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  1. rockgor

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    Grab your Belle, grab your Beau.
    Click your heels. Away you go.

    Allemande right; go once around.
    Pick your feet up off the ground.

    Four ladies chain; pass right through.
    Bow and Curtsy; do see so.

    The Arkansas Traveler likes to roam.
    Now square your sets and all go home.

    Folks, we're a little short handed in the band dept. tonight. Myrtle Krebsbach is
    still at the church supper, but will be here shortly. Assa Peterson is ailin'.
    Lars Knutson got kicked by that muley old cow of his.

    Stanly called Wanda Bigalk. She'll be here soon as her sister shows up to
    watch the boys.

    Meanwhile we got Sammy Kunkat on the harmonica and Andy Schmidt and
    his fiddle. Uff-da!

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mozilla Firefox won't work, so I'm going to type this directly right here instead of in
    the mail box; cut and paste, etc. Uff-da!

    Woke up this morning w/ swollen eyes and mild pain. Gordon suggested I do like
    Rosalind Russell and put my head in the freezer. After all these years his silly
    remarks still entertain me.

    Rosalind Russell said:

    "At MGM there was a first wave of top stars, and a second wave to replace them in case they got difficult. I was second in line of defence, behind Myrna Loy."

    "Flops are part of a life`s menu and I`ve never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses."

    Never met Roz. Did meet Myrna Loy though.

    Glad you found your way back to the porch, Joan. Sorry your first post vanished. Seems
    to be part and parcel of the joy of owning a computer. That was some wind storm you
    had. I remember when I was a kid I couldn't imagine a wind strong enough to blow
    over a tree.

    Thanks you for your kind words. In the small world dept., you mentioned the Mayo
    Clinic. Two of my cousins worked there. One works in the imaging dept. When I
    had a sonogram a couple years ago, the technician was from Persia. (That's what they
    say when they don't want to say Iran.)

    Anyhoo, he went to a sonogram seminar at the Mayo Clinic chaired by my cousin.

    Come back when you can, Joan.

    Gail, I remember a joke from my childhood. How to count the number of cattle,
    sheep, whatever, as the bus whizzed by the field. Count the legs and divide by 4.

    Was your friend acting as a pallbearer when he was stricken? Age 72, huh. One
    year older than I. Well, Thornton Wilder's Our Town gives a good perspective on
    life. He thought the main elements of a life were birth, marriage and death.

    I like the play, but don't agree at all. I think most people's lives have 3 main
    catagories. Family, work and other interests like collecting carnival glass.

    Granni, I heard from Mickey a couple months ago. Her younger daughter was
    scheduled for back surgery in June. Hope you are enjoying the grandkids w/o
    getting worn out.

    Julie, your flag-lined lane sounds wonderful. Hope you get some pics/videos.
    Lots of people. Focus on the happy memories. Don't stress about food or

    Springwater, hope you're feeling a bit better. Tommy too. I want to take Zippy to
    the vet, but I'm too feeble. I don't know why Burma became Myanmar. Who
    can pronounce it or spell it? As you say, it is famous for it's rubies.

    Yes, Gordon and I both read a lot. Now that we're old, we don't go on those
    around the world trips anymore.

    Teacher, did you hear about the dyslexic college student. He was invited to a toga
    party, but went as a goat.

  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hahahahahahaha the goat joke is just FINE! what a clever one.

    thank you for opening up and an entertaining post as usual.
    needed some laughs.

    Granni - i do hope you wil be able to come some on the computer.
    we need you.

    well feeling bit feverish. i was so tired all of yesterday. but had
    to force myself to go and shop. i put it off til last moment at
    7:00pm. but had the house to myself since both kids were out
    at cousins and dh also out to dinner.

    i do not feel like going out anywhere. oh dear.
    and theres the wedding this afternoon. i dont feel like being
    in a crowd at all.

    God bless

  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    One year ago, my apartment flooded and everything was crazy.

