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    I'm posting the 30th post on 759 so thought I'd post the end of that Porch and announce the opening of this one. Please go read the last posts over there.

    Love, Mikie
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    Went to the store already with DH and then came home and did some weeding. OH what fun :)!! Will go out to eat with DD and SIL who is celebrating his birthday that was yesterday (56). What a youngster :)!!! Woke up today OK I guess but then all of a sudden I started having pains in my left upper back area - strange. That was before the weeding. It seems to be a bit better now. Speaking of Lindsey and getting the baby in and out of the car seat made me wonder how most of my kids even survived before they had them and then made the law about using them.

    JULIE - What a beautiful baby and mommy. Both of their smiles are infectious, especially Josiah's of course. What a cutie pie he is. Looks like he is getting a really cute personality. Take it easy my dear like you are trying to do with Oreo. Hope you have a wonderful and non stressful weekend.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again. You have been so busy lately and hoping that you will stay well.. Hoping the stress of Barb and her whole situation with you especially doesn't get you sick again. When do they have the "elections" for your condo POA?? I know if elected you would do a great job but hope that the stress of some of these people might not be bad on you. However, you know what you can take and do.

    SUN - Did you go yet to that Art Show? I forget when it was, maybe yesterday. If so, I hope you had a great time and learned a lot.

    ROCK - Hope you are feeling OK since I don't remember you posting the last few days. Of course I might just have missed your post too. Or maybe Gordon had you running around town again or to the library, shopping or wherever.

    Not much else I can think of to say so I will sign off for now. Maybe I will pop in later or tomorrow. For some reason my days are all mixed up and I have been mixed up in my days. I know it is Friday but it seems like Saturday. Also starting to think about the holidays and already getting tired from thinking about them all that needs to be done plus singing - :eek:

    Thinking of everyone and hope all is well from those we haven't heard from.

    Granni :)
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    Mikie: thanks for starting a new post. I'm intreaged by a kitty sleeping bag. I know that my cats love to find hidden places to sleep. I'm forever forgetting to close the linen cabinet door and I KNOW that when I find it wide open one of them will be in on the clean towels. They've lately found that they can climb into/underneath a recliner that I don't use. There's a fabric flap in back and they scoot in there......whoever gets there first! I recently had moved books on a cabinet and one was up on it the other day trying out the lowest shelf. I said OK....you can have it.....she looked at me and walked away. I guess half the fun is when it's secret.

    Spring: That would scare the heck out of me with dogs roaming the streets. No wonder you were frightened. You've mentioned before that everyone has dogs to protect their home. Is it like this all over your country, or is it the town/city you live in because of overpopulation?

    Julie: what a sweet infectious smile he has. Makes you just want to grin at him and squeeze his little fat cheeks. I think my DGD, age 5 mos. is going to be very serious. The only one I see her smile at is daddy.

    Granni: have a good time celebrating your DSILs BD. Where will you go? I'm sure like most men it's a steak house. Yes, I made it to the art show......it's been a while since I've driven that far, I was nervous because 3 freeways converge and you have to be in the correct lane of 8 lanes. I changed lanes 3 times and still almost missed the right one, having to cross over a painted island to get there. And so many cars!!!!

    OMG artists from all over the country, including one sent from Sweden. She actually had won second place! I stood there shaking my head in wonderment ........it was basically a very plain curtain, shades of white and beige, blowing at a window. Go figure! Honestly it must have taken all of 4 hrs. to complete from start to finish and there were wonderful, detailed, moving paintings that must have taken at least 25 or more hrs. I mentioned this to the woman watching the gallery yesterday and she said there were quite a lot of people saying the same as I was.

    I had the WORST charlie horse last night while trying to watch something on the computer. It hit me hard from the butt down to my ankle, for over 15 min. I was screaming and crying and jumping around trying to stretch it out. Both cats came running to me, not hiding, like wanting to know what my problem was. Slept terrible last night. I felt like it was going to start up all over again. I did a search and see that lack of enough magnesium/calcium/potassium and being dehydrated will bring this on. I rummaged thru my meds. and found a jar of a magnesium supplement.......a powder that you mix up and drink. Figured that would get into my system the quickest. I also soaked my feet in epson salts. I've read that your body can take up magesium this way also. And of course in 3 hrs. I've got the stress test on a treadmill.
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    Hi Kids

    Not up to posting much. The spirit is willing, but everything else is old and feeble and
    falling apart. Great pic, Julie. Josiah reminds me of one of those character actors
    where the face is familiar, but the name is unknown. I got a book about same some
    time ago. Some character actors became stars later in life. For example, Ed Asner,
    Carroll O'Connor, and Marjorie Main.

    Granni, we were kinda busy yesterday. Went to two libraries and two markets.
    Gordon is out doing more errands now including finding a cartridge for the printer
    which we almost never use.

    Sorry to her about the charlie horse, Sun. Wikipedia says in Italy it is
    called a donkey bite. The Australians use the term corky. Gordon gets
    one now and then. I got him some potassium pills, but I'm not sure
    that he takes them.

    Mikie, saw a T shirt yesterday. "If life gives you melons, you may have
    dyslexia." Brilliant, huh?

    Hugs, Kids
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    Hello All

    I never knew there was a term Charlie Horse..though i immediately recognized
    what it meant because our help mentioned getting a severe one at night.

    Sun - I wonder what symbolism the judges saw in the pair of curtains flapping
    at a window. To win first place. Sounds like when the dancer dances an
    extremely complicated well executed energetic but modern number and then
    the judges always swoon over the slow emotional sad number even though it
    involves less dancing, in So you think you can dance.

    The security situation is very bad here, so each house tries to keep a dog.
    Mostly though the dogs dont bother other people but once in a while a
    situation like this one occurs where its not safe. The strays mostly bark
    at the pedlars carrying sacks of used bottles and used newspapers etc.
    I guess the silhouette scares them.

    Julie - how blessed that Keiras step daddy is such a loving papa. Truly
    blessed. Josiah is a merry little fellow. he always makes me smile. And
    i bet all the others here too.

    Mikie - That Herpes whatever virus is a pain....just popping up whenever..
    Again I had to look it up to see what it was...

    Dont let Barbs situation get to you. You do your best and then let go. I
    guess a situation bit like Julies and Granpas...of course since you dont
    have to see Barb and her children all the time it would be easier. I know
    it must hurt because of the long association with Barb..and the happier
    times you spent..before things unravelled..i guess the only thing is to pray
    for understanding. Mostly for her to let go of unreasonable ways of thinking.
    And of course for healing for her condition.

