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    Check last posts on #757 and come sit a spell on the Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Another quick HI to everydobby,

    Windy thanks for the information. I printed out some of info on the site . Is their foundation in NM? There were no other numbers or anything but just in that state. I haven't heard any more from my friend or the family and am almost afraid to call her. if I call I will be on the phone for hours. That lady can really talk !!! I love her and she keeps telling me a lot of the same stories over and over. I know she is very along but does have a doggie to keep her company. Her children and DGC are loving but they are so busy. Her situation is very complex and she had a not to great childhood with a reclusive mother . Her marriage was not that great either, that is a very complex one to get into and he was in the USAF and never home when needed , and not really there to help when he was around. He seemed like just the opposite type person. There is so much more but don't want to get into it.

    Yes, I agree that if my friend goes into a nursing home or other facility it could very well kill her. For all these years many people shied away from her when she would try and tell them about her trying not to get sick and not being able to take anything or very little medications. She is about 10 years older than I.

    Hope you are doing OK WINDY. Nice of you to pop in on the PORCH.

    JULIE - Did you or Den talk to Mr. ? about Sis's actions and the way she treat Gpa? Even if he talks to her about it I am afraid she is so used to being spoiled that she is even liable to get mad and throw her new husband out, or get divorced or whatever. However, if what you say is true he sounds like a person who uses others to suit him too and somehow I will be surprised if he does anything to better the situation. I hope that I am wrong about that . Hang in there sweetie and have a great weekend, or a not to stressful one.

    DIANE - Have a great weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kevin. I know he is just a youngster . May he and you both have a very happy year ahead as well. Those kitties sound really funny and yes a bit spoiled :)!!! Why not , you both enjoy them and they love you too. You do need to spoil them once in awhile :)!! However, they will not get used to caviar, I know that - much to expensive.

    MIKIE - Again so sorry to hear about Barb and what sounds like a not very good situation. Of course they can try and teach her to swallow but it doesn't always work. I hope she can regain her speech and ability to eat again. Yes, it does sound like she will not be coming back to the hood unless things change for the better really quick. You have done all you can to be a good friend to her. She absolutely had problems with attitude and bitterness, perhaps depression which most likely led her to do what she did ( not take her anticlotting meds), etc. Sometimes they do what they do for a reason, like sometimes to refuse to eat, like my mom did. She always said that she wanted to die of a quick heart attack but that didn't happen. She fell instead and broke her hip for the second time. They had lost her partial bridge so she couldn't chew well and so it went from there.

    SPRING WATER - You were right about Barb's attitude and how it does effect our/her outlook and mental and physical health.

    YAY , by the way, I am almost finished painting the posts. I have one more side of one area to do maybe tomorrow most likely. I am so tired of painting and having to get ins crazy positions to do some of the painting was not helpful.

    Gotta run and make my spaghetti sauce for spaghetti tonight. Hope I will be able to be on the PORCH a little more in the says to come or at least some. Holidays are coming though and busy, busy time, plus singing, etc..

    Hi to Rock, Sun, Joan, Barry, and everydobby else I missed mentioning before.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    I feel as though I'm losing my mind. I don't know whether it's because I've been injured/sick for so long (even though I am getting better) or the stress of what's been going on with the cats' other mother, Julie, and Barb. Today, Julie had her surgery. I'll get the 411 on her from another of her friends here in the hood. I don't have brain fog but I can't remember anything, even when I just said it or thought it. I'm pretty sure it's temporary, at least, I hope so.

    Thanks again, everyone, for your thoughts and kindness for Barb. I've been a bit depressed today because I'm playing what if--not for me but for Barb's actions which brought this on and which kept her from getting help earlier. It's useless but, I think, normal after something like this. I really doubt she can ever live independently again. If she were my Mom, I wouldn't feel comfortable with it no matter how much progress she makes in rehab. It doesn't sound as though a complete recovery is in the cards. But, she's a strong person and I think she'll fight hard.

    When I left for Wally World, there were seven white birds on top of the tennis court wall. I stopped dead in my tracks, went back in and got one of Mom's feathers for Barb's kids to give to her. She says she doesn't believe in that stuff but it can't hurt. I told the kids if she pooh poohs it with her hand motions to just throw it away. Those birds come around when someone dies or something like this happens. It's very strange. They usually sit in a line but on the crown of the roof. They were right where I couldn't miss them.

    Diane, yes, our cats are spoiled indeed! These two won't eat salmon either. In fact, shrimp is the only seafood they will eat. Haven't tried caviar yet. :) I bought them a bed when they lived with me before Julie took them. Neither would have anything to do with it. Then, Tweety took to sleeping in it. Now, they take turns but Sir Vester usually sleeps there. Princess Tweets moves around. Both of them love the top of the loveseat and I've draped an animal print throw there to keep the hair off of it. I can wash it. Sometimes, both will share it. I can't wait to make the little kitty sacks. That throw is MUCH softer and thicker than the one on the loveseat. Of course, it will probably take a while before either will use them. Such strange little critters. Glad everyone is doing well. Happy Birthday to Kevin.

    Julie, as always, you are in my prayers as I can only imagine the stress you've been under. Keep that thought of how loved and respected you are by friends and family, including this Online Family. Once, when things got rough around here with neighbors, I was allowing it to run through my mind and wishing others wouldn't be so mean. I heard my Mom's voice say, "Honey, it's how good you are that counts." It immediately brought me comfort and I was able to release the stress. We can only control ourselves and, if we are being good, we can leave others to their bad behavior and feel free from stress. It always makes me sad to see people act mean and hurt others but that's between them and God. When we've done all we can to make things peaceful, we can do no more.

    Granni, how sad for your friend. I pray for the best for her. Glad you are almost finished with the dreaded job of painting the posts. At least, you're brushing up on you skills. Yuk! Yuk! Yes, I can imagine that the holidays will be a busy time for you. They aren't for me by design.

