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  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hope i got the number right, i allus messes ups

    table laid out with chicken salad, french bread, mr bills cookies and juices
    of your choice

    help yourselves, kick off your shoes and relax for awhile
    while you visit

    thoughts with all who are having a bit of a rough time
    and those who are travelling like Granni

    may you all be safe and happy

    God Bless
  2. Granniluvsu

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    Sitting here posting as I wait to go to church. It will be another HOT day. Now I get to start thinking about what to pack and not forget, including my b/p machine- geez what a pain. However, the new med seems to have helped that I started yesterday morning and today. However, I need to bring it because sometime I cannot tell if it is up or not. I still feel awful with the pressure in my head andneck that I have had for a long time. That is probably a combo of FM and osteoarthritis.

    Whoops almost time to go. TTYAL.


    LEFTYGG Member

    im sitting here with mom. i havent been here fr a few days. im in a depressed mood. i knew my brothers family was taking care of her and my DH came 3 times and fed her breakfast. we are here for every meal to be sure she eats. now its my week. i only came 2 times last week and felt so guilty. its not worth it. i just didnt feel like making idle conversation. my aches are bad now. when im angry or depressed fibro is way worse. i have this deep deep ache that sweeps over me and my arms feel so heavy.

    my new little dog helps me cheer up. he makes me get up to walk him so theres so accidents. hes never be house broken. i think he was kept in a cage and just used for breeding. anyway ill take him outside and walk him around for 30 minutes then he would come in and pee on the floor. ugh! so hes getting better i hope. i scream and scare him to death when he hikes his leg. hes so cute tho. he had no personality but hes coming out of his shell. ive got him sitting shaking hands and sitting high paws up begging. he has to have a treat tho if i dont have a treat he acts hard of hearing lol.

    i think it told you all that my 3 boys men? rent our big house. well they got in an argument and 2 moved out. it made me sad in a way but they really need to grow up. ive enabled them too much. my dh and i are so low on money its so sad cause hes worked so hard. its a long story but totaly my fault. weve always had great credit score but due to real estate failure and debt its bad now.this has taught me to value things more and not be so wasteful.DH is taking

    LEFTYGG Member

    DH is taking it better than i would have.i kept things from him and didnt tell him how bad it was until i had no choice. my 3rd son is trying hard to make it right. he works constantly at 2 jobs and has paid emotionally. it is what it is and it will turn around. i always see the glass half ull but lately its been hard.
    granni have a fun and safe trip.
    georia have fun and peace in the mountains.
    springwater all your celebrations sound fun but exhausting.
    rock i loved your note to mikie, for all her thoughts to be positive and tests negative. you always make me laugh. as does
    teacher i missed where you put in an offer but i saw it mentioned. i hope you got it.
    julie i feel sad for your situation.my mother said some things to me that i was shocked as she never said mean things in her life. then anurse explained it to me and i felt bad that i would argue with her. i had no clue!
    take care all. love gail
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So sorry you are having so many problems, with your boys, money and of ocurse you dear mom. The pressure of it all has got to be so great on you all. Luckily, when my fil went into the NH he was so bad and had decided ome time ago that he didn't want a feeding tube puti n. I felt so badly but luckily, in some ways he just lasted a couple of days in the NH . Running there every dy to feed her is so wonderful and thoughful but when they don;t eat enought to keep a bird alive and their brain is no longer there, you wonder why.

    My mom after her 2nd broken hip , after they lost her teeth or part of them, she gave up and decided tht she didnpt want to eat or live anymore. When I went there for one time to feed her and she hardly ate any ice cream I knew she was in bad shape. She loved sweete !!

    God bless you and your family and Julie to is going through similar problems but her dad has gotten so beligerant which I know makes it ever harder for her. Yes, dont argue with her she really doesn't understand and probably will forget about it soon too. Sometime too they have to be reminded about some things but your mom doesns't seem to have the quite problems of Julie's dad. He is not bed ridden and could hurt someone like his wife if not controlled.

