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    Hi had to go and check the number. Welcome to the new Porch.

    Just got back from helping at the sale, whew, wears one out. Cold enough to put the heat on. San Fran is stealing all our heat!!!

    Sweetie, now I recall, it was just when your own place flooded. I recall this now. Sorry.

    Surely there is something you can do without being dragged down this way. Seems to me the only recourse is to consult a contracts lawyer-who did you use when you signed?

    You must be beside yourself but really try and stay above it. This person treated you all shoddily and should not get away with this. The least he could have done was allowed you to buy him out.

    Is it that he does not want you to compete against him? Is he still wnating to run the business? I am mixed up on that aspect.

    I am so sorry.

    To all else I am so beat I have to go and get a cuppa and lie down. Got some nice stuff at the garage sale even though I was meant to be just working, some cardigans-I love cardigans! Drapes, pair of jeans. They gave Danny golf clubs and a couple of toys. Gave us two sets of closet doors that we needed to make a screen out of.

    Got to know this gal better, I like her and her family. Her son is special needs - he and Danny had a blast together.

    Gotta go lightening storm.

    Love Annie
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    I am tired, I am back from my daughter's graduation. I posted a pic of us. I did shed a few tears. She LOVED the scrapbook. I started it with pics of me being pregnant with her. She shed tears when she went through it.

    I will catch up with the vols. I missed and post to all tomorrow.

  3. ckball

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    I went up to put a icon and hit something and poof it was gone. I am too tired to do it again.

    But thanks Annie for getting us started and glad you found some bargins at the yard sale.

    Bevy I posted to you on the other thread but I know she will treasure the scapbook for many years, that was a great gift.

    I have been at it all day only stopping for lunch then dinner and now am off to the tub. I will have to katch up wiff ya'll later-Carla

    BTW- I left Mudslides for everyone and I'll take my Nuttery Bipple to the tub wiff me :)
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    It is Saturday at 6:30 here and Lindsay is getting ready for her party with her friends. So I just wanted to poke in her for a minute and thank you all for the kind words about Ashley.

    Yes, I am so so very proud of her. She is a wonderul daughter and has turned into a wonderful woman and I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. So again thank you all so much.

    I believe someone asked about her scholarships. Yes, they will be applied to the college of her choice, which is Mizzou I think. I am not positive yet. I guess they will be contacting us. We are supposed to have a breakfast with one of the scholarships so I will find out then. But anyway, I am sure they will just apply it to the school.

    Bevy, the picture is great, you look so proud. I can't wait for Ashley's. I will put a picture up too of her graduation. You daughter looks so happy and I knew she would love the scrapbook, what a wonderful gift. Good Job!!!!

    Well, it seems some are arriving early, better start policing, LOL.

    Bye for now, Mickey
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    Just had to peak in and then say goodnight to everyone.

    Mickey - Let us know how the big party goes for Ashley. Hope everyone has a good time. I am sure that they will.

    Annie - Glad you had fun at the garage sale and you and Danny got some good stuff too. I like some garage sales if it is not all junk. We can't have them in our subdivision. It is a good way to clean out and make some money though. Thanks for starting us up again !!

    1Sweetie - Again, so sorry to hear about the shoddy way your DH and son were treated in "their business" along with this other guy. I surely hope you have a caontract in writing about the business. It is a shame tht everyone has to be so "legal" nowadays. You cannot trust anyone it seems. Get yourself a good contract lawyer, I think. Hppe it all works out well for you.

    Elaine - get alot of rest kiddo so you are ready for everything inc your zapping sessions (-: !! Sorry you are feeling SOOOO tired from it all. Jusytt what you did not need, right ?

    CK - sorry you lost you original post. I know I usually do it when I write a long one. Thanks to for the nutterybipples ?? MMM-hic !

    Time for me to go and take my nitey nite meds. Hope to see you all tomorrow. Sleep well and don't let the bedbugs bite (-: !!

    Love to AWL inc those I have not mentioned,


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  6. 1sweetie

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    to all for your input and consultation. What a mess this is for us.

    Per your advise, we will be seeking an attorney to help us with us. We have known for several months that "all was not well" with this business.