    I had better get going. I just wanted to feel better and I always do when I am here. Y'all have no idea what you mean to me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I would say you're over the top with stress. Sit down and meditate a bit, turn it all over to God. Don't play the "what if", because everyone comes out a loser. Holding good thought for your friends.

    I seem to have a bug. Two days of lots of achiness and today a drippy nose with a slight fever. Always something going around and I'm so worn out that it doesn't surprise me I've picked up something. I did, however, have to take my ailing computer to a senior citizens computer fix it day locally. I spent 3 hrs. while they worked and tried downloading cccleaner and then showed me how to use it. OMG.......I took notes but I'm so darn tired I need a nap to recuperate from all the stimulation to the brain.

    I've asked various people for a cleaning lady recommendation but got nowhere. sigh........it's the pits to have a broken body and I can't do so many things I used to.
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    I'm glad that Den also realizes what is happening with all the stress. And I guess in a way, Gpa is the cause of a lot of the problems.......for one he seems to defend sis, knowing full well of what's going on. It's like he's playing both sides of the fence. I hope you both can extricate yourselves. You've done so much for him, but you have to be a bit selfish and think of each other and your immediate family.

    I've got an awful bug.......I've been hurting something fierce and even 800 mg ibuprofen and tramadol doesn't seem to help.......unable to sleep due to pain. Seems to be the same thing as Windy had. I've been sitting at my ipad for several hours scanning thru tons of wonderful photos people have taken. These are offered up free to any artist who wants to use them. OMG......such wonderful photographers out there.
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    Hi, Kids,

    OMG! Seems as though everyone has something bad going on right now.

    Sunflower Girl, playing "what if" is a normal part of grieving and I recognize that and stopped it. Some people get caught up in it and that's when it's problematic. I don't think it's possible not to have those thoughts enter one's mind, if even for a short time. Everyone else has had the same thoughts but what it has done is make us all realize that it was Barb's actions which caused the problem in the first place and kept her from getting help right away. That has been helpful to us all in keeping any of us from feeling guilty for what happened. Of course, it is still very sad. It's hard for me to see her kids suffering too. I'm so very thankful that my own Mom didn't linger like that. No matter how Barb has acted, I still love her like a sister and it's hard to think of her lying in the hosp., not knowing her future. Of course, none of us know our future but she knows for sure hers isn't going to be easy. I'm so sorry your computer got sick but how lucky are you that there is help. If mine is sick, all I can do is pay $125 for the geeks to put it back to original factory after I download all my pics and docs. Heck, I can do that myself. I hope you are feeling better and good luck with finding a cleaning lady. Is there a church you can call to see whether one of their members is looking for work? Of course, if it were me, I'd want to know the member is well known to the church pastor.

    Julie, I know there are really good chiros out there but they are not trained to deal with the kinds of conditions that tremors and chest pains could be caused by. In fact, if this guy is a good chiro, he will recommend you and Den both see specialists to rule out anything other than stress. When I worked in a clinic, we saw many people whose medical treatment was delayed until it was too late because they only got treated by chiros who were in over their heads when it comes to serious medical conditions. I hope it is only stress but other things should be ruled out. In your situation, you are kinda damned if you do and damned if you don't. Even if you remove yourself from the stress arena, it's stressful too just wondering what is going on over there. You are in my prayers.

    I believe stress is causing my memory problems, along with fighting my virus and weaning down on the Special K. I am having some Fibro-like pain. I had forgotten that in a study, Special K was found to interrupt pain signals from the brain. This is likely a backlash withdrawal symptom and also likely to go away eventually. If not, I may not be able to get off the drug. I may have to get another peptide injection. I'm seeing my doc next mo. and will get one if I need it.

    It's been ten days since my eye doc ordered trial contact lenses because my Rx has changed so much. I heard nothing so called and found out they are on back order. I can't get in for them to check the fit until Nov. 21. The office is moving so they've had to reschedule a lot of patients. At least, the new office is closer to me and next door to a Publix. Actually, down here, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Publix. Where did that come from? Did people really used to swing dead cats?

    Speaking of cats, these two are frisky as it got down into the 60's last night. We've been having beautiful weather here. I put the new fleecy throw out on the lanai but Sylvester wouldn't walk on it. Tweety wanted me to sit with them for a bit last evening before I left them for the night. It was beautiful with the fountain lighted and the stars out. Then, I came in and fell asleep about 10:00 and slept until 5:00. That's good for me. I think I'll sew up their little kitty sleeping sacks from that throw today. I need to go to Publix but I have the rest of the day and it won't take long to sew them up. Glad I have those zig-zag scissors (name of them won't come into my pea brain; this is actually a mild form of aphasia) as the fleece will likely make a mess when cut. On the side seam, I'll leave it open a bit at the top so the top can be turned down to allow easier entry. Think I'll put their little mousies, filled with fresh cat nip, at the bottom of each sack to lure them into trying them out. It may take weeks for Sylvester to actually sleep in, or on, his. I've tried telling him that knights are brave and fearless but it falls on deaf ears, cute as his little ears are. He has white hairs growing out of his black ears, kinda like an old man.

    I hope everyone is feeling better and my love to everyone, including lurkers and our MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Woke up around 2 AM. We had rain earlier! Air has that wonderful fresh scent.
    No sign of the feral cat. Maybe it took shelter on our large, covered front porch. I
    saw it out there one day.

    There was the faint sound of a raucous party somewhere in the hood. Haven't
    been to a party for years. Have no desire to attend one.

    Windy, thanks for the info on the Lincoln book. I have not read all the Lincoln
    books. Ha Ha! Doubt anyone has. No one even knows how many there are.
    Tens of thousands anyhoo. I read one estimate of 50,000 a few years ago.

    Looked up Doris Kearns Goodwin. An impressive bio. PHD from Harvard. Pultizer
    Prize winner. Author of several books including ones on all 3 Roosevelts: Teddy,
    Franklin and Eleanor. She worked with Ken Burns on his baseball film.

