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    I'll be back in a moment to post. OK, I'm baack! Not much to tell since I was here late yesterday. I did get a good night's sleep til about 5:00 this morning. Ooooh, it feels soooo good when I get enough sleep. Wish I knew why I wake so early some mornings. It's cool again this morning, in the 60's. Of course, the cats are wild and streaking around after one another. I sat out on the lanai with them for a while. They were quiet so I said my prayers with just the sound of the fountain. There are almost no traffic sounds that early, just the splish-splash of the water. Even though my lanai doesn't resemble the one before the cats came, it is a magical place with the cats, the fountain and all my plants. One end, the one I see from my livingroom sofa, is normal. The other end has the chairs stacked and a litter box and food and water bowls. I don't mind. At first, having them seemed like such an intrusion on my more orderly life but now, I wouldn't trade them for anything except for Julie if she ever gets well and wants them back. They really love it here except for not being able to go outside freely.

    I read a bit more in today's paper about the avalanche in Nepal. Again, so sad. There was a drive-by shooting in a bad part of town here and a little five-year-old boy was killed; he died in his mother's arms. Yesterday was the funeral. I live south of town in an unincorporated area of the county. It's not rural; it's full of residential communities. It used to be gladiolus fields. There is one small area where the people who worked the fields back in the day settled. It was dangerous, full of drug dealers. The neighbors got together and tore down the small store which served as a drug deal haven. They started an early learning center and organized to make their area safe. They also work with the sheriff's office. It is still a poor area but one of the best to live in with one of the best schools. This shows what can be done to improve a community's quality and safety of life. I had clients there and they were great. The Publix I worked at donated cakes and other food for community programs.

    It is because I've had to travel through unsafe areas that I got a gun. Our mall is in the center of a bad area and the bus brings in people from even worse areas. I think that is why we usually go to outlying shopping areas to shop. The shopping center has increased security in the parking lot and moved the bus stand out to the edge of the parking lot. Bealls, Target and Wally World are just down the street from me but there are two new centers south of me which are really nice. If I want to get down there, though, I had better go before all the Snowbirds get here. There is one store which has experts fit one with sneakers using new technology. I'm thinking wearing them might help my back. I'm sure they are pricey, though. My hygienist got hers there and said they are wonderful.

    I noticed that my tiny orchids I got recently on the lanai are all putting out new leaves and are growing fast. The lanai is like a nursery for my baby orchids. The orange Vanda is putting out new leaves too but it's on a table on the Balcony. I'm avoiding the Balcony til Barb's kids leave. Her SIL is some piece of work and has been very rude in the past. Just don't need that. I need to jump into the shower and go to the store but will work on the NY Times Xword puzzle for a while just to reinforce how much of my IQ has disappeared. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All

    Mikie - thank you for doing the honours and opening the new porch.

    Must say the previous porch looked very colourful with the cards and all.
    Happy Birthday, Granni, must hv been so wonderful to go out with yr
    daughter and family..about the reunion in Las Vegas..are they alumni of
    your school or your DHs? Or did you both go to the same school?

    Rock - happy belated birthday. Did you make much headway with the
    decluttering? Here, not so much. Laughed at the 'immature'
    joke. And the friar/chipmonk one..never seen a real chipmunk
    myself, we dont get them here, but the ones i see in comics
    are cute as cute can be...

    Julie - that was worrying about Dens father and also your SIL not calling
    until everythng was over. Im glad at least it wasnt something too serious,
    or at least that seems so. Im sure you, like me. must be wondering, what
    next. Im sure you would welcome a little bit of peace and uneventfulness
    around there.

    Sun - those stones would look pretty,. I like the sound of your garden
    with the trees and plants and flowers. That was funny about the way
    the handyman fixed the door with a whack. I hope the doc can get to
    the bottom of yr breathlessness...

    Mikie - the lanai sounds like a haven in the early hours..i can tell you
    love it..and that the cats do too. Do they try to get into any of the plants
    Like Garfield used to love hiding in Jons ferns It does seem like Sir
    Vester and Princess Tweet own you just as much as Gar did Jon. Well,
    maybe a little less. You do assert yourself more over them than Jon.

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    Hi Kids

    Not up to posting much. Mikie, isn't the Sunday crossword the most difficult? I'm
    sure you will do better as I, as my mother used to say. Saw a couple funny signs
    I was going to tell you about. The only one I can find is: Drug use may cause memory
    loss or even memory loss. (Forgot where I put the others.)

    Springwater, we are doing a little decluttering every few days. Found some more
    verses I wrote ages ago and my passport. Yes, the chipmunk joke was clever. I didn't
    write it; just found it on the net.