    Dad threw Sister out, so she came to live with me and it has worked out beautifully.

    Mom broke her wrist. It has healed in spite of everthing that said it wouldn't.

    I'm speechless. And thankful.


    Not ignoring your posts. Just too full right now to say much else that what said already.

    I love you!

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    GDaughter is in my bed since DH needed the puter this morning. We kicked her out of her bed and into ours. We wee not there of course. She is still sleeping and it is almost 10 a.m. The G sons are upstairs. I hear them stirring about. Need to go and see if they need some breakfast before it is lunchtime again.

    Tomorrow starts golf camp and the boys will have to be up early to eat breakfast, etc. and get ready. It has been getting so hot here the kids may not even feel like swimming. We will see. We can go to a friends home who lives on the lake but her gkids will not be there so it is ot as much fun. The pool is closed today.

    Julie - take it easy my friend. I am so sorry to hear about the incident with your dad but that is what happens with people with dementia or Alz. I'm glad you finally got him back to the facility without to much hassle. I know is is hard to see them upset like that but then they forget aboutit just as quickly (the upsetting part).

    I know that Carla has some flooding . I'm not sure if she mentioned the ca. scare or not. I need to get back to her on FB. She has had more problems than any mone people should be allowed to have, like Elaine. Hope she is feeling better also.

    SW - sorry you are feeling so yucky and blah today. Hope you get to feeling a little better today. Did you say there was another wedding you had to go to day or tomorrow - or sometime?

    Rock - thanks for starting us up again with your great call and all your words of wisdom.

    Sorry everyone but I hear the boys upstairs and need to find out if they even want breakfast. Gdauaghter will probably sleep till noon - typical teenagers nowadays. Actually, I wasn't much better at their age. I was never an early morning person. Of course I sayed up late quite often when I was DH :)!!

    Teacher - Hi there. Glad you could pop in for a short visit !

    Gotta run for now. Hope to pop in again later.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Made it to the wedding. Lots of relatives. DHs relatives. Caught up.
    The uncle who was nasty last time was there. He came up to say
    goodbye to dh and me so methinks he knows he is a teensy weensy
    bit sorry.

    a lot of relatives who daughter hasnt visited. and theyre a bit miffed.
    i cant be bothered just now. dealing with the fatigue and anxiety
    is enough. a nonfunctioning body and mind in a high functioning
    family amid a high functioning community is taxing. that too nonfunctioning
    in a nontangible way. about ready to call it quits. guess should be grateful
    i can make myself do certain things. but certainly no way to live. pushing oneself
    to do the tiniest task. can commisserate with Julie and her dream where she
    said it didnt matter if the beddy time went on forever.

    Julie - sorry to hear about Carla. And she had had such a good year
    before that. Visiting Aussie land and being on Oprah. My FB doesnt
    behave very well. shows just one page. i will try get on and post
    a message for Carla. I still miss Missy. This life. This life.

    everybody, will post again. too pooped tonite to address everyone.
    but real glad to see everybodys posts.

    love yous alls as Teacher would say,

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is true ! When we brought DH's dad to the Nursing Home the first time they said do not come back for while (so he would get used to it). I forget how long they said maybe a week or so. Well, he was so bad after a few days he died. He wasn't eating much at home and had to do everything for him by that time. I still had ome kids at home and some in college and about that time I got this mess I have now. I also had a daughter at that time that was causing problems, so it wasn't all him. From then on my b/p was sky rocketing and I got something no one else knew about - probably FM and some CFS. Everyone thought I was crazy or making it all up. After all, we do look well, don't we (or we supposedly do) ??

    Please try and take it easy Julie as much as you can. You can't afford to get any more terrible creaping cruds :)!!