    I decided her book was, as you indicated, just too massive. The large type is over
    1200 pages. Some of the show biz books I put on hold turn out to be those
    coffee table size books. They are just too large for me to handle nowadays. Come
    back and post when you feel up to it.

    Sun, sorry to hear you are hurtin'. And Windy too. And all of us. I have given
    up all hope of ever getting better. It's cool here; sixty degrees. When I pulled
    on my Uff-da sweatshirt I thought, I'd rather be buried in this than a suit and
    tie. Yes, lots of wonderful photographers out there. When I got outta school
    and had a job and big money (Well, by my standards), I subscribed to LIFE
    magazine. World's best photo mag ever! And the writing was excellent too.

    Julie, I hope that wand does magical things for Oreo. If you ever come across
    a wand made of holly with a phoenix feather at its core, snap it up.
    That's the kind Harry Potter had. Funny. Didn't know he'd been to Arizona.

    Sometimes one is tempted to apply a larger wand to certain problems. The
    baseball bat size. I hope things get less stressful around the ranch for you
    and your family.

    Mikie, I have never lived anywhere that featured matchy-matchy decor.
    The news has featured lots of photos of celeb homes that are up for sale
    during the past few years. Most of them look like hotels or palaces, but
    not like comfortable homes. The most famous quote of poet Edgar Guest was
    "It takes a heap of livin', to make a house a home." I can't really agree though.
    In my mind it takes nice people to make a happy home. I hope you start
    feeling less brain foggy. All day long I get annoyed with myself for forgetting
    this, that and the other thing. Then I fall back on, "Well, it really doesn't matter
    too much."

    Diane, convey birthday felicitations to Kevin if you please. Hope the cake turns
    out to be da-voon as one of my neighbors (who cooked and baked a lot) used
    to say. You have potential snow already? When I lived in MN, our first snow
    was always shortly after Thanksgiving. The last snowfall was just a token that
    fell the first week in April (or was it May?) Anyhoo the snow melted in an hour
    or two and then it was all over til the following winter.

    Granni, glad to hear you are closing in on the last of the posts. What color did
    you paint them. (I always try to make my posts colorful too.)

    It's going on 4 AM. Kitty showed up. When she heard me in the kitchen she
    started calling. Gave her some canned "pate" and some kibble.

    Regards to Barry and Joan and all our absent friends.

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    SUN - I know what you mean about to much stimulation of the brain especially wheou are talking about computers:)!!! . I tried to get in this morning to the PORCH. I got into PH finally and then I kept getting error messages. Then I got busy and it is about 2 pm now. We finished the painting of the deck today, or I did the posts. DH finished the other day . We just have to touch up a few places where the white got on the brown and visa versa :)! So many little things we ne and want to get done. We got a quote for a wooden floor in the living room. We decided to go wit it even though not to cheap but we did got a sale. So hard to pick the color though We did take a pic of the Parkay flooring that we have I the dining room which flows into or backs up to the LR. Luckily it has man shades so I shouldn't have a real problem. Also al the furniture we have in the LR is SO MANY DIFFERENT SHADES OF WOOD. They have to order it and it will be sent to our house with part of the box open to get use to the humidity, etc. before they can start to install. That will be a big mess for sure. Luckily we are not having Thanksgiving as we'll be helping the daughter that moved a couple houses down from us., who will be hosting it.

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad with pain. I understand that I have that almost every day and it is NO fun ):!! Hope you start to feel better soon.

    ROCK-BTW, your posts are always colorful , in SO many ways. Don't ever stop !!!!

    JULIE - I cannot believe it was already in the 20's this morning. However, it was pretty chilly this morning , in the 40's I think. Can you believe it says 61 on my phone??? Fall as really came quickly here to but you never know it lt might be 80's tomorrow. I can hardly take 50 degrees myself. Doesn't you know who know, that all Gpa has to do is say the words and he could have her and her "husband" thrown out. I can't believe how they both treat him. However he has probably spoiled her to the point of no return and she knows it. Both of them sound like leaches to me. Yes, if no one e I gong to d anything abo I that I guess you need to just try stay out of their way as much as possible. I am so sorry that you have to deal with all this from her/them. Hope you have a great weekend with no hassles.

    DIANE- Have a wonderful weekend with Kevin on his birthday. Stay healthy please !!!!

    Going over to DD's this late afternoon for Happy Hour where we will have a glass or two of wine and just chat before dinner. Our son and his wife came over to say hi before going over to DD's home and they were going out to lunch. I know they haven't seen each other in a very long time..

    MIKIE - Sorry for all you are going though in the hood, with Barb, Julie and hope you are feeling OK or not to badly. I know sometimes stress will help to make you feel not very good . BTW, your mom's advice about how good you are that counts, sounds a lot like my mom :)!!


    Love to everyone inc those MIA and those not mentioned ,

    P.S. Gotta run for now. Everyone have a great weekend.
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    Granni: forget about the different colored woods in the furniture, just match as close as possible the wood floor you already have and it will look great. And thanks for the clock reminder, I had totally forgotten.

    I'm like you, pain daily but this is over the top that's why I'm sure it's a bug I've picked up. I've had to resort to using muscle rubs on my shoulders and arms. Usually I just use a roll on muscle rub for my neck or low back.

    I called a cousin this evening. Bad news again for the family. Her husband now has hospice care in their home and the doctor says it will be about 2 weeks. My other cousin, her brother, died in April, my DH in July and now her husband. And come to find out my DH was only one day older than her husband. I never met her husband, they live in Ohio, but I feel so bad for her and her children. He had COPD for over 9 years (on oxygen) and she said that a few months ago he just stopped eating, losing a ton of weight. He rarely left the house except for emergencies. Another cousin said he suffered from agoraphobia........no wonder if he was on oxygen all the time.