    I dont use crystals nowadays..but i noticed this Full Moon i didnt get angsty
    and hyper like i normally do.

    Granni - Its been awhile ive been forgetting what day of the week it is and
    what date, sometimes i get befuddled with the month too..forget its moved
    on ahead. But i understand in my case its because of ongoing stuff.

    You seem to have more of a handle on all your stuff than me. I feel
    like there are 24 hours less than what there should be in a day. In
    order to get everything needs done -ing get done.

    Rock - you visited two libraries! in one day. How crowded are those
    places? One thing i love about libraries is the mandatory silence
    one has to maintain. Almost like church. Except more fun.

    Last evening I went out after such a long time to a Golf Ball.
    It was actually a welcome ball for the visiting team from out of

    Even though i had to rush around to the hairdresser to touch
    up my roots and to the bank to get out a pair of ear rings and
    ring..i made it. And kind of patting myself on the back for it.
    I did have to make an effort. Having dinner cooked for son and
    bathing and digging up my dress..wore a plain ethnic dress
    with a voluminous warm sweater, party etiquette be damned..
    the other ladies wore heavy silk sarees and beautifully coiffed
    hair and exquisite jewellery. If i had the time, opportunity
    and money i guess i wouldve too. I just was glad i did go.
    And didnt let my husband go stag. I always meet these people
    at least once a year because this is a yearly tournament.but was still
    relieved to see at least a couple of familiar faces. it was held in
    this heritage hotel and the dinner was sumptuous...with even a wild
    boar barbeque roasting but the fumes it gave off...morbidly it reminded
    me of the cremation grounds we take our deceased too and the funeral
    pyre. I dont know why. When they do that to chicken, lamb that didnt

    The owner of the hotel was there, all of 80 years old and fussing over
    the food and arrangements, slim, smart so sharp. She walked talked
    behaved like she was in her prime..30s 40s ...when i came to this
    country as a nineteen year old and worked in the hotel industry, she
    was heading this travel agency and the hotel and four decades later here
    she still is..at the top of her game.

    Well, take care, all

    God Bless

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    Hi Kids

    Nice to read you newsy Warren Peace post, Springwater. Glad to hear you are staying
    in touch with your roots. That's so important. In answer to your question about
    our libraries, they are not crowded unless there is some event going on. For example,
    a book sale, a puppet show for the kids, a concert by a string quartet, etc. And yes,
    people are generally well behaved and quiet.

    A couple months ago we were at a branch that had a minor disturbance. A man
    came in and started shouting. From his appearance he seemed to be homeless and
    mentally ill. One of the librarians told me he had been there some months earlier.
    The police came and took him away to some sort of shelter. Very sad. He could be
    one of our veterans.

    Sun, I remember at least one painting by Andrew Wyeth of sheer curtains at a
    window. Was it a similar picture? Did you know his father N.C. Wyeth was a
    famous illustrator of children's books? I tried to look up N. C.'s paintings, but
    the crazy computer (or the net or whatever) converted my request to paintings
    by the son instead of by the father. Very annoying to one who is easily irritated

    Oh, here's my latest outrage. I ordered some CDs from a firm in MA. They
    arrived yesterday. I ordered 9 or 10 CDs. The seller substituted two CDs
    for what I ordered and didn't send one at all indicating I would have to reorder.

    Not only did I not get a refund, I was told I needed to send extra money. Great
    Balls of Incompetence and Arrogance. Maybe the place has a new owner. Never
    had a previous problems.

    Barry, didn't know"grisettes" referred to mushrooms. I have seen the term
    before though. "French: A young working class woman of perceived easy
    morals." I guess it all ties together. "Morels" are mushrooms, right?

    I remember decades ago a coworker reported that she had mushrooms
    growing in her living room carpet. Boletus vestis, perhaps.

    Mikie, when I used to handle cases involving dogs, we had two rules. If
    the insured's dog bites somebody, pay. If the insured runs over a dog, don't
    pay. Dogs are supposed to kept on a leash or in a yard (city ordinance most

    I remember a case decades ago where the policyholder's dog bit a little girl.
    The police took the dog to the pound, but the owners were able to spring
    the dog and bring it home. I went out to their home and told them to put
    the dog back in the pound so it could be tested for rabbies. Of course they
    didn't. I didn't expect they would. (You can't get emotionally involved in
    cases or you will end up a babbling idiot with bloodshot eyes and tremors.
    Wait a minute! That's about how I ended up anyhoo.)

    OK, time for kitty's breakfast. Got her some dented cans for 29 cents @
    yesterday. Nothing but the best for kitty witty is my motto.

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Julie, I wish you could sleep some more too. You're such a good Mom to everyone, including Oreo. It's great she now can do stairs. Anything which decreases her anxiety will help ease her mind and help her heal. Little Josiah is looking so much older since the last pic. As I said, he's a keeper. Do as little as you have to today and go into survival mode. I believe that taking a day of rest enables one to do more in a week than if one worked every day. Even God took one. :)

    Granni, please don't ignore that back pain if it persists. Not to scare you but heart attack symptoms for women often start in the back, shoulders or neck. I will have to soon fill out a request to be put on the docket as a candidate for the board. I can attach a resume to be sent out with the election and annual mtg. announcement. Our mtg. this year is mid-Jan. At that time, the new (or incumbent) board members will be announced. If there is only one slot open, and I'm the only one running, my election will be automatic. As soon as the whole community mtg. is done, the new board will meet to elect officers. We meet at our local library. Thanks for your good wishes and kind words. I really appreciate them. It's impossible to do a good job and please everybody and I don't try. I do try to please as many as I can within the rules and, if I can't, I try to be kind and gentle. One member lost her seat because of her harsh manner in dealing with people who break the rules.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm laughing at your cats' antics. Sounds as though you are owned by your cats too. I don't know whether I could now live without the show they put on for me every day. Sylvester used to actually tear the books off the bottom shelves to make a nest for himself. Just as with your little bookworm, as soon as I made a place for him, he stopped wanting to sleep there. His favorite place is under my bed. As we say, he has to "have some space." Actually, with his ornery sister, I don't blame him. She would never lower herself, no pun intended, to go under there. He was playing with the cloth grocery bags this morning in the dining room and Tweety pounced on him and gathered all the bags in one spot and sat on them so he could no longer play with them. Tweety is like that mean girl we all knew in junior high school whom we hated and feared. Such a diva! I really have to get out to some art shows. Seems as though the older I get, the less time and NRG I seem to have. Of course, if I were better at prioritizing... Pick up some Smart Water. It's so much better to drink the electrolytes all during the day than just taking the supps by themselves. Of course, I take the supps too. My doc told me to stop taking calcium supps because he said it can cause cancer, especially breast cancer, and I'm on HRT. I really need to eat more veggies with it. If you soak in Epsom Salts, the magnesium salts will help a lot with the cramps/spasms.

