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    Trying to open it with 6 dozen "shop-lifted store bought cookies ! ;>) LOL & some candles....matches are optional....

    Hope all are doing good !

    Blessings ,

  2. rockgor

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    Thanks for turning on the porch light, Bill. I wonder why it's called shoplifting.
    It isn't the shop that's lifted. It's the goods.

    Had a non-productive day. Walked Zippy and did the dishes. Zippy was
    very insistent about his walk. Came upstairs and jumped on the bed to
    wake me up.

    He knows he not supposed to do that, but he thinks walks are so much
    fun. He probably thinks I do too.

    Gordon has two succulents in bloom. One has teeny tiny red flowers. The
    other is spectacular. An orange-red-purple flower about the size of a baseball.
    And it has 3 buds. Too bad the flowers wither so quickly. Orchids, on the
    other stem, often look beautiful for a month or two.

    Gotta go

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got so much to do but not time or NRG !!!!

    Bill - Thanks for starting us up again and I will havae a couple of cookies even if they were swiped :)!! Yummy !!

    Rock - Those flowers sound so pretty. Wish we could see them. Glad you were able to get up and walk Zippy and do your chores. Glad you both could pop in for a bit.

    I need to get off and so some chores around here-UGH !!!

    Hugs to everydobby !
  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mr Bill - thanks for starting us up again, yes,me me too want one of those shoplifted cookies,
    to see if shoplifted ones taste different than normal ones, heh heh

    Rock - My orchid that hasnt bloomed ever, still is same, no blooms this year either

    Granni - did you get some chores done? I managed to get one bathroom cleaned since i
    woke this morn. Lol. And maybe ironed one shirt and drank two cup sa tea.

    Yesterday i managed to make it to the monastery with son. Oh my, it was so hot. I was
    wishing it wouldve rained. Son and i tried to take a short cut up to the monastery by
    climbing steep steps and aaaaargh! son echoed my thoughts by stopping midway, turning a
    tortured face towards me and saying, "I feel like Im going to pass out". The steps are like
    some couple hundred yards in a vertical way and hence much shorter than the longer gentler
    road which curves up in a winding manner up the hill. But the ache in my thighs, oooooh. It
    occurred to me this could be a really good exercise for people who want to knock some weight
    off their thigh circumference. I must tell my daughter when she comes.

    However, the place was packed and it was encouraging to see we were not the only ones
    feeling like dying climbing up those steps. I think i must have been the oldest who attempted
    those steps and a lot of young people who were all looking like, "what were we thinking"?
    That was encouraging. If a bit comical.

    When we got back i collapsed for a while. and then made off for the meditation session in
    town. The experienced practitioners were all out of town they had gone to singapore where
    the main meditation session for this holy day was being held but we were led very nicely by a personable young man who i later learnt was an MBA graduate recently working for a construction company as procurement manager. It always lifts my heart when i see modern
    young men (yuppies) lean towards spiritual matters.

    Got another very pleasant surprise
    when a young girl there looked very familiar and she turned out to be a friend of my Chinese
    friends daughter and who was a year senior to my own daughter in school. Was impressed when she told me she had recently graduated law school. If only my son knew what he wanted to do. he is still floundering.But thats the way life is. We can only be there for them and lend support. They have to find their own way.

    I hope everyone is good as they can be.

    Missing Teacher, and all. I know Jole, Joan, Gail, Julie have recently popped in.

    God Bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Where is everydobby?? The Porch has gotten so quiet lately. Of course I can't say much since I haven't always been here either :)!! Everyone has their own lives and problems they cannot always post.

    I must confess, sometime I pop in just to read but am to lazy to post. I miss so many that don;t post much anymore. Maybe I should just get up and do some chores - yuck, no I really don;lt want to do that but I will have to go do some I knowl. I did a wash today. Maybe Friday I will get to vacuum since I will be gone tomorrow morning at a luncheon and helping out.