    Emma, welcome to the porch. If you are having trouble making a decision, my
    guess is that it's the kind of decision where you try to predict the future. Those kind
    are always difficult. The easy ones are for immediate situations. Do I want
    apple or cherry pie?

    Sunflower, thanks for your kind words re: my visit from Apollo.

    Julie, hope grnpa is better. And everydobby else too. Clinton OK at work?

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Thanks again for the birthday celebrations yesterday for the birthdays happening this month. Before I forget, Joan's (LILAC'S) birthday is today. Hope she comes to visit us on the Porch soon. She is such a dear lady. We had such a lovely birthday dinner last night. It is a seafood place and we rarely go there as it isn't to cheap but it surly was delicious. As they say we ate from soup to nuts plus wine :)!! Glad we didn't have to pay the bill.

    JULIE - So sorry to hear about Grandpa and hope he is feeling and doing better now. To bad you weren't notified when it as happening so you and Den could have tried to be their earlier. Glad he wasn't worse off. I hope also that Clinton is doing better with having to go back to work right away after the surgery . Speaking of surgery I found out that DD#4 who lives over 4 hour away will be having her ovaries removed in a little over a week. It will be day surgery and will go home the same day, Luckily, she will take a week of paid sick time off to recuperate and her DH will be home at least part of the time, I believe. Glad she has time off. She already had her uterus removed a year or two ago. Glad she can be at home and her DH will be there as it would be hard for me to get there.

    EMMA - I am so sorry that you are having such worries that is keeping you from resting and sleeping. These things can be very upsetting and worries can make you feel sick or sicker than normal. I wish we could help but if it is something you do not wish to share we cannot really help - not that sharing everything would help much but perhaps it might help us to understand more . We have so many understanding and loving people on these boards and Porch with lots of knowledge. Sometimes sharing and really venting could be helpful to you. However, please know that we do care and hope your worries will soon fly away and make you feel better. We will understand if you cannot talk about your problem(s) but if you can be more specific perhaps someone here with similar experiences might be able to advise you or relieve you of your worrisome burden. Special hugz sent your way !!

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting up the new Porch. Yes, I can imagine how frightening it must be especially to shop alone with many strange characters in the area too. That is also good reason why it is good to go with someone else, if you can. I haven't been shopping for clothes or special things much at all lately. Now that DD is here maybe we can do some more shopping together. Wish I cold see your lanai. I sounds so pretty with all your flowers.

    SUN and SW -Have you both been trying to de clutter? I know that I need to do that for sure especially I my closets. I need to get rid of clothes I haven't worn in ages or plan on wearing. I hardly even wear skirts or dresses any more but know I should keep some.

    Hi also to Rock, Diane, Dar and everydobby else :)!!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi all, just a small post, cause I got the cruds. I guess I caught it from Richard. Coughing, sweating, fever to 101 degrees, runny nose......you get the idea. The funny thing is I got my flu shot on Wed. and am wondering if it kicked off some response in my body. Really weird since I haven't had a cold in years ! I always get the flu shot though.

    Has anyone heard about the man Rainbow Sky Walker who had a coronary outside of his cabin, and was dragged away and eaten by a bear? He lived about three miles from me, as the raven flies. I saw it was on Yahoo. Hw was very well-known and liked in the community.

    Well we've finally had rain! Yay! I hope you get some, Sunflower and Rock...

    So, a very short post.

    Oh Julie, before I forget, I've several dogs that had to be "collared". They did just fine. we had to keep the collars on at all times, according to the vet. The dogs quickly got used to them. One had a steel rod in her leg, but she did very well. Well, what can you expect from an English Bull Terrier? ;)

    Over and out.
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    Hi Kids

    Love to see the pictures of your happy family, Julie. And your card to Joan is
    spectacular! Never heard of pumpkin stickers. Sounds like a good idea though.
    Pumpkins are so hard to carve; even for grown ups. I am always amazed at
    some of the artistic ones that show up on the net.

    Joan, don't worry about your font. Julie or someone here will enlarge it
    for you. Does the neuropathy in your fingers mean you have stabbing pains?
    That's what I have in my feet now and then. The doc said no meds. Just
    exercise your feet. Well, you can see videos of that on Youtube. But lately
    I've been looking for the car I feed out of the back porch window. It's so
    high I have to stand on tiptoe. So for the past month I've been bouncing up
    and down; one foot, then the other. The pains have gone away. At least for
    the present.

    Springwater, two new Pashmina shawls. What nice gifts. I never heard of same till
    you posted about them. You have expanded my horizons.

    Barry, I hope the cruds are better. I read that medical science has no specific
    med for this condition as yet. According to folk lore, you should eat lots
    of crudites.