    Rock, yes, that tee shirt is brilliant or, at least, the printed part is. Mother Nature gave me lemons but in a few years, they turned into melons all by themselves. :D At our flea market, I could spend an hour just reading all the tee shirts. One of my favorites is a black one with Rhinestones in the shape of a martini glass. It reads, "Grandma's Sippy Cup." All the old ladies down here love to wear crystals on everything so I kind of hate to become too stereotypical. As it is, I live alone, am owned by cats and grow orchids. Check out my orchid shopping experience below.

    Springwater. the idea of roaming dogs is scary to me too. Because I'm a Cancer, the full moon is my favorite time. I wish it could be full all the time. I look forward to it every month. That is often when I do my crystal/stone cards forecast. My daughter has made a friend in her new area and this woman is very metaphysical. So many people have been sad, depressed, angry, etc. She did some digging and found that whatever happened to us in 2012 is coming round to us again. Well, if I could remember what happened in 2012, it might help me. Actually, I think that is when I asked God for more purpose in my life and, boy, did He ever hear me. :) So, I think what I'm feeling now is none of the things I described but rather just trying to keep my NRG high enough to keep up.

    I did my second day of the Oprah/Chopra meditations this morning. I'm about three days behind. I'll try to do another this afternoon to try to catch up. I'm taking notes on each one and writing down the Sanskrit mantras. I am convinced that these meditations help keep me centered and keep stress under control. As it is, Barb's daughters leave today and her sweet DIL will be here. They all went out for dinner last night with people in here closer to their age. I'm glad because that means Pam will have someone other than me to socialize with. I reiterated that she could ask for anything she needs. She did say Barb is mad that they put her in rehab. At the end of the week, Pam will try to get the docs to let Barb go up North where she will continue with therapy. Barb thought as soon as she was released from the hosp. she would return to her condo here and live alone again. She's in denial big time. Her DIL said, "How are you going to do that; you can't even talk." Oh, I like this girl. She tells it like it is. If Barb doesn't get rid of her anger, I doubt she will work hard in therapy. I pray for a complete recovery but I hope she, and her whole family, never darken my door again. That may sound awful but 17 years of this meanness and stress is enough!

    Yesterday afternoon, I sat out in the shade to admire my new orchids in the tree and have a beer. I called my friend, Joan, and she came over and we drank until about 6:30. She smokes so she sat at the end. I gave her one of my little saucers from one of my pots to use as an ashtray. After she left, I emptied it in my trash. I have to take to down to the dumpster. OMG, it stinks soooo bad. I cleaned the cats' litter boxes, hoping the poop smell would overpower the stale smoke. :) But, I digress... She called another friend of ours and he hobbled over here; he has sciatica just like I did and another of my friends in here. Is it contagious? His isn't periformis so it must be his spine. He will have to get an x-ray and MRI. The PT can only do so much for him. I told him about the Icy Hot TENS units and to go to Target and get one. They put one on him in PT and it helps. So, he stayed and drank with us too. Another neighbor came out and joined us for a while.

    Joan is the president of the POA and is retiring; that is the open slot we know of. She said she wants me to be the next president and wants to be my "campaign manager." Well, how great is that to have a campaign manager for a tiny little condo community! :) She is planning on how she will tell people she knows in each condo assn. so they can spread the word to vote for me. Every year, a lot of people ask for her advice. I know I have what it takes to deal with problems and problem people. I have thick skin. Maybe having to deal with Barb and, sometimes, Ilona downstairs, has toughened me up.

    Love, Mikie
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    How embarrassing! I actually had to post this in two parts as the forum wouldn't accept such a looooong post:

    OK, on to my orchid adventure--I decided not to wait until my sick friend called to invite me to go with her and our other friend at a specific time or day. The other friend called while I was at the nursery to say they would be going later in the day. I thanked them and said I'd likely have had a lot more fun had I gone with them but I really needed to have time to spend with the various orchids. We never know how much NRG our sick friend will have and, when she starts to run out of breath, she has to go right then. The HUGE orchid she gave me is a dendrobium (hope I got that right). It is blooming with fragile little purple and white blossoms. I tried to take pics yesterday but I have so much trouble seeing my phone screen outside that I'll have to look at the pics to see if they came out OK. Once I upload them, I'll post them.

    I bought a small stag horn fern for only $7. I bought three very showy cattleyas in bloom. I have the names but suffice it to say one is brilliant yellow with a splash of brilliant red, one is green with a brilliant splash of violet, and one is a mauve and it has an odor like tulips in spring. They look stunning on the tables and hanging in our tree. Our other orchids are dormant right now. I saved $5 on each one due to their being on sale. Home depot sells phals for less than $15 but they are usually completely fully in bloom. I think I'll get one to give to Barb when I take another friend/neighbor to visit her in rehab. We have to go between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. as they will be working her hard all day. I'll tell Pam to bring the orchid back to me before she takes Barb home and I'll tell Barb I'll hang it in the tree. Who knows? Maybe she will come back. Yikes! :eek:

    On the way to the nursery, a nice man pulled up next to me at the light and gave me the "roll down your window" signal. He told me my brake light was out on the passenger side. I thanked him and asked God to bless him (we need all the nice people we have around us). I was afraid a cop would pull me over and give me a warning. On the way home, I stopped in at Auto Zone after removing the bulb and bought a set of two for $8. I went back out an plugged it in and, Voila! problem solved! Yea!!! The Highlander has handy little compartments in the back corners to access the lights. Each light snaps into a little plastic base which snaps into the socket. Easy peasy! This is one advantage of older cars which don't have the new LED lights. If something goes wrong with those, it can cost hundreds of dollars to replace the whole LED panel.

