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    I'll get this posted and come back. OK, I'm baaaack!

    Julie, we love seeing your GKs' pics. Please keep posting them. You do so much for your family and it is wonderful. It never makes me feel bad that I'm not physically close to my kids. I'm happy for you and them. I got an e-mail from DD and she thanked me for being so honest about how hard it is for me to fly. My ex also told her how hard it is for him; he's had two knee replacements and a bad back. I think they will come down between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They may stay at a motel but they know they are welcome here. It is hard for all of us when DGS starts acting up. He has ADHD and I know he gets overstimulated sometimes. In any case, I think the air is cleared and no one feel unloved. DD and DGS are coming down with something and I think that may have contributed to the drama.

    Well, the cats' boxes are cleaned so now, I have to use the shop vac to clean up the extra litter outside the boxes. This, in itself is almost too much for my back. I won't overdo it. I've already watered the plants outside where the sprinklers don't reach them. That, alone, should bring the rain. It's muggy and hot. AACK!!!

    Well, looks as though I've still got the strength to whine :) Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Greetings to awl !!!! Before I forget, it is the PIANIST in our small group that has been treating her cancer and just found out that her DH has 3rd degree lung cancer. We were all shaken by it. We may lose her and then possibly the group if we don't find another. Sounded like she'll be here for awhile until he starts treatments and he will probably go with him, to them, etc. etc. I am sad for her and so man area already praying for them both.

    Mikie - I went to the Craft Show for our Ladies Club and there were so many wonderful things. The Assistance League comes and the sells lovely clothes and jewelry. I got some jewelry, 2 neat jackets to wear with all kinds of pant and jeans, in different colors, and one solid colored brown, very pretty for $18 each. Also got so canned stuff for dips, handmade. and 5 cute animal print clutch bags for Christmas presents, and a cute small handmade old fashioned Santa. Did pretty good for what I spent. I have to figure that all out.

    Dar - So sorry that you have been having such a hard time and getting so beat up with FM. I know how I feel but then I do not have to work like you do. Hope you get to feeling at least a little bit better SOON. Glad to hear that Darcy now has her pump. That should be great for her and you both.

    Julie - Sorry you have been feeling not to great with that chest pain of yours due to stress. I wish I knew how to stop all that mess w your sil but that is a hard nut to crack unless someone comes down hard on her and kicks her out of gpa's house and that will probably never happen. :mad:

    Hi also to Rock, Barry, Diane, Joan and everydobby else not mentioned before !! Have to start thinking about choir practice for Confirmation tonight. Have to go early !!

    Love to awl,'
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    P.S. JULIE - You may have what they call Stable Angina which can be caused by stress. When an if you have the time you might want to GOOGLE it. Interesting info. I m not sure if that can go into the UNSTABLE ANGINA or not but you might want to be very careful. I know they give nitroglycerin for regular (unstable) Angina so you might want to ask about it if it the pain stars getting to bad.

    BTW, thanks a lot starting up this new Porch volume.

    Thinking about you dear one !!

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    Hi, Granni,

    I just dropped to boot off four spammers and decided to stop by. I wish I had been with you at the craft sale. I love that stuff. Sounds to me as though you did really well. From one shopper to another, high fives!!! As I mentioned, I sent up a prayer for both the pianist and her DH. It's difficult enough to have one in a couple sick but to have two with serious conditions is almost too much to bear.

    I am being very, very good. HSN just got a new jewelry designer. She's from the island of St. Lucia. Her designs all come from things which are on the island or wash up on the shore. All her designs are very organic looking. They showed a lot of pics of the island and it is enchanting. She works in bronze coated with gold. There is an Israeli designer who does organic designs in silver. I love them both. I ordered nothing but would love to have ordered everything. I hope in another life, I come back healthy and wealthy. Actually, I'm pretty happy with my own life except being away from family. As I mentioned, DD feels much better about my not being able to come for Thanksgiving.

    The airlines are so sneaky. They advertise a good price for a good flight roundtrip. When you go to look at the details of the return trip, all there is is a flight which leaves at an ungodly hour of the morning with a three-hour layover in Atlanta. If you want a better return flight, you have to pay and the better the flight, the more expensive it is. It is basically the old bait 'n switch.

    I not only got the cats' boxes clean but I cleaned the tile on the lanai and in the condo. I also vacuumed the carpeting. Tomorrow, I'll clean baths and dust and I'll be done. No deep cleaning but good enough. That will allow me too get into the front office and start cleaning and weeding things out. I wish I had given one of my paintings to the church rummage sale. I can't reuse the canvas as there are some heavy brush strokes in some areas of the painting. By the time I'm through, I'll have a big load for Goodwill. Don't think I'll give them the painting, though. It's tucked away right now and out of the way so no hurry to get rid of it. I'm just tired of it.

    It's a "down in the dumps" kind of day today. It's hot and muggy and cloudy but I don't think we'll get rain. I'm glad I watered. I went out to sit and drink my water and Barb was out there. Her kids have gone and she is in a foul mood. It's almost as though a dark cloud descends on her. Also, she reeked of Red Door cologne and I can't take that so I didn't stay long. She sits on her caboose and complains about the plants which need trimmed or ones she doesn't like. One of my friends asked me if I'd sneak over to her place for coffee in the mornings sometimes because she won't come over here with Barb around. Y'all are probably sick of hearing about her and I should just let it go but venting about it does help me to let it go so thank you. Just don't read my rants.