    Spring Water - no I really haven't done alot o f chore lately but did a wash again today. I am glad I have a drier and don;t have to hang things out like I used to. I remember my mom to in the basment scrubbing some things on the washboard. She finaly got a drier when my brother bought her one and she didnlt always use it either, maybe in the winter when the weather was bad. Bless her heart she died at 93. I need a robot to come and clean my house :)!!<

    Julie - thinking of you sweetie and your parents and family, Hope all is well.

    A big HI to Rock, Georgia, Teacher, Jole, Elaine, Carla, Linda, Gale and B/C (thanks for the cookies!!)

    Love to everydobby,
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    I have a terrible time getting on the porch!! I try to get on chat and instead I get to the store. Finally made it!

    Rock: The only time Harley and I have been to San Diego Ii just talked and talked about how lovely the Jacaranda trees were! They are so very beautiful and I just love the color of purple/lavendar. You are so fortunate to have so many beautiful blossoms around you!

    This Spring has not be a nice one. We had 3 days that were in the 90's and humid. then it decided to turn chilly and gloomy and rainy. I know I shouldn't complain as soooo many are having horrid floods. i feel so sorry for those people.

    i got a note from Carla on Face Book and she said to tell you all that she would try to get back as soon as possible. How scary that must be for her to have that slide in her back yard and not knowing what it will do next. She did say that she was on a high hill so hopefully she will not slide any further.

    Back to our weather: For those 3 days, I had my 2 AC's and tower and ceilings fans going full blast. Now, about once a day my furnace comes on, and I turn my wall fireplace on. It gives out just enough heat to warm the family room so it is comfortable. When D was here, she said she was going to take off my flannel sheets, wash them and put on the summer sheets, and take my big fluffy, comfy blanket off and wash it. Well. now I wake up cold--have sheet and quilt spread-- and have to get my robe and throw it over me!! The weather man out of chicago says that this is the COLDEST mid-May ever.

    Do any of you wonder just what the world's weather is doing? I heard that this is our nation's most expensive on national disasters ever. Scary!!

    SW: Oh, I just ached when you told of those stairs!! I can't do stairs! If I go up mine---an old house and steep stairs,--I go on hands and knees! Then getting down with no railing, I have to hang on to the fence thing on the upstairs floor for a while, then cling my back to the wall for a few steps, then hold on to the upper frame of the doorway. i always take my cell phone just in case! :=(

    Our flowering season hasn't been a bit pretty. Last spring, everything bloomed at the same time and was gorgeous. This yr., one thing comes out and it rains, then another and it gets rained on, etc.

    D was here for Mother's day, (did I already tell this?) and took me shopping on Mon. for my gift. I got really good Naturalizer everyday sandals, and 3 T's. Have worn the sandals 3 days and haven't worn the gorgeous short sleeved T's yet.

    Son #2 and wife came for 3 hrs. last Sun. and got to go to our monthly delicious church dinner. They brought great picture of the 2 Philipine children they are going after next month and plan to adopt. They had so much fun showing off the picture. they also got to talk to my Dentist who 9 yrs. adopted a tiny Chinese baby girl. Harley used to call her a China doll! She is now 9 and still adorable.! i guess I should learn to spell Phillipine---that's not right either!!

    the chilly weather makes me hurt more than usual. My hands especially. I'm glancing out the window and can see that finally the leaves are partially out. I do have some violas planted in a barrel on thefront porch. My 'Old Hen and Little Chickens" died over the winter cause i didn't hide them in the bushes as I should have. DIL found 5 little "chickens" still living so I have them started in the barrel also and they are doing great.

    #1 S. is coming Sat. and we will go to the neighboring nursery and he will help me find some plants to set on my deck or else something to hang from the shepherd's hook.

    Porchies: I find that most of my days are non-productive!I do laundry one day, then fold the next, then put away the next!!! that's terrible. My DW died so I am doing them by hand----ony once a day though! Today, I put away laundry, washed a bunch of dishes, and did a load of laundry.

