respects. I really doubt sis will try to be there, since she is having her own service two hours before, at a different location...not sure who she invited, as hers seems to be "word of mouth invite" in order for her husband's family to supposedly not find out. But it's a graveside service, so would be hard to limit who is there...two of the granddaughters told me they may just go and stand at a distance to witness their grandpa's burial, since sis wouldn't let any of his family see him. Still makes me sick, but apparently nothing anyone can do.

Amy, Clinton and family had a great time in Hannibal...the cabins they stay in allow dogs, so they didn't have to board them. They did some sight-seeing (we always had to find caves for our girls, whenever we went, lol!) but mostly stayed at the campground and swam or just relaxed. Glad they could get away, even if just for a simple, fairly inexpensive trip.

Lindsey isn't sure what their Fall break plans will turn out to be...they might just need to stay home and take it easy. I think the whole family is excited for the kids to attend the church's private school, but it will be different than home schooling, for sure.

I'd better get the coffeepot set up and get on to bed...will probably just work inside until time to go to the service...it starts at 1:00 and is a 30 minute drive (little chapel in the country.)

Barry, no Mama kitty today, but maybe they fed her well, so she stayed close to the kittens...

Take care, everyone!


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Good news--looks as though the hurricane will stay on the forecast track. Of course, those storms have minds of their own so will go out and take the folding chairs downstairs and put them in a little corner of the bldg. in front of an empty condo. Just don't want them to take flight if the storm moves in a more westerly path. I didn't even gather food and documents inside. I really need to get more organized in here. Also need to take more pix for insurance. Don't have any with the stainless kitchen appliances. I will make sure a couple of laptops are fully charged in case the power fails. Need to make sure the ins. policy is in the lockbox. Just a few odds 'n ends. This is probably exciting for the new people next door. It will be a good way for them to become familiar with hurricanes. As long as they don't come our way, I enjoy following the steering highs, lows, jet stream, etc. that determine where the storms go.

Just got an email from our utility co. They will be sending emails out to people when the power goes out during storms. Huh? When the power is out, we can't access our emails unless we have smart phones. Lots of older people don't. Also, it's a pretty good clue when the lights go out and nothing electrical is working. Doh! No wonder our electrical rates are so low. They're not smart enough to charge more. Shhhh! Don't anyone tell them.

News is featuring pix of UFO's. Pentagon is taking it seriously because they seem to hang around our military facilities. Congress is involved. Sen. Marco Rubio of FL is heading up the committee. Well, that's appropriate; he's a space cadet. Oh Snap! We set new records all week for infections and deaths in FL. Lowe's is running ads bragging about how much they value safety. Yeah, right. They didn't mandate masks for shoppers until things got so dire and all the other big box stores did the same. Where I live is the center of the outbreak in SW FL. Melinda Gates was on Firing Line on PBS last night and I was very impressed with her broad knowledge on all kinds of issues, especially health. The Gates Foundation is giving $300 million to help find a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus.

Granni, none of my meds has a diuretic and I think I'll ask the doc for one. The horrible swelling is gone but there is a tiny bit of water retention in my ankles and feet, likely because I'm not moving enough. I think my watch has given up on me. :) I drink a lot of water because of the stones. Do you mind telling me the dose of Losartan you take? Do you take it once or twice a day? I take 100 mgs. once a day, at bedtime. I put two drops of peppermint oil in my bath. It's amazingly strong stuff. I'm glad the news often features kids doing great things to help out. So many of them have raised tons of money to help those in need. Many also do things for our troops. The person that hacked Twitter is a 17 year old kid in Tampa. He obviously has great computer skills but is none too smart. He should put those skills to work for good and not crimes. Think he will likely be behind bars for a long time. Hope the Bactrim helps you. Little prayer going up.

Julie, Thanks for your kind words. When there is nothing else one can do, a change in attitude is often all that is left but it can make a big difference. The last thing we need is to feel bad about what we can't do. We can be our own worst critics. I hope all goes well at the service. Saying a little prayer for all of you, including SIL because she can't possibly be mentally okay and act like that. The prayer isn't just for her but also for all the lives she impacts. There is probably some poor clueless man out there walking around who is about to step into her web. I hate peach fuzz and don't eat them either. Peeling them is too much work. I think nectarines taste so much better anyway. I'll bet the kids will enjoy school. It's good to socialize at that age. Glad the other kids enjoyed their vacay.

Gonna go read the paper before getting up and getting going. There is plenty to do around here. Hope all y'all have a great start to the day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Mikie, small earthquakes are a good thing. They discharge some of the pressure of the moving
plates that produce earthquakes. The front page of my computer has news about some woman
who believes in demons, etc. I have no idea why she is newsworthy. Julie, I haven't seen a nectarine
in a store for a long time. Forgot all about 'em. I used to like them. Glad to hear your leg is better.
You and Den make a great team.

The pic below was taken by my sister. She sent several pics from her trip to Arlington cemetery
where the ashes of our parents are. Her trip was about 20 years ago. Don't know why she's
sending them now. None of the pics show a tombstone.

