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    I'll be back. OK, I'm back.

    Sunflower Girl, we must have both been posting at the same time. So, I'll reply to you here. Yes, the normally timid Sir Vester tried to make a run for it. I wish we could let the cats out but the horrible old woman, and one other claim the cats jump on the hoods of their cars and scratch them. They used to jump on ours and never left a mark, even on Barb's new black car. She threatened to take them on a ride and throw them out so I have to keep them inside. I get a book which has halters and leashes for cats but I doubt Tweety would tolerate it. Also, once I took them out, they'd be bugging me all the time to go. Think I'll just leave well enough alone and live with my guilt at keeping these two little lovers of nature inside all the time. I'm glad you can let your cats out.

    I actually went over to the pool this morning. I forgot pool time is 9:30. I thought it was 9:00. I like to go early because I can get my running in before everyone else shows up. Well, I got there at 8:45 and even by 9:30, no one else showed up. I'm glad I got my body moving but people with CFIDS/ME and FMS do not feel energized by working out. Everyone else who does it, and believe me, what they do can't be called "working out, says they feel great the rest of the day. "Oh, Normals, you don't know what you take for granted."

    I need to go down to the dumpster with my trash and recyclables. That will mean paying bills. AACK!!!

    May no Porchie get a bill today!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello to All. I've still got the Dutch crud (or airplane crud more likely), but not as bad. I have never expectorated so much in my life. Been taking a lot of guaifenesin which has helped a a great deal. This is the first cold I've had since I came down with CFS/ME in the mid '90's. My immune system is perhaps acting differently for some reason. Oh well, I have a mass of doc. appts and exams to look forward to in the next few months, which involve ultrasounds, thiss and thats. o_O

    Autumn is here in earnest, coloured leaves everywhere: red dogwoods, yellow maples and serviceberries, and golden oaks. There are still snapdragons in bloom, as well as some petunias, agastachys, etc. Richard has gone to Eureka (our big town - 60 miles away) to do shopping at Costco, etc. I've told him to be on the lookout for daffodil and tulip bulbs. Easy to have planted, and I love them as cut flowers in the house. One stem of a tulip is lovely. And good energy.

    I read today about a strange plant called kratom. It is said to be a potent pain-killer, and a stimulant like a cross between tea and marijuana! It is not illegal (yet ) and sounds very interesting. Check it out on google or wiki. If you want some you can get it from Amazon! Oh Brave New World.... I think I'll get some and see how it compares to my med. mj.

    Now that our well is working again I am so happy. No more paper plates, no more boiling tank water for "Marine baths" :oops: etc.

    I would love to see your neighbourhood trees Mikie. Some I know, but certainly not all. Did you know there was a book published about Florida's ghost orchid, the very rare one. I remember reading but not who it was buy. Orchid poachers are a great menace apparently.

    Rock, when you lived in Santa Barbara (or was it Ventura) I was probably
    living in Isla Vista. Mike Douglas used to walk by my apt. on his way to the beach. I didn't know who he was until someone told me. I had a balcony apt., so was always gazing out the windows at the parade of people. I was one block from the beach.

    Julie, Mikie expressed perfectly my own feelings about your family situation. This is stressing you. Have you taken counseling by a pastor, priest, or counselor? You might consider it. I know you are a religious person --- at least I Think I know ;).

    Time for split pea soup for lunch (home-made of course!), so off I go.

    Love to All,
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    MMMM Barry , did YOU make spit pea soup? That sounds yummy. We love it but haven't fussed with making soups in awhile. Sorry you are feeling so puny. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Just wanted to pop in and check o my dear PORCHIES. I almost posted on the old volume again, but I didn't.

    Did some painting this morning and cleaning of some posts. Then had lunch and went off to WM to exchange some jeans I had bought for DH. Got on the computer for a bit and the DH needed it so I ent overo isit DD for a short tme. All is well over there, they had just gotten back from shopping and were putting things away. They also had gone to look at used nice furniture too. So far no luck.

    Gotta get ff. DH is wanting company. More painting or weeding tomorrow but will go in the evening for a belated BDAY celebration for me and another friend.

    Love to everdobby,
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm so glad y'all found the new Porch. I try to get the new one up and running before closing off the old one but new posts/threads can take a while unless one refreshes the page.

    Barry, good to hear from you. I have struggled ever since I moved here 17 years ago to learn the birds, palms and other trees in FL. I even have books and still struggle. I know a few. I always get the Jacaranda and Poinciana trees mixed up. Both have gorgeous blooms. We also have yellow trumpet trees and pink trumpet bushes. Right now, our cashia trees are covered in bright, sunny yellow blooms which attract butterflies. I'm off to Lowe's after our condo mtg. this morning to buy a few bushes but nothing exotic. We need a couple to hide our A/C units from the street and I need an ixora to put in a bald spot in our hedge in the back. I have a $10 off $50 spent coupon so I'll likely get a couple of colorful plants for our new garden area along the south side of our bldg. I've gotten everything in there now free because so many plants down here spread and I can help myself to the new volunteer plants. I love the smaller bird of paradise with the orange blooms. For a while, they thought the ghost orchid was extinct until one was spotted in the Everglades. I guess no one wanted to risk the gators to take it but someone did take a pic of it. There is nothing spectacular about the bloom itself. I think it's the rarity which draws orchid fans. My orchids are doing great, even the tiny exotic ones. They are taking off. The HUGE one is about to bloom on three of its stalks and has put out two new stalks which are growing like crazy. My ex and DD are always spotting celebs. They aren't looking for them but are good at recognizing them. OJ Simpson was the only one I met and he was sooooo nice. Yeah! :eek:

    Granni, I agree, Barry's split pea soup sounds really good. Belated birthday? When was your birthday? Did we wish you a good one? I can't remember anything these days. If we didn't, Happy Belated Birthday! Weeding and painting? AACK!!! :confused: Don't overdo it.