    The main partner is in trouble financially and he was the money person in this business. We do not know his plans for the office. In the last two months he has closed two other offices but he owned them. He and my husband had an LLC agreement on this office.

    We have learned over the last few years that he is less than fair and his bookkeeping borders on illegal. When my husband presented him with his concerns he was told "You are a highly compensated employee". Our hands were tied as you may say because so many of my family was employed there and the money was really very good. My son in law works there also. As of this moment he has not received anything stating that he no longer has a job. It is not a wise thing to have all of your immediate family employed at the same business. I have always known that and feared this may happen one day.

    It's was and has been a problem for months. We have taken 3 substantial pay cuts and now this in the last year. It is so overwhelming now. We just have to set down and make a plan. We can not depend on money owed us from the business because that could take many months to work out in the legal system.

    I hope we do not have to sell our home but I see that as a high possibility. The housing market is not great now as you know. My son lives in a bonus room over one of our garages and if we downsized it will basically leave him homeless. Oh,the plot thickens doesn't it?

    Again thanks for listening. It is so complicated and I don't understand most of it so I'm not explaining things very well.

  7. Cromwell

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    Lovely pic Bevvy the scrapbook is wonderful idea. My friend did this then took photos of each page, printed those onto cloth and made a quilt! Just in case you needed extra work!!!(LOL)

    Mikie too, you must also be so proud. It is a great turning point. It was commencement here yesterday too, but we had terrible storms in the afternoon so hope they held it earlier.

    Sweetie keep us posted will you, Prayers are with you and yours.

    Granni, well I am not a big garage sale person, it was that I offered to help set up and take down this one, as it was for charity, so got interested in a cuppla items, more to swell the coffers than stuff a really needed but I do like cardigans as like many here I get chilly quickly. I AM a stop by the roadside on trash day and grab that person!!!

    We are skipping church AGAIN-this is becoming a habit, we need to try and get on the page. We are always so tired and Sunday is such a nice restful day. In the UK we used to love Evensong, which was 6.00pm and wish more churches had this option here. I always feel Sunday mornings are hard on family time in our busy world. Another church we went to used to have Wednesday evening service which became better attended than the Sunday one. I think the reason it was set for mornings was arounf farm work, so I wonder why some do not change it till pm? especially in winter when we have to dig ourselves out of snow.

    Rocky I am posting separately to you re a book.

    Love to each and all, Annie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to pop in to see how everything was going. Went to church this morning and then went to the ygm and did the treadmill and the leg push weight thingy (-: ! I'll be darned if I know the name if it .

    Then we had some leftovers for lunch , DH sprayed the foundation for bugs (that is what you need to do in TX and other hot weather places). Then I went and tried to get some of the cobwebs around out front door and above it as far as I could reach. I have a contraption that extendes. Now DH has to do the rest on the ladder.

    Elaine - thanks for info on glucosamine. Some time ago I tried the chondroitin/glucosamine mixture . I took it for a good while and I don't think it helped alot. May try the glucosamine later on and see if helps something, esp the arthritis etc. in my head and neck. Does it seem to be helping you ??

    Sorry you are still in a "Zombie - like mode." Hope you get to feeling better soon. Maybe after you finally finish your "zapping" which I hope will be soon. Just go SLOW until after all this all is over with and then maybe you will start getting your regular energy back. BTW, if you fid any you can send some to me (even if everyone seems to thinking I have wings). I sure wish I did.

    1sweetie - I am sorry for the mess caused by the other so called partner in the business with your DH and son. Hope you will talk to a lawyer pronto. You don't need any ore stress.

    Annie - I haven't been to a garage sale in years but it was good when the kids were much younger. I didn't put on anu myself but did put some things in ther peoeples and did get some wonderful buys on kids clothes and such and a few household items. To much work for me for sure.

    Carla - Hope all is well with you my dear. I supposed you are busy as a little beaver as usual. Hope the girls are behaving and you haven't falled into any mud puddles lately (-: !!

    Mickey - Hope Ashley's party went well last night. Are you all worn out? I am sure the kids aren't

    Well, can't think of anything else right now. Just wanted to send some big hugs your way to Everydobby !!