    The cats are curled up snoozing and I think that's an excellent example of what I should do. Sir Vester is next to me on the sofa and Princess Tweets is atop her perch on the loveseat. Vestie was on the lanai as I was vacuuming and he wouldn't come in until I turned the vacuum off and put it in the closet. He climbed up and I knew he wanted to be reassured. Finally, he was convinced that I wouldn't let anything happen to him so he felt safe enough to go to sleep. Simon showed up for his breakfast and he's looking very dapper indeed for a homeless guy.

    Sending my love to all our Porchies and everyone who comes here to read but doesn't post. We would love for y'all to stop by the Porch and get acquainted.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Folks

    Gordon has been struggling with the overhead light fixture in the kitchen for the
    last two days. He finally called his former boss's hubby who is a plumber, etc.
    So Danny came over, climbed up on the ladder, and put the flourescent tubes
    in place. Same thing Gordon's been doing. They immediately lit up! Ain't that
    the way life goes all too often!

    Pretty much like me looking for the State of Texas in the sky, Julie. I searched
    for the same thing you did, but I couldn't find it. Life is just too exasperatin' all
    too frequently. I love the family pics you post. Reminds me of my brother's
    family. The one in MN. A picture of what a family should be. Too many other
    members of the clan are dysfunctional and miserable most of the time.

    Mikie, the Nash verse you dashed off was great. It made me smile out loud.
    Any light verse that does that is a success. As for your rants, I don't
    think they really reach the level of rants. In the unlikely event I am ever
    disturbed by one, I can always unread it. Glad to hear all the kitties are
    doing well. Don't wear yourself out w/ all your many activities.

    Dar, used to have an Oreo cat when I was married. My ex got custody. Well,
    you can't really move cats too successfully. According to folk lore, they
    usually try to return home. Had lots of cats and some dogs too over the years.
    The only one that wasn't nice is the ornery critter I'm now feeding, but
    even difficult cats (and people) need a little kindness. I hope things calm down
    at your place and you can get some rest.

    Hugs to Diane and Joan and Barry and Granni and Sun and Springwater and
    Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea.

    Your pal [​IMG]
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, I'm glad my poem made you laugh. That's good enough for me! You are right about even mean critters needing love too. In fact, I sometimes think they need it more than anyone. That's how I approach things and, if nothing else, it keeps the stressful drama down. Those fluorescent light tubes have to be put in jusssst right and I usually have to mess with them before they light up. I have one fixture on top of the kitchen cabinets. It started to put out weak pink light. I put in a new bulb and it was still pink. I switched the bulb with one from the other fixture and it was still pink. So, I went too Lowe's and bought a new fixture and wired it in. Guess what--still pink. Finally, I called the electrician and he couldn't figure it out either. He said I did a good job wiring the new fixture. So, I don't use that fixture. Some things in life are just a mystery.

    Granni, I edited your post just a bit because I got a request to remove some posts by the poster. You had responded to her and I'm afraid if she has a cyber stalker, he, or she, might see it.

    I said I didn't think it would rain but we had a downpour last evening. There is all that moisture from the Tropical Storm in Mexico and the Gulf but the cold front moving down is keeping most of the rain south of us. I'm so thankful this time of year for any rain we get. Guess my watering yesterday morning was in vain but then again, it may have brought the rain--kinda like washing the car. Speaking of which, my car could use a good wash job. I cleaned out the inside one day when I was in decent shape.

    So, today will be an easy day. I'll clean the baths and dust and call it a day. Tomorrow, I'll dig into that mess in the front office. AACK!!!

    Simon didn't show for breakfast. Either he has another place to eat or he's still hunting a lot. We never have mice here (knocking on wood). Either the wild animals, or Simon, or hawks get rid of them. They must be tasty little critters. Also, they are a nice warm meal. We have snout holes in our mulch which means we probably have an armadillo around here. I will have to try to find his cave. Last one dug under our cement slab under the backflow valve plumbing and spigot. Our sprinkler man told me that if I find it, I should put dog poop in it and the armadillo will abandon it. Now, I ask neighbors to save used coffee for our plants which love acidic soil but I can't imagine asking them to save dog poop. I wonder whether cat droppings from the litter box would work as well. Some days when I clean their boxes, I'm ready to abandon the condo :confused:

    I have some housekeeping to do so will leave the board. Hope y'all have a very good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi all......

    Mikie: You have armadillos in Florida.....cool....I guess. Unless they make trouble. I've never seen one except in photos. I read about how your DD tried to hit you with a guilt trip for not flying out to see them. I totally understand. I would get it all the time from my DD.....she would tell me my grandkids were growing up without seeing me much......she just didn't understand all the pain and fatigue I went thru. THEN, about 3 years ago it hit her big time. She was the one who was a drag when they went on vacations. Her DHs family believe in everyone traveling together, and I'm talking about Europe or Canada or in the U.S. Her DH and his family are over the top with energy, but every day she was losing more and more of it. One time at the end of a 10 day road/train trip in Canada she could barely function and she didn't want to see any of them. HA. So the "screw turned" so to speak. Now she really understands my feelings of being left out but unable to go places. She now fights adrenal fatigue big time.

    I'm glad to read that you finally made your DD understand.

    Weird about the pink bulb!

    Julie: could Lorraine me developing asthma? I know that my DGS, age 11, has had it since about 5. They were always having to take him to the hospital for a breathing treatment and he has to be so careful because everything that comes around he picks it up. Colds and bronchitis all the time.