    Yesterday was the most beautiful day. I got a few much needed things done and then, rested and spent some time on the lanai with the cats. As the weather improves, they are bugging me more and more to go out there with them. I love it out there but the chairs aren't that comfortable and my back needs a better spot, like on the sofa. We got a notice that all the assn. liability insurance is going up big time, except for our assn. They gave an explanation that no one understands. We are going to be looking for a new broker. I know it's not the broker's fault but they have become complacent and even rude at times. We give them a LOT of business for which they sit back and collect the residuals.

    As mentioned above, I'll be going to Lowe's for plants. I want to get our new garden area finished. Also, on another trip there, I need to see whether they carry the vinyl shutters for our windows. If not, we'll have to order them. We didn't have to raise our dues this year and I think it's the perfect time to do this little facelift to our bldg. There is no way we can justify it if we have had to raise our fees. It's only about $40 a window plus installation. We have a good handyman who works for $25 an hour so will likely hire him if he'll do it. Frank, downstairs, has put them up before, as have I, and it's a no brainer. Hmmmmm, no brainer; I should do it. I would if it didn't mean climbing a steep ladder up to the second floor. :D

    Speaking of no brainier, so far, I am doing OK on 7/8 of my Special K dose. It's easier in the beginning so I know there will be withdrawal symptoms down the road. I did go work out at the pool yesterday (I think I mentioned this in the last Porch). It left me tired but I know I have to move or I'll get sick.

    Barb is still locked away in her condo. I doubt she'll show for the mtg. but she can surprise a person. My other neighbor said she looked bad. I haven't seen her as I just called in when I checked on her and she answered from her sofa. Ever since then, she's had the door shut. When the weather is nice, she always has the door open and sits out on the balcony. Frank, downstairs, is to have his hip replacement replaced or fixed tomorrow. Julie is getter her shoulder surgery on Fri. Geez, I'm feeling thankful for the health I do have. No whining today. :)

    Well, gotta go hit the shower and get ready for our mtg. The main subject will be ins.

    My love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie

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    Sending big hugz to everyone. Need to get dressed and then possibly paint some more. I have so much to do and the weather is lovely now, especially in the morning.

    MIKIE - Yes, I did get b day wishes and even a cute e card from DIANE and well wishes for many here on the Porch. It was the 18th. Sorry Barb is so sick. Hope she is better soon and gets a better outlook on life too.

    Sorry no time to really post much. Need to go get dress first and then go paint a bit. Singing this afternoon and then that belated b-day dinner with friends.

    Granni :)
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    Julie: I think all of us moms look back on the times when our children were little and now wish we could have spent more time with them, enjoying them. They grow so fast. I've learned to MAKE time for my family, now that I'm in my "golden years". I tell my DD to enjoy them each day, but she's like all moms.......rushed, harried, and full of stress. If only we could learn to just let go and things will turn out like they're supposed to.

    Mikie: It sounds like Barb is nursing a case of depression. I guess it's understandable though, since she's up in her 80s. One plans one's life, then things happen to turn things upside down. I remember you saying that her daughter now doesn't have a permanent room for her, and that must be upsetting to her. Maybe she's taking a good look at what she's become and she's taking stock of herself.

    Granni> I keep forgetting to ask if you're using a small roller on the majority of the fence posts. Nothing like a small paint roller to make things go faster.

    Barry: I had to look up at plant/drug and surprise......I find it's linked to a plant I have......salvia divanorum. I got this little start years ago at a church rummage sale and found that it roots easily no matter where I stick a piece of it. I did a lot of research, asking every plant person I could find. Finally someone at a local botanical garden recognized it. Said it was first found in the jungles of Mexico. The shamans use it to "go into a trance" and also that tests were being done since scientists thought it could help with cancer. It's a beautiful plant, blooms about every 6 weeks but gets huge in no time at all. I recently had to cut a whole section of it down to get it under control again. Good luck in getting some tulip and daffodil bulbs. There is a home up around Big Bear, Ca that planted their whole hillside with daffodils. Gorgeous when they're all blooming.

    I'm hurting a lot today, everything, so I think stress has gotten to me and I'm in a flare. I'm going to pass going to my WC class today.
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, I think you definitely have your priorities straight. I've never heard of anyone regretting spending time with kids and grandkids. I spent a lot of time with my kids, playing with them when they were growing up. It was my opportunity to be a kid again myself. I regret that I put too much importance on keeping the house clean and organized. I don't think I should have been a slob but I could have found a middle ground. Those kids will have the most wonderful memories of time spent with you. My girls do when they think of time spent with my Mom. For so many of us today, it is impossible to be involved in our grandkids' daily lives. Andy is struggling with fractions. Oh, not to brag but I can distill math like that down into something meaningful and easier to understand and I wish I were there for him. Worry and guilt are worse than worthless. If we do make mistakes, we learn from them and that's how we grow. I know I could have been a better mother but, like Granni said, we all think that. My girls tell me their childhood was wonderful. Had I been a little older, I think I would have been more relaxed. But back then, most of us did marry young. The upside is that we had lots of NRG to deal with motherhood and running a home. Pat yourself on the back, Girl; you are doing just fine.