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  9. jole

    jole Member

    Can't believe it is so warm outside and I'm still cold in the house! My hubby thinks I'm crazy to be so cold, but can't help it. Love sitting on the porch though and getting warmed up!

    Bevy, your daughter is just as pretty as her mother! Bet you are tired. It's exhausting to go through both physically and mentally.

    Mickey, know you are so proud too. It's a great time (and sad) for parents. So proud, but hate to see them nearly gone and on their own. Will watch for the pic...

    1Sweetie, hugs coming your way, hon. I'm sure this is a very scary time....I can't imagine the stress you're under, not only for yourselves but for your kids! Please take care of yourself and don't let it get you down. REST and the Lord will help.

    Keep us informed, and you can talk to us anytime, okay? We are family and do care about you a lot!!!

    Annie, I use to go to garage sales, and helped my daughters with theirs in the past. They're fun...but the last one we had was strange.

    About 4 years ago now, in the late spring, a group of about 5 or 6 came in all at once, one wearing a winter coat and another carrying a Wal-Mart bag. She made the comment she should have left it in the car and we were so naive we didn't think anything about it.

    They didn't buy anything but thanked us for letting them look. About 15 min after they left we began to notice some things missing...the more we looked the more we saw gone!!!

    Needless to say, we haven't had a sale since. Just donate everything we don't need to Goodwill now. Wasn't worth the time and trouble. Good lesson though. LOL.

    Elaine/Linda, get plenty of rest. Thinking of you both and wishing you well.

    Rock, I'm ready for my history class....what's the lesson for today??

    MrDad, thanks for the answer to the Q. Thought it must have been half a suit...(just wanted to hear you say it)...

    Granni, yes I remember frozen diapers! Thanks for the memory...NOT! Those were the days. Couldn't do all that any more with this fatigue. Heck, wouldn't want to if I could! We didn't even have running water when we were first married (honest!) A long story to that, and still some hard feelings toward my in-laws.

    Carla, thanks for the mudslide, but you can keep the nuttery bipple, okay? When I was still working all the young 'uns would keep me posted on all the new drinks when they came out, since I can't drink, and also 'cause they liked to see my expression to the names! I really miss work for a lot of reasons..LOL

    Marta, hi to you and all I missed. Going back outside to warm up for a bit. Hope you all have a great day. Love ya!
  10. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ....because I got a phone call and this sat for awhile.

    Good job Annie, turning on the light! It's cold here too so I just turned the heat back up. I am so far behind on posts! I must go back and read one of these days soon.

    Bevy, what beautiful women in your profile! and how proud you must be. Great idea about the photo album.

    Carla, good to see you're still with us. At the rate you're going you'll be running in triathlons soon.

    Mickey,congrats to Ashley and to you, good mom.

    Granni, you're almost as busy as Carla. Next thing we know, you'll be landscaping your lawn.

    Sweetie, I'm so very sorry to hear of your troubles. You'll be in my prayers.

    Elaine, the end of your ordeal is actually in sight. I admire your positive attitude, my dear.

    Jole, what a bummer about your garage sale experience. That's pretty low!

    I hope we all get warm!!!

    I've decided - sob - that I must find another home for Honey. She's not doing well on the food that Sophie must eat and so I try to sneak her regular food. Sophie's on to us and is refusing to go out on the porch. Arrruuuugh! In fact, time to feed cats....

    Hugs all around, near and far -
  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hello to Julie, glad to see you are staying busy, you have my upmost admiration for all you do, hope you can see that baby girl soon.

    Elaine- glad you are better, I have had the opposite effect, the more I do the better I feel. My back muscles do hold me back some. But I have seen some improvements on my body. My thighs are thinner, calves firm and even the hips lost some too. I wish I hadn't broke my pedometer, I would be curious to how many miles I walk just in my own yard. Thanks for thinking about me will doing your hair :)

    Marta I hope things work out for your door work and helper :) Hey maybe she could help with Honey or Sophie. I am sorry you have to make that decision.

    Sweetie hang in there and have faith that this will be for the best, god gives us gifts in the most unusal packages. It took me awhile to figure out but now that I have, it makes it much easier.