    The boys went to golf camp and then we all (except DH) went to the pool for awhile. Actually at the time we went it didn;t sweem to bad and if I got in the pool for a bit I could stay cool for awhile The boys played in the pool and DGD sunner herself to get a tan after getting wet :)!! She also read her book. Then, we came home and ate lunch and everyone disappeared into their own rooms to relax. I went with DGD to WM for her to pick up some stuff she needed for her Dance team Social Offficer duties. She starts up again on Monday. She is now working on the poster she has to hang someplace in the school. DGD will go home tomorrow after swimming and eating lunch before the bad rush hour traffic. She is 17 and already looks like a good driver and is a brave soul like her mom (not like her scardy cat grandma - ME) !!

    Bye for now. Hope all is well.

    Georgia- glad you are coming along well on your shawls. Does Grandpa come home today? I can't keep things straight nowadays it seems.

    Hope to check on you all probably tomorrow.

    Love to you all,

  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    so won't try to comment.

    Campmeeting going well.

    In contract for a house!!!! :)

    Goats wearing togas. That's pretty funny.


    His boss told him he should retire early.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hahahaha teacher you and rock will kill me one day with your humour!

    i just lost a completed post i wrote because the computer switched off due
    to an old fan. they were tryng to replace it the last time but i was fed up
    of the costs and had refused the repairman do it.

    wil check in laters.

    had a tiring but fruitful day yesterday. visited one third aunt of daughters.
    took chicken salad which we made. its far so it took the whole day.
    shopping, making the salad and then visiting.

    God Bless
  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    1- Music reading class all morning

    2- Go with Sister to doc appointment about her feet this afternoon

    3- Meet with mortgage lender after doc appointment

    4- Contact home inspector while doing all of the above

    5- Complete all of the above tasks in the rain while struggling through DD flare up

    6- Think of you all, pray for you all, love you all all the day long

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in to check on you awl before things get crazy . The boys are already at golf camp. DGD and I have to go pick them at 10:30 so they can come home and change into bathing suits and go off to friends house who has sthe lake right in front of their home. Unfortunatlyl, my friend's gk's won't be there so it won't be as much fun for them. They will play their for awhile before we go home, have lunch and DGD has to leave for home. Then I can have my computer back :)!! BTW, DGD i still in my bed sleeping. She switched beds when DH needed to get on the computer.

    This afternoon will be quiete when we get home unless the boys and DH want to go to the fitness center.

    Have to run for now before I forget what I have to do. I need to run and get some other things done.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It was a busy day since H had a meeting but he dropped the boys off and so DGD and I had to pick them up. After that we came home and they put on their bathing suits so we could go to a frirends house here on the lake so they could play with the neighbors kayaks and such. To bad my friend's GK could not be there as they all got to be fas friends. None of them live close by of course.

    They played and my friend and I chatted until we needed to go home and eat lunch so DGD sould leave early in the afternoon to go home before the rush hour traffic.

    Luckily I haen't had to cok to much, spaghetti the first night and we've eaten out (cheap or as cheap as possible) dinners ever since except we will not tomorrow night. Think we will have salmon that we have in the freezer. DD told me they do like it. Hope so !!

    Yes, Georgia - I will try and PACE :)!! Tomorrow the boys want to go to the fitness center instead of the pool so that will be better for me, not that I like to work out :)!! The pool the other day wasns't to bad, when I got hot I jumped back in the pool but it has been in the low hundreds here. PHEW !!

    Well,with DGD back home maybe I can get onto the computer a bit more. Hope to check in tomorrow. Sat. is the last day. It is just to hot for the kids to play for a long time outside.

    Julie - I hope you are resting a bit now. I forget if the party is over for David or not. My brain is frazzeled. I do remember all those flags in the "driveway".

    Love to you all,
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - good to hear G pa is back. I like the solitude when my
    Own DH is away but then its nice when he comes back too and
    I have to come out of my shell and self a bit. Hope you have a
    Lovely trip up to the mountains.

    Granni – your grandkids sound a lively active lot. Its nice to
    Have young ones running around with all their enthusiasm
    Sometimes tho too much of it, of course, wears one down, lol.