    Granni, I'm so glad you got your birthday wishes. Honestly, my memory is like a sieve right now. I hope Barb gets better too. At her age, and with some of her health issues, complications from a cold could be severe.

    Sunflower Girl, Barb's kids are selling the home where she and her husband built a really nice in-law apartment. It's big and Paul was a master cabinet maker. He built the ones in her condo here from scratch. The home hasn't sold yet but it's only a matter of time. To me, it's like someone just pulled her home out from under her. I think it was always a tacit understanding that, as long as one of them were alive and able to live there, it would be there. This is her favorite daughter. I believe she is still angry and depressed over losing Paul and now, she's losing the home he built for her. I see her struggling in some ways to continue to live alone. That, and her profound loneliness, causes her to depend on some people I find questionable. Not in a criminal or abusive way, but after they drive her places, she talks terrible about them and what awful people they are. I've met some of them and they are not people I'd like to be around. She talks about me like that here in the hood but everyone here has her number and no one believes her. I'm concerned about her but she has made it clear that she doesn't want to be bothered right now. Both daughters call her every day so, I figure if something is wrong, one of them will call me or someone else here. Yes, the little rollers are great! I like to use the ones which leave a smooth paint job. The vanities I painted look wonderful.

    I have a big floater in my right eye. My eye doc said not to try to get it fixed with a laser as it's very risky and can leave one with damaged eyes. There are only a couple of docs who attempt to do this and one is here. My eye doc told me that he is an addict but keeps his medical license because he turns himself into rehab, spends time there, comes back to practice and, eventually goes back into rehab. Yikes!!! My doc told me not to go to him. The guy downstairs, who is a finicky little man who obsesses (he is the one who attacked me about my sliding door) has a floater. He keeps going to docs who tell him to just learn to live with it. Well, he saw the doc who claims he can dissolve floaters on TV and has an appt. with him. I told his wife what my doc told me and she said, "So what; that doesn't mean he isn't a good doctor." Say what? I told her I wasn't saying her husband shouldn't go to him but I felt I should tell her what my own doc told me about him. My doc told me he is an addict and has been in rehab at least twice. I just told the wife that I hoped he didn't operate while on drugs. Good grief! She said it was no concern of hers because she has perfect eyes and doesn't understand what her husband is going through.

    I decided to look him up and read what his patients had to say after having their floaters treated by him. A few said he was wonderful and cleared up the vision of floaters; however, there were a lot of others who had serious complications and several who had lost part of their vision after the treatment. He got bad marks for not following up and for not seeming to care about complications. He is VERY expensive and demands full payment up front. If a patient decides not to go through with the treatment, the payment is forfeited. There were more negative ratings than positive ones and some of the negative ones were really serious. I've had my floater for about four years. Most of them go away on their own but some, like mine, hang around. Right now, it's right in my line of vision but I've learned to ignore it. I do think it's a little better than it used to be. Maybe it will dissolve eventually. Ilona has a friend who has had one for years. Most aren't dangerous but should be checked out. Mine isn't dangerous.

    This seems to be my neighbor's newest object of obsession. I wonder what happened to his obsession with electro-magnetic fields. This is the guy who has a permanent handicap license plate but has played tennis, ridden his bike, and still goes for long walks. I wonder what people think when they see him take their bicycles off the rack on the car right above the handicap plate. I know some handicaps are not visible but I can't think of any where a person can indulge in bicycle riding, tennis and long walks. Oh well, as my DD says, "It's not my job to judge--but if it were..."

    It'll be interesting to see what this guy has to say after he sees the doc and finds out how much it costs. That ought to move him on to his next health obsession. Sometimes, I think I live in Looney Town but I'm probably as loony as the rest of us here. No time to check my spelling as Tweety is acting very neglected out on the lanai and I need to go sit with her.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi All. A funny thing happened yesterday. Richard was on the phone and beckoned me to look out the front window. Eeek! A very large black bear under the Japanese Cherry, sort of snuffling around. About thirty feet from the house. What to do? I ran out the front door at it screaming, barking, and howling. I did a pretty good job and it scampered up the hill into the forest. They are getting too bold it seems. Now I've seen more bears here than raccoons!

    Mikie, about your floater. I've gotten them pretty badly over the past few years. I've got to see the eye doc., and have a cataract seen to. I have all kinds of floaters, including tiny ones that look exactly like periods. Full stops. ...... Very weird. sometimes they are little tiny bubbles. And then, there is the hidden one at the side of my eye that pops out every now and then and makes me think I've seen a cat (or something) in the corner. My vision is so precious to me, because I'm a bookworm, plant and bird-watcher. The laser therapy sounds interesting. I'll ask my doc. about it, but expect a big "NO!".

    Sunflower, you have Salvia divinorum! Sage of the divinities. My Latin has gotten rusty. I've never seen this plant before, though I know of it. I've never been tempted to partake though. :rolleyes:. Some clones don't flower much. Are your flowers white with a purple calyx like they show on wiki? I'm having second doubts about the kratom plant, but who knows? I must research it more. Apparently makes into a tea, or you can take the powdered leaves in capsules. I'm glad to hear that you have unusual plants. You must be a bona fide plant lover. I also love succulents and caudex forming plants. I have a few of the latter in pots -- Kedrostis, Ficus palmeri, Pachypodium brevicaule, and others.
    I also used to grow (from seed) living stones, about 50 species of Lithops, and other genera like Pleiospilus and Dinteranthus. It sure was fun! Alas the greenhouses became too expensive to heat, and my CFS/ME kicked in in '94, and you can guess the rest. o_O

    Over to my Lunch.
    Granni, you made me laugh when you called it "spit pea" soup. And it is the easiest thing in the world to make!