    Mikie, how did the NY times crossword go? Here's a kawinkydink for you. In
    our decluttering, we found a book of crosswords by Will Shortz. Will has been
    the NY Times crossword editor for the last 20 years. Anyhoo most of the puzzles
    were too difficult for my small brain. Especially since he has lots of questions about
    who starred in what recent movies. Since I haven't seen a new movie in 30 years,
    well, you get the picture.

    The View From the Lanai
    Sylvester cat is now a Sir.
    And Tweety says it's fine with her.
    "He's very happy. Hear him purr.
    But frankly I have nicer fur."

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    Hi, Kids,

    Oh, Rock, you've outdone yourself and if the cats could read, I'm sure they would love your poem as much as I. We both know good grammar when we see it but I don't always use it here. This is just our casual space and we can type like we talk! I am trying to declutter but it's going slowly. Don't remember whether I mentioned that I hurt my shoulder turning my massive pillow top mattress when I hcanged the bed, not to mention the fatigue I still get when doing anything. I did get the cats' litter boxes cleaned. Tweety peed in the one on the lanai and just walked away. I said to her, "What's up with that?" She returned to the box and covered it up. I will read your poem to them since they seem to understand everything I say. Docs are giving Lyrica for neuopathy but exercising the feet and walking always helped my Mom with hers. Walking on the balls of the feet and then the heels is good too as long as it doesn't cause one to lose one's balance. Heck, I lose my balance just walking flat footed. The Sunday NY Times Xword puzzle isn't the most difficult. On Mondays, they start out easy and get increasingly more difficult until Sat., when it's almost impossible for me to solve them. Thurs. and Fri. can be challenging too. Over the years, the puzzles have been getting more difficult to solve. I saw Will Shortz on some TV show--can't remember which one. In a high school English class, we had to try to create our own simple Xword puzzles. Yikes! It's more difficult than one would think.

    Julie, I must have missed something with GPA but I'm glad he is OK. Loved the pics, as always. Looks as though Oreo knows she is a family member. I'm so glad you got such a great dog but I'm sorry for her injury. She'll heal, though, as she's a young, and happy, dog. Somewhere, I have a pic of my older daughter when she was little, sitting on the kitchen table, wearing a black witch's hat and scooping out a pumpkin. It's the cutest thing. You are right; we are in charge of some things but not others. As the Serenity Prayer states, we need the wisdom to know the difference. God knows what He is doing. Glad y'all had such a good time with the pumpkins.

    Joan, Happy Birthday. I can't do as well as Julie, with her beautiful greeting card, but I want to wish you the best.

    Barry, I'm so sorry you are sick. It is entirely possible that it is your immune system responding to the shot. That's why I don't get them. I hope you are feeling better.

    Emma, I am sending up a prayer for you. I don't know what you need but God does so I'm asking Him to help you. Please come back and let us know how you are doing.

    Springwater, yes, I am owned by these cats. We do love the lanai. It isn't what I'd call beautiful with all their stuff out there but I do have some beautiful plants. Only one is in bloom and it is the pink flamingo which puts out pink spaths. It's always in bloom. The cats like to rub on the plants . I have that one interesting philodendrum which puts out red stems and red leaves which turn to burnt orange and, finally, green. Sir Vester loves that one and the bottom leaves show a bit of wear and tear. I'm convinced they feel closer to their outside environment where they grew up when they have lots of plants around them. I know that I love the NRG out there. It is the perfect place to relax, pray and meditate. Neither cat scratches the furniture and they both use the scratching post on their cat condo out there. Pashminas were all the rage here a couple of years ago. They are still in style and I have a black lace one and a light wool pink one. Thing is that I seldom go anywhere to wear them anymore.

    Granni, how I NV your and your daughter's shopping together. I miss that with my DDs. I loved fall shopping when we would buy things to decorate our homes. We always made cookies for each season or holiday. When Mom was alive, we would go to the mall but she couldn't get away from a thug so she knew if anything happened, she was to feign a heart attack and fall down, clutching her chest to get out of the line of fire if it came to that. We have shootings here weekly. So many drugs, gangs, and shootings for such a nice little backwater town full of retirees. As I mentioned to Springwater, my lanai isn't in bloom right now except for the pink spaths on my pink flamingo plant. When the orchids mature, it should be quite a sight. I just love sitting among beautiful plants. So do the cats.

    Sunflower Girl, I just got back from the DENY website. They are located in Denver and have artists who paint lovely, and sometimes odd, things which are made into duvet covers, throws, shower curtain covers, and throw pillows. They aren't cheap but they won't break the bank either. I think the prices are fair, considering each thing is really a work of art. There is one pillow I desperately want and will likely buy. Sometimes, we have to buy things for the soul. Thought you might enjoy the art.