    On that note, one of the brothers from the "Car Talk" show died. I signed the guest book for him because, as I mentioned in the book, I cut my car knowledge teeth on their show and newspaper column. What a loss, even though they retired. Their shows are in rerun on NRP. They gave me the confidence to deal with cheesy, and not so cheesy, mechanics. I have a great mechanic now and he seems to appreciate my knowledge and questions. He never talks down to me because I'm a woman and he is very religious and honest. He walks the walk. Hmmm! It's time to take my car in for an oil change. I also have to stop at the bank to order the new stack of 100 one dollar bills for DGS for Xmas. He's likely to explode when he sees it. I shoulda written "W&P"; it would have been shorter. :D

    Love, Mikie
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    I am already worn out and my butt has been bothering me today, on one side. I guess it is sciatica. Yesterday for awhile I had pain in my upper back area, very strange. Then that went away and now I have the pain I my butt area. However, it is on the same side so wondering if it related.

    Today I changed our bedding and decided I had better wash the mattress cover that hasn't been washed since we bought it some years ago. Then went to the store for a bit with DH and then made lunch and fought with the mattress cover to try and get it back on. What a fight but I finally won. :D I finally got back on the computer to check the Porch, etc. Now I am all worn out.

    MIKIE - What year is your Highlander ?? You are so lucky that nice guy took the time to tell you about your light no longer working. Hope ours is as old as yours :)!! Your flowers sound so pretty. I hope you can get to post the picture later. How nice also that your other friend is going to be your campaign manager :)!!! Way to go, as I'm sure you will do a great job !!!! However, I hope it doesn't keep you of the PORCH to much :)!! Wow , you really had some Wand P to have break your one post into two :)!!

    JULIE - So sorry to hear about the little ones all getting sick again. May that might be a cause or at least a partial cause. Lorraine may have picked up something from her preschool if stuff is going around her preschool too. This is the time of year too for a lot of these viruses and bacteria. I know there isn't much else for them to do unless they wanted to try and move again. I know removal of mold and all can be quite expensive to remove from a home. I know she probably wants to stay close to you and visa versa for many reasons. Oh well, time will tell I guess if this keeps happening, it might be worth looking into. It is so hard for all those little ones tog et sick almost all together. Hope Lindsey and you stay well.

    ROCK- I don't think kitty will care if the cat food can's are dented. Glad you got a good buy. I know sometimes severely dented cans means the food is not good but if it hasn't expired they re probably OK for kitty. I she/or she eats it is probably tastes and is good :)!!! Sorry you had problems with ordering your CD's. Did you send them note or e-mail of what the did and if they planned on doing the right thing for you??? If they do not reimburse you in some way I wouldn't be using them again.

    Hope all our dear PORCHIES and MIAs are doing well. Hi to everyone I have missed. Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend !!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie - I dont mind your Warren Peace-ies. I welcome them. you write in such
    a way we actually feel we are living your posts..the warm/hot Florida air, the
    bustle of the shops, the colours of the plants in your building, the cozy comfort
    of your lanai. And of course the sometimes friction with your neighbours/cat
    hater lady et al.

    Its like getting to be somewhere without actually being there.

    Good luck for the campaign. If the POA is advocating for you Im sure its
    because she has the confidence you are the one to guide the condo activities
    in the proper direction.

    Did your friends metaphysically gifted friend mean 2012 is coming around
    for all of us? I need to do some major cleansing and white light protection
    then.:D In no way, form or matter do i want a repeat of that year.

    I went and copied down Deepak/Oprahs meditations, last time i had missed
    some. Its good to know its there when i want them.

    Rock - we had a mess up when daughter ordered a used ipad on ebay..for
    us. It was when we were there. Everything went well, the seller informed
    her he had sent it and then it never came. Then she tracked it on something
    and it said it had come to her college. She inquired and college said they
    hadnt received. So whats to do? Some more enquiries. In the end it turned
    out college had sent it back, who knows why, and seller re sent it back and
    daughter got it. She sent it to us via a cousin. Got to say the ipad was good as
    new for all that. so alls well, ends well.

    Granni - I hope that pain goes away. You are always so busy. We cant hv pains
    and aches keeping you down. Have you tried soaking in Epsom salts like
    Mikie does? maybe that would help.

    Julie - Sorry to hear the bugs have come back again. I wonder what is the
    solution. Lindsey must be so worn out. And of course, you. Do you think
    adding some salt into the mop water would help? or some vinegar?

    I heard this is one way of cleansing a place of any undesirable energy.
    Crankiness due to the colds and fever too is undesirable energy. It can
    affect everyone.

    well, yesterday was one hectic day...and unexpected. I had this errand to
    go on with my youngest brother and managed to get middle brother also
    to accompany us. I thought i would make it a sort of time out together trip
    for us siblings. Son was home. and said he would stay till we got back.
    well we finished one errand, and had just ordered a meal outside the
    local zoo...and i was looking forward to a nice time when i got a call
    from my DHs cousin sis. She was at our place. Where son must hv been
    frantically trying to look after her and her toddler daughter. her sons
    classmate who lives in an apartment highrise nearby had invited him
    to a birthday party and she had felt bored after leaving him there and
    decided to visit me til it was time to pick him up. Of course my house
    was a shambles and i was feeling really embarassed for her to hv seen
    it like that. I apologized to my brothers, we gobbled down our food
    and i also ordered some take away chicken and potatoes for DHs cousin.
    and speeded off in a cab to her.

    True to her nature, when i got there, she had cleaned up my kitchen, :D
    as best she could and said she hoped i didnt mind. I didnt. I minded that
    the kitchen was in the condition it was in when i left. Anyways, son had
    bought some ramen and fed them. And gave the little girl some colour
    pencils and paper to draw. we stuck her drawing on to the fridge. Coz
    is going thru some very rough times with her inlaws. And unloaded.
    It is so unhealthy. Living with people who dislike you from the core.
    I ve lived thru that. with my own inlaws. Her husband is reticent.
    Cold. Lives away from her for 11 months of the year. Doesnt even
    think it necessary to take a trip with his adorable little four year old
    daughter and eight year old son and wife in all the years he has been
    married. Theyve been married for almost 13 years now. Where is it
    all going? The dragon MIL (two brothers and their wives live with
    our cousin) goes to the extent of hiding the car keys so coz cant take
    the car out for her errands. I sometimes think it would be better for
    coz to just up and get out of that loveless marriage even now. had she
    been in the west im pretty sure she would not hv stood for it.

    Just glad coz has very supportive parents and sisters. She runs to them
    to unload and recupe every chance she can.