    And my SILs aunt (what a fun, sweet lady) is also in hospice, the end of battling cancer. She's 72. It feels like God is calling more people home.
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Geez, Rock. I woke up at what I thought was 4:00 but, of course, it was 3:00. I didn't fall back before bed last night. It was supposed to be down into the 40's last night so I wanted to let the cats in as early as possible so I got up. Doris Kearns Goodwin seems to be a very nice lady. She is always on one show or another hawking her latest history of this or that. She got into some trouble and she admitted she had plagiarized part of one of her books. It was more of a technical thing in that she used just a bit too much of someone else's work from her research without giving credit. It didn't diminish her standing. I don't mind having some furniture match but I'd never do a "suite" of matched pieces. It does make a room look like a hotel. No one would ever mistake my condo for a hotel. :) Well, Maybe Hotel California; I checked in 17 years ago and will probably never check out til I "check out."

    Julie, yes, it is pinking shears. The word popped into my pea brain a couple of hours after I posted. I just hate this word search game with my own brain. I laughed that you actually found it from my description. In the old days, when every decent homemaker sewed, everyone had a pair. I have my Mom's. I love you idea of taking a vacation from stress. That's what we all need to do. I'm known in the family as, "No Drama Mamma." I used to work for a man who called unnecessary stress and drama, "NRG Leaks." He said it's like an oil leak will eventually cause your car's engine to seize up; NRG leaks will cause you to seize up. Good analogy!

    Granni, yes, there is always more to do and the little touch ups can be worse than the big jobs. Your wood flooring sounds lovely. Good grief! With all this work and redoing, your home must look great! Yes, my Mom's wisdom comes from her own hard life, religious beliefs and good old Nebraska pioneer stock. I guess it's Midwestern practical smarts.

    OMG, Sun. So much death and illness in your family. My prayers are with all of you. I'm sorry you're sick. I have found nothing like hot Epsom Salt soaks for pain. I pulled the hamstring in the other leg last week running in the pool. I went early and the water was too cold. I warmed up slowly but, evidently, wasn't warmed up enough. This hurts worse than when I tore the other one. It got down to 50 degrees and is supposed to get down into the high 40's tonight and, I'm sure, that doesn't help the pain. Did you get some of the rain? If so, that might contribute to your pain. Hope you feel better.

    I brought in all nine of our orchids last night as I wasn't sure they would survive the cold. I'll have to leave them in all day and tonight. I hope we don't have a lot more cold nights as it's a pain to drag them all in, especially the HUGE one which appears to be on steroids. I put the hanging ones on the floor and the cats went wild when they came in, rubbing all over them and nipping at the ends of the big one where it's about to bloom. Yikes! :eek: I had to put them on the dining room table. Tweety jumped up there and I made her get down. Then, just to show me who is in charge, she leapt up on my tall antique armoire. She's out in the cold in time out on the lanai and she's not happy about it. Oh, the pathetic wails...

    I went to see Barb yesterday morning after I posted here and went to the store. I know she's probably feeling down and discouraged but she made it clear that she didn't want to see me so I didn't stay. I probably won't go see her again, even when she is moved to rehab. There are other friends who will likely go visit her. I gave her a card and she was able to read it. She didn't mouth a "thank you" and just laid it down without smiling or showing any emotion at all, which she is able to do if she wants to. She closed her eyes and I said, "Well, you look tired or bored so I'm going to leave as my sciatica is bothering me." I'm taking a vacation from stress too.

    I think I'll try to rest as well today. I always have to have a second small breakfast when I get up so early and I'll read the Sunday paper at my leisure. It's supposed to be a beautiful day in the 70's so I may sit out on the Balcony for a while. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day today.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - That is what I meant when I said all the different colors in the wooden furniture in the LR , that it won't or shouldn't make any difference. Plus the sample piece they gave me was so small. So hard to picture it that way .

    MIKIE - So sorry that Barb showed no emotion when you gave her the card. Please also remember that many times people who have had a stroke have a change in personality. I know before the stroke she could be moody, grumpy too but still was your friend. A friend of mine's husband who had a stroke had been such a quiet man and hardly spoke at all. After the stroke he became terribly abusive to his wife who was trying her best to help him. Sounds like she was depressed too before which probably helped her to "forget" to take her anticlotting meds. Unfortunatley she has alienated many people it sounds like, along the way and maybe she has had some TIA's before this changing or worsening her attitude. However, I do not blame you for not wanting to go back and deal with her personality which sounds like it certainly hasn't gotten better over time. It still must be very sad and hurtful to you even if none of this was your fault and you have been trying to be a good friend, all this time..

    Got to get ready for church.

    Love to all and hope to get back later,
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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I feel bad for you.....we all know what you tried to do for Barb, all the times you took her places, etc. But like you said many times, she's always been on the mean side. Your subconscious was warning you so many times to back away from her. OK......she's trying to make you feel bad probably because about 3 weeks or so you tried to tell her what she had become. I know you've let it go, that's all you can do.

    It was cold this morning also, at least for us, below 50. It's like boom......we got a little rain and now suddenly it's fall when we had such hot weather for so long. Are you going to move those orchids daily in and out or what? I have cymbidium orchids outside, but they weather fine, except the few times we get hail, then the strap leaves get little white spots where they've been pelted. I have 6 moth orchids (phalonopsis) on my dining table but they seem to like it there, although I DON"T want any more!!!!! Its too crowded.

    Julie: sis has made threats? To you or to Gpa? I know Gpa is trying to keep peace. Its darn hard when he's trying to help her, but knows she's using him. And watch out for her working on him to change his will.

    You're actually very blessed to have your family all around you. Nothing like little ones to lift your spirits. It's so lonely in this house now. Even though my DH spent most of his time at the TV or computer at least there was another breathing person here. My two cats just don't fill that bill and I don't want a dog anymore. My DD has sooooo many things she has to do that I don't see her more than every couple of weeks. My DS in L.A. has only 2 days off from work and he's always busy with things that have to be done. I'm trying hard to make a new life for me, but darn it......it's not easy when I have to deal with so many broken things in my body. But things could be worse. At least for now I don't have financial troubles in the near future. But looking at what happened to my DDs FIL, it really scares me, especially living alone.