    Even with this Warren Peace post, I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I got to sleep til after 5:00 this morning. I'm dreaming a LOT just before waking but they are what my shrink used to call frustration dreams--I can't find something or I'm trying to work and can't, etc. They signal that I have frustrations in my waking life. I try to stay calm and carry on but, evidently, this situation with Barb gets under my skin. When I came home from the store, she came running down and asked if I'm sick. She is determined to "make me too sick to run for the board." The gossip is getting worse and people are starting to avoid her, including me. I have a mtg. with our newest board member and fellow member of the budget committee. Barb is telling everyone that he said the mgr. is skimming money from us. Good grief! That is slanderous. I told my friend to be very careful what he says to her. He says he never said our mgr. is skimming. I told him I know that but truth is not Barb's forte. As Stephen Colbert would say, she has no grasp of thruthiness. The committee is meeting at my friend's house today at 3:00 to start tearing apart the financials, starting with the reserve accounts. We are taking it one step at a time. Less painful that way.

    Think I'll clean the lanai floor as soon as the sun is over the eaves and the lanai is in shade. It's really only the litter which gets thrown out of the box which needs vacuumed up and the Swiffer mop run in the dirtiest areas. Tomorrow, I get my eye exam and will likely not feel great. Even though the doc doesn't use Fluorescene drops, the ones he uses contains some fluoride which makes me feel kinda sick for the rest of the day. I'd like to vote early but the early voting places are usually mobbed whereas our usual voting place isn't. Gonna go vote for medical Mary Jane but Barb's vote will cancel mine out. She has Reefer Madness mentality. Our neighbors across our little pond smoke it from a bong and they have a very merry time. They get a bit loud before they get too mellow to care. Oh well, to each his, or her, own.

    Gotta go. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  8. Mikie

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    Ooh, Ooh, I had to do it! I went to the DENY website and ordered the Aqua Burn throw pillow by Madart. I got the medium size because I just can't justify spending that much for the 2'x2' pillow. This one's expensive as it is. Of course, in the world of design, I'm sure it isn't but I'm not used to paying much for my throw pillows (or anything else).

    Sunflower Girl, you can design your own art and send it to DENY and they will produce pillows, shower curtains, etc. in your own artwork. I have no idea what that might cost.

    DENY has some of the most interesting, and odd/weird designs, along with some of the most beautiful. It's a very interesting website to visit. Evidently they support individual artists by offering their designs on products.

    OK, I'm psyched! This is better than medicine. Speaking of which, my mandavilla climbing plants are not responding to Miracle Gro Bloom Buster. I read online that they need potassium. I dissolved one of my potassium pills in a gallon of water and watered them. It's a very weak mixture but I'm experimenting so need to go slowly.

    OK, this time, I'm really going!

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I took at look at that website. Wow.....what interesting pillows, etc. I'm afraid I'm past wanting to sell my work, but years ago I would have given it a shot. A friend was over yesterday. We went for lunch and an art show of wild life. When we came home I was showing her my stack of paintings.......told her to pick some for her new house when she gets it. Her DH died over 5 years ago and her large house with a pool and horse property/huge garden are just toooo much for her to handle anymore. I can sure understand that.

    I'm sorry Barb hasn't improved. She's probably bored......maybe a local senior citizen center where she could play cards, knit with the other ladies, or SOMETHING. This computer is going crazy.......only happens on this board.

    I spent all day saturday doing cleanup in the back, digging out a ton of horsetail reeds that have taken over. Now I'm gathering up large rocks/boulders to fill in blank areas. I think I'll need to hire the gardener from next door to come in about a month and do a lot of bush trimming. Just waiting for some things to stop blooming before it's cut back. My brain is brimming with new ideas for the front. It's like a large canvass for me to coordinate colors throughout the year. I stopped at a building supply store the other day, wanted to look at several colored rocks, get the price for a delivered scoop. The guy gave me a baggy with two different colors of a pink and red, but putting them down on the ground it just won't work.......they're too small. So will just have to slowly gather rocks from here, there and everywhere.

    Julie: nice pics of all of you. What can I say about sis! Did she know Gpa wanted a late appt? Terribly scatterbrained or is deliberate on her part? STRESS is really doing a # on you over her, of course you know that already.

    Emma: nice to meet you. Tell us about yourself

    Rock: Another great poem! There's a young guy that shows up at the local farmers market with a crate, a chair and an old typewriter. For a donation he will make up a poem for you in about a minute. I first read that someone does this at the market in Santa Monica so I guess he read about her too.