    Rock: I hate those florescent tubes! They are extremely hard to get in correctly. And did you know that before you put in a new one you rock it back and forth so the stuff inside flows evenly. A man told us years ago at Lowe's. I have some tubes in my studio and one is giving me fits every evening. Go figure since I turn it on most of the time in the daytime also.

    Granni: sounds like you had a good time at that craft faire. They still have a big one locally around this time, but most of the people I talk to don't go anymore. Crafts around here have kinda died out. I used to make a lot of things myself, among them were pressed flower pictures. I would gather small flowers through out the year and press them between sheets of paper in magazines. Then carefully glue them to a nice sheet of paper in a design, and add a little calligraphy verse and frame them under glass. I also dried the flowers in silica gel for about a week, then stick a very thin piece of wire thru them and make a bouquet. These would be stuck in some moldable clay, which I had adhered to the bottom of a clear glass jar with a lid. Moss around the bottom and then the top was sealed up so air wouldn't get in......voila a real bouquet of flowers.

    Yesterday was errands day. Two banks, the ink and toner store (I can get 4X the amount of ink for my printer as opposed to buying the Microsoft ones) a light bulb store, and a computer repair shop. I'm having BIG time troubles with my PC. I took a pic. of the message it was showing. The guy said I have a malware virus? I asked how could that be since I have two programs on my computer that block it. Anyway, my DS said he could come over on saturday to look at it. I know NOTHING about computers and I'm helpless. This shop I went to, which we have in the past, has changed owners again and I don't get good feelings about them now. I had even suggested to my DS that I pay for the geek squad to come to my house but he said to wait.

    Monday I saw my doctor. I'm scheduled for a treadmill test Nov. 7. He's ordered another inhaler.....has steroids.....which I'm not thrilled about. I talked to his nurse yesterday since they had to call in another RX because this one the insurance didn't cover.....$400 cash for it!!!!!!!!! Yipes.

    Today I'm making a play day for me. Toooooo much stress, and I need to chill out. Going to spend the day gardening and painting.
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    Dar Ones,

    Busy all morning and still have stuff to do. Just zoomed through the Porch. Cute poem Rock. Hi to everyone. Have to go make the bed if we want to sleep on it tonight. Then have to make a meatloaf for DH. He has been salivating.

    Need to run for nw. Tomorrow will be busy too and getting ready for the cleaning lady. DH bought me my paint to paint the posts o the desk - so you know what I will be doing in between other stuff ):!!

    Luv you all
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    Hi, Sunflower Girl,

    I'm so sorry about your DD. Mine has Lyme Disease but she's never been as sick as I. At the time, she did say she finally understood how I feel. She's not a high NRG person but she manages to do a lot. When I'm not as bad as I've been the last six months, I manage pretty well; however, traveling is another matter altogether. I know hale and healthy people who have sworn off flying.

    Yes, we do have armadillos here but the only ones I've actually seen are road kill. Some county agency came out and trapped ours and I wasn't here when they took it away. Evidently, it was quite large. The snout marks in our mulch lead me to believe this one is big too.

    I have a problem with fluorescent lights if they flicker at all. It starts the seizure activity and I have to get away from it. Same with one which is making that buzzing sound. I didn't know about distributing the gas before installing. Good tip-thanks. My fixtures use the really small tubes. I put fixtures on top of the shelving unit in my front office and on top of the armoire in my bedroom. They are plugged into the light switch outlet so I can turn them on when I come into the room. They are perfect. I finally got LED lights for next to my sofa and my reading lamp in the bedroom. I like using my Kindle Fire because the screen is lit and I don't need a lamp.

    Good luck on your test.

    I ended up doing nothing today. I overdid it yesterday so thought I'd just laze around today. I did sleep deeply for a while. Both cats came in and slept on the bed, started to clean one another and ended up in a smackdown. They are the feline version of WWW.

    Hope everyone is well. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I started a new book today. It's called "The Owl Who Liked to Sit on Caesar's Head".
    Don't know yet, but I assume "Caesar" refers to either the salad or a bust of the
    Emperor. Anyhoo it's a tawny owl. The author says they are small, but Wikipedia
    says they are of medium size.

    Reminds me of that parrot book I read a couple years ago. "Alex the Parrot" about
    a grey parrot and a psychologist that worked together for 30 years. Grey parrots
    are very intelligent. (Well, so are most psychologists.)

    Springwater, did I ask you about "The Fever Tree"? A book by Richard Mason who
    wrote "The World of Suzie Wong". It's set in Nepal. More and more I get
    confusiated about what I posted and what I intended to post. Anyhoo the book
    is about a spy. Gordon told me today he wanted to read it also. I, however,
    did not find the book to my liking; we returned it to the library last Monday.

    I have more library news, but I will refrain. I don't want to overstimulate
    my readers. BWA-HA-Ha!

    Mikie, did I tell you guys about the time I saw some armadillos in N. Minnesota?
    It was ca. 1963. They were just ambling along the little country road. I
    was astonished, of course, and made a U turn. On closer inspection the
    intriguing critters turned out to be white turkeys. [​IMG]

    And here's a sign from a sandwich shop: Lettuce Meat Olive your
    Eggspectations." And a nursery had this sign out front: Back To School
    Essentials! 5 Bags of Soil for $5.

    Granni, what sort of meatloaf do you make? Anything unusual? About 30
    years ago Gordon and I went to dinner at a friend's place. He was a
    member of our bridge club and the manager for Rita Coolidge. Anyhoo
    he made a meatloaf and used mushroom soup as an ingredient. Every
    since I have suggested that Gordon try the same thing. His response is
    always the same: No.