    Yor financil problems with the boys I understand that too. Had a bit of that too with our kids when they went away to school. Their ideas of an emergency is going out to lunch with friends, and then payng forever the minimum payments every month. I heped some in the beginning but then stopped. When do they learn. Some never do and others take awhile. My baby son is 37. I think he's ok but his older sister and husband are still paying off credit cards and they will never get out from under. He keeps buying the latest gadget and putting it on the CC. I don't think they make very big payments either. He is the tyoe that thinks he knows everything too so they will be stuck in the same old rut. Will they ever learn. There were also many things I didnt tell my DH about it either when they were younger.

    I do not leave till Wed. morning very early. So, I will have lots to do the next few days to try and get ready.

    Love to you and awl my dear Porchies,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in for a minute. When DH gets home from the car dealership I need to go and get mu manicure and pedicure. i do that maybe a couple special times of the year. I can't do my own feek, to hard to bend and reach my toes :)!! My nails are awful and at least they will start out looking nice when it gets done. However, I do so much in the sink and elsewhere it doesn;t take long for my manicure to ruin. Since I will be a lady of leisure for a week (:) I thought it might be a good time. Hope I can keep it looking descent before it starts chipping off.

    Have to go get dressed now. When I get back I have to try and start thinking what to bring. Since it is just e I will not bring a very big suitcase but big ehough to have to have it checked. The new checkin at security should be something else. They won;t get a thrill looking at my body:) !!

    Julie - Glad you got to take a 3 hr nap. I kow you needed it !!

    Bye for now, to much stuff to do. Might check back later

    Love to awl,

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Gail - sorry to hear about all the difficulties cropping up; i can understand
    why youre flaring now with the aches and pains. its always the case with
    me, some crisis and my shoulders start aching and body goes heavy.
    Praying things get better soon and that your dear mum wont be in discomfort.

    Julie - good to hear you took a break; thats right, look after yourself so you
    dont fall ill yourself; so many depend on you and it wont do to neglect yourself.
    good to hear about davids windfall, i think the family will enjoy whizzing about
    on a new motorbike. those are the things young ones enjoy. it was sweet of
    you to get him the coffee maker. such a lovely gesture while still having so
    much to think of doing on your mind.

    Granni - thats the problem i always have when thinking of manicure pedicure.
    how long will it last? lol. not long when we keep dippng our hands in washing
    up liquid and detergent. But since youre going for a weeklong trip I guess
    it will be worth it. Enjoy your holiday to N.Y.

    Last few days have been rough because Tommy was so ill. We’ve spent
    The nights trying to pacify him and get him to sleep. I think he had a
    Cancer because he had grown so thin (I could carry him up four flights
    Of stairs with my one arm. He would be in pain and stagger all over
    The house and go into corners and groan. This is when I decided it
    Was time to euthanise him. I had been holding off the decision because
    He still had such an appetite for food. The tests at the vet had come
    Back negative but im pretty sure it was a cancer.. ive seen my own
    Mum and dad deteriorate that way. Anyways today called a vet
    Recommended to me by a doc at the KAT center and the deed was
    Done. I cried buckets of tears. Dear Tommy. He was such a strong
    Athletic doggie and he was loving towards the household members
    While being a fierce guard dog to outsiders. Always running up to
    Be patted and putting his nose into our hands. Oh dear, one would
    Think one would get used to losing a pet after having had so many
    But its always hard. Always. We’ve buried him the garden under a tree.

    My Chinese friend has come back from China and took daughter to
    Meet her and wish her for her b day . But my energy was low.
    I later went grocery shopping and daughter went for her zumba classes.

    God Bless

  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I could cry after reading about you losing your sweet friend. That is all so awful----just like losing a member of the family.

    I read all the posts since I was on here and You are all having such problems that I don't know where to begin. I know THAT i CRIED and cfried when the vet. ended Chelsea's misery! She even handed me a Kleenex as I was writint the check for the deed and sent me a sympathy card later. No one else seemed to be depressed but me!

    i worry about Maggie, my sweet kitty cat. She doesn't slee3p with me anymore, just rubs my head and kisses my forehead and goes to her own bed under my bed. I think that she has some arthritis.