    Ta ta for now,
    Love to all,

    P.S, Julie: I am sending you a big hug! Try to catch it! ;)
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    Don't put ME into the expert category. Some things stick in my brain but lately I'm got brain overload. And I also need to look up all those plants that Barry talked about.

    Barry, here' a pic. of the plant I have. If you would like a start of it, send me a private message with your address and I'll pop some cuttings into an envelope.

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    Hi Kids

    Tried to post last night, but things went awry as oft they will. Ha Ha!

    Gordon has been on the TV gardening show again. He's "on it" in the
    sense of one who calls in. The second time he called, it was to get an
    address. The producer coaxed him to talk to the host. The program
    is produced by college kids as part of a course. The host teaches
    biology or gardening or something. Anyhoo, and here's the big
    kawinkydink, last week's program was about succulents and
    lithops were on display. They look very much like pebbles. (Stones,
    not the Flinstone variety.)

    Reminds me of show we went to at the LA Arobretum decades ago.
    It was a two parter. Orchids and succulents. Most of the succulents
    were from Africa and Australia. Never saw the like before or since.
    Some of them looked like rocks (a brown lump about the size of a
    football) with a few inches of vine growing out of the side.

    We went to another orchid show about the same time. Another two
    parter. The other half was koi carp.

    Barry, Have you heard the song "Waltzing With Bears"? A verse
    by Dr. Seuss set to music. Various renditions on Youtube. However,
    it is fantasy. Not recommended in real life. And here's another
    kawink. My brother just sent me a bear post card from the Bear
    Center in MN.

    Mikie, remember the big, birthday wish Julie posted for Granni. It was
    pink roses sprinkled with sequins. I just looked for it. Couldn't find it.
    Shoot. I have trouble finding things I was holding minutes earlier.
    Gotta go. Getting fat-ah-gued.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Barry, you are wise to get the floaters checked out as there is one condition which causes them and needs to be treated. Otherwise, the best advice seems to be to learn to live with them. Mine looks like two hairs connected by a follicle. Sometimes, the hairs kink up but since it's started to slightly fade, the hairs seem to stay straight. It's in the right eye and, often, right in my line of vision. Oh well, my eyes are healthy other than that and a wee bit of higher-than-normal pressure without glaucoma. I told the doc I thought we ought to use medical MJ for prevention. Your other paragraph sounds like Greek to me (or Latin :) LOL I also love the succulents and plan to put some in our new garden under the power box where we don't want it watered nor want something tall. It'll fill in. BTW, be careful with those bears. If something happened to you, I couldn't bear it!

    Sunflower Girl, I agree, you and Barry sound like experts to me. BTW, my new pillow came from DENY and it truly is a work of art. It is totally the focus of my bedroom since I put it on the bed.

    Julie, hugs from this corner too. I am just starting to pull out of that low NRG stage following that strange virus I had. Rest when you need to; you'll eventually get your NRG back. Mine is still not full fledged but I'm up to doing a lot more. Your chilly description of cold winters took me back to CO in an instant. Fortunately for people in CO, the cold and snow don't last long. Still, there came a time when I just didn't want to fight it anymore. Of course, down here, I have to take my chances with hurricanes. Yikes!

    Rock, I do remember the beautiful card but I wasn't sure it was for Granni. Like I said, my mind is a sieve. I need to go to Home Depot where they have a lovely selection of succulants. They are cheap too. I have two agave plants but doubt I'll make them into tequila. Takes too long and is too much work. I'll just depend on my old friend, Jose Quervo for my tequila. There are some succulents down by our mailboxes which "bloom" with little pyramid shaped things which look as though they are made of old brownish paper. Very strange. I don't like them. HD has some very beautiful plants and I lose my mind when I go in there. Aha! That's where my mind went. When you waltz with bears do you perform a paw de deux? Did I just make a pun in French? My French is sooooo bad that I can't be sure.

    Yesterday, I bought our shutters but when I got them home, they were too short. Bad measuring job on my part. I used a $10 coupon when I got them and am wondering if I take them back whether they will honor it on the new ones. If not, I'll just get one of my military pals to go with me to get the discount. I did find our variegated arbacola bushes to hide our A/C area and some crotons for our new garden. I hadn't planned on buying any plants for our garden but they had slightly smaller plants for $5 instead of $10. As fast as things grow down here, I'll always opt for the smaller, cheaper plants. Smaller plants--smaller holes to dig. I actually felt up to planting six little plants yesterday. As the garden fills in, it looks better and better. I still have a lot of plants I can move from our other garden area but it's not a big priority.

    Yesterday was another beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. I call those Technicolor days. I love to watch the afternoon shadows on the lawn across our little pond. There is something about watching the oblique shadows from the late afternoon sun which really touches something inside me. It's like the sun's rays are most beautiful just before they leave for the day. When there are scattered clouds, God paints them brilliant reds, oranges, purples and pinks. Now that it is drier, we don't usually have clouds in the mornings but they are often colorful when present at sunrise. The air right now is sooooo fresh and sooooo sweet. It's so beautiful that, at times, I don't think I can stand it. Does that make sense? Geez, if Heaven is even better than this, it must be some place. Hope I get to find out.

    Barb still hasn't shown herself. Her door's been shut but she did open her curtains yesterday. I had a cough when I got up but took an allergy pill, vitamin C, zinc and echinacea. I think I'll text her just to tell her I am thinking of her and ask if there is anything I can do. I really don't want to get near her as the last thing I need is a cold. She's never let a cold stop her like this so I think there is something else going on. I also need to text Ilona to let her and Frank know I am thinking of them and to make sure he came through his hip surgery OK.