    Granni: Mmmmmmm.....sounds like your BD dinner was wonderful. I'll bet you're enjoying have your DD and family right down the street from you.
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    Julie - I love those character and SNOOPY doing the Happy Dance for MIKIE !!! Glad Grandpa is doing better and hope it continues. I would think just his living in that stressful place would be bad for his breathing, etc. However it is his home for goodness sake and he should be treated a lot better than the way he has been, but I know there isn't a whole lot you can do except what you have been doing.. Grandpa is the one who should say something to sis but doubt he will. He is to sweet and giving, like you. Yes, it is up to him and God. Hang in there girl You are dong pretty well with everything considered. Just watch those chest pains and YOUR stress. Thanks for posting those cute pics of the kids and family doing their pumpkins.

    Mikie - Wow, talk about your last W and P post and the your PS , I thought sometimes I could write long ones, but not as long as yours :)!! BTW, I still enjoy reading them!! That is still a shame that Barb has a problem with the truth and trying to manipulate you and others into dong what she wants..

    Emma - So glad that you are feeling a little better and hopefully your situation straightening itself out . You are so welcome here to chat, vent or just pain listen to others post about themselves. We love new people to stop by and join us , if they wish too. Yes, please do tell us more about yourself as SUN has already mentioned.

    Barry - Sorry you are feeling so puny . Hope you get to feeling better soon. We just got back not to long ago from getting our flu shots. Everyone must do what they think is right for them. I used to get awful URI's yearly wit bronchitis and Pneumonia. When I started getting the flu shots yearly I have done a lot better with less attacks. When I do get something they aren't as bad, so I get them ( the shots). One year I was very late in getting it and I really got sick. So I try and get it in early October but didn't get it to early this time, due to or trip. I should have gotten them before t trip . Get well soon Barry !!

    Gotta ruu. DH needs It. Granni

    I'm back again but cannot think of anything much else to say right now. Have Chorale practice tonight. Don't really feel like going but need to as I missed last week since we were gone.

    DD and family are gong tomorrow t see his parents - a 4 1/2 hour or so drive for them. They haven't seen them in some time and his mom especially has become increasingly immobile and has a lt of pain in her leg.. She uses a walker. His dad is OK and still drives. So, I guess they get long OK for now. They will be back on late Thursday I think as DGS has to work on Sat and Sunday. DD and DSIL are going up to SFA University for their homecoming. DD graduated from there and she will also meet my #4 daughter who also graduated from there. They should have fun. Hope the football game is good and they win. Both girls are very much into football :)!!!

    Hi again to Sun, Diane, Rock and anyone else I may have missed including the many MIA's.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hello All

    Tied up with running around getting errands done and chores and getting ready
    for festival..its called Tihar..so cant respond personally to all

    but i did want to skim through the posts.

    Happy Birthday Joan! i hope you had a good one.

    Emma - i pray for you and your healing in whatever matter you are facing it.

    Love to all

    God Bless
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, you handle the situation with GPA sooooo well but I fear your physical symptoms are telling you that it is overstressing you. I pray all this doesn't make you sick. Sis is obviously not OK. She either has mental or emotional problems. Unfortunately, they spill over to you, Den and GPA. I worry that she takes chances with GPA's health and that one day, there is going to be a tragedy. Thank you so very much for the happy dances. I have a happy dance and an icky dance. Fortunately, I do the happy dance more often. My DSIL and I do a hee-haw cowboy dance too for no apparent reason. It was on the Mickey Mouse Show when I was a kid back in the day when Annette was on. I never realized DSIL knew the dance because it grosses DD out so much, she never told me. Once when I was there, he did it. The two of us must have made quite a show doing our little dance. He clicks his heels together when he makes a soccer score. I used to be able to do that on either side but once, when I tried it, I messed up my knee so I don't do it anymore. Sometimes, when age takes things away from us, it's the little things which seem to bother us more.

    Sunflower Girl, I thought you might enjoy all the art and design on the DENY website. I like it that they support artists. It's so nice of you to offer your paintings to your friend. What great gifts! When Barb had her stroke, she lost the sight in one eye so it's gotten too difficult for her to continue making jewelry and she hasn't painted for a long time. She likes to paint flowers on her tee shirts. She is quite talented. I try to keep in mind that she has lost half her sight and her husband but she has always had this nasty gossiping problem. Everyone in the hood tells me they don't NV my living next door to her. I just do the best I can and when it gets to be too much, I stay away from her. I can only imagine how beautiful your yard must be because you know how to take your artist's touch to it. Down here, we have red lava rock which is lightweight but the individual rocks aren't big but they aren't pebbles either. Some use it in lieu of mulch. Mulch pretty much needs to be replaced every year or every other year. Good ground cover and a few larger rocks may be a better way to go.