    Sun, thanks for the tip about the florescent tubes. When I was a kid our
    bathroom had a mirror with a florescent tube on each side. The tubes
    were only about 10 inches long. Have never seen anything similar.
    Anyhoo, despite the primitive times we never had any trouble with them.

    I would love to see your flower work. Do you still have some examples.
    About 3 decades ago I saw a demonstration on TV. Some crystals you
    put around a flower that preserved it. Well, I sent away for same thinking
    it would be great for Gordon.

    When we were decluttering recently I found the box. He opened it, but never
    did anything with it. I thought he would have been thrilled to preserve
    some of his orchids. As Plato or some great philosopher observed,
    "Ya jist never know".

    We've had some wonderful weather the last few weeks. I though the
    terrible heat wave was over, but the ten day forecast says more days in
    the 80s are expected. Uff-da!

    Hugs to all
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    Hi Julie

    Yes, I read your earlier post. I spect Mikie can get things straightened out. Hope
    you get in some nap time today.

    Saw some silly T shirts this morning.
    "In my day we had NINE planets."

    "If you can't be a good example, be a warning."

    Spring, did your computer news page have the picture of the lady in Nepal picking
    marigolds? They were for the market in Kathmandu.

    Mikie, I did some shopping yesterday. Didn't have any coupons but I saved $200.
    I ordered some CDs from a place that sells remainders. Based on the original
    suggested price of $18 @ when CDs were new (1983), that's how much I saved.

    One final word: Arrrr!

  12. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: I also saw your posts. Probably just a state of confusion that seems to hit all of us at one time or another.

    Spring: I was at my watercolor class the other day, stopped at a Starbucks and right across the street was a SMALL/tiny restaurant......Nepal food along with Indian. So I went over and picked up the menu that was stacked outside. OMG......expensive! Every item was about $8.99 each and the meals were running around $20. In the little town it is in I wonder how long they will stay in business. I think there were about 10 tables total.

    Rock: Hmmmm....I guess you got a bargain on those CDs. How much were they at the price you paid. Me......I'm a cheap skate......a lot I order from the library.

    I think I've picked up whatever Granni has.......a "running from here to there" syndrome. LOL I'm soooooo darn tired. Last night I got over stimulated by drinking some left over Starbucks at 10 PM. I was awake until after 2 and still I wake at 6:30. I discovered late last night that I hadn't even gotten a paper bill from the gas company since Aug. I called first thing this morning. She said they didn't send a bill in sept because they were having to estimate my previous 3 months because they couldn't read the meter. Actually when I investigated why I found that the deluge of rain we had around august that it had brought dirt down and covered it up. I cleaned it up right away and called them. And she said they actually were sending out a bill today for the past 2 months. So all night I worried I would have my gas shut off.

    I'm heading now for my art group, just to have some fellow artists to chat with. I'm having awful PC problems so my DS will be over tomorrow along with my 4 month old DGD.......this must be my DIls time alone day. I really have to give a big hand to my son. What father would take his baby with him, to feed, change, put down for a nap here. I won't go into my feelings for my daughter in law.:(
  13. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Sun et al,

    So, you think you have my running from here to there syndrome :)!! Didn't go far today other than go work out some and get ready for the cleaning lady and her daughter who was late due to her daughter's class for some reason. They got started almost 3:30 . So working around her (them) was tricky for dinner. They did get done fairly quickly though since here were two of them. Then I had to throw some dinner together. Yes, your DS is wonderful to do all that stuff for his new baby. My husband only changed a diaper in desperation and when no one else was there.

    DD and DSIL got home last night from their trip to see his parents. This afternoon they left for SFA to go to their homecoming. They will be back Sunday afternoon I guess. DGD goes to work tomorrow 7-3 and we will take him out to eat Mexican food tomorrow night.

    Nothing else that exciting happening around here really. Need to go take a shower very son. I promise DH that I would go and start my painting of the posts on the deck tomorrow. Not looking forwards to it at all even though the weather seems to be very nice, especially in the morning. The highest it did get today I think is 82. It was in the 50's this morning . I even needed a sweater some of the day.

    Julie- Hope all is well. Hope all is well with you and your missing posts. Crazy huh ??

    Rock - I see you were pretty chipper today posting away. Sorry but I need to leave now and start the dishwasher and get ready to take my shower.

    Don't worry if you do not see me for a while. I will be painting - ugh!!!! outside - not fun and I'm not neat:)!!

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    just dropping by. The festival is almost over. Today is a day where brothers worship? sisters
    ..my DH and his uncles hv always gone to receive blessings from a lady whose house they used
    to stay in at one time when my DH was a boy.

    My festival was muted because a relative who stays abroad to look after her two kids while
    her DH stays here, looking after a business was hit by a very unfortunate situation..the DH
    took seriously ill and is in hospital, she is here and obviously in distress..we hv been going to the
    hospital and managing the festival rituals on bare minimum. I mean i just do what i can.
    barely enough.

    Rock - no i didnt see the picture, but can imagine. all the streets and shops are filled with
    marigold garlands which one hangs from door frames, gates, buildings.

    https://www.google.com.np/webhp?gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=LRFLVLXbIsj38QWO1oDgCg#q=nepal tihar garland decorations

    the above picture from google shows most of what goes on in this festival.

    its fine for people who are healthy and hv lots of family members to help for most of
    the women i speak to, my butchers wife, the help etc its an added stress and financial
    burden. time consuming, but if everything is going on well, then its quite an exciting
    time. lot of gambling too and drinking.