    Anyways, afterwards i accompanied her to her sons friends apartment
    to pick him up and we met the parents ..got talking to them and she
    offered to show me her apartment. The building is pretty nice, spacious
    with an indoor heated pool as well as an outdoor one, a nice garden area
    with seats to rest in,,,the trees they hv planted are small yet, but will
    provide a lovely retreat once grown...the parents had bought a duplex
    apartment with two floors a lovely wooden staircase connecting to the
    bedrooms upstairs so it didnt feel too much like an apartment. its on the
    11 th floor. There are 14 floors with penthouses on top of the building.
    out of the 50 or so apartments i dont think too many hv been sold. there
    are lights only on in about 15 or so at night. It did scare me to think of
    being alone in the apartment at night with just empty rooms all around
    in that huge huge building. gotten so used to being surrounded by houses.

    At home, i made some bitter gourd for DH s dinner, good for keeping
    sugar levels down i believe, and chicken and tortillas. Watched Americas
    Got Talent and hit the sack. I loved a singer called Jimmy Rose. What a
    voice. What a talent. But the judges were rooting for a performer called
    Kenichi Ebina. The winner has been declared already, its a later telecast.
    But still entertaining.

    God Bless

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, Gordon has lots of dendrobiums. They have very thick stems; sometimes over an
    inch in diameter. At least that's what I thought for many years. So I checked with
    him yesterday and he said, "No, those are actually dendrobium speciosium." Kinda
    confusiatin', huh? Anyhoo they have lots of small flowers. Often more than 100
    on a single stem. He just ordered some "true dendrobiums" from a nursery in
    Australia. Can't find any pics that I can copy.

    The place also sells sarcochilus orchids. We have several. They are small plants
    with small white flowers. But the plant folks are cross breeding and creating
    new plants with colored flowers. There are an estimated 25,000 species of
    orchids. Here's a painting I found on Wikipedia that was copyable.


    Julie, I wonder if Oreo thinks she is guarding you when she goes up and down the steps
    with you. Good to hear that she healing nicely. Looks like 2012 was an eventful
    year for you and your family. I think it was for us too. Pretty sure that's the year
    Gordon was laid off from work, I fell and broke my nose and the coyote got
    Zippy. I certainly don't want another similar year. I see Springwater agrees.

    Springwater, I wonder if your bitter gourd is the same as the bitter melon Gordon
    grows. He adds it to soup. Says it has little flavor; adds texture. One of his nephews
    came by yesterday. Gordon put him to work caulking windows. As a
    reward he made some dim sum. These were dumplings. Nephew said he hadn't had
    any since childhood. I asked about his son who is about 12 and was with him on
    his last visit. He said the boy was having trouble in school. He took away his
    son's electronic toys and told him to get busy with his studies.

    Granni, I gave the kitty din-din from one of the dented cans. The food was fine.
    I remember a conversation at work years ago. some co worker said she never
    buys dented cans. There could be a tiny pinhole in the can, and the food would
    be poisonous. I think if it was spoiled, it would be obvious. Reminds me of an
    old Jack Benny program (Well, there aren't any new ones.) Anyhoo Jack
    and Rochester were taking inventory of the pantry. "A dozen small cans of ____.
    Ten large cans of ____." Mary asked what was going on. Rochester explained
    that they buy cans without labels. Makes for interesting meals.

    BTW, Kids, did you know Rochester (Eddie Anderson) was in Gone With the Wind?
    He played Uncle Peter, the buggy driver for Aunt Pittypat Hamilton.

    Hugs to Alles including Sun, Barry, Sha, Diane, Joan.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, My Dear Porchies,

    Before I start, I want to clear up something I mentioned from my DD's metaphysical friend. It isn't that we are going to repeat 2012, it's that the seeds for what we are experiencing now were planted in 2012. Whatever happened then, good or bad, has changed us so that we are experiencing moods, feelings, growth, etc. which were originally shaped back then and matured so that we are changed now for better or worse. I believe we are changed on many levels, most of them good. Adversity usually steels us and we grow stronger.

    For any problems we may be experiencing, we can look back to 2012 to try to identify what happened and know that our current problems are connected to that time. This is actually good to know. It could be helpful in identifying any unfinished business or other problems, allowing us to seek some closure or correct our path. It's nothing to fear.

    In my DD's friend's case, it seems that the 2012, and the 2014, elections made her realize that she is politically so far out of step with the majority of people where she lives that she feels isolated. DD said she is a very interesting and learned person and thinks that's why they became fast friends. DD is like me, she tries to see all sides of issues, political, ethical, moral, etc. In other words, we see things in shades of gray and not in B&W. There is nothing wrong with either outlook. Most of us aren't at the ends of the spectrum but fall somewhere in the middle. If we were all the same, it would be a boring world.

    I can barely remember yesterday but I do remember feeling in 2012 that I wasn't living a fulfilled potential. It's so hard for us to work at our full potential due to our unpredictable health. The only thing which is predictable is that our health can be very unreliable. I prayed on this and asked God to help me be of more purpose in my limited scope. Well, my friends, be careful what you wish for. :)

    It was then that I got the cats who were wild and had to be trained to become indoor cats. Then, Julie took them and now, I have them back. Y'all know how much I love these two little creatures who own me but my life is not the same with them here. It's a lot more work but worth it. So, this is a good thing because I was able to keep the kitties from the pound, it helped Julie out, and every day, I thank God for them.

    It was in 2012 that I realized our bldg.'s grounds were looking a bit shabby. I started to work on them and it has led to my working with plants, which I love, but is very hard on me when I'm not feeling up to par. People say we have the most beautiful bldg. and grounds. So, this is a good thing because my purpose was to make our environment beautiful and calming, a place where we could gather on the balcony in peace, laughter and joy.

    It was then that there was a tiny seed of my desire to run for the POA board because I saw that there are some things going on in our hood which aren't good. Nothing too dire but they need to be corrected in order that we retain the value of our homes as our community ages and that we have a safe place to live.

    2012 was the 10th anniversary of my Mother's death. Someone once told me that after 10 years, the pain becomes less excruciating. There is always pain but after a while, there are sweet memories. There is always guilt for things not said or done, or for things said and done but after a while, one realizes that great love overcomes our failings. I sat on the Balcony with my coffee early that morning and there were the most beautiful cloud formations and a double rainbow. I was spiritually comforted. No one ever gets over losing his or her Mother but I think 2012 was a turning point in my grief.

    It was in 2012 that Ilona downstairs became mean and angry. The burden of living between her and Barb has, at times, been almost unbearable. Thankfully, Frank and Ilona are only here two or three months a year; however, they are my other two board members so I have to work with them. I just found out the things Ilona has been saying about me to other people so I now have complete closure in my friendship with her. I forgive her but the trust is gone. This is a not-so-good thing for her to behave like this but I can only control my behavior. As my Mother whispered to me as I was dropping off to sleep last time they were here, "Honey, it only matters how good you are." One good thing is that they are planning to sell their condo here, likely after this year. The other good thing is that I have my Mother's words to guide me.

