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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by springwater, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. springwater

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    a gremlin misbehaving; will tack this on proper place later

    Elaine - good to see you. and catch up. you have been
    busy. all of us waiting for you to turn up.

    thats exciting news about your selling on the net. I
    hear it can be pretty good business. good luck.

    Teacher - thanks for introducing us around your
    neighbourhood, or rather introducing your neighbours
    to us. seems like a vibrant group of people; :)

    made me smile.

    thanks for taking time out to come and update us.

    The festival season is into its third day. altho
    we are not celebrating, we get caught up in it anyways.
    the streets were so crowded, no room to breathe even.

    now its sort of less busy people confined to their
    homes doing prayers and entertaining and leaving
    the bazaars open at last for loners like myself.

    i fed the help a full course meal and bought fruits
    and sweetmeats and yoghurt etc tried to cut corners
    to keep up with the inflation; but felt satisfied
    i think they had a nice festival.

    anyways saved so much on marigold garlands and
    oil for lamps and all those fruits and stuff
    we usually needed. this time didnt hav to. yay.

    have been feeling slightly better energy wise,
    there were times i felt completely normal
    for couple of hours, no fatigue, no sadness
    at the pit of the stomach, content. I could
    actually feel positive. however, it is an
    up and down process. am just grateful for
    the times i feel well.

    am busy into my latest library book,
    Keeper of the bees. and enjoying it so
    much. very charming, funny even tho its
    sad. a fourteen year old girls story;
    living in S Carolina with an abusive
    peach farmer father.

    well, gotta get back to bed. its four
    am; woke for a drink of water and thot
    to pop in.

    you all take care

    God Bless

  2. Goatwoman

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    Thanks for getting us started, SW.

    Got back from our trip yesterday--I found alot of fiber to spin into yarn, so my addiction is fed for awhile. We had dinner with my brother and SIL, which went rather well. Was good seeing Brother. He has aged quite a bit, but, I imagine I have, also.

    Having lunch with the knitting girls today, and not doing much else. I always crash after a holiday, as I don't sleep well away from home.

    More later.