    You spoke granni ofr manicures and peds. I have to try to get down tyo my toes this evening and get the polish off----tomorrow I go to fioot dr. to have my tough nailes cut. Taking the polish off will also take it off my fingers, part way. I have beren keeping clear on them to TRY to get them to grow instead of break oifdf.

    I know-----that's such a petty thing after reading about all you ladies and y our horrible family problems.

    You know Julie, David was more excited about something that he could see and know the trouble you went to get it for him. they are wonderful----daught er got hubby one just like that and he Loves it!!! Uses it every day. Gifts like that seem more precious when they know the expense of it, and something that makes him so proud of it and he can braag about it!

    my heart aches for you that have parents in NH with Alzheimers!! I am old enough to rememberr such awful cases with people that I was so well acquainted. I know that it has to be so heart breakingt but please, please know that it is not your loved ones speaking-----it is that horrid disease.!! Please believe me!!

    Last week I labeled in my journal as a bad week for our countrhy. I watched CNN alot to see if that darn crisis would be settled between those stubborm people that run our couintrh. Then the drop which I don't understand at all, then the shooting deaths of those service men, etc, Then Fri. I went to Rens. for 3 meds. Got them and went to WMart with nothing to eat and hadn't taken the one med I hadn't taken as yet. I came out to the car, shaking, so hot but my skin felt cold and clammy and knew I had to gert a bite to eat. To McDona.ds drive thru for a small hamburger and a small ice water (did you know a small one is free!!!) I drove over to the grocery, took my med. and ate and draink. Felt a little better but had to go to grocery sgtore. a man came in right after me and after I had gotten the last electric cart amd gave me dirty looks because I had one. Ii was sick. Got groceries, lots of frjuit on sale - missed the apricots that I love because they were $3.99 a lb.!!!!!! Went home, got my push cart, gtot the stuff in, put the necessarys in frig and freezer and collapsed. I felt horrible!

    I hurt sometimes all over but I suppose you do too. I made brownies from a box the other day and i about cried before I got done, washed the dishes, etc. I hurt so bad. Do any oe you every feel like that when you try to do something that you want to do????? Guess it's just because I'm old.

    By Sun. I was so tired but went to church anyway. I couldn't hear the pastor very well (had my one hearing aid adjusted but it makes my ear ache) Had a nice coffee time with friends but it stormed so hard that no one could leave. As I started gto leave, the power went off and then on. I don't know how many times it has done that this summer. All the clocks but one a digital ----- sometimes i don't even bother to set them as I knowthey will just go out again.

    My Maggie just came in here and is laying in her usual spot in the den----under the music cabinet---when I leave she will leave to and I am going to ttreat her with the fresh catnip I got for her. That makes her happhy! Think I need some catnip.

    My fingers are gettingt numb and my arm hurts. Please forgive all the TYPOS!!!! i will try to come b ack sooner. Sorry I am so pokey. Rock: Do you have a good joke about pokey people???

    Gentle Hugs and lots of love to some very special people-all of you,


    LEFTYGG Member

    here with mom. when i got here at 5 she was staring in space. i couldnt get her to respond. she was breathing hard and her face looks strange but its probably from losing weight.i think your right is it just prolonging her suffering by forcing her to eat? we have DNR order but i wouldnt feel right not trying to feed her we are not going to do a feeding tube.

    sprinwater so sorry about your tommy. we do get so attached to our pets. they love us no matter what.
    granni thx for kind words i really vented last night. i dont tell others stuff even my 1 good friend cause theyre my kids and i love them no matter what. the only thing my dh and i fight about is our kids. im overly protective and cant stand harsh words. he has a gruff manner. funny thing is they think hes the greatest.
    julie who cares what others give. you gave something special to him. as far as motorcycle i love them but hate them. my 1 son has a harley he never rides it which is just great to me. my dh always wanted a harley i told him when our kids were grown he could get 1 and now he feels too old.
    lilac you sure push yourself doing that shoppping and carrying it all in. i know its hot in indiana so be careful.
    my backs killing me. the chairs here are horrible. take care love gail
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have to go finish packing and ironing some stuff . There is so much to do and I eed to get going. Just wanted to say hi and hope all are well.