    Id never heard of the book Fever Tree. But i have read and enjoyed 'Shopping for Buddhas'
    by Jeff Greenwald. Its set in a time when id just come down to this city and he has depicted
    everything very well. even the teeny bits of his experiences in Tibet. I had to laugh out loud.
    he is irreverent too. But what he writes about it is not exxagerated. Its all there. Or was
    there those times.

    here is an excerpt


    Sun - 10 $ for one nepali meal item..thats just crazy. They dont even hv too expensive
    ingredients..i wonder whether there is a community from here living around that
    place. Not many people would actively seek out a Nepali dish but then i guess
    Indian ones must be popular. Curries etc.

    Glad you found out why your gas bill wasnt coming. What a headache. That and
    these other little household jobs which dont seem big but when they add up,

    Julie - that again was a lovely picture..do keep posting. Its evident any kind
    of interaction with SIL brings on someting or other. What a situation. I hope
    Oreo missy is doing well.

    Mikie - your armadillo story reminded me of the time when my middle brother
    told me people were talking about a 'strange strange' animal they found at
    so and so place..it was half man, half animal'. A crowd had gathered etc etc
    I told my MIL (this was two decades ago btw) and she said 'what is the world
    coming to? Not a good sign" shaking her head. Later brother told me it
    turned out to be an anteater but im sure he meant armadillo.

    do you know if computers/phones/cells emit EMF? I sometimes feel
    very uncomfortable when operating these. Here someone told me people use
    stickers with mantras on them to ward off 'negative energy' which maybe
    enemies could send them..this is a superstitious place..are they trying
    to ward off EMF not knowing what it is? I use white light visualisation
    which seems effective and if incense is burning nearby, it seems even
    better. I dont understand why so many people are having trouble
    with posting on this site. All sorts of problems like fonts changing
    on their own, getting logged off, posts deleted before posting,
    cursor jumping randomly...ive alway believed a hacker toys with
    my posts but it happens with a lot of people here, it seems. What
    can be the logical explanation? Someone targets this site ?

    Its that time of the year when we wil hv wonderful weather for a while
    before cold sets in. The sunshine looks particularly lovely. not blinding
    white. It wil be easier to run errands out on foot. yay!

    I cleared out one smaller cupboard in the kitchen cabinet set. and
    faugh! found several cereals from dont know how long back. DH
    hoards cereals and forgets he has bought them. Also found tea
    leaves and two new cookie sheets which i must hv bought and
    forgotten about. Sometimes i feel like throwing out everything
    and locking up and going and living in a cave. making my diet
    one of fruits (handpicked from nearby trees) and berries
    again picked straight from the bush and stream water.

    No buying stuff, no hoarding, no cleaning. I dont think the
    men would like it tho. Theyre definitely not following me.

    Take care all

    God Bless
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, sorry, I asked PH to delete your posts but I will e-mail and tell they not to continue to delete them. Guess I wasn't too clear. Night before last, I turned off my phone alarm but forgot to take my Special K. Well, I slept just fine and was sooooo clear headed yesterday. I'm going to try to wean off very slowly. I don't know whether I can completely because of the sensory overload. Missing a day doesn't cause a reaction but cutting down over time does. I am pretty sure that benzos dull the mind. At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :rolleyes:

    Rock, white turkeys? I've never heard of them. They would be interesting to see. Our wild turkeys down here have little resemblance to the ones on farms. Farm turkeys are raised to have larger breasts. Make of that what you will. Arrrggg! Were those CD's pirated? I used to take ones from the library and copy them to my computer. I downloaded them to my phone to use as an MP3 player. In any case, kudos to you for your great bargain!!!

    Sunflower Girl, wish I had enough NRG to do some running around. I didn't even make it here yesterday but did get a bit of much needed work done in the condo. Glad you have your fellow artists to help enrich your life. I've been wanting to get back to painting--just as soon as I get into that front office to clean it out and organize. The cats will lose their mines when I finally open it up and they can go in. I had shut off the A/C, heat vent in there and it is stuck. If I'm going to clean in there, I'll have to get up on the step stool and try to open it.

    Granni, you sound busy, as usual. Just keep thinking how nice the deck will look when done. Keep your eyes on the prize. I've found that once I get started on a hated project, it turns out not to be as bad as I had feared. Good luck!

    Springwater. yes, electronics emit EMFs and some people think they are very unhealthy for us. There have been studies of cell phone use and for people living under high-energy electrical towers. None of the studies have really been conclusive. Some say that having a lot of EMFs in the bedroom is very bad for sleep and health. I even saw one article which stated that one could sleep in a Faraday cage, which repels the EMFs. My neighbor downstairs is all upset because all the new electrical meters are clustered for the whole bldg. on the outside wall of his front bedroom which, like me, he uses for a little office. The new meters emit radio signals so all the meter readers have to do is drive by with a receiver to "read" the meters. Someone here, I think it was Sun, said in one town, people blocked the utility from installing these new meters. You can test EMFs by turning on an AM Radio station. Pass the radio by the electronics. The more static you hear, the more EMF's which are being emitted.