    Emma, I'm so glad to hear you feel our good vibes. That is the purpose of this board. We are good friends who would hang out on a porch with coffee or iced tea if we could and just talk. I call us my Online Family. I keep everyone in my prayers and hope for the best for all of us. Please post more when you feel like it. We would love to get to know you.

    Granni, hope your DD and DSIL have a good time visiting his family. Yes, I'm still up to my Warren Peace posts. I'm glad you enjoy them. I figured no one did except for the part which pertains to them. As I mentioned above, I just take Barb with a grain of salt as do others around here. It's too bad. She can actually be very charming and a lot of fun. She is very lonely and hangs out with some people outside of here but talks terrible about them, but she is not without things to do. I have started singing along with the radio in the car or at home or, I just sing some old song for the heck of it. I'm actually improving a bit and the cats no longer run and hide in fear of my screeching. I'd never be good enough to sing in a choir, like I did in school, but I'm finding I enjoy it. For years, I sang around the house but when I got really sick, I stopped and just never started up again til now. Maybe it will stimulate something in my pea brain.

    Springwater. sorry you can't stay but come back when you have the time. I've noticed that flowers seem to be a big part of a lot of the festivals in your part of the world. Do they grow locally or are they sent in? Everything seems so colorful and festive.

    Well, Kids, I have to go have my annual eye exam this morning. I've been going back and forth when it comes to getting the contact part of the exam. I haven't worn them much at all because my Sjogren's dry eye returned until I got my booster shot and then, I had a cold sore when my Whatever Herpes Virus reactivated. I finally decided that I'm not ready to get rid of contacts and have vowed to wear them more.

    Went to the budget committee meeting at my friend's yesterday. He is soooooo enthusiastic and I'm afraid he will want to do too much. My other friend, the present president (who isn't seeking re-election) is a bit upset because, no matter how he does it, it makes her look bad for presiding over poor accounting practices. She doesn't understand finances and doesn't want to. I'm glad we are getting someone who wants to make things right but I hope he doesn't burn himself out. He has to run to keep his seat but I'm pretty sure he will win. We desperately need some new blood on our board. If I get elected, great! If not, things will go on and nothing will change for me.

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful day. My morning prayers have been said out on the lanai with the fountain running and my cats with me. I include everyone here in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everydobby :)!!!

    At least I don't have to go anywhere today today other than small group singing practice. Tomorrow will be another busy one with trip to our annual Crafts Fair and then lunch. I usually get to pick up some little things for Christmas presents. It is usually a lot of fun . I promised the choir director I would try an come to the practice tomorrow night if I could get a ride or have some bring me home if DH brings me, for special Confirmation practice. I haven't been going for various reasons and the director seems to be trying to understand and go with the flow for me. I m so thankful he is not saying come to all practices or you can no longer sing with us.

    I do need to g0 on and dress and start doing some more washes around here.

    Julie (or who ever asked before)- The DD who moved here with her family are much closer to his parents now, even if they have to drive about 4 1/2 hours or more I the car. Before that had to drive from NC to their place in TX ( a pretty long drive)or fly and pay a fortune. They probably left VERY early this morning to get the. They can only stay till Thursday and have to get back home for DGS to work and then they leave again with DGS at home so they an go to the SFA homecoming. I will have to sort of check on him and maybe bring him out to eat for dinner on Saturday night. He has some challanges but are glad he can at least drive and has a job. He is a quiet and nice kid of 21 .

    That is a shame that sis is so spiteful to you and must always get her way, no matter get hurt, even her dad. I m surprised a little that Den isn't more forceful with her. Not sure if she would even take it out or Grandpa or not, if Den was the one complaining. He needs to get in her face more but I do realize that Den is to sweet to make any waves that might hurt his dad. She knows that she can get away with almost anything. Yes, do please be careful about yourself too so as not to get yourself to sick. . I wonder if your pains are angina pains? I am afraid like you that someday something like that might happen and it will be to late for you and Grandpa.

    1. Mikie - When is the election for your condo board
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My computer locked up again and I couldn't get it to print and so I just rebooted. This getting me crazy !!

    Hi also to MIKIE, SUN, ROCK, SPRING WATER, DAR, BARRY, EMMA et al !! Need to get dressed and started around here.

    Julie - Thanks for the pic of Lorraine and Keira. They are both so pretty and getting so BIG!!

    Love to all of you, may be back later,
    Granni :)
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, Julie and everyone,

    I went to practice today and our pianist who has had on and off breast cancer and is still taking treatments had more bad news. This time it is her husband who has stage 3 lung cancer. Please send out prayers if you would to our pianist Cindy and her husband Dan. I am guessing she will stay with us for awhile till her husband starts treatments and depending on how he is doing is what she will do.. She did mention that she might have to quit the group, which she hates to do but he comes first, of course. S not sure what will happen to the group and if we can find a pianist willing to come and go as we do sometimes, like he Christmas season coming up.