    Hope all our Porchies have a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, that's right, Julie. Your posts were deleted. Shoot! I can't remember nutin'
    no more. Gordon has to manage things nowadays. He tells me what's on the
    agenda for tomorrow. Then the next day he'll say something like, "So I'll be back
    a little before noon." I never know what he's talking about. "Where are you going again?"

    Your little town only has 3 stoplights? That's 3 more than ours had. When I was a
    teen the city installed a hanging light that constantly flashed yellow at the edge
    of town. Last time I visited the old home town was 1983. Nothing was changed so
    far as I could see except the High School. An addition was tacked on to the N. side.
    I think that was because the school became consolidated with the neighboring village.

    I read the temp in SE Minnesota will be 37 today. Down to 33 at night. I guess
    that must be about the same for you guys.

    Mikie, your "paw de deux" is brilliant. Made me want to get up and dance. Sorry to
    hear about the short shutters. A real shame. Did you say "Shucks" and start to

    I looked up "shudder" to make sure I spelled it right. Spelling is getting difficult.
    Anyhoo, the computer (or the net or the server or whatever) is making it
    an ordeal to search for anything. I type in "Shudder" and it searches for
    "shutterfly". Yesterday I wanted info on an English singer name Elizabeth
    Vaughn. The computer gave me info on another singer: Elizabeth
    Harwood. Now do those two surnames look anything alike?!

    And our home page was changed. And it's almost impossible to find a photo
    that can be copied to post here. I'd complain if I knew who to complain to and
    if I thought it would do any good. And Wikipedia now shows up on a
    different page with a new format. And Yahoo doesn't want people to post
    comments on the news even though it provides a forum for that purpose.
    Too many comments and one gets booted. And barred temporarily from
    reading news articles. Uff-da!

    Springflower, your photo looks like salvia.* The problem is I read that there are
    a thousand plants that are called salvia. Also read salvia is the same as sage. All
    very confusiatin'. (Took me 4 tries to type that last word. Gets harder to post
    all the time.) As some noted philospher once said, "Whine, whine, whine!"

    *Oh, you said in an earlier post it was salvia. Land O Goshen! No wonder
    I feel blue so much of the time.

  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be allowed to reuse your coupon. If you have any troubles just call for the store manager. You're lucky you get all that moisture, wish we had some here in so. calif. Things just don't grow much anymore. I'm debating about having a bush that suffered greatly over the summer and a rose bush removed. I'm trying to go almost all drought tolerant. I've had one of those living stones (lithops) but it bit the dust for me. Apparently you have to move it to where it gets no water at all and I left it outside during the winter. There are lots of them at lowes, and I have been tempted but right now I'm just so busy with paperwork, etc. that some days I don't even get to my garden.

    Rock: that little story about Gordon being interviewed was interesting. What was he asked about and how long did he talk? When I was just a new mother ages ago I used to listen to a radio show in L.A........Lohman and Barkley. They were having a contest to fly up to Las Vegas to see Glen Campbell, only thing is you had to gargle one of his songs on the radio. I practiced and practiced......almost chocked on my spit......but I was chosen as one of 4 winners and spouses. Great fun. We were picked up in a limo at the radio station, flew up to Vegas, stayed in a huge suite, super seats at the dinner show (we sat with Roger Barkley and his wife in a booth) got to go back stage to meet Glenn then flown back the next day.

    And yes, there are many many varieties of salvia. I think the most common one is a bright red for the garden.

    Julie: Rest when you can. Hope the little ones are better. My son told me yesterday my little DGD is teething, so I guess that's why at some points she just screamed. Poor baby.

    Diane: it's that time of year when every crud goes around then comes around again. I've been feeling drug out and this morning it feels like a cold trying to get a foothold so I'm starting to take the oregano oil. I usually take some daily for about 3 months as preventative.

    Barry: I went to a local music store and surprise......there was a small display of kratom for sale. I picked up one of the brochures. It doesn't sound like something I would want to chance though. This brochure was from Urban Ice Organics in case you want to read it.

    My PC has as malware virus. My son worked all day saturday on trying to fix it but he's sent me a link for Rogue Killer.....I guess that's what it is.......and he's sent me a link to click on to download. Ofcourse I'm scared to death I'm going to do something wrong. He told me to call him around 6 PM......he works until 9 PM and he would be able to talk me thru if there's troubles.....the problem is I'm sooooo tired by that time. So I'm hoping to save energy for tonight and try to get this done. I'm hoping to be able to do this, to avoid him having to take his day off and come here again.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Barb had a stroke and when her daughter couldn't get her on the phone, she called another neighbor. Three neighbors came knocking on my door around 8:00 or so. When we went in, Barb was very confused and had great difficulty but it seemed to me that she was speaking. Neighbors called 911 and another neighbor went to the hospital. I stayed so I could get anything from her condo that might be needed. I found her pill box and I don't think she has been taking her meds at all. She's on Coumadin and the last empty box was last Sun. Several days ago she told her daughter that she wasn't taking her meds and the daughter told her to take them. I wish the daughter would have called one of us to check to make sure she was taking her meds. I took the pillbox to the hospital and the other neighbor and I sat with her. Barb was very scared and hung onto the other neighbor while I sat in the corner like chopped liver. So, when they moved her, after her MRI, only one person at a time could be with her. I told the other neighbor I was leaving because Barb did better with her.