    OK, any bad grammar, misspellings, etc. are due to my fatigue and the fact that I didn't scan this post. As soon as it's late enough to shower, I'm going to color my hair and then, I'll cut it. It's waaaaaay past time to do it. Haven't painted my tootsies in ages. I've just lost my zest for living lately. My ex BIL and his wife are visiting down here and wanted to do lunch but I told him I'm just too tired. Heck, I have only had lunch once in ages with friends here. They will be back down in Mar., so maybe we can get together. I'm so glad I've learned to say, "No thank you." I told him it was really nice of them to call me and think of me. These are not people I've been close to. Who knows, though, if I felt better, I'd likely enjoy lunch with them. Maybe in Mar. Good grief, I hope that by then, I'll have some NRG and care about something.

    Hope you all have a spectacular Sat.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Been up most of the night. Doesn't matter, of course, since I don't have to work anymore.
    One of the few good things about growing old. Another is the vast storehouse of wisdom
    I've acquired over the decades. As you can imagine, many young people constantly come
    and ask for my counsel and advice.

    Mikie, I couldn't find a picture of a white turkey that could be copied. But I did
    find a cartoon which I intend to paste at the bottom of this post. White
    turkeys are the domesticated variety. Date back to the early 1900s I read.
    They are about twice as big as wild ones. The ones I saw alongside the
    road had gotten out of the farmer's pen.

    I'm very impressed with anydobby who can color and cut her own hair. That
    must save more than several coupons. BTW, can any of you gals explain
    why some women dye their hair magenta? Is it temporary? Are they
    mentally ill? Are they just shrieking to be noticed? Remember when
    Blanch (Rue) did a rant on The Golden Girls about the color magenta?

    Springwater, I went to the site you posted. Go look, Folks. Wonderful pics
    with vibrant color! Our biggest festival is Christmas, of course. Lots of
    folks say it wears them out.

    Two new cookie sheets, huh? When we were cleaning out the garage Gordon
    found new appliances (crock pot, fan, baking tins) that had never been used.
    Uff-da! Yes, the men probably would miss the comforts of home if you moved
    into a cave. On the other hand, they could probably tolerate same as long as
    the womenfolk continued to do all the chores. Ha Ha!

    Granni, how many posts are there on that deck? Or do you guys do one or
    two and then put the task aside for awhile? I haven't painted anything for
    a coon's age. Nowadays there are tools (like plastic shields) so you can paint
    a doorway or a window sill without getting paint where you don't want it.
    Sound like you got lottsa good stuff for the Ladies Club sale.

    Sunflower, the CDs I ordered had an average cost of $4.34. And I ordered
    19 of them which (w/ shipping) came out to just under 70 bucks. I can't
    get the CDs I like from the library. Plus, unlike books, they will not ship
    them around from one branch to another. If you want one that's 20 miles
    away, you have to go get it.

    We are going to a used book sale at the library later today. I especially need
    some paperbacks. Something I can read in the tub w/out worrying about
    dropping it. I'm so clumsy these last several years. I don't want to drop
    a $30 dollar book and then have to pay for a new one plus the
    "replacement charges" which I think are $10. But that's not being a
    cheapskate. It's being frugal. Like the Frugal Gourmet who also had
    Norwegian ancestors. (He looked a great deal like my uncle.)

    Hope your gas bill/situation is quickly resolved.


  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    What are those two turkeys saying to one another? I'll bet you can come up with something clever. See, I'm a youngster of 70 coming to you for answers. I never knew about the white turkeys so I learned something. That's always a good thing. I hunger for knowledge and gobble it up when I find it.

    The magenta hair dye was a fad and seemed to stick with some women. I see very few who look good with it. I appreciate the kudos but hair color is sooooo easy now that it doesn't take much skill. The hard part is finding just the right color and brand. I have a lot of red pigment in my own hair so I have to be careful or I end up with a pinkish brown color which turns to a nice blond but it takes about two weeks. The color I used today came out great. Now, watch them change their colors! Cutting, on the other hand does take some practice but since I wear it short, the difference between a good cut and a bad one is, again, about two weeks. I have always watched the stylists when they cut my hair so I just do what they do and, voila!, it looks decent.

    Rue McLanehan (I know I misspelled that) was one of my favorites. I saw her in "Picnic" on stage with my SIL's uncle, Dick Van Patten. He's most know for playing the Dad on "Eight Is Enough." Our family always enjoyed that show. I never realized what a great stage actor Dick is. My SIL's mother and I were his guests and went backstage after the performance. He's a nice man. His wife, Pat, is a lovely woman. They are one of Hollywood's long-married couples with a nice family of sons.

    "The Golden Girls" was, and remains, one of my favorite shows. Remember how risqué we thought it was? Geez, it was tame compared to today's shows. Each of those women was fantastic in her own right. Together, they were perfect. I love a good show which is well written and well casted.

    I went to the store and got a couple of fabric bags full. They claim to train their baggers but some of them are horrible. I feel bad but I finally just took the rest of my groceries and put them in the cart and rebagged everything. The kid put four of those little Pepperidge Farm cookie bags in the bottom of one of those large bags and put it in the cart. Common sense, if not training, tells you to put some heavier things in the bottom with the cookies on top. I probably upset the kid and I felt bad about it later. I was tired, in pain and grumpy but I usually enjoy the banter with the employees and, occasionally, other customers. This was totally unlike how I wish to be.

    When I came home, Tweety wanted me to go out on the lanai with her. I did but she was soooooo needy today and I was about to drop. I went out, rubbed her belly and came back in and flopped on the sofa. I looked out at her and I saw her eyes drop with an expression of disappointment I've never seen in a cat. It broke my heart and I got up and went back out for a little bit longer. Tomorrow morning, I will definitely spend time with the cats out there. Poor little kitties--they ask so little from me. I know it's hard for them to be indoor cats after having the whole world as their playground.