    I think it's this bug that's going around that's zapping our energy. I've hit the fatigue stage after about 5 days of really bad all over aches. I've pushed myself for so long trying to get my "ducks all in a row" around here and my estate. Too much paper work, and now this computer is such a problem. I called a computer guy yesterday that was recommended but so far no call back. Seems that the windows 7 is the big problem and I'm a total dummy with the computer. I thought I knew how to use the memory stick to back up pics. and things......if it's going to crash.....but after reading the directions from my DH, I still don't understand it. I guess I'll have to search for a youtube on using it. This friday I have the stress test so can't go ask the senior citizens computer club.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie and Sun - Hope you both feel better soon and find some missing NRG. It is no fun feeling like crap but seems like I do most, or a lot of the time. You both have been gong through so much in your daily supposedly private lives. Either you are missing someone deeply or wishing someone would go far away, if you know what I mean. I don't think I would want to live a lone either. It seems like I never lived alone , so why start now. DH was an only child and so I guess he is used to it, sort of. Although, nowadays however he has been wanting more company to do this or that .

    Julie, all I can say is I m so glad that Den has now stepped in. I hope that will help the situation, at least some.

    Sun -Sorry you have so many in your family that are ill and or dying. That is so sad and I m so sorry for you and your relatives. Just waiting to hear about your sick relatives and how they are is very stressful I am sure, especially after what you have gone through with your DH.. You are right about little ones lifting y spirits. Don't have to many of them left. The youngest one will be here for Thanksgiving and he is 10 years old, I think. There's another one that I going to be 11 or 12 I think. OMG those teenage years can be something else. The others are 11 or 12 and H.S., College age. Keep up with your paiting and things you enjoy !!

    Mikie- Hang in there sweetie !! I know this must be a very hard time for you considering all you have done and tried to do for Barb and to see the way she feels must be very sad for you. I know it is upsetting. Not sure exactly how she really feels. I definately think she has had lots of issues and the stroke and also possibly TIA's before that may have contributed to her problems. Now she is really in a bad way and who knows if she can recover. Just do what you have been doing and pray for her That is all you or anyone can do other than the docs. Also with her attitude I am not sure she can get well with all the animosity inside of her. Believe me, I know how it feels to have a so called friend turn on you for no reason really. Try and keep your upbeat and happy attitude !!!

    Hugs to everydobby inc all MIA's, Rock, Diane, Spring Water, Windy, Dar, Barry , Joan and all I have forgotten to mention.

    Granni :)
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Good luck with everything. It seems like forever ago when my young children were taking dance lessons. Oh, those were the days. Enjoy them while you can. They stopped when I/we could no longer afford to give 4 girls dance lessons. At that time it was give to all or nothing and later on too, if you know what I mean. Stay calm and rest when you can. Try not to let all the problems upset you to much. Let Den handle it if anything happens. YOU need to take care of YOURSELF before you collapse again or something.

    I need to go and wash my hair. Was going to do it last night and I was to pooped and it got to late.l So I need to do so now. It is such a big PROJECT for me and my hair is short but it is quite thick.

    Hang in there dear SUN and MIKIE. Thinking of you both..

    DIANE - Hope you are having a great weekend with Kevin for his birthday.

    Hope to get back here tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everydobby

    I popped in yesterday but too tired to post. Had had to go out to attend a function.

    Mikie - i think Suns right. meditate, rest, pray. Its been a challenging time almost
    a year now. With something or other happening. That could get anyone zoned out.

    I saw Deepak and Oprahs meditations begin today..the same 21 day one. I learnt
    a new words or words...pinking shears. never heard the term.

    You know what, I want to come back as a pet in Diane or your house in my next'life.
    Being fed delicacies, salmon, being given lovely toys to play with, places to jump
    around, being stroked, petted, loved, every illness being taken care of, being
    fussed over and thought the world of....i mean what life gets better than this??????

    I dunno what those cats did in their previous lives but they sure earned a good good
    karma in this one. yes siree they did. Im quite tempted to dress myself in a cat suit
    put on an appealing expression and loiter around your neighbourhoods so's you can
    come and take me in. Imagine not having to have a world of responsibilities on ones
    shoulders and not enough energy to deal with it. If i were your cat i would be content
    to go snuggle in the cat sleeping bag, frisk all over the place, box my companions ears
    and play hide n seek in the ferns.

    Jokes aside, i love you both for being such loving people, Julie, Rock too actually all our
    board members..somehow the kindest sweetest goodest peoples seem to hv gathered
    here..if one saw the strays condition here, even the pets most of them are chained
    to a post all day long and only let out at night to 'guard' the house.

    Yesterday from the taxi i saw the local KAT (Kathmandu Animal treatment ) centres
    white van cruising along. I had lost touch with the centre which i used to love visiting
    every few weeks...theyve moved i dont know where, too many things like brothers
    illness came up in my life...but the sight of that dear old van lifted my spirits, thinking
    of the good samaritans in that van looking out for our maimed, injured and malnutritioned doggies

    Granni - it must be exciting, renovating and refurnishing the home. Theres a little
    place in the supermarket i always go to, it has wooden parquet tiles for sale and
    on display..such lovely lovely designs colours. I love how houseproud you are
    you and your DH. you seem so systematically and in an organized manner go about
    your lives...cleaning, renovating, socializing, visiting and you of course, with your'
    performances. Also love that you take time out to exercise..together that too.

    My DH does go, but ive never gone with him. He does his treadmill thingy and takes
    a steam bath. I would love to hv a steam bath but the hotel is far off.

    Sun - augh! another bug..this crud needs to go away from our board members. make
    sure you are over this one thoroughly before you extend yourself again. I know, too
    easy to over exert with a house to take care of. But its so easy to think im okay and
    then again relapse sort of. I look forward to seeing your paintings. nd what youve
    put of yourself in them. I wonder do paintings change with the owners moods
    at a given time? Maybe something sunny, bright one day when the mood is like
    that, or whimsical, fanciful on another, and then kind of stormy, swirly grey
    salmon colours another. I know Picasso is very very famous, but i couldnt for
    the life of me understand any of his work. We hv an indian painter, or had,
    he died in his 90s recently..M.F. Hussain..who was like picasso. he did one
    stroke and the painting was sold for thousands n thousands.