    Julie - mum,, dad, your SIL that’s a lot of people youre looking
    Out for. You seem to have so much to do, but its all getting done
    Somehow it seems. Good to hear your parents had a good visit.
    Take one day at a time. And breathe breathe breathe. Thoughts with
    You and Gail.

    Teacher – yes, lots of positive things also happened in the past
    If one retrospects. We tend to forget. Good to hear about the house.
    And that campmeeting went well.

    Well, yesterday was again a productive day. Especially towards
    Evening. Morning, daughter and myself made our own versions
    Of mushroom curry. And left it for dinner. We went and registered
    Her for the upcoming pranic healing course. Then went and ate
    Dumplings in a little restaurant. After that went back home and
    Collected our stuff and went and made the long overdue visit to
    Yet another cousin sis of DHs. Bit of tension coz cousin wasn’t
    There, but her dear husband roused himself from his siesta and
    Made us tea and all. And phoned her. She came and then we
    Met her kids who came from school. It was a nice visit. She
    Took us all over the stupa and then it was too late for daughter
    To attend her zumba classes but we saw some really good
    Bargains for cotton clothes and daughter bought some.

    Son had been in a foul mood all day after an argument with
    His dad and had been at home and was sad when he found
    We hadn’t brought back any snacks. I felt sad too. So at
    8:30pm went and looked for a restaurant but all closed.
    He saw me coming up the stairs and asked and when i
    Told him he said exasperatedly “mom, you cant do this
    All the time, you cant pamper me like this. Its all right.
    And its my fault I snapped at sis. “ he went and apologized
    To his sis and they were talking contentedly together.

    I was thinking “ooh, my little boy has grown up.” He
    Does have his own tensions. All his friends have either
    Gone or are going out of the country to India, or Thailand
    To study. Some lucky ones have got the visa to America
    Tho that seems very difficult this year.

    He is still struggling to make the grade. And is tense about
    Exam results. All his cousins just sail thru all their exams.
    Plus he is socially awkward and we have a myriad of relatives
    Who tend to compare kids all the time.

    But it is what it is. And we don’t get to choose our lives all
    The time. We just have to support our kids any way we can.
    And they have to handle stuff and learn to navigate life the
    Best way they can.

    God Bless

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Very long hug.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I know how upsetting it must be to see your dad like this but when you see your mom and how happy she is, and safe too, you should remember that they are both in the right place. Try and remember that he is not the same person you remember, at least not in his brain.

    I imagine that Alzheimers does crazy things to their brain such as having a stroke. A friend of mine had to put her DH into a convalescent home after he had a bad stroke. Sometimes they have like a change in personality. He had always been so sweet, considerate of her and VERY quiet. After the stroke he got more and more beligerent towards her, calling her awful names and things that he would never do normally. It hurt her badly but she knew that he was in the right place for her safety and his well being. I think after awhile she stopped going to see him daily.

    It is very sad to see your dad change before your very eyes but unfortunately there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. All you can do is be there for him if he or your mom needs you but you can't be there all the time and you cannot change what this awful disease is doing to him. Yes, and it does affect the whole family. Just try and remember sweetie he is where he needs to be for everyone's sake especially for your Mom and both of their safety.

    Yes, you definately need a VERY BIG HUG my dear. I would suggest that if he continues to act that way, especially towards you you may want to stay away for awhile, from him anyway. If they are in the same bedroom, I would guess it might be hard time to go see your mom if he gets upset or beligerent. Just remember that they are both in the right place, no matter how sad the situation seems at the time. If you go during the day perhaps you can go see your mom in another room if he is not behaving well. It just makes you upset to see him and doesn't do any good , most time.

    Sorry but I need to leave right now. DGS's need the puter before they have their lesson. Will try and stop by later.