    Annie hoped it warmed up your way and could spend time on catio.

    Linda hope you are rested

    Mrdad keepin his "eye" on the left coast

    Bevy and Mickey are still on cloud 9 celebrating their children's success's.

    Hello to everyone and my mind is fading. I did a full day of Wally world, cart rides and yard work. So I am off to bed- So hope you had a good day-Carla
  12. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I'm 'paying the price' for a night of fun, laughter and dancing at my son's engagement party - the champagne and wine did the trick, no pain. Til now that is. It was worth it, we like to dance at parties over here.

    Bevy - loved your photo and glad you had a great day, brings back memories, a lovely time. You're daughter looks beautiful and you too of course.

    Elaine - I hennaed my hair on Thursday, turned out really nice not too red. We don't get clear stuff over here and anyway I need the colour as I have grey underneath. Your energy will return, just take it easy.

    Annie, would love it if they had garage sales over here, it's mostly car-boot sales and they start off so early in the morning that I couldn't make it. All the good stuff goes early. My FIL gets up early every Sunday to go to them. I love cardigans too!!

    Sweetie, sorry you're caught up in this terrible business and hope it can all be sorted out soon.

    Mickey, I hope Lindsay enjoyed her party.

    Jole, my house is a cold one, it's usually warmer outside. We do have a different temperature to most people though.

    Lydia, my goodness what a busy time you have. I hope the pastor's house is completed soon.

    Everyone else, hope you have a nice pleasant day.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    if I don't I may bs stuck when DH comes home from gold and NEEDS the computer (-: !!

    Julie (Lydia) - Glad things are going well for you in Belize. Wow, you can really get a taste of how people lived in the past with washing onthe rocks by the stream, etc. and how many people in our workd still do their things, washing, etc. Glad at least you can go into town and use the washer once a week. Sure makes you appreciate our "gadgets" and machines back in the states and in more modern countries. !! We are so proud of you for all your hard work. You can forget those outside COLD showers though. For me it has to be HOT, HOT, HOT !!!!

    Good grief DH got back really early as none of his group was down there to play. So, I need to hop off for now and finish this later. Sorry y'all !

    Hugs, Granni
  14. jole

    jole Member

    Have a minute so wanted to say hi to Julie. Thanks for letting us all know how you are....I don't know how you manage to keep so busy and stay well. Guess the Lord is seeing to your needs! It's interesting to hear about the life there in such a first-hand perspective.

    Rosie, we sound alike. There will be a big dance at my daughter's wedding, and it sounds like your son will probably have one too? My hubby and I use to dance a lot, but those days are over for me. One of my biggest regrets.....

    Carla, glad you can push and feel better. My muscles are soooo flabby any more and I HATE it! Can't even do light weights without severe pain so guess I will just swing in the breeze! LOL. Not to mention the fatigue...I honestly think I have CFS too, along with CRS!!!!

    Hi Granni. I'm sure your day is full as always. We plan to go to town today to get groceries, and that alone will do me in. Since I can't drive anymore I depend on my hubby for so much.

    My kids also are good about calling before they come home to visit to see if they can stop at the store to get anything for me. Sometimes the list is longer than they bargined for, but they never complain.

    Everyone have a good day today, okay? Love ya all!!
    Oh, does anyone remember Libra55? She posted on the fibro board...has been gone for quite awhile now and is back.
    Gotta go....

  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Jole someone stole from your garage sale! How low is that?
    Rosie you could start a trend having garage sales!!!in the UK

    Carla NO it is still horrid weather up here in Lake Erie region, rain, cold - 42 last I looked and grey. Makes my eye floaters even worse.

    Went shopping for a special paint for the cabinets that no one stocks! The dipper man said that he could not get the gunk off the doors despite several attempts (I have an idea it was some sort of Chinese lacquer-maybe Joe would know? The people who redid the floors here said the same thing, took them twice as much work to get it off. They had used this stuff everywhere over the grease, dirt, dead flies, hairs, fluff, you name it!!! So we now have to pay for the dipping and sand as well! Yikes!

    My mind just went totally blank. I will get back later.