    Hope you didn't hurt yourself in the vets office, trying to keep Oreo from hurting herself more or the other dog too.

    Hi to all. I need to submit this and send off a few other messages before going to wash my hair an few other things..

    Granni :)
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    After my vacation in September, I've been so swamped with work I feel I'm being buried alive! My daughter is worse. We've had to call the paramedics almost weekly, sometimes twice a week. She had an episode while driving my car Saturday. Thank God Chad was with her. When I got in my car this morning I had to pick up all the bandage wrappers, needle caps, and stuff they left on the floor of my car. He got her to pull over, called 911 and they had to start treating her in the car! Her blood sugar dropped to 19. No more driving "mummies" car anymore for her. The good news is that the endocrinologist is finally trying to locate a pump for her diabetes control.

    Chris, the son with the huge hernia is doing soooo well with his diet. He's now dropped 31 lbs., 2 pant sizes and a shirt size. He's still in a huge amount of pain, but if he can keep this up at the rate he's going for maybe another 9 to 10 months, he can avoid the bariatric surgery and just have to worry about the hernia surgery. In the mean time he's applied to Blackhawk college to begin an attempt to take classes online until he is in good enough shape to go to school and complete his degree. He needs 2 years at Blackhawk, then he can transfer to Western Illinois. They're building a new campus in our area. He's wanted to be a psychiatrist since he was 13. Still does. He has an I.Q. through the roof. I have every confidence he will make it.

    I've not been on the net much. Too tired when I get home. Between 115 residents, absentee ballots, canvassing veterans for luncheons next month, and the Santa for Seniors list due by the 31st, I've not had time to hit my own rear with my own thumb. Over the last few months, I've noticed the arthritis has moved. I'm now getting "lumps" in my knuckles. At last one on my left thumb and my finger joints are feeling it. I am sooooooo not looking forward to the holidays. The good news is, I got my carpet treated and, hopefully will have my living room back next weekend. My bedroom closet is all sorted out and I can get dressed for work in one room! Woohoo!!!

    Cute pictures Julie. Glad to hear your dad is doing ok. Granni, sorry to hear about Cindy and Dan. Will pray for them.
    Happy belated Birthdays to Granni, Rock and Joan. Boy! I've missed a lot! Jeepers.......o_O Sorry I haven't been on much of late, but work is just knocking the stuffing out of me.

    Love to all, Mikie, Sun, Granni, Rock, Joan, Julie, Barry, and any I failed to mention. Fibromyalgia Fog has been a real problem the last month. You all know who you are! :D

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2014
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, tomorrow is the birthday of my brother the deputy (ret) in MN. I cut and pasted the
    gorgeous card you posted earlier. The only problem is he seldom looks at his e mail.
    But I sent him a real card by snail mail so he'll get a message one way or another. Be
    funny if he found the e mail some years down the road when I am gone. Might give
    him a momentary shock.

    Dar, nice to hear from you. I'm sure with practice, your aim will improve. Ha Ha!
    Sorry to hear about your DD, but congrats to Chris. Has he thought of studying to
    be a psychiatric social worker? A lot less schooling. My uncle was. Anyhoo, I got
    a lot of help from the social workers at Kaiser.

    Granni, I was on a humor site the other day. Saw a sunset where the sky was a mixture
    of blues and pinks. And then, for some reason unknown to me, there was a yellow/
    white area in the shape of Texas. Isn't that something?! Alas, I can't copy it. Can't
    even copy the URL.

    All for the nonce

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh My Gosh! Julie. How did you find it? I searched and searched. You are like Anne
    Sullivan! Love the dancing cartoons! As Dave Barry says, "No body cares if you
    can't dance well. Just get up and dance!"

    Mikie, glad you and (presumable the kitties) liked my little verse. I read a
    biography of Ogden Nash years ago. He was very successful, but a bit
    disappointed that he never won the Pulitzer Prize. I never met him, but
    if I had, I woulda said, "Cheer up, Mr. Nash. Just enjoy the cash."

    Springwater, what are you doing to celebrate Tihar? I looked it up. Read it
    is a Festival of Lights which several religious groups celebrate including the
    Jews who also call it Hanukkah. I bet you are making special holiday
    treats for the family.

    Sunflower, I also looked up horsetail reeds. Read they are slender reeds without
    leaves or flowers. The ones in the picture have spores at the tips. I
    wouldn't want to go on a camping trip where people mixed up the smores
    with the spores.