    Love you JUlie and everyone else too,
    Granni ((((JULIE))))
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have to go to the library today. Pick up the latest book
    from Garrison Keillor. It's called "The Book of Guys". Dave
    Barry wrote one w/ a similar title some years back.

    Julie, who's taking care of Den's sister? I hope it's not you.
    The situation with your folks has been so stressful for you.
    I hope things are starting to settle down now.

    Are they having county fairs in Iowa yet? I don't understand
    this modern trend. My sister says the State Fair is open
    in Minn. It's clearly not the harvest season, so what is the
    point of a fair now?

    Springwater, what kind of dumplings do you have in Nepal?
    Are they filled w/ something like the Chinese ones? USA
    dumplings have no filling. Just a flavorless lump of dough.
    I never did understand their appeal.

    Do you have Bisquick at the store? It's a mix of flour, shortening,
    and baking powder. Makes baking faster. Get it? You can
    make "BIScuits QUICK".

    Also works for pies and cookies. Several years back I used
    it to make a quiche. You put all the ingreedimints into the
    blender and whiz. Pour into the pan and bake. The crust forms
    during the baking.

    Granni, sounds like you had a good visit w/ the grandkids.
    They will have happy memories.

    Georgia, what mountains are you visiting? Are you able
    to go hiking? I can barely get around the block w/ Zippy.

    Teacher, I couldn't do all you're up to in a month of Sundays.
    Gee, haven't heard that old saying for a coon's age.

    My sister sent me a 16 second video of my grand nephew going
    off the diving board. He's 3. Pretty brave. I was an adult
    before I every went off the high board. Gosh, I haven't been
    swimming for decades.

    Yes, the goat joke was very funny. Can't claim credit for
    writing it though. Remember when Georgia had a smiling
    goat on her profile page? People don't seem to have pics or
    even profiles anymore.

    Here's a joke somebody sent me.

    Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

    Artificially yours
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    You do seem to have such a collection of really wonderful jokes. thats what
    i like about coming online. so much you can learn. and theres so much to
    make you laugh like on utube.

    dumplings here have many fillings. but the most popular one is meat. mince meat
    mixed with ground onion, garlic, ginger, salt. and the dumplings are steamed.
    and if people like they are fried after that. its eaten with a ground chilli sauce.

    The other fillings are potato, vegetable, and even solidified and sweetened
    Milk cream.

    Julie – im joining the others in giving you a tight hug. I wish your parents
    Hadn’t had deteriorating health issues so soon after they moved but somehow
    Providence seems to have made you get them to where you are before they
    Became really sick. You being the sensitive kind soul you are, I know you
    Would have angsted endlessly had they fallen sick while still far away
    From you. I know how hard you had to cajole your parents to leave where
    They were. You really have done all you can and are still doing so. Be
    Good to yourself. The hardest part is when the parents get really cranky
    And say hurtful things in their frustration at being incapacitated. Make
    yourself strong and know its not them, but the situation making them
    Behave like this. The love is strong on both sides and that’s why youre
    Hurting so much. Because you love so much. In difficult situations
    Really the only thing to do is to remain strong and do the best one
    Can and then not let it make you ill with worry. Easier said than done,
    I know.
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    because the computer is dying out on me in the middle of posts.

    Im holding out replacing parts tho. Sometimes it behaves
    All right.

    Yesterday was again an out of house day. Daughter took me
    And her two uncles (my brothers) and her cousin to this
    Korean restaurant for a Korean lunch. Lots of little dishes
    Mostly of spiced veggies sliced up delicately. It was a
    Lunch box. My elderbro was recovering from a bout of
    Flu and so he had this huge bowl of hot soup with stuff
    In it.

    Then we parted ways and I took daughter to the
    Skin doc to take a look at a rash she has on her arms.
    Met an acquaintance of dhs. His business partners wife
    And its turned out she is the aunt of the boy my dhs
    First cousin is getting engaged to. Ha! Small world.