    Love you all and your news. Oh and Hi Julie, what a doll you are doing all this for others.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Before I was interuppted by DH. TYeh we went shopping, had lunch. etc.

    Marta - ugh ugh, I will not be landscaping my lawn. Actually, I do not have a lawn, just alot of greenery, lots of trees and a few flowers that can take lots of shade. Also, sosrry that you will have to get rid of Honey. I am sure you ae sad about it but you did your best. To bad that she could not eat the same food as Sophie and I am sure it is hard to feed one without the other on catching on. If you put it down they will eat it anyway unless they really hate it for some reason. I am sorry to hear about that. How much longer will you have her?

    Jole - well it looks like you are having our weather !!! It is supposed to be in the low 90's or so they say today. Thanks God for a/c although I can't stant it to cold either. Sorry to hear that you have to depend on DH to help with the shopping and the driving buty I am so glad that he is there for you. My legs and lower back can get really tired and hurt more than usual when I do alot of walking (shopping) too. However, I can push the cart and do my own shopping. At least when I go by myself I can take my time and look around. When I shop with DH he zooms around like he has wings and I have to try and keep up with him. He is anxious to get it done and home again (-: !! To me that is ALMOST a typical man but I know there are some that like to shop too (esp if it is for them). That is terrible that someone stole from your garage sale. I had 4 daughters so I know tht goes.

    When is your daughter's wedding? I know how exciting and tiring that can be too but sounds like you get lots of help from your children too.

    Annie - so sorry to hear about your terribly COLD weather up north. BRRR !! I hope tht it warms up some for you soon.

    Elaine - hope all is well with you. Were you getting zapped today?? To bad that it also zaps your energy !! Hope it is almost done for you my dear !!

    Mickey - I guess you are all worn out fro Ashley's party. I know you are back at work too!

    Jodie - Haven't heard from you in awhile but I know school is out for the rest of the summer soon. Will you be taking any summer classes? Hope all is well with you sweetie.

    1sweetie - still thinking about you and your situation. I hope it doesn't take to long to clear up. I am sure you are busy getting a lawyer and such. Just what you didn't need.

    Carla - I know you are BUSY as ever these days. Try not to wear yourself out to much (ha) !

    Where is Mrd, Rock, Joan , Bevy and everyone else??
    Well EVERYONE, guess I will say bye for now. Can't think of you all to mention right now.

    Lots of hugs and blessings to ALL,

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Annie: I left an email 4-U as I bet that the finish that won't
    come off is shellac. Denatured Alcohol is it's solvent.

    1Sweetie: So sorry you are having problems with the Business
    Partner! How rude of him to inform and make negative suggest-
    ions in a letter rather than in person. Cowardly! I think
    that Rocky gives good advice in suggesting a Lawyer. I sure
    he has one to cover his actions if need be!

    Bevy: great pic of you and your Daughter! Glad that the Graduation went well and congrats to both your Daughter and YOU!!

    Julie: Thanks for keeping us posted from Belize! Sounds like
    all is going well there. You seem to be adjusting well to the new situation and hope you are taking time to rest as needed.

    Rosie: Glad ya had a great time at your Son's Party! How
    soon is he getting married?

    Granni: Keeping busy as usual. Any special plans for the summer this year?

    Elaine: hope you continue to feel better this week and have
    recovered "completely".

    Hello to Awl!! Gonna meet my Son for "Brunch" Later Kids!
  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well everyone, my Aunt has left for New York. I am really going to miss her so much. I made up a photo album for her to take with her. I had everyone bring pictures to the party so she could take them with her. The part was a great success and also tearful. Everyone was so sad that she was leaving especially her.

    Anyway, this past weekend was beautiful. It was about 80 all weekend and sunny. Lindsay’s party turned out really good too. She had about 30 of her friends over and I only had to go down to the basement twice to turn the music down. But other than that, they didn’t make a bad mess and nothing was broken, so that was a good thing. I made a huge fruit salad for them and they ate every bit of it. I also had chips and dips for them.