    Gail and Julie- sorry for everything going on in your lives right now. Just ffel free to vent right here. Be coming back next TUESDAY. DH will be here through to mind the house.

    Thinking of everyboddy but need to go to work. I hate packing and getting ready to. The room is a mess of stuff. Just have to decide what goes with what. Also have no idea of what we are doing except going to their cottage by the water on the weekend. Nothing dreswy I imagine but am bringing one semi dressy in case we go to church or something else.

    Love to awl,
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    You keep a journal? thats nice. I used to but gave up long back. and dont now because
    it might be full of not so nice things due to the DDs. i read the journals i kept fifteen
    years ago and didnt get good feelings from them tho theyre great to date stuff from.
    we always used to be confused as to how old Tommy was or when did we move to this
    house, others used to say much longer but i got to know from my then diary it was
    1998 Jan.

    Im happy you have Maggie. If i didnt hav dogs i would keep a cat. been so long now.
    i love the way they play. keep dropping in sometimes, it was soooo good to hear from

    Granni - by now you must be in the Big Apple. Hope you have a whale of a time. That
    city always looks so bustling. I long to visit the museums and art galleries there.

    Gail – I understand about how gruff behaviour puts one off. My dh too can be
    Very curt and rude. I guess I can too. My kids tell me off tho. I learn a lot of
    How not to say things or do things when they tell me. Things I haven’t noticed
    Ever. Ive always admired well spoken gentle demeanour. No one in the family
    Is like that. Son could, if he would get his act together. Daughter talks really
    Fast and a lot. She was sayng the other day theres this guy in her class who
    Addresses all the girls by “hi beautiful” or “hi luv”, and her he addresses
    As “you clown” or “you monkey”. Because of the way she talks and behaves.

    All right, cant remember now, because of brain fog. The energy has been
    In a bad way yesterday and day before. I did go drop something off to a
    Relative but it took all I had to do so.

    The daughter has been out visiting. She went and met her former high
    School English teacher with another ex student and then she went and
    Dropped off at her married cousins and played with the toddlers.
    Then dh picked her up and they went to the gym where he worked
    Out while she sat around and they came back together.

    So son and me had the tv to ourselves for a while.

    God bless
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did I tell you my tomatoes/tomahtoes bore fruit? I know I told somebody.
    Might ah been my sister. Well, anyway, the Sungold tomatoes ripened. They
    are the color of their name. There are a couple dozen still green. Unlike the
    stuff from the market, these actually have flavor.

    The plant itself is huge. Big enough to cover a sofa.

    Gordon's tomato plant still has green fruit. Some of his habanero peppers are bright
    red. I don't think he's picked any yet.

    Good to hear from you again, Joan. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. What about
    Maggie's arthritis? I wonder if that glucosamine helps. I know you can buy it
    for pets.

    I don't know any jokes about pokey people, but I did see a cartoon years ago.
    It showed a meeting room for Procrastinators Anonymous. Sign on the door
    said "Meeting Starts at 8:00". The clock on the wall said 8:28. No one
    was present.

    If you go to Youtube and search for a song called "Waiting for the Evening Train"
    you can hear a cheerful ditty from a Broadway show. Mary Martin sang it
    originally. (Show was not a hit.) This URL might work.


    Oh yeah. My sister sent me an obit for Larry LaPrise. He was generally given
    credit for writing the Hokey Pokey song. Some other people also made
    claims of authorship.

    Anyhoo, there was some trouble transferring his body to the casket. They
    put his right leg in and then the trouble started.

    Granni, I think your time is 2 hours ahead of CA. Guess that means you'll soon
    be up and getting ready to jet to "The city that never sleeps". If you're visiting
    a cottage by the water, you'll want to listen to the above-mentioned song too.

    Gail, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I think my mother stopped
    eating. It was hard for me to get much info as we were in different states. When
    I went to visit, I saw that she only nibbled at her food. My siblings did not
    keep me informed. They told me she was going to a therapy facility for temporary
    treatment of her broken hip. But it turned out it was a nursing home.