The military promised every member of the armed forces a burial at Arlington, but way too many
deaths to keep that promise. The military has enlarged the cemetery several times and created
new cemeteries. One is ten miles from my hometown.

Going back to bed. Love, Rock



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another night of up and down for me. Bad cramping yesterday. I don’t want to live the remainder of my life like this but I don’t want anymore tests either, so hoping and praying things will change.

Rock: that woman is in the news because she was the head doctor behind the hydroxychloroquine “stuff” that had hit the news on monday. Ask Gordon to explain it to you, I’m sure he’s aware of it all.

Julie: so glad to read you’re feeling better. You must have one wonderful chiro, even though it’s a long drive.

Mikie: hope the hurricane doesn’t come looking for Florida. Keep safe.


Hi, Kids,

Took the five folding chairs from the balcony downstairs and let Teresa next door know in case she thought they were stolen. It's probably not necessary but it's better to be safe. Two of the chairs are wrought iron so I have cushions on them. The ones on them now have seen better days so I took them down to the dumpster. I have two new ones in the car that I bought a while back. Think this winter I'll spray the chairs black again with Rustoleum. Gonna clean off the balcony after the storm is gone and I'll put the new cushions on the chairs. I brought the little glass top table inside. I took some hot water out to wash some bird poop off one step. All this tuckered me out so I slept for a little more than an hour. I didn't get to bed early last night and, because I wake so early, I didn't get enough sleep. Add that to the full BP med dose and it adds up to sleepiness. That is the major complaint against Clonidine.

Update on the hurricane shows it still on the forecast track. It lost a wee bit of strength over the Bahamas but it's still a Cat 1 storm. Storm surge will be 2-4 feet over on the East Coast. We are expected to get some rain and wind up to 25 mph out of it. There is another storm out in the Atlantic following this one but it isn't forecast to hit FL. We are starting to get some mild gusts of wind. My wind chime is dancing around out on the lanai. SV is out there snoozing. It's a beautiful day out.

Rock, that woman is the one who is a doctor and believes in alien DNA and urinary problems when people dream of sex with demons. She has claimed she can cure the Covid virus. She isn't credible and the video of her has been removed from the internet. Good to know those little EQ's are helpful. Supposedly, hurricanes are helpful too because they give relief from an overheated Earth. They surely do a lot of damage though. My ex and I were at Arlington more than 40 years ago. We saw JFK's flame. Claudia's Dad is buried there and her Mom has a reserved space with him. We flew home out of Dulles and that was a treat. Hope your nap was as good as mine. I love that twilight feeling as I drift off.

Sun, I am so very sorry that you are having such a problem. Perhaps the doc can give you something for the cramping without a bunch of tests. You can't go on with no sleep. I do understand about docs and tests. If I never see another doc or have any tests, I will be happy. Appears that we will be safe from the storm. I'm praying for you. Feel better.

Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

Love, Mikie



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Hello all

Mikie - is that Neowise in your thread starter post? Really beautiful picture. I didnt even know of it. i havent been watching much news lately. Its cloudy here so i probably couldnt see it. Yes, i stuck my head outta the window but its cloudy. Monochrome colour grey sky, but its very cool. It rained some but it isnt now. And very very quiet. Its pretty late here,everyone gone off to sleep, seems like. Since lockdown has been mostly lifted, traffic is back to being noisy.

Can you tell me which state the UFO was spotted? i couldnt find when i looked.

I hope the hurricane doesnt cause any damage. I love the gust that storms cause before they actually break. i could imagine the sounds your chimes make.

Sun - im sorry to hear of the bad cramping. Really wish they would go away for good. I think i will look for Melinda Gates interview. I know nothing about her. But always admired that family for being low key. Meaning not all overtown getting papped.

Rock - sorry you havent heard from your cousin that was sick. Something tells me he wouldnt be too upset ifhe did die. Seems like a very difficult way to live with a colostomy bag all the time and all that surgery. i too was wondering what the fountain was. I havent seen one in a long time. Well, i havent been to town now since March. Havent been anywhere further than 20 mins walk. Henry goes to work at 2am?

Granni - seems like you are busy with doctors visits etc. Yes, hope the hurricane misses your state. My jungle here has been cut down, and the place looks bigger.

Julie - nice for your DD to get in a nice trip. one even the doggie could enjoy.

About that lady you mentioned, In our parts, we have always believed in succubuses and incubuses among other spirits, good and bad. Thats why every house has a prayer room and if one cannot manage that, a separate corner for an alter. In the evening, every house emits a tinkling of bells sounds. Its when people finish their evening prayers. The bell is to remove negative energy or spirits.

In fact, when go shopping a bit further, i always pass this rather grand mansion on the side of road. Its a big house with garden and bougainvillea. But its ramshackle and always empty whereas the location is prime. Its been occupied by offices infrequently but they dont stay long. Then once i was talking to a tailor in another part of town, and he asked me where i live, i told him and he said he used to work in a garment factory right besidethat house. And that several of his friends had encountered a female spirit who would entice them when they went to use the outside loo at night. And that they fell terribly sick.

Im sure Lyndseys kids will enjoy going back to school at the Church. I asked my butcher about his kids school, he said theyve opened but the schools around our are still closed.
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