    He got death threats (a la Salman Rushdie) from the Indian community for
    painting a diety in what they thought risque manner and had to spend the
    rest of his old age days in exile in Dubai.

    oops..just went back and saw your latest post, i gather you are in no state to
    paint just now. Computer troubles on top of all else...Sun..try and stay
    positive...what happened to another doesnt necessarily hv to happen to
    everyone. Look at the healthy people around u and those you know of and
    think "that is me ". How i am and will be.

    I understand about yr not wanting another dog..i hv one or two who are
    not quite easy to take care of...one of them is too ferocious to even let
    us pick him up to bathe..he will let us pick him up to pet him but growls
    at the other dogs..and it is really off putting..even if the other dogs play
    and run he runs after them and snaps at them and is always the instigator
    of fights. but the other dogs make up for it..my son always says this dog
    should hv been an only dog in a household, he probably would behave better.
    well, certainly it would hv been easier for his owners.

    Julie - that ongoing situation with you know who (she who must not be named)
    lol! has been going on too long. I remember when she was only a entity who
    u used to mention here n there in yr posts..who once raised llamas somewhere
    nice n safely away from here instead of raising havoc like she is doing now.

    I empathise with your situation, i grappled with just such a situation with my
    MIL when i lived there and which took me to the hospital for surgery to remove
    gall bladder stones. Please do take care of your health. That this is now affecting
    Den too, is just too much.

    With a safe distance between us there is a civility between us but i get glimpses
    now and then of what it could be like if i lived with her again. when i visit.

    Rock - i was chuckling throughout your post. you do come up with some pretty
    hilarious stuff. I dont know how you became an attorney rather than a writer
    in Hollywood. One of those sitcom comedies.

    How far along have you got with the de cluttering? As to how far i hv gotten,
    Im guessing maybe i will hv to ask my kids to throw me out with the clutter..
    iv made as little headway as that...too many things, like having to go out here
    there and things out ta my control mostly so i dont blame myself but i do
    despair. trying not to though. despair is a no no.

    ive admired those houses they show on msn messenger those celebs houses
    but i still am hankering after my 'cave'. Whats the point of a huge palatial
    mansion and no energy to clean it?

    Diane - Happy birthday to Kevin. Im sure you two enjoyed your home made
    cake..it was made with a lot of love and affection for sure. I hope you had
    a nice day...how do the fur babies do in the colder weather..Beety, Faithy
    and gang? Is Beety now comfortable chewing her food?

    yesterday i had to go out to attend the 49th day prayer ceremony of a relative
    years and flared up and he suddenly died abroad while undergoing treatment.
    on DHs uncles side who expired due to Hepatitis B. It was dormant for 12

    He was an opthalmologist..you would think a doctor would be more vigilant about
    his health. Seems like he ignored his young wifes efforts to go for check ups and the

    I liked meeting a lot of people after a long time, but it tired me out so. I was glad
    to get away. Asked BIL and MIL drop me off at the market junction and went in\
    and got me some necessities and also prayed at the local temple there.

    The day before i had gone out with my youngest brother just to hv some together
    time with him. he is reclusive and was just glad he agreed to go out..today i am
    glad to just be home. Im trying to just 'be' but the clutter around me is calling out.
    "me , me. Pick me up. Throw me out. Wash me. Fold me. Cook me." Urrrghhhh.

    When i get to heaven, i hope theres no chores to be done. Im going to volunteer to
    take the dogs walking. I never tire of watching them gambol around. And teasing

    Take care all

    God Bless
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2014
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 5 AM here. Cold; 54 degrees. I turned on the electric room heater. Later today
    it will be 73. The ten day forecast says more 70s and 80s coming.

    Springwater, you are absolutely right. I should have been born into a showbiz
    family. That's the easiest and most efficient way to succeed in show biz. The
    men who married Louis B. Mayer's daughters were very successful. One was
    David Selznick (Gone With the Wind) and the other was Bill Goetz who became
    Vice President of one studio and later President of another.

    I read a history of Universal Studios last summer. It was founded by Carl Laemmle
    who was from Germany.

    Laemmle was very loyal to his relatives. The studio employed over a hundred of
    them. None of them had any show biz experience and many could not speak
    English. Ogden Nash wrote, "Uncle Carl Laemmle has a very large faemmle.

    Carl made his 20 year old son head of the studio. Under Carl Jr's
    leadership the studio turned out some very successful films: Show Boat, Dracula,
    Frankenstein, etc. But the studio expenses were so high the Laemmles had to
    sell the place. (Bill Goetz eventually became head of the studio.)

    If you put on a cat suit, Springwater, you could become the Kat Women from
    Kathmandu. Speaking of pets, just finished the book on the tawny owl and
    am reading an old book about an orphaned baby porcupine that was rescued.
    "Cuddle with Caution" must have been the motto in that house.

    Granni, your comment about the many shades of wood in your house reminds
    me of a house I saw on the net last night. It was in a village not far from where
    I grew up. A typical Mid West house. Looked like it was built sometime in the first
    2 decades of the last century. But inside the woodwork is beautiful. Some sort
    of gleaming reddish wood that looks brand new.

    The place is for sale and the ad says "The elegant woodwork is original." It
    certainly is not. Never saw anything like it in all the old homes I was in. I bet
    the realtor who wrote that was born 30 years ago and knows nothing about
    old houses or history in general.

    Julie, Keira's dance class should be fun. Is it a recital or just practice? Years ago
    Dave Barry wrote one of his typical essays on his daughter's dance recital. Anyone
    remember an old radio program called "Ethel and Albert" and (later) "The
    Couple Next Door". One program was about a garden of flowers dance recital

    I think the daughter was 4. She got stage fright and wouldn't go on. But when
    a stage mother pushed her daughter on stage (think Ruby Keeler in "42 Street")
    the 4 year rushed on stage in her bee costume and bit the substitute. The
    local paper said it was the dramatic highlight of the program.