    SWEETIE – Thanks for thinking of us Porchies as your best friends. That makes me feel really good. And please don’t ever feel bad about addressing everyone, no one expects anyone to do that. I just have time while I am sitting at my desk answering phone right now and am able to switch back and forth throughout the day and anyway that is not what the porch is about. It is about hearing about you. Just saying hello to all porchies is just fine and dandy. LOL

    I just read your other post about your husband’s and son’s business. That is horrible and I will say many prayers that it will work out for you. I wish I could help but I know nothing about owning a company. Hopefully Rock and MRDAD can help.

    CARLA - So that was how those poor babies got hit. I bet Bill felt really bad about accidentally doing that. Ashley is going to major in Pediatric Nursing and as of right now she will continue and get her Masters so that way she can start her own practice if she wanted to. I am so excited for her. Man, I do feel like Martha Stewart sometimes, my Aunt said the same thing.

    By the way, I think I will start telling people I see dead people too, I could definitely use extra money. LOL. Also, I will have the nuttery bipples as well, don’t much care for Mudslides.

    ELAINE – I think you and Jerome would make a great couple. He could do all the cleaning and cooking and you could make all the money on ebay. LOL Good luck on your last 2 lasering sessions. I hope that will be the end of it.

    I just read your dancing like John Travolta post, LOL. I can just see you dancing all over the house and it is wearing me out just thinking about it.

    LIN – Thanks for the tip on the hanging baskets. I am going to get a couple for my front patio before the graduation party. I will go check out Lowes. Wow, can you imagine winning 197 mil. You know what I would do, I would buy a big house with a wrap around porch just for all of us and we could all meet there a few times a year and have a big party. Wouldn’t that be cool.

    JOLE – Yes, there were definitely tears swelling up when they kept calling my daughter’s name. I couldn’t believe it, well I could, but I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I am just so glad that she was recognized for all of her hard work the past 4 years. I am really going to miss these past years. That is very nice of your kids to ask you if you need anything on their way home. That just shows how mature they are and appreciative of you. Kuddos for bringing them up that way.

    ANNIE – loved the poem silly girl. We all love you too. I don’t think I could have watched the news about the earthquake, that would have torn me up inside about little kids. That is just horrible what happened to all those people.

    GRANNI – Hugs to you too Granni, hope you got a good night sleep the other night. You sounded like you had a very busy day and was all pooped out. By the way, I have never hung clothes outside before, but I do remember when I stayed with my Grandma (which was almost every weekend) I would help her hang clothes, I loved doing that and I loved the smell of the wet clothes.

    Granni, Ashley’s Graduation Party isn’t until June 8, Lindsay, my younger daughter just had a party with some friends this past weekend, no big thing, just hanging out type of party. However, I am still worn out from making that huge fruit salad. LOL

    MRDAD – 92 degrees, yikes. That is hot for you. I would love it if it was 92 here and pretty soon it will be. Yippee. My daughter and I went on a summer shopping spree and I cannot wait to wear all my new summer clothes.

    MARTA – I hope it gets warmer for you soon. We are finally getting nice weather here except for the rain every other day. I could definitely do without that. I will put Ashley’s Grad picture up probably the 2nd week in June. She graduates June 7th and her party is June 8. So I will get lots of pictures. Too bad you can’t put more than 1 picture up. Thanks for the well wishes too. I am very proud. I am so sorry to hear about Honey, that is very sad.

    JULIE – Hi there girlie, sounds like you are living in the pioneer days. Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie (my favorite show growing up). I will pray for the rain to hurry up and come and that the Pastor’s house gets built soon. Take care and we will chat next week. Love ya.

    ROSIE - Lindsay had a blast at her party as well as all of her 30 friends. Just call me crazy for having over 30 15 year olds. Yikes. However, it really turned out good, nothing broke, nothing stolen, and not a bad mess. Hahaha. They built a bomb fire out in the back by the pool and roasted marshmallows over the fire (we have one of those stone fire pits) and they loved my fruit salad, every little bit was gone and it was a lot of fruit. They hardly touched the chips and dips. The weather was perfect. Like I stated above the only thing that got out of hand was a couple of times I had to go down and turn the music down.