    And I fixed something different for lunch----a baked Videlia onion. It is sooo good. Then even odder, I had pizza with it. Yesterday was not a good day-----I had tears most of the day. It was 2 yrs. ago yesterday that Harley passed away and that was all I could think of. My 3 kids called me and D's 2 oldest sent my sweet, sweet messages on face Book. Made my feel better. they all felt sad too and still miss their dad and grandpa. All of you that have lost their spouse know the feeling.

    Are any of you old enough to forget for a minute or two a word???? This morning at coffee one of the gals could not remember the word for a certain flower. we just kidded around that it is really pretty! Finally remembered "snapdragon" I went to send an e-mail to son and could not remember "remote control" so I didn't write. I did not want to say "that thing that you change the channels with!!!" You have to laugh about that when it is just for a minute or two that you forget. It may be when you are ready to go to bed that the word pops out.

    To you that have ill parents, I am sorry if I made light of the "memory". I do feel so sorry for you with the trials and tribulations that you are giong through. I am sure it is exhausting and tiring and is a great worry. All you can do is hang in there and pray for the best for you and for them.You wilil be in my prayers for ENG to do all that you have to do. It is so hard!

    Well, I don't get on a lot but I do chatter! Luv u awl!! My true friends.

    Gentle Hugs and Blessings,

  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I hope this finds everyone well.

    It's been more stressful than usual around here and Ihaven't had the brain celss to post.

    I have bee thinking of you all a lot thoguh!

    Let's see.....

    Sister FINALLY got a bed. Mom and I feel better about her and her rest now. Especially since she's recovering from a bout of bronchitis.

    State Testing at school is finished. So are my last two concerts of the year.

    Finidhes the last one today, as a matter of fact. We did an art show also. Will tell youse more about that later though.

    Am also house shoopping.

    Yep. You read it right.I'm looking to buy for the first time in my life. Am looking at ranch or a split lelvel. No sense in fooling myself into thinking I can do a regualr two story job.

    I pray you all aren't suffering too much form theo rain. We're just wet and cold here.

    Lvoe you.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad that you are surviving all your stresses, more or less. Not sure if I should mention this or not as I donpt want to upset you with all your problems. What's with Baby and has she moved out yet or rwill she after school or what? Seems like school should be about over by now. Hope she has not given you to much problems.

    Please pass some of the rain over here to TX it is soo dry !!

    Good luck in your house buying. It sounds like an exciting time for you. Hope all goes well with it after school is over. Missed seeing or should I say hearing from you all this while.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its a wet windy morning. Goody! Love that type of weather.

    Joan - so good to catch up. Loved reading about all the goings on.

    Granni - i think i hve got a bit more energy, the running around ive been doing
    for these couple of days.

    Teacher - i hope you start feeling better soon but so good to see you drop in.
    Love hearing about the music front. Good luck with your househunting. It is rather
    exciting, if a bit tiring too. I have always felt so on top of the world excited the
    times Ive moved into a new place, and ive done quite a lot of that after coming
    to this country and before my marriage. Its not just the house, but the neighbourhood
    the new views, the new people, the new shopping areas one acquires.

    I think today i shall be changing my locks on the doors. Ive lost a little money and
    dont want to take chances. There might be this prayer ceremony thing of my relatives
    but i will go only if i can.

    God Bless
  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Can't sleep. Actually this is the first in a while that this has happened. Finally got new hose and mask for my CPAP and had another sleep test.

    I think I was smelling some of the musty stuff from the 9 days it was stuck in the damp apartment and then the new paint smell from the new one.

    I kinda feel a little silly posting after being away so long.

    I've been working very hard at trying to take care of me and I think I've managed to go overboadrd. I seem to be talking more about myslef to anyone who will listen instead of a more normal activity of give and take.


    Thank you all for puting up wiht me while I have growing pains.

    Baby...... Where do I even start.......

    I don't know if I can. I know we finally had a talk about the letter I sent, but I honestly can't remember the acutal words. I only have emotional impressions that I can't explain.