    The good thing is that she was only there a month or so. With her mobility gone,
    she didn't want to stick around.

    Springwater, I never kept a diary or journal. Wish I had. Might have material for
    a book about my social working days in N. Minnesota w/ the Chippewa Indians,
    etc. Now it's pretty much a blurred memory.

    All for now
  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    To see if anything developed.


    LEFTYGG Member

    thank you for all the support. mom wouldnt eat last night or this morning.

    i took boy grandkids to see The Rise of the Planet lof the Apes. and guess what!!! IT WAS ABOUT ALZHEIMERS!. this scientist dad has dementia and hes testing drugs on apes. didnt really want to see or think about that.

    it was a beautiful day here in cincinnati.

    julie i feel so horrible in the morning getting up at 10 is normal. im stiff my feet are so painful. youd think after resting theyd be better but it takes awhile to loosen up.

    everyone imstruggling with depression over mom and anger towards my sister. she and i got in an argument and she brought my kids into it. shes 1 who is a verbal bully. cut you off at the knees. i dont say things about her kids which i sure could. i will never forgive her. i know thats wrong and never felt this way in my life but the things she said were vile and untrue. i dont know how to get past the hatred cause it will destroy you.

    over the years she has not sppoken to everyone at 1 time or other but never me now im the 1 and i will never deal with her again except business. mom knew about it and of course she sided with me quietly. my sister didnt talk to mom for 6 yrs and actually mos dementia started and she didnt know who she was when she came back. she hid it from me but 1 day told me she figured out who she was from how we were talking. but she does remember her kids. strange isnt it? i think the pain of her not speaking to her caused her to erase her from her memory. mom had a heart attack 5 or 6 yrs ago and she didnt even come then 3 yrs ago my sister got breast cancer i went to see her then she came to see mom.

    right now she isnt speaking to her daughter cause of her bf.shes 40yo. she calls my kids her cousin when theyre not speaking. really sad we were close years ago. what set her off when were were arguing i said she was an angry person. she went off and said i was a jealous person. when i asked about what she came up with most pitiful example i laughed.

    so mainly my question is how do i get the hate out of my heart? ive meditated and prayed. i dont discuss it with anyone cause i dont want anyone to know how much hatred i have.i think about it many times a day. never felt this before. couldnt care less what she says about me.

    has anyone here felt this way? well ive poured my guts out. love gail
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lucky Zippy. He got two walks to day. We were attacked by
    a chihuahua. Serially. I've probably taken Zippy on a thousand
    walks in the last ten years. First time we've even been bothered
    by another dog. No damage done fortunately.

    Several years ago there was a vacant house on Carroll St.
    A pair of coyotes lived in the back yard. They were out on
    the street a few times, but never menaced us. They weren't
    much bigger than Zippy.

    Once when Gordon was walking Zippy a police car pulled over.
    The cop said, "Did you know two coyotes are following you?"
    Gordon didn't, but that ended that walk.

    The crepe myrtle trees are in bloom. So are the birds of
    paradise. You can find photos of both on the net.

    Here's something somebody sent me. You can add this
    to your collection, Teacher, if it's not already there.






    Have to come back later. Cutting and pasting that joke confusiated my font.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Julie, I bet Clinton was embarrassed to knock on your door so
    early about the dome light. It was the perfect opportunity to
    hand him a hammer.

    I remember the first time I ever saw a dome light. We had
    guests at the house one night. Somebody drove up to show us the
    new car. Everybody went outside to see.

    It had this amazing luxury item that none of us
    had ever even heard of: a dome light. Wow!

    Amazing. How convenient. Seems like when they were new,
    they were kinda like the car clocks in those days. Only
    worked for a year or two.

    About your folks, can they follow a conversation? If so, would
    it be helpful to recall the good times? My dad was here in CA
    briefly, but his mind was mostly gone. He went back to MN.
    He used to call my brother during the night and tell him things
    like, there are people in my bed. Got so he couldn't live alone.