    I am going to answer everyone on another post because my ramblings have become unmanageable. I don't know which is worse, hogging the board with Warren Peace posts or serial posts in one visit. In any case, I wanted to clarify this new info for y'all as I think it may be valuable for self-evaluation even for anyone who is diametrically opposed to new age metaphysics. Even religion calls for us to examine ourselves and right our course. I hope this will help others as it has helped me to see how my past has affected my present and how my present will affect my future. We are supposed to live in the present and I try but I do think self-reflection is a great tool now and then.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi again, everydobby.

    Speaking of metaphysics, I am following this post with one in which I had the most moving and unusual conversation with one of my neighbors. I found it amazing!

    Rock, we must have been posting at the same time on my last post. Sorry about you CD's. Thanks for the info on dendrobiums and the pic. My HUGE one has the long, thick stems. Three of the stems, or canes, are blooming with many purple and white dainty flowers. I think that once it is finished blooming, I will repot it and likely will separate it. I know they like small pots but this one is unmanageable. I may only remove the new babies when they are established. I watched a video on repotting the big ones. It looks pretty straightforward and easy. I guess learning and even failing is half the fun of getting into this amazing area. Tell Gordon I said, "Thanks!" BTW, had that can of cat food been poisonous, you would have known as the kitty would probably have left you a little gift. It doesn't take long for bad food to make a debut appearance.

    Julie, I also wonder about mold; the kids are sick a lot. When I had it growing in the wall behind my shower tiles, I was sick all the time. I would wake up choking and always had cold-like symptoms. I was so run down from it that I then caught every virus going around. After mold remediation and new shower walls and tiles, the symptoms all went away. So happy for you and Oreo. Everything you have done for other people since 2012 has been a really wonderful thing. You have learned a lot from the adversity even tho it's not been easy. I hope you learn to put yourself first, at least, now and then. Maybe that's your takeaway from this metaphysical idea. Of course, no one knows what it means for another but I pray you don't have any bad recurrences. You've had your share. It's time for good things for you.

    Granni, I really hope you don't have sciatica. I now have two friends, plus me, who have it. Mine has been especially bad lately but I've not been good about my PT. My Highlander is a 2003, v-6. It has less than 38,000 miles on it. I used to drive it to Atlanta when it was newer so it was broken in on the road. Now, it only does short shopping trips. Every now and then, I will drive it up or down the coast about 30 miles just to get it out. It's usually for lunch with friends at an out-of-town restaurant. I want to make a run to Sarasota to eat at one of the Amish restaurants. That's a bit further up the coast. I only use synthetic oil in it now and it can go a year between oil changes. That costs no more than two regular changes and the synthetic oil keeps the engines really clean. Do you love your Highlander as much as I love mine; I'll likely drive it the rest of my life. Hope your back is better. Yes, I really went to work on that last Warren Peace. I decided today to break my posts up. It might give y'all a break from my "W&P" posts if I didn't have as much time to come here. I have to come here, except when I'm too sick, to get rid of the vile spammers and I like to come to the Porch to check up on my Online Family.

    Hope y'all, and our MIAs, have a great day. It's rainy all day here. Yea!!! :)

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OK, one last post but it's a good one:

    Yesterday, I went to see my friend/campaign mgr. Another neighbor I know was there. I've never really gotten to know this woman and, evidently, neither has Joan. Well, she started talking about her divorce and how hard it has been on her and the kids. I think it was good for her to talk with us because we've been there and done that. Then, she mentioned losing family members, including her sister in Denver. She said the woman's husband shot her and then killed himself, leaving the kids orphans. He had been abusive.

    I asked her when it happened and she said, "In 1987."

    I asked her if it happened at Metro State College and whether her sister had been a marketing professor. Her eyes grew huge and she said, "Yes."

    I had returned to college and was only a block away when it happened. I usually walked to the Student Union to catch the trolley to Mile High Stadium where I parked (campus parking was severely limited). I planned to meet my daughter who was spending that semester at Metro with me. We rode together as it was summer and she was living at home. My path always took me on the sidewalk next to the faculty parking where her sister was shot within a very short time of when I would have been right there. I left the engineering bldg. to walk to the student union and I got the sickest and saddest feeling in my stomach. Somehow, I sensed a dark green cloud over that area. I actually took another path to avoid it--very unusual for me; I'm a creature of habit.

    I told my friend how much her sister was loved and how everyone was in shock and mourning her senseless death at the hands of an abusive husband from whom she was separated. I didn't know this woman but all my professors did; one was her best friend. This woman was so accomplished and, evidently, her husband couldn't deal with it. We talked in our classes about it and everyone expressed what a loss this would be for students and the college.

    I told my friend that Metro State is to Denver what the Univ. of Chicago is to Chicago. The business school is excellent. Businesses love to hire Metro grads. I also told her I went on to get my B.S. in Marketing.

    She loved hearing about how much her sister meant to everyone, even students, like me, who didn't even know her. She also loved knowing that she was teaching at such a good school.

    I had thought I had put this horrible tragedy behind me but I was choking up and my eyes were tearing, as were hers. As we spoke, it brought it back as though it happened yesterday. It seemed only accidental that we would both show up at Joan's at the same time and talk about such personal things. I really don't believe in coincidences. I think we were meant to be together because one, or both, of us needed it. It really seemed to mean a lot to Joan too.

    It seemed to ease the grief and it meant a lot to me to meet this remarkable woman's sister. I need to remember that there are more nice and loving people in the hood than the mean troublemakers. I never want the negative to outweigh the many positive blessings God has graced my life with. It also reinforced our need to comfort and love one another. Wow!

    The new Oprah/Chopra meditation is on desire, not the desire for things but the desire to fulfill our purpose in our lives. I've found that once I start these meditations, something opens up and people and things show up to help me achieve my goals. When we are ready, God sends His blessings to us.

    Hope y'all enjoyed reading about this amazing occurrence. I'm afraid many will look at all my long posts and think, "Oh, no! Not another one." Of course, no one is obligated to read them and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if someone is tired of my ramblings.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I truly believe God puts people into our path/lives at a special time, as in the case of you and that new acquaintance. I'm sure it was very helpful to her to know your feelings on her sister.......and also for her to unburden herself. How awful it must be for someone to lose a loved one at the hands of another.

    I'm anxious to see a photo of your huge orchid. You've got me curious.