    I find this rather odd, ubt given how tired I am and how tired just WRITING the stupid letter made me, I shouldn't be surprised.

    Spent Spring Break getting hooked on "House, MD". Sister likes it so she bouth some of the DVD's.

    Between eating, cleaning, and laundry, the only other entertainment I had was watching Seasons !, 2 and half of 3 before going back to school.

    My vacations are sooooooo exciting. hee hee hee hee

    I don't know if I told you. Mom finally told me that Dad has been diagnosed with dementia. I asked her how they could tell since he's always been crazy, but I guess that's neither here nor there.

    He's on medication, but I'm having serious doubts that it's working. During Spring Break, I called his doctor and told on him.

    Sister and I went to the house for something, and found him out inthe back yard driviing the car back and forth.

    We stood and watched from the window and Sister finally went out and made him park the car and get out.

    He said he was rolling the lawn.

    That man has never rolled the lawn in my enite life as his child! AND somehow, I don't think you're supposed to roll the lawn IN YOUR AUTOMOBILE!!!!!

    I called the doctor.

    His last visit showed that his medicine was fine.

    I think the shwo is about to begin.

    In his defense, he doesn't drive after dark anymore. He doesn't drive in the rain or when it's real foggy. I won't take his keys utnil I absolutely have to.

    Mom's writs is healling nicely. I thnk. I haven't been able to go with her to her appointments, but she's shaying that the docor is really pleased with her progress.

    She still can't use her hand a whole lot, but she's gettin better.

    Posting. BRB

    Ok, what else?

    Mom's birhtday was over Spring Break. 77 years old.

    We had a surprise party. Just the immediate family. Even managed to get Baby home for a couple of hours.

    We got everything with a coupon from HoneyBaked Ham. Didn't have to cook anything. This meant that I dindn't burn anything! hee hee hee hee

    Fun was had by all.

    As a matter of fact, Mom partied for three days! She had cake left over, so she called my one cousin and she came and brought her pre-teen son. No more cake!

    THen the neighbor came the next day and brought her flowers.

    She had a nice time.

    Out of town sister did not make it for her birhtday or Mother's Day. 'Nuff said on that front.

    Three more weeks and I'll be out for the summer. Just in time to start taking calsses to renew my certification. woo hoo!

    So that's all that's up with me.

    I have been praying that the rain hasn't been flooding you all out. It's been odd and scary listneing to how people are loosing their homes and livelihoods becase waster is running like crazy.

    As I said earlier, we've had rain but not like that. Indiviulal spots have stading water and the creeks have escaped theier banks, but that's about it.

    It got into the 80's a couple of weeks ago, but then we dropped back to the 50's and rainy again. People are crabbing that we're never going to get warm.

    I'm not saying abything. Weather around here gets hot fast when it decideds to be summer. I can wait.

    Spiders starting to come out. Don't know why they think I have extended them an ivite to live with me 'cause I most certainly haven't!!!

    But that's OK. I have a vaccum now. Bring 'em on! hee hee hee

    So, I think I'm gonna try to sleep since I have to be up in 4 hours to get one more school day in for the week.

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to come back this weekend and tell you about the buny ears I got for Easter.

    Nighty-night from a Teacher that got a little lost getting to the Porch.

    Kisses. [This Message was Edited on 05/19/2011]
  11. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I hurt too much to do it again! But i I will try again soon.

    Take care and love to all,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    I can't get here as often as I'd like to.....

    Many years ago , I tried to lift a shop & hurt my back........;>)

    With that , & the limitations these DD's have given me , I've been restricted with what I can do...

    frustrating......oh well... just do the best I can.....

    Today , I did a little "parking lot cruising" .....including....["dumpster diving" for my dinner....:>) lol....] and found enough change to BUY a dozen cookies !!!!

    Of course , I brought 'em here !!!!!!

    All 12 cookies are given to all of you !!!!

    Share & share alike !!!!!!