    Going back to bed for a bit. Hugs everydobby.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So good to come here to my wonderful, caring Online Family. Yes, the Porch has attracted the goodest people. Thank you all for your kind good wishes. I won't likely go see Barb again. I get reports from the other neighbors and she is slowly making progress. When her DIL, whom Barb greatly dislikes, comes down, I'll probably spend some time with her. All the people in the hood like her too. Barb has been smiling and being nice to her other visitors; it's just me she has a problem with. I hope and pray she makes a full recovery but I also hope she goes up North to live. After 17 yrs., I've had it.

    Julie, I know what you mean about feeling as though you've been turned inside out, body and brain. That's how I've been feeling. I think you are right about the jealousy. I'm an only child of a working Mother and have been divorced for more than 25 years. I am so self-sufficient and enjoy living alone and having my freedom. After my divorce, I dated and partied a lot so don't feel I've missed anything. I know how horribly lonely Barb must be, missing her husband and best friend. As heartbreaking as my divorce the betrayal was for me, I think divorce is easier than death although, neither is an easy thing to deal with. I am a happy person, even when I'm sick. I just thank God that I have a nice soft bed to rest in til I'm better. I hope and pray you get to feeling better.

    Sunflower Girl, it was supposed to get below 50 last night and, with these being FL orchids, I was afraid to leave them out. I've read that temps in the 40's can affect them. It'll be, at least, in the 50's at night from now on so I'm going to go out early this afternoon and put them back. I'm sorry your home seems so empty. Even when we all lived in the Denver Metro Area, I didn't see my kids all that often because they are at the busiest times in their lives. I remember trying to talk to my Mom or see her when I was working 60 hrs. a week in sales so I understand it. Unfortunately now, we live thousands of miles from one another. I just read about how much all the airlines have reduced the size and comfort of their planes in coach. I don't know that I'll ever fly again unless I win the LOTTO and can fly business class. I used to do that on Air Tran because I could pay to update. Those days are gone. Now, one has to just pay the outrageous fares for business class. I'm glad you have you painting community and your art. I hope you are feeling better too.

    Granni, you are an inspiration to us all. I know you said you usually feel like crap but you keep on keepin' on and outdo most healthy people. I am so impressed that you work out, sing in the choir and are active in the Church. You also spend as much time with family as you can. Those are all important things. Once you get everything done, can you take some pics and post them? I'll bet it's just beautiful. Most of us probably went from our parents' homes to our own after marriage. It was unusual back then to live on one's own for a woman. Yes, if your DH was an only child, being alone isn't such a big deal. As men age, though, they want companionship more and more and like to have their wives do things with them.

    Springwater, we have our humane society here to help homeless and injured animals. It's not just cats and dogs; sometimes, people will leave llamas, cattle, pet birds, etc. and they have to take them in and find a place for them. We have a CROW Society (it's an acronym but can't remember what it stands for) and when someone sees an injured bird, they can call CROW which will come and take the bird and nurse it back to health. The goal is to release it once it's able to fend for itself but some can't and they are used for education in the schools and animal habitats. I can't go to the humane society because it just rips me apart to see all those precious animals people can no longer care for or just throw away like used trash. I also can't watch the ads on TV with homeless and injured dogs and cats. I break down and cry. Believe me, doctors are the worst when it comes to taking care of their health. My biological father died of neglected colon cancer. His brother, my step-dad (yes, I am my own cousin) smoked until the day he died and he had emphysema. You wouldn't have to dress up in a cat suit if you were to visit. I would spoil you with good food and great things to do here in FL.

    Rock, you remind me of my older DD who worked in the movies and TV for a short time when they lived in LA. She almost mourned for the Golden Age of Movies. It was so much more glamorous and the stars didn't display such bad behavior as they do today. Of course, that's because the studios had them under contract and had a tight leash on them. Same with music. Rosemary Clooney was sooooo frustrated at the pop-type songs they made her sing. She wanted to do better songs. Elvis was depressed over the movies he had to make. He never had a chance to show his acting chops. Marilyn Monroe was the same but later on, she got some better parts than just the "dumb blonde." I wish there were more documentaries on that age and the stars and studios. Seems as though I just don't want to read anymore.

    I took the trash and recyclables down and mailed my DD's birthday card. I hope it gets there by the 7th. After all these years, I keep finding new artwork on the cards but with repeated messages. Oh well, DD's memory is almost as bad as mine so she probably doesn't remember. I had to wear my long Yoga Pants, a tee and my hoodie. I'm a wimp from living in the tropics so even the slightest cool spell sends me running for extra layers. Layers of clothing, not hens. :D Don't egg me on or I'll do more bad puns.

    Mild mannered Sir Vester has taken to jumping up on the dining room table--not to harm the orchids but to lie under one of the long stems from the big one. He must think I put them there just for him like I did on the lanai. The cold weather has them all friskie. I have to close my vertical blinds to keep the sun out in the mornings. The cats were bashing through the blinds to run in and out to the lanai. They chase one another, lie in wait to pounce on each other and, eventually, have a big smackdown. After that, they get too tired and pass out. Both of them are on the top of the loveseat. I left the sliders open just enough for them to go out or stay in last night. Well, they come in and jump on me to put them out myself. I guess it's the kitty way of being tucked in.

    I watched "Olive Kittridge" last night on HBO. Part II is on tonight. From all the hype, one would think it's the greatest screenplay and acting in the history of show biz. Well, it's about a middle-age depressed woman, living among other depressed people in a grimy little town in Maine. She is dowdy and lives in an ugly home. Her sweet husband is the only saving grace in the whole story. She has her redeeming qualities but not too many of them. I hope the story improves tonight but I'm not optimistic. Thank God there are only two parts. I started to watch the Broncos play the Pats at NE but, after the Bronco's first two possessions, I knew they would screw it up so I watched something else.