    All three kids are arriving around 6:00 this evening. Another neighbor is driving Barb's Lincoln to the airport and I'll follow. We'll leave the Lincoln for the kids and my neighbor and I will come home. The hospital is on the way from the airport to our condos.

    I came home and changed my clothes and washed every square inch of my skin, except my hair, which had been exposed at the hospital. I used a Lysol cloth to clean my purse and the bottom, and top, of my flip flops. I changed clothes. Who knows what germs lurk there. I've been on the phone all this time as word spreads throughout the hood.

    I'm most concerned about whether Barb will ever be able to live on her own again. She has use of her limbs and knows everything that's being said but she has aphasia and can't answer nor write. I'd bet there's a clot shorting out her brain's ability to get through to her speech and ability to write. She knows what she wants to say and gets very frustrated when she can't. We told her not to try and just relax and let the medical crew take care of her. When she got frustrated, her BP went up.

    All week, she didn't want to see anyone and when one friend took her some soup yesterday, Barb put her hand in front of her face so the friend couldn't see how bad she looked. She's been extremely depressed ever since her kids left a week ago last Tues. and has pushed me away. I called in that Wed. and asked whether she needed anything from the store and she said she didn't and had a cold. Both daughters call her every day so I wasn't too worried. I figured if anything was wrong, one of them would call one of us to check on her.

    Well, I blabbering on and need to go. I'll let y'all know when I hear something. Sorry but I'm too rattled and exhausted to respond to everyone but you guys know how much I love all of you.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OMG.......what a shock. I'm sure you ARE rattled. You've done what you could for her, trying to reach out all this week. Yes, she won't be able to live on her own now. Why wasn't she taking her pills?????? OK, I shouldn't but this could have been a ploy for her DDs to do more for her, give her more attention, but perhaps she didn't think this could happen. If you know you must take the coumadin, then it's very important to continue taking your meds.

    And good thing you thought to wash everything down including you.

    I just found out today that my SILs father has to have another eye operation to stop damage to the retina otherwise they will have to remove his eyeball. And apparently the doctor is worried that the infection will spread to the second eye. Such problems.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So late already but this will be fast.

    MIKIE - Sorry to hear about Barb's stroke. Hope she will recover quickly . I imagine that if she is or was a bit depressed she will be now after what her family did with the house and then the stroke. Hope she will recover fully. It sure is he-- to be old. I just got back this afternoon from my friend's home. Her daughter called and asked me to go over there as she was still at school teaching and her son was at work and not to close by for sure. So I went over to her house. My poor dear friend has lost her husband about a year ago due to a heart attack and she has been along other than her doggie. She loves her kids but they are just so so busy !! She has a history of panic attacks but hadn't had them in some time. Her mother was agoraphobic and rarely left her house. Her history is long !!

    She has a history of having problems allergies with any meds and foods and has to be VERY careful and so many don't believe her cause it is so weird and and fairly rare. The doc had put her on Amlodipine Besylate 5 mg as she has been on it before. years ago for her b/p. After taking it she started feeling weird and having a panic attack but of course didn't know if it was due to med. We still don't know. Last week they though she might have been having some symptoms of heart attack but all was negative but they didn't feed her or know what to feed her so she ate little So she was not to strong I would say. She was afraid to take the med in the a.m. and I told her to monitor her b/p and take only one pill instead of two. She didn't want to be left along. It was sad. Found some info on the net saying it could cause some problems o in some people with her history.

    Gotta run for now, DH needs the computer.

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I spent yesterday CLEANING! I just don't know what to do about this cleaning lady. She started very good, but on monday I specifically asked her to vacuum the carpet underneath the two night stands. I also pulled them out for her, as she watched, and today I looked behind and see cob webs! She had just moved them back without vacuuming. And while she was here I picked up one long bath rug she had tossed into the hall and said I was going to take it to be washed along with the identical one in my bedroom bathroom. At that point she said she had already put the other one back. HA! I picked it up and find she hadn't even vacuumed under it, and probably didn't even wash the bathroom floor. I'm strapped......I NEED someone to vacuum my whole house and I don't want to hire someone "off the street". I don't know what to say to her. She cleans for 3 hrs......that's what I've budgeted twice a month but I'm finding she's dragging her feet, just to put in the time. Any ideas? I'm paying her $25 an hr. When I first had brought up the fact about hrs. I had thought to just have her for 2 hrs. she kinda hemmed hawed about it, so I said OK 3 hrs. rather than the 4 she used to do.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time to write really. I should be out there painting again and will as soon as I get dressed. DH is at a breakfast for the men along with DSIL. I sent an e-mail to the home of my dear friend I spoke about's daughter. Hope they got it and they can monitor her on the drug. She was terrified of being alone when having to take another dose of the drug and fear of what might happen. I am so worried for her. I had told her to continue to make a log for herself to show the docs and if she felt really bad with the panic attacks due to the pills to get to her doc as soon as possible to let him know. She is afraid of EMS people who will stick her with drugs she also might not be able to handle and could cause even death. It is such a confusing story and not easily solved puzzle. I told her not to take any pills if her b/p was OK . I am sure the worry of this all is also not good for her b/p.

    SUN - I don't know what to say about this cleaning lady. You are paying her probably pretty close to what I am paying but she is a hard worker and sometimes her daughter comes too and they get done even faster. She just cleans till she is done. Where did you find this lady?? I definitely wouldn't stay with her with her not doing what you are asking. Does she speak English fairly well?? My lady speaks Spanish mostly to her daughter but she does understand some things and you might have to explain a few things to her if different than usual. Her daughter goes to college and speaks good English.