    [I found a good dessert in the dumpster for me..too...roflmao......humor , for me , is precious.....:>) ]

    ENJOY !!!!!!!!

    I'll be back as soon as I can........

    Blessings ,


  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Joan - sorry yu lost your post, that drives me up the wall

    Mr Bill - lol, i will share with you all the cookies you bring onto the porch, thanks for
    looking in on us from time to time, appreciate it

    Teacher - enjoyed getting updated with you but so sorry to hear your father might
    have dementia. Prayers with you. Im thinking about dear Julie too at this moment
    going thru the same challenges as yourself

    well, i hope today is going to be productive. yesterday i was feeling really tired.
    Tho i perked up towards evening after I put a bucket of salt water near me
    and lighting some incense. One of the tips the pranic healing center told me to
    get rid of fatigue.

    My elder brother had come and helped me look for my sons missing pants but
    no luck. he was also feeling so down. I asked him to go to town and buy me
    some new locks which he did and i had them fixed on the doors.

    Also managed to get our room fan and tubelight fixed. It was not working since
    the other day. Then i got dhs overnight bag ready. he is going out of town few
    hours away for work. wil be back sunday.

    since the lights have been on for all day and night past two days dh asked me
    to cook roast chicken which i did, it turned out yum tho i did discover our
    rosemary bush has died. i went down to fetch some rosemary spikes and found
    the tree all withered. still i got some fragrant spikes. My poor dear tree. It has
    served me well for several years.

    Elaine - good to hear from you on the other board. All you others, who are MIA
    thinking of you

    God Bless

    God Bless

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    What's the purpose of the bucket of salt water and insence? How does it help with fatigue?

    Bill, thanks for the cookies.

    OK Bunny ear story.

    Wal-mart was selling head bands with bunny ears attached for Easter. Sister got herself a blue set and me a pink set.

    Stumbled up on some candy pacifiers at Walgreens. The front part looked like bunny teeth. Of course, I boughht the pink one.

    Had a blast wearing them the last week before Spring Break. You cannont be crabby in class when you're trying to ignore the fact that your teacher is wearing bunny ears and sucking on a binky that looks like bunny teeth!

    Took me three days to get rid of the in-mouth part. It was way too sweet for adult consumption!

    Looked at houses last night. Supposed to look again this afternoon.

    I think dress shopping is a whole lot easier!

    Enjoy your weekend. We're going to here. Sun and low 80's. Rain again on Monday.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - your kiddies must just love you bunny ears, binky and all:)!! That all sounds to cute. Hope things get easier for you in house looking and that you find just what you want, in time for school to be over for you. I think you said this was your first house. If so then you do not have to worry about selling yours (hope that is correct). Yes, it is tricky trying to find just the right home with everything you really want or need.

    Glad your mom had a fun 77th birthday and that Glad she got to have an extended b-day celebration.by pushing the back button.

    Whoops, I almost lost this post. That is so fruwtration. I push something (who knows shat and it disappears). However, I was glad I couod get it to come back .

    Spring Water - Hope you got some of your NRG back and maybe a little left over so you could send it to me. Looked like rain all day but didnot get a drop. I think we maight have gotten a very small amount last night. We are so dry here.

    Love to everydobby - to tired to try and mention all my dear Porchies !
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Teacher - the salt is supposed to absorb diseased energy from our bodies. Actually even
    a room if you keep a saucer full in one for some hours. But you have to flush the used salt
    down the toilet or sink and let it go away from the house otherwise the diseased energy clings
    on wherever the salt is.

    Yesterday i went to visit my MIL. She had got acupuncture done for her painful swollen
    arthritic knee. She said she was getting relief from keeping cloth soaked in warm water and
    salt on her knee. The more painful the condition the oftener you change the salt water.

    The Pranic healer I took my course from said one way to get rid of fatigue was to soak
    in salt water in the bath. I think like a 500 gm pack of sea salt in a bucket full of water and in that proportion if youre in the bath. Of course water is scarce here so i cant soak myself in
    the bath exactly. But i sometimes douse myself in salt water during bath time It helps some.