    Can't decide whether to start cleaning out my front office or watch "The Book Thief" on HBO plus watch all the shows I missed last night on On Demand. I'm kinda thinking the room can wait. My strained hamstring is still sore and it gets irritated easily. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) I hope all the rest of y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I've been gone awhile, but hello everyone. I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up. There is not a lot of drama in my life. For which I am very glad. Oops, font change, no blame.
    I saw the doc. last week, my Zen Buddhist doc., who put me on a new med, so I am coming off one (lexapro) and onto Prozac --- which I haven't had in years. I hope it quells some of my SADS symptoms. It'll take a few weeks to balance things out. So if I'm incoherent you'll know why! ;).

    Back in time: Sunflower, thanks for your very kind offer re the Salvia div. I can get starts from a neighbour about a mile away who specializes in bamboos, hardy cacti, and unusual plants -- like the S.d., etc.

    People talking orchids. At the store last week a Phalaenopsis reached out and said "buy me" so I did. A nice orangey-coral colour. $8.99. Bargain.

    Had lots of rain, so we can now hear the creek flowing again. Soothing sound. I'm glad to live where no road noise can be heard.

    I used to live near Stonehenge in England. Back in the days when you could sit up against a giant pillar and eat a sandwich. Now it's pretty much blocked off and turned into an outdoor museum. No touchee, please. Used to be a serene place; last time I was there, I Just drove by......and went to Stratford instead to visit relatives. Gone now, but the memories linger on.

    Love to all dogs and cats and their good owners,
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie, yes, our animals stop our hearts when we think they will hurt themselves. It's almost as bad as when my younger DD was roller skating on the sloped roof of our garage when she was about 8. Yikes! That that child even survived is a miracle. She was "Jackass" bold. She would get up on the garage roof and jump off, doing a flip and landing on the trampoline. Her husband, my DSIL, was evidently the same and his poor Mother spent his childhood in fear too. My DGS inherited the "Jackass" gene as well. I was the same way and I have a hunch my Mom was too. I'm so glad you get to see Keira's rehearsal. Oooh, the recitals are sooooo exciting.

    Hi, Barry, yes that was a steal on the orchid. Good for you. Thanks for the good wishes for all of us who are owned by dogs and cats. :) Glad you got some rain. I love to listen to our fountain in the pond but I can still hear the traffic and I hate that. Can't remember whether I have already asked but have you tried a light box for the SAD? It worked for me when I lived in CO.

    I did watch "The Book Thief" and highly recommend it. It's a beautiful story. I also got all the orchids back hanging on the tree. Unfortunately, one of the new stems on my HUGE orchid broke off. I've never had that happen so stuck the stem in one of the other pots and am wondering what will happen to the stub left behind. That plant is 6' across from the end of one stem to the other. Too big to try to haul in and out while trying to keep the cats from making a break for it.

    It's been sooooo windy that I watered plants which need it. The new sprinklers still aren't reaching the new plants. I also potted my new dark red geraniums in an old red clay pot for my door. I love pots which have age and character, especially with red flowers. Red by the front door is very good Feng Shui. Later, I'm going to do Day 1 of the Oprah/Chopra meditation. I found a big white feather down by the new plants. Thanks, Mom.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I'm enjoying the cold mornings! I rarely turn on the heat in the house, I'm too frugal and just put on a second sweater if I have to. Most times the house is around 60 inside. I heard it's supposed to get up to the 80s by the end of the week. I have to tell you.....I've been able to cut my water bill from $120 two months ago, down to $89 and this month I paid $49. I'm thrilled about that! That house with the red wood.....it could have been a crafts man look.....lots of red wood was used as trim but it's not shiny, so perhaps it IS original but someone put on a coat of varathane to make it shine......gosh I hope not.

    Mikie: 6' across!!!!! What size are the flowers and what color? Does it have a lot of stems? I wonder if you have a epidendrum....or is it epiphyllium........I always get those two words mixed up, two complete different plants.

    The story of your DD's antics brought up my DD when she was about 8. She had bicycled to a friend's house around the corner, and after a few hrs. I rode my bike to follow her back home. She was racing her bike in front of me on the street, and suddenly she either hit a rock or she just lost controlled......it went flying end over end like a circus act, and she landed thankfully on the grass near the sidewalk. OMG I was so freaked out over what could have happened, but she didn't even get a scratch. I think I lost one of my 9 lives!

    Spring: LOL I ALSO would like to come back as a pampered cat. And I had a great laugh, picturing you in a cat suit. Rock: Love your term you coined for Spring. You're always so darn clever.

    Sorry you have a naughty dog who doesn't like to get along with the rest of his 4 legged friends. Our last dog I found at the shelter when she was about 3 months old. Katie actually looked a lot like Oreo. She had been found running on the street and was brought to a shelter. She would freak out when she heard a skateboarder coming, freak out for months at traffic, and freak out at other dogs. Didn't trust her around my grandkids either. Other than that she and I were bonded and she was a great watch dog. We were out for a walk one morning and another dog, a white akita, saw us at least l/4 mi. away and came on the run to attack. I sprayed the dog with my handy spray, she ran away snuffling, but came back in full force. The leash broke and Katie attacked her big time. I had to use my iron golf club to beat off the dog. A few days later there was a sign up.....lost dog.....so I called. The lady said the dog was very gentle....until I told her I had been attacked and what happened. Then she admitted that the dog WAS a bit aggressive. HA

    Barry: That sounds wonderful......a running stream again. Are you English or did you just live near Stonehendge for awhile? My DD and SIL were there about 10 years ago, couldn't get near. I was there about 47 years ago.....couldn't get near because we weren't allow off the bus.

    A computer guy was at my house a few hrs. ago. He put the computer thru it's paces, started a scan which went on for l l/2 hrs. then left but it didn't bring up anything. So I called him back to tell him it was completed and I'm waiting to hear back from him.