    Mikie, I was wondering if the pics and videos we post take up lot of room or
    pixels or bytes or something. Maybe we should delete them after a month or two?

    Barry, hope you're feeling better. Have you seen mama bear and the cubs
    again or are they gone till it's apple season again?

    Hug Everydobby
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Beautiful picture Julie. I can see why you were so taken with it Rock. As for my aim...............my balance has been really "off" the last couple weeks. I'm sure when the holidays are over and things slow down a bit my thumb will finally find its destination. LOL!

    Thanks all for the kind words and thoughts for my kiddies. I'm really looking forward to Darci getting her pump so we don't have to go through watching her fight for her life all the time. She had a seizure with this last episode again in the car. It's so scarey.

    Julie, I have a friend who has a cat named Oreo. Cute. Spring, I hope things are well with you and that your life has eased up somewhat.

    Have a great day all.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, sorry Oreo took you for a drag instead of your taking her for a walk. Dogs can get so excited at the vet's. What a cut pic and what beautiful children. Thanks for sharing. Thanks too for your kind comments regarding Barb. I had a nice chat with her daughter yesterday when I went down to check on our new sprinkler head and she was sunning at the pool. It was perfect because I was able to avoid her DH (who isn't really all that dear :( Eye exam went fine but I was exhausted and came home and slept. Doc is no longer using drops with any kind of fluoride; he uses ones with paracaine--like lidocaine but much faster working and only lasts long enough to check the eyes. He did mention my cataracts but said they are still not big enough to need removal. He used to say I'd outlive that. They must have grown because he now says they could take off and grow pretty fast. I don't want eye surgery but my reading correction is now +425. Yikes!!! He ordered trial contacts because with such a high correction and my using monovision, it may just be too much for my brain to adjust to. If so, I'll just stick to my specks. Glad Oreo's staples are out; I'll bet you and Oreo are too. Glad you're getting new tires. I never wear the tread off mine before they need to be replaced from age. I just don't drive that much.

    Granni, I am so sorry for you director and his wife. I am sending up a prayer now. I'm glad they accommodate your schedule and still let you sing because I know how much the choir and singing mean to you. BTW, I have to sign up to run for the board early in Dec. Residents get the resumes and proxies for the annual mtg. by the end of the year for the mtg. in Jan. The ones elected have another mtg. at the end of the annual mtg. to elect officers.

    Dar, I'm so sorry about the kids but am glad they are both getting help. I pray their health improves, as well as yours. You sound sooooo busy. I hope you are back on your supps by now and that they are helping.

    Rock, I would add, "Good for you Mr. Nash; go ahead and enjoy the cash. Then, go home and throw yourself a bash; and make the guest take out the trash. As you can see, I am a very poor poet. Yes, the kitties and I enjoyed your poem and I printed it out. Yes, the pics do take up space but PH hasn't said anything about it. I think that, over the years, they have really upgraded their servers and storage. There was a time years ago when they were running out and we asked members not to use color in the text, nor graphics, nor pics. As far as I know, there is no problem now. BTW, love the horsetail reeds. Very unusual.

    I got the saddest e-mail from my DD regarding my DGS not knowing his one grandma and grandpa. She said if it were money, they would pay for us both to visit, at different times. I have kept a lot of what ails me to myself in terms of how it affects my life. The shortest time, considering getting to the airport early, having a layover, and the two legs of the flight, is seven hours. Also, since the airlines have crammed more seats into the planes and made the cushions so thin, it is torture to fly for me. Since my many injuries in such a short time, I am in pain at least part of every day. Add to that the $600 to $800 for a flight, and I just am not in any condition to go for Thanksgiving. I would also have to make arrangements for someone to come in and feed the cats.

    When I was first injured, I e-mailed both my kids saying that I would be in no condition to visit nor to have visitors until I got better. I am better but am sooooo exhausted. I just don't think my DD gets what it's like to get older and have multiple issues. I tried to reassure her that it has nothing with not loving them all and wanting to see them. When DD and DGS have visited, he has acted out like he was having a miserable time despite my trying to find fun things to do. He never acts as though he is excited to talk to me on the phone nor when I was going to try to visit. It may be because he doesn't know me. I do know that he has been a handful for DD at home. When they leave, it takes three days for me to recover from the stress.

    I feel so horrible after reading her e-mail. It's no one's fault but I'm not going to be guilted into overspending on a flight and just making myself sick from flying right now. I told her, if nothing else happens to me, I will eventually feel better and there will be cheaper flights. I also told her I need to clean up the room Andy sleeps in when they visit. This is just making me feel sick in the pit of my stomach. Sorry to unload on y'all but you are my family here too. There is nothing anyone can do but it helps me to talk about it. Thanks.

    Love, Mikie