    Granni - I did make two visits yesterday. One to MIL and one to dhs aunt. met the youngest
    daughter and she said she wil come home on tuesday to look over the house and draw up
    plans to improve on the interior. (shes an undergraduate in architecture) because i had
    complained over the phone how the house was so strangely arranged rooms, furniture all.
    Of course i had to tell her i would make lunch but i am more worried about cleaning up all
    the rooms now before Tuesday. Yikes! anyways im just indulging her, I know dh wont cough
    up the funds for any improvements right now.but i will keep her plans for future reference.

    because of the rains the city is looking very nice, all green and shiny.

    God Bless

  17. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I responded to the older post, as usual.

    I've been gone so long that I forgot the order.

    Pengys have been bothering me CONSTANTLY!!!

    They're on their way to your house after having destroyed mine!

    Love ya all! Miss ya all!

    Fight ; )
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Thanks for stopping by. You have so much on your shoulders and really are doing a great job. Glad the little talk you had with you mom helped and that she got up and dressed herself the next day. Don't worry about fibbing. Sometimes in cases like tht you just have to for the good of all.

    I'm sure that Linds is so excited about David coming soon and his parents much sooner. Everyone will be so thrilled to see Baby Raine, I know.
    how busy you are.

    Getting ready to leave for church in a few minutes so I will try and come back later. Miss you Julie, but we do understand. The ethought of me trying to take care of anyone with all my aches and pains really gets me scared. I did that many years ago with my FIL but when it came to my mom, who also lived in another state and had given up after he 2nd broken hip at 93, I just couldnlt do it. Also, my b/p has a major problem even on meds.

    Fight - Glad to see you again and to hear that you are doing OK, more or less shall we say. Pop by any time. You even get to eat some of B/C's cookies (even if he did buy or swipe them from the store :)!!

    Luv you all,
  19. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Good to hear from you! Rottie is fine, and the vet feels that she got all of the cancer. Rottie has been running around stealing things again, and scratching her back on the diningroom table--ugh.

    We were supposed to be in SF this weekend, but had to postpone as all the pengies disappeared. We had them all roped together with bungy cords, but Rottie chewed the cord and they all escaped--however, they shaved all the Rottie's hair off before they left. Poor Rottie--they gave her a poodle cut, and now she looks like a Rottidoodle.

    Actually, my dear SM is coming today, so we're going to SF next weekend.

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  20. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Bill - I imagine a shop would be too heavy to lift, and it should be called five-finger discount on the arrest report. I'm too tired to think of something that could match your humor! ; )
    Hope all is going well for you! But you can kidnap adults.

    Rocky - You can call me a kid anyday! I guess I've been gone so long, like 12 months, right?... that I didn't know you had another addition to your family! Got a pic? Maybe you could put it on your profile for a day? Only if you're comfortable with that. I love flowers! My favorite flowers only bloom for a short time. Lilacs! How is Gordon doing? How have you been doing?

    Granniluvsu - did you change your id name? I could've swore it was something else a year ago. Or maybe it's because I haven't been online for 12 months. Anyway, chores are so hard on us. If only people understood how much it takes for us to do them weekly, let alone daily. A robot would be a great blessing, but I'm hoping for a hot male servant who not only cleans, but gives great massages to help out my sore body.

    I went to Ashville, NC, and when I was in the park area within the mountains, there was a rare set of trees there. I think they came from Japan originally. They had beautiful purple flowers on them!

    Springwater - nice to meet you! Don't think we've met yet. I'm from Wisconsin, where are you at? This weather has been crazy, but that's weather for you! Do you have FMS or CFS or both? When were you diagnosed. Don't answer if you're not comfortable. I'm just the crazy girl who's deeply into researchers figuring out a cure for these @#%^^ illnesses. You can see my profile if you wish. Look forward to more discussion!