    So, today was not me at my best. I stopped by Barb's on my way out to see whether she was OK. I haven't been out much and haven't seen her out on the Balcony. I didn't go in but her door was open. She sounded as though she had a cold and she said she did. She caught it from her kids I had bought a mesh bag of FL tangerines so I left a small bowl of them on the table outside her condo. She left me a note and said she didn't know what was wrong with her, saying that maybe she's just tired. For quite some time, she's been pretty curt and unfriendly. She has these moods and I don't know why. I just let it go and, eventually, she will improve somewhat. She seemed worse after the kids left. Hope she's OK.

    We are having wonderful weather. Our mornings are even a bit nippy. No humidity and temps in the 70's and 80's. Tomorrow, I need to trim our HUGE philodendron as it's reached the Balcony and is sticking through the railings. I put the clippings out and the gardeners pick them up for us. I just have to be careful of the Bufo toad who lives at the base of that plant. He's sooooo cute but is toxic to touch. When I go down there, he sits still as though he's pretending he's a statue. I call him, Bufo (really creative, huh?) Unfortunately, if the statue act doesn't work and those toads get afraid, they go nuts, hopping all over. If the cats were still outside, one of them would likely have tried to catch him and gotten sick. My neighbor, the one who gave me the orchids, took her dog out and he grabbed a Bufo and got sick. Her vet bill was $700! BTW, that HUGE orchid looks as though two of its stalks are going to bloom. I'll take pics.

    Who knew I had a Warren Peace in me on a Sat. evening. I had better shut this down. I hope everyone is healthy and happy!

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie,

    My MIL had a wood stove in her added-on family room. I couldn't breathe in that room when she was using the stove. I would get an asthma attack if I tried to stay. I do think those old kitchen wood stoves really made food taste better than food cooked in modern stoves. I wouldn't want to have to use one but my Mom said everything cooked in the wood stove oven was better, especially bread. I hope Josiah is feeling better. I also hope your chest pain is better.

    I woke at 5:00, which is good for me. I got up but Simon didn't show. I fed Princess Tweety and Sir Vester and gave them their expected treats. It was cold out on the lanai. I think it's OK for the cats, down into the 60's but I'm wondering about this winter when it can get down into the 50's or even 40's and 30's. I can't leave them inside because they drive me nuts. They get up on the bed and yowl for me to get up and play with them. No wonder they sleep all day; I think they are awake all night. I may have to put the little pet bed out there and if they are cold, they will have to suck up their sibling rivalry and curl up together. Tweety was especially cute this morning when I sat out on the lanai with them. She lay on her back between the scratching posts, which hold up the little plateaus on the kitty condo, and was looking wild while reaching out with her front paws and rabbit kicking the posts with her back feet. It was intended to scare Sylvester as they had just had a smackdown. Both are exhausted and curled up asleep. I got their favorite treats BOGO at Publix yesterday. I got six bags but may go back for a few more before Wed.

    About 9:00, I went out to cut down a few stems/leaves on the philodendron plant which is encroaching onto our Balcony. I figure our little toad, Bufo, would be less active with cooler weather in the morning. I also trimmed the ones in the other stairwell atrium as some had drooped onto other plants and some had leaves with dead areas on them. Finally, I cut off a couple of small branches on our cachia tree which were leaning on the roof. Some of the higher ones will need trimmed eventually but not now while it is in bloom. It is a major feeding area for bees and butterflies. We have one out back which is fuller and healthier than the one in front. It is covered with bright yellow blooms. Beautiful! I'm so excited because two of the long old stems on our HUGE orchid are about ready to bloom. There is a tree up the street by the church which is covered in lavender blooms. This is partly why I love it here so much.

    I think that today, I'll indulge in binge watching "Manhattan." It's about the project in NM where we developed the atomic bomb. I've seen all the episodes but it can be a bit difficult to follow so thought I'd rewatch it before tonight's season finale. I've read about the Manhattan Project before but I think I'll Google it to see whether it can add to the experience of the TV series. I looooove wasting time binge watching TV. I know it's not good for me but I do some other things which are. If I can find someone to hold a gun on me, I may go to the pool to work out in the morning.

    Well, this is my pathetic life. I do manage to enjoy myself, though, to a point. I just can't seem to really get revved up about anything. Before I got sick, I was so passionate about so many things. I reduced my Special K 1/8 last night. I'm going to see whether I can keep it up for a while. I don't think a reasonable dose reduction is as critical as letting one's system take a looong time to get used to the new dose. With Klonopin/clonazepam, it can take a while to see the withdrawal symptoms kick in.

    My love, hugs and prayers to all our beloved Porchies. Have a lovely Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick good morning to everyone,

    DH went to church and I am going to sing with some of the choir for Confirmation . It has been a very busy weekend. Haven't gotten to paint yet but went outside for awhile yesterday and cleaned some boards with the hose for DH on the deck and washed some of the post boards that I m going to have to start painting probably tomorrow.

    MIKIE - Could you buy some sort of portable heater that you could put somewhere in the lanai that the kitties won't get hurt, and they could stay warm??. I do not think they cost too much but would be a very good investment and you could get your rest without them pouncing on you to early in the a.m.