    Also, I was really surprised that hardly any of the parents came to the door or even called me to make sure there was a parent home. I guess some parents just don’t care. Any part that my girls go to, I always walk to the door with them and make sure that there is adults there. Oh well, maybe they know me by now and trust that there will be someone there (we have had many parties).

    By the way, I know I missed some of my Porchies, so a big Hello and love ya to you too. Well that was my long post for the day, love you all and God Bless you all!!!!!!!! Talk with you later taters.


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  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It has been kind of quiet this weekend on the porch, I hope you are out and about and enjoy selves and not in bed in pain.

    I had some excitement-I tried to kill Missy the other day. I have been so busy and been having problems with Twy getting out of her harness so finally fixed that issue. I was trying to get them hooked up to the cart to go for our ride. I always tie them to the porch, then go get the cart and come back to the porch. Twy was being a *itch for some reason, so I finally got things ready and Missy was sitting in the floor as usual and I put it in reverse and turned my head to my left to see the edge of the driveway and the cart jerked and Missy yelped- I had forgotten to unhook her from the rope that is tied to the porch and she was hung up half in and half out of the cart.

    She does where a body harness and was ok but she pooped it scared her so bad. I felt horrible and this was the SECOND time this week I have done that. A few days before she was walking beside the cart as I went to turn around in the back yard and I pulled her under the cart when she reached the end of her rope.

    I have just been so preoccupied with Twy trying to escape and just forgot to unhook the house rope. Poor girl, she was fine but I felt awful. Yesterday when I got the cart and brought it around she came in the house and didn’t want to go-can’t blame her, but I managed to get her to go then she was fine after that. So that has been my excitement for the week

    Jole good to see you back. I am sorry you can’t drive any more, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t. I have been alone so long and don’t have anyone to drive me anywhere. You are lucky to have your hubby.

    I can believe your yard sale story, I had a large space at the flea market several years ago and was selling my mom’s stuff trying to clean out the basement and we needed the money and I had several things stolen too. I had 2 green fiesta plates that were worth $80 and someone got them, oh I was so mad.

    Rosie glad you had a good time, and sorry you are in pain but it was fun wasn’t it?

    Granni glad to hear you don’t have to landscape and hope you have some time to sit on you newly painted deck and enjoy it.

    Sweetie I hope your hanging in there and know we are thinking of you.

    Mrdad I have to agree with the shellac on Annies cabinets and it is a bear to get off.

    Well the clouds are moving in so I better get back out to finish my yard work, I am ready to throw some seed and fertilizer out. Hello to EVERYDOBBY I didn’t mention- Carla

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh me, oh my. Here I am w/ things to do and no energy to do them. Too bad I can't hire some of our tri-athletes to help me out. Of course I refer to the we-only-look-like-we're-on-steroids trio, Jole, Grannie, and Carla.

    Shame you guys can't bottle and sell some of that energy and determination.

    Jole, do you have a plumber's friend? I know a fellow who does small loads of laundry in a pail. He puts the pail in the bathtub and sloshes stuff up and down w/ the plunger. Works, too.

    Granni, I looked it up on the net. Your terminology was exactly right. The exercise machine in question is called a "leg push weight thingy". Invented by Jack LaLanne
    in the 60s and used in all the better gyms and steam baths. Endorsed by John Goodman and Fat Albert.

    Annie, happy to hear Danny has a new friend. Is it someone he can see often? We had a yard sale next door yesterday. Gordon bought a crowbar for a dollar. I asked him if they had to pry the money out of his hand.

    Carla, isn't that the worst when a post disappears! I think every time it happens we should get a refund. From the internet provider or the maker of the computer or the man behind the curtain. Whoever is responsible.

    Bevy, glad to hear your daughter appreciated your efforts w/ the photo album. Reminds me of when my son graduated from high school. I dug out an old picture album. Asked if he wanted to see it.

    He said, "Nah, it's just you and mama in funny clothes.":
    Funny clothes?! I was dumbfounded!

    Elaine, I can't make any sense out of "clear henna". Looks like an oxymoron to me. Is it red or is it clear?

    Rosie, nice to hear the party went well. Did you do the sword dance? Remember when Lucy did it on her trip to Scozia?

    Ok, then. Be back shortly.


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