    Spring: how nice for you that you got to attend a golf ball. And I have to say I was impressed at how your son took over the surprise visitors and tried to make them feel comfortable. You've done a good job in raising/teaching him.

    Rock: I agree about taking away the electronic stuff from the kids. I keep telling my DD that my DGS is tooooo involved with them, instead of studying. He has terrible handwriting, past the point of sloppy, and 2 years ago his special ed teachers were to teach him to type. (he's got learning problems and is dislexic) I've even told him I would pay him $10 for each line of the keyboard he learned by touch. Nope......hasn't worked. He has a tutor for math, etc. but it's still a struggle.

    Julie: I believe you mentioned before that Den's mother had tremors. I hope the chiro is able to help him, since it could be a pinched nerve. Where does he have it? In his hands, arms, head? I started developing the tremors in my head about 6 years or more ago. Started when I was trying to put on mascara and my head started bobbing around. Needless to say I don't wear eye liner or mascara anymore. Friday I was at the clinic getting the stress test done. OMG OMG I could only go 4 min. and still couldn't raise my HR to the target of 150 and yet in the mornings it's nothing for it to hit 180 while walking. (I have an oxymeter to check my oxygen and HR) and what shocked me...hurt me...then angered me......is that I was exhausted and trying hard to breathe and my head was shaking in rhythm, including my hair. The doctor/tech laughed and remarked about my shaking hair!!!! Next time I see my doctor I'm going to relate this to him. VERY unprofessional. And I'm seriously thinking about relating this to the clinic director. This man needs to be called on the "carpet" for this remark.

    What I'm trying to get at is my head only shakes badly when I hold my head straight, not on either side, so I'm thinking it has something to do with the cervical stenosis I have. That's why these tremors might really be pinched nerves. I hope so and not inherited.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie, you do not "hog the board". I agree with Springwater's recent post. I think
    it's wonderful that you are able to write newsy posts in spite of your various
    maladies. And your such a good writer. Some days I can't get up the energy to post at all.

    That was really an amazing kawinkydink to find a link with your past and
    your neighbor. I agree with Sun's observation. The sister must have been so
    happy to talk to you about her sister's tragic death.

    Sun, you just have too many ailments. Not news to you, right? I think most of
    us could accept a serious medical problem. Even a couple. But many of us
    have several; and none of them curable. Uff-da!

    OK, here's a funny line I found on line: The misuse of "literally" makes me
    "figuratively" insane. I'd like to have a thousand dollars for every time I've
    heard someone say, "Well, I just literally died!"

    And here's a paradoxical bumper sticker. Honk if you love Peace and Quiet.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A very quick hi to you all dear Porchies !! Went to church, then came home and had soup for lunch. Then we called the place doing our wooden floor and was told they would bring out the wood for it to set for awhile before they start putting in the floor. Not sure how long the floors need to sit in the partially opened box before installing. Then DH go all excited since they will bring the lumber tomorrow we needed to start removing some of the stuff from the room and all the little do dads, pics, and stuff removed from some of the cubbies so they wouldn't be so heavy when the men needed to do the heavy moving before installation. Now I am really pooped !!! Finally got the chance to get on the computer to check my Porchies :)!!! So much going on with everyone, it seems.

    JULIE - I remember you talking about your mom having tremors when she was alive, SUN mentioned. That is probably what Den has and yes, I sure do hope the chiro can help him. My dad had some too as he got older and we moved away. He had the crazy hi b/p like me but I think I may have it a little more under control than he due to my supps., magnesium, etc. Do sorry that poor Den has to deal with them. Hope you can find something to help besides just drugs. I know I have spinal probably mostly cervical stenosis too.

    MIKIE - I too enjoy all your W and P's. Keep them coming. There are so many on this board that have a gift for writing, I think, and you are definatley one of them !! Spring Water, Sun and Julie, Rock too also great writers. I also enjoy love reading everyone else posts. It is so much fun reading about everyone's comings and goings except when things are not going well. Sounds like you have everything pretty well thought out MIKIE, keep it up !!

    There is so much I would love to say to everyone but I feel almost to pooped to think and I need to send an e-mail to the cousin that found me over the internet a few weeks ago. I think I mentioned him at that time. I need to get back to him.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Julie, it could never be said that Den has let anyone down. He is a hero for serving. In life, to everything there is a season (boy, wish I'd said that). There's a time for serving country and a time to be there for family. Give him our thanks for the sacrifice he has made and thank you too. No one serves alone; the whole family serves. Now see--soon you'll be able to have more dates. I'm so glad you chiro is so good an willing to refer when needed. Now that's a good doc! Hope Den's tremors go away. I dated a man in Denver with Parkinson's. He had a slight tremor in one hand. His support group was called, "The Movers and Shakers." The worse the disease, the darker, and often more hilarious, the humor.

    Sunflower Girl, the orchid is soooo big that if I were to try to get a pic of the whole thing, you wouldn't be able to make it out because it's in our tree among lush foliage. I will try to get a pic of the blooms. I just need to hook my phone up to the computer and upload the pics. I got some pretty good ones of the new cattleyas which are so colorful. The woman I talked to about her sis really isn't a new acquaintance. We have both lived her for years and often stopped to exchange a few friendly words. It's funny how you can live almost next door to someone and have no idea what she's been through. In this case, there is a HUGE connection between us. One degree of separation! I also hope your tremors go away. I had them in my head way back in the 80's. They just went away. I couldn't tell I had them but my family noticed it. Once in a blue moon, I will feel it but its very transient.

    Rock, well, it's hard for me to claim my maladies as the injections have reduced, or taken away completely, most of my symptoms. Right now, however, I'm still recovering from my multiple injuries and the ensuing reactivation of the Whatever Virus. So, I'm able to do quite a bit but tire easily and, at some point, I just have to stop and lie down. When I read what you wrote about, literally, and figuratively, I virtually died. ROFVD in tweet speak. That bumper sticker was also oxymoronic. I am as bad as anyone at using words improperly, misspelling words, and using poor grammar but I LOVE wordcraft. That's why I love the lowly pun. When I was a child on my own while my Mom worked, I would read her magazines. In the back, where all the small display ads ran, there were always ones for speed reading. There was the scare tactic that if a person didn't read, he was doomed to failure. The person who read always was portrayed as successful in life. Well, that not only scared me, it inspired me to read everything I could get my hands on. In school, we played a game called, Teapot. The idea was for a student to go out of the room while another student came up with two words which sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings, like, meet and meat. Then, the student would come back into the room and all the students in turn would use one of the words in a sentence, replacing the word with the word, teapot. The better the sentence, the faster the student could guess the words. It was a really fun game but the teacher rarely called on me because I was reading way above grade level. When he did call on me, often, he wouldn't use my words because he said the other kids wouldn't understand how to use them in sentences. I made that teacher very uncomfortable. He always did a section on science on Fridays. Toward the end of the year, he asked us for ideas to discuss regarding science. I asked if we could talk more about the planets and space. He actually said, "No! We've already covered everything there is to know about space." Well, we evidently covered every he knew about it. I don't think he was the sharpest knife in the drawer. How many smart kids were/are turned off by bad or lazy teachers? If teaching is done properly, kids are eager to learn but it demands a lot of effort on the teacher's part. I made sure my kids learned to love reading and I read to them early on. Both were reading before Kindergarten. DGS is also an avid reader.