    I have gotten off the Special K ( so far without many problems) even if I do not sleep quite as well. We will see ! I have been taking m Flexeril and the the new sleep aid Somnapure which is natural. However I have been taking only one tab instead of 2. I think it must be hard to keep in stock and I cannot always find it. I may have to start ordering it by mail. They seem to almost always be out of it at WM but CVS did have it a few times too. Haven't checked Walgreens or any other places. Do you take our special K only at night? I used take 1/2 pill and then went to 1/4 as you were planning on. Good luck ! I know it will be harder to get now with the new regulations. I think you have to go in to see the doc ever y 3 month or so, for one thing. I pan to stop my Rheumy and go to my much loser PCP if he will prescribe it if needed. I as only going to see her once a year for the script. I has now gone into the next highest category - , much more highly regulated.

    JULIE - Sorry you are continuing to have the chest pains. How long do they last and do you take anything at all for it.? You might ask the doc for Nitroglycerin . I might help to get rid of the pain. Maybe he could give you a sample to try or just a few pills. If I remember correctly from way back - I THINK they may be sublinqual and under the tongue. This was many years ago and I haven't checked for any other more resent drugs. So sorry you have to keep dealing with you know who and all her crap.

    Gotta run and get dressed now. So much happening today and tomorrow I will be busy painting a lot of he day, if I can. No Line Dancing tomorrow ):!!.

    Hi to Rock, Sun, Spring Water, Joan and all our wonderful PORCHIES. Will get back when I can to post. I have been reading some but not posting.

    BTW, also received a post from someone the other day who was looking for relatives and is a apparently a cousin of mine. Will be interesting when we trade information.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all!

    Julie, hope you're ok. Get more rest and make sure you keep up with your doctor on this problem. You do so much for so many! Please take some time to give yourself some care.

    I am now off the flexoril and the Lodine XL. (I am only taking the vitamin and mineral supplements and homeopathics in the right combinations), and am doing fairly well. I still need to talk to my G.P. about changing the levothyroxine to Armor Thyroid. I think it may be better. I've noted that some people do very well with that. In the mean time, since I've been without my thyroid medication for too long, due to lack of co-pay $ to see the doc to get it re-filled, I've upped my thiamine intake. Seems to help.

    I have the "bestest" news! I am beat up, bruised, my knee is in an ace bandage, and I am totally exhausted. The reason this is good news is because, after a year of having my entire living room on my front porch after a leaky roof problem that ruined half my living room (part of which had to be re-plastered and mold remediated), I bought 4 gallons of Odoban, (recommended by the guy whose company does our carpets at work due to the enzymes it contains when used full strength), and treated my carpet to insure no mold or cat smell remained a few weeks ago. The cats are no longer interested in using my carpet as a commode. So..............yesterday I vacummed and steam cleaned the entire 24' X 12' room one more time, moved all my furniture, plants, wall art and most of my bric-a-brac back into my living room and got it all placed where I'm happy with it! (I started after breakfast).

    By 8:00 last night I ordered a "delivery" pizza, then sat in my favorite recliner, put on an old favorite album on my phonograph, let out a sigh and just "basked". Today, I'm going to finish finding the rest of the bric-a-brac that goes on my entertainment center, (It's a huge 3 piece unit with shelves), and then vacuum and steam clean my dining room carpet. Finally! I have my "nest" back. Woohoo!!!! (Monday I will be setting up a chiropractic appointment). :D LOL

    I've felt so out of kilter not having my home look like my home. Even though I've been horribly over-taxed at work, I just couldn't take coming home to my house the way it looked anymore. I was determined! I am paying a "price" for all this activity, but I'm happy. It's a trade off I guess. My body will recover. My psyche, however, will be much more content now to come home to a home I can feel "nesty" in after a long day's work.

    When I get all that accomplished, this afternoon I'm picking up my best friend , her leaf blower, hedge trimmers, and weed eater and together we're going to attack my yard! I have the most beautiful maple tree on the block when it turns in the fall. It turns bright orange and red and is a riot of beautiful colors. Right now, however, it is naked and my front yard looks like the "Coat of Many Colors". So we're going to blow the leaves off to the street to burn, trim my bushes, move two Hastas from the end of my sidewalk and put them around the base of the tree and relocate one rose bush from between my yew bushes to where my beloved Pyewackett is buried in the back yard. Then, I will collapse into a hot tub of water full of epsom salts. :)

    I have a really crazy week ahead with two outings, two parties, and a humongous list, (a full legal size lined paper and another third of one full of names), of residents to keyboard into a spreadsheet with lists of Christmas presents for them to submit to Santa for Seniors by the end of this week. In between all this stuff, I have my regular activities, getting the newsletter, laminates for both elevators, signs for the week and other stuff done, printed and posted. Once that's all accomplished I can, perhaps, breathe again! At least for a week.

    Then I get to dive in to Veteran's day, (3 events I have planned for them, one is an outing), Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to call my entertainers and get all of next year's once a month birthday parties booked. Once the holidays are over, I have already accumulated over 100 hours of paid time off. By New years I will have maxed out the 140 hours we're allowed to accumulate and will have to take some time off because after 140 they don't credit you with anymore. You've got to use it or lose what I could continue to accumulate.

    This time, I will be putting in for two weeks off! First time in almost six years. Then..........I can rest and recharge! And people often times refer to me as "Just an Activity Director". If people only understood the myriad of details I deal with daily!!!! The people who do understand my job are amazed that I do what I do in the condition I'm in, find it hard to believe I do it all with no assistant, and are very sweet about acknowledging my efforts. It's nice to know that at least some do get it and appreciate what I do. That is what makes it all tolerable. That and an enormous love for my residents.

    Well Porchies, I guess I better go get started.

    Love, hugs and well wishes to all on the porch.


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