    My mother's been gone 8 years now. I still think of things
    I'll have to tell her. Then I remember. Same w/ my aunt
    and uncle who died last year. But I can't be too sad. They
    were all in their 80s.

    Georgia, glad to hear you had a nice trip. Every now and then
    I visit ghost towns on the net. Or look at historical postcards.
    I found out there are lots of ghost towns in Minnesota, but
    for many there is nothing to see.

    One has 3 or 4 tombstones. Some have even less. Sometimes
    there was a school or church that was moved to another town
    and the building still exists.

    Gail, I'm surprised to hear the new Planet of the Apes has
    ALZ in it. That doesn't sound too entertaining. As for anger
    at your sister, sounds normal to me. I read a book a couple
    years ago by a security expert.

    He said people should have the best security they can afford.
    You may think no one wants to harm you, but you might
    be surprised. Most of us get furious at some people now and
    then, but it quickly dissipates. But with some people (psycho-
    paths), it doesn't.

    Have you tried writing her a letter; or an e mail? Don't put
    the address on the e mail. You might automatically hit send.
    Write it; don't send it.

    If you can find a good listener, that's helpful. But most people
    aren't good listeners. They just tell you that you handled the
    situation wrong.

    That's why 12 step programs are helpful. There are Rules.
    Folks are not allowed to interrupt the speaker or ask questions
    or give advice (unless asked for).

    I had to give up my 12 step program 3-4 years ago. Just
    got too feeble. But I went for about 25 years. They were
    therapeutic; also, like the board here, a social outlet.

    Ha det bra

    LEFTYGG Member

    im gonna write my feelings down and see if i feel different in a year, i doubt it. we own property together so ill have to see her at moms funeral and business stuff.

    i cried when you said you still think of things you need to tell your mom. its too late to tell mom anything shes gone mentally. im glad i told her how much i loved her many times. she says my name constantly. i bet that burns my sister lol. i got real close to her and she said gail you get better looking all the time. lol she has the sweetest smile.

    pictures of her when she was young look like the Gibson Girls photos. she doesnt look 92 nurses are amazed. love gail
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Ive seen birds of paradise here; they are very interesting looking. kind of abstract
    art - ish. and the colours, red and rusty or something like that. my chinese friend
    grew them. dunno if she has them now.

    ive been watching a program called Dog Whisperer'. Cesar Milano the dog whisperer
    is amazing to watch. he has such a way with the pooches and can handle and tame
    what look like really ferocious dogs with just a look and hand gesture. he gives
    a lot of importance to the energy around a person or dog or situation which i found
    very interesting.

    Gail - well, your sis sounds like a really lovely person..NOT! she should
    not bring kids into arguments. Thats cruel. Just protect yourself from
    her and her negativity and try have as little to do with her as possible.

    Thats right, meditating and praying is good. hate can burn such a hole
    into our hearts. also if you believe in them, i think praying to your angels
    to protect you from her negativity is good.

    Im amazed your dear mum is 92! wow. lost mine when she hit 60.

    Georgia - how lovely your drive up the hills sounds. so peaceful. i
    too suddenly feel one with nature when i go up into the hills or mountains.
    wish my dh shared my love for the country. we would have gone more often.

    well, i was caught in the heavy rain yesterday. but am always so glad when
    it pours. keep thinking aaaah, water for the winter season.

    im still aching when i think of Tommy. it will take some more time.

    i realised the time has come to return my library books and havent read
    either of them. one is by Paul Coelho and another by David neale walsch.
    conversations with God. its a bit hi fi. i like my stories to be told

    take care all of you lovely people

    Teacher, hope you doing good. Mr Bill, miss your cookies

    Ive done this post n parts because dont want to lose my writing
    in middle

    God Bless

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  19. teacher

    teacher New Member


    Love you.


    She needed to get her snails done.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What did the snail say when she hitched a ride on the back of a tortoise?

    This is a riddle I heard from an old college roommate about 40 years after

    Hope ya feel better.

    And here's the answer to the riddle: Wheeeee!


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