    Lilaclover30 - The heat wave has arrived! Possible tornado weather or possible straight line wind damage watch, and severe thunderstorm Warning, with quarter sized hail or bigger, within the next handful of hours, in WI where I live. I love the heat! I should move down to Mexico where Vic lives!

    They have some programs in which a volunteer agency will assist people who have difficulties with getting around and they may help you out with a ramp. Churches also help with that if you ask. I know it's embarrassing to ask for such help, but they are more than happy to help. I'll look for the resource for you. Where do you live? Answer only if you're comfortable doing so.

    Don't worry about spelling. I often have to use other words or make up words when talking to others, and especially when posting online. Now I have a dictionary near me all of the time. They say the more you read though, the easier it gets to remember spelling and words. I should read more. I dislike most fiction books though. Text books, dictionaries, atlases, and any books of how-to-do this or any books educating me on something I don't already know. When I'm typing online, I'll just use a spelling search, or better yet, I put the word I don't know how to spell in any search engine and it will correct my spelling of the place, object, person, etc.

    I did laundry two weeks ago. Both baskets are sitting on my bed full of folded clothes and towels.

    Holy crap! It's getting dark out! Storm may be here sooner!

    G + teacher, I'll write more later, as I have to go outside, as I'm a weather nut!

    Granni, thanks for the cookies. Okay gotta go! Possibly dangerous storm clouds outside. That was fast! Horizontal, huge drops of rain. Still have greyish blue clouds.

    Georgia - I'm so glad Rottie is doing okay! I read your post of how you put an air mattress on the floor and slept on that, just for him, as he couldn't go up the stairs. How sweet! : ) Reminds me of the time I took in my two stray cats. My first one had been so scared that she'd hide under the bed. So I took down the bed and laid the mattresses on the floor without the frame. Yes, I didn't ask anyone for help, stupid me! I'm always acting like a Tom-boy but then pay for it for days after. Anyway, she finally got used to me, and couldn't hide from me anymore. It worked like magic! ; ) My second one wasn't as hard.

    Crap, more storms, write you later teacher! That ended fast! Had to shut my windows again. It's steaming hot in here!!! I hate A/Cs! But I do love storms! I just don't like my writing online getting interupted, lol. Didn't know if I had to diconnect my modem or not, as lightening can cause a short-out, whatever you call it, and make it so it won't work properly.

    Georgia cont.- My cat tried to eat one of the pengys! I just sat there and watched! It was on Friday the 13th! Since no good scary movies were on THIS channel, a movie channel that people with converter boxes in this area anyway can watch, instead I watched Pengy Vs. Black Cat! One less pengy is no big deal, right? It was cool to see my cat standing up on her back legs only, with her paws out, punching and attempted bites! Of course the Pengy won! Don't know how because my black cat is one tough cookie!!!

    Speaking of cookies, what kind of cyber cookies are being passed around? Chocolate? Sugar? Molasses? Oatmeal Raisin? I'd bake some and share with you all, but it's a little too hot for that, 88 degrees today with high humidity. Just last week we were at 50 some degrees with 35 at night. Farenheit, not Celcius.

    Teacher - I think we met briefly, but I'm not sure. Were you the one who used to play the What in the World game as well as my Endangered Species game? It's been a while. Looks like a lot is going on. It is really difficult dealing with someone with Alzheimer's. Wish there was a cure for it! It's gotta be one of the hardest things, to end up being the parent to your parent(s), and watching them say and do odd things. They're quite fragile at that state. Do you have the support you need? I'm great at finding resources, so if you need something, please don't be afraid to ask me.

    To ALL: Who is MIA? Have you talked with Windblade? And where is G's friend? Man if I could only remember. As you know we do have problems with memory. That's why I collect stuff and write it down so I don't forget! Apparently I've been gone too long. Who's MIA?

    Gotta go, very dark blue cloud looking really cool!

    Fight ; ) Fight4acure! Fight2Educate

    [This Message was Edited on 05/22/2011]

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