    If English isn't her first language she might need a little more explanation but it sounds like you tried to show her so you certainly don't want to be paying her if she doesn't do the job well. . Do you have other friends who uses a cleaning lady? You might ask around . I got mine from a friend in one of my singing groups and she uses her. The price sounded reasonable and gave her a try and she seemed to be a hard worker. Check the paper and want ads and also go on line to see. I am guessing however, if you go through special cleaning services they might be much more expensive. If so I couldn't afford it myself. All I can say is to keep looking around and asking and hopefully you will find one. I used to vacuum myself but when I got a new vac I bought another only to find it very heavy and hard to push. So, I sometimes use the carpet sweeper I bought instead.. I also have a lot of tile to wash and glad that she does it for me, as well as dusting. GOOD LUCK , that must be very frustrating but keep on looking !!!

    JULIE - Hang in there with your situation but just try and take it easy and not get yourself sick. You don't need that. The waiting around for a bomb to drop someday is not a good situation.. Enjoy your dinner with Den . You are lucky to have so many children/grand children close by . Now I only have one very close by and a few others over an hour away but they are so busy and neither DH or I want to drive into the city that much to see them all but we do very occasionally. One daughter lives about 4 - 41/2 hrs away and another daughter I have no idea what is what with her or where she is exactly and she doesn't want to speak to us anymore. or anyone in the family. We are having Thanksgiving at our daughters who lives close by and I will help her. When I sent out the invitations I also sent a blind copy to what used to be our daughters who is now alienating herself from the family. She must be getting it as it never comes back. This is such a sad situation !! We all have our problems in life and we just do what we can.

    MIKIE - So sorry to hear about Barb and hope things work out for her and that she gets better.

    I really need to go and get dressed to start painting out on the deck. There are quite a few posts to paint ):!!:(

    Diane - We will miss you on the Porch while you are gone but hope you enjoy having Kevin home and doing what you both love to do. I forget exactly what it was while you couldn't be here for a week or so. I think Kevin was taking some time off or something like that. Sorry you are not getting the results you want from the Klonopin. Keep working at it and perhaps you will find the right timing and what might work for you.

    Love to everyone, inc those not mentioned , and those MIA !!

    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Thank you all for you kind good wishes for Barb. Talked to her kids this morning and they said she did have a stroke and the MRI showed the blockage but the docs don't know whether it was a bleed, a clot or a piece of plaque from an artery. My guess is a clot since she hadn't been taking her Coumadin. There is a LOT of swelling around the obstruction and the docs have to wait until that goes down before they can proceed. I won't likely know more until late today. I will not be going to the hosp. because she has her kids now and it doesn't seem that she wants me there.

    Her daughter had called Ilona to ask if there were anyone she could call when Barb told her, before the stroke, she wasn't taking her meds. She told Ilona that she didn't want to call me because Barb told her not to bother me because I'm too sick. She's been systematically trying to isolate me in every way she can. She makes me sound like I'm on my deathbed. I think I mentioned that she's been telling everyone in the hood that I'm not running for the board because I'm too sick. I can't help but think her anger, stress and scheming might not have contributed to her stroke after living like she has for so many years.

    And, no, I have no guilt. I was just reaching for my phone to try to call her when the other neighbors came to see whether I had a key. She was cognizant the evening before the stroke and I had been keeping an eye on her condo. She was up watching TV. If she hadn't lied to her daughter about my health, we might have gotten her help before we did. She's just a pathetic woman. Thing is that she may never be able to live on her own again. If she were my mother, I wouldn't be comfortable with that.

    Sunflower Girl, the very same thought entered my mind. It wouldn't have if she weren't so manipulative and her kids weren't selling their home with her in-law apt. That daughter, who is Barb's favorite child, is freaking out and, I'm sure, she's wondering whether the stress of Barb's losing her home up North didn't contribute. Also, she and her husband were still quite sick with colds when they visited Barb and gave her the cold which seems to have gone into bronchitis. Talk about your guilt! I'm so sorry about DSIL's father. I'll say a little prayer to St. Lucie to watch over him. I'm so sorry your cleaning woman is asleep on the job. Unfortunately, this is par for gardeners and cleaning people. The come in and do a good job and then taper off and get lazy. Have you gone to Angie's List? It's only $10 a year to belong and it's well worth it to get the scoop on any services you buy. You might be better off with a cleaning business, even if you only had it done once a month and live with a little dust in between. My stds. went waaaaay downhill when I got sick and again when I got these cats. Life is too short to worry about housework. I got a robot vacuum when I was bedridden a good part of the time and it was great! They don't deep clean the carpets and floors but they do a good job in between. I know you are trying to save but it's a one-time expense. I use Swiffer dusters because I can do an in-between dust job without having to move everything. Again, not up to my former stds. but not bad either. I never heard of anyone on her deathbed who said, "I regret I didn't keep the house cleaner." In the meantime, I'd give this slouch one warning and, if she doesn't improve, kick her lazy ass to the curb!

    Julie, I'm sorry there are stormy seas around you. I'm glad you realize that you really have what counts--your own loving family that respects you. Hang onto that and let the other go as much as possible. I know, easier said than done but the stress of allowing toxicity in your life isn't worth it. Good luck.

    Granni, yes, it is soooo hard to get old. I'm really just a kid at 70, but I also realize that each decade brings more health risk so I do everything I can to stay as healthy as possible and that includes not letting things stress me out. Just sent up a little prayer for your friend.