    Granni, thank you for your kinds words. I appreciate them. I'm so excited about your new floor. I know that when I finally give in and have my place recarpeted, it will be horrible to move all this heavy stuff. It's such a small place that there's hardly room to move things from one room to another. Finally, we can have hardwood flooring upstairs in these units if we get an expensive layer of super noise dampening material put under the wood. I like carpeting and the wood flooring. I would love to replace my tile with wood in the kitchen, entry and baths. The tile is perfect for the lanai. Thank God the guy who originally lived here got a carpet upgrade. My carpet can be filthy and it looks great after I shampoo it. I'm waiting to do it until I get that stuff cleaned out in the old garden. It's impossible for me to garden without getting filthy all over. I do need to have someone come out and stretch several areas of my carpet and retuck it where it meets the tile. Sylvester got shut in the front office and clawed up the carpet trying to get out. I'll soon be cleaning that room out and will keep it open. The cats will be in hog heaven exploring among the chaos in there.

    This morning, the cats were exceptionally frisky. All the zipping around, the smakdowns, and the trash meowing going on--Oy Vay! Sylvester is making progress with the new throw. He's got the upper half of himself on the fleece but the lower half is still on the animal print side. I have the throw kind of folded back so the fleece is available as well as the print side. Those cats love that throw in a way they never did the old ones. Sylvester is always slow to accept anything new. I try to keep their things pretty much the same but, now and then, I think it's good for them to see something new. An unintended consequence is when I leave a bag or box on the floor and they play with it for hours while their toys lie untouched. I am going to clean the lanai today and I think I'll fill their little mousies' bellies with fresh catnip. They seem to enjoy playing with their toys out there. They think the lanai is their place.

    OK, Kids, I'm going out on the Balcony for another cup 'o Joe. I want to lap up this beautiful weather while I can. We are backward down here on several levels, but I digress... Our Winter is like others' Summer. We have just come into the best part of the year down here. Summer is more beautiful due to all the rain. That's why I was so thankful for a full day of rainfall yesterday. It was not a downpour but a steady drizzle. The ground will be perfect tomorrow for me to transplant the last of the plants to our new garden. Of course, I have the condo mtg. in the morning. I kind of dread the meetings from now on because the politicin' has begun. We need a better balance among board members between those willing to uphold the rules and those who allow too many of them to be broken. Bad cop/good cop--guess which one I am. I'm the bad cop but I do try to be nice when I tell people they can't do something. They still don't like it but, at least, they can't say I was rude or disrespectful.

    OK, enough about me; talk among yourselves.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to l my dear Porchies !!! I will be another busy day today with the guys bringing the boxes of lumbar this afternoon so it can sit I the house and do whatever it is going to do before the installation, like expand or contract, as I understand I. Not sure how long I has to sit in the house before installing though yet. DH is at the dentist and then wants to go work out. Well I won't be doing much or as much as usual. Not that I do a whole lot every time I go, mostly treadmill, then the leg push, and a few of the others maybe..

    MIKIE - Wow that was another Wand P for you :)!! I do love your long posts and anyone else that wanted to do so to. I would probably do the same thing but I rarely get the time to to do so too. I cannot understand how anyone can get upset at you as you are always kind and understanding to others . At least you try to be that way most of the time :)!! When is the election for the condo POA Board??? I am not looking forwards to having part to the house torn up again. What a mess. Not sure when they will start that.

    JULIE - I didn't know that Den had been in the service. It went right by me - woosh !!!! Please offer him my sincere congratulations and sincerest appreciation for his serving our county. MY DH did also He was in the navy part of he time we were dating. Hope those kiddos and Lindsey get to feeling better soon. So hard with sick children in the house. Hope Den's tremors are doing better too. Has he gone to he chiro yet?? Hope that you are not annoyed buy to many of he tremors yourself. My dad had some of that too. So far I do not seem to have it.

    Hi to everyone. Sorry but I need to get going and having to go back and fix the words so you read them slows me down too. It isn't my typing but it's the computer or whatever program is being used at the moment. That is another reason why my posts aren't that long. It is a weird thing since it is only here posting on PH that causes problems with typing, Hope to get back here soon again.

    Bye for now and love to awl,

    Granni :)
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Was here earlier. The board wouldn't let me sign in. Well, computer error is
    now an integral part of the modern world. You see the news the other
    day when one of our CA schools notified parents that all 700 students of the
    school were missing? I like the official explanation of how this happened. "It
    was a combination of human and computer error." Reminds me of when I was
    a kid. There were radio announcements that we were under nuclear attack.
    (None of these announcements, however, proved to be true.)

    Granni, I hope your new floor is both beautiful and functional. I don't understand
    the business about drying though. It takes at least a year to air dry boards. An
    entire tree trunk takes 2 years or more. Drying the wood in a kiln is faster, but
    more expensive.

    Some of the books I've read about the pioneer days mention the green wood the
    settlers used. It tended to warp. I found a site that sells old wood that is recycled
    from old houses, barns, etc. The floors in the pictures look beautiful, but the color
    is not uniform.

    Julie, I don't think you've mentioned Den's tremors before. Is this something
    that happens rarely? Does he take medication? (Mikie, "Movers and Shakers" is
    hilarious.) Hope you and Keira have a nice day, Julie.

    Mikie, I am not familiar with tweet speak. I looked up "Tweet speak ROFVD".
    I got "Karl Rove". I am guessing the first part means Rolling on the floor and
    the second part could be Valentine's Day or St. Vitus Dance.

    Oops! Gordon is getting ready to go to the library. He needs the computer to check
    the library site to see what books we have due, etc.

    Hugs to everydobby