    I left daughter at the clinic because had to go back, bathe
    And then go attend a talk on Life after death at the
    pranic healing center. Ive read so many books on this
    topic. Some parts tally, got some new info. Im not
    judging. Just imbibing what information there is to be
    had. Sometimes it seems like Ive read some stuff the
    teacher ( a young man from India) doesn’t seem to know. Another
    young lad in his twenties seems to know a lot of stuff
    too which ive heard of but the teacher hasn’t). I guess
    everyone is learning.

    The DH has been working out in earnest. He goes to
    This gym at a hotel and brought us back spiced rice
    Biryani for dinner. Been raining the whole day and it was
    Nice n cool.

    The son has been taking driving lessons and it seems is
    Coming along good. Relief.

    Take care, you all

    Remembering Jole, Elaine, Mickey, Mr Bill C, Linda, and
    A whole lot of MIAs, sending out good thoughts

    God BLess

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in for a it before we allhave to go to the mini tourney where the gs's will be playing ( a a few golf holes) after their lessons this week. Their parents are coming up to watch and then they will take us all out to eat lunch. Then they will depart for home and it will be quiet again. Have to clean up their rooms but it may be after I come back from NY, we'll see. It was hard to see the floor with all their stuff all over it. Dn't kow why foleded all the clothes neatly after washing them :)!! Boys are so neat (NOT) :)!! One brother I think is neater and the other twim is just the opposite. I don't say much abut it as I will not have to worry about it much longer. It is also a good thing that DH hasn't been up there to see it. He is a real neat freak !!

    Yesterday afternoon I went to the doc and she gave me another script for my craczy high B/p and some extra stuff to take to only if needed while I am away. This stuff is not cheap. I think it is called Biastolic (or somethinglike that). The other med. I am taking is the generic of Hyzaar with some diuretic in it. So, Now I should be running to the potty even more :)!!

    Spring Water - It sounds like you have been a busy gal with your family lately. That is a good thing. Sounds like you were coping OK with it all. All those foods you talk about sound so yummy, different dumplings and all.

    DH ran to the car dealership to which he is going to have to bring it soon, to try and get an estimate on some damage today before we go to the tournament. Hope it is not to expensive. He hit the back of the car backing out and hit our gd's the other day while trying to back out. He was not used to her car (that used to be mine)being so close to ours, on the other side. Luckily we were able to rub most of the scratches etc away on hers. There was a light edent which ened up popping out when she opened the door. Glad it was DH and not I who did it. That was a few days ago when DGD was here.

    Teacher - when do you get to move. That is always fun :)!!!/ NOT.

    I too am thinking about all our MIA Porchies. Hope all is well with them-Linda, Carla,Mickey,1Sweetie, Jole, B/C and any others my brain cannot remember right now.

    After the kids leave I can start trying to think about packing. I hate packing especially for a different cliamate. I had better check on weather.com and find out the weather pattern for the week. Hope it isn't HOT as everywhere does not have a/c like we do here in TX.

    Hope I don't faint from the heat this morning/afternoon at the tourney. Better go check on the boys to make sure that they are all packed or getting packed.

    Love to all,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We went to see some of the mini tourney that was originally supposed to be 3 holes. When we got there they said that the bigger boys could play 9. Luckily, when their parents came and found out they said they could only play 3 or 4 holes as they had to go home and then get ready to go to an OOT wedding. It was HOT out there and it was fun to watch them play. We left early as I'm not supposed to be in extreme heat or especially direct sunlight due to the new b/p med. DH was not feeling to good either . If he plays in the heat they start really early in the morning. After they were done and came home and loaded the cars, etc we left to go for lunch at The County Line BBQ place. The food was really delicious.

    Well, now that we are home and the kids are gone I can start to thinking about what to pack for N.Y. If it is hot at least my brother's home has window units which is something. That at least will be a good thing. We have central air and fans all over the place here in TX :)!!

    Hugs to everydobby ! Have to go check the NY weather (actually Long Island) not the city.


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