    I went out this morning and watered our plants, including our orchids in the tree, and swept the balcony and eaves. In dry weather, cobwebs cling to the stucco and the plastic eaves. Down here, we have to have plastic eaves with holes in the material to let the heat outta our attics. Our little black lantern light fixtures attract bugs and cobwebs too. When a Swiffer gets too dirty to use inside, I use it to stick up inside to clean the light bulbs and inside of the fixtures. Barb usually sweeps the area which gets all the leaves dropped by our cashia tree but she couldn't do it while she was so sick and it's gotten pretty bad. I'm inside now doing laundry. I need to vacuum as I've dragged leaves in on the floor. I sprinkled some catnip on the floor so the cats could like it up and roll in it. They even had a smackdown in it. Now, they are all mellowed out and snoozing.

    I had forgotten that Special K helps block pain signals from the brain. Since weaning down, I've been having some withdrawal pain. I'll keep going and see whether some of these side effects subside. My body and brain feel very tired but I have enough NRG to do things. I was very tired yesterday after running around to the hospital, the airport and back, and answering phone calls from people in the hood. This morning, I've been making phone calls to update people on what the docs found and reassuring them that I'll update them again when I know more. I need to shower and go to the store but think I'll just wait until tomorrow. I fell asleep last night about 10:00 when I took my clonazepam but woke at 2:00. So, I took a good sip of Zzquil and slept peacefully until 7:30! I never sleep that late. Poor cats have been befuddled with my staying out til after dark last night and not waking til the sun was almost up this morning. That's why I got them high on the nip so Tweety wouldn't be demanding my presence out on the lanai. So, basically, I'm drugging myself and the cats; I'm a bad Mommy!

    Frank only needed the plastic cup on his hip replaced so his recovery should be much faster than if they would have had to redo the whole replacement. Julie has her shoulder surgery tomorrow. OMG! This hood is falling apart! Our board member with advanced lung cancer didn't make the Tues. mtg. She'll probably get a treatment and be there next week. I have no idea whether or not she'll run for the board again. The last member who was terminal wanted to serve until he died. Sometimes, it helps sick people to feel they can continue to contribute as long as possible.

    Well, I've written another Warren Peace so I had better go vacuum and clean out the cats' litter boxes. I'm going to measure under the chair on the lanai to see whether it'll take a large covered box. If so, I think I'll go that route. Sir Vester goes into a trance when he's covering up his mess and starts flinging litter and poop everywhere. Yikes! :confused:

    My love and thanks for all your support.

    Love, Mikie
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Lots of things going on..!! i read about Barb when i peeked in yesterday but couldnt post
    due to lack of time...Mikie - every time you posted you had been worried about Barb and
    tried to look in on her..she didnt want any of it.

    She is older and with her attitude was working up to this kind of incident. Being negative
    is not good for health. Plus the shock of losing her home where she went every year.

    Sun - sorry to hear about your DDs FIL. About your cleaning lady, maybe you could move
    the lamp and fold the carpet over beforehand to make a point? Its a boon when you get'help
    /staff that are conscientious and honest.

    Granni - its good to see you are now able to get together more often with your DD
    and family. I know you always felt bad about being too far off. Im sorry one DD
    is not responding but one can do only so much. Also yr friend who has panic
    attacks..she sounds like me with meds, i too feel paranoid about reacting to them.

    Julie - praying for your issue with the 'problem' to resolve; such a sticky situation.
    I know its difficult but try to detach from it all. It being right under yr nose. Do you
    think a cord cutting exercise would help? theyre on utube. a short one whenever
    you can do it, might let you disconnect. Its evident SILs energy has embedded itself
    into your psyche. People like yr SIL are called psychic vampires. They can turn a
    perfectly good mood into a dark angry mess.
    I pray for yr situation to get resolved.
    And praying for all the other ill ones on the board. Barb, the loved ones of the members
    of the board.

    Hmmm..im hitting post every few moments coz im losing whole paras now without
    hitting 'delete'. lol.

    Diane - have a good couple of days off. I too am feeling a bit apprehensive this
    time about the very cold weather which is coming. These bones are getting
    old.- er. But i will take cold over hot.

    Mikie - it says kyanite helps also with remembering words one cant recall. I couldnt
    find my kyanite but i shut my eyes and visualised holding the kyanite and tried to
    think of the word i wanted to use for Julies post and got it..'detach'. Only 'withdraw'
    was coming to me before that and i knew it wasnt what i meant. looks like kyanite
    can double up as a thesaurus. heh heh

    After feeling lousy for quite a bit, due to too many things coming up while previous
    things not yet done, I felt myself come into the 'zone'. Everything ok. Well,to my
    standards, ie. kind of lighter and peaceful. good. maybe i can get some things
    accomplished now.

    I did play Angel meditation and some mantras - maybe that helped. Chore
    for today...going to monastery and getting my incense sticks/powder replenished.
    i looked up ingredients, says - aloe wood, saffron, nutmeg, sea foam, cloves,
    the himalayan juniper, red and white sandalwood...mmmmm..wonder what
    sea foam means. we are landlocked. name of plant?

    i was laughing at Grannis 'spit' pea soap. Sounds like the kind of soup
    disgruntled waiters would serve up a customer.

    Now that cold weather is here, time to make those. ive been gorging
    rather unhealthily on savouries left over from festival. indian sweetmeats.
    having to dismantle all the stuff we set up for the festival. fruits, fried
    breads and all. Also some white chocolate and Pedas DH got from a
    recent trip out. Its a good thing im scrawny. But i know i musnt overdo.

    Take care all, Rock, Joan everyone

    God Bless

    Last edited: Oct 30, 2014

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